January 31, 2017

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 115]

Ding dong. The door opens. Holding a decorated box while looking downwards, Sawako’s father nervously says that it is lucky that Sawako is always taken care of by them and he wishes them a Happy New Year. “I’ve come to fetch Sawako!! My daughter had caused you trouble...”

Shouta’s father says that it is mutual for their family’s stupid son was the one who is always been taken care of by them. “Happy New Year to you, too.” Sawako’s father asks if he is Shouta’s father. Shouta’s father says that he is definitely very worried but please be at ease for his daughter is safe and sound, it is just that... Sawako’s father asks, just that!?

Shouta’s father says that the two are going to the hatsumode [New Year shrine’s first visit] so, they’re at the shrine...I’m so sorry. Sawako’s father says that there’s no need to apologize for that, and that’s good [to hear]. Shouta’s mother asks who it was. Her husband says that it is Sawako’s father who came to fetch Sawako.

Sawako’s father says that if they won’t refuse it, then please accept this sweets... The Shouta’s father exclaims, what..!! This immediately made Sawako’s father asks if he hates sweets, sorry, then next time, he’ll bring something else...
Shouta’s father quickly shouts for his wife to make some tea. He tells Sawako’s father to please come inside. Sawako’s father protests for today is New Year’s Day, isn’t he disturbing them and Sawako isn’t even there. He becomes frightened when Shouta’s father screams that it is fine, drink tea first before leaving!! Sawako’s father says okay.

And, while the fathers are having a chit-chat over a cup of tea--- Sawako and Shouta meet up with Chizuru and Ryo. Chizuru mentions about a huge snowstorm yesterday then it is suddenly clear today. She asks how come Sawako came together with Shouta. After Sawako explains, Chizuru screams in shock that she stayed in his house.

Sawako timidly says that it ought to be said that she went to take refuge at his house. Chizuru asks if she can ask something, and that is, did something happen. Sawako seems clueless so Chizuru says that she ought to say that is, was there any intimacy!? Chizuru is shocked when Sawako blushes. To Sawako’s shock, Chizuru immediately smacks Shouta.

Recalling how clueless timid Sawako was before, Chizuru is on her knees on the ground while crying that Sawako has already grown up. Shouta shouts what’s up with her, and that hurts!! ‘Seeing’ Chizuru’s imagination, Ryo says that it is probably some sort of misunderstanding.
Sawako comments that there are a lot of people there. Chizuru is still talking about the weather that it is great that it is clear today after the snow storm yesterday. Sawako ask where Ayane is, and she probably couldn’t come since she said before that it is troublesome if she catch a cold while studying.

Chizuru wants to make a bet if Ayane will come. Sawako says that she also wants to bet that Ayane will come. It was then when Ayane with a surgical mask arrives and greets them a Happy New Year. Sawako asks if she already has a cold. Ayane says that it is a precaution. Looking around, Ayane whispers if these are all the people...

Chizuru shouts what, she couldn’t hear her. Ayane pulls Chizuru and asks again. Chizuru smiles and says that she heard her and she indeed called [someone]... Chigusa and others arrive and greet them back. Ayane starts to freak out if this is what Chuzuru is referring to, as in calling for everyone.

Sawako was talking with the other girls when Pin grabbed Chizuru’s scarf. He angrily says that this isn’t what she told him, and she did call him here to accompany kids!! Chizuru says aren’t there many cute girls here. Pin exclaims that didn’t she say that there are beautiful girls who’ll come and line up towards him.
Chizuru says that she didn’t exaggerate it that much. Soon, the two are fussing over where is that beautiful girl. Chizuru exclaims to look in detail in front of him. Pin exclaims that the one in front of him is her. Chizuru angrily exclaims that she said beautiful girl!

Ayane is quite embarrassed that she mentally tells Chizuru not to say anymore but then, thank you, this is already enough. Then, Pin notices Ayane that he calls out to her. Blushing Ayane backs away and says that it has been a long time. Pin says that it wasn’t. Pin asks if she’s alright because right now, compared to praying, she should pay more attention to taking care of her health and the final dash.

