February 2, 2017

Namaikizakari [Chapter 57]

At Ryuhoku gym, fangirls are congratulating and squealing over the team getting to right to participate in the Kanto tournament. While putting his arm on Kuon’s head, Usami-kun [kouhai] thanks them. Kuon angrily shouts for him not to put his hand on his head for he hates that the most.

Abe comments that those two are always like that. While Shou wipes his sweat with a towel, Himiko shouts that there is only one minute left of break time. Narration: With a score of 102 vs 97, the new Ryuhoku club smoothly broke out of the first fight. In the next competition, they must remain calm as they face the adversity in order to successively win...

...Continuing last year, this year’s Ryuhoku also attained the right to participate in the Kanto tournament-- *there is a sign in the school about the men’s basketball club getting into the Kanto tournament* ...happy is only for a moment, and besides, quibbling [/having a contest with] has begun again.”
On the bed, Yuki is using a pillow to stop Shou’s advances on her. She asks if this is a joke, and better quit while he’s ahead. Shou says that she was the one who first seduced him. She is puzzled so he explains that didn’t she say, ‘is there something that you want me to do for you’.

Yuki angrily shouts that isn’t what she meant. Shou looks surprised that Yuki asks what’s up with that expression, are you stupid... Yuki recalls that she did ask that to Shou and in the end, as expected, he didn’t give her a proper answer.

Flashback to a while ago, Yuki was asking if there is something he needs her help in, before the tournament, like doing something for him. He answered that if it is okay right now. She said that if it is okay, whatever it is. End flashback.
Yuki thinks that it felt that he seemed to once again change the topic. Shou asks what it meant if it isn’t that kind of meaning. Yuki says some ordinary thing that can help cheer him up more. Shou says a double bed. She tells him something else besides that.

He says legless chair. She asks why all of those things he mentioned are for him to hang out here. He asks if she doesn’t want him to hang out here. He snuggles on her and says it turns out that she doesn’t want to stay together with him. Yuki is freaking out that he is using a cat-like voice [<- pleading cat?].

She nervous tells him that this isn’t the time to hang out in someone else’s house. She asks if he is getting a bit carried away since they are third in the preliminary ranking. He asks how he can get himself carried away over that kind of thing. “THAT GUY is first place in the preliminaries.”
At Misuzu’s gym, Shizuka gets a basket in when they have a ten minute break. A member calls out to Shizuka, as the captain who smoothly led Misuzu to advance in the competition but has no female votes even if he’s handsome, to give him the Kanto tournament’s divisions list. Shizuka scolds him that he’s noisy to death.

While looking at paper, Shizuka thinks that they aren’t grouped together with Ryuhoku in the small divisions but then, they also didn’t encounter them during the preliminaries. “But, it is only that guy whom I absolutely cannot lose to. ...no, *recalls Yuki smiling at him* I cannot lose to anyone.”

At Osaki’s canteen, while ordering some food, Yuki thinks that Shou basically isn’t willing to take the initiative to tell her what he wants her to do for him. She believes that he absolutely does not want to let her see his weak side. Yuki imagines that he would just say that there’s nothing she can do for they already have a manager.
She has to definitely think of it clearly by herself. [<- or, that is, he’ll just think of it himself]. Just then, she apologizes to someone who is also getting a drink in the same machine. The woman also apologized. After they look at each other, Yuki nervously realizes that it is Usami-san [neighbor who saw that scene of Shou on top of her] and wonders why she is here.

Sitting on the table with Yuki, Usami-san covers her face and says no, she really wants to get along with her neighbor but she quickly did that super rude thing, and she thought that even if Yuki moved out, she also doesn’t want to see her again.

She screams that she was even talking to herself about that ‘I won’t ever again go on a group date with band members again’, extremely shameful words. Yuki says wasn’t it hairdressers. Usami-san screams that she is already very ashamed yet she’ll even have to correct her with that truth.
Yuki says that she’s quite startled that Usami-san is an Osaki student. Usami-san tells her that she knew earlier on that she’s from this university. Yuki was shocked so Usami-san explains that she went home early on the day of the opening ceremony because she has something to do. Then, she saw Yuki gathering those Osaki flyers scattered on the floor.

