April 16, 2014

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 89]

[Free Talk: Due to very sudden plans, I’ll be away tomorrow until, most probably, Saturday to go to my aunt’s place during the holidays here. Anyway, I cannot give any guarantees if I can summarize Skip Beat! on Saturday if it comes out on that day. I can only say that I will work on it as soon as possible.]

Thinking that no matter what the reason is, it is enough if she don’t separate with Ryu, Chizuru is sleeping on Ryu’s lap. She groans. To his surprise, Chizuru hugs him tight and mutters for him not to go. Ryu wakes her up and says that if he hugs her like that, he would really not want to let go of her, is that okay? Chizuru is startled. She backs away and screams for him to let her go. Ryu mutters that for her to react that way can make one feel lonely[/speechless]. He greets her a good morning. After blushing, she greets him back. It is already 530am. Just when Ryu is leaving, he comes back and says that he’ll greet her parents first before leaving. Tense Chizuru shouts for him not to do that and they are still sleeping. After a pause, Ryu insists on greeting them even if they wake up. She whispers for him no for she’s very embarrassed [/feels awkward] so quickly go. He holds her hand and tells her that he’ll come and see her occasionally. She says ya. And, he finally leaves. Chizuru starts to reflect over what she told him last night when she obviously doesn’t plan on saying it out. She wonders what she and Ryu would do. At school, her friends ask Chizuru what gift she got from Ryu yesterday. To their surprise, she says that she didn’t get any but then, maybe she got something very extreme. They wonder what is going on. Soon, Ryu and Chizuru starts emailing each other good night, she leaves him a bento while he is sleeping and Chizuru watches him practice. He goes to her at night by hitting pebbles on her window glass to alert her that he’s there. And, outside the house, he hugs her while saying that he finally could come and see her. Throughout that, Chizuru thinks that she’s awful for saying that she couldn’t cheer him on the thing that he is really working hard on, and she even asked him to give it up. At a cafe, Sawako and Ayane are talking about the mood between Ryu and Chizuru being quite good and whether those two are going steady or not. Ayane tells Sawako of her observations on Ryu and Chizuru’s actions like Ryu having that expression after the end of practice, and for the two to be texting/emailing each other though in short messages. Ume appears and angrily scolds them over talking about love, going steady and short messages rather than studying. Ume is quite tense and everything over the possibility of failing yet she wants to absolutely pass. As the others realize that Ume’s feelings are unstable, Kent arrives and greets Ayane but Ume tells him guys should get lost. Ayane tells him to leave for a while. Sawako tells puzzled Kent to self-study for a while. After the drink is served, Ume starts to get busy studying that the others suggests that she should drink a bit of the milk tea. Sawako suggests that Ume sleeps some more with at least 6 hours or at best, 8 hours.

April 15, 2014

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 33]

After Junya asked Rika to go steady with him, they were interrupted by Makoto who came in the room and called out to her sister. Makoto tearfully asks if she is alright and is she injured. Rika says that she’s fine and Iriya also came with her. Iriya tells her that he just happened to be with her. Patting Makoto’s head, Rika apologizes for making her worry. Makoto tells her that their mother will be coming soon. Since her family came and he should leave, Junya tells Rika that he’ll wait for her answer next time. Rika tells him to wait, and she cannot go steady with him for she isn’t the ‘person she likes’. While Makoto and Iriya are surprised by that, Junya says that she refused him quite bluntly but forget it, he likes that kind of character. Rika looks at him and asks if he is a super M[asochist]. Junya didn’t deny it. He just tells her that he’ll see her in the next photo shoot. Makoto is surprised for she recognized Junya being a popular model and no wonder it is her sister who rejected him. She asks her sister if she is alright. Rika smiles and says that she’s fine. Walking out the hospital, Iriya says that it’s quite lucky that Rika is alright. Makoto says ya. Then, she spots a guy loitering around by the hospital’s gate. Thinking that it is a weirdo, Iriya quickly goes in front of her to protect Makoto from the suspicious person. When the guy turns around to face them, they realize that it is Shouki. Makoto asks him if he is going to see her sister. She thanks him and starts to tell him the room number. Shouki asks if it is okay to see her. Makoto says that she thinks her sister would be happy so.. Then, she notices that Shouki is looking away. Makoto asks him if he really wants to break up with her sister. Shouki says that he thinks that for Rika, she’ll definitely find a suitable person who will.. Makoto realizes that she was saying the same thing to Iriya before and that is why Iriya had that kind expression. Finally understanding the reason, Makoto asks if what he is saying is really because he’s thinking of her sister. This surprises the two guys.