Ayane exclaims that she knows that and this is the last power recharge... She recalls shouting at him before that she isn’t a brat. She thought it is very embarrassing and this is bad, she couldn’t dare face him. He tells her to power up to full then. She looks at him and manages to mutter, ya...
Surprised Pin shouts for her not to look at him for it feels uncomfortable. Ayane shouts that what does it matter to look [at him] and it won’t hurt him. Pin shouts that is the line of a vulgar guy. Someone laughs and says that those two’s relationship is quite good.

At the side, some girls ask Kent if those are his classmates and if he wants to greet them. Seeing blushing Ayane arguing with Pin, Kent smiles says no, forget it. They talk about being tired because then they went to the shrine after going karaoke overnight [<- probably stranded there during the storm] so they are going home already.

Sawako thinks that it feels very different from the very mature Ayane and it seems that she is very happy. Shouta calls out to Sawako that they go and pray to the shrine now. Chigusa took a stolen shot of the couple. She informs them that she in charge of the graduation’s photo album and collections[?]. Chigusa takes a picture of Chizuru and Ryu, then a picture of Pin and Ayane.

Ayane whispers to Chigusa to give her a copy of that picture. Chigusa agrees but in exchange for fried potato chips. More people join them and more pictures are taken. Narration: “As winter break ends, we have to go back home and study. Perhaps, there are also not many opportunities left to be able to see everyone like this.”
Someone shouts that after the idle group [/not taking college exams], it will be the college exam groups who’ll pray but then, there are three idle group members who sneaked in there. Ryu and Chizuru sheepishly smile. Pin shouts not to lump him here.

Chizuru teases Pin to donate more for everyone. Pin calls her stupid and he still hasn’t forgotten about that beautiful girl thing. Soon, everyone rings the bell and prays. Narration: “Thank you very much, I’m very blessed. I hope that everyone will become more and more...”

Soon, they are getting fortunes [omikuji]. Some got ‘blessing’ [/] while Joe got ‘great curse’ [大凶]. He asks for a kiss to cheer himself up. He turns to Ayane who refuses to help him. Pin shouts that he dare say those words in front of the homeroom teacher.

Joe goes to him and asks him to give him something to eat for he got the ‘great curse’. Pin shouts for him to shut up. While tying her fortune on the string, Ayane thinks that even if Pin isn’t protecting her but darn, she’s so happy... Then, she looks at her tied up fortune.
While his students are urging him to treat them, Pin shouts why he should. They say that it is only at night when they serve sweet sake but now, they are very cold that they’ll get sick. They tell him that it is the last time, they’ll soon graduate and give them one last beautiful memory.

Pin can only grumble that they are blackmailing him and they better be careful or else, they won’t become upright adults. Soon, Pin is treating everyone with whatever hot drink they want from the vending machine. Then, he asks Ayane what she wants. Ayane says that she hasn’t decided. Pin says then she’ll be the last. He laughs and exclaims that he doesn’t know if the hot drinks will be sold out first or it will be his money that will be all used up first.

Tossing a drink to Sawako, he tells her to properly remember that a [strict] teacher cannot avoid this ending wherein one is being extorted [using one’s weakness] by brats. Saluting him, Sawako exclaims that she’ll engrave it in her heart. While Pin is busy giving away hot drinks, Ayane tries to ask him about his fortune.

He angrily shouts that looking at this miserable scene, it is definitely, ‘curse’. She asks how about the person he hoped for or beautiful girl coming. Pin angrily shouts she won’t come and what’s hers [fortune]. She says that it is ‘blessing’. She tells him that it isn’t bad regarding studies and it is written on top, ‘to make an all-out effort’.  
Pin says then, go and make an all-out effort. She looks at him as Pin gives Ryu his drink. Ayane recalls her fortune regarding love, ‘it cannot be just simply unrequited longing, move unhindered, but still wait and see first’ Then, there’s something about don’t worry.

Ayane thinks that even if it said she cannot, but she also doesn’t know what to do. Pin calls out to Ayane, who snaps out of it, says, milk tea. He tells her that he no longer has any money. He shouts that regretfully, he used up his money so she’s the only one who doesn’t have one. Ayane shouts that he’s so cunning and even if it isn’t right now, she also wants something.

