September 7, 2014

Free Talk: On Vacation, Blogging will Resume after September 18

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m planning a trip to London-Paris with my mother this September. Well, it is God’s will for us to go there since we got the visas. ^^ Actually, it is a bit late, we got the French visa just the other week ago. ^^; It has been a wishy-washy ‘to go or not to go’ because earlier, a lot of people are telling us not to go since it isn’t safe and we cannot do it with just the two of us. The one I’m more interested in going, turns out to be not that ‘safe’ and that is Paris. ^^; It isn’t reassuring that before we applied for visas, there is a report of some mainland Chinese being attacked in Paris. Asians seem to be likely targets. Neither is it reassuring after reading all sorts of horror internet posts, and stories from people we know about pickpocketing, scams, aggressive beggars among other things there. I didn’t know if it is really that bad. ^^;; Or, is it? It can be said that it is common in large cities but then, being a tourist seems to be a liability.

September 5, 2014

Skip Beat [Chapter 215]

Kyouko walks through the hotel’s hallway. Stops. Looks around. Sighs. Then, looking determined, she says, go..!! Ding dong. Ren opens the door. They greet each other a good morning. He asks her if she’s going. She says yes, almost, so she specially came to send her regards to him. While sitting together with Ren by the window in the room, Kyouko seriously tells him to listen, he is by all means, not to regress [/go wayward] just because no one is watching him especially in eating breakfast. While Ren has a sheepish look, she urges him twice to eat whatever is served. She tells him that she already got the president’s permission to ask the hotel people to compulsorily provide him breakfast and if there are any leftovers, they are going to inform the president. Ren tells her that there is no need to do it to that extent for he can already eat by himself. He says that during the short time when Setsuka is on leave, he also managed to live normally. Firmly decisive, Kyouko tells him that his ‘normal’-whatever totally doesn’t make one feel at ease nor can it be trusted. Ren mentally curses for it is the same as usual. While Kyouko is wondering out loud over what proof Ren can show her [that he ate], Ren keeps on thinking that Kyouko is the same as usual..too much the same.

September 4, 2014

Namaikizakari [Chapter 16]

So, after their defeat in the competition, on the way home, for some reason, Shou wasn’t himself so Yuki couldn’t help it but hold his hand. Even if usual, she finds it difficult in dealing with the noisy Shou but him to be out of character, it makes her feel somewhat uneasy. “This is the first time that I endlessly feel distressed over my own willfulness.” Reading a manual, Yuki thinks, ‘install’, ‘upgrade’, and ‘simple scan’. She finds it hard to use. While having lunch with Yuki at school, her friends ask her what she is reading. She tells them nothing, just a manual book. The other friend says that it’s great that Yuki has a new recently released model [of smartphone]. Yuki says yes, her family is always being noisy in making her use a new cellphone. Her friend tells that her old cellphone is already like a fossil. Looking at her cellphone, Yuki thinks that she isn’t good a new type of machine. She starts to make plans on how to use it to get information that she can learn like being able to easily research about the other schools’ competition situation and details about the practice.

UNCONFIRMED SPOILERS for Skip Beat [Chapter 215]

You guys know the drill. Take this with a grain of salt since it is just based on the comments of those who have read it in the forum, and another from baidu. It will be released to the public tomorrow. ^^  To those who cannot wait, read on.

Spoilers ahead..

September 2, 2014

Akai Ito [Chapter 26]

Wearing a black kendo uniform, Sho immediately goes on the offensive against Touya. Touya manages to block. Sho’s senpai-s cheer him on. While watching with Chihiro, Rino notes that Sho is quite enthusiastic today. Chihiro agrees. She finds it surprising that Sho would suddenly want to compete against Touya. She thinks that it ought to be because of that kiss between her and Touya. This scares her. She starts to wonder if it is really like that but then, there is that reason wherein, during third year junior high, Sho really wanted to compete with Touya so doing it for her is.. As the two cross shinai-s, Chihiro notices Sho glances at her with a smile. This made Chihiro blush and wonder if she was mistaken. Rino is puzzled over Chihiro’s reaction. Touya tells Sho that he is quite easygoing to look somewhere else during a competition. Sho apologizes and says that he got careless because there was a gap [/time for him to glance away]. Sho attacks back and Touya pushes him back. Sho tells Touya that Chihiro cried before in front of him, and that is because he came, right?

