July 28, 2018

Kasane [Chapter 123 - Ugliness...Only Ugliness Remains]

Iku and others watch kneeling Kasane holding out her hand and shouting her lines, “Then, let everything in this land end together with me!!” Sitting on the chair, Kingo sighs and says, “...very good...

...Even if the emotion is not quite enough, the voice is also very small, but as a whole, it is suitable for the play. Just now, you passed. From today on, you are going to display to me your true strength, understand?” While Iku looks tense at them, Kasane says, yes.

A man [Takatsu] shouts at Yoi, ‘You filthy deceiving witch!!’ Then, Yoi confronts Ake and say, ‘Repent and mend my ways?” Narration: “From the first day’s worst state, I managed to stand up--- and, after two weeks...”
While watching Kasane, Bobcut actress says that Kasane’s acting had become a lot better and she had misunderstood her earlier. Glasses actress says that during the official performance, she ought to be able to do it. Takatsu says it isn’t definite but he felt that it is not bad at all.

While reading the script, Kasane overhears them. Narration: “Everyone gradually changed...their point of view towards me. Even if it falls quite short from the praises that ‘Saki’ got, but this teeny tiny change appears to have slowly melt this frozen heart.”

There is a scene of a tear falling from Kasane’s eye as she is about to sleep. However-- Kingo watches the play wherein the villagers threw rocks at Yoi. He scowls when Yoi confronted Ake.
Kingo bites his lips and says, “Stop. *with folded arms* Kasane, there are only five days left before the official performance. I basically don’t want to say this kind of words to you at this time but...you have to delve more into your character!!”

The other actors ask each other what’s happening since they don’t know if Kasane made a mistake or not. Pointing at Kasane, Kingo shouts that he hopes that she can read the script one more time!! You basically... *catches himself* ...forget it. In short, you must assimilate more into your role!”

Looking surprised at him, Kasane tensely mutters, yes. Iku quietly looks at her. At the dressing room, Bobcut actress tells Kasane that it always felt that Kingo is especially strict with her.
Kasane is puzzled. Glasses actress says yes, today, too. “I don’t think that there is any problem at all.” Bobcut actress replies, “That’s right-- It is really a lot better COMPARED TO THE FIRST TIME. Anyway, Igarashi-san is also here. I felt that the official performance can SUFFICIENTLY PASS [/reach the standard].”

Kasane looks shocked by that. Glasses actress agrees with her and says that it isn’t necessary for Kasane to mind that. Kasane quickly turns to look at surprised and tense Iku.

Iku quickly looks away from her. Looking at her hands, Kasane thinks, “Unconsciously, I start to become aware of it. In the end, my talent (ability)---”
While smoking at the roof, Kingo wonders out loud if Kasane’s talent is only...UP TO THAT LEVEL? “If she doesn’t have ‘beauty’... *scene of Saki jumping down the ladder* Whether it is ‘Macbeth’ or even ‘Star Drop’, ‘Saki’ can suck the audience into the story...

...That boldness that is as good as ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’s (Izana), can make the character become alive in front of the audience. Can make imaginary into reality. *Kasane becoming Salome/Nina* The reason why that body can unearth more potential beyond common sense *scene of Saki*...

...is it simply because of the idea of ‘wanting to be in a beautiful stance in this world’? But if it is really like that? That time when I kept her head facing the mirror, I felt an unknown potential...so what is that? Maybe, she herself also felt it a bit--”
At home, Kasane stares at her image on the mirror. And, she kept on practicing. Narration: “Time ruthlessly passes on. No matter how hard I struggled...the day of the official performance comes closer and closer.”

Somewhere else, Nogiku is carrying a small paper bag. She looks at a small notebook with the words, ‘You’re not at fault’. Recalling Nina tapping messages to her, Nogiku sadly scowls and thinks of her.

She tears off the page and puts it in her pocket. She puts the notebook in the bag and heads towards a house. Outside the house is a crooked name plate with the words ‘Tanzawa’ on it.
Soon, people are coming into the theater. Kingo tells everyone that the number of viewers is really astonishing. “This play was once cancelled so it doesn’t have any reputation nor budget. Even if I was barely able to find this theater but the period when we’re on stage is only for three days...

