July 30, 2014

Akai Ito [Chapter 25]

Sho is surprised by Chihiro’s ‘please break up with me’ declaration. He asks her if this is a practical joke. Continuing to bow to him ala dogeza, she says, please. He notices that her hands are trembling. He scowls. He drops his bag on the floor and sits on her back. Chihiro turns to him and says, huh..hey.. Sho declares, “I don’t want to. I WON’T BREAK UP.” Chihiro clenches her teeth and urges him to break up with her. Sho puts weight on her that makes her lie down on the floor. She darkly thinks that he’s so heavy. He tells her that he’ll let her go if she says that she won’t break up [with him]. This made Chihiro flustered. She wonders what to do, even if she cannot help but feel happy over this kind of situation, it is obviously no good..she must properly tell him clearly or else, it won’t do if she isn’t determined. She shouts that she carelessly got kissed by Touya so she cannot go steady with him. After a pause, Sho says that he knows. This surprises Chihiro that she turns to look at him. He darkly says that he already knows about that kiss thing. Chihiro is aghast. She thinks that this means that he already heard about it from Elena.

July 28, 2014

Hibi Chouchou [Chapter 57]

Suiren thinks that even if they don’t go home together on Wednesdays, nor see each other on Sundays and can only gaze[/look] at each other, she really likes this kind of everyday, but, they have arrived upon an answer by themselves. Meguna says that means that they are on a ‘cool-off’ stage, right? [<- the Chinese is literally ‘keep distance’ and it doesn’t sound right. ^^;] Recalling how she told Kawasumi that they’ll slowly mutually think things over a bit, Suiren wonders if that is ‘cool-off’ stage. Then, their teacher Shigeno arrives in class. While shaking a small lottery box, he greets them a good morning and says that they are going to change seats. Everyone start to complain. Soon, it is Suiren’s turn and she got number 39. Meguna tells her that she’s lucky for it is near the window at the back. Taking her things, Meguna says that it’s great for she is also very near her. Suiren looks around and sees that Kawasumi is at the same column but in the very front. Suiren freezes when a glasses fanboy is giggling and greets her yoroshiku ‘I’m under your care’. The teacher notices this and says that Kimura’s [guesswork from 木村] eyesight is very bad so he must exchange with the one in front. While the others are protesting, Suiren is surprised as Kawasumi gets to sit behind her. Kawasumi goes to his new seat while the fanboys are cursing him stupid, didn’t they break up, always make them feel bad. Shigeno[?] angrily tells them to shut up.

July 26, 2014

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 44]

Some delinquents see Chiharu with Mego by the gazebo. One of them says that isn’t that Chiharu, and it turns out that he has a girl. “We definitely won’t be able to rival against him if they were to attack directly. Since it is like that, we should take advantage of that girl and show him a bit who’s boss.” While Chiharu holds blushing Mego’s face, Mego thinks that looking at Chiharu who seems to have uttered the words, ‘don’t cry anymore or next time, I’ll really kiss you’, and the warmth of this hand, that is touching her, is affecting her body’s warmth since it seems to be also raising up. She thinks that until now, she never noticed that looking at Chiharu from this angle, he would become good-looking. And besides, his external appearance [<- villain looking] isn’t the same with his heart because he is actually quite nice. Chiharu is startled when blushing Mego is staring at him. He wonders why she is always staring at him. While he continues to touch her, Mego thinks that it is the first time that she is liked by some other guy besides Aoi. He treats her nicely and would feel perplex over her when she’s hurt and uneasy.

July 25, 2014

Kedamono Kareshi [Chapters 37-38]

Himari thinks that obviously her feelings for Keita and the memories she had together with him increases, but their time together is getting shorter. Holding tight her new shark strap, Himari tells herself to absolutely not lose it again. And, they go to the next place. Himari sees a Ferris Wheel and wants to ride it. Himari is puzzled when Keita seems reluctant to ride it and even asks if they are really going to ride it. In the Ferris Wheel, Keita looks unwell that Himari realizes that he isn’t good in riding it or maybe, of high places. She is delighted to find his weakness. Keita is irked that Himari is somewhat giggling. She denies that she is laughing but rather, she is just happy to find out that he isn’t good at riding this kind of thing. She apologizes for making him accompany her. He denies it. Looking at grumpy Keita, Himari thinks that obviously he can honestly tell her. She suddenly goes to the window and exclaims that they can see Mouse Paradise [theme park] from here. She urges him to look. Her sudden movement is making the carriage sway. He shouts for her not to suddenly move for it is swaying.

