July 30, 2015

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 2]

Yomi thanks everyone for coming. “Then, let’s start the class. Today, we are going to talk about a devil that hides among the crowd. Lesson 2: Devil’s Class.” On the newspaper, there is a report of a certain 12 year old junior high student who got dragged by the train to her death. Could it be that she was bullied that drove her to commit suicide. In class, a girl introduces herself as Satou Anne [guesswork from 佐藤杏] who came to transfer here from Kanagawa. “Due to my father’s work, I always transfer school.. ah.. I always wasn’t able to make friends so I hope that I can become friends with everyone here.” Everyone claps and welcomes Anne to 1-A class. Anne smiles for she is always very nervous during this time but her classmates in this class look very friendly so she is quite at ease. Sitting at her seat, she thinks that in her previous school, there are many despicable things among the girls so upon coming here, she should be able to have a good friend. Her seatmate greets her and introduces herself as Nishiki Maiko [guesswork from 西木芽衣子]. Anne is really happy for someone took the initiative to talk with her. Anne happily greets Maiko back and says that it is the first time she came here so there are still many things that she doesn’t understand so if she has some question, can Maiko please teach her.

July 29, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 65]

One season after another, on the end of February in Tokyo is the wedding of Kagetsuna and his fiancée. Kagetsuna calls out to Shino who congratulates him. She ‘tells’ them that he’s so handsome and his wife is so beautiful. Blushing Kagetsuna laughs and says is that so. Kagetsuna informs her that Aoi also came here from Sendai and currently, he is together with Mego. Shino is quite happy for it has been a long time since she has seen her brother. She sees the two at the courtyard and finds them locked in each other’s embrace while kissing. Shino blushes and thinks that it is truly conjugal love. Mego giggles and says that it has been a long time since she saw Aoi and seeing him revives her blood. Aoi tells her good job and congratulations for smoothly getting herself admitted to a female college in Sendai. Mego says yes, and she also strived hard in convincing her parents and in the end, she got their consent to let her to stay at grandma’s house while studying.

July 28, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Side Story]

[Free Talk: There is no chapter 73 this month. It is only this side story that was published.]

This is a ‘lovers’ time’ story before Yuulin became the Wolf king’s ‘real bride’. After being mutually loved by the person she likes and also getting the understanding of the in-law (sly boss), Yuulin can only wait for the notification that she’ll enter the palace. Then, this THING appeared before her. -> very thick book. Yuulin looks aghast. She sits down and flips it open. She quickly closes it back. She nervously opens it again and she closes it again. She starts to profusely perspire. What the hell? Later on, Reishou goes to visit her in her cell room. Yuulin happily welcomes him back. Seeing the books and scrolls on the table, Reishou asks if she is studying hard. Yuulin says yes, Jun brought a lot of books regarding customs [/practice] and behavior in the imperial palace and harem. Chibi Jun told her that in the near future, she must make sure to review things like this. Reishou says is that so, good work. He hugs her and is puzzled that there is no reaction from Yuulin. He looks at her and sees her blushing, dizzy and trembling. Reishou becomes tense over her reaction that he asks what is it, does she hate his hug.

July 27, 2015

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 32]

[Free talk: I’ll start summarizing at the new arc. I only browsed through the previous chapters in Chinese and only know more about the character interactions and stuff rather than the koto stuff, just like Chika and the others..^^; What happened so far: After they experienced the joy and sadness of competing for the first time, knowing their rivals and the girls realizing more of their feelings for the guys during cultural festival...they found out that this is the last opportunity for Takezou and Hiro to compete for the nationals because the prelims for autumn will be for next summer’s nationals. So, if they fail and compete again in the next autumn’s prelims, the two would have graduated on the next next summer’s nationals.]
Narration: “I only wanted to take back the former days-- warm memories--.. *Satowa looks back to the time when her parents look happy as she plays the koto* It isn’t at all that I wanted to hurt you. *someone shouting, ‘What is that piece..!? It isn’t Yagegoromo at all! It’s a different piece!!’ and everyone is shock as Satowa played a different piece during the competition* I also do not want you to show that kind of expression. *her mother slapping her hand away and said that her koto is simply a lethal weapon* I..I only.. *in anguish* In the end, where had I gone wrong.” Satowa wakes up with tears from her eyes. After wiping her tears, she sits up and thinks that it has been a long time since she had that dream and lately, she didn’t dream of anything, why--.. She recalls that it was mentioned that next time, it would be the last opportunity. She thinks that it is because of that so she thought of it again. It is probably because right now, she is so happy in the koto club that she didn’t look back over it. “Like this kind of happy times, sooner or later, it will come to an end. Afterwards, I’ll once again--..” She recalls Chika shouting that he doesn’t want that, and telling Kazusa that compared to the first time he heard Satowa’s koto playing, he likes her current playing.

