March 25, 2015

Free Talk: On Vacation...

Well, it is only up to this point that I can write summaries since I’ll be very busy tomorrow in preparation for the early Easter vacation trip with the family to Tokyo. ^^ Hehe, I was busy Monday cramming to check how much the transportation expenses and learned that we do not have enough money since I have not even included the food expenses..^^; Hehe, obviously underestimating one of the most expensive cities in the world. No wonder my brother-in-law is surprised when we mentioned that we only going to bring that much yen. ^^;;

The flight is early in the morning so I won’t be online on Friday. Lol, probably won't get enough sleep on Thursday night. We’ll come back on April 4th in the afternoon.

Depending on whether I’m not too tired = irony of vacation, and there is an easy chapter to do like Akatsuki no Yona, I might be able to write something on that day. ^^

So, until then...

Namaikizakari [Chapter 27]

Everyone is speechless after Shou said that he sincerely likes Yuki-senpai. After that processed into their brains, they suddenly shout in disbelief. Shouji exclaims that his face is so serious when he throws out that statement that they do not know if he is serious or joking. Someone shouts look at Yuki’s face, it is already ashen, isn’t it!! Hatori exclaims that obviously a second ago, it became red. Yuki denies that it became red. Miyoshi calls out to them as to what they are being noisy about. He tells them to quickly take a bath for don’t they still have a ‘test your courage’ game even if he absolutely won’t play it. The guys call out to him that a while ago, Shou just seriously confessed to Yuki. Miyoshi exclaims if that is something he can listen to. Yuki casually tells Himiko that they go take a bath. As Himiko says okay, the guys think that Yuki ran away. As Shou watches them leave, Yuki wonders what that guy is thinking. Splash. In the bath, Yuki angrily held her head and is really baffled over why at this time, he would announce that, what is the meaning of that..!? Always until now, she has been using her utmost best for the club not to get into trouble!!

March 24, 2015

Last Game [Chapter 42]

[Free talk: Sorry, I wasn’t able to work on Namaikizakari yesterday because I was busy with something else, and this series is up today. Hopefully, tomorrow..]

There is a pause after Yanagi invited Kujou to his house. Thinking that it’s over for him if he keeps this up, Yanagi nervously laughs and says no, he isn’t forcing her to come but rather, it is because there is an empty room at his place like his sister’s room.. He becomes aghast for her sister is going to kill him if he let someone else stay in her room. He starts chuckling and thinks that on contrary, this is better, Kujou is quite decent.. “That’s right! How can I say this, Kujou would also unlikely accept this condition..!” Kujou asks if it is okay. To his surprise, relieved Kujou says that he is really a great help to her. She starts texting to inform her mother about it. She tells him not to mind her for she’ll just sleep at the corner of the floor. “After all, today is quite cold. It is really a huge help. Thank you, Yanagi.” She turns around to see Yanagi blushing, aghast, angry, scowling speechless. <- already do not know if he should be happy, sad or be angry. Puzzled Kujou thinks he looks scary.

March 22, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 57]

Sitting on the bench, Azusa happily clings on to Mitsui’s arm and kept on giggling. Mitsuru is embarrassed when some passers-by ask if that is Tokugawa Azusa, the model. Didn’t she cease all her activities because of her parents’ extramarital affairs? How amazing! Unexpectedly dating without any apprehension but then, so cute Mitsuru thinks that she is totally unpredictable [/doesn’t play by the rules] for she unexpectedly came back which is enough to shock a person yet she would brazenly go near with him. “Short hair is also super cute. It’s so moe!!” Azusa asks him how is her new school uniform and isn’t the blouse cute. Mitsuru blushes as it makes his heart go dokidoki. She tells him that even if there is no way for her to continue wearing Toushou High’s sailor uniform but the new uniform is also not bad at all. Mitsuru recalls that after the scandal was made public, Azusa’s father had resigned from his post as director general. She also has no way of continuing to stay and study at Toushou High.

