May 23, 2015

Namaikizakari [Chapter 30]

At the pool, Yuki tells Shou that if there is something he wants to say then say it. After a pause, Shou replies that making him wait for three months is way too long so he is going to find someone else. *thug* Yuki has fallen down her bed. She thinks that it is a dream again and it’s very strange because if there is something that he wants to say, he is the type of guy who’ll definitely say it immediately. Yet unexpectedly, he is hiding something. At school, while leaving with Abe, Shou asks what’s going on, he doesn’t feel like doing that. Holding a broom, the teacher scolds him over ‘not feel like doing it’ and calls him stupid for didn’t he say that if anyone is ten times late for the first period, s/he are going to do general cleaning during the afternoon. Shou says that the morning practice has just ended. Abe laughs and says that it’s too bad, he’ll go ahead. Then someone shouts who says that Abe is going ahead when he’ll also do general clean-up. Abe exclaims in disbelief. Yuki is folding the clothes in the club room. She wonders what it is that Shou doesn’t want to say out to her. When he was staring at her, she thought that he is going to say something but in the end, he pinched her nose. She thought that he came to cause trouble with Shizuka but in the end, he just casually walked away.

May 22, 2015

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 45]

Makoto is walking around the hospital’s hallway. She had already run over here so early in the morning but how should she start the conversation with Iriya. If she is asks too deep about it, he would wonder who is she [to ask] and what’s up with her mother [for not teaching her some manners] but then, she wants to hear him say his sincere words. She feels like crying for she really doesn’t know how to talk. She is startled when Iriya appears behind her and calls out to her. She asks how come he isn’t at the ward. He tells her that he was discharged this morning so he wants to greet [/thank] the nurses. Makoto asks if he is already okay since he is discharged. Iriya says yes, and Yusa’s uncle will handle the discharge procedures later on. She says is that so. Iriya thanks her for coming over for he thought that she’ll hate him because of what happened yesterday. Makoto protests how can she possible hate him, and about that.. Iriya smiles and pats her head. He tells her that the thing yesterday is really already over. Looking away, he says that everyone believes that mother-child relationship is very good but there are exceptions. This made Makoto silent so Iriya apologizes [for making her feel awkward]. He asks a favor of not mentioning it since his mother is coming back today.

May 21, 2015

Skip Beat [Chapter 224]

Flashback: Young Kyouko opened the door to see her mother on her desk. She looked troubled as she covered her face with her hand. Flustered, Kyouko went to her and called out, “” Saena noticed that Kyouko is about to reach out and touch her. She quickly hit Kyouko’s hand away and shouted for her not to touch her. “If you touch me, I’ll be stained with bad luck [/misfortune]!!! *crying* I won’t be able to tolerate another defeat!!! I must win!! If I were to lose this case, then it is all your fault!! Why don’t you get out!!! *Kyouko looked hurt and on the verge of crying* Didn’t I tell you before that you are absolutely not allowed to come and enter this place!!!” End flashback. Narration: “Ever since I was young, I already know that I was hated [by her]. Generally, I felt that I had already accepted it, the possibility that I’m detested by my mother.. *stands up from the bench* But.. *crying while looking at Ren* I still have not *cries more in anguish* truly properly made myself aware of it. *Ren looks surprised when Kyouko called out, ‘Co—rn’* Accepting this kind of reality-- *walks towards Ren* that my existence is rejected [by her]-- *hugs Ren* --Why?..

May 19, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 60]

It is July. At Akechi High, everyone is bustling about something unbelievable had happened. In the grade ranking with Chiharu being first and a certain Maeda Keijirou in second, Mitsuru ranked third place. They cannot believe it for it is that well-known Kobayashi Mitsuru who is among the handful idiots in their school. In this final exam, he unexpectedly ranked third..? Clenching his fist, Mitsuru exclaims, “Yes!! No wonder it is the great me!!” Chiharu comments that Mitsuru is quite good lately. Mitsuru sheepishly says that originally, his brain isn’t working but this time, with a bit of activity, it seems to be doing very good. “Next time, I’ll definitely be number one for the whole year level.” Flashback: Two months ago, Mitsuru told Azusa’s father that first of all, as far as he is concerned, having shrewdness [/wise] as the main thing is not something difficult. The father exclaimed in disbelief about Mitsuru wanting to become the successor of Tokugawa Corporation. “You think that it is that simple. How can someone like you who have no background or academic qualifications possibly become a successor? *gestures to Shougo* Shougo is a talented person who received elite education since he was young. Besides, he studied at T[okyo] University which bring forth a large number of talent into the political and government circles. And, his grades in the affiliated high school are also very outstanding.”

