July 26, 2018

Free Talk: Namaikizakari [Chapter 85]

English scanlation is out so no need for a summary. Yup, these college guys are indeed acting like high schoolers. Are the noisy ones first years? It seems that we have two people here who are in unrequited love so the theme is how they are going to deal with this situation?

Fuuka has a higher chance of something happening since Suwa is single but then, ah, her ‘enemy’ would be Suwa’s mommy issues rather than other girls. It is a good attitude that she is making herself useful even if she didn’t take the job with pure motives.

Ah, even if Suwa can interact with her normally again, that small talk is enough to power her up again. =P I guess because all the other guys are ‘inferior’, Fuuka will always be hooked with Suwa especially since she is turning down those who are interested in her.


Regarding Shizuka, I guess contrary to making it how Shou is going to deal with a basketball member who had a crush on his girlfriend. This is about someone who is in love with a girl who already has a boyfriend. In a way, it is a basketball issue.

He tried to concentrate on basketball and it is somewhat working until he unconsciously glances at her. Of course, it totally fails when she shows her cute self to him. And yes, it really doesn’t help if the girl is clueless of what a guy who likes her might unconsciously think/get turned on by things she does/wear/say.

For him to blurt out that he isn’t interested in girls might be potential repetitive jokes later on <- everyone thinks he’s gay. Now that I think of it, perhaps, he is the focus in order to level up his game/surpass this problem since Shou had already surpassed his problem regarding ‘not being good enough’.

It is interesting though how Yuki and Shizuka think of each other quite idealistically. For him, he thinks that she would only focus on training etc and no lovey-dovey during camp. Whereas she thinks that he is only serious about basketball and won’t think of romance stuff like Shou does.


Of course, Shou is right in the end since he knew these two better than they know themselves. He knows Yuki will continue on making clueless actions/talk which will continue to turn Shizuka on. And, even if he tried to focus on basketball, Shizuka’s stance will break apart by Yuki’s undeliberate actions/words.

So, how do you exactly solve that kind of problem? That is what I want the mangaka to address in this arc. Unless of course, the mangaka want to continue it for comedy, love triangle or perhaps, show Shizuka’s gradual maturity? I mean, it is only now he realized that she’s a girl. So, is the mangaka hinting it was just a mere crush/admiration?

Anyway, let’s just wait and see if this kind of situation will be dealt with in this arc or it will continue on and on...until the end or Shizuka finds someone else/moves on, as well as Yuki minimizes ‘acting clueless’ and turn her admirer on.


  1. Shizuka was almost comical in this chapter. After he killed the spider for Yuki, he suddenly realized that she was a woman and ran away. Clearly the boy has woman issues just like Suwa. He may say he loves Yuki but when faced with a real woman he runs away. As for Yuki she remembered what Naruse said about Shizuka 's love for her. At the time of the incident she was trying to kill a spider and did not notice that she was in her pajamas with no slippers. Despite what Shizuka said about loving her even though she rejected him she still needs to formally reject him just like she did to Suwa.Many have objected to the males surrounding Yuki but it has not affected the love between Yuki and Naruse. They keep getting closer every time anything happens. He is already staying over after sex. Soon he will either move in or they will get a larger apartment together.

    1. Haha, was that how it was, landofthekwt? I thought it was the first time he realized she is a woman due to blood nose etc, when he used to think of her as 'someone he admires'. In a way, it is like a level up from just admiration. Running away = embarrassed by his nose bleed and his realization. Well, he was on his way from running away before he couldn't control himself.

      Yup...perhaps, a formal rejection for closure. But then, I'm not too sure if Shizuka can stop himself from being 'in love with her' = glances, etc. like how he is right now.

      I think that will happen when they graduate college and have jobs. One, perhaps due to Yuki's 'principles', she won't let him especially since that place is being paid for my her parents. Two, they don't have money yet to buy a larger place.

  2. Thank you so much for the comment ^^

    Aw, usami is working hard, that's nice. Haha, it's just like Yuki, when her reason of joining the club wasn't pure she felt guilty and putted it in work.

    Well, they think perfectly of each other bcuz the two give a fake image about themselves (romance side) but Shou is always honest. For Yuki it's cute since she's girl, but for hakamada, agh.

    well, is keeping that happen has a meaning anymore? ..I mean that must have been solved already, she rejected him + SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND!!!!!

