November 6, 2015

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapter 114]

While holding Lili’s hand, Yona leads her towards the forest. Noticing that Lili is breathing hard and looks ill, Yona stops and asks if she is alright. Lili stammers her that she's fine. Yona suggests that they rest a bit. And, they rest for a while under a huge tree. Just then, a couple of fruits are thrown on Yona's head. Holding the fruits, she says that it's the tree's fruit. She thanks Ao for them. After biting into it, Yona says that this fruit shouldn't be poisoned..and it can give them a bit of moisture. She offers some to Lili. Lili is trembling for she had..that person.. While Ao brings down some more fruit, Yona assures crying Lili that if she didn't save her, then, she'll definitely be already dead. While hugging her, Yona says but right now, first forget about that and properly sleep.. While Lili and Ao are sleeping, Yona thinks that it is good if this world is that kind of world wherein people like Lili doesn't have to pick up arms and fight. While petting Ao, she wonders if everyone is currently worried about them and she really wants to see them.. And, Yona has fallen asleep. Soon, it is morning. The slaves are back to work on the Sei stronghold. Then a slave carrying a heavy sack falls down. The soldier A cracks his whip and tells him to quickly stand up. The slave tells him to wait, his body..already won't move so let him rest a bit. Soldier A tells him that there no time to make him rest for the orders from above is this stronghold has to be completed within a week. “If you won’t want a beating, then properly go to work..Gah ah ah.”
A thick wood beam smacks him on the face. He immediately whips back but Shina is holding the whip. It is Kija who is carrying that thick wood beams. While Soldier A wonders how this guy caught his whip when his eyes are blindfolded, Kija asks Shina if his hand is okay. Shina nods. Yun asks the slave if he is okay. Touching the slave’s leg, Yun says that this is a broken leg and the injury is serious so it is better for him to properly rest up. The soldier B shouts at Yun over what they are doing there. He warns them that they cannot casually move about as one pleases or they’ll be punished. He says that if he cannot move, then go drink wine! Yun asks who is being reckless for they forcefully brought people here and make them drink some suspicious wine. Yun tells him that if he wants to say that kind of things, then wait until his leg is broken and encountered the same, then he’ll say those words that ‘he cannot do it’ at that time. Getting ready to crack his whip, Soldier B says, why you arrogant prick.. To his surprise, he is suddenly carried up high by Haku with one hand. The solider tells him to let him go. Haku apologizes and says that he has mistaken him for a cargo to be carried. Haku throws him down. Soldier B sits up and says they are obviously only slaves and yet, they’ll unexpectedly dare to rebel.. Haku says, rebel..? “That’s really unexpected for they are working very seriously.” Soldier B is aghast for Haku, Kija and Shina got their hands full with materials and cargo.
Soldier B asks where these men came from. Soldier A says that they are slaves brought from Kouka yesterday. Soldier B asks from where did they have strong soldiers to bring these men here and from where are this kind of completely energetic slaves come from!? Soldier A says that after they were caught, they are quite sincere [/naïve] and their workload is really astonishing so it is of very much help with this difficult problem. Soldier B tells him that in short, don’t let them recklessly get attention for it will influence the others. Soldier A says okay. At the side, Kija asks Shina how is it. Shina says that Yona isn’t here. Yun tells the others that he also asked the people around but in the end, it seems that they have not seen anyone whom they can suspect as Yona or Lili. Kija says that then, they should be at Jeha’s side of the stronghold. Yun says that he thinks that it is like that and if they did meet up with Yona, Jeha will think of a way to convey the news to them so they’ll just have to wait for a while. Kija says that they have to first confirm Yona’s safety before going to destroy the stronghold. “Leave the destruction up to me. I’ll make this kind of filthy place become ruins.” Haku just looks gloomy. Kija tells him not to worry for Jeha and others will definitely save Yona. Haku says that he knows and he’ll leave it to them. Kija smiles over this so Haku asks what it is. Kija says that because he looks like he is wavering and at this kind of time, he can trust Jeha and Zeno so this makes him very happy.
Haku asks who is wavering. Yun says that when he is wavering, he’ll start to become silent. Yun explains that when Haku wavered, contrary to Kija, he would become quiet. He comments that it has been quite a long day today that he remembered that Kija is older than Haku. Just when Kija is telling Haku not to hesitate to call him bro.. Haku says that he’s noisy to death. Haku thinks that thinking of it right now, it is like before when there is only him and Yona. He feels terrified that there are no trustworthy people at his side that he can depend on. “Lost a friend (Suwon) and after leaving the Wind tribe, I never thought of meeting them. *mutters, “White Snake, Shina, Yun”* I’m very thankful that right now, they can stay at our side like this.” The three look back at Haku and asks, Ha? Haku says that no, it’s nothing. At the other side of the stronghold, Jeha helps out a woman who almost fell down. He tells her to be careful and is she alright. The woman says that she is fine. Jeha says that it really makes one feel sorry for her that she is haggard like this. He tells her that it is okay to sit here since this is a blind spot from the soldiers’ view. Jeha says that he wants to ask her something, did she saw a red haired girl here. The woman stammers that she doesn’t quite remember for she drank too much wine. Jeha tells her that it is okay, there’s no need to force herself and he’ll quickly rescue her. He suggests that before that, she must avoid drinking the wine as much as possible.
