February 11, 2016

Blue Glass [Chapter 11]

Saga quickly runs and hides upon seeing a couple of roaming guards. Guard 1 asks if anything is up. Guard 2 says that if there is anything that’s up, what’s left to do is to do things underneath his wife’s skirt. Guard 1 says what, ha ha, okay see you later.

February 10, 2016

Last Game [Chapter 52]

It’s December 24. Clenching his fist, Yanagi thinks that finally, it is Christmas Eve--.. This is considered a first from the Christmas holidays those past 10 years. Flashback: Last year, Yanagi said that anyway, Kujou is all alone during Christmas and seeing that she’s quite pitiful, let the amazing him..

February 9, 2016

Last Game [Side Story]

As the girls gather around, Tachibana complains about wanting to have a boyfriend. She really doesn’t wish to get in an exclusive female college..and she is already sick of goukons [/group blind dates] when obviously, she still wanted to find someone who’ll like her true self next time.

February 8, 2016

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 24]

Smiling Takumi suggests that Yu tell Meiko [previously Maiko since readers call her that ^^;] about it right now. While Yu wonders what to do, Meiko happily asks Yu who is it. Flustered Yu thinks that in the end, it is better for her to say it out.. She says, “..about that, actually, I.. li[ke]..”

February 7, 2016

Kasane [Chapter 65]

Saki mutters, ‘Can see the things that you don’t want to see’..? Standing in front of her, Yoshio says that is right, what is she afraid of. “No matter what, you were unable to become the real Lady Macbeth on stage. Besides, you were always able to express it really well so it is very obviously that there is a particular disparity.”

February 5, 2016

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 6]

Yumi narrates, “Hello everyone. We are going to start today’s horror class. Occasionally, everyone wants to put aside boring days and go have fun by playing around at a theme park that one really likes. But, even if it is filled with happiness, terrifying stories will still relentlessly follow.” Lesson 6: Red Balloon. Three girls happily exclaim that finally, they reached Dream Theme Park!!

February 3, 2016

Blue Glass [Chapter 10]

At the encampment, there is a woman offering a drink to the youngster. The others are looking at the caught live boar in its cage. Manchanyuta says, “Ha? Why do I want you to catch it back alive? *scratches face* That is.. I plan on making it as a gift and capturing it alive would make it fresh, right? How about giving me another one? Ah? Is that okay? Since you caught it, then you’ll also be in charge of escorting [it].”

February 2, 2016

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 78]

While Yuulin is staring at Reishou from the corner, she thinks, “The Wolf King’s princess consort, Tei Yuulin is now going to do it!!” Noticing her, Reishou calls out to her and says that he’s almost going to the royal court so is there something up with her? Reishou is stunned to see her looking stiff and nervous as she sways to the right, then to the left then with arms up. She suddenly hugs him while looking super embarrassed.

January 30, 2016

Namaikizakari [Chapter 38]

Flashback: During junior high, a guy said that he heard that Shizuka is going to Misuzu starting this spring. While tying his shoes, Shizuka said yes, he is going to the place where he lived before when he was in grade 4. The guy asked if he will continue playing basketball. Shizuka said yes, and there is someone whom he doesn’t want to lose to no matter what. End flashback. Narration: “I don’t want to lose.”

January 28, 2016

Blue Glass [Chapters 8-9]

[Free talk: From now on, I've revised the summary format a bit by dividing a paragraph further into three. Hence, there won’t be a picture in every paragraph which is how I originally wanted it to be. I did this because I realized that it is a bit hard to read on a smartphone. 25% of the readers are on Android but it didn’t specify tablet or phone. ^^; Honestly, this is a bit troublesome since I tend to divide paragraphs equally after summarizing it in one huge paragraph. ^^; <- it takes time. So, this is the best compromise for me. =P Hope it helps a bit. ^^]
Six years later- 30AD at Nagnang [诺瑯] Ferry Crossing, everyone is busy trading at the market. A man asks Spiky if he has seen those. “Those are things sent over from Han. Weapons, wares, and jewels to be used for ornaments [/accessories]. Even still, there are spices and ingredients for medicine. Those will give Nakrang wealth.”

January 25, 2016

Free Talk: Skip Beat [Chapter 232]

Well, the English scanlation is out. Apparently, some parts of the spoilers were not spoilers but probably the writer’s comment ^^;;  Hehe, the snot part in the spoiler is in the Chinese scanlation ^^;;

Anyway, for my comments:

January 23, 2016

From Five to Nine [Chapter 58]

Episode 58 – closer [part 2 of 3]. While Junko and Momoe head towards the staff room, they hear someone crying loudly. Junko comments that is quite scary and too pitiful.. Masako apologizes to them for they have no way of going in to change clothes here. She tells them that the others wanted to quickly go home so they are consoling her but it seems that she has opened something power switch that won’t stop. Ishii, the engaged staff member, is crying over her wedding dress and hotel where the wedding will be held had all fizzled out so this is simply unreasonable. Junko recognizes the woman as the one who provoked Masako to anger. Smiling Masako denies that she was provoked to anger. She acts sad about Ishii being really pitiful so she’ll also go and comfort her. Junko asks Momoe why Masako is so calm. “What’s up with Zexy? Did she already have a new boyfriend?” Flustered Momoe doesn’t know how to tell her and just tells Junko to directly confirm it from Masako. Junko thinks that after Masako had broken up with Satoshi, she totally doesn’t know about Masako’s love life. Masako tells crying Ichii to pull herself together. “Even if it is a bad thing but at least, Ishii is still young so this is a strong point! Please look ahead! The pain now is for next time’s more amazing encounter and this is a learning course!!”

January 21, 2016

SPOILERS for Skip Beat [Chapter 232]

These are spoilers shared by MioAVANT of baidu which I will assume as real. There are spoilers in mangafox SB forum which can supplement whatever is missing here. Read this with a grain of salt since I usually make mistakes in Chinese paragraphs with no pictures and the terms used sometimes makes no sense. ^^; Probably because it was a literal translation from Japanese? Anyway, for those who want to be spoiled..

January 20, 2016

Free Talk: Thirteenth Anniversary Greetings ^^ + Blog Stuff

It is thank you day again ^^ 13 years of blogging from pitas to this site. ^^ I thank God for all the blessings He had given me in the past, present and future. Thanks to my parents for providing for me. Thanks to the Chinese scanlators for without them, there will be no summaries on this blog. And as always, thanks to the readers and your support. So for this year, yoroshiku~ ^^ 

Last year has been eventful since there are some changes here. First, because of some reasons, I guess it is a blessing in disguise that I ended up summarizing some ‘not so mainstream but interesting [for me]’ series. It helps that a few series had also already ended last year so I have time to do them. ^^ 

Second, it seems that the Chinese scanlators aren’t that enthusiastic anymore like before so summaries aren’t quite updated anymore like how it was a couple of years ago. The raws upload arrest last November didn’t help things. Regarding that, because of the delay, two series have a high chance of being English scanlated earlier or around the same time when I summarized it. Those are Skip Beat and Last Game. Okay, LG is kind of delayed for some reason in the last two chapters. ^^; If they released it earlier than the Chinese, I’ll most probably not summarize it anymore. I’ll just write a comment about it like with Akatsuki no Yona.

And, currently, I have 10 pending summaries to do so that’s it for now.

Once again, thank you for reading and the support ^-^