February 5, 2017

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 34 - Devil on the Snow ]

While walking holding hands, Haruto and Yu talk about the cultural festival has ended and it will be exams soon. He asks her if she had properly reviewed. She exclaims, of course, and after the exams, they can go on a date.

He tells her that they’ll cancel the date if there is any failing subject. Yu asks what, how can that be. He asks isn’t that very simple. She says, “...then, if my grades had improved...will you reward me?” He answers, “Of course, you’re my girlfriend. *sparkling and smiling* I’ll agree to any conditions that Yu-chan proposes.”

While Yu is puzzled that he called her as Yu-chan, she thinks that this is like a dream and he is even sparkling. “I never thought that after going steady, Kurosaki-kun would become so nice. It’s simply like he’s a different person...”
Then, someone hits her head with a bag. Serious looking Takumi tells her that she’s blocking the way, move. Yu thinks, huh, Shirakawa!? “But that tone...--black devil’s...” And, Yu falls down the bed. She thinks that it is a dream. The black devil had become Takumi and vice-versa.

At a bus in front of the school, the students are eager to go to a ski trip. The girls are raving over how great it is to go on a trip after just finishing the exams and they get to go with Haruto and others. Abe calls out to Yu to be quick and isn’t she going in the bus yet. Yu apologizes for she had overslept.

The dorm teacher says that everyone is already present. She tells the two to quickly sit because the bus is leaving. Yu is shocked for the only seats left are either beside Haruto or Takumi. Yu blushes as she looks at Haruto who glances at her. She thinks that this is a good opportunity to ask him about his answer.
Just when she is asking if she can sit there, Kaji immediately sits beside Haruto. He starts telling Haruto about how he eager he is to go skiing and does Haruto want some snacks. Yu tries to call out to him about the seat but Kaji just asks if she wants some snacks. Haruto seems to tell her to quickly sit down.

Takumi calls out to Yu and says that if she doesn’t mind, she can sit beside him. Yu thanks him. While they ride the bus, Takumi says that after the cultural festival, it has been a long time since they idly chat like this, and they totally haven’t seen each other at the dorm.

Looking away, Yu says that it is because she’s preparing for the exams. Takumi says that’s right, and if anyone has any failing subject, that person won’t be able to participate in this activity. Yu says yes, yes. Yu thinks that actually it is because she doesn’t know how she should talk with him. 
Takumi asks, “But, did you and your BOYFRIEND already quarrel?” This made Yu blush as she kept on coughing. He asks if she is okay, want some water. She thanks him then asks, “boy..boyfriend!?” Takumi says that he asked Haruto but he won’t tell him. “It is because you already rejected me...so I’m very curious.”

Blushing Yu thinks that she wants to go back to how they were used to be but then, is this wishful thinking on her part. She becomes aghast... And, she is puzzled upon noticing that Takumi is chuckling. He laughs out loud and says that her every reaction is so obvious. Embarrassed Yu says how can that be and don’t laugh so loud.

To Kaji surprise, Haruto suddenly uses his knee to kick the chairs in front of him. This startles the two. Kaji is asking if it is because Haruto is complaining about the snacks he brought. Takumi asks what he is doing. Turning to Haruto, Yu says that’s right, why did he suddenly do that. Haruto ignores them by looking out the window. Yu thinks that this time, he chose to ignore her.
Takumi tells Yu not to mind Haruto for he is just being childish. “CHILDISH.” This seems to have slightly shaken Haruto. Yu looks at Takumi and thinks that it seems that he is very happy that she can sigh in relief. Takumi tells her that it’s fine, they are no longer quarreling. He whispers to her that from now on, the two of them can also become very good friends.

While crying in happiness, Yu says okay. She is thankful that he would still treat her as a friend. Sparkling Takumi tells her that if she has any troubles, she can tell it to him any time for example, it is regarding Haruto. Yu looks at him. Flashback: During the fireworks display, Yu had exclaimed to Haruto to please go steady with her. Haruto looked surprised.

Yu is also surprised for she had confessed. She told him that even if it is a follow-up, a follow-up to the lovers’ competition because in a wink, that had already ended... Haruto asked why there is a follow-up and what does she want to do. She said that he would even ask why... She thought that it is because she li...kes... He urged her to quickly answer him.
Yu wondered if he wanted her to say that line then afterwards, he’ll ruthlessly reject her. Haruto glanced at her and told her to keep that question on hold. This puzzles Yu. He turned around and told her to remember to come back before the curfew.

Yu is puzzled for what is that ‘on hold’. “What does it mean? *saw Haruto later on but found it hard to talk with him. They also had their exams* Am I already rejected? What is this!? *imagines Haruto in military uniform telling her, ‘Want to go steady with me? Do you even know your own position, stupid dog?’ Or perhaps, this is the black devil’s game!?” End flashback.