July 25, 2015

Last Game [Chapter 46]

After the club members had dinner, Fujimoto exclaims that it is really delicious. Yoshida asks if they want to play UNO. [<- card game wherein you’ll have to say UNO if it is your last card or else, you’ll draw another one. The one who puts away all of his/her cards wins] Everyone agrees with the idea. Yoshida says okay, he’ll win and the last one will be punished! And, 10 minutes after they started the game, Kujou lifelessly says, ‘UNO’. While the others are still playing, Kujou is wiping the table with a rag. Fujimoto comments that afterwards, Kujou is concentrating on cleaning the room..and it turns out that she is that type who would work upon encountering something unfavorable..really nice.. Tachibana asks if Fujimoto remembers that at the onsen, Kujou would wipe the washbasin. Souma, who has already UNO too, asks Fujimoto what had happened. Still holding her cards, she tells him that just now it is because of this and that. Souma looks sideways and goes ha. Fujimoto asks if he was sneering at Yanagi just now. Yanagi seems puzzled over what they are talking about. Fujimoto comments that Yanagi has already recovered to his original self and his heart must have become very strong since he used to easily become downcast..

July 24, 2015

Akai Ito [Chapter 35]

Chihiro and Sho continue to lie down on their futon. She tells him that if they don’t get up again.. Sho agrees with her. He looks at her and kisses her. He tightly hugs her and says that he still doesn’t want to get up. Chichiro says ge..ez, it will soon be time to meet up with Rino and Ren. She tells him to quickly go take a shower. Sho happily says that they do it together but she insists that he go ahead. He asks what about it. To his shock, she pulls up her blanket and says that it is too embarrassing so she doesn’t want to. He shouts what’s embarrassing when he already saw everything. She tells him that the night and morning mood is different so don’t show that kind of ‘hard to believe’ expression. Hugging himself, he calls her terrible when last night she is obviously so cute. She urges him to quickly go. He says okay. He stands up facing her that she is shock to see his little friend. Sho says that he’ll quickly go and come back. After he went in the bathroom, she covers her blushing face with the blanket and mutters that she hopes that he would cover himself before going, geez~ it’s deliberate, right.

July 23, 2015

By Request: Love So Life [Chapters 105-106]

[Free talk: These are the last two chapters of the series requested by Fatima and Brige. Except for the couple and twins, I don’t know the names of the others so..^^; ]
Shiharu has finished making food for the bento boxes. Today, everyone is going to hanami [watch cherry blossoms]. She looks at the ring box on her nightstand where her cellphone is also charging. She blushes. She holds the box and is surprised when her cellphone starts ringing. It is a text from Seiji. She reads that today, it seems that show his face a bit and because he’ll go there late, tell him where the place is. This made her blush and wonder if it is okay for her to wear that kind of outfit. Going towards the mirror, she wonders if she should curl her hair. She recalls the time when everyone is together, Seiji has to leave because of work. His mother said that is so fast when Shiharu just came. Seiji can only apologize. End flashback. Shiharu tells herself not to think of it again and even if she is quite bothered by it, she’s afraid that nothing special will happen.

