October 7, 2015

From Five to Nine [Chapter 55]

Episode 55 – A Very Special Favor. Nene remembers the guy as the one who gave her a letter before and because she went to bother Yuki, in the end, she totally forgot about receiving the letter. Nene starts bowing and apologizing that because of some very important thing, she wasn’t able to answer him for such a long time.. She thinks that it isn’t good either to send it back to him. Yuki frowns for Nene is excessively apologizing again. Kunitachi says that it is great for he thought that it is because he was rejected and thinking that she totally had lost patience. Nene thinks Kunitachi is a good person. Yuki says but, in a situation wherein one doesn’t immediately give a reply, is basically an NG [no good/blooper] like for example, in answering in a job interview-type of thing, after dragging some time, in the end, a bad outcome is the most likely thing that will happen. Looking at Kunitachi, Yuki says that this is a general discussion. Kunitachi comments that Nene’s friend is very strict. Thinking that Yuki looks at her with disdain, Nene starts apologizing again for indeed, generally, it is a NG. She bows and says that she took his letter but didn’t answer and she is really sorry so as an apology, she’ll do whatever he wants, really sorry.

October 5, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 74]

It is morning in Kanrou, Hakuyou’s royal capital. The people are still sleepy as they go start their work. Cat ninja is snooping around. With a sparkle, he says, “Princess consort’s [spy] intelligence, yes!” And he hopes around the roofs. Meanwhile, at the bedroom, blushing Yuulin is doing her best to cover Reishou’s mouth. Reishou asks, “..beloved consort, what is the meaning of this hand?” Yuulin says, “It means..the morning kiss is already over a while ago.” Reishou says, “Ah, then, I’m about to unleash the second one.” Yuulin refuses and tells him not to argue for there is no more time so quickly get out of bed and get ready. “You’ll be late for your early morning meeting.” Reishou says that he knows already, and wait until he finished preparing, then, he’ll come back for second round. Yuulin calls out to him. Reishou laughs and says that he is joking around and if she still wants to sleep, it is okay so take her time. While her heart is beating fast, blushing Yuulin introduces herself as the Wolf King’s sole princess consort and not long ago, from working, she became the real one. Right now, they are in newly wed stage. The days of the ‘secretly hiding one’s feelings’ game is over. They had become a real married couple.

October 3, 2015

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 73]

At Kagawa stadium, after kissing, Aki says, “Riko, you’re really good. *kiss* Really good. Pure.” Riko blushes and is moved by that. Riko snaps out of it and angrily says that starting just now, aren’t these considered praises. After saying no, he kisses her again. He says that he is boasting her and he really longs and hopes to become someone like her. “Your emotion, what you think and what you say are identical. This kind of person is actually really rare.” Puzzled Riko looks at him and says that she doesn’t understand a word he said. “Could it be that what the brain thinks inside isn’t the same with one’s feelings?” Aki says that it is as she said but for him, this should be an identical thing but he is unable to make it identical. “..How difficult” As he rests his head on her shoulder, Riko hears a whimper. Her expression softens as she pats Aki’s head. He is surprised by this. He says, “..let me say, staring from today on, no matter what I say in the future, only you, Riko, have to definitely believe in me, okay? *Riko looks surprised* No matter when, I always think of music..and would also act for the happiness of everyone around. I really cannot understand...

October 2, 2015

By Request: Kimi to Boku [Chapter 92]

[Free Talk: Request by Krystal]

A new school term has all sorts of things. In class, Chizuru complains to Yuki about his wobbly table. It has always been shaking really bad ever since the start of the second term. Yuki says that it is probably because the table has been changed during summer vacation’s extra classes. Chizuru says that he’ll get a new table from the storage so would he accompany him. Yuki refuses by saying that he is still studying. Chizuru says that he isn’t studying for he’s actually reading manga during self-study. So, Chizuru takes his table and will go change it himself. He is furious that it kept on shaking that he wasn’t able to properly sleep. Yuki comments that an exam student can peacefully sleep there. While carrying the table through the hallway, Chizuru complains that this is troublesome and why does he have to do this kind of thing. Then, he has an idea. He quickly turns around and goes to section 2-6. He sees that Masaki was called to recite by the teacher. Soon, while sitting on the table outside the door, blushing Chizuru dreamily watches Masaki’s recitation. The teacher notices him and shouts what he is doing. The teacher asks why he isn’t in class, what is his name and section. Chizuru waves at Masaki then quickly runs off. While Masaki is speechless, the others are asking what’s up and it’s a third year student.