The woman tries to protests but he puts her finger on her lips and says, okay? The woman agrees. On top of the stone wall, Zeno calls out to Jeha and apologizes for disturbing his precious youth time but can he come over for a while. At a hut, Ayura says that she found several people who said that they had already saw some girls whom she suspects as Lili and Yona. Jeha asks where they are right now. Zeno says that it was precisely said to be ‘already been here’. The women in the room where they are sleeping together said that they no longer see the two early this morning. Ayura says that the people who rebel here are being dealt with.. She tells the two that there is also someone who said that because Lili is rebelling too much so it is possible that they were killed. Jeha stands up that Ayura ask where he is going. Jeha says that naturally, he is going to find Yona and Lili. Zeno assures Ayura that Yona is absolutely still living and she definitely escaped with Lili to some other place. Jeha says that it is absolutely impossible that those kids would naively get themselves killed in this kind of place. Jeha says that depending on his legs, he’ll absolutely find them. He tells the two that he’ll quickly come back so relax while waiting. After Zeno says okay, Ayura asks Zeno to please also go and she’ll find an opportunity to convey the situation to Haku and the others so they’ll leave Lili up to them. Zeno pats her head and says that there’s no problem. So, while Jeha is thinking of an opportunity to escape, there is a ruckus about the wood beams falling over. It was Ayura’s doing.
Jeha quickly jumps. Running Zeno also quickly jumps and on to Jeha. After being surprised by that, Jeha tells him not to suddenly jump like that. Zeno apologizes to him. Jeha says that for him to come over, then he’ll have no way of carrying [/hugging] Yona and Lili while jumping. Zeno says that it is okay for he’ll run since his ability can come in handy, probably. Jeha says that it is enough for him to show his elderly wisdom. Ayura just watches them leave. At Tousui, Suwon is praising the delicious tea that was served to him. He thanks Tetora for it. Tetora thinks that since then, Suwon is always staying here at Tousui and not moving a budge. Even if he and Judo seemed to have carried out some discussion but in the end, they ought to have already given up on saving Lili and bringing her back. Judo also always seems to look to be in a bad mood. Then, Judo says, that he’s too slow. Tetora is surprised when Gunte arrives and says that he already whipped the fast horse at all costs to come over here and Chishin isn’t exactly near this place. Suwon tells him ‘good work’ for that long and difficult trek. Bowing to Suwon, Gunte says that it is no bother for it is His Majesty’s command so this insignificant exhaustion is not worth mentioning. While Tetora wonders why Gunte is also here, Gunte asks Jungi what is the current situation. Jungi says that they still don’t know the details of the current situation yet he didn’t think that Gunte would unexpectedly lend his strength. Gunte says that Lili was abducted by Sei and he won’t consider it as a ‘favor’. “You look like you are quiet but in your heart, you are already worried to death, right? Such a weak young lady is unexpectedly captured away.” Suwon and Judo think, weak young lady..?
Tetora asks if Gunte came to save Lili. Gunte says yes, for afterwards, they’ll go save Lili and bring her back. Suwon says that it is because if they are going to save Lili, they must have the military strength that will satisfy Judo. Judo says but of course, how can a country’s king just charge into Sei. Gunte says the matter is urgent so he brought several men who had a bit of skill. Judo says that the Earth tribe is still not enough. Suwon says that he also asked for another wave of troops. Tetora is surprised to see Mundok, together with Taewoo and Hende. Gunte says that this is really astonishing. The three bows to Suwon. Mundok says that the Wind tribe solemnly obeys his summon to come. Suwon thanks him for coming. Tetora recognizes Wind tribe’s hero, Mundok. Gunte says that he didn’t think that he’ll come. Mundok says that after all, Jungi’s daughter has been abducted and besides, they have to resolve Water Tribe’s Nadai problem as soon as possible so even if their strength is meager, the Wind Tribe will also lend a hand. Jungi says that for his sincere thoughts, he cannot thank Mundo enough. Tetora realizes that Haku’s tribe has also come to help save Lili. Suwon asks Judo that with this, there’s no problem, right. Judo says it’s okay but Suwon absolutely cannot rush in front and during the fighting, wait until he.. Suwon says okay. Blushing Tetora thinks that everyone here makes up the strongest troops that will cause people become scared. This combination that will save Lili really makes one feel quite at ease but, Yona, Haku and others.. The last scenes are: Haku and others are waiting, Jeha and Zeno are looking, and the princesses with Ao are already awake.
Comment: Hm..for a supposedly arid place, I’m surprised that there is some dense forest somewhere. I thought it is a desert-type of place..unless, it is some dense forest in an oasis of some sort. Anyway, I’m amused that Yona is starting to think the same way as her father did. Now, I don’t know if it is a coincidence or not but before, it was mentioned by a Chinese reader that how Yona ‘saved’ Lili from the whipping soldier is like what Haku did when his hand got stabbed. Here with Lili, it did remind me of when Haku is running away with Yona from the palace that night. So, in a way, it does seem that perhaps Yona is ‘imitating’ Haku. Now, I’m having some feeling that something big will happen to Haku soon. I’m not sure if I’m just overthinking or something but then, I’ll just mention it. First, there was that necklace that Yona gave him then he was wishing her happiness. That seems to be some sort of flag. Second, Haku musing about having people beside him whom he can trust now compared to when it is only him and Yona. In a way, it is surprising that he didn’t immediately charge to the other side instead he decided to wait for news about Yona from Jeha and others. He trusted them enough to leave Yona to them instead of doing this on his own. He is also thankful for them though I’m not sure he mentally expressed this kind of gratitude before. Third, for some reason, Mundok specially came to help out when usually it is fine if it is just Taewoo.

