October 1, 2014

Sleeping Beauty [Chapter 11]

[Notice: This chapter has some mature content that might not be appropriate for young readers.]

Cover page: “Always unable to FORGET, until now, still THINKING of you” Still on top of the building with Yuuya, Sou calls Eiji on the phone to meet up with him. At a certain restaurant, Eiji meets up with Sou who is already sitting on a table. Eiji apologizes for the wait. While taking his seat, Eiji asks if Yuuya had also told him about the progress of the search. Sou says that it seems that they weren’t able to find Saki’s remains near the place where Erika was buried. Eiji says that Yuuya had already informed him about that and maybe, just like Erika, Saki’s remains had been moved by someone. Sou says that he doesn’t think so. He pushes a file to Eiji. Picking it up, Eiji asks if this is a written report. Sou says that it is about the siblings, Mizuhara Yuki and Mizuhara Shiki. When they were young, their parents divorced. The mother got Yuki while the father got Shiki. They were brought up separately. When Yuki is 15 years old, their mother had died for some reason so she was taken in by her father and all three started living together. Yuki’s temperament is of an extrovert and she is very lively. She is very good in socializing. Her modeling job is also going with the flow. Afterwards, their father had a stroke and passed away. He left them a huge amount of inheritance. And, it became the two siblings living together.

September 30, 2014

FYI: Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 34] is out

This is just to inform OnH readers that the summary is already out here. I’ve put it up in the reserved post so that it would be in chronological order based on the chapters.

No comments here because I’ll delete this post later on.

September 29, 2014

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 60 + Side Story]

With the full moon hanging above the sky, some guests of CP’s Budokan concert have started to take their leave. Shibaken’s manager tells him that if another 10 minutes have passed, they won’t be able to reach the Live Broadcast show in time. Shibaken tells him that he knows already. He looks at the side and to his delight, Senzaki is already escorting Riko to him. Senzaki apologizes for the wait. Shibaken’s manager says that they should be the one apologizing for they are so busy and they still find some time for them. With a victorious smile, Shibaken greets Riko otsukaresama deshita ‘good job’ for the concert. Riko says thanks. Silence. Shibaken suddenly realized that they are still in a quarrel period. Viewing her with an irritated expression, he thinks that she must be still angry and holding a grudge against him. Actually, Riko is thinking of the encounter earlier. Flashback: Lucca introduced herself and praised Riko for her amazing performance. Riko thanked her. [By the way, they all call her by her stage name, Mush/Mushroom.] Lucca happily said that she really anticipates it for she was drumming while she’s singing. This puzzled Riko.

September 28, 2014

Preview: Shuriken to Pleats [Chapter 3]

Flashback: Mikage told Rod that death penalty is imposed on rouge ninja/s. He told her that he won’t let that happen to her. End flashback. Mikage thinks that her master always wishes that she can abandon her status as a ninja. She was able attain the privilege to act freely. He had asked her to go to an ordinary school in peaceful Japan. That is his willful request on his last days.. She cannot ignore it because that is the long cherished wish of her master, wishing that she’ll have a smooth and steady life. But she.. what is she doing.. And, currently, in a small apartment room, Mikage is talking with the man. Mikage says, so he’s saying that he wants her to get the antidote from some people. Still on an IV, the man says yes, he can only ask her, a ninja. Looking at some id card, Mikage mutters his name as, Wakashimatsu Mahito. Mahito tells her that this thing by itself isn’t common. Of course, it is enough that her employer didn’t give her a mission in the meantime but only..he still doesn’t know the incubation period of the poison so he doesn’t know when it will flare-up and kill him. Without the antidote, he cannot ease the symptom. He begs her [to help] since she is his hope to live on. Mikage thinks that those guys retreated to confirm the effect of the poison. Putting down the id card, Mikage says but then, didn’t he say that she only have to listen to what he has to say and that’s all.

September 26, 2014

Kedamono Kareshi [Chapters 40-41]

Himari heads downstairs and tells her mother that she’ll also work today so she might be late at coming home so there’s no need to prepare her dinner. Her mother worriedly asks her if she is okay with work and won’t she be too tired. Himari assures her that she is fine. She tells her that it is fun so no need to worry. Her mother wonders what’s up with her lately. Then, she meets up with Ryou at school. He invites her out for some fun with the others. Himari declines as she assures him that she is already okay. She thanks him and the others for worrying about her. She informs him that she’s working at that place again where she worked during summer vacation. She invites him to come over if he’s free. At the diner, Himari stares at the table and is satisfied with her perfectly cleaned table. While hoping that she’ll properly pull herself together, Kuroda appears behind her and points out that she missed a spot there. This irks her. Then, he points out that the male customers are coming, opps, he forgot that she couldn’t receive them. Himari tells him that he said that she is already okay so she’ll go and receive them. Amused Kuroda thinks that a pure[/naïve] idiot is really interesting.

