March 3, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 68]

Narration: “The wolf and the rabbit inside the cage.” Holding Yuulin’s face, Reishou assures her that it is okay. “There’s no problem and there is no need for you to worry about anything.” Narration: “Working as the temporary bride, I always wondered at what place is this person maintaining a distance from [me]. *looks at blushing Reishou* It is like, he is already... drawing near? –By the way, I have to confess to this person, am I not?” Reishou is surprised when Yuulin suddenly blushes and stiffens. Reishou backs away and apologizes for he is about to talk when half-way.. Blushing Yuulin says no, not.. Confused Yuulin thinks that although it is because she rushed head on towards this and that issue. *chibi Yuulin says about the royal younger brother issue and about the conspiracy issue.* But basically, I’m mentally prepared to hold on to ‘death is preferable to dishonor’ [Better broken jade than intact tile idiom]. I like you.” Yuulin’s heart starts beating really fast as she looks at Reishou glancing at her. Reishou assures her again that it is alright, right now, he is just going to talk. “I really just came over to talk!”

March 1, 2015

Hibi Chouchou [Chapter 66]

Atohira has just confessed to Suiren. Suiren looks surprised. He looks away then looks back at Suiren. He urges her to quickly say, ‘sorry’ to him [<- sorry = rejection]. To Atohira’s surprise and aghast, Suiren seems to be nauseous [or choking]. He asks if she is alright and quickly sit down. Covering her mouth, Suiren mutters that it isn’t deliberate. Atohira angrily thinks that if is ruder if it isn’t deliberate. As Suiren sits down, Atohira says that she is already used to a confession right. Suiren mutters..con..fession..? Atohira leaves and comes back with a bottle of water. After giving it to Suiren, she thanks him. She drinks a bit [I presume] and breathes out. Atohira says that she has foresight [/discernment] when she chose that guy. Wondering if Atohira really likes her, Suiren looks at him and remembers Kawasumi. Then, flustered Suiren says, “..sorry..” Atohira says that the time they [Atohira and Suiren] know each is still longer than the time that they [Kawasumi and Suiren] went steady. “..about today, I hope that you won’t tell [anyone] anything.” Suiren says okay. Suiren thinks that a so-called like [/love] is not at all something that someone and someone said so, it is feelings [/intention] that naturally connected.

February 26, 2015

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 65]

Flustered Shinya asks Riko to help him. After looking surprised by what he said, Riko tells him that he is really cunning to say that. This surprises Shinya. He sits up and says, huh? Riko says that in case someone ask help from oneself, regardless whether he pulling himself together or he is really like an idiot type..these kind of words cannot be said out. Shinya says so that’s how it is, unexpectedly, she is easily attracted to weak guys, that kind of peculiarity. Blushing Riko exclaims what is that peculiarity!! Shinya says, ah, he knows already, no wonder she fell in love with Aki, he figured it now. This irks Riko that she says that it seems that he is already okay so she’s going to hang up the phone! She hangs up the phone and Shinya hears the busy tone. Then, he laughs that she really hanged it up. After a good laugh, Shinya looks at his phone to see that he had a three minute and twenty second conversation with Riko. He muses that it is like magic, making him laugh out loud. Then, he starts composing on paper while humming.

February 25, 2015

Last Game [Chapter 41]

Yanagi walks with Kujou while holding her hand. He thinks that Kujou obviously said, ‘let’s forever be friends’ yet she would show that kind of expression.. “I totally do not understand what she is thinking--!! No, wait. I think I realize it already. My eyes have its own function wherein it has a strong unlimited beautification filter! In my eyes, it looks like this. *somewhat flustered Kujou clinging on to Yanagi* But actually, it is definitely like this. *drooling Kujou thinks that her stomach is bursting from eating that she wants to sleep* Okay, okay, okay, okay, calm down. I already won’t dare to casually get carried away again. (<- already has a considerable serious psychological trauma.) I’m afraid that she was just in a hurry that she held my hand. Surely, it is also simply because she didn’t think too much about it.” Looking at their held hands, Kujou thinks that Yanagi is constantly holding her hand. “He obviously has someone he likes, yet he would still hold someone else’s hand, why..? *Yanagi is puzzled over the cold chill he suddenly felt* (Rather than saying not thinking too much, one should say that it is, suspicious..)...