    ( Actually that confession-thing even if one has a BF/GF I saw it just in Japanese Manga, that's just so weird, and a no-no step as I normally know. Plus I can never imagine myself doing such a thing)

    And so Shou reminded her in that chapter!! but like always she thought he's talking nonsense. Sigh!

    Aw about that nosebleed-thing ..ahhh, I just hate that so much. I swear it's not just bcuz of hakamada did it, i always did. whenever I see it in Mangas or something I will just avoid looking at it or even think of it..I just find that so creepy and disgusting (I'm sorry) ..agh, just react normally,.. like a man!

    And yesss Kat I really thought the same.. 'machida is a woman' ?!!! Until now?? Then how he can likes her if he doesn't see her like a girl?! .. just like I thought, it is just an 'admiration' .. so I wasn't wrong! .. well, ofc no one can loves someone who doesn't know or just meets few times, it's just impossible.

    Ah, that extra chapter released yesterday, did you see the cover (of the magazine) ?..I found Yuki in it more hot than Shou, lol.
    Well, anyway that extra is so hot, haha, I'm not just saying, it's really very hot, OMG! I saw a picture and aww, haha.

    1. Thanks for reading, mary ^-^

      Yup. It reminded Yuki of it.

      Haha...gender bias =P

      Did she reject him? I don't recall it. During the confession, iirc, he said that he knows she has a bf and something like, it is okay...he won't go after her. So, perhaps, a formal rejection is needed? But then, it isn't like Shizuka is actively trying to steal Yuki away from Shou.

      So, I get the impression the mangaka also wanted to show on how to deal with this kind of situation especially if the other party is clueless like that, and is being quite nice to you that you keep on falling in love with that person.

      I think it is kind of a psychological thing = no regrets later on. Say, when you'll older, you'll think what if I confessed. And also, a closure like this person had formally rejected me so I can move on now. In a way, no longer have hope that perhaps, s/he still have a chance.

      Yup. Yuki being Yuki.

      Haha...it is a manga thing to show 'being turned on/hot'. I'm not sure in Japanese but in Chinese medicine, it is believed that nosebleed is caused by 'hot'/yang of ying yang. Anyway, I think it is common in comedy and this series is a romance-comedy. Perhaps, better not to take it too seriously?

      Ah, I actually thought it is bad that he realized that she is a woman and his admiration is actually 'love' and not just 'admiration'. ^^;;

      Haha...is that so. I see ^^

      I think it usually happens in comedies though so it reminds me not to take the series too seriously =P And, y

    2. Yupp.

      No, I'm just thinking of how girls can be and how men should be.

      I know she didn't (directly) +_+ .. it's bcuz of that idiot hakamada when he said what u mentioned. Well, and it's bcuz it's obvious anyway. mm, ya, i think it is needed, for him to realize his place more.

      Ya, maybe.


      Yep. And so even if he means/makes it sound not as jealousy the results would be the same :(

      Yeah, but I just dislike those things. even that guys blush-thing, I can't stand it and think of it the same as the nosebleed.

      How that?! He actually was believing that what he had for her was love. So it should be the other way, he'll realizes that he didn't love her and that would stop the arrogant that he is when he discovers that he doesn't know her/know nothing about her while he thinks that he is.

      I recall I thought so in chapter 62 (when he confessed) he said 'she isn't that strong like she's showing it' ..I was surprised how he didn't know about that until then. If he really likes/cares about her.

      "Haha...is that so. I see ^^"
      And "I think it usually happens in comedies though so it reminds me not to take the series too seriously =P And, y" ..I'm sorry, but what are you referring to? 😄 The extra chapter?

      I hope the Chinese Scans will translate it. But they're now in chapter 84, right?

    3. I see.

      In this case, I'm not sure how can he 'realize his place more'. She's wearing cute pajamas out of the room. She needs help with a spider. She trips so he catches her...or should he back off and let her fall on the floor?

      In a way, thinking about it, I think Shizuka needs someone to help keep his mind off her. I mean, if someone is talking with him in the cafeteria, perhaps, his eyes won't wander off. He is only depending on sheer willpower to 'back off'. Unlike the others, they have a lover/friend to help them...ah I'm not too sure about Suwa though...if his friendship with others are casual. For Shizuka, it seems his relationship with others are casual. His captain is the only one who knew and was his support then.

      Haha...really. I think the blush thing is the only way we can know that a character is moved by the other character. Hm...is the blush thing because it makes a guy look girlie?