Perhaps, it is just because he had some sort of friendship with Jungi. Perhaps, unlike the war with Kai, this time, the reasons for fighting are valid and more on defensive/protecting reason rather than get some lands. Honestly, I actually did get excited to see Mundok here. Ah..for him to meet with Haku again or something. Hm..somehow, it might be bad for Suwon. If Haku wanted it, I think Wind tribe might backstab Suwon. Anyway, things with Sei will be over soon. After everything, they still abduct people from Kouka ^^; And the soldiers in the stronghold aren’t even really suspicious of Haku and others to act on their early suspicion. I guess it is because that they are in the lowest level of power that they are just glad that some strong men can help them finish the stronghold quickly so that they won’t be the ones punished for the delay. ^^; Hm..thinking of it, how come there is no supervisor type of soldier to see things are getting done properly ^^; Currently, based on the countries that are shown, Sei seems to be the most stupid one. So, whether or not there is some Suwon meeting, there is a chance that Yona and others will go back to Wind tribe with Mundok. Then, maybe we’ll know something about the last country, Shin. And after the ‘around the world’, we’ll hopefully get our goal, sword and/or shield, and prophecy to come true. Hehe, better not expect too much ^^; eScans by 红莲汉

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  1. Hi kat it's been a while ,as you might've guessed I've been quite busy anyway I'm here now ,so let's talk about manga ^^

    Thanks for the summary ^^

    The Yona/Lili moment was okay /meh .During last chapter I thought it was nice to see them try to make a run for it instead of staying there but it was done in a very idiotic way .I mean like you I believe yona should've told Lili about her plan to escape and they should've tried to steal some food /water then make a run for it ,yona might even take an arrow to prepare from a fight with the soldiers yet none of this was done and now they are half dead on the road but of course even if someone does chase after them and they are on the verge of death we know that yona's GLARE ...oops I meant Haki will save them

    Lili trying to act badass and now being shocked I really don't care about Yona 2.0 .

    Both were reckless and got cocky what happened was their fault so I don't care .

    The beginning part where Yona was trying to help Lili calm down was also very meh because I hate it how yona is always portrayed as someone sharp and who understand how the world works when in fact she doesn't so what she said sounded like some forced words of wisdom .

    About the Hak part I agree with you I feel like he will in a near death situation in the upcoming chapters .So many death flags ,in the start of the series there were many hints of his possible death like when zeno told him he had the smell of death on him and recently there was the necklace scene and the words he had for the other dudes felt very ominous and of course munduck .I Mean i don't see why an old man would come do battle instead of sending younger people ,in my opinion this is the biggest proof of hak getting near death in the future .

    Now we all know that Hak is beastly and without doubt the strongest character so how will he get badly injured ? Yona is a way so it isn't to protect her so will SW get there and do something dirty or will it be the fodder soldiers ? I could see Hak falling to the ground as yona and munduck +the other guys from the wind come in .

    How do you think his "death" will happen and how do you think the teams will be divided ?

    Also ,I really don't like the earth general ,I admit that it's funny when he fights with sky but I think his character is very meh how he quickly became a SW lackey when he supposed to be a veteran general is so very lame .

    I didn't like how munduck was being all polite and obedient toward SW despite knowing what he did to hak ,the only one whose attitude I like is Taewoo .

    Again I would like to hear your predicitions on how they will divide and who will meet who ?

    By the way kija shina and Hak scene was funny ^^

    p.s the part where you comment on how nice it would be if a world where girls like Lili wouldn't have to fight I laughed quite a bit because it make it seem as if she was a warrior when she isn't even a fodder ,I mean yona is lacking in both mental and physical aspect no matter how badass she tries to act or others make her out to be and I also thought it was very meh because just like during the war with Kai when we thought maybe she will realize that what SW is doing is wrong and weak villages are being crushed but she just mentioned and didn't follow through it so who cares !!!!

    Still I'm quite happy seeing hak's grandpa ^^ the wind tribe for the win ,the other tribes are so boring

    1. The seven sins it's awsome Escanor is so cool .I knew it was him when I read the name of the bar my sweet glutonny ^^

      When he switched into his arrogant /badass mode he was so cool ,I can't wait for next chapter I believe Garan is screwed since he couldn't even lift his axe and if he knows about Merlin not even his ashes will be left of him .

      Do you think the maiden he was speaking about the one whose name was the same as his axe is his mother I'm saying this because his power is called sunshine and he is only powerful during day time and he uses fire or at least both are related so the source of his power is the sun ,something like that I don't know if I'm making much sense .

      The demons getting drunk was disturbing ,doesn't really fit their image of demonic elite under the demon king but it was sort of funny .

      Jerricho did well though I still don't like her .

      I'm looking forward to the next chapter as usual and about the hearts I think it isn't just two hearts per demon but I think that each demons has more than two hearts .

    2. About SB you know I believe that maybe kyouko's dad took some dirty pictures of saena or stole her files and black mailed her to win the case because like many I believe he is part of the opposing team of lawyers and he tricked saena to win the case .Like you said they are already having sex so why rape her ? It makes no sense and if I'm right and what he did was something work related then her attitude toward kyouko really can't be forgiven .

