January 21, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 54]

On March, it is the graduation ceremony of the Akechi Academy. Holding a camera, Mitsuru tells Aoi and Mego to come and take a picture for a remembrance. Aoi had smoothly passed the entrance exam for T University and tomorrow, he’ll leave for Sendai. After taking a picture of Mego and Aoi holding his diploma, Mitsuru congratulates Aoi for smoothly getting admitted to college and that he won’t be wearing a uniform anymore. Sobbing Mego is there to celebrate with them. Mogami exclaims that he also graduates this year. His underlings are glad about it that they congratulate Mogami. Mogami notices Mego hiding behind Aoi. Blushing Mego is glad that Mogami finally gets to graduate this year. Blushing Mogami exclaims who is this beautiful girl, and she unexpectedly looks similar with Mitsuru. Mitsuru introduces her to him as his twin. Mogami is all hearts that Aoi had an ominous premonition.

January 20, 2015

Free Talk: Twelfth Anniversary Greetings ^^

And, it is this time of the year again since blogging at pitas. So, as usual, I want to thank God for everything that He has given me in the past, present and the future. ^_^ Thanks to my parents for providing my needs and some wants. ^^ Thanks to the Chinese scanlators because without them, there would be no summaries. ^^ And of course, thank you readers for reading these summaries. ^_^ Special thanks to those who react, say thanks and comment ^-^ To those who plug the site, thanks ^^

Thank you for the support! (*^ω^*) And once again, yoroshiku for the coming year~

Skip Beat [Chapter 220]

As Saena steps out of the elevator, she looks at surprised Kyouko. She looks at the Love Me badge. She looks down on Kyouko’s outfit. She looks back up to Kyouko as Kyouko looks back at her. Kyouko notices her mother’s scowl [<- knit one’s brow]. Kyouko looks tense as Saena passes by her then walks away. Kyouko snaps out of it when a couple of girls call out to her and ask if she is going to ride the elevator. Kyouko says yes, sorry. Later on, Kyouko shows Amamiya the printed scarf that she bought. Amamiya says that it looks good that is it really just 500 yen. After taking it out from her bag, Kyouko gives Amamiya the receipt. Amamiya says that it is obviously not cheap and Kyouko’s amazing. Kyouko says yes, at that time, she wondered if there is a mistake for it took out so many zeroes that she even confirmed it at the checkout counter. She felt that she had a 5 years worth of cold sweat. After paying Kyouko, Amamiya smiles and thanks her for she is a big help. Kyouko says that it is no big deal and it is the duty of a substitute manager. Removing her upper jumper suit to put on the scarf, Amamiya says but today, isn’t there a film shoot. Kyouko says that she got the director’s consent so it is alright because she only needs to have a couple of re-shooting of Natsu’s scenes. And today in the afternoon, she has some other work. She had asked the director if he can give her a break this morning.

January 17, 2015

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 96]

Sawako dreams of the time when Shouta hugged her and confessed in the classroom. She wakes up in fear for what if all of it was a dream, and ever since first year’s summer, it always feels like a dream so it shouldn’t be a dream, right? Nope, it is almost a year since they are going steady and the school festival is coming soon. At the aspiration guidance room, Pin asks Kent if he is serious and has he already decided. Kent says that he is. Later on, he bumps into Ayane. He informs her that he got another school’s recommendation so he won’t go to cram school anymore. He will be going to college to study interior decorating-related type of stuff. They wish each other good luck for the college entrance exam. Later on, Ayane tells her friends that she will be going to the library. She bumps into Kent by the door again. Kent lets her pass through as he talks with some girls. Sawako and Chizuru comment that they really broke up yet do not mutual avoid each other. Sawako mentions that it is avoiding, as much as possible, letting the other party have any misgivings.