August 29, 2014

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 59]

Narration: “Before entering the company, I was assigned to the morning’s comprehensive program. At 4am, I’ll go to Jinbocho and buy all sorts of newspapers. It has been 30 years since I’ve entered the company, and at that time, it isn’t the internet era yet. And unexpectedly, it has become a very important [part] of work (laugh). BUT, I STILL HATE IT. At that time, I’ll go to Abe-san every day and he’s the one who is in charge of all the music programs. After three years, I’ve moved to the music program. So..this year, it is 27 years? It should? Looking back, I’ll find that 27 years ago is good, and of course, that is inevitable, THERE IS NO PITCH SHIFTER  [<- I’m not sure if is that but it is something that makes the sound better with the help of a device]. IT WAS AN ERA WHEREIN, WHETHER SINGING IS GOOD OR BAD, THE TONE, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS, IT IS ALL IN ITS RAWEST FORM WHEN BROADCAST INTO THE TELEVISION. It’s over, right? A lot of idols are singing out of tune (laugh). But, I still really like that kind of feeling. That feeling wherein they sing as if their lives depended on it. So, we prohibit lip-syncing. LOOKING AT A NEWBIE, WHO IS SO NERVOUS THAT S/HE WANTS TO PUKE, MAKE ME FEEL VERY EXCITED. This kind of thing, the audience. Absolutely also think that way. Daiwa Television Music Program Director-Producer – Ikeda Kyoko.”

August 28, 2014

Preview: Shuriken to Pleats [Chapter 2]

Facing a couple of ninjas while holding down the man’s head, Mikage thinks that for her to encounter ninjas in active duty, her intelligence report she attained is actually too little. She wonders who hired those guys, who this man is and why they are after him. She thinks that it can be somewhat concluded that they consider her as an enemy so.. Mikage tells the man to quickly run for he’s a hindrance. The man ran off as told. Mikage quickly uses her luggage to block the ninjas’ attacks. They were going to attack again when they stop, nod to each other and retreat. Mikage is puzzled Then, she turns around to see the man lying on the floor. She asks if he was hit. She checks on him to see if he is wounded. Thinking that she wasn’t able to protect someone again, the trembling man holds up a calling card. He tells her that he is only being drugged. He asks her to bring him to this clinic. At an old fashioned house, Mikage looks at the man sleeping in bed. She mentally tells Rod that even if she immediately acted to help him [/the man], this time around, she was able to protect properly. Holding a wallet, Mikage tells the sleeping man that she used his money to pay for the taxi. She informs him that she’ll be leaving it here.

August 27, 2014

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 46]

Narration: “That is definitely the secret that he had always hidden and does not want anyone to know.” The glass shards are on the floor along with Aoi’s eye patch. Looking at Aoi’s scarred and missing right eye, surprised Mego thinks that she has seen it, his real appearance behind the eye patch. Meanwhile, outside, the other delinquents curses and couldn’t believe that there are only two of them so how come they are so ferocious [/difficult to deal with]. Mitsuru tells Uesugi-chan that he’s doing quite well. Chiharu replies, him too, shorty. Irked Mitsuru says excuse him for being short. Both guys mentally ask Aoi to save Mego. Back inside, Mego looks surprised upon seeing Aoi’s eye. Holding Mego’s shoulders, Aoi asks her if she isn’t hurt. He starts to feel dizzy. He thinks that it is bad, he is having an attack again. Then, he notices his eye patch on the floor. This gave him a shock.