...Whether it is good or bad, this situation had already brought about a heated debate in society. I don’t know whether or not, if it is because popular actress Igarashi Iku is part of this play...

...What remains is for us to do everything possible to act well on this play. ...Kasane, you cannot give up yet. Perhaps, you can see the light when the heavy curtain is pulled open.” Kasane didn’t answer him. She looks at the heavy curtain.
Narration: “Once the curtain is pulled open...the light will be exposed and it will shines down on me. But on contrary, it makes me more afraid now. It is the same during that year’s cultural festival when I played ‘Cinderella’. There is no change at all--”

She looks tense as the curtain opens. With one hand covering one’s face, Iku points at Kasane and says, “Yoi, Yoi, thou art truly stupid. Unexpectedly, refusing my radiance.”

With the same pose, Kasane replies, “Ake, Ake, thou art truly hateful...thou do not know a thing of my suffering..” Narration: “What Habuta-san said is true, I must give it my all. But, at some moment, I caught sight of a familiar sight. His figure. *sees Nobuhiko watching from the audience* Reflecting into my eyes.”
Iku notices something wrong with Kasane. Somewhat shaken Kasane walks backstage. She thinks, “Uno san...ah, why... no, this kind of thing can also possibly happen. *covers face* But, your eyes...saw this ugly figure--”

She hears a bell. She snaps out of it. She tells herself that this is no good, she has to calm down a bit. “I cannot cower... before— the past me become your lover, we were first *scene of them in Salome and Macbeth*...

...actors who mutually approved [of each other] and progressed together. So, *putting on the wreath of leaves* I must do well as an actress, in order not to be shameful in front of you...”
Gesturing a bouquet of leaves, Yoi tells the villagers, “I and that woman is the same... She is the ‘village’ miko, and I’m the praying miko on the ‘mountain’!!” The villagers threw rocks at her as she covers her head.

Nobuhiko scowls. While Kingo watches on, he thinks, “That woman...even if she is just barely able to do it... but her lines and actions are already too anxious [/tense]... If this keeps up, the pacing as a whole will be messed up...”

Narration: “However...I cannot control my own body as I please.” As Kasane crawls to the altar, she recalled Nina saying, “You don’t know this kind of feeling, right? That kind of feeling when you become aware that your own acting had become quite inferior...”

There is a scene of Nina committing suicide and Kasane tried to grab her hand. Narration: “I know this kind of feeling, Nina. Frustrating, humiliating...how I wish to disappear---”
While Kasane continues to act, she thinks that no...it isn’t like this...my...my acting (ability) is...” Yoi lamely holds Ake's neck. It felt as if Kasane is falling into the abyss. Iku can only look at her with a teary eye. Kingo sighs. Nobuhiko observes. The audience applauds.

During the curtain call, Kasane thinks that this applause is sparse...and it totally cannot be mentioned on equal terms with Saki’s... She looks up to see Nobuhiko giving one final glance before leaving. Kasane’s eyes widen. She quickly slaps away Iku’s hand and runs off. Iku calls out to her.

While running, Kasane thinks, “Cannot end like this. Even if we don’t mutually love, at least--” It is raining outside. While Nobuhiko is walking away, Kasane calls out to him, “Uno-san!! ...About...About that...” Nobuhiko looks at her.
Comment: Kasane’s acting as herself is slowly improving as she slowly gains confidence and acceptance. It is already something that her co-actress can talk with her and be very understanding. Still, it is a far cry from her acting as Saki or Nina.

It must have been a shock to learn that this time around, it is Iku who is carrying the play. It is really frustrating and everything that Kasane couldn’t bring out the talent she had no matter how hard and how long she practiced.

It turns out that their play is only just for 3 days. Day 1 is a fail for Kasane if she were to compare it to Saki’s. Did Nobuhiko’s appearance there affected it? Maybe a little. In the end, both Kingo and Iku knew that Kasane couldn’t pull it off like before.

In a way, even compared to Iku’s Yoi, Kasane’s Yoi isn’t that captivating. And from that ending, it seems that Kasane is setting herself up for more pain. Meanwhile, it seems that Nogiku is going to see Nina’s parents for closure. It turns out that the contents of the bag were Nina’s belongings.

