November 24, 2014

Free Talk: OnH 40-41 are out + Shinobi Shijuusou review

This is just to inform  Ookami-heika no Hanayome readers that chapters 40-41 summary is already out here.
Regarding the new picture at the side, that is a new series in Asuka called  Shinobi Shijuusou (Ninja Quartet) by Tohru Himuka. It doesn't look like it in that picture at the side but this a reverse harem series.

The story is about an ojousama forced to find some ninja-bodyguard by her protective father or else, she'll always listen to what he says. She goes to school where them elite ninjas study and 'hire' one for herself. The first candidate is the son of her father's butler-ninja who is cool, and handsome everything but has puppy-stalker-obsessed-pervert tendencies. The second one is twins. The older one is the brains and tend to be cocky while the younger one with glasses is an idiot. The fourth candidate is some easygoing older guy with eyepatch who is obsessed with poisons. The fifth is still unknown since it is only up to chapter 3. But from the picture above, he is a shota. The lead girl is strong and for now, not interested with the guys. ^^;

So far so good, and this is more on comedy rather than romance. ^^ Actually, if I were to sum it up, this seems like Ouran High Host Club but change the host theme to ninja theme =P The lead guy reminds me of Tamaki. But then, the older twin reminds me of Kaichou wa Maid-sama's Tora. Anyway, for those interested in it, you can read it at mangalator.

November 22, 2014

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 51]

In her bedroom, Azusa looks at her cherry designed earrings. She recalls Mitsuru arriving and asking Shino if she is alright instead of ‘saving her’. She tightly clenches her fist and thinks that even if it hurts, in the end, it is better not to be in love. Knock. Knock. Her father calls out to her and says that he’s coming in to talk with her. Her mother says that she is also coming in. As her parents enter, Azusa crosses her arms and says that it is quite rare for them to appear together at the same time in her room. “So, after you extramarital affair has been exposed, do you guys finally decide to divorce?” Shuiichi says that they won’t divorce, but rather, they decided to separate. He asks Azusa to choose right now, with whom she would like to continue to live with. Touching the magazine on her desk, Azusa clicks her tongue and says that it is due to saving face huh, that they won’t divorce. “..papa’s new lover that was photographed in this magazine’s article IS STILL very similar with that woman. Shino’s mother, Sanada Yuki. That elusive [/missing] woman who had always captured papa’s heart.”

November 20, 2014

Skip Beat [Chapter 218]

Kyouko and the other Box’R crew tensely watch the news on the television. LIVE on the news, it is reported about a massive vehicular accident within a part of the highway which caused a traffic jam. There are some cars that had flipped over. The morning rush is also a factor as to why the damage is extensive. Right now, the police and firemen are in the process of saving and helping the people, and also confirm the reason for the accident. They still do not know the detail number of the injured. Later on, Kyouko gets out of the taxi and meets up with the director at the hospital. As they walk inside, Kyouko asks about Amamiya. The director says that it seems that her neck has a slight sprain but the leg part has to be rejoined because of a fracture so currently, she is in operation room. Kyouko is in shock to see Amamiya sitting on one of the benches. She asks wasn’t her leg being operated on. It turns out that the one who had a fracture is Amamiya’s manager. The director is saying that Amamiya got a neck sprain and {her manage} got fractured. Kyouko couldn’t believe that in his desire to say it, he skipped who got what injury. She thinks that even if it wasn’t like that, Amamiya got a shock. Kyouko asks if Amamiya is alright. Amamiya nods and timidly says that she’s very scared.

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 99]

[Free talk: I’ll be working on Skip Beat next. Nothing much happened in that chapter except Kyouko and Amamiya talking about work. ^^; So, I did this one first since it is more exciting yet easy to do.]