January 16, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapters 55-58]

Chapter 55: At the imperial palace of Hakuyou, the gathered courtiers bow and greet, “-we are expecting the king’s return. Your entire subjects are waiting for your return.” Standing in front of his throne, Reishou thanks them for taking care of things [during the time he is away]. “—Everyone, has there been any change.” The cold-hearted Wolf King has ended his inspection of Ninshu and has returned to the royal capital. The imperial palace emits a somewhat nervous feeling. And, Yuulin, the working consort, is in the process of returning to her familiar harem life. While passing by cloister, Yuulin stops to notice that the wind is very strong that the trees’ leaves are blown to the ground. Her court lady tells her that she’ll get cold so they must hurry to the government hall. Blushing Yuulin says okay. While walking, she thinks that after all sorts of things had happen [like travelling, kiss and confession] during the inspection, she also have a distinct nervousness. Basically, she and Reishou had been getting along just like before [lovey-dovey in front of everyone] but— His Majesty would occasionally sudden stop and then become silent. Afterwards, he would have a strange action..

January 13, 2015

Namaikizakari [Chapter 23]

So, Shizuka looks angry, Shou unamused and Yuki aghast after Shizuka saw them. Yuki wonders why it became like this. [<- it is because you two are flirting around outside] Yuki also wonders why Shizuka came out from the thicket..why would in this terrible time, he would-- Shizuka asks Yuki if she is going steady with Shou. As aghast Yuki is pushing Shou from her, she says no, not going steady..ah.. She asks Shou to temporarily let go of her. Shou asks, ‘temporarily’, is temporarily okay, then they’ll still continue that a while ago? This irks Shizuka that he pulls up one of Shou’s hand from Yuki. Shizuka tells Shou that Yuki dislikes it so quickly get release her already, you stinky hoodlum. Shou asks, “Ha? Who is the hoodlum when you were always peeking at us from the start.” Shizuka is speechless while Yuki asks what Shou meant by ‘from the start’. Shou tells her that it is from the time she said, ‘I don’t hate you’. Yuki and Shizuka are shock for he already noticed yet he did that -> hug tight. Shou tells her to forget that, let’s go. Shizuka angrily shouts for them to wait. “..really..it is better to give up that guy.. That guy.. That guy..during grade three, he intertwined fingers with all of the girls in class by playing thumb wrestling [/war]!!” There is a scene of shocked Shizuka upon seeing fangirls flocking around with Shou to play thumb wrestling with him.

January 11, 2015

Namaikizakari [One-Shot Story]

[Free talk: I think this is the prototype for the series. The editor must have liked it so it became a three part series. It is popular to the readers that it became a full series. Some of the scenes here do not jive with the main series so technically, this isn’t counted as part of the series. That is why I’m not that interested in summarizing it. Anyway, this was supposed to be a brief summary but as usual, it became long. orz So, this is for those who are curious about this one-shot.]

Yuki has three triplet younger brothers who are one year younger than her and a lot younger, twin sisters. They are simply monsters. From the time when they start to know things, they always cause a ruckus in the midst of grown up her. In order to uphold peace, she made a firm resolution, to ‘become an adult’. While the triplets are fighting each other, one of the twins is crying over a spilled cake. Their mother wondered what to do for she bought one for each and that can no longer be eaten. Young Yuki called out to her mother and offered to give her cake to the twin by saying that her stomach hurts. End flashback. For example, there is this totally arrogant first year student who calls out to her and says that if this ball goes in the basket, she’ll go out with him. Looking at her notes and viewing him as a KID, Yuki tells Shou to be serious during club activity or else, she just gives him more training. As Shou mutters that is frightening, Hatori laughs and says that Yuki is so mature. He tells Shou not to waver over that kind of thing. Yuki thinks that as a 17 year old manager of a men’s basketball club, she doesn’t have time to pay attention to a kid’s joke.

