August 30, 2015

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 37]

Narration: “Every afternoon, brother will run back home from school. In a very intense way, he would sit in front of the koto and start playing his favorite piece. Afterwards, mother will also join in. That is space that is filled with happy notes. *by the door, young Akira watches them play* I really like that gentle time. *young Akira goes to her brother* I really like it.” Later on, during the new season performance of the Tsubaki [guesswork from 椿] Group, Akira’s brother had finished playing the koto. While the young kids look amazed, the older women say that this piece, ‘Dazzle’ is really great to listen to, and Keishi [guesswork name from 慧士]’s performance truly won’t lose to an adult. A woman tells the mother that both of them are definitely very proud. Just when the mother sheepishly smiles and says not really.., Doujima notices proud Akira clapping her hands. The mother asks if her brother’s performance is really amazing. Still clapping, Akira says yes, super amazing!! This made Keishi quite happy. He says that to return his cute younger sister, Akira’s encore, he’ll definitely play one more piece! “For everyone, I’ll play a special piece, that is from my current favorite rock n’ roll band!!”

August 26, 2015

Boku no Ie ni Oide [Chapter 33]

[Free Talk: Request by Fatima. This is the last chapter of the series.]

With Mirei on his motorcycle, Fumiya drives her to his house. Before opening the door, he says that in his castle, there is a birthday party for the princess. He opens the door. Blushing Mirei sees the place decorated with draperies, roses, paper chains and hearts. She asks if he did all of this himself. He happily says that it took him a month. He also says that she celebrated his birthday and he really felt happy so he wants her to have this kind of happiness, too. Mirei is moved to tears. He leads her to her seat. Mirei wonders if he also did this table setting. He poured her some popular ladies drink which is popular at his store. He served her omurice with shrimps and tomato sauce. Mirei says that it has a restaurant feeling to it. He tells her that he was working a while ago so the food is from the store. Taking out a box from the refrigerator, Fumiya says, but, he tried making the cake himself. Mirei is shock that he baked a cake. He tells her not to be startled as he opens the box. Teary-eyed Mirei thinks that it is definitely beautiful because he made it himself. And they are speechless over the unsightly cake.

August 25, 2015

Last Game [Chapter 47]

Holding on to Yanagi, Kujou says, “About that..!” Puzzled Yanagi calls out her name. To his shock, Kujou corners him on a tree and says, “..I..I’m going to say it..!” Yanagi is freaking out for she never before had this ‘killer chi/aura’ <- Kujou’s killer chi is soaring. Kujou says, “ (‘like you’ want to say ‘I like you’)” [<- In Japanese, the li is ‘su’ as in suki/like in Japanese] Aghast Yanagi wonders could it be that she wanted to say susu and it looks like, that at any time she pleases, she can take his life!? Kujou says, “Li.. *mouth open*’s nothing..” This startles Yanagi. He asks her what’s up with her for saying such frightening words to frighten someone. With heavy steps, Kujou turns around and says that it is nothing, they should quickly go back to eat. Yanagi calls out to her and asks what she meant by that. Behind some bushes, Miyabe has heard everything. <- at that time he is watching the stars. Miyabe thinks that it wasn’t deliberate but it just so happen that he is at the scene of that tragic unsuccessful confession..

August 24, 2015

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 102]

[Free Talk: LG is out tonight..I'm going to work on it next. ^^ ]

Ryu comes out of the clubroom [I think]. Pin asks if he had packed his things. Ryu says yes. Then, he calls out to Pin as coach, and thanks him for his coaching these past three years. Pin smiles and says that he already heard that and everyone said that together. Ryu says yes. Pin says that there is still half a year that he’ll be teaching him as homeroom teacher. Ryu says yes. Pin wishes Ryu luck [/gambatte] for the college’s tryouts this summer vacation. Ryu says yes. After a pause, Pin asks if he is going steady with Chizuru. He says yes. Pin says is that so, with that ‘completely no sex appeal that can be talked about’ Chizuru. “Haha, truly interesting.” Ryu says no, that is not true. Awkward pause. Pin nervously shouts if Ryu had laid a hand on her. [<- implying that they did it] Ryu slightly smiles and thanks Pin again for coaching these past three years. Pin shouts for him to wait, did he lay a hand on her!!! Hey, hey, hey, hheeyy!!! Then, Shouta calls out to Ryu who asks what’s up. Shouta says that he was just studying at the library and it is because there is no need for him to help at the store today. Ryu asks if he also has to help out the store during summer vacation. Shouta says yes, he’ll go to work as usual for the time being but then, he’ll be going to the exams review at the lecture hall. Ryu asks if he’ll be with Sawako. Shouta says that she went to cram class. Ryu comments that Sawako is really working hard. Shouta says that he also wants to properly do his best. Ryu smiles and says yes.