May 16, 2015

Akai Ito [Chapter 34]

After eating dinner, the girls are saying that they are so full and it is really delicious! Right. The guys just quietly look at them. The girls widen their eyes and exclaim, “Right!!” The guys lamely agree. After they paid the cashier who thanked them for their patronage, the four are all quiet. Then, Shou asks what they’ll do next. Would they go take a stroll outside or have a chat-type of thing at either their room or the girls’ room. Just when Chihiro is saying ah--..ya.., Rino claps her hand and exclaims ah, that’s right, souvenir. “I want to buy some souvenirs! How about I go and look at some? Ah..about that..there’s no need to have any worries about me, okay? You guys can sleep ahead! Because I’ll absolutely, absolutely won’t disturb you guys! *smiles and thumbs up* Gambatte.” Sho and Chihiro look surprised. Just when Ren is telling Rino that she isn’t going towards the direction where the souvenirs are being sold, surprised Rino still goes to the opposite way and says that it is also okay if she is mistaken. After sweatdropping, Sho says that it feels that they are troubling Rino. Chihiro says ya..

May 14, 2015

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 100]

Chizuru is sitting in front of her house’s door when someone is standing in front of her. She looks up to see Ryu. She looks surprised at him. Ryu seems to be also surprised. Ryu says that she is staring at him with such round eyes, could it be that she isn’t waiting for him. After exclaiming in surprise, Chizuru says that it is because she thought that he won’t come today..after all.. It is Hokkaido’s big competition..the semifinals is for today. After a pause, Ryuu says that he’s going. He turns around to leave when she suddenly calls out his name. He looks back at her but she couldn’t bring herself to say, ‘gambatte’ [/good luck/do your best] so she just tells him to be careful on his way. At the Starffin Stadium, the girls are watching the baseball game. Ayane says that the sky is quite clear and how long will this practice last. Looking down, Chizuru says that she doesn’t know. Ayane says that the rival seems to be a strong team. Chizuru says that’s right. Ayane says that it isn’t too encouraging. This made Chizuru angrily stare at Ayane. Ayane laughs and asks Chizuru if she wants Ryu to win or not, what is she thinking. Becoming nervous, Chizuru says that she is thinking of both. Ayane asks what that is. Chizuru exclaims that she doesn’t want both.

May 13, 2015

Hibi Chouchou [Chapters 70-72]

At the dojo, Atohira comments that it has been so many years already and it is here where they met for the first time. <- Atohira defeated Kawasumi. Recalling Atohira’s letter about this being the last time, Kawasumi asks if he is going to give up on karate. Frowning Atohira says that in any case, he’ll leave this place by spring and right now, it is a good opportunity to leave. Looking at the place, Atohira says that it is really great to have met Kawasumi. This surprises Kawasumi. Smiling Atohira tells Kawasumi that this is the last so Kawasumi better win. At home, Suiren is uneasy and glum. She decides to make some bagels for they aren’t very sweet. She looks at the clock and it is 1:40pm. Then, she is chopping some vegetables. It is already 3pm. Ding dong. She immediately opens the door to see Kawasumi. Kawasumi smiles at her and she hugs him. Suiren didn’t ask him about what happened that day.. Whether it is Kawasumi or it is her, there are some things that are only hidden in one’s world. It is not at all demanding to understand the other’s everything. Even if it is like this, they still collide with each other. That is what she thinks.

May 9, 2015

Preview: Tsubasa to Hotaru [Chapter 22]

Tsubasa happily heads to the gym when she overhears someone exclaiming to the coach that 24 is Christmas’ Eve. She eavesdrops inside the gym. Yoshinari is protesting that there will be a Christmas party on the 24th and they already bought the gifts so they have no way of training with the college students. It is also no good since Tsubasa prepared the Christmas party. The coach says that he said that they can freely participate so in the end, no one is forcing him to go. If he cannot go on the 24th then go on the 25th, and besides, there is a manager there so there’s no need for their manager to go. Yoshinari says is that so then there’s no problem at all. Yoshinari sees Tsubasa and happily tells her that it is safe, things are okay, no problem. Tsubasa processes in her mind about what she just heard so that means, they can hold the Christmas party as usual. Then, she notices Aki looking lost in thought. While walking home in the rain, Aki apologizes and says that in the end, he won’t go to the Christmas party since he’ll go to the practice. Yoshinari protests if he’s for real when it is also okay to go to the training on the 25th like what the coach said.

