October 28, 2014

Namaikizakari [Chapter 19]

Yuki had decided to properly face Shou. Telling him that she’ll also try to think about him, Yuki had used her utmost faint courage to convey those words to him and without a doubt, it is her true heart. Even if it is like that.. Riding the bus, Shou asks if Yuki has already thought of it. Grumpy Yuki says ..no. He asks when, tomorrow? Hatori asks if they are talking about what they are going to eat after the Interhigh preliminaries. Yuki says that they are precisely talking about that. Yuki thinks that after a week since then, Shou has been relying on his stubbornness to attack her with that ‘tomorrow?’ that it is forcing her to quickly have a nervous breakdown. Shou asks, “Day after tomorrow?” Yuki thinks that he’s noisy to death, so noisy that she got a headache. Himiko notices an adhesive bandage on Yuki’s neck and asks her what’s up with that on her neck. Yuki casually says that it is a small wound, a mosquito bite. She thinks that Shou used some divine skill and made a blood stasis[/hematoma] and it is only a blood stasis that won’t disappear. This added to her pressure. She can cover it up if she let her hair down but today, she has to look capable and experienced for no matter what, today is.. Then, Abe groans over starting to become nervous. Amamiya tells him that he’s always nervous since he became part of the main team [/force] and please don’t nose bleed.

October 27, 2014

Hibi Chouchou [Chapter 61]

This morning, Suiren thought of her former self who doesn’t like to talk nor smile. While Suiren and Aya are walking through the school’s hallway, everyone is muttering about not seeing Suiren for a long time and she is still cute. Yuri joins them and greets them a good morning. Yuri comments about the vacation being short but Aya disagrees with her. While the two are talking about the alarm clock not ringing, Suiren muses that summer vacation passed by quickly, also how fast the first term, and the first year’s second and third term passed by. [<- seems to be referring to the time when she is dating Kawasumi since last summer.] Suiren waves goodbye to her friends and goes into her classroom. With Kawasumi sitting behind her, Suiren takes her seat. She thinks that there is only a half of high school life left. That was an endless day and finally, it felt that time is finally moving again. She once didn’t know that people, things or feelings can change with the passing of time. She starts to wonder if it is better for them not to talk in the classroom, and who is it for..

October 26, 2014

Shitsuren Chocolatier [Chapter 40]

[Free talk: I didn’t really read this series..only the first few chapters then skip to the recent ones since iirc, this series is ending. I’m only going to summarize this ONE chapter because I like the intense dialogue here, this is fairly easy to do and the one that I really understood even if I don’t know what happened in the main part of the story. ^^; The scene is some guy coming back to the girl after leaving her, I think. Sorry, I don’t know the exact nature of what he did to her to make her this angry. ^^; ]

Souta looks up a building. Then, the scene changes to Elena opening the door. With a slight smile, Souta says that it has been a long time. Also slightly smiling, Elena says, ya, it has been a long time. Pause. He tells her that she changed her hairstyle. Twirling her hair around, Elena says yes, because of work, she got it straightened. Souta replies, “Is that so.. It felt that you entirely changed into a new person. This is not bad. It really suits you.” Elena thanks him. Pause. Looking inside the room, Souta says that it seems that the plants [foliage] had become many. Elena says yes, lately, she had been re-arranging the room a bit. “I want to make it look completely like some type of healing room..” Smiling Souta says is that so, negative ion-type. Elena laughs and says yes. Awkward pause. Elena invites Souta inside. He says okay, he’ll be intruding. He takes off his shoe. When his foot is about to touch the floor inside, Elena remembers someone telling her on her birthday, “If there is something that causes you pain, you only need to fight bravely and that’s it.” Elena asks, “Why. *Souta looks surprised* Why are you coming in? Why did you come? *clenches fist* Why.. Why did you come here for?” Souta looks tense and puts his foot inside back into his shoe. He mutters, “sorry...”