October 1, 2015

By Request: Takane to Hana [Chapter 13]

[Free Talk: Request by Moglin.]

After Takane tutored Hana for her midterm exams, the grade results are already released. Hana is amazed at how good were the grades that she got. Mizuki manages to pass by memorizing. For Hikaruko, it is both memorizing and guessing. Mizuki tells Hana to properly thank Takane. Then, Hana wonders about Okamoto. She sees him depressed. It turns out that after failing to get in the Nationals qualifiers, he got the midterm report. Both are a double blow for him so Mizuki suggests to Hana that she temporarily do not step on his landmine. Later on, during cleaning duty, Hana is giving Okamoto light chops on the head. He tells him not to attack him while he’s weak, and that hurts. She tells him that at least, when it hurts, he forgot a lot of unhappy things. Okamoto thanks her. She tells him that on the day after tomorrow, they’ll have an appreciation meeting at his family’s store and she wants to bite into that special egg so greet his parents for her. As she leaves, Okamoto blushes a bit while holding his head where she lightly chopped it. Hana arrives home. Her mother says that she’s early and Takane hasn’t come yet. She is disappointed for she rushed home in order to tell him early about it. She imagines him patting her head and saying that she did a good job.

September 29, 2015

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 4]

With Earth and the moon behind her, Yomi narrates, “Hello, everyone. We are now going to start the horror class. Please forgive me for choosing this kind of place for today’s lesson. Until now, there are still so many unknown riddles in the universe. Perhaps, far away from the planet, there are life forms living there that are similar with us. Huh? You’re asking me if I believe if there are really aliens on earth? Ku ku..who can say that for sure? After all, the universe is quite vast..." Lesson 4: Cosmic Humanity. The school bell is ringing. The teacher tells the students that next week, they are going to divide into groups then make a speech regarding the topic so those who have questions-- The students start talking whether to talk about house pets or politics. Someone asks a short-haired girl that they were suddenly asked about this so what is her suggestion. Wavy haired girl draws on her sketchbook and says that they really don’t have imagination. She holds up her sketchbook which asks ‘do aliens really exists!?’ Short haired girl says aliens and here Gin [] goes again, she really likes that topic. Gin, the wavy haired girl, says it’s good, right so let’s talk about that.

September 28, 2015

By Request: Nijiiro Days [Chapter 38]

[Free Talk: Request by ichiban, kona and others]

Both of Mari’s parents are working so she is always alone at home when she was young but she doesn’t feel lonely because of her brother. She perks up when her brother comes home. From the balcony, his friend greet him goodbye. The girl calls out the brother’s nickname and says that she’ll text him later on. Mari imitates how the girl called her brother and it made him laugh. Her brother comes home early for her. He’s cool and kind unlike the guys in her class. She feels at ease with him. She likes him the most. During junior high, she is always being picked on by some delinquents. She is disgusted with guys and couldn’t trust girls so she is always alone but she doesn’t care. Then, she perks up upon returning home and seeing her brother. She asks him how come he’s home and how about work. He says that he’s on vacation. Just when she is going to suggest that they go shopping, Mari notices that her brother is packing his things. To her surprise, he says that he’s moving out after he gets married. She couldn’t believe that he has a girlfriend. He says that he didn’t bring her home since Mari is there but next time, he’ll bring her to eat together with them.