March 21, 2015

Skip Beat [Chapter 222]

Lying at the back of the car that is struck in traffic, Shou whines to Shoko. She says okay, okay they'll immediately break away from here if they can advance smoothly without obstruction. "If you're bored, how about watching some television?" Shou thinks, television..ever since he hurriedly lived at Shoko's place, he rarely watches any entertainment program (especially comedies)..and even though from time to time, he'll secretly watch television from his cellphone. "In the end..If it is possible, I would really want to watch real television--!!! Not wearing some earphones and just plainly watch!!! Plainly watch it on the big screen!!! The amazing me unexpectedly laughs more delayed [slower] than the earth's commoners..!! [<- does not easily understand jokes] After watching, I always felt that my self-ego is very wounded..!!" Climbing to the front seat, Shou asks if there is an interesting show on the television. Shoko is surprised that he is climbing to the front seat right now when the car is still moving. She tells him to wait until she stopped the car.

March 18, 2015

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 98]

At 3-D’s haunted house, Chizuru used her most scary expression and scream out loud. The girl screamed in fright. She is glad over her success until the girl bumps into someone else. It is expressionless Ryu who just uses a flashlight under his face. This made the girl scream. Chizuru is irritated over how ‘enery-saving’ he is for he just stands there and he can frighten people. He is just on standby and it’s good to be tall, right.. He says is that so. Then, Chizuru feels a bit uneasy with Ryu standing behind her. He asks what she’ll wear tomorrow. Flustered Chizuru exclaims that any will do. He tells her to settle down. She says that she is settled down. He says that he anticipates tomorrow a bit. She asks why he is so calm and collected, so cunning that she couldn’t accept it. Ryu mutters that talking about a dream-type thing since childhood, marrying.. Chizuru asks what. Ryu says no, it is nothing, he doesn’t want to say it. Chizuru asks if he is being difficult. He denies it. She exclaims how can his expression be so cute, and look at this side. He refuses so she made him turn to her. And, he kisses her. While the customers are glad that there is no ghost in that area, flustered Chizuru exclaims what, why, she is startled.

March 16, 2015

Taxi to Yubiwa [One-shot story]

[Free talk: This is a one-shot story by Mase Azusa which is first published on Dessert’s March issue 2013. In English, that title is Taxi and the Ring. This is part of a collection of short stories by the mangaka, Chikyuu Umare no Anata e. ]
At the office, a young man looks his left hand and says, “Ah, I lost the ring.” His older colleague asks if he wants him to help him find it. “Won’t your wife get angry?” Putting his coat on, the young man says that it doesn’t matter. Taking a decorated flower pot of orchids, he says that he’ll bring this home as a gift to pacify his wife. And, later on, he hails down a taxi. Narration: “On the third year of marriage with my wife, we have a constant ‘always quarrelling’ life.” Sitting in the taxi cab, the young man tells the driver to go to Yuutenji. The driver says okay. Narration: “It has been as long as a half a year that treating my wife’s infertility has become unbearable. *Flashback: Wife shouted at him that the treatment is really very painful! “Why don’t you come home early to accompany me!?” He shouted back, “I have work!” Wife cried, “I know. It is this body’s fault. I’m working hard at it but I only want you to accompany me, that’s all..” End flashback. The young man thinks that he knows that, save him for it’s quite annoying. He bites his lip and thinks that it’s so annoying to death. The driver casually asks him if he is going to give that flowers as a gift.

March 13, 2015

From Five to Nine [Chapter 51]

Episode 51 – THE BACK UP PLAN [‘Unable to tell him clearly’ plan]. Narration: Because of her negligence, Red Riding Hood is filled with remorse that she left the city all by herself.. She doesn’t know whether it is fate or not but she encountered a hunter whom she doesn’t have a very good impression of, and he likes to tease people. The hunter invited her by saying, ‘I’ll provide you with work and lodging, come to my place.’ But, the so-called lodging is the hunter’s room. The hunter’s true face is a big grey wolf. ‘I’ll give you work and lodging, come to my room tonight.. ..Red Riding Hood won’t let him have his way.” Looking aghast, Junko turns around and says that if it is that kind of thing then please let her decline. “If it is because of this, and I won’t be able to go to the head office, then please let me decline.” Hunter Makoto asks ha, is the ‘that kind of thing’ she is saying that kind of thing. “Could it be that you think that I’ll sleep with you? You really think of yourself too highly for I have no interest in women who are above 25 years old. You shouldn’t think that all the guys have that kind of intention towards you, right?” Junko exclaims of course not..but 60% would. “..this isn’t the important point. Normally, it is also impossible to live together with you. *Takane gesturing ‘No’* (I won’t do something that would make that person misunderstand again.)” Makoto says that actually, his house is nearby and what he basically wants to say is, she stay here and he’ll go to his home to sleep.