Pin says that she’s blinded by greed and there’s no more. Ayane exclaims no, give her a canned coffee or a rubber eraser–type of thing. Pin sweatdrops and says that she really has a lot of nerve to demand something from him. Ayane says that it is okay even if it isn’t a thing, if she passes the exam, [give it to her?] as a reward. Pin looks surprised.
Blushing and sweating Ayane begs him to give her an eraser. Pin sweatdrops and says that didn’t she say that it is okay even if it isn’t a thing. Ayane says that even if she said that. Pin says that if she wants an eraser that much, then go buy one. Ayane tries to explain but Pin sighs.

The others urge Pin, stingy teacher, to give her that eraser already. Pin tells them to shut up, you ingrates. Pin calls out to her and says, that he’ll think over it and she absolutely have to pass!! Wide-eyed Ayane says yes, she’ll do her best. Sawako is moved to tears while Chizuru is freaking out if that is really Ayane. Then, Chigusa calls out for them to take more pictures.

Narration: “I hope everyone’s future will be bright---” Soon, the others bid each other goodbye as they cheer each other on for the exams. Sawako and her group pass by a bridge. Chizuru says that isn’t this bridge where they argued with Sawako during first year and just now during mid-term exam. Sawako exclaims that it is when they were depressed.  

Sawako had called them by their surname so the girls start to reminisce that time when they aren’t used to calling each other’s name, and they even called Sawako, Sadako. Chizuru admits that she and Ayane were discussing about Sawako, and they were quite depressed. Ayane says that Chizuru cried really hard. Chizuru tries to deny it.
This made Sawako realize that the one who was troubled at that time wasn’t just her. Chizuru says but then, they already made up that they even forgot that they used to call each other by their surnames. Sawako happily says yes. Chizuru laughs and says that she really couldn’t believe that Sawako used to rarely smile.

Pin says that he also didn’t think they’ll unexpectedly become friends for they don’t seem to hit it off with the puppet. Chizuru shouts that’s so mean calling Sawako puppet. Pin says that there is also the young master’s first love which made him unable to look straight at it since it’s too rustic [/old fashioned?]. Shouta shouts what he meant by that.

Pin says okay, in short, them high schoolers still have two weeks then they’ll go take the test so better brace their nerves. He tells them to face towards that side and shout out to cheer themselves up, haha, just like in the drama, s very youthful feeling. Ayane takes a deep breath and shouts that she’ll pass-!!

Pin is shocked that she really did shout when she is the one who is most unlikely to shout. Sawako shouts gambatte [strive hard] to get in the list. Since Sawako shouted, Shouta also shouted gambatte! Chizuru shouts that she’ll pass! Ryu asks why she is also doing that. Chizuru says that she’s just doing it in passing. Narration: “New Year’s Day. A clear day. Finally, we are finally going to officially welcome the college exams.”
Comment: Regarding the first part, I’m actually curious how the fathers’ reaction will be. Actually, it would be interesting if their children are also there =P Sawako’s father is obviously easily intimidated by Shouta’s father =P I guess Shouta’s mother will be the ‘mediator’ between the two ^^ Hm...I wonder what they’ll talk about.

It wasn’t shown that Chizuru’s misunderstanding was corrected. Will that be a source of comedy later on? It seems unlikely, because with college exams coming, everyone would be in serious mode. With all that talk about catching a cold, it makes me think if it is a premonition that someone will indeed catch a cold and miss the exam. ^^;;

Good job for Chizuru to managing to trick Pin to go there. From how things are, I wonder if Pin is really faking it or he really doesn’t know what Ayane is implying. ^^; It seems to be the latter that he is indeed in the category of ‘wise regards others but naïve regarding oneself’. ^^; Apparently, Kent has also noticed it in one look. I guess he is happy for her and well, he still has his fangirls as consolation prize.

So, for Ayane, it is still ‘wait and see’ regarding how things will turn out between her and Pin. With that reminiscing at the bridge, it makes me think that the series is ending soon. Of course, it might take another year or so if the pacing is slow like this. =P Scans by 工作室

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