December 1, 2016

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 114]

Before heading out of the room, Shouta’s mother tells Shouta that she is going to sleep now so by all means, do not... Looking flustered and serious, Shouta tells her to please believe in him and good night. He immediately closes the door which surprises his mother.

Shouta look at blushing Sawako who is looking at him. He thinks that it is because his mother said some unnecessary, compared to that kind of thing, today, he has to!! Sawako holds her face and wonders what to do for if she doesn’t restrain herself, she couldn’t help but smile because she’s so happy.

“Anyway! It is because it has been such a long time since we have an opportunity to be together!!  Ah! *surprised* But!! Does Kazehaya-kun want to sleep?! Isn’t he already sleepy?!” Shouta is holding a small paper bag and thinks, “Okay--” He is caught off guard when Sawako asks him if he’s going to sleep already.
Shouta exclaims, no, he isn’t going to sleep and speaking of that, he is totally not sleepy!! She asks if that is true. Sighing in relief, Sawako exclaims that’s great so can she stay here for a little while? She starts muttering that even if he helped her spread the futon, and she isn’t going to sleep there, is a bit...

...and, she wants to say that it is a rare opportunity, so that is a bit... After looking surprised, Shouta laughs and tells her to go ahead and stay as long as she wants!! “I also hoped that you’ll do that--...” The two blush.

Snapping out of it, Shouta immediately opens the door to check if his mother is still there, and she shouldn’t be, nope, she isn’t!! Recalling his mother warning him, Shouta thinks, “I know!! I know already!! What is that- It has already become a curse!!”
Sawako tells him to go sit quickly at the kotatsu together with her so that he’ll get warm. Shouta blushes. With his hands behind him, Shouta immediately walks sideways to Sawako and says, yes, he’s coming. Surprised by that, Sawako says that he walks so fast. He just says, is that so?

Shouta starts to serve her with the tea and some sweet tangerines. Sawako felt so happy. Shouta seems to be thinking of something. He calls out to her. She asks, what? He quickly leans to her and kisses her. Then, he says, “Happy birthday...!!”

This made Sawako flustered as she calls out, “Wa...wa, bi..birthday!!? Ah..ah, is that so!! *Shouta is surprised by that* My birthday has not passed yet!! I always felt that it is already over. No, don’t be over yet.” Shouta sweatdrops and says no, it isn’t over yet!! Sawako says that it is because she felt that something more amazing than her birthday had happened. “Tha—thank you--... (I’ve received such a super amazing gift~~~...)”
Blushing Shouta looks at her when he suddenly realizes something. He shouts, “No. It isn’t that. Just now, that...that isn’t some gift!?” Surprised Sawako exclaims if it isn’t so, and did she just mention it. Shouta says no, but it is written on her face, that expression of receiving a gift.

Sawako is puzzled. Shouta seriously tells her to close her eyes for a while. This made her heart beat fast. She closes her eyes tightly as she slightly looks up. This made Shouta sweatdrop for he can read her ‘I didn’t think that there’ll be a second kiss as the gift...’ expression.

He is about to explain but he just says, forget it... He kisses her again. Blushing Sawako thanks him again. Shouta shouts, no, the kiss isn’t the gift!! “It is just because I wanted to kiss you!! It’s a thing! A thing!!” With a ‘what did you say!!’ expression, Sawako exclaims in shock.
Sawako tearfully exclaims over how embarrassing that is!!! Shouta laughs and says but then, from how he sees it, she is actually so cute!! “Happy 18th birthday! I’m going to give you a gift. Ah, because I’m a bit shy so please close your eyes!”

Quickly closing her eyes, Sawako says okay. Blushing Shouta quickly grabs the paper bag that he has hidden underneath the kotatsu. Then, he says, “You can open your eyes.” Sawako slowly opens her eyes to see a small box with a ribbon in front of her. He tells her that he has hidden it under the kotatsu for a while so it might be a little warm.

Taking the box, she says okay, and what is it... He tells her to open it to see. She opens the box to see a heart-shaped thing in it. Sawako quickly closes the box which surprise Shouta. In disbelief, she looks at him and stutters that just now, it is..a ring..!! He says yes.
He holds her hands and takes the box from her. He opens the box and holds out his hand to her and says, She says, ah, yes. She holds out her right hand to him. While Shouta is putting the ring on her right ring finger, Sawako is wondering if this is a dream, no it isn’t a dream.

Then, the two look surprised for the ring is a bit too tight for Sawako. Trying to push it thoroughly into her finger, Shouta says that’s so won’t fit. Sawako says that it is because her finger is too coarse. Shouta exclaims that it isn’t so, her finger is very thin [/delicate] and he had confirmed it so many times so he thinks that her finger is super thin so he chose the small size.

Sawako exclaims, confirmed!!? He admits that he secretly measured her right hand so many times. Sawako realizes that was the reason why Shouta wanted to hold her bare hand during Christmas before. She asks so he had been touching her hand lately-!?? She tells him that she thought that it is his interest [/hobby].
This made Shouta comment that just by hearing that, it seems that he is some dangerous person. Shouta asks if it isn’t 10 cm, and his visual assessment is quite accurate and he plan to roughly use his finger measurement.. Sawako exclaims that he’s so amazing!!

Chibi Ayane exclaims not to belittle the ring for he planned to use that way to measure a ring. Sawako thinks that it turns out that since that time, he really wanted to give her a ring. Flustered Shouta wonders if it would fit if he shoves the ring but then, after wearing it, the result afterwards is hard to imagine [<- cannot be removed?]