Yuki thinks so that’s the reason why she looks so awkward when she was striking a conversation with her. Just as Yuki is about to eat her ramen, Usami-san asks if her boyfriend is a host [/male prostitute]. This made Yuki splash the bowl into her face.

After coughing, Yuki asks why... Usami-san explains that it is because she saw him wearing a uniform at that time. Yuki tells him that isn’t a uniform, but rather, a high school uniform. Usami-san screams that she is going steady with a high schooler when Yuki obviously have such a serious face. Yuki says yes, and this has nothing to do with her appearance.
Darkly looking at her, Usami-san asks isn’t he very lewd and is she okay. Yuki thinks that she’s just a bewildering person when she is obviously a beauty. Just then, Suwa passes by and says that Yuki also has daytime class today, he’ll be going ahead.

After Yuki greets him back, Usami-san darkly asks if she knows Suwa. This made Yuki asks her if she also knows him. Yuki is startled when Usami-san grabs her hand and says that she sincerely asks her to introduce them. Yuki asks if she likes him. Usami-san exclaims of course, it would be better to say that the first year university students practically have a good impression of him. Yuki asks is that so.

Usami-san exclaims that Yuki’s out. [<- not included because she has a bf?] Yuki thinks but wait, what about that incident during the hanami [when he got slapped] perhaps, it is a girl’s jealousy. Usami-san is already saying that it is Saturday tomorrow, so how about it.
At the convenient store’s staff room, Yuki asks Suwa if he has a girlfriend. He says no. She tries to tell him something but Suwa asks if she had a change of heart and has fallen in love with him. Yuki says no, about that...she saw him with that girl at the hanami. Suwa says no, no, that girl has a boyfriend...

Yuki replies, then, why... While holding the door knob and cornering her, Suwa says that in short, he likes girls who have boyfriends. Yuki looks stunned. Suwa suddenly laughs over that kind of frank disgusted expression. Yuki snaps out of it.

Suwa says that it’s a joke and she’s a good girl. He goes out to tell the manager that his break is over. The manager asks him to help him with some things. Yuki thinks that his tempo for a joke is too fast that she totally didn’t catch up to it.
Well, in short, this is good news for Usami-san. On Saturday, Shou was waiting at the side when he sees Yuki coming out of the convenient store with Suwa. The two were talking about the place and time to meet Usami-san. Shou is looking very dark and serious.

At a restaurant, while emitting a feminine aura, Usami-san introduces herself and apologizes for forcing him to come over. She says that a 2 on 2 is better but then, Yuki-chan already has a boyfriend. Yuki is surprised over how fast Usami-san is when she is already calling her by her name [rather than the surname which means they’re close].

Suwa asks if Usami-san has a boyfriend. With hearts, Usami-san exclaims that she dosen’t. Suwa laughs and says that her voice is so loud. He says that she’s so beautiful that she’s definitely very popular. Usami-san says no, no, not really.
While drinking and observing them, Yuki thinks that their interaction is quite amazing even if they met for the first time. Her cellphone beeps. It is a message from Shou which said, ‘behind you’. Yuki is puzzled then she becomes dark as she glances at the back to see Shou looking really gloomy.

Yuki is terrified. She wonders why he is here, and is it just morning practice today. She had obviously told him that there’s no need to wait for her at work. She wonders what he is glaring at, is it Suwa again and he is misunderstanding something again. Shou stands up and walks away. Thinking that he’s going to the toilet, Yuki excuses herself and says that she’ll make a phone call.

