December 3, 2016

Namaikizakari [Chapter 54]

At 12-1 convenient store, glasses guy asks Yuki if it is the first time she’ll be working. Yuki says yes. Glasses mentions about her applying for a 3x a week shift so she starting right now, she’ll be training for a few days. He asks if she can start work two days from now. Yuki says yes.

Glasses comments that her bearing is quite good and could it be that she practiced Taekwando. Narration: “In a nutshell, at the start of living alone has been disastrous.” Flashback: After seeing Shou on top of Yuki on the floor, Usami apologized for opening the wrong door. When she left, Yuki told Shou to move..and by the way, quickly go home...

Shou said that obviously, they’ve just started. Yuki told him that nothing has started. End flashback. While going into her apartment, Yuki thinks that unfortunately, it was unexpectedly when Shou came to visit, and unfortunately, that kind of ‘one must totally not let others see’-type of situation...that kind of accident had happened...
She wonders if she can still establish a satisfactory neighborly relationship. Just then, Usami comes out of her room. Looking aghast, Usami greets her. Thinking that Usami is obviously on guard towards her, aghast Yuki greets her back. Yuki wonders why it became like that.

In her house, after being served some drink, Shou tells her that it doesn’t matter, it isn’t like it is bang-bang-type that was seen. Yuki asks him that is because of whom... Shou says that she obviously let out a cute voice. Yuki darkly asks could it be because an insect went into his ear.

Shou changes the topic by asking why she won’t let him in her bedroom. Yuki says that it is because he’ll immediately be insatiable [/give him an inch and he’ll want a mile]. She says that while they are going steady as students, it is better to pay attention to propriety. Shou stands up and asks where the toilet is. She tells him that it is on the left door.
Shou starts to walk towards the left door when he suddenly made a dash for the right door. Yuki immediately grabs his arm to stop him from opening her bedroom door. He assures her that he’ll just look and he absolutely won’t do any indescribable thing. She says isn’t that nonsense.

Then, Shou’s cellphone alarm is ringing. He says that it is already 1pm and he should go to training practice. Yuki says that isn’t it going to start at 3pm. She tells him that he can reach school in less than half an hour from this side. He says yes, but he’ll go early since it will be time for the competition soon. While wearing his shoes, Shou says that tomorrow is a Sunday and they’ll practice the whole day.

Yuki says that’s right, she’ll start working tomorrow. Shou looks at her and asks, At 12-1, while Yuki is dressing up at the locker room, she thinks that it is bad, because it was quite fast when she got to find work and she simply decided to do it. So, she totally forgot to tell Shou about it.
Flashback: Shou asked, work? Where? She nervously said that it is at a convenient store at the university, at the side of the station. He asked why so sudden. She told him no, she thought of working earlier on. After all, she is still spending her parents’ money so to the best of her ability, she wanted to share the expense [/burden] a bit...

Looking at the side, Shou just said, oh. End flashback. She thought he’ll continue to nag and ask about all sorts of things but it is really seldom when he’ll be so straightforward. Her thoughts are interrupted by a knock. From outside the room, Glasses guy calls out to Yuki that he’ll be introducing her to the one who’ll be in charge of training her so if she’s ready, please come out.

Yuki exclaims, ya, she’ll immediately go out. Gesturing to a handsome tall guy with a mole, glasses tells Yuki that this is Suwa [guesswork from 諏訪] who is currently a third-year university student so he’s close to her age. Suwa introduces himself and says that he’ll be under her care [/yoroshiku].
Wondering where she met him before, Yuki looks surprised and greets him back. Pointing to himself, Suwa asks Yuki where they met before. Glasses guy slaps Suwa’s back and says, geez, what’s up with teasing a younger girl, he’ll quickly go to hell. Yuki thinks that perhaps, she is just mistaken.

Later on, Suwa shows Yuki where the rolls of paper receipts are located and he’ll show her the papers used for photocopy later on at the back. She says okay. Suwa says that right now, there are no customers so they practice a while on how to use the cash register. While taking notes, Yuki says okay. Suwa says that’s right, is the guy she is with during hanami, her boyfriend?

This shocks Yuki and she instantly remembers who this Suwa is. It is the guy who was viciously slapped during the hanami. That drunk!! She nervously says, eh..ah..! Suwa smiles and says in the end, that was her and afterwards, she talked with that tall guy.
Thinking that he saw her talking with Shou before, she says, no, no about that, actually... He says that it’s her boyfriend, right. He tells her that from how he sees them, they really suit each other. This surprises her and thinks, ‘really suit’.