Nevertheless, Sawako is moved by Shouta’s intention. She tells her that perhaps, it will fit on her other fingers. While fitting the ring on her other fingers, Sawako says that it is too big for her little finger, and it is a bit tight on her forefinger. “ fits here!”
She managed to put the ring on her left ring finger. She notices Shouta staring at her intently and realizes the meaning of putting the ring on the left ring finger. Trying to remove it, she apologizes for this finger..made him unhappy sorry, she’ll remove it.

He tells her that it’s alright, she can wear it there for that is what he planned from the start is alright. He explains that it is because he is so shy that he got the right hand. [<- I assume he took her right hand to measure the ring with before]

Sawako thinks he had also sorts of feelings as he chose this for her. Holding her hands together, Sawako tearfully thanks him. “This ring, I’ll treasure it throughout my life~~ Throughout my whole life~~! I won’t remove it~~..!” 
Shouta tells her, no, that is just a cheap ring, there’s no need to wear it throughout her life. She says no, she’ll treasure it throughout all of her life. He says no, he should say.. “There will be a day when I’ll give you something more presentable. [Something that you can] truly wear throughout your life. ...It’s a promise!” 

He holds out his little finger. She intertwines hers with his for the pinkie promise. As Sawako cries in happiness, Shouta laughs and says that seeing her expression would also make him cry! Narration: “...even if you became an old grandpa, even if I become an old grandma, it will be like this,’re smiling at my side.” She tells him that she’ll also treasure this ring. He says yes, thanks.

Sawako says, “This is.. Right now... 18 year old Kazehaya-kun... as if his life depended on it... chose a ring for me... I’ll forever... treasure it...” Shouta mutters that he is really going to cry. Narration: “We are going to be always... bounded by deep emotions [/love] even if we are far apart.”
Shouta holds her hair then leans toward her. She opens her eyes and sees him closing his eyes. She closes her eyes and they kiss. The two look surprised then they both laugh. They kiss a few times. Then, they suddenly look very embarrassed.

Shouta says that how should he say this..if they stick together like that again...about that... Quickly taking the remote control, Shouta exclaims that they watch television. Sawako says that’s right and that is her favorite show!! The host of the program says that for this year, there is only one minute left!

Sawako looks at the clock and it is almost midnight. She exclaims that it is true. The host says, “There are a lot of things that had happened this year. How did everyone spend it? What kind of year will next year be?” The host starts a countdown from 5 to 1.
Sawako thinks that soon, she won’t be a high schooler anymore, and even if she totally couldn’t imagine it but it is definitely alright. “If I’m with Kazehaya-kun, it is definitely alright--” The host counts to 1. While they are still holding each other’s hands, they greet each other, a Happy New Year and ‘I’ll be under your care’[/yoroshiku].

Narration: “For Kazehaya-kun, for everyone, for the two of us, I hope that it will be a beautiful year--” Soon, the television is still on. There is a peeled tangerine on the table. Sawako wakes up to see Shouta sleeping. She couldn’t believe that she had fallen asleep over a comedy show and no wonder it is because of the kotatsu [<- so comfortable that she fell asleep].

Sawako looks at the clock and it is past 3:30am. She thinks that she ought to go sleep on the futon. She looks at her left hand and sees the ring. She looks at Shouta and slightly holds his shoulder to say, “..thank you, Kazehaya-kun.. I’m really thankful to you..”
She thinks that reaching out her hand is enough to cover the distance, and she can even touch him. She leans down to kiss him on the cheek. She thinks that before going to her futon, she’ll stay near him for a while. And, she can even watch him while he’s in deep sleep.

“I really want to be always here..staying like this..and be able to sleep together is nice...” The next day, Shouta’s mother opens the door and becomes aghast that the prepared pajamas and futon are untouched. She is startled when her husband calls out to her and greets her a Happy New Year. She asks him since when he is there. 

The father asks who came and what’s going on for the futon is spread like that. The mother just says, ah, ah, about that. Ding- a light bulb appears. The father thinks of something. He shouts that it is Shouta!! While he goes upstairs, the mother tries to tell him to first listen to her.
The father says that it should be a girl, right. The mother nervously tells him not to suddenly open the door~~ While somewhat covering her eyes, the mother looks in the room with the father. They see the two still sleeping on the kotatsu while the television is still on.

Relieved that the noise was just the television, the mother says, see, it’s great that nothing happened, and the place doesn’t look messy. She explains that she was the one who asked Sawako to stay over their house because the snow storm was really strong last night. The father just says, oh.

Soon, Shouta wakes up to see Sawako’s face. He blushes and says, ..ah.. Then, he sees his father’s usual grumpy face behind Sawako. This made Shouta scream out loud that Sawako is startled awake with !? The father says that he’ll trust him this time!! Shouta exclaims that can really cause one to be so startled, and have a heart attack!!
Comment: This chapter is really nice ^^ It is like we got a glimpse of what would a proposal will be like with this couple. The first part is amusing for Sawako is really easy to please that she’ll be fine if those kisses are her birthday gift.

Sawako’s reaction to the gift is really amazing. It makes me feel, oh, is that... Well, even if it is just a birthday gift =P It is also unique that Shouta has relied on such a method to measure her finger. Thankfully, it fitted so the mood isn’t ruined. ^^

After that, it is really much like a wedding proposal when he said that he’ll give her something that she can wear throughout her life. And, they seal it with a promise ^^ Hehe, after much kissing, they stopped before it leads to something else. =P

I guess, that is a good thing or else, the parents might see ‘something’ in the morning =P In a way, I guess it helped improve his parents impression of him =P So, that’s how Sawako spend her birthday and their New Year’s eve. Scans by 工作室

Quote of the day:
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