July 21, 2015

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 71]

And the blushing fans squeal and wave at CP. Flustered Aki continues to play the bass. Tears continue to fall from Shinya’s eyes. Then, Riko arrives and stands a bit in front of Shinya. She blushes in excitement as she watches Aki play. She wonders what to do, what to do, her heart is suddenly tightening, because her heart’s trembling and her eardrums are vibrating. “Obviously, I want to concentrate in listening to the music’s melody but, I couldn’t stop trembling. This is Aki’s sound. It is Aki’s sound. It’s Aki’s sound.” Then, Soichiro and Miwako arrive. Miwako notices Shinya crying by the side. After the song finishes, Shun thanks everyone. He says that even if it is already the third time that they had a tour at Kagawa so how many people here came for Crude Play’s Live for the first time? Some fans are holding up their hands.

July 20, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 109]

So, Kouka’s generals had an overwhelming victory in the war around Gold Province and Nandai. The Nandai territory that was plundered during Iru’s reign had been returned. While walking through the corridor with Gunte, bored Taewoo says that the five tribes’ meeting is over. Gunte laughs and says that what he said seems like he just got out of school. Taewoo says that his feeling seems a bit good. Gunte says of course, because they are able to take back the plundered territory and rights to mine the back mountain. Taewoo clicks his tongue and says that it has nothing to do with the Wind tribe. Gunte says that it has since it is a huge thing for this time around, there is almost no damage to their side. The divided five tribes are united and this is something that wasn’t done during Iru’s reign. If Suwon didn’t ascend to the throne, the country would be destroyed during Fire tribe’s armed rebellion. Taewoo says that he knows that, he at least knows that this country needs that kind of king now. Then, Suwon, together with Judo and Shuku, call out to Taewoo and Gunte to ask if they are going back now. Taewoo just glance at him, bows to say that he’s leaving and quickly went down the stairs to where Hende is waiting for him.

July 19, 2015

Skip Beat [Chapter 226]

During breakfast with Maria, Lory is in shock as he repeats on the phone that she [Kyouko] is going to carry out a surprise attack. The other person tells Lory that is what it meant. Holding his head, Lory thinks that this girl..how come she always do things to the extreme. The other person says that Lory had went to see her mother and it is also seems like a ‘fighting like a guerilla’ and even if the appointment has been moved earlier, it is also possible that [Kyouko and her mother] won’t see each other, right. Lory says yes, it is indeed possible and if [she] calls on the phone, it is also possible that it will be hanged up and it ends like that. The other party says that it isn’t at all strange for Kyouko to think that way. “To suddenly stop her [Saena] at her work place, the chances of being able to talk with her is very high..” Lory groans. The other party says what to do for he has a very strong ominous premonition. “..what to do..” Lory says that even if he asks him what to do, they can also only leave it up to Kyouko herself. “Right now, it is also useless for us to groundlessly worry [about her]. Even if what she faces might possibly be a stone that causes her to trip and get seriously injured, right now, I also have no way of replacing her to remove this hindrance. Only this thing.. As for the aftermath, we can only wait after the outcome had come out. ..ah..? If it is the worst outcome, what then? Then, we’ll talk again at that time..”

July 18, 2015

By Request: Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 18]

[Free talk: This is a request by Jerich at the tagboard. Rather than flood it with the summary, I’ve put it here. Jerich, I don’t know the names of the characters so… This isn’t a detailed summary but enough for you to know what’s happening.]

It is sports festival time. They are in red team. They are excited about it since they don't have to go to class. During PE, they are impressed with Black who runs fast. Girl wonders if there is nothing he isn't good at. She wants to confirm if it is love or not. A guy asks Black to join the kibasen contest but he refuses. It was noted that Black is gaining a lot more fans. White hugs Girl and says that they are in the same red group. He invites her go join in a three-legged race with him. She protests that they are not in the same class.  Then, there seems to be a huge ball going towards Black and the others. Both princes stop it and everyone is moved for they think they were deliberately protecting them. White reminds Black to join the least possible amount of competitions. He says he knows. At the dorm, it seems that more girls wanted to stay there to be with the princes. While resting at the meeting room, Girl is thinking about her thinking of Black as some devil whereas everyone think of him as a prince. Kid came in with some costumes for it seems that the ones at the dorm will have a play during the sports festival to make things livelier since there are many guests at that time. White isn't interested in it but he'll join if Black says okay. They wonder if Black will say okay. Girl recalls Black smiling and thinks that if she can see him smile again, it seems that she can confirm it. Then, she has a suggestion to Kid who is dressing up as a shinsengumi.