May 8, 2015

Preview: Tsubasa to Hotaru [Chapter 21]

[Free talk: I like chapters 21 and 22 because of the guy I like in this series had good/amusing scenes. Unfortunately, he isn’t the lead guy ;_;  Hehe, it screams 'summarize me'  Anyway, this is just a preview speed summary and I’m not committing to summarizing this regularly. Chapter 22 will hopefully be up tomorrow. I'm doing this while waiting for the Chinese scanlations of the other series to be uploaded.]

The teacher gives out the results of the grades. Yoshinari is relieved that he passed. When asked about her grades, Tsubasa exclaims that it is perfect. She shows them the basketball club’s Christmas party plan on Dec 24th that she made. 1. Toast 2. Cake and lunch 3. Exchange gift 4. Bingo game. They praise her for it and plan to buy the gifts when they don’t have school. Yoshinari asks about how they are going to give the gifts. It would be a problem if they don’t know if it is a boy or a girl who’ll receive it. Tsubasa thinks about this and had an idea. At the gym, Yoshinari wants some praise for passing and he is excited about the winter training camp. The coach refuses to praise him but about the training during winter vacation, the details are still being discussed. Yoshinari is thinking of winter camp but the coach says that he isn’t talking about a training camp.

May 6, 2015

Namaikizakari [Chapter 29]

Narration: “The brilliant sunshine. The moving water surface. Happily making a racket basketball club members *Amamiya and others playing water gun and beach ball* and elementary students from who knows where *kids pushing each other*, ..ah, it is really noisy. *Yuki sitting by the pool side* The morning practice is already over at 12pm. If it is according to the usual thing, I should be concentrating my energy in reviewing and preparing for the exam in the afternoon-- As to why we are in this place..” Flashback: While the cicadas are chirping, Amamiya and others happily say in surprise, “Swimming pool!?” Miyoshi tells them that he’ll bring them out tomorrow after morning practice. “After all, it is summer vacation. If you guys always practice, then basically you won’t have any time for a breather--” Amamiya asks if that is true, Miyoshi-chan!! Yuki tells them that if they are going on an outing, they cannot use the club’s money for their expenses. Miyoshi says how stupid, as a teacher, he can help them pay the money for that insignificant ticket and let him say that tomorrow, there is a half price discount for students. Everyone is calling out to ‘Miyoshi’ that he tells them to call him with respect [/with a honorific].

May 4, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 106]

Yun tells everyone that they’ll rest in this place today. Yun tells Haku to make some fire. Kija will get water. Shina will gather a large amount of firewood. Jeha will set up the tent. Yona offers to go find some prey. Yun is happy about this for it is a big help since they are running short on meat. Clenching her fist, Yona says to leave it up to her. Starting to leave, Yona says that she’ll capture a bear and come back. After lamely saying that Yona is so cool, Yun shouts for Haku to quickly stop Yona for his princess has grown excessively strong [/grown strong and overdoing it]. While making a fire by rubbing some stones, Haku casually says bear huh, it seems that the princess is hungry. Yun shouts that he is excessively calm. While Yona and Haku leave, Yun tells them that any bird-type is fine so don’t be reckless. Yona says okay. While Yun is thinking of what’s next, Zeno says that he’ll go to sleep so when the food is ready, wake him up. Yun grabs Zeno’s scarf and tells him to wait, he come and help prepare the dinner. And, actually it has already been exposed that Zeno regularly cooks. Zeno smiles and says, “Zeno--..” Yun tells him that acting like a spoiled kid is useless. With a stick on his hand, trembling Zeno says that starting this morning, his lower back is always aching and his head is also very painful. Yun tells him to shut up, you forever 17 years old.