September 25, 2014

Last Game [Chapter 36]

At home, Yanagi’s mother complains over his sighing when it is rare for him to be home. Giving him a cup of tea, she tells him that it is really great that he and Ryouko are in good terms for he went to participate in her cultural festival. Yanagi says of course not, he went because a kouhai from his club is there and it has nothing to do with his sister. His mother says that his mouth says that but in the end, the two of them came home together. Yanagi exclaims that it is because at that time, she really flipped out that he basically cannot do anything. A while ago, Yanagi tried to calm down his sister who was furious at her boyfriend for daring to stand her up when he said he’ll go to the cultural festival. His mother says that it would be good if Ryouko becomes a tiny bit like a [wise and virtuous] lady. Looking towards his mother, Yanagi says that a little bit would be enough. Then, he exclaims what the heck that decoration is. He sees a framed small long envelope. His mother happily says that it is a chopsticks pouch [/paper pouch used to put disposable chopsticks]. She tells him that it is the first time that he used his money from work to treat her out to eat so she wanted to keep that happy memory by keeping it. Yanagi exclaims for her not to kid around and don’t frame it. Hugging the frame, her mother says that she couldn’t help it. Yanagi is quite embarrassed. Then, Yanagi thinks that actually, he bought a gift for Kujou and he’s so disgusting because there is no occasion for it..and for the meantime, he totally wasn’t able to give it to her.

Rere Hello [Chapter 19]

At Minato’s place, Ririko asks him and others what kind of temaki [cone] sushi they want. After they made their orders, Ririko quickly made them beautifully. Suou apologizes for the increase of people there but Ririko doesn’t mind for it is more meaningful if there are a lot of people. Ririko thinks that with everyone around, she can allay yesterday’s awkwardness. Tadamori and Yuuma talk about sushi in Japanese stores being too simple whereas in overseas, it is too complicated with the use of tempura [<- fried tempura bits, I presume], cheese and soy sauce. Ririko laughs and thinks that because it is all guys in her house, she is okay with guys around her. She had realized that Minato is special because of how her heart goes beating every time [when she’s with him]. She glances at Minato who is making a temaki sushi. She tells him that if he wants one, then she’ll make him one. He gives her the temaki sushi he made and tells her not to only make for others. Ririko is sitting on the floor in order for it to be convenient to make sushi. Realizing that he is giving it to her, she protests that she still has to make for others. Holding the temaki filled with ikura [/roe], Minato urges her to hurry or it will already spill out. Moved Ririko happily eats it and declares that it is simply delicious. Minato smiles over this. He points at the side and says that he wants to eat the egg[/omelet] roll there.

September 23, 2014

Free Talk: To OnH readers

Ah, out of curiosity, are there people still interested in this series, Ookami-heika no Hanayome? Just last night, I found out that BaraMei of baidu has been doing marathon Chinese scanlations since last month. Currently, she is already at chapter 51.

So, I want to know if there are still MANY people interested in this series. Honestly, it is very tedious to catch up to it. The Japanese seems to be around chapter 60+ already. That would be 20+ summaries to do if BaraMei updates it all by next month or even earlier. o_O

I'm not sure if I can immediately catch up since I'm doing many other series. ^^; I'm hesitant to drop other series so that I can catch up to this asap since I'm also not sure if people are still interested in this series. It has been such a long time already.

So for now, are you still interested in reading this series? If you don't want to comment, just click the reactions below. ^^ Then, if there are many favorable reactions, I will fill up the missing chapters and update it to the arc where I stopped before. If there are still a lot of people commenting and reading it, I will continue onwards. If not, I'll stop at that arc when Reishou's aunt came to visit up to the time she leaves.

September 22, 2014

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 93]

As cloudy skies loom overhead, Ayane reflects on Kent asking her if she thought of him even once. She wonders that treating him as a joke, could it be that somewhere in her heart, she thought that Kent won’t get hurt because he always smiles at her. She always knew that he is serious because he always bears out his sincerity. She thinks that she’s really mean for doing such a mean and cruel thing, treating his sincerity as a joke and not daring to recognize the important thing. She wonders if she wasn’t serious.., wasn’t she serious ever since before? And, it starts to rain. She thinks that she always hasn’t been serious. Pin is just going out of a convenient store when he was startled to see a female figure drenched in the rain. After grabbing the umbrella he dropped, he exclaims if it isn’t Ayane. Ayane looks at him and wonders why right now, at this time, she’ll meet this guy. Pin asks what’s up with her, and she’ll catch a cold. No response from her. Pin tells her to quickly go home. Ayane shouts that he’s noisy to death for there are times when someone doesn’t want to stay at one’s room so don’t mind her!! She mutters again, not to mind her. Pin looks serious at her then goes back in the store. She is surprised by that, and then looks depressed.