      Something like, oh...she's a woman, no wonder I'm acting uncontrollable like this. It is love. =P Usually, I think admiration would tend to limit on 'looking from afar' like fans to their idol. Haha, but then, ya, there are those who would grab and kiss. =P

      Ah, isn't it because their interaction isn't that much? Only during basketball matches and occasion meetings outside. It will take time to know about her real character as does she about him.

      Sorry...that should be deleted. ^^; I'm actually referring to nosebleeds = comedies. As a whole actually. There are some scenes that I feel are suppose to be funny like that last part with Shizuka...nosebleeding, blushing, running away and Yuki being clueless.

      Perhaps, that is one reason why I'm not that agitated with the 'love triangle'...those quarrels between Shizuka and Shou are suppose to be funny, I think. ^^;

      Yup, they're at 84.

    4. I'm not talking specifically about that but how he acts, in chapter 76 if Shou didn't come what was he going to do? I'm sure something would have happened. Also in chapter 76 why would he tell her about that again? That's a flirting. It's not just Yuki fault, he is the one who makes things messed up.

      Well, that something he should work on himself. He's old enough to act the way he is always doing. Oh, I'm sure it's casual to suwa too. It was the same to Shou too when he was getting hurt by being rejected/waiting for Yuki but he never complained to anyone or even made us think that he was (it was hard) .. unlike how hakamada is making it a big deal and makes himself look 'poor' ..I don't like that.

      He always makes a big fuss from nothing, like here it wasn't that big deal but he made it sound like Yuki was naked! ..he's always like that, so it makes me think that he's always thinking about that thing!

      Ya, but a little blush (cases) like with Shou, not like that!
      Yuppp. And There's also..emm, a lot of blush like that actually makes me afraid of that guy, like he is so horny. I don't (exactly) take it as that guy is good/nice guy. That's my opinion. 😄

      Ya, 'bcuz she's a woman' .. I Still think that is not 'love' ..bcuz he would react the same even if it was other girl (not exactly the same) .. he's always reacting the same with any girl. So u can't even take that 'blush' as a love sign. Agh. Ya, then that can present him.
      sorry, but I don't understand that "but there are who would grab and kiss"

      Ya, but I know even if he was close to her he would failed, I know that.
      Ahh, yuki never knows his real self, like here, she would never think that nosebleed was bcuz of that thing. bcuz of the shameful imagine he's always showing. Like me I honestly never expected that nosebleed.
      =That image is just him fighting with himself bcuz he is (thinks) like any other men/human.

      Haha, I see, yeah

      There are things funny to me and there are not. Hehe.

      I see.

    5. I understood it different. He told her again to remind her not to get too close since he still likes her. Before he said that, he told her do not be like that. Yuki seems surprised that he still likes her.

      Ah, I see. 'Making himself look poor'...in what way? We actually don't know about Shou because the mangaka never bothered to 'tell' us his thoughts. We do have Shizuka's thoughts.

      Haha...isn't that suppose to show how 'innocent' he can be? Something like that can make him blush and go dokidoki. Actually, from how he is portrayed, I would think he is a virgin and isn't exactly inclined to think/imagine up to that point...yet. <- based on the character; in real life, I won't be saying this because it is possible that it is what you think.

      Haha, I see.

      Yup, since you put it that way, blush isn't a love sign. But still, Yuki is the only girl whom he can interact that way without just blush and freeze. Since we're talking about this, I'm starting to have a deja vu that Shizuka's character seems like Ranma 1/2's Ryoga or some other character in a comedy. ^^;

      '"but there are who would grab and kiss" <- fangirls in real life.

      Yes, but we're talking about understanding/knowing each other more, right? If they interact more, they won't have that 'idealistic' notion about each other. As in, they're both totally devoted with basketball and there were no instances that they weren't or love/emotions > basketball.

      As for Yuki reading through that nosebleed, blush or whatever Shizuka or other guys do including hug...she won't think of it as romance/flirting, etc unless it was mentioned to her. And, thinking about it...isn't that like some sort of running joke already?

      By the way, you already saw 86, right? Does the training arc end there?

    6. We can considet that regarding chapter 76 but chapter 67 it was definitely not the case.

      Haha, no need, isn't it obvious for anyone to get hurt being rejected/ignored from the one they love! .. plus 'thoughts' is actually depend on the personality, like say, I would never imagine Shou narrates like that, but for hakamada, he can, like usami, Yuki, himino..etc, hehe.