      I mean yeah everybody put on alot of efforts into that case but it isn't the point where you would abuse your kid right ? So far I feel no sympathy for saena I just don't .

      Glasses is cute ,though i don't see why he likes a cold woman like her who abused her child and left her with a deep trauma ?

      Looking forward to the next chapter .

    3. Glad that you got time now, sofia ^^

      Thanks for reading ^-^

      True..or steal that fallen soldier's sword. Luckily, Sei soldiers don't care enough for two missing girls. Hehe, not really, her only good enough for stunning temporarily. ^^; I thought of a joke as to why Yona didn't tell Lili why she sneak out. It isn't to find is trying to find the hairpin =P Or, she wants to destroy the stronghold/Sei, because they got her hairpin and wanted Tuvalu to be punished..because being a merchant, she sold the hairpin. Then, they go around from one town to another, trying to find the person who bought the hairpin. Hehe..I think this series really works as a gag/comedy series.

      Ya..not really at par with Yona..but then, she was still a pampered daughter a few days ago so...

      I agree.

      Hm..didn't Yona used to do that before...seems to understand everything yet doing something about it is really lacking.

      True...though I'm not sure if it is coming really least in this arc. As you were asking, Sei soldiers are super lame so they cannot do anything to Haku. I'm sure they are fewer there than compared to the ones with Kai. Hopefully though while they are on 'stand by', Haku and others would tamper with Sei weapons and other things to make the destroying easier.

      Yona is his weak point. If I'm an 'evil mangaka', to irritate the readers, I would say Suwon put in danger, Yona tried to save him and Haku ended up being the one stabbed, etc. But then, Haku isn't exactly a weakling who'll die because of one stab. The guy even lived while falling from a cliff while protecting a girl. So, if it isn't Sei, it would probably be Suwon and his gang. Still..not sure how they'll pull it off. Maybe Haku going after Suwon again and the other generals + Suwon team up to bring him down?

      Are we talking about the current groups? Wind will definitely go with Yona and others. Earth and Sky with Suwon. Water is the one I'm not sure. Even if he will owe Suwon for trying to save Lili but it is Yona and others who are directly helping out Lili. If we count fire in, that is definitely for Suwon but then, maybe a small faction will go with Yona due to fire dude.

      Hehe..well, let's just say that it is very easy to win earth general ^^

      I think it is okay for Mundok to do that..SW is still the king and he cannot exactly antagonize him for the Wind tribe people. Taewoo might get away with it since he might be considered as small fry by SW. Based on Mundok's expression, he isn't exactly happy being forced to join this group..still why would he? Is it because to help out Water or hm..maybe that Nadai problem would spread to Wind? Something like I let you guys be and you amateurs still cannot resolve that after all this time and you guys even had time to go attacking Kai for some territories...when the Sei stronghold is about to be completed..and many of our people were kidnapped to become slaves.

      Hm..and thinking about it, does SW really care about the people? He doesn't seem to care much about those kidnapped people = no urgency. But, there is for Lili. Why? Because, Water will be his loyal pawn afterwards. He did mention that he is taking his time to destroy the stronghold sooner or later. Why, later on? To show Kouka's might?

      I'm curious though, do you think if Wind tribe got a problem, Mundok and others will ask for SW's help? Somehow, I think they wouldn't and Haku would just be the one who'll help them out. I'm thinking of that kind of scenario if Shin country is also up to no good.

    4. It is hard to predict without knowing the layout of who is where in the area. It depends if Yona got out of the forest and head to the path of where horses would pass by...Suwon will meet her first. Is the place an flat plain or not...does Jeha have a clue where Yona could have gone? Since it is Zeno who is with him and not Shina, chances for him to find Yona is slightly lower. Now, if Ayura manages to inform Haku and others. They might also leave the place before Suwon and group arrive.

      But, somehow, I'm sure that Haku will meet up with Mundok. Ugh, I keep on thinking that it would be nice if Mundok tell Haku to live his own life rather than babysitting Yona. ^^; So, I would want for Mundok to meet with Haku and others. Suwon can just meet with Yona and do that 'understanding talk' whatever since Suwon was told to stay behind the troops. Maybe Jeha will join them later on especially since he and Zeno aren't exactly antagonistic towards Suwon. Still thinking if there is some purpose for leaving the hairpin there. Something like for Suwon to find later on and know that Yona was there so that means, they won't meet up. Maybe by the time he arrived there, the stronghold is destroyed. It does take about a day for them to arrive there. So, Haku can meet up with Mundok later on at the Water tribe?

      True..but then, who knows..maybe after the 'around the world', she finally knows what she wants to do.

      Yup ^^

    5. Ya, I know it is Escanor..but somehow, I forgot why I thought it was him. ^^;

      Yup ^^ True...and it doesn't help that Garan is drunk ^^;

      Hm..I got the impression that it is some goddess ^^;; So, maybe it is related to him. I'm thinking though that he has a very good hiding place which is hidden from the sun when he is into the sun. So, do you think that he actually think that there was a traitor among them or someone he knows so he hide from any 'sunny place'? When weak, he doesn't seem to have any inkling to that..but how about if he's strong? I'm not too sure if he has a split personality and if he does, does the other know about the other Escanor?

      In a way, I'm thinking so Meliodas is traveling around above ground while looking for him..chances are, he won't find him for a long, long time.