October 25, 2014

Last Game [Chapter 37]

Inside Kujou’s house, Yanagi sees the food on the table and says that it’s quite lavish. Kujou tells him that it is because she didn’t prepare a gift so she did it accordingly. Yanagi asks if this is okay that he’ll also eat [<- since it is her gift for her mother]. Kujou says that she thinks that her mother contacted him for that reason. [<- to eat the food]. Yanagi sits down as Kujou gets the plates. Yanagi thinks that it has been a long time since he came to her house. He is now at the house of the girl he likes, the two of them are alone, and the parent complied with it. It is a circumstance wherein everything is ready except for the crucial thing. While he agrees for Kujou to put his cake on the refrigerator first, Yanagi tells himself that if he talks too much and say don’t want to become friends, she’ll cry and avoid him again. For things to reach up to this point [today], he wonders what is he still doing, no, he mustn’t do anything. He decides to temporarily maintain the current situation for he is fine if they just return to how things originally are. Meanwhile, a bit nervous Kujou thinks that it has been a long time since he came to her house. Yanagi asks if he can open the television. She says yes. She thinks that he’s quite calm, and she is finally conscious of it, she likes Yanagi. Yanagi tries to find some TV program to change his thoughts.

October 24, 2014

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 61]

Flustered Miwako tells Shinya that Riko unexpectedly was able to do it really well, right? “She is able to stand on Crude Play’s stage. And, become ‘Yamamoto Sibling’s official member. Just now, she even happily talked with Kaitouranma’s Shibaken. It is simply like a dream, right? It’s extremely delightful, right?” Pushing up his eyeglasses, Shinya says that even if it is him, he can understand her jealousy towards Mushroom. Miwako denies that she is jealous. Shinya insists that it is but then, it doesn’t matter because anyway, he thinks that this is very normal. She asks why he thinks that way. Shinya says that for her to ask him why. “Isn’t it because she is the girlfriend of Aki whom you like?” This startles Miwako that she angrily shouts that it isn’t because of that kind of thing that she’s jealous of her!! “It is because I..” She looks surprised but couldn’t continue what she is saying. Shinya is puzzled. Miwako thinks, “It is because you care too much for Mushroom. Because you only care for Mushroom.” She clenches her fist and looks down.

October 22, 2014

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 49]

At a certain studio’s dressing room, the stylist is giving Azusa a couple of movie preview admission tickets. She tells Azusa that she still has work today so she couldn’t go. It would be a waste if it becomes invalid so ask her boyfriend to go with her. Blushing Azusa exclaims that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Recalling her confession, Azusa thinks that even if she said such a declaration at that time, but to the degree of making him kneel down and beg her. She wonders what is the best way to do that. Meanwhile, at Akechi Academy’s faculty room, the PE teacher is furious that Mitsuru’s grade in history is 30 that he has to take a make-up exam. The teacher warns him that next time, if he wasn’t able to get a grade of 50, he is going to use his summer vacation to take extra lessons. Kneeling Mitsuru begs the teacher to forgive him. Then, Mitsuru hears the voice of a woman and it turns out to be on the television since they are in an all-boys school. He thinks that it is a beautiful woman. An eyeglasses woman is speaking about women having a career and family[/home] education together-- The PE teacher hits Mitsuru’s head and asks if he is listening.

October 21, 2014

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 96]

[Free talk:sofia, I’m sure you won’t mind that I didn’t put the names of the village, the father of baby Haku and certain areas of Kai. I didn’t bother since I’ll get them wrong anyway if I just base it on the Chinese. Ah..for the comments, I'm still trying to catch up to answering them ^^;]

Jeha and Yona check on Kija who collapsed. Yun asks what happened. Kija says that he doesn’t know but Kija suddenly collapsed and he has a high fever. Yun says that they have to quickly find a place for him to rest. Kilgan [formerly Keigen; courtesy of Na-chan] tells them to go to his house for it is nearby. He says that his father and the others will definitely welcome them, after all, they helped him a lot. In the village, Kilgan’s parents are delighted that he is back. Just when his father asks where he went, Kilgan apologizes but he brought some guests, friends from Kouka. His parents are shock for they told him not to go there. Kilgan tells them to talk about that later on but one of them collapsed with high fever so can he bring them home to rest. His father says that they are suspicious so how can they bring them home, don’t joke around. Kilgan insists to his father that these people helped him and they are good people. Kilgan’s father sees sick Kija and the gossiping neighbors about the guests from Kouka. The father relents and tells the guests to come with him and he’ll prepare some bed for them.