      Yeah. like they see girls just that way...They need help, haha.

      Isn't it bcuz she was the only girl in his way! ..and somehow they got connected bcuz of Shou.. like, he didn't think romantically of her but they talked otherwise.. about friend/basketball. But he does that with yuki too though, haha.
      Sorry, but i don't know this anime or Manga😄

      Oh, haha, true.

      True! Like now when they're more close Yuki got to hear him say bad words, lol.

      Yeahh. Haha, I know right!..it's somehow.. not realistic, right? ..I mean I understand being clueless, but at that point!! even with her background though. Or at least make her developed a little, Right?
      If I'm not mistaken ur mean 😄

    7. Haha, yep. Well, we can say it's ended, I think the chapter is for Shou since the cover is him. So, Yuki is worried about haka since he got a nosebleed and ofc she thought it is bcuz basketball. So I think he was going to tell her it wasn't for that.. but Shou came and stop him.. (u see! If I know that he really was going to say something, I will..ah😤) .. then, it seems that Shou discovered/observed what happened between them.. but he's being understandable (like always) ..I think he hinted (told) her about it.. and about how she might be seen in situations he doesn't like from the guys in this camp.. maybe she would tell him something cute.. idk. then he would tell her about some time for the 2 of them..I'm not sure about that,hehe. Then for the game Shou would be the one who would cheer haka (I don't know how to put that, lol) .. like he would say and do many things would surprised haka.. he would ask the captain that we would play without the upperclassmen help, also something about the numbers.. then Shou and haka would cooperate.. and they would win. They would get the upperclassmen admiration. And haka would realize something about Shou..or Yuki (idk) ..and it said that a new relationship has been established..I think between Shou and haka..
      U didn't ask for all this, right? 😄 .. u know I'm not so sure about all that, ok!
      *But u see he said Shou would be playing while he's the one fooling around, it has been always like that.. that hakamada 😤😙

      Oh, also kat! U remember Chapter 55, right! When Yuki got sick.. it actually has an extra chapter.. you didn't see it, right? If yes, I will upload it in my Twitter account, when you done see it, I'll delete it. Okay? ..ah, I will be uploading one pic as a comment since it is 5 pictures.
      Here the link,

    8. Ah, but he wasn't rejected nor ignored. They are still 'friends'.

      I see. I guess it depends then...for me, I would prefer a narration would help me understand a character more.

      Most likely. There are many other girls who like Shizuka but he isn't at ease with them.
      Haha, well, it is a very old anime/manga.


      Indeed...hm...do you think that the mangaka might make her that way until the end?

      Ah, I see. So, the training arc is more focus on Shou and Shizuka's teamwork in basketball. It doesn't seem definite that Yuki will actively avoid such situations.

      Thanks for sharing ^^ I don't know what happened with the balcony door though...did he break it?

    9. who?! I was actually talking about Shou.

      Ya, but it is 'special' like that..i like it that way,hehe.

      I see.

      ..ya, I start to think that 😄

      Yup. Ya, it doesn't seems that she will..

      I didn't get that part too, hehe.. I think he forgot about the food? since he cooked for her.

      87 will be in August, 20th August, 5th a break.

    10. Ohh...^^; Well, it depends...like perhaps, girl is 'hard to get' =P Though he isn't exactly totally rejected/ignored, right?

      Maybe...but she was looking at the door, right? And Shou is 'acting dumb'. So, I assumed that he immediately dashed out to stop himself and broke the door. ^^;;

      I see.

    11. Yup. But in the beginning it was so. Plus waiting is hard too.

      Haha, yeah, maybe it is like that.

      Kat look at this picture 😍 it is from the recent extra chapter https://www.instagram.com/p/Bl8eP1sBaYp/

    12. Yup. In a way, it sets her apart from the other girls.

      Thanks for sharing ^-^ Ah, is she naked?

    13. Yupp❤

      From what I understood, her sisters sent her a swimsuit, hehe. Shou was with her.. then IDK how she wears it, then he stunned, then.. that, haha.

