April 25, 2015

Last Game [Chapter 43]

Summary of what had happened: Staying for the night with Yanagi, Kujou encounters the mother who came for a visit. While Yanagi looks aghast, Kujou thinks that it is Yanagi’s mother. Covering her mouth, the mother says in disbelief, “Nao-chan, you..because you didn’t come home that I.. What are you doing with some other family’s precious daughter..” Yanagi screams that it is a friend, and it is because of all kinds of reasons that he made her stay over!! “It’s a misunderstanding!!” Going near Yanagi, his mother says, “Nao-chan, mama doesn’t recall at any time that I have taught to secretly stay with a girl at the back of your parents. Of course, I’m not rebuking you for courting a girl. I’m just asking you why you are doing it sneakily.” Scared Yanagi says that he said that she is mistaken. Kujou thinks that it seems that his mother has misunderstood into thinking that she and Yanagi are already going steady. “In the end, Yanagi already has someone he likes. It’s my turn to appear..!” As if she is on a mission, Yanagi firmly tells the mother that it is true. “I have forgotten to bring out my house key and I have no place to stay. So, due to his good intention, he let me stay for the night. WE ARE TRULY FRIENDS.” Yanagi holds his chest for it seems that knives are stabbing it. Sweatdropping, the mother says is that so. Then, she recognizes Kujou.

April 23, 2015

Namaikizakari [Chapter 28]

At his house, Shou closes the refrigerator and drinks directly from the milk carton. He remembers blushing Yuki saying that she is already his. Then, he covers his face and giggled. A beautiful woman [probably his mother sister] asks what he is laughing about, that's disgusting. Then she calls out to their mother about her ID. [Thanks Apurva for the correction] And, it is August, just at the time of summer vacation. With cicadas chirping outside the gym, Miyoshi is fanning himself inside. He asks what happened afterwards between Shou and Yuki. Kanda complains that there isn’t even a bit of sign and even if they are ridiculing them, there is totally no reaction! Miyoshi exclaims, what!? He scolds Yuki that they are really boring and this is youth, youth-- Yuki thinks that since they got into summer vacation, that teacher would always show his face here and is it because he is too idle. Abe says that he opposes it. Hatori asks what it is. Abe says that if Shou and Yuki goes steady, that kind of thing, it is like a relative’s older sister and his friend are going to be together and it makes his feelings become quite complicated!! The others exclaim if Abe and Yuki are relatives. Abe exclaims no. The others say what that is about. It is now the fifth day after the summer camp.

April 21, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 105]

Munching on a fruit, Zeno doesn’t know how many hundred of years had passed for he has no way of counting it in detail. Then, he sees some birds. After feeding them some pieces of fruit, they flew away. He thinks that now, the power of the five tribes in Kouka is at their strongest. From time to time, there is civil unrest caused by fighting over who’ll become king. Even if there are some conflicts with other countries’ gozoku [/prominent clan = the powerful and rich families], but he no longer fight at the battlefield with a sword against the army just like before. People rely on what is known a physical body’s vessel and were born to study then returns to the sky. That is so-called fate [/life span]. He mutters that he’s saying things at random. Time’s passage is astonishingly hard that it once led to an intense frustration for him as if it is cutting into his body. At that time, it is the dragon’s medallion that caused his scattered and smashed heart to once again be at its stable and tranquil state. Probably at that time, the king was aware of his [Zeno] fate so he bestowed upon him his amulet. With it, Zeno is the one asking for the dragon god’s protection.

April 20, 2015

Skip Beat [Chapter 223]

Looking at Kyouko’s distraught expression, Shou says that in the end, she saw it. After a pause, Kyouko asks what he is saying. Shou tells her not to pretend that she didn’t know. “Today’s broadcast. The program that Aunt Saena took part in.” Then, Okami rushes out to see Kyouko with Shou. She recognizes Shou who sees her. After Okami nods in acknowledgement, Shou shakes his head. Okami starts going inside and thinks that regarding this kind of thing, it would be better to leave it to a childhood friend who understands the situation. Shou says that looking at her, it is impossible that she didn’t see it. Kyouko says that she doesn’t know. Shou says who she is deceiving. “..currently, your eyes’ expression is lifeless.” Kyouko lowers her head down and asks why he appeared. “..how come you are here.” He says, “..because there is a certain idiot who won’t answer the phone no matter how many times I called. *Kyouko didn’t answer* ..you..just now..where do you plan on running off to?”

April 19, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 59]

At home, Mitsuru looks at the clock. It is 4pm. He says that Azusa is so slow, could it be that something had happened..? And, Azusa looks surprised that she is being kissed by Shougo. But it turns out that Azusa has put her hand on his mouth. She tells him that he’s too naïve for her kiss won’t be easily taken away. Then, she stomps the wall almost hitting his head. She says, “You said that you are my fiancé? Did that person incited you to do this? *Shougo looks a bit tense* That person would unexpectedly still want me to marry some other guy..?” While thinking that there is no extra ‘seeing her underwear a bit’, he tells hier to calm down a bit for he is the second son of Toyotomi Commerce’s chairman. “You know it, right? Toyotomi Commerce. It is the subsidiary company in business with your father under the Tokugawa Corporation. Chairman Tokugawa is a very outstanding person that I, as an executive [/manager], respect him from the bottom of my heart. I felt very honored about this marriage.”