The Kai soldiers are retreating. One of the soldiers is pulling his fallen comrade that soldier 2 shouted what he is doing, they should retreat. The soldier asks him to help put this guy on the horse. The soldier 2 shouts for him to quit saying foolish things for that guy is already no good, leave him.. And, a Kouka soldier stabs soldier 2 and goes away. Soldier 1 starts to cry and curse those Kouka bastards. So the war for Kai’s ‘Gold Province’ [the place where Kalgan lives; I’ll translate the name of the place literally okay, instead of the romanji ^^;] is over in just a number of days because of Kouka’s overwhelming military power. Kai’s military were completely suppressed. As the defeated Kai soldiers regroup, they say that Gold Province is already over, taken by Kouka so in the end, this place would be occupied by Kouka.

November 19, 2014

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 62]

Sou tells Reiko that because she is his friend so he cannot let her cry alone and he will accompany her. Crying Reiko asks him to quickly come. After hanging up, Sou tells his friends that he’ll go ahead. Yuu exclaims wait, for it will be bad if he goes alone. Sou is puzzled. Pointing at him, Yuu says that he’ll be charmed by her. This made Sou burst into laughter and says no way. Riko says no, he is charmed by her. Sou looks surprised. With folded arms, Yuu says that it is because right now, he is super cool. “As your friend, I firmly oppose that Terada become your first love! *angrily points to self* So, I’m also coming with you!” While Sou is in disbelief, Yuu puts his arm around Sou and lead him away. Meanwhile, at the radio station of J-Wave 81-3FM, everyone is exchanging the ‘good work greetings’ except Shibaken who is grumpily looking at his Iphone. He asks his manager that once exchanging contact number with a senpai, shouldn’t the kouhai immediately sent back a message. The manager says that even if it is like that, if the kouhai is not interested, then it is possible that she won’t send a message.

November 17, 2014

Free Talk: OnH 38-39 are out

This is just to inform  Ookami-heika no Hanayome readers that chapters 38-39 summary is already out here.

November 16, 2014

Hibi Chouchou [Chapter 62]

As they arrive at Café Bell, Aya asks Suiren if she’ll really go on Tuesday. Suiren nods. Aya tells her that it is really okay for Suiren to be like this. Then, she tells Suiren that Kawasumi has already arrived so see you tomorrow. Suiren takes her seat at Kawasumi’s table. She thinks that it is better to tell Kawasumi about it. Kawasumi tells her that in class, even if there are people who really dislike them greeting each other, but it is good for her not to mind it. She timidly tells him not to take responsibility for everything by himself. Just now, she has seen Atohira, and she had asked him how to make her heart [inner being] become strong and then, he would probably give her some suggestions on Tuesday. Kawasumi asks how come she would say that kind of thing to Atohira, and not come to look for him. Suiren says that it is because he’s very nice so.. She thinks that person [Atohira] is also very like her [<- having fans].

November 15, 2014

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 95]

After Kent went with Ayane behind the school building, she bluntly tells him that they break up. He comments that is quite straight to the point when he thought that she’ll lay the groundwork first although he already anticipated what she’ll say. Ayane is surprised. Then, he asks her for them to do it all over again. He likes her so if they start all over again from scratch, probably this time.. After looking surprised, Ayane tells him no, she couldn’t do it, for even if he said that she’s ‘awkward’, even if he says that it is okay for her to be like this, but she doesn’t want to continue like this, hating herself without end, forever pretending. She hates herself being like that and she wants to break away from the her, who is like that. She didn’t do so before because she is afraid, cunning, too dependent on others but she doesn’t want to keep on depending. She wants to go to Tokyo alone. Even if she were to flunk the exam and perhaps fail, or even regret it, but she seriously want to try by depending on her own strength. Kent asks if she’ll still break up with him even if he goes to Tokyo. She says yes. He asks if it is the same even if he suggests a different place [/go abroad]. She says yes for it has no meaning if it is not by herself. Ayane thinks that is her own reason and she must now clearly say these meaner words.