      True...even if they are demons, they just want to have some 'fun' and 'great wine'.


      Is that so. It makes me wonder if Escanor can really finish Garan. Somehow, I think he'll just become 'stone' as karma for what he did to Merlin. I mean, if Garan is 'weak', how come Meliodas didn't finish him of before instead of sealing him with the others? I think it already means a lot if the demons are sealed rather than destroyed. Unless...Meliodas think that he can finally finish them off now because he has the 7 sins with him.

    6. True...then, one reader mentioned that rape does happen even if they are already having sex as a couple and mentioned about it being about 'power'. So, it makes me think, if he is some psycho guy who isn't happy that a woman younger than him is better than him, passed the bar exam easily and is about to get a major case for promotion, then, he might want to 'destroy' her after winning her trust.

      Somehow, I do think that there's more to it. Like you mentioned, how come Glasses would like her. He isn't exactly a 'love sick puppy/fanboy' type yet, he seems to have some sort of 'understanding' as to why Saena acted that way. Then, I thought, how come Shou's mother never told/clarified things with Kyouko as to why Saena is acting that way. Maybe, it was something that they cannot tell Kyouko since she is still young then. Or perhaps like Glasses, she feels that she shouldn't be the one to tell Kyouko about it. Being a mother too, how come Shou's mother turn a blind eye towards that/didn't exactly comfort Kyouko? Saena did hinted that Kyouko would be affected by what she'll tell her..I don't think Kyouko will be affected if it is just because of some work related thing that caused her to act that way towards Kyouko. So, perhaps, there is some work related thing but I have a feeling that there's something more to it.

      True..if it is only because of that case, it isn't.. Yet since Shou's mother, Katagiri and others are 'good people', how come they didn't really reprimand Saena for how she's treating Kyouko? And, they all know that Kyouko is a 'nice girl' so doesn't deserve to be treated that way.

      Yup. Hopefully, we'll finally get answers to our speculations ^^

    7. Yup and if this were Chang ge xing ,they would chase them and one of them may die in the process but this AnY and it’s far from being realistic or even logical so I will take it .

      Well ,the way the author tries to portray it ,it’s like she has the king’s haki .
      Hahaha that’s hilarious and we know that yona could easily risk her life to get it back or risk the lives of one of her harem .That’s how stupid her attachement to SW is .
      Since she left the place ,I’m pretty sure it’s SW who will find it and I’m gonna get a cancer when he will return it to yona .It will be so lammmmmmmmmmmmme .
      Well Lili is obviously trying to be like yona she even said it herself and even if she didn’t it’s still clear that she is yona 2.0 and that’s too much for me .
      That’s true ,sei’s soldiers are fodders and there are quite a few of them but maybe Hak will let his guard down and he will be gravely injured something yona related or SW or maybe because of Munduck .Or SW will « kill » him lol or maybe even Sky what do you think ? Maybe if it does happen we will know exactly who is more important SW or Hak because I think yona could easily ignore SW driving hak near death and excuse him with whatever excuse she can come up with but let’s see what will happen …Either way many death flags for Hak and Zero for SW that’s sad T_T

      That would be interesting but I would rage even more than I usually do but yeah like I said above ,seeing how pathetic Sei’s soldiers are if hak is injured it will be because SW and his party did something dirty to him or like you said because he tried to save yona while she was saving SW or the hairpin and you know what pisses me off more than the fact that she tried to save SW or the hairpin ,it’s the fact that if it does happen she won’t feel remorse about hak being injured because of her or move on from whatever feelings and desillusion she has about SW .
      I know that sky is SW babysitter and earth is his fanboy maybe those three will be a team and water +wind will be another team .So yeah maybe wind +water will meet with yona and SW +his boys will meet with zeno and jeha since as you have said those two seem to have good feelings toward SW an a I could a team up and buddy buddy moment which will make me quite sick but I’m pretty sure it’s come and even if I know it I’m still gonna rant ^^
      And let’s just add that he is very simple minded and pathetic ^^
      I know that and it does make sense but I like taewo’s mentality « you are the king ,i will help you for the sake of my tribe and the country but don’t get try to get close to me « a business like attitude is how i wish people who know about SW true colours would deal with him but sadly it isn’t the case .
      Oh it would be nice if that’s how he is thinking but I’ve my doubts .I’m saying this because everytime something that doesn’t make sense happen no one points it out and they just go with the flow ,that goes for both yona and SW harems .
      I don’t think so ,we have talked about it in the past and we both concluded that all is for the sake of restoring daddy’s legacy .When he attacked kei we talked about how it wasn’t the time to take back territories when the country was still very weak ,and

    8. now even though his people are being drugged and enslaved he is taking his sweet time .Unlike yona who just rushes there when she hear about such things ,so just like you i think SW will take this opportunity to win over water and attack sei
      Yes I don’t see the guys from the wind tribe go ask help from SW it will be up to hak .
      I agree but one thing I’m almost certain about SW will find the hairpin (puke) and hak will meet his gramps 
      Lol ,that’s a funny joke after 114+chapters .

      By the way next chapter is called strategy meeting so I guess it will focus on SW and the generals and we will get to know who will go where and from then maybe we will know who will meet who .

    9. Yup ,he is drunk doesn’t have all of his strength and is hot blooded yet he is gonna face the lion sin of pride who is calm and collected and whose power will only keep increasing now that it’s day time so yeah Garan is screwed and I think Mera will make a run for it and avoid fighting escanor .