While walking with his club members who are talking about the whole day practice on Sunday, Shizuka looks in 12-1 convenient store and sees Yuki inside. He is surprised to see her there. In the store, Suwa asks if Yuki had already remembered how to use the cashier. She says that she got the work manual during the interview. Suwa is amazed by that.

Shou has arrived home. He drops her bag on the floor and lies down on the bed. His mother shouts if he is already home, then, quickly bring down the clothes to be laundered. He lamely says ya. He recalls how Yuki nonchalantly told him that she’ll start working tomorrow. He sits up, lies down and sits up again.
Shou notices Yuki’s bow tie. He recalls her shouting for him to remember that in the whole universe, she likes him the most. It is already 1030pm when Yuki arrives home. She thinks that she still has a lot of things to learn so before sleeping, she’ll read the manual one more time.

Her cellphone rings. It is Shou who asks if she is finished with work. She says that she got home just now. He says, good job [otsukaresama]. Thinking that she should apologizes to him since she didn’t consult with him about getting a job, because starting to work means that the time they can meet will also decrease accordingly.

She tells him about working, she didn’t deliberately hide it from him. He just says, ya, ya, after all, she was the one who decided on it and he also doesn’t mind at all. Just then, Shou’s mother shouts where are the clothes to be laundered. Shou apologizes and says that he’ll hang up so he’ll call her again. She says okay, bye.
She is puzzled for she thought that Shoul would stubbornly inquire all about it like how he used to be: how many people are working there, what time will it end, when will she quit. Yuki thinks that just now, it feels the he seems a bit like it doesn’t matter at all to him.

She imagines him saying work, ah, family restaurant, a convenient store, forget it, anywhere is okay, it doesn’t matter. She nervously thinks that it is isn’t ‘it doesn’t matter’. At 12-1, reading a fortune telling magazine, Shizuka wonders what he is doing, why is he always staring at a magazine he basically doesn’t want to buy and isn’t it good to just naturally greet her.

He freezes and becomes startled when Yuki calls out to him. Putting the magazine back, Shizuka nervously asks why she is here..ah, working here! Thinking that he is into fortune telling, she says that she didn’t pay attention to him since she didn’t see him come in so is he looking for something. He says, no, he just came to buy some tea.
Shizuka quickly puts a bottled tea on the counter just when someone else, also did the same thing. Yuki is speechless for the other person is Shou. While Yuki is nervous about this, Shizuka tells Curly to line up. Shizuka calls him numb face [<- the word is ‘facial nerve paralysis’ and I cannot think of a proper insult which is related to that ^^;] that he’s noisy to death and just go to that side and read some porn.

Shizuka tells him that he isn’t a numb face. Yuki calls out their attention over what are they doing. Just then, Suwa goes to the cashier to tell Yuki that the store manager tells her to go and rest since the customers had become fewer. Noticing the two guys, Suwa points to Shizuka and asks, “Isn’t this boyfriend-kun?”

Yuki becomes surprised and tense. Surprised Shizuka goes blushing. Shou manages to keep his poker face. Shizuka says no, he.. Yuki tries to explain but Suwa continues to say that’s right, during the hanami, he [/Shizuka] was talking with Yuki.
Yuki thinks that it is indeed a fact that she, together with Shou, was indeed talking with Shizuka but it is totally wrong. Shou says that even if he doesn’t know what he is misunderstanding about but he is the one who is going steady with this person.

Yuki tries to call out to him but Shou has already pushes his bottled tea on to Shizuka and left. Shizuka tries to tell him to buy it himself. Yuki and Shizuka both have the same aghast and tense expression. Yuki thinks that this is really bad. Later on, Suwa asks Yuki if he provoked her boyfriend to anger, and it is his fault for saying unnecessary things. He asks whether or not, he made him feel uncomfortable.

With his hands together as an apology, Suwa says that if a problem comes up, he’ll also apologize to him [Shou] so definitely tell him [if there’s a problem] okay. Yuki just nods, and says, ah..she’ll be going ahead. Yuki thinks that Suwa didn’t have any malice that he’ll deliberately say those words out. As she wonders if Shou is angry, he calls out to her, good work. Shou is sitting and waiting for her at the corner.
Shocked Yuki asks if he is always waiting for her. Standing up, Shou says that he casually ate a bit and in the end, that stalker [Shizuka] might still be wandering around..and besides, there seems to be a suspicious [Suwa] guy so he’ll walk her to the station.

While Shou quietly walks ahead, Yuki thinks that she also doesn’t want to worry about this kind of thing and what, obviously, he’ll walk slower than her during normal times. She recalls him asking if he can always annoy her and from today on, he’ll become 100x more annoying. She thinks that he obviously said that.