At the hotel room with the others, Yu laments that after she confessed, she was ignored by him, and how can she possibly consult Takumi regarding this kind of thing. She removes her hat and looks determined. She plans to definitely ask the answer during this ski trip.
At the snow slopes, someone says to pay attention to this and everyone have fun. Yu had fallen down on the ground. The dorm teacher offers the first timers to come to her so she’ll teach them. Yu thinks that this is the first time in her life that she’ll be skiing.

She glances at the side to see Kaji buried to the neck in snow and asking for help. She can only apologize to him for she couldn’t move. Just then, Haruto skis near Yu. He tells her to quickly stand up for that is very dangerous. Just then, Takumi skis to her and asks if she is alright. While the others are screaming that the two are amazing, Yu thinks that even if she anticipated for those two to ski well but in the end, they are both quite divine!!

Struggling to stand up, Yu tells Takumi that it is alright and she can stand on her own. Takumi says that it will be hard for her to stand like that so grab on to him. She insists that she is okay and thanks. While Haruto turns to leave, some girls deliberate fall down for the princes to help them.
Just when Yu had managed to stand up, Takumi is surprised and puzzled that Haruto is leaving. The fangirls are shouting that Haruto is so cold but so cool... Yu tells Takumi that they ski really well so they have a lot of experience in skiing, right?

Takumi tells her that he and Haruto frequently ski. “Kuro is very fast that he learned to ski quite well. Even if I forced myself to chase after him, I ended up with a fracture. It is because I practiced in such a frenzy.” While Takumi is helping up the girls, Yu is shocked that he had a fracture.

Takumi tells her that Haruto helped him bandage it and even carried him on his back as they went back. “For me, that is a painful past. *smiles* ...but, right now, my inferiority complex isn’t that intense anymore compared to before.” Yu smiles over this.
Then, she was pushed away by the fangirls telling Yu not to monopolize Takumi. They ask Takumi to teach them to ski but he tells them that they can ask the dorm teacher for help. Yu calls out to Takumi that she’ll also catch up to them! Takumi tells her that Haruto ought to be riding the cable car [ski lift].

While walking away, Yu thanks him and says that she’ll do her best. Takumi blushes. As Takumi pulls Kaji up, he wonders why Haruto didn’t give Yu an answer about going steady with her. At the cable car station, some girls are talking about that guy being handsome. They approach Haruto and ask if he is alone and does he want to ski together.

Then, a girl ask don’t they think he looks a bit scary. As Haruto is riding on the cable, he is surprised when Yu suddenly sits beside him. He tells her to get off. She tells him that she is already sitting so she couldn’t get off. He informs her that this [slope] is for advanced skiers. Yu exclaims no way.
As the lift goes up, Yu thinks that it feels like after she confessed, the mood had become very awkward and they are sitting so close now. She thought that after she confessed, he will be like the usual. Imagination: Haruto grabs her necktie and tells her that if she obeys whatever condition that he tells her, then he’ll agree to go with her. Yu blushes and asks, what condition... End Imagination.

She thinks that it is good if it is like that. Just when she is going to ask him about what he said regarding ‘on hold’, the cable suddenly stopped. Yu exclaims that it stopped, and is there a malfunction!? He tells her not to fuss over nothing and it isn’t a malfunction.

It is announced that because of the strong wind, the cable car is temporarily stopped. Aghast Yu asks if it is like that, they’ll just be suspended up in the air. Soon, there is a snowy wind so trembling Yu is covered in snow. Haruto thanks her for shielding him from the wind.
Yu mutters that geez...he is heartless like a devil. She thinks, but during the cultural festival, for the first time, his kiss doesn’t have that mocking feeling. “It’s very gentle. *recalls Haruto smiling during the fireworks* Very beautiful. Ah, I’m already hopeless. I really want to go steady with him...”

Just then, the wind blows hard again. Haruto gives her his scarf. He tells her to wear it and she will feel a bit better. Surprised Yu takes it and thanks him. He warns her not to make it stick on her snivel. Embarrassed Yu says she knows. She can feel Haruto’s body warmth on it.

Just then, the cable car started to move again which caused Yu to let go off the scarf. It falls down on the ground. There is an announcement that the strong wind has already calmed down and the cable car can move again. The guests are warned to pay attention for it might be somewhat shaky...
Yu is aghast that she dropped it. She is about to apologize when she saw Haruto’s stunned expression. She apologizes and says that she’ll get it when they go back. He tells her not to do more than what is needed. Yu protests that she was careless so it had fallen off.

Haruto says that the weather will immediately change and if it snows some more, she won’t be able to find it. He tells her to just stay put. Looking behind, Yu says that she’s getting off now for this is considered low and besides, it’s snow below her. He asks if she is an idiot. She protests that scarf is very important for him...
Haruto holds Yu’s side of the bar to stop her from jumping off. He tells her that if she doesn’t listen to him then they can consider that thing didn’t happen at all. She blushes and mutters, that...thing... He asks, “Didn’t you want to go steady with me?” Blushing Yu looks surprised.