      Something like escanor is half god ? I don’t think so because a data book was released and escanor was comfrimed human ,meliodas as a demon and Merlin’s race is unkown which is very interesting .
      I don’t know about that but it seems like he gets beyond arrogant when he is in his strong form as we have seen from the side story and we may consider it as a split personality since when he is weak he is shy ,clumsy and a coward yet when he is in his powerful mode he is cocky/arrogant ,very calm and even cruel like how he burned the vampire king and was laughing like a maniac just because the vampire pissed him off and refused to spare him even when he was begging for his life .
      Yes but maybe they can feel his power and will reach him right now when he is fighting the demons .
      That’s seems to be the case and since this isn’t expected from cold blooded demons maybe grown meliodas being in a love triangle with liz/elizabeth isn’t too far fetched
      True ,something like a taste of his own medcine .Well ,we talked about this before that the demons are far stronger than the other clans since in the past they all had to unite to just seal them not even kill them but after all the hype that escanor got and the ease with which he killed the vampire king I believe he can pull it off .
      Now about why meliodas didn’t kill him ,no idea the dude is an idiot in some aspect .We talked about how it was bad move to provoke the demons when he was missing half of the sins and they didn’t get their power so I won’t look too much into him not killing Garan .

    10. Yes that may happen and it isn’t that far fetched but SB isn’t that dark right ?
      But again as you have pointed out ,saena said kyouko will be hurt by it so maybe it is really rape because except that I don’t see anything that could hurt her directly .I mean if her dad is a worthless guy who blackmailed her mom with dirty pics ,that isn’t enough to be hurt right ?
      So the rape option isn’t to be excluded since saena said that .
      Yeah ,it means that the issue is much serious than it first seem so one dared to talk about it to kyouko was a very sensitive girl and was easily hurt .
      True ,none of the fuwas or glasses mentioned it to her and it’s like they are being considerate toward saena’s feelings and are ignoring kyouko’s suffering .Even though she did nothing wrong ,all the « adults » around her let all of that happen .Unlike with Lory who knows kyouko for only one year yet is trying hard to help her out .
      I hope so and again it’s SB so we can expect great things to happen ^^

    11. Sorry for the delayed reply..

      True..again, there is no 'tension' they escaped and Suwon never bothered with them ^^; seems like that but actually, it just temporarily stuns the enemy. If it makes the enemy faint..then, we're in business. dragon only got a glare and red hair = for easy identification ^^;;

      True. And yes, Lili is indeed a wannabe Yona.

      I was thinking of something like that but then, like what I told someone below..I totally find it unbelievable for Haku to be defeated by the likes of them. I consider Sei soldiers inferior to Kai's..and at that time, Kai are running on emotions and adrenaline. Here, I think they can easily whack a soldier unconscious even if they aren't that serious. Also, the dragons are in 'full power' here unlike in Kai. And, if Suwon and others try to do that to Haku, I think they have a high chance of being 'backstabbed' by Wind tribe. Among the generals, I think that Earth might have a chance against Haku. Then, probably Sky. I'm not too sure how strong Mundok is still is at his age though... Suwon can only win by manipulation.

      Ya...and based on how he is portrayed, I think Suwon will survive this series. Hehe..probably your sunshine and rainbow ending.

      True...though maybe just a bit sad and wish him happiness stuff..but unless she change, there is a high possibility that kept on repeating. And, well, I guess it helps for her to take it for granted since Haku and others 'heal' fast and there is no 'major casualty'.

      Ya..that is the likely grouping if Suwon's group split up, too. And, actually, it will once again help Suwon score some points with Water if he 'saved' Lili.


      Ya..but then, thinking of it, Mundok did try the 'antagonist approach' and it seems to have almost cost a big price for Wind. That is when he refuse to acknowledge Suwon as the next king. Hmm..which people are you 'wish the people know about SW true colors'? Fire? I think that except for Fire, all the other generals know Suwon's true colors. Or they are just closing their eyes regarding what he did to the king, the princess and their ex-colleague general just because they are benefiting/threatened by Suwon. I guess I'm not too sure about Water..does he know what Yona and others' role in the Nadai 1 arc? I won't be surprised if Water will 'suck up' to Suwon if Lili gets a chance to become the 'queen'.

      True. It makes me think that shouldn't Yona also have someone like 'Sky' who can make her stop from rushing over without some plan..and that is worst than Suwon attempting it since we know that strategy and etc isn't Yona's forte.

      I more talk for the next chapter. ^^; Hm..thinking about it, what are the chances that SW brought in Wind for them to be the first wave of troops with the hopes that someone gets killed so that he can somehow get someone who is in favor with him to become the general of Wind tribe. Water would definitely be there since he is worried about his daughter. Since Suwon is staying behind, his loyal allies, Sky and Earth would most likely be the ones with him to also guard him. Or, maybe Earth as the second wave.

      But somehow, I don't think the mangaka is going to pull that off...since she doesn't exactly want Suwon to be a totally 'evil villain'.


      Yup, you're happened. I was indeed expecting Garan to attempt to run away. Now, regarding Mera. I just thought of something. If Garan becomes stone = permanent I assume, Merlin ought to be back to normal, right? Now, if they kill off Mera, would that make Elaine become 'dead' again? In a way, I think Escanor should thank Garan for making him score some points with Merlin. And, Ban thanking Mera for 'reviving' Elaine.