July 17, 2015

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 101]

While holding the fence, Chizuru shouts for Ryu to do his best [/gambatte]. She keeps on cheering for Ryu while the others tell her to quickly go back to her seat since she is disturbing people. She tells them that they’re noisy to death. And, she continues to cheer for Ryu. They tell her that she’s the one who’s noisy. Ryu gets ready to hit the ball. The pitcher throws the ball. Ryu swings his bat. Chizuru looks surprised. Ryu starts running. As Sawako looks excited, Ayane exclaims that Ryu got a point and also one runner running. Someone shouts, “Safe!!” Ayane exclaims that Ryu’s timely base hit got them two points and they are now tie. While the other guys near Chizuru is exclaiming that the ball was hit and how amazing, she thinks that actually she always..always been supporting him silently in her heart. The guy then tells her to go back to her seat. She shouts that she knows already and he’s so annoying. He angrily says that she is the one with the bad behavior.

July 8, 2015

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 70]

At the stadium, most of the fans are already sitting on their seats in anticipation for the concert. An announcer thanks everyone for attending Crude Play Insecticide Tour so before the concert starts, they would request everyone that during the performance, video recording, sound recording and taking pictures are--.. Fan A says that Shinya suddenly got ill, is he alright. Fan B says that this kind of thing happened for the first time. Fan C says that it is super rare for Aki to come on stage. Fan D says but then, it seems that Aki is a fatso. Fan E wonders how it would turn out. Fan F wonders what the members say about it. While some fans are going to their seats, it is announced that the performance is about to start so please everyone, sit down and wait a while. Backstage, the back-up musicians are tuning their guitars. Aki gets the bass guitar from its stand and puts it over him.

July 7, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 64]

It is already 8:50 am. There are only 10 more minutes before the exam starts. Azusa wonders if something happened to Mitsuru. Meanwhile, Mitsuru is running fast while pulling Shougo along. Shougo grinds his teeth and pulls away from Mitsuru’s hold. He shouts for Mitsuru to let go and why did he save him. Mitsuru angrily asks what he is saying. Then, he immediately holds up his hand in front of Shougo and tells him to quickly evade. Shougo is surprised when Mitsuru blocks a metal rod with his right fist. The delinquents chuckles and says that incident just now isn’t over yet. Shougo worriedly asks about his right hand. Mitsuru curses about how annoying this is. He urges them to bring everything on for he still has someone important waiting for him. A hooded person apologizes and says that he’ll be interrupting them. And, he immediately punches the delinquent away. It is Chiharu who says that they are blocking his stroll so quickly scram. While Shougo is amazed by the attack, Mitsuru asks what Chiharu is doing here. With the bird on his head, Chiharu says that it is as Mitsuru had seen, he is currently strolling around and if he wasn’t mistaken, wasn’t Mitsuru supposed to take a mock exam nearby?

July 6, 2015

Namaikizakari [Chapter 32]

Narration: “It would be good if I didn’t notice it. *Yuki said that she isn’t the kind of amazing person that he thinks that she is* That person’s strong back, ordinary feebleness, and weakness. *fireworks flying up the sky* I shouldn’t have noticed it. *night sky lit with fireworks* [Then,] things wouldn’t have become like this--” Yuki nervously calls out to Shizuka. To her surprise, he says that he heard what was talked about JUST NOW. <- Shou said that he no longer likes Yuki. While still hugging her, Shizuka says, “..why. ..obviously you felt ‘very sad’ but why won’t you say it out. Obviously you’re very hurt yet you’ll grind your teeth and clench your fist. This kind of thing wherein you tell yourself, ‘endure, endure’..and it definitely won’t end, right. Won’t it be okay if someone told you, ‘it’s alright’..” Narration: “—I know it clearly from the start that I and that guy are totally opposite beings. *While Yuki is seriously cleaning a basketball, Shou called out to her and asked if an alien had implanted a strange microchip inside her body.* But, I still think that anyway, we can still mutually understand each other. It is enough to just use hard work to cut down each other’s distance but-- *Recalls her grandmother telling her not to force herself and she loosens up her grip* ..it is no longer necessary to strive hard--”