Hm...I actually wonder how does this play end. There was no mention of the lipstick at all or the face switch. From that scene, Yoi is pitifully trying to strangle Ake before she falls into the abyss. Was that part of the script? Iku’s Yoi is more menacing as she became a ‘demon’, so what happened afterwards? Scans by 网易汉化

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  1. Thank you so much for the summary !
    If I recall Kasane gave up on Uno Nobuhiko but this chapter proves that she could not do it after all..maybe she will try to completely forget him. As for Nobuhiko I wonder whether he will find out that Kasane was 'Nina' and if so, how will he react ...

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Yup though I assumed that this time around, it is about acting.


  2. Omg nooooo. Only two more chapters. Ugh I can't see this interaction with uno turning out well. It wouldn't make sense. so stressed out. D':

    1. Yup, two more chapters.

      Maybe things will work out for the good.

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  5. Thanks for the translation Kat!

    Ah yeah still rejecting the "Fuchi" (Abyss) oh Kasane you really shouldn't do it but of course what does one expect from a girl who never properly did theatric piece as herself but playing as other people and had a very traumatic life she never properly fixed via healthier habbits starting with the death of the person she loved and wanted to become? T.T And by that I still mean her adoptive mother...

    Iku made her see the dark side of the abyss but how will she make sure to make Kasane see her good side's (that inner beauty that I refered to as "hidden kindness") that she (Kasane) was her (Iku's) true source of power in becoming such a great actress? Both their dreams which deal with stage freight and merge in chapter 107 (seriously those high heels^^) offer them a solution yet they can't read it yet...

    chapter 124 has been out for a while you can read it here http://netabare.io/?p=122323 only one spoiler a black star earring at the end^^ is it a coincidence she is here? (thanks Matsura^^ even the other desired person is there) I don't think so^^ my money is on Iku she's trying something I wonder what she (Iku) is smiling about!^^ I still hope she succeed's and she and Kasane recite the lines after the theatric piece is over together behind the curtains.

    1. Thanks for reading, Jack ^-^

      Hm...I'm not convinced that Iku deliberately 'made her see the dark side of the abyss'. Yup...they have similar issues before though Kasane refused Iku's help.

      There was a black star earring? Or is that a pun of some sort? I'm actually wondering who that person is. ^^; Nina's mother or Mineyo?

      Maybe...somehow, I wonder if the mangaka will make a surprise at the end with a tragedy/something shocking happening at the end of the play.

    2. The unknown person has light colored hair so maybe she is Nina's mother (Nogiku looks worried too)

    3. Thanks for the reply Kat

      Nope she didn't want to show her just the dark side of the abyss but Kasane just see's the bad things! The abyss refers to multiple things bottomless pit in hell which contains the worst of one self(someone like Mineyo), something unfatomable or infinite and also a subterranean ocean (well you could find a mermaid in it^^)! Did you notice that some important scenes with Kasane take place next to a river or the sea? What has similar qualities to an abyss? Your shadow self and your inner beauty! Iku wants to help her recognize her own beauty but don't worry Kasane wants her to help even if she says no her body language always says the opposite!

      Nope not a pun she wears a black star earring all the time she is in the picture right next to Kingo and yup that is Neena's mother. She is an old acquaintance of both Kasane and Iku. My guess is Iku invited her to this play so she could see Kasane again kinda like a certain friend of Iku invited her to see Salome. Oh and she is a sound operator.^^

      As I already said we already had enough tragedies our Cinderella must accept who her real Prince is! Hey look I don't ship them because that Manga is a Shoujo Ai or Yuri nope it's not! But because their "love" is realistic and in contrast to Kasane's with Ugo and Uno (and by extension Izana's with Nagi and Atae) not picture perfect and an illusion! And I don't want them to be lovers right away keep that open ended Matsura!

    4. I ship it! Iku best girl

    5. I see. True. ^^

      Oh, that one. I thought you meant the hooded one with Nogiku. ^^; If she is Nina's mother and for Nogiku to look tense, it makes me wonder if she'll try to kill Kasane at the end of the play. ^^;

      Ya, Iku might have invited her.

      Haha, I see. So, perhaps, the only 'real' love story here is between Nogiku and Yuuto?

    6. Sorry I misstyped the one with Nogiku is Neena's mother the one that I was talking about is Seki! She wears the black star earring! And the reason why I mention her job as sound operator? How did Kasane steal Iku's heart and soul? With her voice! What is a mermaid's power again?