April 18, 2015

Unconfirmed Teaser for Skip Beat [Chapter 223]

With the pictures mentioned at the tagboard, I decided to check out the Chinese scanlator’s forum. It is already out in the forum but most probably, it will be out in public on the 20th. Nevertheless, 連京愛 of baidu wrote a plot spoiler which I hope is correct, so for those who cannot wait, this is what s/he wrote had happened...

April 17, 2015

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 99]

Looking at their float, a guy says that even if seems to be a bit crude but then, it’s not bad, not bad at all!! Someone asks Shouta if that is already done. He smiles and says, yes!! On the second day of the school festival, Joe who is wearing a Masked Rider outfit, calls out to Chizuru and asks what is she dressed up as. Chizuru nervously exclaims huh!? Ah, no!! Ah..Ah~~ Then, Joe goes to the others and says that it is ramen, she wants to be a ramen store owner. Chizuru is startled when her friends call out to her. Blushing, she sheepishly looks at them. Ayane teases her that no wonder she went to secretly change clothes by herself and told them to go dress up first. “I was wondering what you’ll wear.. It turns out to be--” Blushing Chizuru exclaims for her not to say it and don’t say anything for she won’t listen!! Blushing Sawako thinks that Chizuru is wearing the ramen store working clothes that she usually wears and that means.. Then, Ryu, wearing a baseball uniform, is looking at Chizuru. Her friends take their leave. Ryu continues to stare at Chizuru that she became embarrassed. She exclaims what’s up and what is he looking at. He calls her name, “Chizuru. Haha, Chizuru!”

April 15, 2015

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 67]

And, a plane flies up the sky. The pilot tells the passengers that this is flight number 535 that is going to Takamatsu airport and estimated time of arrival is 12:40. The local weather is sunny.. Looking out the window, Aki thinks that for a long time now, he always made Shun endure. Aki recalls how Shun told him that in a band without Aki, how could he.. Looking flustered, Aki thinks that no..actually, he noticed it early on. “Even if I already noticed it..” Meanwhile Crude Play is in a van heading for the concert venue. Everyone is sitting in silence. Shun seems to be sleeping. Looking out the window, thoughtful Shinya mutters, “compared to what I imagined..it came a lot sooner.” He closes his eyes and calls out to Senzaki. He asks if they will be at the venue soon. Senzaki tells him that they’ll be there at around 10 minutes. Shinya asks if he can get off the van here. Senzaki asks if he is going to a convenient store. Shinya says no, there is a place that he wants to go. After agreeing, Senzaki tells the driver about it.

April 13, 2015

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapter 58]

At a place overlooking the city, Mego shouts that they’re at Aoba Castle!! And that’s Masamune’s statue!! Pointing to the city, Mego tells Aoi to look, from here, one can see the full view of Sendai. Aoi says yes. Narration: “Hello everyone, I’m Kobayashi Megumu. Because it is Golden Week, I travelled to Sendai. It is like a dream to be able to go on a Sendai date with Aoi-kun. It is like Masaumune-sama and Megohime--..” Then, Mego sneezes. She laughs and says that even if it is already spring, it is still quite cold in the northeast. Aoi looks around for something that he can use to warm her up. He ends up hugging her tightly. Blushing, he asks if she is still cold. With her heart beating loud and fast, blushing Mego says no..she is very warm. While steam is emitting from her head, Mego thinks that from the start, Aoi is on fire and could it be the effect of long distance relationship!? “Just by seeing each other, he’s bursting out a fiery passion..!!” She tells Aoi that it is like in the dream. “Everyday, I would see you, Aoi-kun, in a dream. Right now, it seems like the dream’s continuation..”

April 11, 2015

Hibi Chouchou [Chapters 68-69]

Kawasumi and Suiren are having their usual date at Café Bell. Kawasumi recalls that it is already a year since they have gone steady. So-called mutual collision of ideas, and sharing [/enjoying] the same time. Anyone has some other thing besides this kind of feeling. He thinks that from that day on, Atohira didn’t go back to their house again. While walking together with Suiren, Kawasumi is bothered that Atohira told him that they are always rivals. He thinks that as a person, as a man, he is still quite far off and lacking [in dealing] with Suiren and Atohira. If he can handle things a bit better.. Noticing his glum expression, Suiren tells him that he is always listless after the cultural festival. Kawasumi apologizes to her. He wonders if she is also aware of Atohira’s intention [/feelings] and could it be he confessed something..but compare with those things, since Suiren won’t say it, he wants to cherish more this kind of feeling. Kawasumi held her hand tighter and this made her blush. Then, they wave each other goodbye. Suiren recalls Meguna telling her about the anniversary kiss. Suiren thinks that this isn’t the time to think of that.