August 26, 2014

Hibi Chouchou [Chapter 59]

Narration: “Mutual collision of opinions. Although it is like that, but the problem definitely has a lot.. *kneading a bread dough and recalling how Kawasumi tightly hugged her in the rain* I already do not want to have that kind of memory again.. After parting, [he] thought of a lot of things because of me. It is also because because of me..that [he] felt very lonely. ..because of me, [he] sensed [/affected] by loneliness. Is there something that I can do for him..” And, her melon pans are baked. She happily takes a bite on one of them. She looks at the clock and it is 1pm. She wonders if he is at home. While her heart is beating, she gets ready to call Kawasumi on her phone. She recalls that he told her that if she calls him, he’ll quickly come. Ring. Ring. The other party greets, ‘Moshi moshi’ [/hello]. Thinking that he’s home, she says, “Ka..Kawasumi..” To her surprise, the other party asks who this is. While aghast over why he is asking, Suiren says her name. The other party says that guy isn’t home. Puzzled Suiren is about to ask who this is, Ichi has already hanged up the phone on her. While trembling over it, Suiren wonders if it is Kawasumi’s brother.

August 25, 2014

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 34] -Fin-

Last Page: Welcome to our party. Narration: “Okamura Nino. 17 years old. Welcomes her third year high school’s summer.” While walking at the outdoor corridor, a couple of girls say that the guy who is shooting seems to be quite handsome. Overhearing this, Nino turns to the basketball court and thinks that it is.. She sees Kira scoring a goal and happily saying that he got three points, much to the dismay of his opponent. Narration: “Speaking of Kira-kun, because he has to repeat a year, he is currently still in second year. He is totally living a healthy life.” Kira notices her watching him. Thinking that he noticed her, she waves back at him. Kira excuses himself from the others and approaches Nino. He asks Nino if she is currently switching classrooms. She says ya, after the next class, it will be noon break. Kira says that Yabe will also go to the canteen today. Realizing something, Kira says that didn’t they promised that they will go together to swim in the sea together during summer vacation. Nino happily says yes, she really anticipates it. He asks how about they stay overnight. Nino blushes and says that if her parents agree, then she has no objection.

August 24, 2014

Last Game [Chapter 35]

Narration: “When I was very young, my father passed away. At that time, I practically don’t have any impression of that incident. I only remember an indescribable void and my mother’s back figure. *Her mother told her that since that day, she will wholeheartedly become a mother who would not forget to smile in front of her daughter forever and live like that* In order not to make her worry, whether it is studies or housework, I will learn it by myself and finish it on my own. I think that this is quite good. I thought that it is already quite good being like this. And, the me who was like that was brought out to the outside world by Yanagi and he became my first friend. Together with him, I can be at ease, (even if there are times when he is annoying) There are times when he makes me lose my cool. There are times when he makes my heart do doki-doki [/beat fast] (even if there are times when he makes me angry) It makes me feel so happy. I have never before experienced this feeling and the people who are important to me gradually increased. I want to be with you forever. Forever-“ Then, there is a scene of Yanagi telling her that he cannot be her friend forever.

August 21, 2014

Namaikizakari [Chapter 15]

Flashback: Looking at a basketball magazine, young Shizuka said that Shou is really tall so when he becomes a high schooler, he must definitely learn how to do a slam dunk. Playing his console game, Shou said that he won’t because it will make his hand hurt. Shizuka scolded him that it will be a waste so practice it and if it is Shou, he absolutely can become someone who can grab the ball with one hand. Shizuka mentioned how he kept on eating everyday as if his stomach is going to break but in the end, he didn’t grow a bit taller. Shou said that destroying his stomach is bad for he’ll just puke everything. End flashback. Shizuka thinks that Shou is very tall and runs fast. Even if he is always half-hearted, he always stands in the center of the team and always leaving him behind. He’s at the same age as him and someone he grew up with, and he ought to have already surpassed him. Shou asks Shizuka when he knew Yuki. Shizuka asks, ha? The audience is surprised over Shou’s slam dunk. Yuki wonders when he learned that but compared to that, right now isn’t the time to say nonsense things.