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 94]

On the way to school, Chizuru lends Ayane a music CD to cheer her up. Then, Ayane says that perhaps current Chizuru’s misgivings towards Ryou are the misgivings that she brought about in Kent [/she caused Kent to feel]. Chizuru asks what she meant by that. Ayane says that she wishes that Chizuru would do her best for herself, or perhaps, she won’t be a hindrance-type because Ryu definitely doesn’t think that way. “You like him, right. I think that is definitely enough so Chizuru doesn’t have a ‘this is horrible’ kind of thinking. They were interrupted by Sawako. After some good mornings, Sawako says that she always thought that it is good that Ayane and Kent are going steady. She sighed in relief that Kent let her go since obviously Ayane has her own complicated feelings. She apologizes to Ayane. Ayane thanks her for worrying about her and apologizes for making her cry. She says that Sawako didn’t do anything wrong, it is her [Ayane] choice when she decided to go steady with Kent. Ayane admits that Kent did make her feel a lot relaxed. Ayane narrates that she always put the blame on others, always avoiding responsibility, feeling that her luck is bad and the fault lies with those whom she had gone steady before. She would cunningly want to leave everything, escape and only thinks of not getting herself hurt. End narration. Kent has also arrived in school. His fangirls are doing their usual chat but Kent snaps at them. Upon seeing that, Shouta looks surprised.

October 20, 2014

Skip Beat [Chapter 217]

[Free Talk: Since it is late here..almost midnight, I'll reply to the tags and comments tomorrow.]

Kyouko is surprised that her mother had contacted, how can... Then, Okami enters to ask if everything is okay for she heard noises inside. [<- Kyouko screaming] Quickly standing up, Kyouko says that it is nothing and sorry for bothering them, it is just that an unexpected guy would suddenly appear before her eyes in an unexpected situation that she wasn’t able to control herself. Holding out his bowl, Shou asks for another one. Couldn’t believe how thick his face is, Kyouko angrily grabs the bowl and tells him that is enough. Okami asks if he wants another one. Kyouko holds out the bowl to her and says that Shou apologizes for not being able to eat more but thanks for the food, it was delicious. To Shou’s delight, Okami says if that is so, then she’ll give him another one. Holding up both hands, Kyouko exclaims that means no. She makes an elaborate excuse that regarding Shou’s gratitude for delicious food, it is his lifetime goal to value that gratitude by absolutely not eating it twice. He is doing this to increase his gratitude for the delicious food. This made Okami praise Shou for being young and yet amazing. Kyouko says yes, he is really great <- a long time since she mentioned this praise. While Shou is irked by what Kyouko said, Okami tells Kyouko to just call her if she needs anything. Formally bowing, Kyouko thanks her and closes the door. While walking away with the empty bowl, Okami thinks that it turns out that kid is her childhood playmate. He’s the one in super super big poster that is hanged on Kyouko’s room even if she thinks that he is a celebrity.

October 18, 2014

Blog Status: Two Some Series Dropped

[Edit: 10/19 - Thank you guys for the feedback ^-^ I’m really happy that you guys still want to read my summaries despite there being other translations. So for the time being, I’ll retain the mentioned series except for Kedamono Kareshi and Rere Hello which are dropped. Kedamono Kareshi is dropped because it has the dreaded zero comments in the last chapter and my interest for that series is almost zero. ^^;; Honestly, I did drop it before due to the same reason as below but a few people requested it again then well..this time, it is really dropped. Sorry~ Rere Hello is dropped because no one mentioned about it. Anyway, I only started it recently so there isn’t much attachment to it in terms of summaries. ]

This has been on my mind for a couple of months now: to drop or not to drop some series. In summarizing series, there have always been two major conditions for me to do it. Those are: I like it and/or a lot of readers like it. The original reason for this blog is to tell you what’s going on in a series that aren’t updated in English scanlations/summaries. Next, I summarized them so that we can discuss and talk about them. So, if there are zero or few comments, and I’m no longer interested in them, any enthusiasm towards working on the said series tends to plummet. ^^; If you have been a long time reader, you’ll know that I tend to drop series that are already been summarized/scanlated by others and if it is updated up to the latest chapter. The reason for that is what’s the point of doing multiple translations of the same series when there are still many manga out there not being translated in English?