November 13, 2014

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 39]

While walking home from school, Iriya asks Makoto if their class has already decided on the groupings for the school field trip. Makoto says that they have not, so has section F already grouped together. He says yes, and each group has to submit a report but then, in reality, it seems that whether they are grouped or not, they can freely assemble together since the report is only by name. [<-it isn’t a fixed group so they can group with anyone on the actual trip since they only have to write the name on the report as a group.] Makoto asks if he had gone to Kyoto. Iriya says that he did a number of times with his family but then, it won’t feel the same if it is with her and the others so he really anticipates it. Makoto smiles over this. They arrive at her house, so Iriya gives her a goodbye kiss and bids her goodbye. Makoto thinks that there are all sorts of disturbance which had temporarily come to an end. There is a scene of Uki scratching her head and telling her ‘fans’ = Nanami, Yusa and Yoshiaki, that it is troublesome to be famous, and Yusa shouted for her not to be cocky. Blushing Makoto thinks that it is light and soft, like cotton candy, her gentle everyday. She thanks Heavens for this.

November 11, 2014

From Five to Nine [Chapters 46-47]

Episode 46 – Lie with Me (During Lonely Times, Please Embrace Me). Still at the party where everyone is watching the groom and his new bride, the waiter pours another glass of champagne for Junko. While drinking the champagne, Junko thinks that this is very awkward. She has been awfully busy since last night that she totally didn’t think that she’ll get to meet up with Satoshi. But then, they’ll definitely meet because after all, they both used to be in the same club. And even if she were to talk with him, she doesn’t know what to talk about. The waiter asks Junko if he’ll pour her another glass. She says okay. While drinking champagne again, Junko thinks that if Takane knew that she talked with Satoshi, Takane would be quite troublesome but then, he didn’t see her so how can he lecture her. As she drinks another newly poured glass of champagne, she recalls being told that Takane left early in the morning. She is irritated that she remembered that again when she doesn’t want to think of unhappy things on a joyous day. Junko starts clapping her hands when it was announced that the bride is going to change her gown.

November 8, 2014

Namaikizakari [Chapter 20]

Outside the stadium, a couple of girls are hurrying inside for Shizuka and Shou are still playing, Misuzu vs Ryuhoku, and it seems that the last part [fourth quarter] has already started. “The game is super intense!!”  Inside the stadium, Shou shoots the ball into the basket and scores. With 4:02 minutes left in the game, Ryuhoku has finally tied the game against Misuzu at 48 points. People are getting excited for they have even the score. Abe excitedly shouts that their Naruse has evened the score. While Nishiyama is asking if Abe is okay with his bleeding nose, the coach says that it’s not bad, and what’s next is the crucial point. Yuki calmly looks at her stopwatch. There is still 3 minutes and 20 seconds left. She hopes that the team can surpass them. Misuzu tells his captain that even if it is a bad ball [?], it is alright, don’t worry and just pass everything to him. “[We’ll] definitely will win.” Misuzu wants to personally end this, no matter from what source, this self-inferiority came from, whether fretful or some other thing, he’ll take advantage of the victory here and eliminate it. Shizuka shoots the ball and the three point shot is in. Then, Shou also manages to score.

November 6, 2014

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 98]

Yona calls out to Jeha who collapsed. She tells approaching Haku about it. Using the bottom of his halberd, Haku pokes Jeha’s head and asks if he’s dead. Jeha weakly asks if he was mistaken about Haku being very violent on him. Haku denies it by saying that he’s treating him nicely. While Yona wonders if the same sickness with Kija, Haku keeps on poking Jeha’s head and asking if he’s going to die. Jeha weakly complains that Haku isn’t being lenient on him when he has a fever. On the second day, Jeha is in bed together with Kija. Kija asks if he infected him. Jeha says that it seems to be like that. Kija asks Yona to quickly leave or else, she’ll also get infected. Yun agrees with him and tells Yona not to stay there. Yona asks if she can do anything to help. Yun assures her that it is okay and he would be relieved if he knows the sickness then, he can put his all-out effort to heal them. Yona is a bit puzzled by that. K’s father got worried about them bringing some illness from Kouka. He got Kalgan [correction again by Na-chan; used to be Kilgan] to move away since he fears that the illness will spread.

