November 26, 2015

Kasane [Chapter 63]

Yoshio and the others watch the three actresses for the witches perform on the stage. The three witches are talking, “When should the three of us meet again? Will it be in thunder, lightning, or rain? Where should we meet? Let’s do it at the health [/wasteland]. We’ll wait there. –wait for Macbeth. Fair is foul, and foul is fair. Let’s fly away through the fog and filthy air.” Kasane watches from behind Nobuhiko. Narration: “Is the situation good or is it bad. At the rehearsal’s nervousness and intensity, my everyday has somewhat grown. But, the more I walk further, the more I felt an uneasiness approaching from behind. *a figure of her mother standing behind her* It is probably because Habuta told me about that thing. That day when he announced about the Macbeth’s cast and crew--” Flashback: In the dressing room, Kasane exclaimed that it’s simply what she is looking for. Standing up, Kingo said that she’s very enthusiastic. “Even if it is me, I also think that the current you has this asset of self-confidence in being a remarkable actress. But, because of this, in this way, even if it is Fuchi Sugeyo’s last performance, but her acting progressed rapidly...

November 24, 2015

Kasane [Chapters 61-62]

While walking through the snow towards the burnt ruins of her house, Nogiku thinks that Saki has already attained the admission ticket that will enable her to go towards a big stage equal that of Fuchi Sugeyo. “It is said that it is Fuchi Sugeyo (Izana)’s last role--” She looks down the stairs towards the basement where her mother was locked up before. She calls out, “Mama, I should be able to succeed very soon.” She touches her left shoulder where there was a burnt scar. Looking determined, she thinks that the wind pushes her [body’s] back. “The wind’s origin is the burnt scar on my arm. And it caused some changes to my surroundings.” Flashback: After her house burnt, Nogiku returned to the house where she lived with Yuuto. While she is removing her shoes, Yuuto opened the light and asked how come she is so dirty. She told him not to mind her. “I’ll immediately change my clothes so I won’t dirty your house.” Yuuto noticed the burnt scar on her arm. Grabbing her arm to look at it, he stammered, that.. He asked if she washed it with water. Nogiku said that she hasn’t. He urged her to quickly put water on it and use running water!

November 22, 2015

Free Talk: Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 115]

I found AnY 115's  translation and link for the raws here so, there's no need for a summary for this chapter. I’ll just comment on it for those who want to read my views about it. =P

November 21, 2015

Free Talk: Blog Stuff regarding some series

Okay, from what I can understand from their post, according to Redfaces/红莲汉 [Chinese scanlator of Skip Beat, Akatsuki no Yona, Namaikizakari and Last Game], they had closed the registration to their forum. All their comics are prohibited from being reproduced, and I think they will release them one week after the sale date. But then, that might be only for the people in the forum since their recent updates are manga that has been sold in Japan a long time ago but it cannot be viewed publicly. Unless, they mean one week after they uploaded it in their forum. ^^;

Someone in baidu wondered if it is connected to the arrests of Chinese nationals who had uploaded scans on the internet. So I checked it out a bit. It is One Piece raws to Mangapanda on November 13. Then, The 7 Deadly sins for Red Hawk on November 18.

So, I’m not sure if the other Chinese scanlators will follow. For now, if no one/group scanlates in Chinese or it is already English scanlated/summarized, summaries for the mentioned series cannot/will no longer be worked on. Edit: I forgot that they are also working on Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru with another group so I'm not sure if that is affected. Sorry, but this is beyond my control and I had always been dependent on Chinese scanlations for the summaries. ^^;;

I guess because of this, Chinese scanlation’s releases had considerably been delayed than usual these few months except for Redfaces. It is either that or they are just busy with other things. ^^; Anyway, we’ll just see how this goes. 

I still have a few pending summaries to do so I'll work on that in the meantime. 

Update on November 23: Okay, checking the Redfaces/红莲汉 forum, they got Akatsuki no Yona 115 and Namaikizakari 36 up yesterday, November 22th. So, we’ll wait a week to see if they’ll release it publicly or not. If not, it will be only for them.

