July 6, 2015

Namaikizakari [Chapter 32]

Narration: “It would be good if I didn’t notice it. *Yuki said that she isn’t the kind of amazing person that he thinks that she is* That person’s strong back, ordinary feebleness, and weakness. *fireworks flying up the sky* I shouldn’t have noticed it. *night sky lit with fireworks* [Then,] things wouldn’t have become like this--” Yuki nervously calls out to Shizuka. To her surprise, he says that he heard what was talked about JUST NOW. <- Shou said that he no longer likes Yuki. While still hugging her, Shizuka says, “..why. ..obviously you felt ‘very sad’ but why won’t you say it out. Obviously you’re very hurt yet you’ll grind your teeth and clench your fist. This kind of thing wherein you tell yourself, ‘endure, endure’..and it definitely won’t end, right. Won’t it be okay if someone told you, ‘it’s alright’..” Narration: “—I know it clearly from the start that I and that guy are totally opposite beings. *While Yuki is seriously cleaning a basketball, Shou called out to her and asked if an alien had implanted a strange microchip inside her body.* But, I still think that anyway, we can still mutually understand each other. It is enough to just use hard work to cut down each other’s distance but-- *Recalls her grandmother telling her not to force herself and she loosens up her grip* ..it is no longer necessary to strive hard--”

July 5, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 108]

Looking at the sealed door, Yun wonders what he should do.. Then, he notices that there is a mechanism at the neck area of the stone statue. It must be because it is broken so the entrance closed on its own. He is nervous for he heard a sound over there though possibly, it is his imagination. He wipes his tears and decided to pull himself together as the genius bishounen. He heads into the forest. Yona wakes up and finds herself in darkness. Someone calls out to her. It is Shina. She goes to him and says that she has been looking for him. Shina warns her not to go here since it is very dangerous. He explains that there are intensely resentful spirits here who are attacking everyone. Right now, he cannot control his own body that Zeno also used his ability. Yona asks what is making him unable to budge [/fight back]. He tells her that it is the past Blue Dragons..that person conveyed it to him. A long time ago, this place was Blue Dragon’s village. One day, they were raided by bandits. At that time, the villagers took the baby Blue Dragon and ran off. The predecessor Blue Dragon is used as bait as he will seal them inside this place. So, he and bandits fought and got injured. They were also unable to get out from this place. And right now, that person is inside his body.

July 2, 2015

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 1]

[Free Talk: This is the second season of Zekkyou Gakkyuu, otherwise known as Screaming Lessons/Class by Ishikawa Emi. It is episodic horror stories which seem to aim at elementary students about the disastrous consequences of being ‘bad’. Yomi, the ghost/demon narrator, usually sums up the lesson so I’ll skip writing a comment about it.]
At a school’s hallway, a couple of girls are talking after hearing some noise. Girl A asks, “Hey, have you heard about that? It seems to be coming from that toilet~~” Girl B says, “I know about that but I heard that a strange girl passes over the third street’s park in the evening.” There is a notebook on the table. Yomi narrates: “People really like searching for terrifying stories. You don’t know? Hi hi, then let me tell you one. *the clock shows that it is now midnight* Everyone, go back to your seats. Class is about to start.” Lesson 1: Homemade Boyfriend. A long haired girl exclaims upon reading a survey among elementary kids. It said that three out of two girls have boyfriends since 67% of girls interviewed have one. Holding the magazine with a package bundled with it, she tells Yumeno [guesswork from 夢乃] that this is disastrous for they are left behind. Yumeno, a girl with short hair and glasses, asks Himari what she is talking about. Aghast Himari asks if she still doesn’t understand that right now it is just the two of them in their class who do not have a boyfriend. Yumeno asks is that so. Himari says that it is so. The girls who have a ‘boyfriend’ simply seem to be the world’s happiest person. They always have happy faces. “I also want to become like them.”