After Yuki left, Suwa asks what’s Usami-san’s relationship with Yuki. Usami-san says that actually they know each other by chance as neighbors but then, it is the first time they properly talked with each other yesterday. Usami-san asks him if Yuki is working with him.
Suwa says yes, but the real first time when they’ve met is really awkward. She asks what he meant by that. Suwa says that he made a move on a girl who has a boyfriend and in the end, it was noticed by the boyfriend. “I told her, I want to see your boyfriend and for us, all three, to chat together...

...In the end, she said, ‘I’m afraid that I don’t want to’ then she gave me a slap! It is that kind of scene.” Usami-san’s smile freezes and thinks that he’s such a scum. Meanwhile, Yuki is walking at the hallway. She wonders where Shou went. Shou grabs her then pulls her to him.

Shou says that he caught her. She pushes him away and asks what he is doing. He says that is his line and how come she went out with that guy and how come their relationship is quite intimate. Yuki exclaims that she is only introducing him to someone else, and by the way, why is he looking at Suwa as if he is a thorn on his side.
Shou says that it is because... He looks away that Yuki asks...‘because’ what. Looking away, Shou mutters that guy is a bit similar to Kido. This surprises Yuki and she angrily thinks that he’s more stubborn that she imagined, and how many past incidents was he worrying about... She tells him that they aren’t a bit the same.

Shou says that it is a bit the same. She asks if he is always very bothered about this kind of thing. He says not only that. He hugs her tight. She asks, what... Shou says that he hates that guy. Yuki says that she knows that already but first let her go before someone...

Shou tells her to first try and kiss him. This made her blush and whisper if he’s an idiot, this is a store. Shou says that didn’t she ask him if there is anything that she can do for him. She says that she’s talking about decent things.
He says that it is super decent and if she kisses him, he’ll really give everything for the Kanto tournament. Yuki smacks him and angrily shouts if he is making a scene. She thinks that she was obviously seriously thinking about what she can do that can really help him. “Could it be that there’s nothing that I can do---”

Walking away, Yuki says, ...but they also had properly practiced and besides, they have Himiko around. “Even if I’m not around, you guys can win.” Shou calls out to Yuki. He looks at Yuki’s back and recalls a girl in junior high uniform saying, “---hey, Shou. Even if I’m not around, you’ll also be totally alright.”

Shou suddenly grabs Yuki’s hand which startles her. Thinking that it hurts, Yuki asks what it is. He lets her hand go and says that it is nothing. Shou says that he’ll be absent starting tomorrow up to, before the start of the tournament. He turns to leave and says that he’ll go home first today.
She wants to call him yet is puzzled over his reaction. Shou passes by Usami-san and she glances at him. Yuki thinks that it seems that once again, she missed something. On the way home, Usami-san thanks Yuki for today. Yuki says that it is nothing. She asks how Suwa was, did they get along.

Usami-san says that he is a good guy but he is a bit of a scum. Yuki exclaims in disbelief and says, no way. Usami-san says no, even if she isn’t clear about it but it always feel... Both of them simultaneously say, ‘an unpredictable person’. The two look at each other.

Yuki thinks that they have reached into a strange point and she mentally apologizes to Suwa for thinking that way. Usami-san says that even if he’s a bit unpredictable but she super loves his face and she wants to be friends with him. Yuki thinks that Usami-san is very blunt like her younger sisters.
Usami-san mentions about Yuki’s boyfriend being there just now. She asks if they have a falling out. Looking a bit troubled, Yuki says no, it’s okay. She wonders why she said those words, ‘even if I’m not around, you guys can win’. She thinks that it seems that there is something that Shou wanted to say just now, and she merely wants to lend him a helping hand.

Usami-san looks at glum Yuki then says, about that... “Do you want to become friends? *Yuki looks surprised* By fate, we are neighbors and we also are in the same year [students] in the same school. Ah, seriously saying this kind of words might possibly be a bit awkward but it is probably better like this, we can share each other’s worries.”