November 5, 2014

Hirunaka No Ryuusei [Chapter 78] -Fin-

Flashback: At a nursery school, a couple of girls invited young Mamura to play ‘play house’ with them. Thinking that it is boring to death, Mamura refused. The disappointed girl started to cry and called him mean. The teacher came in and asked what happened. Pointing to Mamura, the girl’s friend told the teacher that he made her friend cry. Mamura is surprised that the teacher is reprimanding him for it. Mamura thought that he didn’t do anything wrong, and this girl is just pretending to cry. Narration: “Ever since before, I’m not good in dealing with these living creatures called girls.” Later on, the teacher said that sky is very dark. She told Mamura to be good and wait some more for the one who is going to fetch him. Mamura watched the TV of the cartoon character who said that he’ll do things alone, and look at his instant attack. Then, his mother arrived. She apologized for coming late. While bored Mamura held a stick, his mother gave him a cartoon character toy which he watched earlier. It is her apology for always fetching him late. Mamura hugged the toy tight. She asked him if he’s happy when it is rare to see him this happy.

November 4, 2014

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 50]

By the newspaper stand, Mitsuru reads a magazine and wonders what’s up with this report regarding Azusa’s parents. Recalling how Azusa looked when she asked if he thinks that her mother is some amazing person, he wonders if she knew about it earlier on. Then, Aoi passes by and asks what’s with that perplexed expression. Just when Mitsuru is saying that it is nothing, Aoi gets a glimpse of the report and mutters, ‘Tokugawa Shuuichi’, the chairman of Toushou High. Mitsuru asks him if he knows Azusa’s father. Aoi just looks surprised and tense. At Toushou High’s courtyard, some girls splash water on Azusa. They laugh and apologize for that careless accident. “Didn’t you also do this kind of thing before, Azusa-chan? But because you are the chairman’s daughter, we all just kept silent about it. With that breaking news, he’ll definitely resign, right? Afterwards, there’s no need to see your face anymore. That’s really refreshing. *grabs Azusa’s hair* You’re not going to object?” Azusa says, “ it is like this, to be bullied is such a miserable, pitiful feeling. Even if she is quite hateful, but Shino before is really amazing to have kept a straight face and be unmoved [by it].”

November 3, 2014

Akai Ito [Chapter 28]

Flustered Chihiro nervously looks at the brochure and thinks that a trip..means that..going to have H [/sex] at this place. Sho has to call out to her to snap her out of it. Chihiro struggles to say something because she doesn’t know how to react but if she is quiet, he’ll definitely misunderstand it. Hiding her face in the brochure, she says that she was startled since he is suddenly saying this kind of thing when she hasn’t thought it over. Sho says so, it isn’t so sudden for earlier, he wanted to do this with her. This surprises Chihiro again and says that it seems that he is a honest guy (and even if she feels that this is very good but he would suddenly say that he thought of it earlier on). Sho tells her that if she doesn’t agree to it, she should take this opportunity since he’ll listen. Looking away, Chihiro thinks that he obviously knows that she cannot refuse. She tells him that asking her like that is quite cunning. Sho hugs her. She clings on to him and mutters, “..I’ll go..” Holding up his fist, Sho exclaims, “Great. Yes!” Chihiro wonders why Sho is so happy. Chihiro tells him that before that, she wants to have a date because until now, there is always some club activity and they weren’t able to do any date-type of thing so she doesn’t want to suddenly go on a trip. She wonders if he is angry over that. Touching her nose, Sho apologizes that he is a bit rash. He says okay, where she wants to go for a date. “Let’s go to some nearby place. We don’t have club activity tomorrow, right? Let’s go then.” Sho is speechless when Chihiro looks relived. She doesn’t know why the mood suddenly becomes relaxed.