June 30, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 72]

Narration: “—Haku Reishou is the young king who rules this land, the country of Hakuyou. Before ascending to the throne, he lead the army in achieving numerous exploits. After ascending to the throne, he had purged the corrupt central government. He was ruthless towards those who oppose him thus everyone who feared him had called him, ‘the Cold-hearted Wolf King’. In this king’s harem, there exists just only one consort.” At Hakuyou’s harem, smiling Reishou asks smug looking Yuulin, “Then, what is it that you want to tell me, my beloved consort?” Holding her fan to her, Yuulin says, “Beloved king, actually..there is something that I want to ask of you.” Reishou replies, “The beloved consort wants something? Anything is okay, you can go ahead and ask.” Yuulin says, “..then, *gives him a sharp look* The greeting this morning, please by all means, ‘have a bit of propriety’! *Lovey-dovey 1: Blushing Yuulin told him that it is almost time for him to go. Reishou says that work is detestable since it is forcing him to part from her.* During work, you’ll suddenly run back to the harem. Please ‘have a bit of propriety’ regarding that kind of behavior...

June 27, 2015

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 47] -Fin-

Narration: “If I haven’t met you, I probably have already given up right now.” At Tokyo station, Uki tells Yusa that is enough with the crying. While Nanami is holding a box of tissues for him, Yusa says that it is be..because.. Then he starts to ask how come Makoto isn’t crying. Makoto admits that of course, she feels lonely. Yusa tells him to show a bit that she is lonely. Makoto says but, they can call each other on the phone and also sent messages, right. She happily looks at Iriya who smiles back at her. Uki says that she heard from Makoto that he’ll attend school at that side. Iriya says ya, he’ll temporarily go to a nearby school there. Uki laughs and says that if it is Iriya, girls will once again surround him. This made Nanami stomp on Uki’s foot. She angrily grabs Uki and asks why she is saying things that would make Makoto uneasy at this kind of time. “Do you understand the current situation?” Uki apologizes for casually saying that. Yusa teases Uki for being scolded at. This made Uki furious that she shouts back that he was crying a while ago. Iriya laughs that everyone is still the same as usual. Makoto starts to feel uneasy but she told herself not to be like that. She calls out to Iriya and gives him her Bunny doll. She asks him to bring it along with him. She explains that she doesn’t wish him at all to treat it as her substitute though in any case, she washed it.

June 26, 2015

Last Game [Chapter 45]

Ryouko tells her mother that she heard that next week, Yanagi will be going to gramps’ place. Her mother says that’s right, Yanagi says that he’ll go with Kujou along with his club friends. Ryouko says that isn’t it just in time when her father is coming back to the country. Giving her a drink, her mother says yes, but it is good that this time around, he’ll temporarily stay first at this side for a short while as he goes out with his friends. [<- or comrades; probably to entertain his associates at work] Rrring.. The mother goes to answer the phone. The other party asks if it is Michiyo, it’s him. Michiyo happily calls out to her father and it has been a long time since they got in touch. She informs him that she’ll be troubling him with Nao-chan next week and really sorry that she suddenly made this request. Gramps say that anyway, it is low season so it isn’t a bother. His wife is also very lively because it has been a long time since she has seen Naoto. Michiyo laughs and says is that so. Gramps says that after all, she likes Yanagi the most. Michiyo asks him to greet mother for her. Gramps says that’s right, is Yanagi going together with his college friends? Elated Michiyo says that is quite right and also, Nao-chan’s girlfriend. <- eager and impatient mother Gramps says is that so.

June 25, 2015

Last Game 45 teaser pic

Last Game’s Chinese scanlation isn’t out yet but this is the teaser I found in their weibo [Chinese twitter]. The trip to the grandparents would be interesting ^^
Yanagi mama: Then, for me, please also ask how mom is doing, okay.

Yanagi grandpa: That’s right. Speaking of that, would he be coming over with his college friends?

Yanagi mama: *elated* You are quite correct, dad! Furthermore! There is also Nao-chan’s girlfriend  <- eager and impatient mother

Yanagi grandpa: Is that true?

Ryouko: Ah..she already became the girlfriend..?