May 2, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 70]

Holding one hand out and another hand in a fist, Yuulin exclaims, “Welcome back, Your Majesty!” With flowers around, Reishou happily says that he’s back, Yuulin. Blushing Yuulin tightens her fist and closes her eyes. She is in a ‘want to come, then come’ pose. After a pause, Reishou pulls her to him and kisses her. Trembling Yuulin says, “ now, it is considered as, ‘that’s it’, right..?” In wolf mode, Reishou says that for her to anticipate it like that, then he has no way of not responding back. Yuulin screams, “Ya ah ah ah- I don’t mean to urge you [to do more]-” And, blushing Yuulin is hugged tightly by Reishou. She kept on thinking, ‘wolf- wolf-’ Narration: “I, Tei Yuulin, has been quietly living at the harem’s prison room for some time. Regarding this no longer acting as lovers thing, during the time when I’m also gradually..getting used to it..?” While having tea, Reishou says that by the way, finally it has all been sorted out.

April 29, 2015

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 44]

And, in the classroom, Iriya sees Makoto with his mother. Makoto realizes that this person is truly Iriya’s mother and she’s so young!! “Isn’t she his older sister!? So at least, she’s thirty years old..!? She totally doesn’t look like it. Ah, this isn’t the time to think about that..!” [ I’ll use ‘Iriya’s mother’ instead of ‘Shizuka’ since in the other scanlation, she is ‘C-chan’. ^^;;] His mother smiles. Iriya says, “You’re still alive huh.” He looks surprised and covers his mouth. He says that he wanted to say that. His mother says indeed, that’s right. Iriya calls out to Makoto and tells her to come over to him. She did as told. Iriya’s mother says that her older sister is currently in Europe, right. She overheard it from the mothers nearby who were talking about it at the streets. “Are you very worried [about Makoto?] that you ran over here?” Makoto remembers that Iriya’s mothers are sisters. Iriya tells his mother that it has nothing to do with her and by the way, how come she came here. He asks Makoto if she did something to her. Makoto tells him none..nothing dangerous.

April 27, 2015

Akai Ito [Chapter 33]

In a bus, Rino happily tells everyone that there are seats at this side. Sho says that it is seats that face each other and this way, everyone can always chat. “Right, Tachibana--” And, he sees wide-eyed Chihiro staring off. He calls out to her again and asks what’s up, she’s so stiff. Chihiro suddenly exclaims in surprise and says, ah..that..she is probably so shocked over how neat the carriage is, that she is at a loss for words!? Sweatdropping Sho asks if she is a lump of iron. Chihiro laughs and asks what’s up with her. She thinks that this is bad for she is so nervous. Ren tells the two to quit being lovey-dovey and quickly sit, they’re an eyesore. The two sweatdrops and says, as you ordered. Rino asks Chihiro if it would be better for her to sit beside Sho. Surprised Chihiro exclaims that she..she is going to sit with Rino. Holding Rino’s arm tightly, Chihiro exclaims that she wants to sit with Rino. She is thinking that sitting with Sho would make her more nervous. Rino sweatdrops and says that she heard her. Unsatisfied Ren says, understood.. Sho says ah, really.. While sitting, Sho comments that it is great that they were able to go on this trip. Reading a book, Ren says that is true for it is great that Chihiro passed the make-up exam. Sho says ya.

April 25, 2015

Last Game [Chapter 43]

Summary of what had happened: Staying for the night with Yanagi, Kujou encounters the mother who came for a visit. While Yanagi looks aghast, Kujou thinks that it is Yanagi’s mother. Covering her mouth, the mother says in disbelief, “Nao-chan, you..because you didn’t come home that I.. What are you doing with some other family’s precious daughter..” Yanagi screams that it is a friend, and it is because of all kinds of reasons that he made her stay over!! “It’s a misunderstanding!!” Going near Yanagi, his mother says, “Nao-chan, mama doesn’t recall at any time that I have taught to secretly stay with a girl at the back of your parents. Of course, I’m not rebuking you for courting a girl. I’m just asking you why you are doing it sneakily.” Scared Yanagi says that he said that she is mistaken. Kujou thinks that it seems that his mother has misunderstood into thinking that she and Yanagi are already going steady. “In the end, Yanagi already has someone he likes. It’s my turn to appear..!” As if she is on a mission, Yanagi firmly tells the mother that it is true. “I have forgotten to bring out my house key and I have no place to stay. So, due to his good intention, he let me stay for the night. WE ARE TRULY FRIENDS.” Yanagi holds his chest for it seems that knives are stabbing it. Sweatdropping, the mother says is that so. Then, she recognizes Kujou.