The street light to cross the street had become green. Before Shou can cross the street, Yuki holds his hand. This surprises him. He calls out her name. Flustered Yuki says that she wants to ask if he’s angry or not. Wondering if she’s too childish or willful in doing this, she says,...but, if he answers ‘angry’, then, she’ll be a bit depressed, but if he says that ‘it doesn’t matter to me’, she’ll also be a can she say this...

Thinking that this is quite baffling, she turns around to say, forget it, sorry, she is just having a bit of brain fog so they should quickly go before the signal light turns red. Shou quickly grabs her to explain that he isn’t capable of interfering with her decision, and he also shouldn’t hinder what she wanted to do so ‘I don’t mind’.
“It is just that, I have one request. *hugs her* Do not meet with that guy just now outside of work time.” After looking surprised, she blushes and says that she understands. She wonders if she is an idiot, for obviously, Shou is incessantly jealous that is quite suppressing to the point of making one breathless.

And, she obviously always cry out that he trust her yet, right now, she felt this kind of relief so how come it feels a bit wrong [/something is off]. Yuki notices Shou leaning close to her. He asks, want to kiss? She says, no.. He asks her if she wants or not. She says no for they are outside.

He says obviously there is no one around. She says that the cars are stopping at the roadside. He leans to her and says that obviously, they are going to dash off soon. So, when the light signal for walking has turned green, Shou kisses Yuki. Yuki thinks that perhaps, compared to Shou, she is still at a loss over what to do.
At the classroom, Yuki closes her book and thinks lessons for the day is over. She also has no work that day so she’ll go to the bookstore to buy a reference book. Just when she is checking her watch for the time, a couple of guys dash in and shout, “Is Machida Yuki here!?” While she is surprised and puzzled, she stands up and says that she is Machida.

The two guys frantically exclaim that she’s the one from Ryuhoku’s basketball club. “That legendary capable devil manager! You’re that person whom basketball club’s Amamiya-kun talked about.” Yuki imagines Amamiya bragging that Yuki is already almost like a supernatural being. The others say, is that for real and they really want to chat with her.
Later on, the two are begging her to become their temporary manager. They explain that even if they have two managers but one got a flu while the other had a stomach ulcer that s/he collapsed. They will have a friendly competition with another school in three days.

If they don’t have a manager, they won’t be able to put the team into motion... Yuki says, so..they looked for her..? Black haired guy grabs her upper arm and tearfully begs her because after all, in 10 seconds, she can remember a register book with 100 people in it. Thinking that Amamiya’s bragging is exaggerated, Yuki tells the guy that she cannot do that.

She thinks that it seems that they are really in a difficult situation and if there are three days before the competition.. Just when Yuki is about to say, then..., someone calls out to her. Yuki turns around to see Suwa. Recalling Shou’s request not to meet that guy outside of work time, Yuki goes ‘eh’ along with Suwa.
Comment: From love triangle, it seems that we are heading toward a harem. ^^; I still feel that this Suwa guy will be related to Osaki neighbor later on...or they might have a past or something ^^; In a way, they seem to make a nice good-looking pair.

Because of that incident, Yuki has indeed become more cautious with Shou when he visits her. I do wonder if he is just teasing her because if he really wanted to, I think he can just go in her bedroom since I don’t think she can actually physically stop him from doing so. ^^;

It seems that we are at the stage of having to report everything that one decides to do though I’m not sure if it is only up to telling or it includes asking permission to do it. So far, Shou is becoming more understanding and let Yuki do what she wants.

I guess Yuki isn’t quite used to that either since she kept on expecting him to be just like before. But now, he specifically mentioned a request. I would really think that he is very wary of Suwa compared to shy-stalker-type Shizuka. So, it is one thing that it turned out that they are in the same school but it is another thing if she accepts the temporary manager position.

In a way, it is risky because temporary might become permanent if they really approve of her work, and something else involving the two managers like, they’re unable to do their job or something. Yuki might be ‘forced’ to permanently assume the position. So, what would she do? Ask Shou about this first or make her own decision about it. If it is the latter, what would it be?

Based on the store manager’s reaction to Suwa’s ‘have we met before’, it seems that he is a smooth-type of guy. I’m not sure if it was really a mistaken boyfriend identity or he really wanted to provoke the real boyfriend. I mean, from when she was talking with Shizuka, she is obviously beside Shou. Interestingly enough, he wasn’t there during the party unless he is trying to keep away from alcohol. Anyway, time will tell if he’ll be trouble later on. Scans by 红莲汉

Quote of the day:
Good relationships don’t just happen; they take time, patience and two people who truly want to work to be together. ~ Author Unknown


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