August 20, 2014

Hirunaka No Ryuusei [Chapter 73]

Sky!! Sea!! Shisa!! [lion-dog creatures that are usually statues found in Okinawa] The three girls happily shouts, “OKINAWA~~~♫♪” Embarrassed Yuyuka tells them not to be like that for it is embarrassing. And so, they have arrived in Okinawa. The instructor tells them that after visting Shuri Castle, they will go to Manza Beach. He reminds everyone to pay attention to safety and do not wander off. Along with the others, Kotetsu happily says yes. While Mamura is looking at Kotetsu, Manabu comments that Kotetsu is quite lively. Then, Mamura notices Suzume happily flashing v-signs. Mamura thinks that she is really excited. And that’s right, Suzume is in excited mode, very excited. Dreaming of Shisa-s, Suzume thinks that the sky is so blue, the sea is quite beautiful and hibiscus flowers have also opened. <- the first time she saw it. Coming to Okinawa is really quite delightful..!! At the Shuri Castle, Suzume and Nana were exclaiming about how red, bright red it is. Inside, Suzume goes ‘wow’ all over the place. Yuyuka scolds her that it is one thing for her to be quite excited, but what’s up with that outfit. She asks where are the clothes that they bought together (actually forced her to buy) and weren’t those casual clothes. Suzume tells her that she thought that it would be inconvenient to move around wearing those clothes.

August 19, 2014

Rere Hello [Chapter 18]

At a home & kitchen store’s apron section, Kengo asks Ririko which one she likes. Ririko continue to insist that there is no need to compensate her for it ought to be cleaned up with some bleach. She is actually doubtful about it since if she used bleach, it might ruin the decorative pattern on her apron. Holding up an apron with laces and ribbons, Kengo tells her that if she doesn’t quickly decide, he is going to buy this one. Freaking out over that kind of apron and his threat that he is going to buy it, Ririko manages to quickly spot some aprons being sold at a discount. She quickly grabs a plain looking apron and says that it is this one. Holding the bag which contains the newly purchased apron, Ririko felt tired but she still thanks him and apologizes for the trouble. Kengo apologizes for dragging her but it is because he doesn’t like to owe someone something. He says that if he just let it be, he feels that there is something plugged in his heart. Since she is the type who wants to do something immediately after thinking of it, Ririko says that she can understand that. Ririko thinks that since it is like that.. She decides to accept the apron. Kengo says that his heart feels at ease now so how about they eat together. Ririko exclaims that didn’t he just ate, and he’s hungry again.

August 17, 2014

From Five to Nine [Chapter 44]

Episode 44: UNTAMED HEART [Side B Yuki]. Cover page: “I’m sure he is my prince.” Flashback: [I was mistaken in the last chapter for it was indeed] Yuki coldly told Nene that that regarding the troubles in her love life, she go properly think about it herself and why would he still help a girl whom he doesn’t like in resolving her love life issues. Narration: “Those words I’ve said are too serious. After we parted ways, she probably cried. Obviously I could have changed the way of expressing that but I was careless because today, my mood is really at its worst.” Earlier that day, there is a handbag, luggage and other things scattered on the floor of Yuki’s place. His mother exclaims that this time around, she definitely divorce so live together with her in the attic because that person is really awful. His mother tearfully tells Yuki that they obviously promised that they were going to celebrate their 7th anniversary by riding Queen Elizabeth ship to Italy. His mother says that because of work, he suddenly cancelled it. “He no longer loves me~~~ there’s no love~~~ *sob* In the end, mama should have only relied on Yuki~~~ *sniff*”