  3. Did you know when the chapter 86 will out please? 😊

    1. It is already out in Japan, Clara. We're just waiting for the English scanlation.

    2. Thanks you for the information Kat 😊

  4. I just feel that Naruse loves Yuki so much

  5. Does anyone have the link for the raw 86 chapter ? (:

  6. Naruse was so adorable in chapter 86 and acted so maturly both in romance (as a BF) and in basketball.
    But he just keeps getting hurt! .. I felt bad for him in that chapter.
    Emm, If it keeps like I think he will always feel so. Em, It will be like some comments said, like if he is with Machida he will always be hurt and tired.. I got annoyed Everytime i see such comments but now I think they're right! Em, they really have a far vision. Ha!

    1. True, Clara.

      Ya, it does make me wonder why the mangaka kept on doing it though. For comedy? For cliffhangers? To show that no matter what, even with those obstacles like Yuki being clueless, love will conquer all?

    2. I guess it is your 3rd suggestion. your wondering is legit though. like that thing with the black haired dude here, did it add anything to the Manga? Did it change anything? Did it make Machida aware? It was so unnecessary.

      U know honestly I found Machida reaction improper when Naruse told her about that incident. He even Stated that he feels depressed! She's cold with him, haha.
      Like it was really that hard for her to cuddle him! I thought we were done with that unnecessary drama but we're not.
      I feel like she cares more and she's more kind with other guys and ppl. I hope she'll be kinder to him.
      I wished the atmosphere was nicer to him fighting to show up but it was messed up and irritating but he could still do well. Though Machida always support him tons but I didn't feel so in that chapter. Maybe it is just a feeling on my own. Haha

    3. I just can't stand anymore, how could yuki say that she love naruse much more even deeper the day by day if she actually just ignored and didn't trust what was naruse just said,
      yes she did thought what naruse said but in the end she always ignored it, she realized that she did the mistake if it comes to hurt naruse and give an impact to naruse ,
      but in the next chapter she'll repeated to be dense,
      how could she love him if she so carefree about the impact of her act?
      i just hope the mangaka bring the strongest rival for yuki soon

  7. In Chapter 87 that jerk hakamada will kiss Yuki! That son of bit**! He is not a man. He's so Annoying!! OMG! Even though he clearly know that what he's doing is wrong but he keeps doing! He's confessing every time he feels like it!! He's so jerk! And now see! That's what he wanted and he did it! He Forced A Kiss ON A Girl Who Has A Boyfriend AND HE CLEARLY KNOW THAT. That $$ault!

    That jerk what is he thinking? By that he will effect the peace within the team! .. ha, and he's the one who said Naruse will fool around and he's the serious one! Ha, u jerk who is now fooling and just thinks on himself like a child! .. he's so childish and arrogant ... Omg! He's so shameless! .. the hell he doesn't have any character, he doesn't add a thing to the Manga .. he's a boring and a lifeless character! ZERO RESPECT TOWARD HIM.


    And about Yuki I can't believe her! U r Happy now! No matter how many times Naruse tell her, no matter what happened! She wouldn't take him seriously! U know why? U know why she still that dense? Why she never once to say "maybe I'm wrong" and try to Change? Is because she is so full of herself and Always looks down on Naruse.. think she's always the rightful one and Naruse is the wrongful one.. but the truth is clearly the opposite. Everytime she'll realize that in the end! When Naruse explain it to her. But she still doing and that so Annoying.. after all that time she still don't know Naruse!!

    She doesn't un inch matured or developed from the beginning of the Manga to Now!



    Naruse told her before anything happens 'be carful' but she said 'ah, he's saying nonsenses again' .. and then when something really happened and he told her about it..she said 'no, that guy won't do that AND YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE LIKE THAT' ..who the hell would respond like that!? Only un immature person who would respond their partner like that. After dating him for almost 2 years you still don't know him!!!!!! .. instead of him being angry over his GF got seen like that with that kind of dirty intention she was the one who said mean things to him and defended that jerk! WTH!

    And he didn't say anything about it.. be let it go like always.. he just been boyfriend goals.. But I don't think she deserves that.. yeah!

    It's not just she didn't support him but she's hurting and upsetting him during a so hard time in his life/future.

    She thinks if she keeps repeating to us that "I'm an adult" ..and call Naruse "a brat" .. we would take that! No girl, we would take over 'actions' .. from the Manga Naruse is the one who seems so mature and she's the childish one.. that manga show to us that we shouldn't judge from the APPEARANCE/CLAIMING

    1. No one treat a person like how she is doing with Naruse.. she is just insulting him..it's like he's begging her.. like he's entreating her.. she disrespects him so much.. he always manage it himself when he is in a hardship.. if you don't like him... If you're going to treat him like a bother like that then break up with him. Hell!!