April 14, 2014

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 37]

[Free talk: There is a preview of this series’ DVD in Shocomi that is bundled with the volume 6 of the manga. This time around, based on the preview, it is an original story about a cat falling in love with Mego and decided to switch bodies with Aoi. ^^;]

Narration: “Even if we were only separated for a day, but it seems that we haven’t met for a number of days. I always, always want to see Aoi-kun.” Thinking that she finally returned to his side, Mego tearfully tells him that she’s back. Aoi touches her face and tells her to let him see her face. Saying okay, she pulls herself up from him and smiles. Then, he hugs her tightly again. Mego warns him to let go or else, his situation would become bad. While breathing hard, Aoi says that he won’t. He sits up and continues to hold her. He tells her that there was never a day like today, when he’s quite upset that he cannot hold her [like this]. Mego blushes over this. She notices that Aoi kept on trembling and she really caused him to worry a lot about her. Holding him tight, she mentally apologizes for obviously, she knew that she must quickly maintain their distance but she also couldn’t make her hand let go of him. “It would be nice if this moment would be still forever in time.” Mego apologizes to Aoi for it is her fault for making Chiharu find out about his secret so to make Chiharu keep it a secret, she.. Aoi asks if Chiharu knew the secret. He scolds startled Mego for being stupid. Thinking that he’s angry, Mego apologizes for causing him trouble but she already make it clear with Chiharu for him not to say it out. Aoi shouts for her not to do it for THAT KIND OF THING and disregard her own safety. “It basically doesn’t matter whether my weakness is exposed or not. Anyway, if something were to happen to you--..” He notices that Mego is crying that he wonders if he said it quite harshly. He starts to apologizes for being too mean.. Blushing Mego wipes her tears and tells him, no, these are tears of ‘joy’. She tells him to be a bit mean to her and scold her more for being stupid because for him to be angry just now is proof that he loves her. This made Aoi blush. Mego thinks that his ‘stupid’ has the same meaning with ‘like[/love]’ and ‘for me, you are very important’. He holds her and repeatedly calls her stupid as she says ‘yes’ every time he says it. Narration: “After a few minutes, Aoi-kun finally reached his limit. In the end, he still lost consciousness and fell asleep. Even if it is like that, he still tightly held my hand and not letting it go.”

April 10, 2014

Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai [Chapter 25]

After the kiss, Nao kisses her again. Karin stops when she realizes that she is crumpling the divorce paper but to her surprise, Nao really crumples it and kisses her again. He apologizes to her that even if he thinks she suits that childhood friend of hers but he was really furious when he saw Isuzu kissing her and he couldn’t do anything. He confesses that he doesn’t want to give her to anyone. Karin asks if he is saying that he has slowly fallen for her. Nao admits that it is true and it seems that he has already likes[/loves] her earlier on so he wanted to do this terrible thing of taking back their marriage in order for them to revive their relationship. Karin asks what’s with that, from start to end, doing things at random [/as one pleases]. Nao admits that he is awful. Karin agrees and says that she won’t forgive him. He asks if she absolutely won’t forgive him. She shouts that if he doesn’t do anything, she won’t forgive him. Flustered Nao mutters that he didn’t bring anything and wonders what to do for her. He pulls her up from the floor and holds her hands. He tells her that before he had possibly done some things to hurt her but he promise that throughout his life, he would love her more compared to anyone else. Blushing Karin asks if he can do that. He tells her that he can. She tells him that if it is only a teeny tiny bit of like[/love], she won’t agree to it. Nao says ya. Blushing and teary-eyed Karin asks if he likes her that much, then it cannot be helped. Nao smiles and says ya. He kisses her and says, “I like you.” Meanwhile, Isuzu and Wakamatsu are waiting at the door of the government office building. Isuzu confirms with Wakamatsu the time Karin should be coming at 10am but it is already 5pm and the office is already closing. Isuzu crumples his drink carton and shouts if Karin thinks that the one handling the divorce is open for 24 hours. He vents his frustration on Wakamatsu and orders him to find them. While sitting on the bench, he complains over what Karin is doing but then, he has a feeling that she had a change of heart. At school, Karin is happily skipping to school. While waiting at the gate, Isuzu instantly grabs her bag. Karin sheepishly greets him a good morning and yoroshiku [I’m under your care] this second term. He angrily asks what’s up with the yoroshiku and can she explain to him about yesterday. Behind the stairs, Isuzu is screaming his head off at the couple over how he waited at the government office yesterday, her father also didn’t know where she is and where did they fly off to. Karin says that they were always at home. Isuzu says that they weren’t because Wakamatsu is almost lifeless from looking for them. Karin tells him that it is at the rundown apartment because that is the house that belongs to them.