January 8, 2015

From Five to Nine [Chapter 48]

Episode 48 – Confidences trop intimes 2 (Intimate Strangers 2). Flashback: When Junko was young, she went to the temple’s cemetery with her parents and younger brother. “I hate the temple. I hate the cemetery more. There is no good memory [from it].” While walking at the cemetery alone, lost Junko called out where everyone is, where did everyone go? She told herself that she isn’t a bit afraid for she is already in grade three, she is very brave. She called out to her mother, father and Hajime. She exclaimed in surprise upon hearing some rustling leaves. She relaxed and muttered that it is just the sound of leaves. Then, to her shock, she noticed a cicada on her left arm. She screamed nnnoooo, and took off her coat. To her horror, the cicada is now clinging on her bare arm. She tried to take it off while freaking out and shouting, no, hate this, don’t come cover, go away. A boy [Takane] picked the cicada from crying Junko’s arm and put in on the ground. Junko timidly thanked him. Takane told her that she isn’t a three year old kid so how come she is that afraid of a cicada. “It is forbidden to make a racket in the cemetery, idiot.” This miffed Jun that she wiped her tears and said that she isn’t a three year old kid, she is already in grade three and this place, she basically doesn’t like to come here.

January 7, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 53]

At Toushou High, Tomo and Shizu exclaim in surprise upon learning that Aoi is going to a Sendai university. Mego confirms it and he is already preparing for the examination at Tohoku’s T University. Tomo asks if he passed, then won’t it be a long distance relationship. “Don’t you be lonely, Mego?” Blushing Mego smiles and says yes, and if she didn’t say that, she is definitely deceiving people but compared to that, she wanted Aoi to be happy. She thinks that in the past, there is always a faint loneliness what is shown in Aoi’s eyes but right now, when he told her about the future, his eyes started to burst out a dazzling radiance. It is when he told her about her adored Sendai where she was born and celebrating tanabata festival with her every year. Mego thinks that is a happy future where she also exists and it really makes her feel excited. Putting their hands together, her friends exclaim that even if she is lonely, she has them and they’ll go together to comikets [comic market] and concerts. Moved Mego tearfully calls their names.

January 6, 2015

Hibi Chouchou [Chapter 65]

Flashback: Defeated young Kawasumi looked in awe at Atohira. Later on, Atohira ate an ice pop while walking home with Kawasumi, Ryosuke and Hajime. Then, he walked together with Kawasumi and Ryosuke during junior high. And Atohira dueled with Kawasumi. Atohira has known him since elementary, his friend’s younger brother. While walking, Atohira called out in surprise that his friend asked what, it is someone he knows. Atohira said no, he ought to have mistaken someone. Atohira thinks that from the very start when he met the two of them, they haven’t started going steady yet. At some unknown time, they started going steady. He doesn’t know why he felt very angry about this. <- telling Kawasumi that they’ll break up very soon. During a karate break, Atohira glances at Kawasumi who was jogging. Atohira passed by the café and saw the two together. He frowns and wonders how long they have been going steady. And why at this time.. End flashback.

January 4, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapters 53-54]

Chapter 53: At a building above the lake, On-sensei ushers Reishou and his group inside. He tells them to go to this side, please. “Ranyou-sama left due to an urgent matter regarding her friend. So, before she comes back, let me lead you to where An Ryukou is.” So, in this incognito inspection, it also mixed up with another separate issue regarding the dark merchant. The real goal is to ‘meet up with his younger brother’ and this is already being done. Sitting on the bench, Yuulin feels anxious. She has to stay behind at the town. She wonders if Reishou is alright since she doesn’t know if the brothers will get along or not. She suddenly stands up and thinks that the Wolf king is terrifying but then the other party is a child, so he ought to be gentle with him! “He wouldn’t angrily glare at a child, right? *walking back and forth* What kind of child is his younger brother. Is he the same with His majesty? But then, the mother is different.” Kokuu who is also left behind asks her to please calm down a bit. Surprised Yuulin apologizes and says that it is because she’s worried.. She tells him that it is too bad about the dark merchant thing. Scratching his head, Kokuu says ya, this time, too, they had gorgeously straightforwardly escaped. Yuulin narrates that the ones who attacked her and Reishou are confirmed to be nearby robbers.