      No, I mean, Escanor as some worshipper of a sun goddess who bestowed him that power. I don't mean his mother being a goddess. ^^;, if it is a split personality, is 'power on' Escanor in love with Merlin?

      Well, it is as you mentioned though..if that is what they are waiting for, how come they don't just stay put or at least help some humans from becoming demon food? Then, just rush over where Escanor is when he powers on. What I meant was, if Escanor didn't met up with Jericho then met up with the demons..Meliodas won't find him for a long long time.

      True...the demons can be quite like 'humans'.

      And apparently, it is...Escanor already 'killed off' one commandment though we'll never though if Garan can survive that attack since he chickened out and became stone. Well, at least this is one 7sin who can be a challenge against the commandment/s. I hope there's no idiot around who'll say how come you're weak at night in front of the demons/Mera at that situation.

      I see.

      By the way, I don't know if I'll face-palm or laugh if Meliodas and others reaches Escanor and others before King does. ^^;

    13. It really depends. As you mentioned, it has to be rape/something equally like that to kind of make one really understand why Saena was treating Kyouko like that. If the mangaka decides that it is okay to have a bit of 'dark stuff' to make it somewhat realistic, it can happen. If it is fluff-type, there will be some lame-type reason like she had an unplanned pregnancy, got tricked by some guy, lost a major case because of some guy = treat one's daughter like that when basically, it is all Saena's fault that happened. So ya, it depend on what the mangaka wants to be the 'impression' of the readers on Saena.

      In a way, SB can be slightly dark/serious. As a reader mentioned, when Reino is unzipping Kyouko's dress...what do you think he planned to do with her? Dark Moon story is 'dark'. Ren's story can be considered 'dark'. The Natsu 'bullying' can actually be considered 'dark'. But so far, it seems that the mangaka is putting on breaks and not make it thorough dark.

      True. Still, we didn't how if the other adults tried to help Kyouko or not with her mother. Somehow, it is possible that they talked with Saena like what Lory did but somehow, cannot do anything more afterwards. Maybe someone advised that it is better for Saena to leave = use the promotion to go to Tokyo rather than keep on treating Kyouko that way.

      I would think that it would be Yayoi. And to Yayoi's shock, her own son 'used and dumped' Kyouko so she is really apologetic to Saena for she probably convinced her to leave Kyouko under her care. I can almost imagine Yayoi wanting Kyouko to be her own child rather than Shou =P That probably what made Shou say that his parents might want to get Kyouko to go back to Kyoto = successor for the inn. What do you think?

      Indeed ^^

    14. It’s okay ^^
      Yup ,that’s one of the main reasons why there is no sense of danger ,that and the fact that yona always seem to win even when she shouldn’t .I mean yeah even in dire situations things are very meh no tension at tall .Unlike in chang ge xing where chang has to watch out for so many enmies even the people who are on her side ,did chase after her because they know she could be a threat .
      That actually makes sense ,and there is a real sense of danger to the point where even chang surviving is something we aren’t sure about .This is something we lack in AnY and that’s why the story is very meh .
      So Lame if she had just a tiny bit of chang’s intelligence instead of her forced glare and badass attitude she would actually be badass but sadly…
      Sigh….one yona is already hard to handle T_T
      I know that these guys are fodders and he got two dragons to back him up and above all he is freaking op .Still ,based on all the hints of him « dying « I believe that if encounter SW or something yona related happen he may let his guard down and get injured by either one of SW’s fanboys or a sei’s soldiers and yona and co will arrive on the scene to see it (just like when green and co arrived to see hak beat up sw’s party) and maybe if they do something to hak we will see a fight between dragons and generals ?
      Anyway here is how I think hak could get injured and put near death :
      - SW does what he said and « kills « hak by doing something dirty
      - He tries to attack SW earth and sky defend him and manage to injure him and SW give him a fatal blow
      - He let’s his guard down and gets injured by a sei ‘s soldier

      Speaking of earth ,Hak beat him up when he was ten or 13 so he stand no chance against a hak in rage mode and sky he was freaking out when hak glared at him and he got his ass beaten by a bare handed hak .

      Now ,I wonder what would the dragons do ?If they see hak attacking SW would they help him or let him do what he wants to do or stop him ? I feel like Green would probably stop hak since he seems to like SW and the others I don’t know ,what do you think ?

      Well I do think/hope if hak gets beaten by sw’s party they would engage the fight with the generals .I know that the wind wouldn’t hesitate to attack SW if he dared do something to hak .Now the big question is yona if she saw SW attack Hak would this be enough to make her hate him or wanna kill him ? Not such a big question since the answer is no ,she would find a way to justify him .When poor hak’s rage is mainly because he couldn’t stand what happened to her yet she doesn’t seem to care ….sigh

      About hak’s gramps ,he is said to be a hero very powerful but he is old and I doubt he is as strong as he used to be .So It will probably be to witness hak’s « death » what do you think ?

    15. Yes ,given how he is portrayed and the person who should hate him/want to kill him likes him and fanboy over him so yeah my guess is him marrying Lili and staying as king .

      Yup just like when hak had his breakdown she just had one page where she looked sad and hoped for hak’s wounds to be healed and that’s it she was back to sw this and sw that so yeah it’s always the same thing that’s why I feel like there is zero growth in this manga.

