December 21, 2014

Skip Beat [Chapter 219]

People are looking at the two girls outside the studio. Kyouko asks Amamiya if she has already prepared herself. Amamiya repeatedly mutters that today, she isn’t an ‘actress’. “Today, I’m a comedian...!!” The two girls in Love Me uniform heads inside the studio building. A spiky haired guy, together with two guys, enters the lounge. [<- I’ll be calling him Spiky] Upon seeing Amamiya, he says that is a strange outfit. Amamiya formally bows and greets everyone and that she’ll be under their care [/yoroshiku] again today. While Spiky greets back Amamiya, his companions had noticed Kyouko also bowing and greeting them at the side. Spiky asks what’s with that strange outfit. With clenched fist, Amamiya says that it is her battle uniform. Putting his bag on the table, Spiky asks, battle? She tells him that even if it isn’t called a basis since she didn’t work, but she is already in the showbiz for 15 years. Kyouko and the three guys look surprised. Amamiya continues to say that even if there was a detestable reason and a time when she had ran away, but in the end, she still persisted on being an ‘actress’ that she couldn’t abandon it. If she doesn’t do that, then, she won’t be able to exist in the showbiz world.

December 19, 2014

Hibi Chouchou [Chapter 64]

At his school’s gate, girls are squealing that it is Atohira-senpai-Then, Daisuke walks beside Atohira as they head to the school building. Daisuke comments that basically there are very few engineering female students looks at him. Since Daisuke looks in a good mood, Atohira asks if he is going steady with Yuri. He says no, not yet but today, they called each other in the morning. Atohira lamely says, eh- This made Daisuke tell him to feel a bit interested about it. He asks Atohira if he plans to go steady with Koharu. “Do you want to go on a double date?” Atohira says that he won’t go. Daisuke comments what type would Atohira like. Atohira says rather than what type of person, and right now, he temporarily doesn’t give it any consideration. He thinks that he doesn’t want to give it consideration and it is fine not to think of it. Meanwhile, school life of the couple is the same as before – doing each others’ thing and walk home together. Narration: “Regardless of whether it is Wednesday, that day repeats [/duplicates] so many times. From that day, wasn’t able to say, ‘like you’ really well. Like you. Like you. you. *remembers the kiss* Not a bit afraid [to say it].” And they walk home together.

December 18, 2014

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 52]

In the Kobayashi residence, Mego and her mother exclaim in shock after Mitsuru told them that he and Azusa had eloped. Together with Azusa, Mitsuru exclaims that he is going to marry Azusa. “This girl will be forced to marry some other guy. So, to hinder all of that, we are going to immediately register.” Mitsuru goes into shock when his mother reminds him that he’s 17 years old, and based on the law, he can marry when he’s 18 years old. Mitsuru shouts, “No way. I totally didn’t know that~~~!!” <- super big idiot. His mother and sister think that he didn’t know that yet he still proposed. Azusa thanks Mitsuru and says that she is already very satisfied that he has that kind of intention. Mitsuru blushes over this. The twins’ mother tells Azusa that currently the situation with her parents isn’t very ideal since she had already seen it on the news. She suggests that Azusa temporarily stay at their place until the issue regarding her parents settles down. She informs Azusa that she will contact her parents about this. The two are touched by this. While holding a ladle, the twins’ mother says that right now, she is about to prepare dinner. “Azusa-chan, do you want to help out? *winks* It just so happen to be the flavor that Mitsuru likes. I’ll teach it to you for you are the girl, who will be marrying Mitsuru.”

December 17, 2014

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 49]

Narration: “Time won’t stop moving. No matter how one wishes, it cannot go back.” As the leaves on the tree start falling down, a court lady calls out to Yuulin that His Majesty has come back. Yuulin says okay. As the Wolf king’s temporary bride, Yuulin is going to accompany His Majesty as he conduct a regional investigation. First, they went to the royal capital’s East, Ninshu [Nin Province]’s Kanseki but upon arriving here-- Going into the building with her court ladies, Yuulin sees Reishou telling an older man about doing an on-site inspection regarding the dike’s fortification. He says to tell him briefly about it later on, and about the investigation [/verification] of the flood scholars regarding the practicality of using the land. He has already heard from the onsite’s staff people saying..regarding what are they saying, he’ll go there. Yuulin is timid as Reishou continues to give orders to the others. She thinks that he is always working and even talking with the provincial governor. She wonders if she’ll disturb them if she goes over to him.

December 15, 2014

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 48]

At Hakuyou’s harem, Yuulin was told by a court lady that the king wants to give his bride those sweet fruits. While Yuulin’s eyes twinkle over the food gifts, the court lady says that they are fruits and snacks from the southern province. “If you like them, please enjoy them as much as you want.” After the court lady takes her leave, Yuulin, the Wolf king’s temporary bride, is now currently in the midst of enjoying for herself the sweet stuffs. Holding a snack, she happily thinks that this season’s flavors are really amazing. With a tear in her eye, Yuulin muses that there are many areas of this work that is hard and this is one example. Even if this is luxurious, she wants to make Seishin [her younger brother] also taste this. “Please tell me how this snack is made.” She is interrupted when someone calls out, “It seems that it is very delicious, princess consort-chan!” Dai swings upside down from the window. Yuulin angrily tells him that she won’t give him some because a few days ago, he ate her snacks. “That one is really delicious and I planned to leave them for His Majesty. So, today, I won’t give you any!”

