November 29, 2016

Kasane [Chapter 84 - Neverending Epilogue]

Nogiku is sleeping on her bed when there is a sound of a door creaking open. Wearing a veil over her head and an all-black outfit, Kasane opens the light and greets Nogiku a good morning. Nogiku glares at her. Kasane immediately reaches out her hands to Nogiku and kisses her.

After removing her veil, Kasane asks how Nogiku is and does she want anything. After a pause, Nogiku says that she doesn’t need anything. Kasane smiles and says, is that so... Afterwards, Kasane joins Kingo who is reading a newspaper in the living room. Kingo says that since then, Nogiku is quite well-behaved even if he doesn’t know what she is still planning.

After looking glum, Kasane looks sideways and says, isn’t that very good since it’s quite convenient for them. Looking at her, Kingo says that she had also changed. Kasane asks if he still has things he wanted to say [other than that].  Kingo says yes, the notice for the next play [that she’ll join] has already arrived.
While giving her a booklet, Kingo says that she’ll be continuously used by Fujihara Yoshiro and that shows that old man pretty much likes [/interested in] you. “Here is the cast list.” Kasane looks surprised upon seeing it. She glances sideways at Kingo who says, “Who would think, right?”

Kasane says, ..yes, unexpectedly at this kind of place [/occasion], she’ll get to see that person again. Beside Kasane’s name is ‘Igarashi Iku’. Kasane recalls Iku’s bright smile towards her. Kingo says besides that, that person is also one of the main leads. “That is to say, in this play, it will be a double-female lead performance [/alternate performances] by Saki and Igarashi Iku.”

Kasane mutters, double female lead performance. While having coffee together, Kingo says that from high school, Iku should have already started performing but after these past years, he hasn’t heard of her. Kasane says, yes...but now, she suddenly climbed up to such a big stage.
Kingo says that even if he doesn’t know what Iku had acted in until now but it seems that it is because her previous work is unexpectedly popular. “She played Hamlet’s ‘Ophelia’ *Kasane looks thoughtful* I wasn’t able to watch it because its play date is almost the same with ‘Macbeth’. Besides, this time, by showing her talent in an audition composed of veteran performers, she got this role...

... *looks up* ...this thing fate is really quite baffling. Just like during that time with ‘Macbeth’s UNO NOBUHIKO, you still have to confront with people who knew of your past.” This made Kasane slightly grip her knee. Maintaining her smile, Kasane asks if he’s worried. Preparing to eat a candy bar, Kingo denies it for the current her ought to be alright.

He glances at Kasane and thinks that it is like, even if she said it like that, there is also no trace he can feel of her previous unnecessary distracting thoughts and naiveté. “—Furthermore, the light in her eyes, that is staring intently, are filled with the light of self-confidence.”
Kingo smiles and says, by the way, by all means, she have to be more careful. Kasane says yes, she won’t be careless no matter whom she acts with on the same stage. Riding the train, Iku is listening to ‘Shounen’ [/youngster], a song by Junko Ayano.

‘The same billowing night sky. As I raise my head to the numerous playing stars, Polaris and Cygnus had become a neverending [start without finish/troublesome] song.’ Iku looks out and notices a river. She recalls the time by the river when she watched Kasane walking away.

Song: ‘The orange street lamp couldn’t shine into the other side’s darkness.’ Iku thinks that is the last time she saw that kid. “At the riverside, the two of us would recite together the lines of that play-- Then, the ‘me’ who isn’t me who showed up. That play had snatched away my hope [/desire].”
Flashback: Iku watched a recording of ‘her’ performance in Night on the Galactic Railroad [/ The Festival is Sad Tonight] on the television. While looking tired and breathing hard on stage, someone shouted that Iku was made into the main lead because s/he saw that ‘Giovanni so how come she couldn’t put out her real skill to act the part!?

“You’re a genius. Didn’t you perform that ‘Giovanni’? Then, how come you cannot properly act right now?” Distressed Iku held her head and muttered, “No... it isn’t... That person... (I’m not that person)” She closed her eyes and thought the words of saying that, even if she could say it, no one would believe her. End flashback.

Narration: “Soon after, I noticed that I cannot rival against that ‘me’... the seal of being known as an inferior [/couldn’t surpass that] is becoming more and more strong [/deep]. *From backstage, Iku glances at Giovanni going onstage*...
...Even if I want to ascend to the stage, every time I’m ready to go onstage that ‘Giovanni’ would appear in front of my eyes. *Iku fell on her knees while holding the curtains* And, afterwards, finally, I have become someone who couldn’t even budge when I dare to stand on the stage...