April 9, 2014

Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji [Chapter 33]

[Free talk: For those who still don’t know, this series is going to be animated and the cast is the same with the one in the drama cd. I decided to do this chapter out of whim. I’m not committing to do this regularly so it is in preview category.]

Happy Valentines’ Day! And, Erika sweetly gives her boyfriend a bag of homemade chocolates. Kyouya casually takes it and thanks her. While Nozomi teases her, Erika reminds Kyouya to eat it for it is a taste she can guarantee. Kyouya asks if she tasted too much and became fat again. [<- from last chapter] She tells him no way. Then, Erika is asking Ayumi whom she’ll give chocolates to. Ayumi says no one except from her father and younger brothers. Erika asks how about Takeru but Ayumi is puzzled what she is bringing that up. Nozomi asks Ayumi about his chocolates but she tells him that it isn’t necessary for doesn’t he get a lot. While they talk about Nozomi using chocolates as props for his popularity, Kyouya tells them that he’ll be going to the drug store. They were surprise that he is going to buy an odor neutralizer spray. Erika asks if he is going raise a pet. He says no. To Erika’s irritation, Nozomi asks if Kyouya meant Erika’s smell. Erika looks delighted when Kyouya tells them that a dog will be left at his house for around 10 days. It belongs to his sister who is going on a trip overseas with his mother for a week so he has to temporarily take care of it. His sister threatened to destroy all of his favorite DVDs if he refused to take care of it. Erika starts becoming envious of him since her father hates animals but Kyouya complains about it since he finds it quite annoying to take care of animals. Nozomi teases again that isn’t he used to taking care of animals, after all, he already has Erika. At the station, Kyouya meets up with his mother and sister who are looking for Erika. His sister gives him the bag which has the dog and other stuff. She tells him that the dog is called, ‘Lime’ [<- Ah, that’s the English translation from Chinese based on the Chinese scans.] Kyouya returns home and grumbles over how heavy it is, it being noisy, why do he have to, why not just someone better in taking care of dogs, being irresponsible to go on a trip.. And, after zipping open the bag, Kyouya looks surprised upon seeing a cute white dog looking at him. Later on, Erika is a bit worried about the dog rather than Kyouya so she is going to secretly check out their situation.

April 8, 2014

Namaikizakari [Chapter 8]

Cover: “Can I cut-in through senpai’s restricted area?” [Cut-in = basketball term to break through the other party’s defense.] Ding. Yuki prays at the altar to her grandma that spring break is over, a new school term is starting and their house is, as always, a war zone. Younger sister 1 asks Yuki if her skirt is very strange. Yuki says no, it isn’t. Younger sister 1 tells her to seriously look at it. Younger sister 2 is quarreling with younger brother 1 about casually using her last card[/hairpin?]. Younger brother 1 shouts that she always buys 100 at one go then quickly loses them. Younger sister 2 shouts back that it just somehow vanishes. Younger brother 2 is calling out to Yuki that there’s a hole in his sock. Probably in the toilet, younger brother 3 shouts who is the one who used all of the toilet paper again. Narration: “In short, the younger brothers are now in second year high school while the younger sisters are now in the first year high school. And, I’ve become a third year student.” Sakura blossoms are blooming. A girl is surprised to see Shou passing by. She asks her friend that guy is quite tall and handsome so who is that third year student? Her friend tells her that it is a second year student, second year Naruse-senpai! Narration: “And, our basketball club also welcomes in bright new members.” In the gym, Yuki is busy training the new members. From the door, Abe comments that manager Yuki always go through the basics with the first years. Shouji says that it is because five out of the eight new members are beginners. Seeing the two, the new members bow down and shout their greetings to their senpai-s. Abe is glad to be called senpai. Shouji comments that the first years really know courtesy. Shouji starts lecturing about the importance of hierarchy in a sports club and it starts from giving their respects to the senpai-s.. Shou interrupts by calling to him to quickly move for he’s blocking the way. Aghast Shouji reprimands Shou for interrupting and for his truly arrogant attitude. The first years happily greet Naruse-senpai a good morning. They look at him and think that he’s quite tall. Yuki thinks that for Shou to be addressed as ‘Naruse-senpai’ makes one feel uneasy about it. She wonders if he is aware that he is now a second year high schooler.