November 19, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 72]

Year 2015. In a church, Tomo and Shizu are teary-eyed as they tell Mego that she’s so beautiful. Narration: “Today is my and Aoi-kun’s wedding ceremony.” Wearing a bridal gown, Mego suddenly cries to her friends and thanks them for coming. While the three are crying over their reunion, the make-up artist tells her not to cry tremendously before the ceremony or the make-up will be ruined. Narration: “Sanada Megumu (23) After going to college, she already debut as a mangaka. And, her work is currently being serialized in a monthly magazine.” Mego notices Shino and Akane. With Akane between them, the girls greet each other. Mego says that even if she isn’t quite mature but as their sister-in-law, she’ll be under their care [yoroshiku] from today on. Satsuki is in tears that Mitsuru teases his father that he already started crying [before the wedding], and he’s such an spontaneous person. Embarrassed Satsuki denies that he is crying. When Mego saw her parents, she calls out to them to thank them for giving birth to her and bringing her up to become an adult.

November 18, 2015

Kasane [Chapter 60]

It is raining. Kasane is sitting in a dark room lit only by the light outside the window. While standing behind her, Kingo tells her to forget all of her habits before. “Not only acting skills but also your usual movements and your personality have to be forgotten. 'Tanzawa Nina' is already dead. Your name is 'Saki'. For you, you don't have a past. What you possess are only perfect looks and talent, as well as, incomparable persistence. You will become queen.” Kasane thinks that the attitude of how this this guy treats her is already different from before. “No, it isn't just Habuta Kingo, everything in my not at all the same during the time when I was 'Tanzawa Nina'.” Kasane rushes towards below the bridge where Nogiku is waiting. Kasane apologizes and asks if she was waiting for a long time. Holding her cellphone, Nogiku says nope. As Nogiku removes her mask, Kasane leans to kiss her. She says that it is truly a big help that she can come over and today's practice seems to be extended. Kasane reverts back to her original face then goes back to having Nogiku's face after the kiss. Kasane narrates that thanks to Nogiku, it isn't like with Nina who has a sleeping beauty syndrome or perhaps be in a vegetative state. “The lipstick's time limit, that flaw, can also be effortlessly resolved.”

November 16, 2015

By request: Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 22]

[Free Talk: Request by AhnDaniA, and Claudia.]
At a hotel, the receptionist stutters that high school students..cannot.. While being grabbed by Haruto, aghast Yuu says that they won't..then.. Haruto casually says that they are college students. The receptionist says that because the heavy rain isn't stopping all, and they are located in front of the station, they only have one room left, a double room [room for two with one bed]. While others are envious of the two and if only they came earlier, Yuu tells Haruto that she's going back. As Haruto is paying 12,000 for the room, he tells Yuu that they don't know when the trains will run again so does she want to sleep outdoors. Yuu sneezes and thinks that it turns out that he wants to scare her to death. Then, the receptionist tells her that the elevator is at that side. Yuu is surprised for Haruto is quickly walking away. In front of the room, Yuu thinks that they cannot stay together in a room like this. Yuu waves at Haruto and tells him that she'll sleep at the lounge, byebye.

November 13, 2015

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 5]

Surrounded by smiling girls, Yomi says, “Hello everyone, we are going to start today’s horror class. Is the close friend beside you the type who is quite blunt when she speaks? Or is it the person who is good at listening [to you]? Hee, we are going to talk about a story regarding this type of ‘friend’. Lesson 5: Doing Things According to What a Friend Says. In front of the door to 2-A class, some girls are chatting about a movie that is really good and all of the actors there are handsome guys. A short haired girl tells them that they’re obstructing her way. This made the other girls apologize and let her pass. Then, the girl tells some guys not to block [her way to her seat]. The others comment that she’s really very strong. The girl is Gouda Aiko [Guesswork from 剛田愛子], 13 years old. She has that kind of personality ever since she’s young and right now, even if she wanted to change, she can no longer do so. Besides, she herself doesn’t want to change. In class, the teacher tells the students to take one paper then pass it at the back. Frowning Aiko looks at the others and thinks that it isn’t like she doesn’t want to have a good relationship with her classmates but with these people, she wouldn’t dare bluntly say it.