...*present Iku looking serious* After that, after a few years, due to [going through] SOME OPPORTUNITIES [with difficulties] and wasting a lot of time, finally, I can once again, slowly stand on the stage. *seagulls flying up the sky* But, that kid... How is Kasane-chan doing right now...

...Even if I heard that she had become a vegetable and her whereabouts are unknown, but I hope she’s still alive and we can see each other, I...” Song: ‘In the forever stillness of the night. My dream. Your dream.’ Iku thinks, “There are still so many things that I want to ask you.”
Iku trembles as she stands outside the theater’s practice room. She thinks that in the end, she is supposed to make a comeback already, yet she is still quite afraid on the first day. Iku musters up her courage and opens the door. She happily greets everyone a good morning.

As the other greets her back, Saki is sitting behind them while holding the script. Saki looks at her. With blank eyes, Saki smiles and greets Iku back, “Good morning. Afterwards, I’ll be under your care [/yoroshiku.” Iku replies, “Yes! Everyone, I’ll be under your care!”

At his house, Yuuto looks at the poster of the new play, ‘Star Drop’ [which I think this means 星ひとしずく] which stars Saki and Iku. He immediately crumples the poster and calls out to Nogiku as to where she is, and what she is doing right now.

“‘Fuchi Kasane’ has smoothly finished her final performance for ‘Macbeth’. And, always until right now, she is continuing her acting activities. You’ve...!!!” At the basement, Nogiku just quietly looks up the ceiling with blank eyes as if she is thinking of something.
Comment: Well, Nogiku is indeed locked up and everything but thankfully, not chained like how her mother was before. I wonder if Kasane would have really given her something if Nogiku asked for it but given Nogiku’s personality, she wouldn’t want anything from her.

I do wonder what Nogiku is thinking though. Was she regretting about what happened like she shouldn’t be bent on revenge which ended up helping Kasane, doing things differently or perhaps, something about Yuuto? For now, based on her look when she’s alone, she doesn’t seem eager to get back at Kasane.

Kasane obviously still distrusts Kingo or perhaps, she just don’t like the guy. Given what happened with Nogiku, it is inevitable for Kasane to become how she is right now. Though, did she totally throw away her heart for her dream this time around? Did she soften a bit when she saw Iku’s name? After all, Iku is the only one who accepted her who she is. She seems to have put on her ‘acting face’ in greeting Iku.

As for Iku, she’s the only one who managed to pick up her life and try to get back on track after her ‘face’ was used. Unlike Nina who decided to commit suicide or the real Sugeyo who just accepted her fate, Iku tried to overcome the insults and obstacles of not being the one who acted out that marvelous performance. Kasane did ‘take’ a few years of her life as she overcame that.

So, would Kasane get paid back for what she did before? Iku seems to have some hints on what had happened. Yuuto is already on the move to find out what happened to Nogiku and probably rescue her. He knows about the lipstick and iirc, he did research about Kasane so he would most probably tell Iku about it.

The crucial point would be, what would Iku do upon knowing the truth? And, if Kasane or/and Kingo get a hint of the things happening behind the scenes, would they be able to make countermeasures in time? I guess that is what to anticipate in this arc. Oh, perhaps, a hint regarding the permanent switch? Scans by RAD汉化组

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  1. Hi, I' have been following your blog for a while and I wanted to thank you for translating the chapters of Kasane, I really love this manga and it's a shame that it isn't well known, and so, Thank you very much for your hard work.

    1. Thanks for the support and for reading, Sua ^-^



  2. I hope that Kasane can do the permanent face swap face soon since it seems that Yuuto is plotting to save Nogiku. It'd be great if Kasane and Iku are able become friends again. Kasane could use a real friend. Maybe Iku will even find out Kasane's secret. Thanks for translating this chapter!

    1. You know, it makes me wonder if that could end up in tragedy. There was a permanent swap and the one who Yuuto got rid of was Nogiku.

      Yup, I would hope so but I'm not too optimistic about it since she has closed her heart tightly this time around.

      I think she will know so I'm curious about her reaction.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  3. If Yuuto did get them mixed up, he'd probably ask to see the scar on Nogiku's shoulder. When Iku finds out about Kasane, I wonder if she'll directly confront Saki about it or if she'd trick Saki into admitting that she's Kasane. Maybe Iku would bring up a memory or event that only Kasane would know about.

    1. Ah, I'm imagining something spontaneous but yes, to be sure, better check the scar.

      Probably the latter. Right now, I cannot imagine Iku as being tricky, manipulative, etc like the two sisters.