July 25, 2018

Free Talk: Skip Beat [Chapter 261]

How amusing that Daruma wife can now decipher what kind of emotion Kyouko projects through her screams. I think Daruma boss is more sharp since he seems to know what is the cause of that scream. I suspect that he is acting/feeling like an overprotective father. =P

And, it is amazing that Kyouko can memorize the full equivalent of PI. And, I didn’t know about the ‘safe side’ of the car. ^^; That is away from the road, right, in case of car accidents? Nevertheless, it is a good job for Kyouko to mask her excitement. So, Yashiro’s secret is getting a license.

Perhaps, it is a lesson to Yashiro not to show something different since it might take away the one he wanted to show someone. In this case, making his hair slicked back that it caught Ren’s attention more than having a driver’s license.


Kyouko thinking more about Ren’s supposed crush towards Kimiko seems like a premonition to me. It made me think that with the mental conditioning and everything, it is highly likely that she’ll slip up and mention it. If so, we might expect some progress in their relationship.

Haha, would her face slip if Ren tells her that he has no feelings for Kimiko whatsoever? For now, it seems that just a little unexpected push can break Kyouko’s ‘mask’. Still, is that, Kimiko’s only role in this story? To make Kyouko jealous enough to help her with her Momiji role? I'm thinking there will be more like regarding someone whom Ren knew in the US =P


Hm...it is interesting that Kyouko made food for all three of them. Was she just prepared to feed all of three of them if someone mentions lunch? Or, if Yashiro didn’t mention it, she’ll just bring all that food home again? Perhaps, she'll mention about it? Haha, a way to get Ren to eat? Spend time with him?

Anyway, they are going to have a little picnic. Something should happen...hopefully. So, I/we, the reader/s are pinning my/our hopes on you, Yashiro to try to confirm your suspicion during the audition. =P Don’t end that lunch without bringing me/us something to squeal/get excited on. Lol, make Kyouko's 'mask' break. =P 

Hm...on a side note, I wonder if there will be a purpose later on about that kiss between Ren and that other actress. And, would it be connected with that kiss between Kyouko and Shou. Will it be mentioned here during the picnic...or much later on? And ya, will the White Day gift thing be mentioned? 


  1. Nice talk, Kat!

    I really hope Ren gives her the White Day gift already so this dismisses her misunderstanding of that woman being the girl Ren's in love with. She only thought that because Ren gave Niko a gift -still have my doubts- when she didn't give him chocolates but wine for his Valentine's Day gift, but knowing Kyoko unless Ren says it bluntly, she still might think he has feelings for Niko because it was a ring. Deep down, I believe Kyoko knows Ren is actually "Corn" but refuses to acknowledge it. Even more so, since he told her he loved her. Kyoko may have talked to her mother but those scars don't just disappear and she might not fully accept someone can love her. The fact that she too is a high school student and is 16/17 fulfilling what Ren told Bo and yet she cut herself out of the potential girls Ren could have liked. Anyways, it was discussed on Facebook and have you noticed the title, Kat? "2 days eariler" was written there so that means something major might happen. A Ren and Kyoko confrontation? The White Day gift? An exposure of that kiss of that actress and Ren? Maybe Koga and Ren meeting? Or maybe Niko coming back?

    Anything might happen but Niko might not reappear just yet.

    1. Thanks for reading, Brittany ^-^

      Yup but then, the question is, is there a gift? Haha, is it too much of a wishful thinking about the possibility that it won't be something material? Maybe a revelation of some sort? =P

      I'm not convinced though that she knows it deep down especially since for her, Corn is a fairy.

      I assumed that is partly caused by his initial animosity towards her. So, it is like, of all the girls, how can it be me? I'm not as pretty as Kanae. I'm just a 'reject' by Shou. And, this is Ren, her 'god of acting', etc... Hehe, something like that.

      Hehe, I didn't notice the title. ^^; Well, it can be the opposite like, something good happening, right? Like what I said...a revelation? Someone 'slipped'. Perhaps, both...like confront about the kiss and someone slipped about one's real feelings. With Yashiro there, he might act cupid, right?

      Koga or Kimiko...I'm not inclined to think that they'll be there. I would like to hope that there will be romantic progress. The two haven't seen each other for some time. Slightly vulnerable for a slip up.

      Yashiro already got a hint about the possibility of Kyouko's feelings for Ren. Yashiro just have to say/do something unexpected which perhaps will get the ball rolling. I mean, if it is just the two, things are usually stagnant. What do you think? ^^

    2. True both are quite vulerable. Yashiro represents all us fans, lol, so I hope he gives them a little push. I just hope this isn't dragged out so one of them, maybe Ren, will get that the other likes them. Ren HAS been getting that feeling but kept pushing it aside as wishful thinking. These two both have been misunderstanding the situations so if Yashiro can get them to talk about anything to clear the air, I would be happy. The president would have to have Kyoko informed of the photo and since Yashiro is serving as her manager now, he could bring it up or notice how Kyoko is behaving and ask her about the after effects of the Niko incident in front of Ren. That way they can talk to each other but I don't know which direction Nakamura-sensei will take this so it might not be Yashiro that gives them that push.

    3. Yup, hopefully ^^

      True. She can be unpredictable and when we aren't expecting something, she drops a bomb. And, at times, we're expecting, nothing happens.

      I guess we'll know more where the story is headed in the next chapter since this one seems to be just the 'prologue'/set-up of things to come/happen.

  2. thank you for the summary kat ^^
    those two have so many misunderstandings between them I hope they get resolved soon