November 12, 2015

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 40]

After being moved by Sane’s perseverance, Akira finally stops crying. She wipes her tear and apologizes for that. Chika and the three guys are very nervous that they say, “Yes, yes!!? What is it!!?” Gesturing to the snacks on her lap, Akira says that even if she is very happy that they have this feeling..but this amount is also..besides, she also has.. Chika and the others start taking the snacks back and nervously say ah, it is as she said, hahahah!! Sorry. Sane whispers how come she suddenly cried and is it because he played it so awful. Chika exclaims how should he know and girls frequently cry suddenly!! Akira says that it is really nothing at all, it is just that some dust got into her eye.. Chika and Sane look at her. Relieved Sane says wh-at, hahaha, dust getting into the eye, of course, it will hurt. Chika tells her not to scare him. The other two guys laugh and say that it turns out to be just dust. Takezou and Hiro couldn’t believe the others believe that lie. Akira apologizes for scaring them and they should continue. Satowa looks surprised at Akira.

November 10, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 71]

On the television, it is reported that one week after the earthquake, the local rescue is still ongoing. Mitsuru exclaims that it is his father. Azusa comments that they are still doing rescue when it is snowing. And, they are unable to open the horizon[?] and the situation isn’t at all optimistic. Mitsuru recalls cursing about his father being too strong and later one, he’ll win against him [in kendo]. Mitsuru mutters ‘gambatte’ [/do your best] to his father. “When I was young, I wasn’t able to say it because I’m embarrassed. Actually, old man, you’re my hero.” At Sendai, Satsuki says that this district is the region that was greatly stricken by the disaster so they have to hurry their work in recovering the survivors and the deceased. The team is already quite tired but no one have the heart to complain. This is a disaster that happens once in a millennium. Despite their names not being recorded in history but there are still countless heroes who step forward bravely in front of this disaster. There are scenes of firefighters hosing a building, a man returning a baby to its mother and doctors looking after the sick.

November 9, 2015

Namaikizakari [Chapter 35]

While reading a basketball magazine, Shizuka asks to watch a practice competition, who against who? His friend says that it is Ryohoku vs Atsumori [guesswork from 厚森] and it is also Saturday so their senpai-s are also going. Shizuka asks where the venue is. His friend says at Ryohoku. Shizuka immediately refuses. His friend teases him by laughing that it is because he is too scared of coed school though yesterday at the station, a female high schooler groped his butt. There is a scene of a couple of fangirls squealing that it is Shizu-chan, then, one of them touched his butt. Aghast Shizuka tells him to absolutely do not tell that to their captain. His friend says okay, okay. [I think] he also says that the Winter Cup qualifiers is also coming soon and it is part of practice to check out the situation at the enemy’s camp, right? At Ryuhoku, Himiko’s cheering squad is all fired up that they ask her to listen to the new cheering style they plan to use for tomorrow’s competition. “One- Two- Ah-thanks for waiting for such a long time, our brothers. *bang bang bang bang* Two-colored hair shoot three points. *bang bang bang bang* In- In- Amamiya”

November 6, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 114]