April 7, 2014

Akai Ito [Chapter 21]

Chihiro is surprised when Sho calls the girl, Elena. While she wonders if this Elena is actually.., Elena happily says that it’s great to see Shou and it has been a long time. Sho says the she came and it is really such a long time. “Did you become short?” Elena giggles and says, no~~ Noticing Chihiro, Sho confirms her suspicion when Sho casually tells her that this is his ex-girlfriend. And Chihiro is caught off guard when Sho casually tells Elena that this girl is his current girlfriend. Pressured to say something, Chihiro greets Elena with a high pitch voice. Elena looks at her that Chihiro unconsciously looks away. This surprises Chihiro for she carelessly looked away. Pouting Elena holds Sho’s arm and asks him why he is introducing them with ‘THIS’ and ‘THIS GIRL’. Sho apologizes. Chihiro’s eyes are widening over how Elena is holding Sho’s arm. Sho asks Chihiro what it is. While thinking that he should have at least reacted, Chihiro nervously says that it is nothing. Elena smiles and introduces herself as Ninomiya Elena, a second year student at a nearby female college. Chihiro is shock that she’s older. While this fact unnerves Chihiro, Chihiro stutters as she formally introduces herself. Chihiro is shock when Elena suddenly holds her arm and calls her ‘Chihiro’ [<- calling first name means they are close]. Elena thanks Chihiro for just now. This made Sho ask what happened just now. Elena explains that she almost got defraud over a necklace at the jewelry student market and Chihiro came over to stop it. Elena tells Sho that person told her that it is cheap and he is selling it to her for a special price of 5000. Sho asks how it can be cheap with that kind of price in a student market. Elena says that’s true but then, the necklace is very cute. Sho teasingly tells her that she hasn’t changed at all for like before, she is easily lead away[/influenced] by someone. Elena happily says that anyway, it is alright [/nothing bad happened]. Chihiro looks flustered over that. Sho asks Elena if she came here alone today. Elena says no, she is with a friend and they’ll meet up later on. To Chihiro’s surprise, Sho invites Elena to eat lunch with them but then, they cannot eat leisurely since they still have a program. To Chihiro’s surprise again, Elena asks her if she’ll be disturbing them. Chihiro can only mutter that she made a bento box and made a lot so it is okay for her to join them.

April 4, 2014

Kedamono Kareshi [Chapter 30]

While the host is telling some first year lovers to come onstage and shout out loud their hearts’ feelings on the microphone, Himari is busy wondering what Ryou meant ‘if she was at the clinic just now’. She wonders if he realized it but then, it is impossible. She is startled when a guy shouts that no matter what, they’ll be together whether in high school or in college. His girlfriend says that she’ll do her best so that they can always be together. As the host calls for the next couple, Himari is wondering how to resolve this. It is now Ryou and Himari’s turn. Ryou just stand up and go onstage while Himari nervously wonders what to say. She is horrified to see her mother waving at her. Then, she wonders how come Keita is also there. She becomes flustered as he kept on looking at her. The host introduces the couple. Keiko is quite excited over their mutual declaration. She asks Keita if he knew about this. Then, she realizes that guy’s name is Ryou. She excitedly tells Shigeru that Ryou guy is the one whom Himari always likes during elementary. Keita can only slightly scowl upon hearing that. The audience is becoming noisy. Himari still doesn’t know what she should say. Ryou tells everyone that actually, he and Himari aren’t going steady but rather, he only always has an unrequited love for her. Some are shock over that kind of confession while the others think that it is quite courageous. Ryou continues to say that he likes Himari and he joined the cultural festival committee because of her so that it made their classmates misunderstand and recommended them to the contest on their own. While softening his expression, Ryou says that for him, right now is a very important time and he would like to ask everyone to calmly listen to what he said until the end. [<- I’m not sure if a page is missing but after this, he didn’t say anything else so maybe he is saying to give them space ^^;] While their classmates wonder if they did something excessive, the audience is already cheering Ryou on and he’s quite cute. After Ryou finished talking, someone says that compared to telling his feelings for her, right now, Ryou did an onstage confession. The audience is clapping their hands. Ryou seems to tell Himari that perhaps, by just doing this, the people around them would stop talking about them. Himari looks somewhat sad[/guilty]. Soon, it is announced who is the first years’ winner. Later on, Keiko is really happy that Himari and Ryou won and it’s truly amazing. Himari timidly says that it isn’t a bit amazing. Patting Himari’s shoulder, Keiko giggles that the other party is Ryou and it seems to be fate.