December 13, 2014

Akai Ito [Chapter 29]

Holding the perfume that Sho gave her, Chihiro recalls him telling her to use that since he really likes it. She thinks that it is the perfume that Sho bought and gave her that every time she smells its fragrance, it seems as if she became his property. In the toilet, she giggles and wonders how much she ought to spray on herself for she’ll be going to school in a while. Her mother tells her to quickly eat breakfast and go to school or she will be late. Chihiro says okay and heads out. Her mother calls out to her and asks if she put some perfume on. Flustered Chihiro exclaims in surprise and says, it seems that she did and also she didn’t. Her puzzled mother asked what is that. She exclaims that Megaten’s fortunetelling for the day is going to start. Her mother finds her acting very suspicious. Megaten the bear[?] mascot says the lucky food for the day is ghost pepper cola. Today, the lucky person and the unlucky person, will be quite lively as they set out. While munching on a toast, Chihiro felt a bit embarrassed that someone in her family sensed that she sprayed on some perfume. She smells herself. She giggles and happily wonders if Sho will notice it. While looking at her, Yuuto calls her gross.

December 12, 2014

Namaikizakari [Chapter 21]

Outside the yakiniku restaurant, Abe exclaims that he ate a lot and his stomach is going to quickly explode. The senpai-s tell him not to puke for this was their treat. Abe tells them not to press on his stomach. On the other side, Yuki asks if Himiko is alright for she doesn’t look good. Himiko tensely says that she is already alright, sorry, but because she has always been nervous since yesterday from the first time she participated in a competition to going to an all-guys yakiniku party. Clasping Yuki’s hands, Rina [formerly Lena] says that she is leaving, so until next time. She wishes Yuki luck [/gambatte] regarding all sorts of things regarding the notes and training which were definitely very tiring. She whispers to Yuki that she can consult with her anytime. Then, Rina goes to Kido who is calling out to her. Yuki wonders if Rina now knows about basketball since she said ‘consult’. Chibi Rina says that it isn’t consulting about that kind of thing. Thinking that she has dependable senpai-s, she also wants to change. At the gym, Yuki shouts for the first years to stop lowering their head, and next, lateral stride for 20 minutes. The others shout as you order. Himiko shouts for them to dribble practice until..please take a break..5 minutes. The others shout what!?

December 10, 2014

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 47]

At Hakuyou’s harem, as a court lady fixes her hair, Yuulin wonders what Reishou meant by ‘can we try a bit, some consort work?’ “It is really great that the fickleness misunderstanding has been resolved. what could that mean.. Consort’s work.. is it a more difficult job? *tense with hands together* I have studied [courtesy of Jun] things related to the harem and the imperial palace. it participating in some..large scale banquet..? *walking around in circles* How worrying..what could it be.” A court lady calls out to her that His Majesty has arrived. She calls out yes. Yuulin thinks that it’s here. “No matter what it is, as the professional consort, I’ll definitely up for it. *clenches fist and looks determined* Gambatte!! [/I’ll do my best]” And puzzled Yuulin is sitting on Reishou’s lap. They are at the porch overlooking the garden. She calls out to him and asks if they are going to talk outside where the wind blows. Smiling Reishou leans to her and says yes, today, they are talking about ‘work’.

December 8, 2014

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 100]

Top 4 character poll results. [The comments are by Japanese fans and they aren’t thorough since the font are really small that I couldn’t barely read some of them ^^;]

December 7, 2014

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 46]

At Hakuyou’s harem, the coldhearted Wolf King and the working consort are also acting today to make the people envious of a very lovey-dovey married couple. While Reishou holds her, Yuulin tells him that she prepared scented tea today. As the couple holds their tea cups, Reishou says that it turns out to be like that, pitiful sweet fragrance is like the king’s consort. Wondering what he is saying, blushing Yuulin says yes, is that so. She looks at him then leans closer to him. This surprises Reishou as he looks at blushing Yuulin. At his office, Reishou says that he feels that Yuulin is strange. Thinking of some weird cuckoo Yuulin bird, Jun says that she basically is. Looking at some paperwork, Reishou says that is actually right but then, it feel different. Jun thinks that His Majesty’s awareness is also like an ordinary person. Reishou says that even if they are more familiar with each other now but seems like she would escape while they are in the acting mood. Blushing rabbit will quickly run away from the black wolf and says that it is impossible. Reishou would tell her that there’s no need to be ashamed but she would say, geez, Your Majesty.. That kind of fresh feeling.