After they get off the cable car, the man tells them to quickly move away after getting off. Yu is surprised when Haruto is pulling her away. He tells her don’t be so slow. Yu blushes and wonders if it means that he agrees to go steady with her.

At the cliff, Yu trembles for it is such a terrifying steep incline and she absolutely cannot ski down there. He tells her to look ahead, don’t bow down, don’t stoop and after falling, change direction again, and afterwards, ski down as if it depended on her life.
With that, he skis down as Yu tries to tell him to wait. As another girl asks her boyfriend for help since she’s scared, Yu thinks that in this kind of situation, a guy shouldn’t have abandoned his girlfriend. She realizes that in the end, it is still in ‘on hold’ status.

As Haruto skillfully skis down, Yu slowly tries to go down the slope. Just then, she is startled when someone skis down screaming. Yu wonders if that person is okay. She thinks that she cannot be discouraged over this when didn’t she decided to chase after them. After skiing down, Haruto looks back and complains about Yu being so slow.

A girl calls out to Haruto that he skis so well and does he want to ski together. Just then, the screaming guy shouts that he couldn’t stop, save him... Haruto helps stop him and tells him that since he couldn’t ski so don’t go to an advanced ski slope.
Another guy skis down near them and calls out to him as Kohiro [guesswork from 小廣] and asks what he is doing. Kohiro says that it is because he wanted to reconcile with him, Komasa [guesswork from 小正]. Komasa scolds Kohiro to shut up, stupid because in the end, he went steady with the girl he likes when he is obviously his friend.

Kohiro apologizes. Komasa says that he wants to sever ties with him... And a snowball from Haruto hits Komasa on the head. Kohiro shouts that’s cold and what is he doing, ojisan [old man]... Haruto darkly asks ha? Aghast Komasa shouts that no..he’s [Haruto] not allowed to lay a hand on this guy... While Kohiro is moved, Haruto flicks Komasa’s forehead and asks who’ll lay a hand [on him].
Meanwhile, scared Yu is skiing down quite fast that she thinks that she’s going to die. Then, she trips and falls down. She says that she has stopped. While patting the snow off her, she thinks that it’s great, she’s still alive but that hurts. She looks at the side to see the cable car.

Yu thinks that the scarf should have fallen off there and it is quite nearby. “—no, no! He told me not to go and get it! Right now, it is better for me to be good and listen... *recalls Haruto’s stunned expression* ...but, that time...” She looks back. Later on, it has started to snow again.

Haruto tells the two to quickly head down while the snowy wind hasn’t become strong. Komasa is shouting that he’s a jerk while Kohiro is thanking him. Haruto looks back. Taking off his googles, and perhaps, looking slightly worried, he asks, “...Akabane?”
Comment: Yu’s dream is amusing even if I wonder if that is just an ordinary dream or there is some subconscious wish in that regarding really wanting a nicer boyfriend. It is hard to say what Haruto is thinking that he started ignoring/snubbing her. Still, he cannot help but react when he gets jealous =P

So, Takumi is indeed rejected in the last chapter. That is nicely done without being overly dramatic. Takumi has admitted defeat and from how things are, he and Yu are back to being friends. Of course, Yu is being careful not to be too close with him since she’ll refuse his help. Still, it seems that is partly making Haruto jealous and he is kind of avoiding them.

Perhaps, he is still sore about how easily Takumi can interact with Yu and even make her smile. Takumi seems to hit the target when Haruto kind of reacted when Takumi said that he was childish. It seems that Haruto didn’t know Yu’s intention on why she wants to go steady with him. ^^; Unfortunately for him, she isn’t ready to tell him.

I do wonder if he rejected her. Will she really give up? But from how he is reacting, it seems that it isn’t exactly like how she was imagining it. From how the characters are in this series, if she’s like that, she’ll give him up if rejected. Anyway, the mystery here is what’s with that scarf. Perhaps, that will lead to some flashback and hint on why he is like this.

Actually, if this is real life, Haruto’s warning ought to be followed. I mean, the weather is very unpredictable. She is most likely going off the ski track. I haven’t been to a snow ski resort before but can one easily go back while wearing skis while underneath the cable car? Can she just follow it down or up? Ah, that would be walking on skis, right? And, not skiing down.

Also, when she was up there, can’t she just ride the cable car back since it is obviously beyond her ability to ski from that slope. Well, it is snowing again so most likely, this is a scenario for Haruto to ‘save’ Yu then maybe some sort of lovey-dovey scene or perhaps, the answer to the confession.

I wonder if those two guys quarrelling over a girl will be related to this later on. Something like what was bugging Haruto. Or, he isn’t going to let some girl ruin their friendship or the flick was somehow meant for Takumi =P Hm...it might be a blow for Haruto if it was Takumi who ‘saves’ Yu though. ^^; Scans from baidu by wango3281122

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