      Ofc ppl would think she's cheating on him.. she always acts suspicious.. she always hide things from him.. she knows that she should tell him. who the hell would let other guys hug them like that when they're in a relationship!!!? .. that time she didn't say or do anything when that jerk hakamada Hugged her.. and when Naruse asked her if she something up with her she would get flustered so she knows that this is a wrong thing, then why are you doing them? and when suwa hugged her she just sat there letting him hug her ..she didn't even tell him let go let alone push him! Who can she do that to Naruse? How can she hurt the one she loves like that? .. even if u don't know that those guys have feelings for u.. even if u don't have feelings for them.. u can't let them do that to u.. then why would she be upset and jealous when a random fan girl touch Naruse's hand?! Agh

      She just pushes Naruse.. her BOYFRIEND.. always.. she is so sharp with him .. no density no nothing.. at the beginning it was cute but Now SHE JUST LOOKS SO IMMATURE EVERYTIME SHE PUSHES HIM LIKE THAT!

      When he learned about that accident.. and said 'im depressed' she could at least say some love or beautiful words to him like how he always does when she gets uneasy over something.. but nah, she just snapped out on him.. she didn't even feel him.. OMG! How can that be normal!

      I'm so mad .. everything end here, enough! .. yeah, I have lots every bit of respect toward her. And I can say it loud and clear now YUKI DOESN'T DESERVE NARUSE.
      My god, just appreciate all what he did for you.. if me, I would feel so indebt ..I would be so grateful.. but she just.. agh.


    2. The problem with Yuki isn't that she doesn't take Narus seriously, but rather she think so highly of Hakamada that she doesn't believe that he could do stuff like that especially in a training camp. But in the end he turned out to be a barbaric who can't control himself.

      I think if the author want to make it fare for Yuki, and doesn't make her look like a bad girlfriend, is to make Yuki reject Hakamada right away, just like Narus did with Ichi. That would be the most reasonable way forYuki to deal with this situation. But I don't see that happening unfortunately.

      I think what will happen, since this situation is so cliche, is Yuki tilling herself that she is at fault, and Narus was right the whole time. She will try to hide it from Narus, cos that will make troubles between Narus and Hakamada, and she doesn't want that especially after they started working together. She will try to act normally in front of Narus, and deal with the barbaric animal herself. And looking at how Yuki is, she will fail to hide it. Narus will suspect something, and at the end will know ether from Hakamada strait up tilling him, or by digging it out from Yuki.

      Honestly I'm curious about the way Narus will react to this.

      But I really don't want Yuki to look bad girlfriend since NaruYuki is my favorite couple in manga.

    3. if the author want to make it fair**

    4. It's not think highly of him, but she has been deceived by him, by his fake image. The fake image he's cowardly and HYPOCRITY showing to ppl. But now his REAL low wolf self appeared. Thought it appeared so many times before too.



      I really like that 'barbaric animal' from you bcuz he is really that.

      Yup, I know that she won't even react firmly.. has a firm expression and word to him.. she will blush and act kind with him. U k know that's just unbearable!!!

      Yup, Naruse will get hurt again .. if there's a jerks guys around him who would do then shamelessly directly tell him about stuff like that!
      His reaction is obvious tho.

  8. Naruse just loves her..he just wants to be with her.. he's so honest with her..he gives her his all self.. but she's just half-hearted with him.. ah..

  9. Oh I'm so upset.. what I'm gonna do now Kat?! OMG ...... 💔


    Yuki was an idiot when she invited that bastard to her room. I mean like she knows that he has feeling for her, so why do you have to be sooo dense. like she could crack a hole in the wall with her head. And Hakamada... I don't even wana talk about him, because I think he is the most hated charterer is the manga now. He even passed Sawa, which is a very hard thing to do.

    I really hope that Narus ex appear now and be Yuki's rival, and teach her a lesson or two.

    Seriously, I love Yuki, but these last two chapters she was like... ugh. I think Hakamada kissing her was her punishment for ignoring her boyfriend. Unless she's fine with it, and treat it as a "not romantic kiss from someone who has a romantic feeling for me" kinda kiss.

    Kat, I hope that you summarize chapter 87. thanks for your work. And sorry for my language.

    1. now i seriously think that naruse and yuki should break