While holding Lili’s hand, Yona leads her towards the forest. Noticing that Lili is breathing hard and looks ill, Yona stops and asks if she is alright. Lili stammers her that she's fine. Yona suggests that they rest a bit. And, they rest for a while under a huge tree. Just then, a couple of fruits are thrown on Yona's head. Holding the fruits, she says that it's the tree's fruit. She thanks Ao for them. After biting into it, Yona says that this fruit shouldn't be poisoned..and it can give them a bit of moisture. She offers some to Lili. Lili is trembling for she had..that person.. While Ao brings down some more fruit, Yona assures crying Lili that if she didn't save her, then, she'll definitely be already dead. While hugging her, Yona says but right now, first forget about that and properly sleep.. While Lili and Ao are sleeping, Yona thinks that it is good if this world is that kind of world wherein people like Lili doesn't have to pick up arms and fight. While petting Ao, she wonders if everyone is currently worried about them and she really wants to see them.. And, Yona has fallen asleep. Soon, it is morning. The slaves are back to work on the Sei stronghold. Then a slave carrying a heavy sack falls down. The soldier A cracks his whip and tells him to quickly stand up. The slave tells him to wait, his body..already won't move so let him rest a bit. Soldier A tells him that there no time to make him rest for the orders from above is this stronghold has to be completed within a week. “If you won’t want a beating, then properly go to work..Gah ah ah.”

November 5, 2015

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 74]

While listening to Mush & Co’s music at his bed, Shibaken is searching about ‘Mush’ on his cellphone. On Twitter, someone wrote how come Mush came to Kagawa’s Crude Play LIVE!!? Another one wrote that she heard that Mush came midway and always stayed behind [the hall] to watch. Shibaken clicks his tongue and mutters that Mush rejected an important colleague gathering and just to see Crude Play, she ran all the way to Kagawa huh. Then, he notices a picture in Twitter. Someone wrote that she found Mush! “At the side, is a person whom I cannot say (?)♡♡” And, there is an attached picture of Aki and Mush talking and walking together. Shibaken recalls Aki smiling and how they were together during the TV show program. Shibaken says that is Crude Play’s Aki. He recalls seeing them holding hand and how teary-eyed Mush was upon reading her cellphone. Shibaken mutters that it also means that the two of them are going steady, right. “Could it be that she really likes..him..?”

November 4, 2015

By Request: Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 21]

[Free Talk: Request by Nadia/AhnDaniA, Claudia and megaworthit. ]

After Haruto said, ‘Stupid, how can he cause a ruckus here’, cap boy asks ha? Yuu realizes that Haruto doesn’t plan on hitting back so she quickly goes back to the gym to look for something. Kanei asks what she is doing. She tells him to help her out. Kanei says that he couldn’t do it but she insists that he can. Outside, Haruto manages to grab cap boy’s bat. Cap boy asks how come he isn’t like before who would run amok. Holding a net with Kanei, Yuu tells Hauto to quickly move away. And, they entangle cap boy with the net. While Kanei is amazed at Yuu for doing such a daring thing, the teachers arrive and ask if they are okay. Takumi apologizes to Haruto for one person managed to run away. Haruto says that it is fine. The teacher says that Kanei is from a different school and he must be with the others so come over with him. Just when Yuu is about to explain, Haruto says that guy has nothing to do with it. While Yuu, Takumi and Kanei is surprised by that, Haruto grabbed cap boy who curses about him unexpectedly lying. Haruto darkly glares at him which caused cap boy to shut up. Using his charms, Takumi says that it is as Haruto said and he guarantees it. The teachers took Takumi’s word for it and tell them to go back while they take away cap boy.

November 3, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 75]

Narration: “I’m Tei Yuulin, the working bride of the ‘cold-hearted Wolf King’. If my feelings towards His Majesty are exposed, I won’t be able to stay here anymore.” Yuulin wakes up to see Reishou sound asleep beside her on the bed. Blushing and trembling, Yuulin thinks that she is mistaken, they are already husband and wife!! She must still be in dazed from sleep..! While her heart is beating fast, she thinks that it has been such a long time since she was working that her mind is still in disarray. “Ah—it startled me--!! *teary-eyed*’s great. It is really great that it [still being a working bride] was just a dream.” At the harem, Jun says okay, as he said, from today on, at approximately two months after, Enha’s foreign diplomatic group is estimated to arrive at the royal capital. “During the palace banquet, the princess consort should also be present. *pushes up his glasses* This is an international exchange and you are our country’s sole princess consort.. You understand my meaning, right?” Looking serious, Yuulin shouts, “I’ll do my best not to run into problems!!”