July 24, 2014

Last Game [Chapter 34]

At the university’s canteen, Yanagi looks listless that his friend asks if he won’t eat his food. Yanagi tells him that he can have it. A female friend asks if he doesn’t have any appetite. He says, a bit.. Then, he turns around to see listless Kujou. Yanagi calls out to her. Looking surprised and flustered, Kujou runs away before he can say anything else. This made him aghast and very depressed. His friends think that he was ignored by a girl and became particularly disappointed, and what’s up with this. Yanagi gloomily thinks that after what happened a few days ago, he has suffered Kujou’s ‘avoid him as if her life depended on it’. Even if he had encountered Kujou’s sudden behavior change like this for who knows how many times, but this time, he feels that it is really something big. He starts to sob over who told Kujou to say those words..and even if he has also made a mistake, his heart is broken into pieces. Worried over Yanagi, his friends invite him for a drink to cheer him up. Yanagi declines for he has something to do today. He thanks them for worrying about him. Today, he is going to meet up with Miwa. That day, she texted him that she’s lonely that he hasn’t come to their house and ‘play/hang out’ for a long time so if it is convenient, she would want to have some tea with him since she wants to chat with him.

July 22, 2014

Preview: Shuriken to Pleats [Chapter 1]

[Free talk: This is just a preview so I’m not committing to summarizing this but so far, this is somewhat interesting. I think the girl’s name is Mikage [美影] nice one...it meant ‘beautiful shadow’. And well, VK’s Yuuki has reincarnated into a ninja. Lol. For the details and stuff, just wait for the English scanlations. Here is my informal summary for it:]
In London, Mikage disguised as a waitress then protects her master from an assassin. She apologizes to him for the careless wound she caused when she jumped and slightly hit him with the menu. ^^; He says that it is okay since it is a small thing. He thanks him for saving her and asks if she isn’t hurt. Thinking he’s so nice, she starts shouting about being happy for him to say that. Her master name is Rod [guesswork from 德羅]..and mutters his regret for not hiring them earlier or else, his wife and child would still be alive. Mikage vows to protect him to death. In Shadow Village Company, [lol, for the name], the boss is telling Mikage and another guy about Rod having a lot of enemies and tells Mikage that they should be quietly getting rid of the enemies. Then, reminds her about the rule they have about no feelings and be like a shadow. The boss says that even if he is her father, he won’t be lenient with her.

July 21, 2014

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 36]

The ‘U’ [ = rain] in Uki’s name doesn’t mean Japan’s usually seen pitter-patter rain, but rather the southern island’s howling wind shower. Yoshiaki has just kissed Uki. Uki mutters, you.. Then, she instantly smacks him with her shoes and tells him to go far from her, pervert teacher. While dizzy Yoshiaki mutters that it hurts, Uki prepares to go out of the door and shouts, goodbye. He tells her to wait and holds up her shoe. She shouts that she won’t. He mentions that her shoe fell, and is she going to the club. Grabbing her shoe, Uki says that it is almost time for the inter-school qualifying competitions so she doesn’t have the energy to pay attention to him. Yoshiaki just smiles as Uki leaves him. Meanwhile, Makoto has called up Nanami and apologizes for not answering immediately because she isn’t used to her new phone. She asks what’s up. Standing by the pedestrian bridge, Nanami says that it is nothing.

July 20, 2014

Skip Beat [Chapter 214]

The sea waves are splashing about on an island. A plump glasses man is holding a machine gun. Looking tense and hurried, he breathes heavily as he walking through the forested area. He looks up in surprised to see a tall dark hooded figure standing in front of him. The figure is holding a bloodied blade. Drip. Drip. Blood falls down from its tip. The man screams and goes Rambo on the dark figure. Bratatat! He shoots at the figure. After the sound subsided, the dark figure didn’t move an inch. The clouds reveal the sun which in turn reveals the face of the dark figure. The man is startled to see the dead looking eyes of a decaying figure staring back at him. He grows pale and fear has suddenly gotten a grip on him. He instinctively falls back but he loses his footing. He falls down but had to look at the dark figure that is fast floating towards him. It comes nearer and nearer that the man can only close his eyes, whimper and wait for his fate. –Cut. The director says that’s okay for now. They’ve decided to temporarily stop filming up to this point because the sunlight is too strong. They’ll have to verify[/check] the scene then they might re-do it again. The director tells them to wait a moment. Cain takes this as a cue to leave. The middle-aged actor looks scared of him. A staff member goes to him and asks if Kaneko-san [guesswork from 金子] is alright. Kaneko apologizes and says that he is okay. The staff member says that it would be good if that scene can be used for Kaneko’s acting is simply amazing because his acting on being scared is so true to life. Kaneko laughs and says that he is truly very scared. He is so scared that it sends a chill on his spine that he couldn’t help but scream.