Also, if they come out first, honestly, would readers bother to read mine when it is almost the same? ^^; I’m not too keen on doing some contest with other translations on who gets it out first. Lol, I tend to raise the white flag first and do other series. Hehe, of course, the problem with the other series that aren’t updated is they aren’t popular/liked by a lot of readers ^^;; I currently have a few and I’m always debating with myself whether to continue those or not. For some updated series’ summaries, there are special cases when it is a series that has a lot of comments/discussions like Skip Beat! I admit that there is some hesitation especially if it is a series that I started to summarize from chapter 1 and there are some that are fun to summarize. But, well, I have to let them go for others to do especially since the ones doing them aren’t in summary form and come out earlier or just a few days behind the Chinese ones. And, it is from the Chinese ones that I base my summaries.

I’m sure a lot of you already know of mangalator/raffmanga. They have raws and people can put translations right on top on them. It’s actually pretty cool and faster to do than scanlations ^^ I only write in summary form because I prefer to tell it as a story rather than translate only the script which is boring for me. I’m sure a lot of you would prefer to read it in a ‘scanlation’-kind of way. So, with that in mind, I’ll refer you guys to the people who are already doing the series that I’m working on. That means, I’m no longer summarizing these series. Oh ya, I would still be reading the Chinese scanlations so please don’t spoil me on whatever happens in the English translations. Thank you ^^ Also, thank you for reading my summaries of these series up to this point. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

[Ah, people have to log on to read it. Since it isn’t open, I’ll resume this one but it is posted here for the ones who want to log on and read it there.]

Last Game has already been updated in English scanlation so readers only have to wait a few days/couple of weeks and it is out. I’m still contemplating whether to continue this one or not so I’ll use the next chapter as the gauge. If there is a progress and things are interesting in the next chapter, I’ll continue. If not and it is dragging again, I’ll drop it.

So, what’s left are: From Five to Nine, Hirunaka no Ryuusei (last two chapters), Kanojo wa Uso wa Aishisugiteru, Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!!, Kimi ni Todoke, Last Game (it depends), Ookami-heika no Hanayome, Shuriken to Pleats (still on probation), Skip Beat!, Sleeping Beauty (last four chapters) and Sugar*Soldier.

As for replacements for the dropped ones, I have a few that I’m interested in. There are also some chapters that I’m interested in doing but not to the extent of writing all of the chapters. The latter ones would be on ‘previews’ since that is more of writing it for myself. =P Anyway, things are flexible here so I’m not really restricted to finish or complete all chapters of a certain series. ^^ Dropped series can still be picked up if I’m and you’re still interested in them. So, tell me if you got any comments, suggestions, violent reactions, objections, etc. regarding this decision. ^^

October 16, 2014

Hibi Chouchou [Chapter 60]

Yuri begs the couple to please go on a date with her. To Kawasumi's surprise, Suiren nods. Kawasumi tells her to wait, she still haven't clearly... With clasped hands, Yuri tells him that it is fine to just secretly follow them. This surprises the couple. Yuri tells them that to just follow without being noticed and please offer some valuable suggestions. Kawasumi asks if their suggestions can be of use.. To his surprise, Suiren nods again. Suiren says that for Yuri, she'll do her best. Yuri is touched by this. She stares at Kawasumi. Kawasumi says that if she is really perplexed. Yuri exclaims that she is so Kawasumi says that they'll do their best. Yuri sobs to thank them and apologize to them since she is beyond held. Suiren shakes her head and asks what the other person is like. Blushing Yuri says that it is a guy called Daisuke, though first of all, they aren't going steady..maybe friends though they didn't meet after the goukon [group blind date] and even if they keep in touch, it is only a few times when she took the initiative to contact him. He is a nice guy who is older by a year and goes to Senjou. Kawasumi thinks that it is the same school where Atohira goes to.