Yuki blushes a bit and says okay. There is a scene of Shizuka riding the train, Suwa walking in the streets and Shou looking at a poster which says that there are 10 more days before the Kanto tournament. Narration: “A strong fierce spring wind is zipping by and caressing our faces.”
Comment: So, Usami-san will indeed become Yuki’s friend and will most likely advise her on some things, but hopefully good advice regarding love life. I’m saying that because it seems that Usami-san doesn’t have any luck in that department but then, ya, perhaps, she is better at it if it is about someone else.

The mangaka did mention that Usami-san is actually modeled after a friend. She’s a beauty but her actions aren’t quite like one would think a beauty would have like, tripping on batteries, or mistakenly going into the men’s room even if she isn’t drunk.

About the couple, Yuki is still not into the lovey-dovey. She is preoccupied in wanting to help Shou in something else aside from lovey-dovey. And, I guess for Shou, lovey-dovey is enough for him. Hm...since he doesn’t seem to be fed up with her usual reactions to his advances, does that mean he’s a M or he likes that kind of hard-to-get type?

Based on that flashback, most likely his ex-girlfriend, also wanted to do something for him-kind of thing but since Shou isn’t likely to show his weak side, made the girl think that he’ll be okay without her. It was the same with Yuki. So, is Shou’s predicament is falling for those type of girls when there are so many other girls who would gladly give him the lovey-dovey stuff that he wants?

Or perhaps, he seems too perfect/capable that it makes the girl feel unneeded/unwanted. That is bad if the girl has a bit of self-confidence issues. So, I guess this means that we’ll know soon what went wrong with his previous relationship and he’ll try to prevent it from happening again. Ah, if it isn’t connected with Yuki, perhaps, that line might meant the girl had passed away ^^;;

As for Shizuka, it seems that he is using Yuki as his source of inspiration to be number one. Ah, is he just Shou’s motivation to win the basketball games so he’s still in the story? Suwa, I’m not too sure what to think. It is still possible that he’s gay if this is comedy but then, if this is a more ‘serious’ thing, he might be a girlfriend stealer.

Strangely enough, he’s very blunt in telling that to Usami-san. Is he deliberately making her be turned off from him? Most of the time, someone won’t tell that to a stranger, or rather, someone whom he’ll most likely encounter again. Yet, if we go by some back story, it might be because something similar had happened to him before? Someone stole his girlfriend?

Well, currently, he is the source of Shou’s jealous. Maybe it is Shou’s gut feel that is telling him that Suwa is bad news. Or, it is just his jealousy is making him think that he’s similar with Kido. That little bit might just be ‘a senpai who into basketball’? ^^; . And if we go by pairings, Suwa might be paired up with Usami-san in the end.

The last line seems to be hinting on trouble ahead but I think Shou will get his kiss soon. The question would be, will it happen before, during or after the game =P It will be a big thing for Shou if it is a public kiss. Well, I’m getting ahead of myself. The two will have to resolve things a bit regarding this ‘how to help you in a way that doesn’t involve lovey-dovey’ issue. Scans by 红莲汉

Quote of the day:
Don't judge someone based on their appearance. Looks can be deceiving. ~ Author Unknown


  1. Ohh.... I dnt like this usami girl... Quick in decision making n very judgmental... N yuki like always tubelight, bit late in perceiving...
    Anyways... Thank you somuch again for translating ... ^_^

    1. Hehe, true, Namra.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  2. It seems like deja vu. When Shou felt that that Shizuka was into Yuki and tried to prevent the latter from meeting up. It is a bit disappointing in that sense, since yuki is still dense.

    Well nothing has happened yet but i can imagine Shou's fury if he had seen the scene of Suwa cornering Yuki here. Or worse, his claim that he is into girls who are already dating.

    Yuki is still a bit frosty to Shou so perhaps he likes these kind of girls. It is bad that he is thinking of another girl. You just might be right, he will try to make his relationship work by learning from his past.
    Thanks for the translation.

    1. In a way, yes, Crimson sky. Hm...so you think Suwa is into her?

      That's right.