August 22, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 111]

It is already evening when they arrived at their destination. Some firecrackers are exploded. Lili explains that tonight, the town of Tousui [guesswork from 燈水] is holding a festival for the water god. Every year, this side holds the festival so it is very lively with music and fireworks. Haku asks if this is the town where the Sei merchant appears as well as where people went missing. [<- for now, I’ll assume the merchant is one person] Lili confirms it. Then, a woman calls out to Lili. Lili calls her Tuvalu [圖瓦盧] who says that she came again. Lili assures her that it is alright for she also wants to resolve this issue together. Tuvalu tearfully thanks her. Lili introduces Tuvalu to the others as her acquaintance and one week ago, Tuvalu’s son went missing nearby. Yun asks how old is her child. Crying Tuvalu says 15 years old and he didn’t return after he left home. Lili says that even if she gathered intelligence but there is no clue. The border between them and Sei is very long and she still doesn’t know if this is related to the Nadai drug so she wants to start investigating here at Tousui. Yona says okay.

August 21, 2015

Skip Beat [Chapter 227]

With Fujimichi’s car in between them, Kyouko faces her mother. Kyouko tensely wonders what to do because even if she came down from the car but..what should she say to open up the situation.. “It is impossible for her to ask first. It would be better for me to say something first before she does..” She imagines Saena saying, “Why did you appeared in this place and unexpectedly coming to my work place as you please? What do you want? Not even thinking that doing this kind of thing is quite ill-timed. Quickly get lost and don’t show yourself in front of me again.” Kyouko thinks that before she can hear those destructive words that will make her ashamed and unable to show her face..must..quickly..say some interesting effective words..!” And, both are surprised when they both say something at the same time. Kyouko said, “I’m always very grateful to you” Saena said, “Is that a costume you’re wearing right now?” Fujimichi looks upwards and goes, Kyouko timidly apologizes and asks what did she just say. Saena looks at her then looks at the side.

August 19, 2015

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 36]

Sleeping at one corner of the living room in an apartment, Chika dreams of how Akira showed them how to play the ‘turning over’ technique and told them that this is ‘adjust to uniformity’ playing. Chika suddenly sits up, becomes somewhat drowsy and recalls Akira saying that right now, they don’t have the right to play Tenkyuu. Chika puts away his futon, brushes his teeth, and immediately heads over to the train station. Using his spare key that he got copied without permission, Chika opens the clubroom’s door and starts practicing. Meanwhile, Akira is practicing in a room. A couple of pictures are placed above the wall. [<- deceased people] She looks at Tenkyuu’s music sheet then starts playing again. Someone overhears it. A guy suddenly opens the door and calls out, “Akira!!?” Really moved, the guy says that she came at least, mention it to her brother. [<- him] He rushes to hug her and shouts, “My beloved younger sister--!!!” Akira evades so he ends up hugging air. He calls her meanie.. Akira says that she only came to play a bit of koto, that’s all.

August 18, 2015

By Request: Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 29]

[Free Talk: This is a short speedy summary for the reader from Ecuador. I like this chapter so I obliged..again. ^^; For the chapters not summarized, wait for the English scanlations. ]

There is no club on that day but Chika still went with thoughts of their lost in the competition. Because of Suzuka's encouragement, Chika goes in the clubroom to find Takezou inside. And, everyone ends up going to the club. They plan to practice something but do not want to know what to play. Suzuka sees them and asks if they got nothing to do when there's no club today. Suzuka tells them to play in the school festival to have experience on playing in front of an audience. After everyone recovered from the shock that Suzuka is acting like an adviser, he shows them the piece they are going to play. Takezou and others are shock when Suzuka said that he wrote it. Suzuka claims that he is already a koto club adviser for two years and he just knows how to read and write koto music sheets.  Takezou, Satowa and Hiro are shock. Chika and others think just think that is inevitable that Suzuka can do that.  Suzuka made the 17 string part easy because Sane is going to play it. This made Chika jealous. Suzuka says that regarding the National’s qualifiers, he’ll look for a piece with Satowa’s help.