October 14, 2014

From Five to Nine [Chapter 45]

Episode 45: WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER? [Destined ex-boyfriend?] Cover page: “Wanting to look for something, no matter when, it is always difficult to search..” Satoshi tells someone on the phone that he had just arrived at Haneda airport. About that thing, he’ll go there at 1pm tomorrow and during that time, he’ll temporarily stay in Japan. He has a private matter on Saturday so his reply would be delay, ya, he’ll contact him/her. After hanging up, Satoshi contemplates on calling Junko but decides not to. In ELA, Masako is calling out to Junko if she heard that Takane left the school. She feels sorry for Junko since they could have broken up, and how can she say this, she already doesn’t have an escape route. Momoe tells Masako that Takane didn’t leave, he just deferred his studying. Junko tells Masako that her voice is too loud and it is prohibited to discuss about student’s private matters. Junko says that Takane’s spoken English is very good that he doesn’t have come for lessons everyday, and lately, they’ve always been talking about that. Masako is surprised that they’ve decided on it together, when she thought that something had happened to them.

October 13, 2014

Kedamono Kareshi [Chapter 43]

On his bed, Keita is busy making himself irritated over Himari with either Ryou or Kuroda..well, mostly Kuroda that he had to loudly curse over him. This startles his mother who is in the kitchen. He is frustrated that those people still bother[/influence] him when he basically left that house. He plans to force himself to somehow slowly forget about Himari but.. He looks at their photo together on his cellphone. Recalling his two rivals, he thinks that obviously he decided to leave the house but he is still concerned everything about her. He is angry over Himari saying that she is similar with that guy, and could it be because of that, they’ve so close. He wonders if it is because he always kept it on his cellphone and didn’t delete it. He is about to delete it but had once again hesitated. After sitting up, he was startled by his mother calling out if it is okay that he’ll be late for work. While hurrying up, Keita shouts that he’s going, and he scolds his mother for not reminding him about it earlier.

October 10, 2014

Namaikizakari [Chapter 18]

[Free talk: It is late so I'll reply to tags/comments tomorrow ^^ ]

Amamiya asks Nishiyama if he had seen the competition list for the InterHigh preliminaries. Covering his face, Nishiyama says that he did and their second match would be against Misuzu. Amamiya couldn’t believe it for they have already lost twice against Misuzu. Nishiyama says ya, so the InterHigh thing is actually still a far-fetched dream but at least, he wants to win against Misuzu. They are surprised when a group of people led by Himiko are shouting ‘good job’ to Nishiyama, as well as, ‘go jump’, ‘score a point’. Embarrassed Nishiyama asks Himiko what they are doing. Amamiya asks her who those guys are. Holding a list of qualifications for the cheering squad, Himiko greets them and says that these are the guys that were gathered by Yuki for the cheering squad. The guys shout out ‘yoroshiku’ [/I’m under your care] and ‘good morning’. Nishiyama says that their voice is too loud and for Yuki to work early is quite ruthless. Himiko says that they train to shout out loud like this every Sunday and because it is a good opportunity, she also decided to join. Amamiya[?] says that their Tono [Majesty/Lord; from Tonomura] and oneesama [Yuki] would unexpectedly make the newbies do such hard work. Himiko [<- princess] says no, this is something she has decided on. She thinks even if she is quickly regretting it.

Hirunaka No Ryuusei [Chapter 76]

While it is being announced that the dolphin show is about to start at 1pm, Suzume cluelessly asks to Mamura, “Go, refers to?” Mamura says that since she doesn’t know, he’ll directly tell her. “You still like him, right.” After looking surprised, Suzume denies it even if her heart skipped a beat. Mamura says if it isn’t so, then how come she didn’t let Shishio finish what he is saying in the clinic. He tells surprised Suzume that during the sports festival, he heard that her foot got injured so he went to the clinic. He had carelessly overheard them talking. Suzume becomes nervous for Mamura has heard all of it. Suzume looks away and says that it is because that thing with Shishio is already over. Mamura holds her face towards him and shouts, “It is totally not over, right! You obviously didn’t forget him for a single second. What are you trying to show off for [/acting strong]!! Do not run away! Don’t let it be over! You have to properly go and face him!! For the current you, there is something that you must ponder on!! *Suzume looks flustered* Quickly go!!”