February 23, 2015

Namaikizakari [Chapter 25]

Soon, it is dawn. While the guys are sound asleep, they heard multiple knocks on the door. The door slides open loudly. Abe and the others are startled awake and ask what is going on. They notice a guy standing at the door and shouts, “Basketball Club’s cheering squad belonging to first year section C, Sakuraba [guesswork from 櫻庭] Shikanosuke. From today on, will be officially participating in the camp, night showing death pain [<- actually pun for yoroshiku]!!! Abe and the others just look stunned. And something big happened on the second day’s morning of the training camp. While holding her breakfast tray, the others inform Yuki and Himiko about Shika from the cheering squad. Himiko informs Yuki that it is the first year student, and she thinks that she had already explicitly told them that the cheering squad cannot participate in the camp. Pointing at the side, Abe says but this morning, he suddenly burst into the first and second year’s room and hanged around there, not wanting to leave!! Yuki says that they cannot exceed the number of reservation arranged for the camp and there is no guardian’s consent.

February 22, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 102]

[Free talk: Ah, I’ll be using the color as names for the first gen dragons because I’ll get their names wrong anyway if I base it on the kanji. ^^; For those who know, just mention it on the case, they are mentioned again in the next chapter or something for future reference. Thanks.]

A man calls out to Zeno and asks him to please go and show his face to the soldiers at the training grounds because without a commanding officer, everyone don’t have enthusiasm. Zeno says that even if he went, he has no way of training everyone like White does. Zeno says that compared to him, it is more suitable for him [the man] to become the commanding officer so he’ll [Zeno] leave everyone to him. Zeno leaves as the man can only call out to him. Green calls out to ‘good-for-nothing’ and says that indeed he has no way of training the others because he doesn’t have any power. Zeno tells him to replace him in practicing with those guys. Green complains why he would help other’s people tribe in practicing, idiot. White tells Green that he’s really stingy for they have Tenryuu [sky dragon] blood which hold them together as brothers so properly be an older brother. Green complains what brothers, that really makes him sick. It is just that they so happen to be strangers who drink the dragon blood, that’s all.

February 21, 2015

Skip Beat [Chapter 221]

‘Furthermore, she always felt that my existence is absolutely detestable. Starting from childhood, always--’. After Kyouko told that to her, Kanae looks apprehensive. This made Kyouko somewhat smile and tells her not to show that kind of expression. “For me, I’m already used to it. I’m not at all that hurt as you imagine. Regarding things about mother, my heart is soft like a konjac [/devil’s taro; looks like a heart shaped plant-vegetable usually cooked into a jelly]. No matter what kind of attack, it will just bear it and let it slip pass, then poof patter, tremble and it will go back to its original shape. *image a heart made of konjac jelly hit by a cannonball but after hitting it, it bounces, poof patter on the heart, and slips away.* So, do not mind it!!” After a pause, sad looking Kanae says, “ various kinds of sense..” After looking surprised, Kyouko look slightly sad and says no, it is alright. Narration: “In the end, I made her worry about me, right--..” Lying on the bed, Kyouko is wide awake. She thinks that after all, Kanae’s family is gathered together in such a dense love.. but..she refuse it will all her strength. “..I hope that she won’t feel guilty...

February 20, 2015

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 43]

[Free talk: It is currently around 9:20pm here (+8 GMT), and there is no sign of Skip Beat at their forum. <- indicator if it will come out soon in public manga sites. I thought that it is because it is Chinese New Year but then, Akatsuki no Yona is recently up in their forum around half an hour ago...and, then, Kamisama. ^^; So I guess, SB! might be the last one for tonight? Anyway, it is too late to do AnY and it isn't out in public sites yet. ^^;; Saw part of SB...someone is coming back ^^ ]