December 5, 2014

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 45]

At Hakuyou’s harem, sparkling Kouju tells smiling uneasy Yuulin of how she can still remember that day when the two people caused her soul to tremble. [<- referring to the kissing scene] “Among hundreds of thousands flowers, the king only sees one person.. It is as if [his] heart was snatched away by Her Highness and even if it is like that, His Majesty’s eyes are quite sharp. Afterwards, it is a kiss with totally unrestrained thoughts and unlimit kindness. *moved to tears* Ah ah, this kind of feeling, I want to convey it to so many people for them to know [about it]..!!” Aghast smiling Yuulin is mentally screaming for if she [Yuulin] keeps this up, she’ll perish sooner or later. [<- target of assassins/embarrassed to death?] As Kouji keeps on talking, Yuulin continues her frozen smile. So, after Ruka had returned to her country, Yuulin is back doing her usual job as princess consort. With only a shocking ‘evade the marriage’ action [<- kiss], that kind of situation made people not want to dwell with it for too long. While waving goodbye to Kouju, tearful Yuulin can only mentally apologize to Kouju since she did that for money [/wages] and His Majesty also said that is the ‘quickest and most effective’ method.

December 3, 2014

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 41]

At Togetsukyou bridge, the couple watches the night view of Kyoto. Makoto says that everyone went to Yasaka shrine. Iriya says that even if there seems to be some lights activity [<- festival?] but it is only on December 3. She says is that so. She is glad that right now it is June for her eyes are clearly swollen so right now, it is probably far from good but thankfully, it is quite dark that he won’t be able to see them clearly. She’s quite embarrassed by it. She finds the wind blowing quite comfortable that she hopes the swelling would decrease. Then, Iriya asks her what is the reason that she has been avoiding him lately. While Makoto looks aghast, he says that just now she contacted him, could it be about this issue? While sweating profusely, Makoto nervously tells him that her sister, she careless saw that..her sister and Shouki in an intimate scene. There is chibi Shouki shouting for her to please don’t recall that, how embarrassing. Chibi Rika asks if he is a girl.

December 2, 2014

Preview: Shuriken to Pleats [Chapter 5]

In school, Mikage is thinking of how she views Mahito. She thought that he is probably a despicable guy but she was mistaken.. but up to when will she wait for him to give his instruction, so that they’ll take the antidote. Someone is about to touch her from behind when she suddenly ducks down and prepares to attack. She asks Kotarou what he would suddenly. He tells her that he is passing the teaching materials from behind. While the others wonder what’s up with Mikage, the teacher tells her to go back to her seat. Mikage apologizes for that. Taking the papers from Kotarou, Mikage apologizes to him for she is still not used to a Japanese school. Kotarou smiles brightly and tells her that there’s no need for her to apologize for that. Mikage thinks that it is so shiny, that she couldn’t help but be muddled by it. During training, there is no such person like him there, and it is alright for the youth of this country to be so naïve and innocent. Perhaps, that is the inevitable radiance that youth have.

December 1, 2014

Namaikizakari [Side Story]

This is a story set during summer vacation before Yuki’s secret love for Kido-senpai was shattered. With Yuki, the guys look astounded at the sea then they shout, “Sea--” They throw away their shirts and run towards the water. Yuki mentally complains that it is hot. Someone shouts that they go play the prestige beach volleyball. Yuuki thinks that they are playing some idiotic game again and she must stop Abe before he starts to nosebleed. Flashback: While Yuki is cleaning at the gym, Kido asked her to go to the beach with them but Yuki declined. Kido told her not to say that, but look, without her around, those guys would definitely get carried away. He explained that earlier during the camp, because of playing some idiotic prestige dodgeball game, it lead to Abe to nosebleed nonstop. Yuki said that is likely. Kido smiled and said that in case someone get injured, with only her around, he’ll feel at ease. “So, please?” Yuki is moved upon seeing that smile on him that she totally couldn’t refuse him. End flashback. So in the end, she was compelled to go to this noisy summer beach.

November 30, 2014

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 44]

Within Hakuyou, a glittering shiny picnic was held. While trembling Yuulin’s consciousness isn’t barely wake up, it was declared that the picnic is over. Flowery and sparkling Kouju tells everyone that is love.. The other girls are blushing over what they had witnessed. And that night, there is a storm within the harem. Yuulin is blushing while biting her lips. While sitting on the sofa, Reishou calmly says that basically, her primary function is to ‘for the Wolf King to avoid marriage (predestined by fate)’ [<- I’m assuming that is arranged marriage] Today, at that situation, obviously, candidates to be a consort have assembled. [<- from here on, I’ll be changing the term ‘queen’ to ‘consort’ since it is for a harem and queen seems to be inappropriate.] He asks that didn’t she herself at that time said ‘I’ll complete the mission’. Trembling Yuulin admits that indeed, she said that but why would he use that kind of method. Reishou smiles and says it is like this, he thinks that is the quickest and most effective method.