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 72]

And the concert ends. Everyone exchanges, ‘good work’ [/otsukaresama]. Shun gives Aki a hug and says, ‘good work’. This made everyone smile. It is announced that today’s concert has ended and everyone to bring all their belongings. Some fans start to scream, ‘Encore!’ Shu looks surprised as someone says that it’s quite lively that even the stage’s lights are close, they are still shouting for encore. Shun asks if they’ll go out at least once. Aki refuses because what are they going to when they go out, and they had already sung three extra songs. Shun says that the audience will be happy just for them to go out. Shun asks the staff member if they can go out. Looking at his watch, the staff member says that removing the stage is.. Holding Aki’s hand, Shun tells him to just give him a moment. Then, he tells Aki that they’ll go for a while, so go take Kaoru’s hand. Aki groans. Shun says that if they don’t hurry, it will only be just the two of them going on stage holding hands like gays.

August 17, 2015

By Request: Blue (CHIBA Kozue) [Chapter 47]

[Free Talk: This is the last chapter of the series, requested by Fieyna. This one is very easy to do like the other requests so I obliged. Ah, I only found the name of the lead of the series. ^^; I didn’t read this series so there might be some parts that are wrong. Thya, your Dame na watashi ni koishite kudasai 28 request turned out to be very long and all conversations. ^^; I’ll have to find a lot of free time to do that. For now, I cannot promise anything.

Regarding requests, currently, I can only take one chapter at a time, and I’m not committing to a whole series. Easy ones and those that I have read/browsed have a higher chance of being summarized. I think I can accommodate 1-2 request chapters per week. Currently, I have two more Kono Oto Tomare chapters to do which I’m doing once a week so that should be updated by the end of the month. A new Chinese group is working on From Five to Nine and currently, two new chapters are out. I’ll probably do that after I’m done with KoT. So, when I’ve finished updating the pending ones and when Kobayashi ends, I think I’ll have more time for requests. And, don’t ask me to summarize a chapter that isn’t out in Chinese yet. I cannot read Japanese. Thank you for your understanding ^^]

Running Mimi is thinking that right now, she wants to see the guy. Would he listen to what she’ll say and would he accept her current feelings. She goes to his house and was told that he went out just now so he might be at the pier. She thinks that it is rest day from fishing today so she thought he’ll be at home. She goes from one place to another but she couldn’t find him. She looks at a shrine and thinks that it is like heaven is deliberately teasing her to make her unable to see him. Then, she notices a cat with a ribbon + bell on its tail. She couldn’t believe it for it is a blue cat. She follows it. She thinks that at that day when she saw the blue cat, she only vaguely wished, ‘I want to be happy’ but right now, she knows..what is the happiness that she wants. And, she sees the guy on top of a tree. The guy is surprised for how come she is still in the island and wasn’t she in Tokyo. Looking flustered, she tearfully confesses that she likes him. She asks him to please start all over again with her. This surprises the guy. She apologizes for saying that they break up but it is because she is too weak and afraid that he’ll hate her so she left him. But after losing him, she became aware..she..she..

August 15, 2015

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 35]

At Shizu’s place, Hiro complains over what’s up with Akira saying that ‘And, on that same major competition, I’m the one who got first place. Does that answer satisfy you people?’ Hiro imitates Akira what she said, and angrily shouts that it really infuriates her. Kouta says that he also hates that person. Hiro angrily shouts that woman is definitely planning to destroy the club just like the past her!! Takezou tries to tell Hiro to calm down. Hiro grabs Takezou and asks how he can be so calm!? While serving them some tea, Shizu says that in that year’s competition, she recalls the first place is ‘Water’s Hentai’. This made Kouta and Michi feel awkward for it is hentai.. [<- pervert] Satowa corrects them that it isn’t that ‘hentai’ but rather, it refers to changing of shape [/transformation; another meaning of hentai] for example, water becoming like fog or perhaps cloud, etc. “Not only does this piece has to be sung, the technique is very complicated and it is quite a troublesome piece.” Kouta is shock that Akira also sang. Michi asks if she meant that while Akira is playing, she is also singing. He becomes nervous for just playing is already strenuous. Aghast Sane says that it was also mentioned that the technique is complicated..