At the hospital, Iriya apologizes to Makoto. Carrying a basket of fruits, Makoto shakes her head and says not really, and it’s great that it isn’t a huge issue..! Iriya says but he was really careless for lately he always have a nightmare that he didn’t get enough sleep. He mentions that it is quite humiliating and he really wants to eat her cake. Makoto assures him that it is okay for she can just make them no matter how many he wants to eat at any time! “And what about the birthday, there is always a birthday the next year and the year after that! Right!?” Iriya smiles and touches her cheek. Then, Iriya recalls something. He looks at her right arm and says that he heard from the paramedics that she broke the glass in order to get in at that time. “Did you get hurt?” After looking surprised by that, Makoto is about to tell him that it isn’t her when three nurses happily come in and say that they are going to check his body temperature so visitors please go out. With that, they toss Makoto out. Iriya tells them to wait, she isn’t the person in charge and how come three people are needed to check the temperature. They say that it isn’t fair for he’s such a cute high schooler. Makoto decides that it is time for her to go home.

February 19, 2015

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 97]

Everyone is still busy preparing for the school festival. Carrying a box, Chizuru tells Ayane about putting the props and the makeup tools here. Everyone is talking about the float will be done in time for tomorrow. Someone asks if Shouta didn’t sleep. He says no, and it is going to be dawn soon. While they are talking, Sawako is looking at them. Chizuru calls out to her and asks where the costumes are. Sawako says that she is going to get it. So, the last school festival is going to start. Shouta tells Sawako that they are both in charge of the haunted house in the afternoon so they go around the booths together. She asks if it is okay and won’t he rest. She is worried about him because he hasn’t been sleeping much whether it is because of studying or preparing for the school festival. Shouta assures her that it is okay for he also wants to have fun strolling around the school festival with his girlfriend. This made Sawako blush and says, yes. Then, they are interrupted by her friends teasing and congratulating them for they have been together for a year. And, Shouta calls Sawako to come. As they walk around, people keep on greeting Shouta and asking what time he will be at the haunted house so that they’ll go there when he’s on duty.

February 18, 2015

Preview: Mephistopheles wa Dare? [Chapter 1]

[Free talk: This is Yuki Yoshihara’s new work serialized in Anekei Petit Comic. The English title is “Who is Mephistopheles?” Names are all guesswork based from the kanji.]
It is raining hard. As all the other people are carrying their umbrellas on the way towards their respective destinations, a drenched wet woman is sadly walking. She recalls when she opened the door to the apartment, she saw a couple having sex on the sofa at the living room. She couldn’t believe what she saw when she had seen who are having sex. And, she finds herself going inside a church. Inside, she sees a priest reading the bible near the altar. Noticing her, the priest turns around and greets her. He says that it is such a bad weather, and he’ll get some towels which she can use to dry herself. The woman didn’t react. She goes near the priest and lamely says that next month, she will be having a wedding here at this church. The priest says is that so, congratulations. She tells him that today, she went to their new house to clean and sanitize it, and she saw him with an unknown woman.. As tears start to fall, she says that he is basically with another woman at the new house where they will stay after getting married.. She falls on to her knees and start bawling, “It’s too mean! Cannot forgive! Absolutely cannot forgive him! ..he is better off dead. That guy should simply die..”

February 17, 2015

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 64]

With his hands together, Shun apologizes to some old men but it is also okay if it is only just this once, since they really want to try it out. One of the old men says, okay. Shun grins at Kaoru and Teppei. With just a towel to cover themselves, the three naked guys jump into the bathtub in an onsen [hot spring]. A lot of fangirls are gathered in front of the Dogo onsen. A guy asks what’s going on. A girl informs him that Crude Play is inside. The others are blushing and wonder out loud what they are doing. The guy says that he’ll go in and take a look. He also says that he’ll also check out their ‘little brother’. The flustered fangirls tell him not to go inside. Inside, Shun playfully tosses some water at Kaoru. At some hotel, Shinya is listening to some music, MUSH&Co. 2nd demo, on his laptop computer. He recalls telling Aki that it isn’t his music anymore. He becomes flustered for getting angry and being awful towards Aki. Flashback: Puzzled Aki asked why. Then, he saw Shinya turned around and wiped his tear. Aki apologized because by doing that, he changed the genre of the song. “I’m sorry. I didn’t plan on doing this.”