      Yup. Perhaps. Most likely, if it was a similar issue.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

    2. I'm wary of Suwa -_-' after all Yuki has a lot of redeeming qualities. The team members are all in awe of her, particularly towards her dedication.

      I'm not sure what the mangaka has in store for Suwa but it's not hard to think of him as someone who will fall hard for yuki. Or someone who won't back off until he realises coming between Shou and Yuki is a hopeless attempt.

      Shizuka ended up becoming almost like a brother to Yuki so i now wonder whether the real love rival is Suwa. Well the mangaka seems to deliberately create a suspense aura around Suwa.

    3. I see.


      Shizuka...seems more like a friend in some way. I felt brotherly vibes from Suwa in some scenes.

    4. That's true too. I think it's the constantly smiling face of his that's got me suspicious :P

      I would actually prefer him to be a love rival to Shou. All the guys around yuki are treated and seen as brothers. Suwa might help yuki reconfirm her feelings for shou.

    5. I see ^^

      I think she's done that a few times already. I think the problem is being lovey-dovey like acting more like a girlfriend/treating him as a boyfriend. She seems a bit awkward on that part or perhaps, not used to it yet?

      If it's a love rival who openly declare his love for her, I think she'll most likely turn him down immediately.

  3. Thanks for the translation, Kat!

    Is it too much to hope that there won't be an interference? I'm starting to worry about what will happen next. Hopefully, Naruse's ex won't show up or have Suwa going after Yuki for real. I seriously just picture him as a friend for Yuki. I mean did she actually really have a guy friend before? I wonder if that girl is the one Arisa mentioned? Maybe she and Yuki aren't similar, but wanted to help him in some way, but Naruse isn't being really open about it. To them whenever he says something like a kiss will just help, they probably only think he's joking with them. Naruse isn't exactly easy to read. As for Usami, I think her and Yuki being friends will be interesting. Such a pair being matched up. I also wonder if Usami will attend the match with Yuki and see her (probably) younger brother. I'm also being to think that the mangaka might have Naruse and Yuki break up for a small amount of time before getting back together. That's what I'm afraid of.

    1. Thanks for reading, Brittany ^-^

      Any of those are possible if the mangaka is aiming for drama. If not, there won't be much interference if there will be something like it coming up soon.

      A close guy friend, not really. The closest would be Shizuka. In Yuki's case, having a boyfriend like Shou, I think she cannot have a guy friend. But then, maybe, it is a possibility if it is an Abe-type of guy and not handsome popular basketball player-type =P

      It is most likely, it is that girl. Maybe because, iirc Arisa did say that they are different. True.

      Oh, that's a possibility. Then, maybe if the other players come, she will have other options for a boyfriend...say, Amamiya?

      Cool off period, huh. Hm...not sure. The current issue doesn't seem to need that kind of 'drastic measure'. And, I had the impression that they won't have a lot of time together being busy with each others' personal lives. Won't the relationship grow cold if it happens?

  4. I'm glad. She needs someone she can talk this stuff out with. Her sisters and mom are no help since they are Shou fangirls and wouldn't be objective. Plus even though she thought Suwa was scummy she also said he was a good guy, meaning, she knows people are multifaceted and dont fit in just one box. Looking forward to seeing what this friendship drags Yuki into.

    I don't understand why Yuki doesn't understand that physical (hugs and kisses) signs of affection are just as important as gestures and words. And that as his girlfriend she is the one who can give him that. Maybe it's a culture thing.

    1. Yup, Carol.

      The cultural thing would be public display of affection especially if one is traditional/old fashioned, I think. Well, someone like Yuki who is all formal and everything. Inside her house, I guess she seems not ready to go for that next step since she kept on making all sorts of excuses.

      Hm, is it possible that the problem is the timing? Shou easily tends to be 'seduced/turned on' and Yuki is usually not in the mood to reciprocate the affection when he wants/needs it.

  5. She is taking for granted.She is thinking i want to help him etc and its cute but her actions all show opposite most of the time,and she fails to realise this....At what point the excuse ''its her first relationship'' will be valid?After how many more chaps?For how much longer will naruse go after her like a dog?