July 19, 2014

Namaikizakari [Chapter 13]

At the faculty room, the teacher is reprimanding Shou, Abe and two other guys over how they regard a short quiz and what the heck are they doing during class. While Yuki is passing by, the teacher warns them that if this goes on, if they are still in a total mess for next week’s midterm exams, they will have to take a make-up exam. He scolds Shou for fiddling with his nails and Shou is obviously not listening to his sermon. He says that the four of them also do not want to humiliate the basketball club since it isn’t easy for them to win the right to play in the Kanto tournament. On the bulletin board, there is a banner of congratulations for the basketball club to be in 5th place for the qualifying competitions. Yuki narrates that in the first qualifying game, they won by 111 vs 89. On the second game, they have 85 vs 68 points. In the middle of the game, Abe was so excited that he had a nosebleed while at the coach’s seat. Next, they had a dangerous victory on the third game with 72 vs 69 points. Finally, they rise up to be in the fifth place in the prefecture. Hence, since the establishment of the school, it is the first time for the school to win the right to join the Kanto tournament. Outside the gym, Nishiyama calls out to Yuki who is hanging the uniforms dry. Holding his cellphone, he tells her to look at this. Kido has sent a picture to Tonomura. [<- Ah, the name is back to Tonomura because it seems that the Chinese scanlation was the one who was wrong about it being Donomura. ^^;] It is a picture of Kido with the others holding a banner with their school’s name. His message is congratulating them for it isn’t easy to reach this point and he cheers them on. Nishiyama says that their senpai-s will be cheering for them on the day of the competition. Slightly blushing, Yuki thinks that after graduating, Kido would still always be concerned about them.

July 18, 2014

UNCONFIRMED SPOILERS for Skip Beat [Chapter 214]

The chapter is out in the Chinese forum but without ‘high points’, I cannot see the scans. They will release it publicly on the 20th. But from what some comments, I can, more or less, know what happened.

WARNING, MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS which are just based on what that others commented. Again, since I have not seen the scans to confirm it so take this with a grain of salt:

July 17, 2014

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 92]

[Free talk: Slight delay due to a typhoon hitting our city yesterday and it resulted to a blackout the whole day until night. ^^; And again, this morning ^^;;]

In the toilet, Kent is practicing his ‘do not go’ lines on the mirror. In section 3-D, everyone is getting ready for their school festival which has the theme of ‘Present∙Past∙Future’. The third years will do the ‘Future’. Chizuru complains over the difficult topic. Kent says that they’ll concentrate on a certain type of future like distant future or far away future. Chizuru asks Pin’s opinion on it. Pin says, home of the aged[/nursing home]. No one has a clear idea about it. All this while, Ayane is dreamily thinking of the future. While keeping the PE materials, Chizuru has been complaining about the festival being annoying even if it will be their last one. When Ayane says that she’ll help out, Chizuru says that she’s busy with cram school. Ayane tells her that it is okay. She tells them to change their clothes first as she goes to give back the gym key to the PE teacher. When they offer to accompany her, she insists that she go alone. After glancing at the room and thinking of whatever, Ayane goes in and tells Pin that they’ve finished tidying up. She returns the key and kept on glancing at Pin. They talk a bit about baseball club advancing in the competition. She tells him ‘gambatte’[/good luck] and he just says ya. While Pin turns away from her and goes to his table, Ayane tells him that she chose to accept the recommendation. He just says ya. Then, after some silence, he turns around. He asks why she is still here, he heard it, and he’ll remember it. This made her flustered and Pin shoos her away. Before leaving, she glances at him again and recalls being told not to put the responsibility/blame on someone else, in the end, the only one who’ll think of a way, is oneself. Ayane becomes flustered and thinks that she knows that.

July 15, 2014

Rere Hello [Chapter 17]