September 26, 2015

Last Game [Chapter 48]

On Saturday, a female customer calls out to Yanagi and asks for a menu. Smiling Yanagi says okay. After he turns around, he curses for he had unexpectedly forgotten that he has work today. This morning, his father says ‘good luck’ [/gambatte] with his work and he’s going. Yanagi suspects that his stinky father learned of that information so he intentionally chosen this day. “By the way, what has he got up his sleeve.. Could it be like what is always shown in the television drama.. [Yanagi’s father furiously shouts, “That girl doesn’t suit you!”] That kind of scene..!?” <- Yanagi hasn’t thought that he and Kujou aren’t suitable. Just when he thinks of what his father is thinking, the café’s bell rang. He turns to welcome the customers and is shock for it is his father and Kujou. His father waves his hand to Yanagi. While Yanagi is speechless from shock, his father says that he wanted to see Yanagi hard at work so he asked Kujou to accompany him. When Yanagi is about to scold Kujou for being meddlesome, his father apologizes to Kujou for lately, his daughter practically doesn’t want to go out with him.. “My son is also always cold like this.. I had unwittingly depended on you that I’ve asked this favor..”

September 25, 2015

By Request: Tsubasa to Hotaru [Chapter 25]

[Free talk: Request by Mil, tth, and Asunie and others. By the way, Last Game Chinese scanlation isn’t out yet. ]

At the canteen, Tsubasa tells her friends that she brought a bento box so they can go ahead and buy their food. After Tsubasa found some seats, Aki and friends notice some empty seats near her. Aki asks if they can sit there and she says okay. Soon, Tsubasa’s friends also came. Tsubasa is really happy that she is sitting beside Aki. Yuri notices Tsubasa’s cute bento box. She happily says that it was given to her by Aki. Aki chokes on the water he’s drinking. While his friends are surprised that Aki gave a girl a gift, Tsubasa explains that it is an exchange gift during Christmas and she’s the one whom Aki is going to exchange gift with. Friend [sorry, I don’t know her name] says that Aki didn’t go to the party. When Tsubasa is explaining that after the practice, Aki.. Aki covers her mouth and tells her that there’s no need for her to narrate it to them. Blushing Tsubasa apologizes. Blushing Aki says that it’s fine, and there’s no need to apologize. Their friends are speechless. Girls are blushing while guys are aghast. At the hallway, her friends tell Tsubasa that the mood between her and Aki is quite good as if they are going to be together sooner or later. They say that based on the expression of Aki’s friends, they have also thought of it.

September 24, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 67]

Narration: “If I’m no longer around, that girl will definitely be broken-hearted. *In the water, Aoi reaching up to his necklace. He recalls the time when they are at the church and she is dressed like a bride* I’m sorry, Mego. I love you--..” At Tokyo, Mego is crying while looking at the broken necklace. She mutters Aoi’s name and recalls some memories of him. Then, she promptly faints. At that time, there are still some aftershocks occurring in various regions of East Japan. The people in the streets are talking about how scary it was for it was reported that there was a tsunami at the northeast coast. The trains had also stopped so they have to walk home. Mitsuru says that there is an aftershock again and where can they go.. Then, he notices Azusa cowering at the side. She is crying and trembling. She tells him that she’s really useless for she is afraid of earthquakes the most since she was young. Mitsuru hugs her and calls her stupid, for at this kind of time, there is no one who isn’t afraid so be at ease while being afraid. She hugs to him and says that she’s really so scared. She finds it baffling for she is obviously so afraid but it’s so warm that slowly, her trembling had been suppressed.

September 23, 2015

Kasane [Chapter 59]

A woman holds what seems to be black sand/blood on her hand. As she lets it go, a peony blossom falls down. There are people are talking: “‘Ah, how is that new stage play?’ ‘It is that new actress that one can’t help but talk about’ ‘Is it really a newcomer?’ ‘That is what was said.’ ‘I really cannot dare believe it.. for she is also not inferior in any way with professional actresses.’ ‘Besides, she also looks very beautiful. Even if I don’t know why they refused to make it known to the public regarding her identity and experience..’ ‘Don’t you feel that she is a bit similar with ‘Tanzawa Nina’?’ ‘No..it isn’t similar with ‘Tanzawa Nina’. With this kind of level, it should be ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’.” A black haired beauty stands on stage. Afterwards, the people are passing by the hallway after watching the play. They say that she really looks very similar and as one say, it is like being ‘reborn’ or ‘a new legend is born’ something like that. Wearing a hoodie and a mask, Nogiku overhears them. She thinks, “That’s right..she has been born. I caused her to be born into this world.. *hugs herself* A ‘monster’ whom people cannot help but have goose bumps about it--”

September 22, 2015

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 38]