September 21, 2014

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 47]

While the police car’s siren wails in the air, the policemen had arrested the stalkers. Mitsuru, together with Chiharu, is relieved that the police had arrived promptly. He turns to the side to see Aoi carrying unconscious Mego ala princess carry. Aoi had his right eye bandaged again. The two guys are surprised. Mitsuru exclaims if Aoi is okay for he’s touching Mego, and doesn’t he have a flare-up when he’s near a girl. Aoi mutters that he himself is also very astonished.. “It seems that I’ve obtained rebirth. My body felt very light. Mego, she caused this miracle..” Narration: “It is like waking up from an endless nightmare. Even if she saw my true appearance.. *Crying Mego saying that she likes him* The moment when she accepted me, it is like something in my heart had ruptured [/broken down].” In the hospital, while the three guys are watching over her, Mego opens her eyes. After Mitsuru exclaims that she woke up, puzzled Mego, who had her head bandaged, mutters out Mitsuru’s name. Mitsuru informs her that right now, she is being treated in a hospital and those guys are already caught by the police so she can relax. After muttering police, Mego quickly sits up and exclaims for Aoi. Mitsuru calls her stupid, for Aoi is standing in front of her.

Hirunaka No Ryuusei [Chapter 75]

Last four chapters!! Suzume tries to get a good glance at the guy who looks like Shishio. Her eyes widen for it seems to be him. Then, Mamura calls out to her and asks why she is standing lost in thought there. She apologizes and says that there’s just a bit of something. She glances back again and realizes that it is a totally different person. Realizing that she was mistaken, she tells him that it is nothing, sorry, let’s go. Then, Mamura notices the guy who looks like Shishio by the aquarium tank. Meanwhile, Shishio goes in Yukichi’s place. Thinking that it is a customer, Yukichi apologizes and says that he is still preparing. He looks serious upon seeing Shishio. He asks Shishio why he came. Shishio says that it has been a long time since he came, and he specially came to eat the food Yukichi makes. Looking away, Yukichi says that it isn’t business hours yet so go out first. While Yukichi is at the bar, Shishio tells him that in the end, he still likes her. He has already prepared himself so he came here. Yukichi grabs his collar and angrily asks if he’s joking around, for after everything that has happened, what he is saying.

September 20, 2014

Skip Beat [Side Story from volume 35]

[Free talk: I found this in baidu.  It is a side story for volume 35. The poster, 叶之溪, wrote the translation with some photographed pictures of it. Even if some of my translation is a bit vague in some parts since I couldn’t understand some parts but I think you can get the essence of it. ^^]

This is around the time when Corn showed that holy smile at around chapter 210 and in around 212, after Corn left, Kyouko’s demons are in a meeting. They are all wearing protective suits. 

Skip Beat [Chapter 216]

And, Kyouko happily looks at a tray of takoyaki [battered balls with octopus]. Ah~~it has such a Japanese feeling to it when she obviously doesn’t really like takoyaki. Nom. Nom. So delicious~~ It turns out that on her way out of the airport, her stomach is rumbling and she heard some kids telling their parents that they want takoyaki. Since Kyouko slept soundly in the plane, she didn’t get to eat the airplane meal and ended up being hungry. Putting her snack aside, she decides to check when the Narita express train will be passing by. She opens her cellphone and sees that it is about 2pm so there should be one coming soon. She is startled when her cellphone starts ringing. After reading her message, she rushes through the airport meeting area and meets up with Yashiro. They happily greet each other. Yashiro says that it is great that he managed to find her for he has no way of contacting her while she is on her mission. After thanking him for helping her with her luggage, she asks him what’s up for she is startled that he would unexpectedly fetch her.

September 19, 2014

UNCONFIRMED SPOILERS for Skip Beat [Chapter 216]

As usual, it is out in the Chinese forum and out for the rest of us tomorrow. For those who want some spoilers based on other people’s teasers/comments, read on. And, by the way, it seems that the next chapter will be out after a month again. As expected, no Ren in this chapter.

Hirunaka No Ryuusei [Chapter 74]

Because Mamura seemed mature when he asked her out, Suzume couldn’t help but answer, ‘okay’. In the toilet, Mamura fixed his hair thrice but was interrupted by Kotetsu who wants to brush his teeth. Mamura tells him that he’ll be out in a while. Mamura sighs and rumples his hair back to its usual style. He blushes upon recalling how Suzume invited him to go to Okinawa. He thinks that if he doesn’t pull himself together... In the toilet, Suzume also fixes her hair thrice but isn’t satisfied with any since she finds them too casual. She finds it difficult to choose which hairstyle she’ll wear today. Yuyuka angrily asks if she isn’t finished yet and is she going to continue with that way of dressing up. Suzume gloomily says that she has a hard time choosing the hairstyle. Yuyuka angrily shouts in frustration and offers to do it for her. She also called Nana and Monika to help her out so that it would be settled within 10 minutes. At the hotel’s lounge, Mamura is waiting by the post when Suzume arrives while catching her breath. With her hair loosely braided, Suzume apologizes for being late and says that it is because she couldn’t fix her hair well.