April 3, 2014

Hibi Chouchou [Chapter 49]

As the couple look at each other, everyone else are looking at the couple. The two blush. The teacher tells everyone to quickly sit down as they decide the class committee member. The others are murmuring about those two still going steady and it is very strange as to why the two of them can be together. The teacher tells them to be quiet. He introduces himself as their homeroom teacher, Shigeno Katsushi [重野勝; the name is guesswork since the raws wording are very small and there are other names for ], teaching history. He asks if there is anyone who’ll nominate to become class committee member. Meguna happily says she does. To everyone’s shock, Meguna nominates Kawasumi as class president and Suiren as vice-president for they are quite suitable for it. This made a certain Kobayashi nominate himself as president. A certain Motoi nominated himself as vice-president. Shigeno is glad that it is decided. Meguna giggles at Suiren over how fast that has been decided. Later on, Meguna nominates Kawasumi and Suiren for cultural festival committee. And, some other people quickly offer to do it. Later on, Meguna tells Suiren that they both become beautification committee members. Suiren nods. Suiren steals a glance at Kawasumi then, she blushes. As she looks away, Kawasumi is looking at her. The school bell rings. In 2-C, Aya is worried about Suiren if she is alright. Her seatmate introduces herself to Aya as Ozaki Mina and she’ll be under her care. [/yoroshiku] Aya greets her back. Then, Ryosuke calls out to Mina and happily talk with her that there is a field trip during second year. Mina agrees to his suggestion that they be in one group when that time comes. Somehow Aya got infuriated [= most probably from watching Ryosuke and Mina]. Then, Yuri tells Aya that they go to section D. Aya agrees with her. At 2-D, Suiren and Yuri happily hug each other for it has been a long time since they saw each other. Aya is also teary-eyed. Aya notices that Suiren is classmates with Kawasumi. Yuri says that it is as Ryosuke told her and it’s great. Suiren nods in agreement. Kawasumi notices the girls outside the hallway. He stands up to go to them but Suiren’s fanboys quickly jump on Kawasumi and shout what he is doing, he cannot go near Takane [no hana]-chan. Aya tells Kawasumi to protect Suiren well. While being hold on by some guy, slightly blushing Kawasumi says yes. This made the fanboys angrily shout what is with that ‘yes’ and their eyes shouldn’t meet. Aghast Yuri says that she is very worried about Kawasumi. Then, Meguna introduces herself to the others and invites Suiren to come to this side to talk with the other girls. This made Aya tell Yuri that they are going back.

April 1, 2014

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 36]

Narration: “Light as a feather, softly, being carried like a princess at Aoi-kun’s bosom. I had that kind of blissful dream.” At the streets, Aoi is aimlessly running around. He curses over where Mego could be. Meanwhile, Chiharu is leaning down on sleeping Mego. A little while back, Chiharu was sitting on the bed. He clicks his tongue and thinks that right now, Aoi ought to be worried to death. He apologizes to Mego for sending her picture to Aoi since she is a bait who can force Aoi to act for real. “If he thinks that I would lay a hand on his girl, he definitely won’t forgive me. *leans on top of Mego* He’ll hate me through the bone and then, he would fight me as if his life depended on it.” On cue, Mego sneezes on his face. ^^; He angrily thinks that is dirty to death. He says that it would be troublesome if she catches a cold and he’ll have to change her clothes. He pulls up her skirt and sees a Wanmune [Masamune-inspired] wool underpants. Chiharu is stunned. He quietly pulls her skirt back down and decided to pretend that he didn’t see that. Chiharu thinks that this girl is really something since down to her underwear, she is a deadbeat otaku [<- when she dressed up as an otaku] and she would unexpectedly do this psychological warfare up to that extent. “Fundamentally, I don’t have any plans in laying my hand on her but right now, all the more I don’t have any teeny bit interest in that..!!” Mego wakes up and she quickly sits up. She wonders where she is. She says that she has to find her hairclip. To her surprise, it is already on her hair. She couldn’t believe it for it should have been thrown into the river. Chiharu calls her stupid because from the start, he didn’t plan on throwing it into the river, he only pretended to have thrown it in and that’s all. He tells her that it is because she does things without processing her brain that is why she became like a drowned rat. This made Mego scold him for being quite mean for he unexpectedly tricked her. He says that she’s noisy to death and he did give her hairpin back to her so she ought to be grateful. Holding her hairclip, Mego thinks that it didn’t get lost and it is returned to her. Mego tearful cries in relief and mutters that it’s really great..Aoi-kun..! Chiharu looks surprised. He clicks his tongue and turns away.