    She is dense?The guy literraly waved HUGE signs not just hints on why he is insecure but she does not take him seriously to actually give them thought,why?because she takes him for granted.And its naruse's fault as well for being all the time like this as well.

    When naruse wont go out of his way to meet her,will not initiate contact like 99% of the time,will start prioritising his studies/work/or helping out strangers/friends above yuki,when he will reject her kisses/advances,her hints of being emotionally vulnerable then she will start to understand that what her bf is doing is not something easy.

    Really hoping naruse changes his approach and looks after himself first.

    About Suwa....how come yuki no reaction when he pushed her against the wall and told her the things he did?Was it an appropriate joke?The guy kinda overstepped his line as just a co-worker,someone yuki promised wont get close to Naruse...but last 2 chapters showed us yuki got no problem with him getting close/familiar...Weird.

    P.S : ty for summary kat!

    1. True but then, it is somewhat of an established fact that she is dense/slow. That excuse might be valid until the end of the first relationship. =P Then, she'll learn from her mistake/s. ^^ I don't know how many chapters but how much longer will depend on Shou.


      Ya. But then, he is already becoming more than just a co-worker. In the last chapter, he was even the one who urged her to go to the basketball game. I would think that Yuki had lowered her guard but then, Suwa is kind of 'mysterious' that one won't know if he is actually a good guy or not. I mean, after what he just told Usami, she is still interested in him. But then, he is also the same guy who was slapped hard in public by another girl.

      Thanks for reading ^^

    2. Well Shou had a flashback of his ex i guess?When main guys have flashbacks of an ex or other girls it means they show up in the story...So maybe an ex who is back for naruse will make Yuki realise a few things?Though i would dislike having a female rival ;/

      Well Usami is a young college it is realistic to not care if the guy is an a**hole and he actually meant what he said just because he is extremely hot...Alot of girls are like that..

      But from Yuki i expected something like *kindly pushing Suwa back* and tell him ''if this is your idea of a joke i am not laughing,please do not do it again''....Even if he is a good guy someone that jokes like that seem to be creepy and inappropriate and unlike Usami who might have a romantic interest in him and only cares for looks Yuki has no reason to put up with such jokes.

      I guess maybe yuki is holding her strength and complains only for when naruse pushes her against the wall? It seems weird ;p

    3. It is the most likely scenario. Though, I don't think this mangaka would go for a full blown drama-thing like that. So, if it happens, it would most likely be short.


      I see. Good point. Thinking about it, it seems that it is only with Shou when she does that kind of thing. Objecting to 'inappropriate' behavior.

      Ya. Perhaps, she is the type who'll do that if only that person is very close to her? It makes me think that in most cases, Yuki isn't always vocal with others and limits her expressions towards them. So, for Suwa to do that, could it be that he is interested in seeing a different reaction from her than usual?

  6. hey kat thank you about this summary ^-^ I back for read this chapter hehehe

    This chapter have many cute scene such as Shou's jealousy and he try to advances but Yuki still not into lovey dovey. Stalker's Naruse Shou..jealous everywhere LOL ^^

    There something flashback scene when Shou look Yuki's back and recall a girl in junior high school uniform I guess this girl his ex-girlfriend or his first love?

    but we’ll know soon what went wrong with his previous relationship with ex girlfriend is Shou isn’t likely to show his weak side, made the girl think that he’ll be okay without her and I wonder is there something like this that make Shou break up with this girl? or there something else that line might meant the girl had passed away based your opinion Kat. But I'm not sure the girl already passed away, I have assumption that she is still alive and will appear in front of Shou that make me afraid if he still miss the girl but I hope his ex won't show up never! >.< What do you think Kat about what the reason that make Shou break up with his ex girlfriend hehe

    Well I waiting your reply Kat and See you next time!^^

    1. Thanks for reading, candra ^-^


      Most likely, it's the ex/first love.