January 2, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 52]

Yuulin nervously recalls Reishou happily asking if he didn’t tell her, it is his younger brother [whom he came to see]. Holding her head, Yuulin thinks that afterwards, regarding this incognito journey which His Majesty decided on wanting to see someone, she got a big shock. “How come today I’m going on a date with His Majesty. *walking on the streets with Reishou* --actually, it is to help Kokuu-san’s work on ‘gathering intelligence regarding the dark merchant’.” Chibi Kokuu tried to stop Reishou by saying that he doesn’t need to do this kind of thing. Looking at Reishou, she thinks that about this younger brother thing, she is still doesn’t know about it quite clearly. Reishou smiles and tells her what it is. “I’ll feel a bit perplexed since such cute face is always looking at me.” Embarrassed Yuulin thinks that it is wolf acting. She asks if they will continue the sweet acting today. He laughs and says of course. Sweatdropping Yuulin thinks that she really couldn’t understand.. “Why would he be so sweet with a working consort. And regarding his description of his younger brother, it is--” Flashback: Puppy Reishou said that his age seems to be 11 years old, or 12 years old. “No, it is because he was born after I moved to the frontier [border] so actually, I’m not too sure.” End flashback. Puzzled Yuulin wonders that unexpectedly, it is that simple.. and ‘it is alright if I cannot see him’, that’s too frank, right..

January 1, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 51]

It’s morning. Yuulin hears some footsteps and wakes up. She wonders if it is already morning. She opens her eyes and sees Reishou holding a cup of tea with his shirt exposing his chest. Reishou looks out the window and wipes his hair with a towel. Blushing and nervous Yuulin thinks, “Wwwwhhhaaat-!? Eh!? Ah!? Same bedroom!! What I ought to- say, is His Majesty currently changing his clothes!! Ah ah ah, quickly get out of my sight. Afterwards, quickly wear your shirt properly-!!! *closes eyes* First of all, I should pretend to sleep!!! *Reishou walks towards her and leans down* ..Eh? ..it seems that he is near? It seems that he is gazing at me? *Reishou puts his hand down on the bed beside her* --what!? Why!? It feels that he’s very near.” Leaning to her side, Reishou smiles and says, “—it’s so cute that you’re pretending to sleep. ..king’s consort. *Yuulin opens her eyes wide* I had fully admired your sleeping face last night. *Yuulin freaking out and trembling* I’m totally captivated by you who just woke up.” Yuulin mentally screams, “This..person at the start of the morning, is already the very lewd Wolf king-!!! I’m going to quickly die-”

December 31, 2014

Free Talk: Happy New Year Greetings

Hours of happy times with friends and family,
Abundant time for relaxation,
Plenty of love when you need it the most,
Youthful excitement at life simple pleasures,

Nights of restful slumber (you know – don’t worry be happy),
Everything you need,
Wishing you love and light,

Years and years of good health,
Enjoyment and mirth,
Angels to watch over you,
Remembrances of a happy years!
~ Author Unknown

Happy New Year, Everyone~~

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 63]

At Nagahama residence, while eating, Miwako is complaining about Shinya’s earlier deadline yet he would still-- She notices that her mother is staring at her that she asks what is it. Her mother asks if she likes Shinya. This made Miwako flustered that she exclaims why her mother said that, how is that possible, for that is Crude Play and a performing artist who has a lot of models and beautiful women beside him. “How is that possible..” Her mother says that it has been such a long time since she heard Miwako talked with her about a guy. Miwako exclaims that it is because he is her work and she’s saying this since he is giving her a headache. Her mother asks is that so, when she thought that it is something else. She tells Miwako that she is worried about her for not only is it a weekend, there is also no work yet Miwako always accompanies her in shopping. “Is this okay? Occasionally, there’s no need to mind mama and just go have fun by yourself. *Miwako glumly looks at her mother* Isn’t it really good? If it’s Shinya, you’ll be a very good match.”