March 11, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 56]

Covering her naked chest with her arms, Mego tells Aoi that in accordance to their agreement, come, let’s do some..the things that one will do after kissing, right? Blushing red Aoi sits up from bed and exclaims, “(∙u∙) (><) @@⇧⇩⇦⇨!!! This is bad. I’ve had such a shameful dream again!! Could it be that I’m a person who has such an intense desire!? *covers blushing face* Even if it is very difficult to see Mego’s face, but I shouldn’t use this kind of excessive recharge!!” In April, Sanada Aoi (19) is currently having a long distance romance with Mego. After becoming a college student, he is now living by himself at Sendai. While he walks to school, some blushing girls wonder who is that guy wearing an eye patch. Someone says that she heard that he is a new student at engineering [industrial science] department. They says that he looks quite handsome but they feel a bit afraid of him since it seems that he is very difficult to approach. Looking up the trees, Aoi thinks that this is ‘City of Trees’ [Mori no Miyako] Sendai and it really overflows with greenery. “The air is fresh and clean compared to Tokyo. It is in this city where Mego is born. *smiles* Truly very beautiful--..” The bystanders think that he smiled and perhaps he isn’t scary, he’s cute and a handsome guy.

March 10, 2015

Namaikizakari [Chapter 26]

Yuki looks at the food set on the table. She double-checks the calories of each dish: cooked white rice 240 Kcal, grilled salmon 110 Kcal, tamagoyaki [rolled omelet] 90 Kcal, natto 80 Kcal, apple 26 Kcal, and miso soup at 60 Kcal. That amounts to a 606 Kcal breakfast. She thinks that a lot of people do not like eating carrots so she also had them chopped finely and put them into the miso soup. “No problem.” One of the cooks points to the pot and asks is it okay for her to make this curry as today’s lunch. Yuki says okay. She apologizes for occupying the place and she’ll go throw the garbage. The cook tells an older woman that Yuki is very hardworking. The older woman says that she hopes that Yuki will her idiot son’s wife. So, in Ryuhoku basketball club’s summer camp, even if on the first day she had wildly hit Shou [on the head] but luckily, it didn’t rigger any huge incident (probably). On the second day, an intruder came and he also left like a tempest. Shika leaves while warning Himiko not to let her guard down for there are still two days left, goodbye. Going ‘!?’, Himiko says okay. Finally, it is the start of the third day that should be all calm and tranquil. The guys are jogging. Yuki shouts that the first years are too slow, run faster. The first years shouts yes- Himiko shouts that it is the last lap. Yawning Miyoshi arrives and says that he’s so sleepy. He complains about being hungry and isn’t breakfast made yet? Yuki tells him that breakfast and morning run is already over.

March 7, 2015

Akai Ito [Chapter 32]

Chihiro is shock by what she just said, and that is, telling Sho not to stop. While flustered Chihiro struggles to say about that, a while ago.. She couldn’t believe that she just said some humiliating words. Sho goes ‘!?’ when Chihiro covers her face, bend down, bends up and groans over this humiliation. Sho asks her what she meant by what she said just now. Thinking that he’s teasing her, Chihiro looks away and mutters..what it means.. Sho asks her if she said that on a whim or perhaps he is mistaken. Chihiro thinks that it wasn’t on a whim at all, it is impossible for it to be like that..she is too embarrassed that her heart is going to quickly explode. “Actually, I also always.. from some time ago, I wanted to be closer to Hinase.. Want to touch more, hug, and kiss.. Unable to use words to describe this feeling. All the more want to be together..” Blushing Chihiro looks at Sho who also blushes. Sho says then they go to his house. Puzzled Chihiro thinks that going to his house is..

March 6, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 103]

So, Hiryuu passed away leaving the four dragons sad and crying in grief of losing someone they treasure. Whether it is because of the dragon god’s blood in their body that they are in grief or it is they themselves, they have no way of knowing. Zeno looks at the snowy sky. He waves to everyone to quickly come over for it is really a nice morning and they should leave while everyone hasn’t waked up yet. Going out of the palace, Green, together with the other two dragons, says that it is cold to death. Zeno teases him that he isn’t like a young man. Green tells him to shut up for he is the one who excessively hasn’t changed. Zeno just giggles. White asks Zeno if he really plans on staying at the royal city. Zeno smiles and narrates that even if Hiryuu has pacified the country, but there are small-scaled sparks of dispute that always flares up again. Even if the king has died, except for Zeno, the three dragons are always rushing about in resolving the dispute issues.