August 14, 2015

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 3]

Yomi narrates, “Hello everyone, we are going to start today’s horror class. The children outside appears to be playing quite happily. The kid who acts as the ‘oni’ [/demon is what Japanese call the one who is ‘it’ when playing tag or hide and seek] needs to find the children who had went to hide. This is such a simple game. Actually, playing hide and seek is such a frightening game, do you know that?” The class bell is ringing. Lesson 3: Hide and Seek’s Oni. It is already quite dark. Someone calls out, “Are you finished hiding?” A girl calls out, not yet. Someone calls out again, “Are you finished hiding?” A young girl keeps running and says, not yet.. She turns around then... She wakes up when someone is calling out to her, Saki..Saki.. [guesswork from ] Her friend tells her that she has been lost in thought when it is time to go home. With some drool on her mouth, Saki says ah yes. Saki thinks that is quite nostalgic for she unexpectedly dreamt of the time when she was young. “It was a scene of when I was young and playing at the neighborhood courtyard..” They pass by a beautiful girl at the hallway. The girl is asking someone if they want to go and play at her house since it is a very beautiful newly built building.

August 13, 2015

By Request: Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 19]

[Free talk: Request by many people. Someone/Anonymous told me the names of the four characters but I don’t know about the others so it would be like the usual description + guesswork name.]

Holding her wrist, Haruto asks if she wanted him to a bit of something to her. Flustered Yuu says that it isn’t this..what she wanted to say is..!? Then, the PE teacher is passing by so Haruto pulled her to the side. After going downstairs, Haruto warns her not to get involve in everything and regarding participating in school activity, it isn’t his style. Yuu protests that it is rare for everyone to be this enthusiastic about it. Haruto asks if she would still say that when he joins then ruins everything. Yuu asks him what he meant by that. “Answer me. I..I really wanted you to join. Can you properly explain..” Haruto turns around to her again and kisses her. He tells her regarding what he has decided on, she just have to shut up and properly comply. He tells her not to recklessly butt in or else, he’ll train [/teach] her again. Yuu dares him to go ahead and train. Just then, the others arrive and say that it turns out that Haruto is there. They ask if Haruto was joking about not joining the sports festival. They also ask if Yuu is persuading him. Yuu holds up Haruto’s arm and says that Haruto had said that he’ll properly participate. Everyone is silent. Haruto says ah..

August 12, 2015

Akai Ito [Chapter 36] -Fin-

[Free Talk: There won’t be any pictures here for now because the Chinese scanlator for this version put large red warnings about it not being posted in a couple of Chinese sites. I’ll wait for the other Chinese scanlator, that is 2 chapters behind, for the images. For those who want to see the pictures, go here. ]

April 5th. 19:40pm at Tachibana residence. Chihiro is taking a hot bath in the tub. She sighs and says that from tomorrow on, she’ll be in second year. She suddenly clasps both hand together and start gloomily praying, “Bless me and Sho to be still in the same class.. Bless us to absolutely, absolutely be able to be together! I swear that I absolutely won’t fail a test again so please do not separate our class..!! Rino and Kiritani, too. I hope that the four of us can be in the same classroom. In case I won’t be in the same class with Sho, I also hope that I can be together with Rino. In any case, suppose that someone has to be separated..! If it is possible, I wish that it would become me and Sho ∙ Rino and Kiritani. 2 pairs..ah. But, if Rino isn’t around, then, I would have no other girl to share private words with [/confidences]..  *looking ill* Still..I still absolutely [want] for the four of be together..” Then, Souta opens the door and calls to their mother that sis soaked for too long that she fainted.

August 9, 2015

Namaikizakari [Chapter 33]

After Yuki shouted to Arisa that she doesn’t wanted to give Shou to her because she needs him and she also wanted him, surprised Arisa asks Yuki if she is a bit stupid. This shocks Yuki. Arisa says, “..the one who is always running away is me.” Then, Arisa walks away. Arisa recalls asking Shou what he would do if she said that she likes him and the time when she asked him to close his eyes and think of her as Yuki. Arisa thinks that if she explicitly told him then, she cannot become friends with him again. “I won’t be able to once again tell him, ‘goodbye’.” At the train, Shizuka has been sniffing his shirt that Kira tells him to quickly stop that since it’s embarrassing and what’s up with him this time around. Shizuka asks Kira if he has this granny scent on him. Kira asks who told him that. Shizuka couldn’t believe that he unexpectedly did that kind of thing. <- hugged Yuki and asked if it has to be that guy. Shizuka wonders if he is an idiot for even if he didn’t specially ask that kind of question, his heart already knows it clearly. Shizuka tells Kira that he will still trouble him a bit in accompanying him for practice. Kira asks what, is it because his mood is quite restless?