Narration: “Not long after that competition ended, I heard THAT CHILD has been driven away from Houdzuki Group.” Doujima says, “But of course, after all, she did that kind of thing. Right now, the entire Houdzuki Group is in turmoil. But, for us, this is an absolutely good opportunity. After all, that Houdzuki Group’s successor had left. *smiles at expressionless Akira* That position is for you to sit, Akira! Basically, the Houdzuki Group doesn’t have any strength. It can only depend on the daughter and only that. Right now, there is a vacuum in Houdzuki Group. So, let’s totally annex the entire Houdzuki Group then Tsubaki Group will take over it.” Akira just says, it is as you say. Narration: “What’s with that? How come they don’t understand? After brother left, the Tsubaki Group always had a vacuum. *sinking into the darkness* Up to this day, how should I look at playing koto? How should I confront koto from here on? Ah ah, I’m so tired. It’s enough, anything will do. If talented people would gradually leave koto, then how come I’m still persistent like this. How painful. How painful. I already don’t care what—..

September 19, 2015

Skip Beat [Chapter 228]

An older man tells a glasses woman that the crucial point is to prove whether or not the client’s business has any connection to the outbreak.. They have to first tidy up the client’s records and business details before the illness happened. The woman says okay, she’ll first generate the data and put it into a file. The older man apologizes and says that he’ll leave it to her. He’ll come back at 17 o’clock and afterwards, they’ll continue. The woman says she already knows and please take care. After the man leaves, the woman tells Saena that next, even if she knows that Saena is busy but can she help in inputting this data into the computer for Sakajou’s case [guesswork from 坂上]. Saena didn’t react so a huge popped vein appeared on the woman’s forehead. Saena snaps out of it when the woman shouts out if she is listening. Saena says yes, no..she’s very sorry!!! Soon, it is time for a lecture. The woman asks what’s up with Saena lately, she would be staring blankly a bit too much. “It’s so really unlike you. You should be like before, a sword sharpened on the grindstone [/a tempered sword], that type of elite appearance, isn’t it so?...

September 18, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 112]

With Ao on her shoulder, Yona can hear some noise. She feels that her head is so dizzy and where is she. Lili calls out to her and asks what’s going on and what happened to them. Yona says that she doesn’t know but it seems that they are inside a carriage. The carriage stops. Someone calls for them to get down. The scene that meets them is people working to build a wall. There are also soldier guards there and they are carrying whips along with their sword. While observing the hard labor, Lili asks what’s up with this place. Then, they notice a man asking if the soldier just said that this is Sei. The man protests what’s going on for they were injured during the festival at Tousui and he heard that all of the clinics are already full so he went to the neighboring town. The newcomers are soon complaining why they are brought to Sei, they didn’t hear anything about this and immediately let them leave! The soldier answers their complaints with a swift crack of his whip. The soldier tells the man to back off for those who rebel will be executed. He informs them that they came to Sei as slaves. Their work is very simple and that is to build this stronghold [/fort]. Yona asks what’s up with that stronghold. The soldier tells her to shut up and they’re not allowed to ask questions. They are to just work quietly and don’t go thinking of other things.

September 17, 2015

Kasane [Chapter 58]

Kingo is surprised to see Nogiku that he asks Kasane that did she say that she is ‘Nogiku’. Kasane says yes. Covering his face in surprise, Kingo thinks that this face, that name, could it be really.. Kingo says that it really startled him for it is simply like Fuchi Sugeyo has come alive. Nogiku immediately looks away. This puzzles Kingo so Kasane explains that it seems that Nogiku doesn’t like people saying that they are alike. “Nogiku and I are opposites. She felt that ‘beauty’ is a kind of misfortune. Even if it is very hard to understand but.. she herself wanted to give up on this kind of beauty to become someone else. That also means that having the same interests, she and I formed a new collaboration.” Kingo looks thoughtful and says, oh.. Kasane is surprised when Kingo walks toward Nogiku and apologizes ahead if this makes her feel uncomfortable but.. Holding Nogiku’s chin, Kingo says that she really looks like her that no matter who it is, they cannot help but want to sigh [say it], right? “There are many questions that I want to ask you. First of all, how old are you?”