      She certainly did Seki wanted to see her again and apologize! Kinda like Kingo wanted to be forgiven by Izana!

      Well the one between Kasane and Iku can be considered a love story as well but Kasane (not unlike her adoptive mother) thinks she doesn't deserve "real love" of her one star in the sky no matter what she does she will never gain it... Or so she thinks! Honestly so what if it's a shoujo esque girl that loves you? Hmm?

      Well Kasane wanted Neena's mother to judge her! She still feel's responsible for what she did to her after all!

    7. Ah, her voice when she was acting before, right? And not just her 'usual' voice?

      That's nice ^^

      I see.

      Judge her...as in punish her?

    8. Nope her real voice! Iku heard it for the fist time when she came back to look after her that's when she heard her practicing her lines!

      Well that's what I think but we've got to see!^^

      Kasane realized she wanted extraordinary happiness just like in fiction instead of finding simple happiness in real life so...

      We still don't know what the content's of the bag were that Nogiku had but my take is Kasane wants to bear it all on herself... again!!! Well let's see what Nogiku, Kingo and Iku have to say in this!

    9. Yup...as I mentioned when she was 'acting/reading her lines' and not her usual = talking voice.

      Well, that's understandable especially if one is like 'Cinderella' ^^

      Yup ^^

    10. I meant the voice Iku heard when she met her in highschool. And it is multiple times hinted at that the lipstick illusion doesn't work on her. Iku's special antenna can recognize Kasane.

      This brings us to our girl that decided to play the "prince"... (shoujo prince).... Iku Igarashi why did she choose theater? Let's look on what little we get from her private life she for the most part is a workaholic (and a certain habbit she picked up from Kasane is staying behind when everyone is gone) how many "real friends" (except that one from highschool) does she have outside of work itself? At the end of the day did jumping into theater truly fix her problems? Nope! Her dreams tell us that she is just as alone at the stage as Kasane is...

      I think it's Neena's diary in the bag and I think Kasane added a note to it saying Neena's mom should meet her after the play is over.

    11. Haha, I see. Hm...but isn't it the same with Nobuhiko...her actions made him recall her/Nina?

      I would assume that it is because for her acting is life and she had the talent for it. And, she loves it. And not because of 'wanting to be in a dream world' or 'fame'. The one who gave her a ticket...was she a high school friend?

      I see. But why would Nogiku look tense?

    12. Yup but he recognized just Nina he never met Kasane as herself and one of the things he didn't do is looking beneath the surface while Iku after being confronted with what is underneath for the second time mind you decided to pursue her!

      Yeah but in order to do what you love you must accept something else and this is where I go to her starry sky Kasane is none of these Stars she is the darkness in Iku's sky the darkness Iku for the most part choose to run away from just like her first friends in middle school, not following Kasane and of course gradually being confronted by the horror's of the theater industry (being compared to others living up to currently impossible expectations). But darkness isn't just all this it actually can improve your creativity and give you growth (yet another abyss reference...) A star cannot shine without darkness! Don't be afraid Iku walk up to it and well ^^ you know... honestly who expect Nina kissed Kasane for real? Kinda sad that at the end Kasane didn't manage to kiss someone she loves as herself without the lipstick. T.T

      Yup that was Iku's highschool friend check the early chapters.

      We will see and don't you dare chicken out Kingo! Not this time!!!

    13. Ah, true.

      I see.

      Chicken out from?

    14. Let me also add that in some way I saw Uno more as Herodias then Iokanan offstage but that's my own opinion.

      Let me also answer the "wanting to be in a dreamworld" and "fame" regarding Iku. The first one you can be whatever you want to be on stage not what people tell you or want you to be! That's why I said Iku "acts" the part of the Shoujo Prince but acting offstage doesn't work on everyone if you really care about people close to you have to be not act! And this brings me to second one as an Actress Iku wants to be remembered acknowledged and loved! But at the end of it all your fame will dissapear with time even the impression that you left on the audience (Iku: They aren't really looking at you!) It will only remain on those closest to you those that personally knew you. Those are the lessons she learned through Kasane!

      Nina's mom!

    15. Is that so.

      Ah...I see.

      Oh. So, like confront her for what happened to her? It made me wonder if Nogiku told her what really happened to Nina.