February 14, 2015

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 42]

At night, Iriya kept on tossing and turning on the bed as he dreams of a certain long haired woman. Narration: “It has already been 10 years. I also have not seen a picture. Memory is also very vague.” And he wakes up from the sound of the alarm clock. Later on, his mother greets him a good morning as she starts to set the table for breakfast. Looking lost in thought, Iriya greets her back. His mother is surprised to see him unexpectedly lost in thought since it is really rare. “Didn’t you sleep well?” Iriya says ya. She says that it is very stifling hot last night. “Do you want coffee or is it black tea?” Taking a sit, he says cocoa. This surprises her and asks what’s up, he’s like a kid. “Is cold also okay?” He says ya, thanks. He looks at her prepare the cocoa and says, “Mama.” She asks huh--? He says, it is nothing. While she gives him the cup of cocoa, she asks what’s up. “Strange child. Ah, that’s right. Regarding the summer vacation thing, is it really okay for you to stay alone in the house for two weeks? Right now, we can still think of a way of buying a plane ticket for one person..”

February 13, 2015

From Five to Nine [Chapters 49-50]

Episode 49 – The Girl Can’t Help It. In ELA, Junko gloomily thinks that no matter what she did, life moves on as usual and for an ordinary person, work is a necessity just like it was in the past. While teaching in a private class, Junko asks Mr. Yamada [guesswork from 山田] to tell her how he spent the weekend. To her aghast, he tells her in Japanese that he went to the temple and his hobby is to go to temple to worship Buddha that every week he would go there. Junko manages to smile and says no, please use English. While Yamada nervously tell her that in English, she thinks but on contrary, it is because of that so she would want to put her energy and concentrate more in work. Junko interrupts Yamada and tells him that is wrong, change the wording so that it would be easier for him to express his meaning, like this.. Afterwards, Yamada exclaims so that is how it is, it really makes expressing it better. Junko says that is right, then try saying it once again regarding how she taught him and use his body to remember it. Timid Yamada says that he cannot even relax for a moment and no wonder she is the legendary devil teacher. Junko tells him not to say nonsense things, and repeat after her! Yamada says that but, as everyone said, her strict way of teaching enables them to quickly progress. “It is really great that I chose Junko-sensei’s class. *sparkle* I will always follow you!”

February 9, 2015

Namaikizakari [Chapter 24]

Narration: “Really want to quickly.. eat up senpai.” At a gym, Shizuka jumps and shoots the ball. His team mates say that is good, then, they’ll stop for today. To their shock, Shizuka wants to play another round. They complain if he is some devil. He asks everyone, please. One of the guys asks Kira what happened to Shizuka, because after they got into summer vacation, Shizuka is too stimulated [/excited] that it felt a bit annoying. Kira says isn’t it more of a secret treatment [/cure]. This puzzles the other guy. Later on, after the practice, Shizuka is resting by the building door. He stops wiping his sweat with a towel when someone says, ‘I can only ask you regarding this thing.’ Sparkling Kira says that for guys, those words are TOP 3 killer words. “Unexpectedly having a smile while dropping that kind of words. Perhaps, she is an expert among experts.” Shizuka tells him to please do not tease him. Kira laughs and says but, since his concentration has been restored, as the captain, he is satisfied. He pats Shizuka’s head and says good work [otsukaresama]. Shizuka recalls Kira asking him what he is dissatisfied about. Shizuka thinks that he finally knows clearly what he is all tangled up [/confused] over, and at the same time, he is also convinced that in that person’s heart, there is only that guy-- "...unable to see her again.. *as cicadas chirping, he lies down and puts his hand on his head* ..really want to see her again.”

February 7, 2015

Akai Ito [Chapter 31]

At Ren’s house, Chihiro thanks everyone for accompanying her in studying today. Scowling, she tells them that she’ll do her best to pass the makeup exam. Rino laughs and says that is quite a terrifying face. Sho agrees with her and tells Chihiro not to be so tense, and just relax. Scowling again, Chihiro says no, it is because of this reason, everyone is wasting their precious time so it is unreasonable for her to just relax. Sho asks her what subject she is good at, or perhaps, she likes. She tells him that it is Japanese history. Sho says that is the subject he isn’t good and it always makes him fall asleep in class so, teach him that. Rino says that she is also not good at that so Chihiro can teach that and as exchange, she’ll tell her the recipe of the dessert [/snack] that she is very good at. Ren tells her that has nothing to do with the exam.