      I cannot say for sure right now. Iirc, Arisa mentioned before that the ex is different from Yuki. I had assumed that she was some mature sexy-type of girl like Usami-san but she isn't. So, perhaps, it was the personality? The girl seems to have given up.

      It is too early to say if what she said was in the same context with what Yuki said. Was it just the line that made Shou recall it or the line and why that line was said? Hehe, is that so. Regarding the ex showing up, well, it can be a good thing and a bad thing. Good is Yuki will know more about being jealous and then, she'll appreciate/understand Shou more. Bad is Yuki felt that she cannot measure up, etc then more tension.


  7. Thank you Katt. Waiting for your summary.
    I hope nothing happen between Yuki and Naruse.

    1. You're welcome, Sara ^-^

      I would think that it won't be that bad if it happens.

  8. Thanks again for your hard work and dedication, Kat. Really appreciate it.

    It's an interesting time personally and 'professionally' (school-related with basketball) for them both. Yuki, I think, is trying to have a university life that is normal, while coping with Shou. Shou wants to have time with Yuki to feel safe and have things go like normal when they were together in school. When are they going to start being on the same wavelength?!? Lol. Suwa and Shizuka being in the picture still...I think they both admire Yuki in some way...

    I'm still wondering about Suwa being gay...whatever. For a moment I thought he was meaning he wanted to have a three-way relationship with a girl already in a relationship ( :-0 ), but just trying to steal girls from guys due to a previous incident might make better sense. Perhaps he is interested in Yuki because of who her bf is, and the fact that she isn't the prettiest girl out there that Shou could be dating. Yuki being dense about guys could also add attraction, and make him able to get closer to her than a 'typical' girl would feel comfortable about.

    Let's face it, Yuki not being attractive to guys (due to her seriousness) would have been the reason why she hasn't gained experience with males, and she's scared of ruining what she has or making a judgement error that could cause her some kind of injury, physically or emotionally. She wants to support but just doesn't have a clue, still, on how to read the atmosphere or her bf's signals. Pity she can't catch on sooner.

    I'd love to see her visiting Shou's house out of the blue in between now and the tournament to encourage him...somehow. Give him the kiss that he so deserves, perhaps. ;)

    1. Thanks for reading, Nelle ^-^

      True. Well, those are the many challenges being in a relationship especially with somewhat contrasting personalities and priorities ^^ So, how to make it work. ^^

      Hehe, is that so. Maybe.

      Indeed. I cannot say if it is because of who. I had assumed that it is because she has a bf. True, and if that was the intention, perhaps urging her to go to the game to watch Shou is just to make her lower her guard towards him.

      Ya, but in a way, not all guys are like that. Amamiya seems to be slightly attracted but fed off by Shou. Shizuka is already attracted. I cannot say that is the reason. It seems to be the cliche reason used by others as implied by the poster above but, most likely, it is because it is her first love experience.

      Given how busy she is, it is unlikely she reads romantic books/movies/tv shows. Her friends are girls and she never tell them about her relationship. The closest advisor she got was Arisa. Her interaction with guys are mostly 'professional' in nature. It makes me think that she's into something tangible like how to do things, etc rather than abstract like feelings, reading signs, etc. What do you think?

      I think that is quite possible. When he mentioned about being absent, I immediately thought of that. The kiss...will happen though I'm not sure when it will happen. It is most likely like the smile that Shou was waiting for before.

    2. Hmmm, what you say about Yuki's personality makes sense. She does seem to be introspective at times, but more focused on the here and now of what physically needs to be done, making little time for reflecting over her feelings for things. And, she rarely multi-tasks, or else she loses the plot (which Shou has already figured out). Ahhhh, this is a fun read. :-D

      And Shou does love that smile of hers, so maybe, just maybe. :-)

    3. True. In a way, I guess it is what makes Shou fall for her yet at times, it causes him to become frustrated[?] with her? And, she usually delivers when it is really really needed...or rather, when Shou least expects it =P

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