March 5, 2015

Hibi Chouchou [Chapter 67]

After Atohira left, Kawata calls out to Kawasumi and tells him to quickly lead the way for there are many people lined up already. Kawasumi apologizes to him and runs off, leaving a surprised Kawata. At the takoyaki stand, while Aya expertly makes some takoyaki-s, Daisuke calls out to Yuri. A girl asks Yuri if it is her boyfriend. Yuri calls out to her as Haruka [guesswork from 美佳] and asks if it is time to change shifts. Daisuke tells her to accompany him in looking around the school. Yuri says okay. Soon, Atohira is walking the corridors alone as some girls are glancing at him with hearts around them. And a triple bun haired girl came rushing towards him from behind. It is Koume who shouts, captured--!! The others are quite happy about this except for Atohira. Koume says that she’s very happy that he can come. “It’s at this side” Atohira tries to protest but it is futile for she had already dragged him away. While Daisuke realizes that Atohira is gone, Yuri is pointing out the gym where the posters of the classes are put up.

March 4, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 55]

[Free talk: I’m really sorry for this blunder. It turns out that the Chinese scanlations that I got has some missing pages. ^^; Thanks for the info, SA. ^^ Hehe, and I was wondering why it is shorter than the usual 30 pages. ^^;; Anyway, I’m added the missing part. Sorry for the inconvenience. m(_ _)m ]

Teary-eyed Mego hugs and kisses Aoi as she tells him that she’ll wait for him. Narration: “That day when you gave me an ecstatic ‘hard to let go’ type of hug and kiss. After that lovely-dovey, reddish faced Aoi told me, ‘It’s no good. It seems that I.. can no longer be satisfied by a kiss.. *Mego goes huh and blushes* time we meet again, until that time--..’ Almost every single day, I would dream of Aoi-kun at that time.” Dream: Aoi removes his clothes and says, ‘Mego’. Naked Mego says, ‘Aoi-kun..’ And Aoi is on top of her. End dream. Blushing really red, Mego wakes up and screams. “Pause, pause!! I’ve dreamed of such a lewd dream again-!! Could it be that my desire isn’t satisfied!? I!! How appalling, how shocking. Even if Aoi is in a different place and it is hard for us to meet, I also do not need this kind of EXCESSIVE RECHARGING. Ah, it is already 10am!? I’m going to an idol concert with Tomo today!” So, it is spring break. After Aoi left to study at Sendai, their 350 km long distance love has started. At a concert area, girls squeal when a 5-member idol group greets everyone and welcomes them for coming to SSS concert!! Holding a fan with one hand and a glow [/light] stick on the other, Tomo screams and shouts that SSS are super cute and super cool- “My favorite is brothers’ ensemble of kiss kiss jump. I’ll also cheer you guys on” Shizu tells Mego about holding the glow stick and fan on each hand then the fan should be placed in front of one’s chest.

March 3, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 68]

Narration: “The wolf and the rabbit inside the cage.” Holding Yuulin’s face, Reishou assures her that it is okay. “There’s no problem and there is no need for you to worry about anything.” Narration: “Working as the temporary bride, I always wondered at what place is this person maintaining a distance from [me]. *looks at blushing Reishou* It is like, he is already... drawing near? –By the way, I have to confess to this person, am I not?” Reishou is surprised when Yuulin suddenly blushes and stiffens. Reishou backs away and apologizes for he is about to talk when half-way.. Blushing Yuulin says no, not.. Confused Yuulin thinks that although it is because she rushed head on towards this and that issue. *chibi Yuulin says about the royal younger brother issue and about the conspiracy issue.* But basically, I’m mentally prepared to hold on to ‘death is preferable to dishonor’ [Better broken jade than intact tile idiom]. I like you.” Yuulin’s heart starts beating really fast as she looks at Reishou glancing at her. Reishou assures her again that it is alright, right now, he is just going to talk. “I really just came over to talk!”