April 8, 2015

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 66]

Narration: “The founding of Sakaguchi Candy can be traced back to the Meiji Era. Sakaguchi Shirou [guesswork from 四郎] is the fourth son of a kimono store in Yokohama. The origin of his infatuation with Western-style candies is when he received a marshmallow from a missionary. In order to learn the craft on how this candy is made, he went to America by himself at the age of 18. Even if he suffered hardship from racial discrimination but at the same time, he was able to master all sorts of ways in making all kinds of Western snack. At age 28, he returned back to the country. At Ginza, Tokyo, he opened a small Western snack store. There is a scene of children happily eating milk caramel. In order for the children of whole Japan to easily [get and] eat Western snack, he made milk candy to establish what is now the foundation of Sakaguchi Candy Company. It has 1572 employees and its sales figure is at 174,682,000,000 yen. The current president is the fourth successor, Sakaguchi Yuki [guesswork from 佑基], Shirou’s great-grandson.” Beep. Beep. Beep. At the ICU, Yuki is now lying in the hospital bed with all sorts of machines attached to his body.

April 6, 2015

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 69]

Narration: “Hakuyou finally welcomes the end of its long lingering quiet winter days.” At the prison-like room in the harem, Reishou says, “..Geez, this is quite vexing. In a short while, I’ll have to part away from you ..won’t you let me see more of your face, Yuulin?” Yuulin is covering her blushing face. Then, she covers his mouth and tells him to wait, don’t corner her to the wall. “Work! You abandoned work and came over here, right!? Won’t it be very bad if you don’t go back!?” Pouting and unsatisfied, Reishou asks, “..what. Don’t you want to be together with me?” Yuulin exclaims, “I want to! But, won’t it make others think that it is very strange!? Obviously, right now, there is no consort in the harem.. And for you to stay here for a long time..” Pouting Reishou stares at her and says that even if she is right but he has to have enough vitality in doing the next work.. Yuulin is puzzled. In puppy mode, Reishou asks, “So, one more time ..okay?” Yuulin felt like she’s melting and isn’t he quite devious pretending to be a puppy--!!! “Obviously, he is a wolf! Obviously, it is a wolf--” And Reishou took the opportunity of the moment to hug her tightly.

April 4, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 104]

And, it is raining in the mountain area. Zeno walks wobbly and slips down on the muddy floor. In a daze, he thinks that he is so hungry yet strangely enough, he obviously couldn’t die of hunger. He is already indifferent to everything and he doesn’t want to stand up again. It has been many years since they have parted that day. The people in the city started to feel disgusted with him to the point of dreading him because his outer appearance doesn’t change. So, he decided to choose the next successor and leave the royal city. Afterwards, he noticed a baffling thing. Even if White and the others aren’t around, he can feel still the four dragons’ presence [/breath] so he quietly searched out where he felt it. At that place, there is a group of people quietly living and offering sacrifices to the dragon. And among that people, is a young boy. Zeno is startled to see the young boy with the dragon’s claw for his right hand. He quickly turned to leave but the people saw him. Thinking that he is an enemy, one of them fired an arrow at him. Holding the arrow that hit his back, Zeno thought that the one standing there is the White dragon who he doesn’t know.

March 25, 2015

Free Talk: On Vacation...

Well, it is only up to this point that I can write summaries since I’ll be very busy tomorrow in preparation for the early Easter vacation trip with the family to Tokyo. ^^ Hehe, I was busy Monday cramming to check how much the transportation expenses and learned that we do not have enough money since I have not even included the food expenses..^^; Hehe, obviously underestimating one of the most expensive cities in the world. No wonder my brother-in-law is surprised when we mentioned that we only going to bring that much yen. ^^;;

The flight is early in the morning so I won’t be online on Friday. Lol, probably won't get enough sleep on Thursday night. We’ll come back on April 4th in the afternoon.

Depending on whether I’m not too tired = irony of vacation, and there is an easy chapter to do like Akatsuki no Yona, I might be able to write something on that day. ^^

So, until then...

Namaikizakari [Chapter 27]

Everyone is speechless after Shou said that he sincerely likes Yuki-senpai. After that processed into their brains, they suddenly shout in disbelief. Shouji exclaims that his face is so serious when he throws out that statement that they do not know if he is serious or joking. Someone shouts look at Yuki’s face, it is already ashen, isn’t it!! Hatori exclaims that obviously a second ago, it became red. Yuki denies that it became red. Miyoshi calls out to them as to what they are being noisy about. He tells them to quickly take a bath for don’t they still have a ‘test your courage’ game even if he absolutely won’t play it. The guys call out to him that a while ago, Shou just seriously confessed to Yuki. Miyoshi exclaims if that is something he can listen to. Yuki casually tells Himiko that they go take a bath. As Himiko says okay, the guys think that Yuki ran away. As Shou watches them leave, Yuki wonders what that guy is thinking. Splash. In the bath, Yuki angrily held her head and is really baffled over why at this time, he would announce that, what is the meaning of that..!? Always until now, she has been using her utmost best for the club not to get into trouble!!