March 29, 2014

Free Talk: Blog Stuff

Ah, I’m a bit busy lately that I don’t have the time and energy to write summaries. =( Kobayashi summary has been progressing very slowly. Hehe, I overexerted myself on something that I’m so tired and not feeling quite well. Then, there is some real life stuff that I have to attend to in the next few days. Anyway, I hope I can get back on track by early next week. Sigh, the series to be summarized are piling up again. ^^;

Anyway, have a nice weekend ^-^

March 27, 2014

Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai [Chapter 24]

At Isuzu’s place, he calls out for Wakamatsu who exclaims if something had happened. He pulls Wakamatsu’s tie and shouts for him to quickly get the car ready. Holding a camera and some divorce papers, Isuzu exclaims that Karin will finally sign this. While clapping, Wakamatsu congratulates him for it wasn’t in vain that he used the Australian villa. Isuzu proudly says that everything is as he calculated. Wakamatsu exclaims that no wonder he is the young master. They were startled when someone calls out to Isuzu. It is his father with four MIB [men in black] bodyguards. His father asks if he still kept in touch with that female childhood friend of his and did as he pleased in Australia. Looking away, Isuzu asks if he can’t. His father says that he can’t as long as if it is her. His father reminds him that when someone from their family reaches 18 years old, they would go to a miai [arranged marriage] with an ojousama who matches their family’s social status. His father asks that didn’t he always told that to him ever since he was born. Isuzu exclaims that he won’t go to a miai for his partner can only be Karin. His father hits the end of his cane on Isuzu’s right shoulder. His father tells him that being the heir of their family, his opinion is meaningless. As his father takes the cane off, flustered Isuzu says that no matter what, he wanted to be with her. His father tells him that it is okay to get her as a lover whom he’ll play around with and it is already benevolent to do that to her who is a newly rich, and not from a family that matches their family’s social status. His father and his MIB left. While Wakamatsu tends to Isuzu, Isuzu can only look flustered as he holds his hurting shoulder.

March 25, 2014

Last Game [Chapter 30]

Yanagi has finished taking a bath and tells the other guys that they can use the bathroom. Fujimoto shares some watermelon with him. While Yanagi is eating, Fujimoto comments about his good mood. Yanagi says is that so, true..then he starts chuckling. Fujimoto comments that he’s really gross but it is true, Kujou is currently concerned about him. This made Yanagi laugh again and say that’s right. Fujimoto mutters that’s the reason, how annoying. She is speechless when Yanagi is saying that Kujou finally realize his excellence and it really made him use up a lot of strength. She tells him that currently Kujou’s whereabouts is unknown and Souma is also not around. Yanagi says that most probably Kujou is helping Souma’s mother and there are many places that Souma can go to. This surprises Fujimoto that she says that before, he is quite vigilant with Souma and in the end, he would be quite angry. Yanagi admits that there are times when he isn’t at ease like that time at the amusement park but lately, Souma hasn’t been doing that kind of move on her. He happily says that he’s at ease, and that’s that. Fujimoto thinks that he is too relaxed that he is mistaken over a lot of things and where could those two be. Back to the two, Souma has just confessed to Kujou. After looking surprised, Kujou smiles and sheepishly says that she also likes him. Souma says that he knew she would say that but that isn’t what he meant. This puzzles Kujou so Souma tells her that he meant it is ‘like’ on the side of romance. While Kujou looks dumbfound, Souma looks away for he couldn’t face her. He exclaims that it isn’t like he wanted her to give him a definite answer now anyway, she basically doesn’t understand, right. He tells her that he should say that it is just for the satisfaction of his ego and he only wanted to tell her that is how he regards her. Kujou is still dumbfounded. Blushing Souma runs away and shouts that he has to calm down his head a bit. Then, Kujou returns to the inn. Fujimoto asks her where she went. Kujou wonders what that was just now. Why would he suddenly say that he likes her and even if she likes him, but their ‘like’ isn’t the same? And for him to say that it is the side of romance, that is like that boy-girlfriend type.. She is shock over why she suddenly thought of Yanagi kissing her. Since Kujou is holding her head, worried Fujimoto asks what’s up with her and tells her to rest after taking a bath. Kujou nods.