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 63]

Summer vacation has ended and it is now September in Tokyo. A guy says that he frequently see her at the station and thinks that she is really cute. “Miss Kobayashi Megumi, *holds out his hand* please go steady with me” Mego apologizes to him for currently, she’s already engaged. The guy is shock that she is engaged when obviously, she is still a high schooler. Slightly bowing to him, Mego says that she is very happy that he has that kind of feelings, thank you very much. The guy tells her to wait, at least go on a date once..please.. And, he is surprised to see three guys appearing behind Mego. It is Chiharu, Mogami and Toudou who ask the guy what he wants with Mego. The guy got scared that he shouts nothing and runs off. Mego turns around to her ‘guarding group’ and calls their names. Chiharu says that it is troublesome while Aoi isn’t around since there will be some bandits who’ll try to use every single opportunity [to woo Mego] but then, she is already engaged with Aoi...? Mego says yes, actually, she wanted to immediately marry Aoi but because her father opposes it at all costs.. Chiharu sweatdrops and says that is inevitable.

June 22, 2015

Skip Beat [Chapter 225]

Shou looks around the surrounding area and wonders where Kyouko ran off to. “Ah—in short, I should first head towards any place where there are a lot of greenery plants. *spots a park like area near some buildings* I’ll go check that direction.” He imagines Kyouko happily saying that there are all sorts of fairies who dwell in the forest <- she gets endlessly excited over plants and flowers. Shou and his bodyguard were surprised when a masked guy with sunglass and a coat as his hat stands behind them and asks, “Can I trouble you a bit? Are you Fuwa Shou-san..” Shou freaks out over this for he is standing so near and what’s up with him since he suddenly came out like that!! The bodyguard wonders where the guy came out from. Holding a notebook and pen, the mysterious man says that it is some kind of fate to be able to meet him in this kind of place and there is a bit of something that he wants to confirm with him. “Your family is engaged in a long established inn called Shougetsu-tei [guesswork from 松月亭] *Shou goes !” The address is Kyoto city, Nishikyō-ku, Arashiyama, Nakayama 14-16. *Shou goes !!*...

June 18, 2015

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 69]

Narration: “A friend said, ‘I can no longer continue to sing in a band without you.’ *picture of Shun* Originally, it is merely expressing the music of his inner heart’s monologue. But, it has already been passed on to many people. That guy, who is always waiting for me on stage, is currently planning to leave the stage. *picture of Shinya* Saying ‘this is my gift for you’ then sent my bass guitar over to me. [<- It said ‘my’ so I’m not sure if it is a typo or he really sent Aki’s bass rather than buying a new one though I’m not sure how he can send Aki’s bass from his house to him.] Seven years ago, I refused to climb up on stage and he replaced me from start to end in standing here. His sudden departure caused that position to unexpectedly soar up in the sky. Should I or should I not climb up on this stage?”

June 16, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 62]

Aoi dreamt of the time when Shino is crying and hugged him tightly. Teary-eyed young Aoi looked at his mother who is heading out of the door. Ah yes, it is the memory of the time when mama left home. With a tear in his eye, Aoi wakes up and is surprised to see Mego clinging on to him. While drooling, she tells him porridge, porridge, Aoi-aoichan~~..  Hi hi~~ After looking at her smiling in her sleep, Aoi kisses her forehead and thinks about always earnestly hoping for this warmth, and right now, it is here. Mego wakes up from a delicious smell. She sees Aoi by the kitchen. She sits up and freaks out upon recalling that last night, she and Aoi made love for the first time. She tries to look for something to cover herself and she finds Aoi’s t-shirt. Aoi turns to her and says that breakfast is ready so she should wake up.. And, he sees her in the middle of wearing a t-shirt. After the two screams about it, Aoi looks away and apologizes.

June 12, 2015

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 46]

While Iriya goes to fish his mother out of the water, Uki and others shout down from the bridge over what they are doing. Makoto shouts that the mother jumped down into the river. While Iriya pulls his mother into the shore, Uki offers to call for an ambulance. Iriya starts slapping his mother’s face and shouting for her to wake up. He asks what kind of joke is this for she suddenly disappears on a whim, reappears on a whim so don’t just go die on a whim. Iriya kept on calling for her while performing CPR. And the ambulance came. At the hospital, the doctor says that for the time being, they did first aid on her and they cannot relax until she wakes up but for the time being, her life is not in danger. Iriya thanks the doctor and Uki says that’s great. Makoto looks at Iriya and recalls him shouting for his mother not to die on a whim. She is about to say something when Sayuri [guesswork from 小百合; Iriya’s mother/aunt] came and apologizes for the plane was late.