[Free talk: For those who want to read the previous chapters, just wait for the English scanlations since I no longer do back chapter summaries. ^^; If it’s okay with you to jump, read on. Anyway, previously, Sou’s Minato's very, very annoying cousin Serina came back and kept on bothering Ririko since she is jealous of her. Serina plans to marry Minato but of course, Minato only likes her as a ‘younger sister’ but he is very caring for her. In chapter 16, Ririko has finally realized that she likes Minato. After he brought her home, Minato says that he likes her. Ririko thinks that he meant it as an ordinary friend ‘like’. Even if for her it isn’t that kind of ‘like’, she tells him that she likes him, too. And, they were interrupted by Ririko’s younger brother. Then, Serina tries to get her to quit working for Minato. Ririko faces Serina and says that she likes Minato so sorry, she cannot quit this job. Serina couldn’t do anything when Ririko threatens her that she’ll tell Minato what she has been doing to make her quit. And, well, Ririko being Ririko is somewhat softening up Serina. ^^ PS. If I got the names wrong, just correct me okay? I don’t want to skim through the English scanlations to look for the names ^^; Edit: Thanks for the correction of the lead guy's name, guys. Hehe, I thought 'Minato' was the surname, and the name was Sou and I typed it wrong..should had been Suou. ^^;; ]
Narration: “Basically by just saying the words that one wants to say, it can be conveyed to the other person. But there are times, that even if one has confessed, the other party cannot understand its true meaning. That is also a possibility.” In the classroom, Yuuma exclaims in shock that everyone is staring at him. Minato says that he’s quite exaggerating. Yuuma whispers that anyone would be shock upon hearing that. He asks if Minato is going steady with Ririko and when did she confess. Minato says no, he was the one who said it. Yuuma is stunned. Minato says that he was the one who confessed. Yuuma couldn’t believe this that he repeatedly clarifies that it was Minato who confessed to Ririko. He says that Minato never took the initiative to confess and what medicine that he ate [that make him act this way]. Minato says that he didn’t say that he definitely won’t confess, he only felt that it wasn’t necessary. Minato recalls someone saying that after confessing, take advantage of going steady. Minato mutters that it turns out to be something like this.

July 14, 2014

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 43]

There is a scene of a woman crying. Narration: “Mama is very beautiful but like glass, she is a weak person.” Young Aoi called out, “Mama. Mama, don’t cry.” Their crying mother turned around and said, “..Aoi..such a grave injury.. Not only Shino’s ears, and you changed into this kind of appearance.. *Aoi’s body is bandaged up including his right eye and Shino looked somewhat scared* This is my fault..? *trembling while clenching her fist* If I knew early on that it will become like this, I shouldn’t have given birth to you two in the first place[/at that time].” Narration: “It is only at this time, I’m glad that Shino’s ears couldn’t hear.” Holding out his hand to her, Aoi told her to calm down, he.. Upon seeing his outreached hand, their mother quickly backed away to the wall. She exclaimed in surprise, “Ah.. Go away..!! Such an repulsive wound, do not come near me..!!” Narration: “Ever since that time, I can no longer touch a girl.” End flashback. Aoi has just washed his face and looks at the mirror.

July 12, 2014

Kedamono Kareshi [Chapter 36]

So, Himari and Keita finally arrive at the place. Himari thinks that they will be together in this place the whole day. She hasn't thought of the things after today ends, but before that, she should first have fun here.. She asks Keita if they are going to the sea they went before but he says no, they first go at this side. And it is at an aquarium. Inside, Himari first notices that there are many people. Upon close observation, she realizes that they are mostly couples. She wonders if the others would also think that they have that kind of relationship. She is envious over the close lovey-dovey couples since they held hands naturally. And since they are on a date, they might as well.. She thinks that if it is Keita, he ought to be making the first move. She nervous wait but Keita just casually points to other things. So, Himari thinks that today, she’ll take the initiative for it is only today she’ll do her best.

July 10, 2014

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 57]

[Free Talk: It seems that some people misunderstood about the possible new format. Anyway, this is the sample of it. The summary length is the same but there will be more paragraphs. Instead of 20-30 lines per paragraph, it will be less than 20 lines per paragraph. So, instead of 3-4 paragraphs in a summary, it will be twice more than that. I scrapped the idea of two paragraphs then one picture because it doesn't look nice and I'm sticking to my paragraph + picture format except for the comments. ^^; Hehe, my style ever since I started summarizing =P So, for the readers of this series, does this make it easier for you to read than before? Or, it doesn't really matter? PS. The tagboard will have a captcha temporarily because it seems that the spambots had been triggered and they are spamming really bad and 'deleted' all the previous posts. ^^; ]

After Shinya told Riko that he is worried, Riko asks why. Shinya asks if she is asking for the reason now, it is because she cried and it is alright if she doesn’t go onstage at Budokan. Riko says that if she didn’t go, that song won’t be heard. “I cannot do that because I think that upon hearing that song, the audience will definitely become very happy.” Shinya tells her that this isn’t about she must go on stage while having tearful feelings. After looking surprised, Riko clenches her skirt and says that he is mistaken, for that isn’t the reason why she cried. Shinya looks surprised as Riko slightly smiles. At Miwako’s room, she is venting her frustration on a Shinya doodle taped on her pillow by hitting it with another pillow. She shouts that he is a cold-blooded glasses and really sorry, that she is a cold-blooded ruthless person. She screams for him not to say that kind of things to someone and who does he think he is. “Why don’t he talk about himself, idiot, scum.” As the doodle falls down the floor, irked Miwako crumples the paper and throws it into the waste basket. She falls down in bed and mutters that she hates him the most. “I’ve been hated.”