June 8, 2015

Namaikizakari [Chapter 31]

Yuki looks surprised as she sees Arisa kissing Shou in the classroom. Then, Arisa told him to close his eyes and treat her as Yuki. Yuki goes into shock and mutters, “--..eh.” Then, there is a click sound. Arisa hears this that she quickly turns around to look at the door. She looks back to Shou and asks who was there a while ago.. She is shocked to see that Shou is rubbing his lips. She shouts that he’s not allowed to wipe his lips. “Do not rub your lips in front of the person whom you kissed with. And doing it so calmly!!” Shou says that it seems that there is lipstick. Arisa shouts how he can say that kind of junior high line when obviously it isn’t his first kiss. Standing up to leave, Shou tells her that she is also quite awful. After he left, Arisa recalls that time during junior high. She called out to Shou who is reading a manga and said, “Hey- Hey- If, If I said that I like you Naruse, what would you do?” End flashback. Arisa hears Shou leaving and mutters, “..stu-pid..” Yuki returns to her house. The first triplet say that she’s back and she came back too late for they had already eaten up all of the pasta. Walking to her room, Yuki darkly says that it is alright. The twins ask her who that handsome guy is, a while ago. Yuki darkly replies that it is someone related to club activities.

June 7, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 107]

Haku asks what Yun meant by everyone is gone, and what’s going on. Flustered Yun says that he doesn’t know. “Shina suddenly went into a rebellious stage that he started causing trouble by chopping down the tent with a knife. He would even go laughing haha. Kija called for an emergency meeting. Then, Zeno collapsed that I.. I..” With a deadpan expression, Haku tells him to calm down because based on what he heard, it seems that they are having some sort of fun. Yona tells Yun to tell things in order. Yun says ya..Shina became very strange.. Flashback: Everyone is surprised when Shina suddenly stood up. Yun asked how come the paralysis didn’t take effect. Zeno wondered out loud what’s going on, is it possible that because Shina’s power doesn’t have an effect on him so the opposite reaction is also comparatively small. Jeha said that means if Shina fights against Zeno, the two would be a stalemate. Zeno told Jeha that is correct and even if Blue dragon’s power doesn’t have effect but if he doesn’t get seriously injured, then it will simply be a staring meeting. Kija is surprised when Shina emits a pressuring power. This made everyone have a headache except for Zeno. Zeno shouted for Shina to stop. Shina asked how come he can bear that kind of power. Zeno told him that he’s too inexperienced since it doesn’t have an effect on him..

June 5, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 71]

Narration: “-At the kingdom of Hakuyou, there is a cold-hearted yet feared and awed ‘Wolf King’.” Reishou coldly looks down from his throne at bowing Yuulin who says, “From today on, your servant, Tei Yuulin has been granted a place in the harem, thus, I’ll be attending to the needs of Your Majesty.” Narration: “From today henceforth, I, Tei Yuulin, am this person’s bride.” While Jun watches from the side, Yuulin says, “May.. you give.. *blushing and trembling* ..give more, more love and benevolence.” This startles Reishou. Reishou says that since the cute rabbit say it that way then it is inevitable. “Li Jun, let’s leave things up to here for now, and I’ll pass time at the harem, okay. I’ll leave the rest of the things up to you.” Jun immediately holds his hands sideways as a gesture for ‘wait a minute’. Jun exclaims to Reishou that this doesn’t conform to the schedule. Turning to Yuulin, Jun angrily shouts at her over what’s up with what she said just now. Blushing Yuulin exclaims that it is because Teacher said that she must definitely say that and no wonder she felt that it is quite strange--!! [<- it must had imply for them to go have some lovey-dovey] Laughing Gen flashes v-signs and winks.