      You are right ,I mean even with fire he used him to take the throne knowing that the guy wanted it and when he rebelled he used it as a chance to win over his tribe since he « forgave them » and won over earth .SW knows how to take advantage of a situation ,so even if the ones who save Lili and destroy the forts are yona and her harem he will find a way to take credits for it and win over water .

      yeah both earth and sky knows about SW’s true colours and accept it because sky believe he is good for the country .Earth hated the former king and sw made his tribe rich and gave him battles so they chose to ignore all the other fishy details about sw .Fire because he « forgave them » and gave them a second chance ….Lol such hypocrisy

      We talked about it ,before like yona is just doing whatever she wants to do and there group isn’t really a group since she listen to no one .It should’ve been zeno ,hak or jeha’s role yet none of this is happening .Even chang who is highly intelligent ask for advise and plan ahead I guess it’s because unlike yona she is actually intelligent .

      Nah ,it would be great if he was this twisted but no ,though I could see him take advantage of it ,if it does happen .

      Since SW is staying behind do you think he will just watch over with his fanboys as yona and co fight like what happen in the fire arc .

      Nope and that’s a shame .

      You know I may have many theories but I know this will be like all the other arcs .Yona glare and try to act badass just to be saved ,meet SW more glares ,try to act even more badass when in fact those who get the job done are the dragons ,sw looks at the sky his eagle fly ,yona goes to hak and goes I saw sw and he is indeed a great king he was gonna destroy the forts blah blah blah blah blah

    16. Oh wow that chapter was amazing no dude with a moustache was this badass
      Now we can’t argue that escanor is the strongest sin and in this chapter he didn’t even display his full power he was just getting started .
      The pannel where both him and garan were laughing then in the next page where just casually slice him in half was epic ,or mera ‘s face as she was freaking out and the best is when escanor was gonna get a « little bit » serious and raised his axe in the sky that was an amazing page ^^

      I think so ,or maybe he has to destroy him so she could revive .Yeah Merlin would probably be very nice to escanor if he revive her body a date maybe ^^ True ,so Maybe he will fight with ban in next chapter not to kill her or maybe they will make a deal with mera to let her live so he will allow her to escape but again it will be foolish to trust a demon .
      Ah okay ,maybe it doesn’t seem too far fetched he got have some times to the sun/goddess clan to have such power .
      That’s true and it seems like they had no idea where he was until merlin felt his power .I don’t know I guess it’s the author messed up because Jerricho finding escanor was very random ,oh they already found him and he is epic so it’s okay I guess .
      Yeah and it’s weird seeing them get drunk ^^
      I don’t think he could survive it and that’s why he made a run for it .I mean when meliodas did the darkness thing to him ,he didn’t try to escape yet here even though he is way more powerful he made a run for it which implies that he was scared to die .
      Omg if someone said that it would be so lame and so stupid
      I would facepalm because it would make king look really lame

    17. True ,if it isn’t something as serious as rape this will make saena look really bad .Because like you said to abuse a child your child just because you aren’t doing well at work and because he fooled you when it’s all your faults that’s just stupid and very cruel and even if it’s rape kyouko has done nothing wrong ,it would still be her fault for trusting so easily a dude she just met .
      Either way I don’t see any excuse that could make up for what she did but this is SB so I will wait and see .
      I know that ,this manga isn’t like kobayashi where it’s all fluff .It has some really serious issues .Ren’s past and dual personality .Kyouko and her relationship with her mom ,the bullying she suffered and the one in Box R .But it isn’t as dark as let’s say the manga you once mentioned about a guy raping his sister in law because he loves her (I forgot the title) this is really dark that’s the kind of dark I meant
      So maybe if there is rape ,the author will decide to dive deeper into the darkness with SB and I’m not against that but I think kyouko would be really hurt to find out she is the object of rape .
      For now there is no hint of that but maybe you are right ,Shou’s mama does care about kyouko so maybe she did try and when it didn’t work out she wanted to take care of kyouko as her own daughter .
      I think so ,maybe at first she took pity and then started to see kyouko as her daughter and someone fit to take over the inn and marry her idiot son .

    18. Yup..and even if Yona should survive this say any other shounen hero, but for the 'enemies' to not even care about her. I think the only time there was one obsessed with her is scar dude. Hm..thinking about it, with villains like doesn't really matter if there's no sense of danger because he is a joke.


      Hm..even if there are those hints that make me believe that something big might happen with Haku..I don't really see 'death' yet in this arc. I would probably facepalm and go wth for Haku to 'go down' in this kind of situation. Honestly, I think it is super lame. If it was the earlier Kai scenario, it is possible..but this one. What I was hoping..yes, you know, hoping = very unlikely, that upon meeting Mundok, he'll somehow give some advice to Haku on what he really wants to do with his life which isn't dependent on Yona. Which is impossible since those two can only separate due to circumstances or outside forces.

      Scenario 1: Not too sure. I guess it depends on what he'll try to pull. Like somehow stabs him in some way, but I get a feeling that given Haku's tenacity, Haku can go berserk that no matter how many stabs/arrows hit him or even poisoned, he can lash out 10x than what Suwon can do.

      Scenario 2: Quite possible.

      Scenario 3: That will be super beyond lame.

      Somehow, I don't think Suwon would do that since he is all talk in regards with that. And, I cannot envision the mangaka making Suwon do that. that so. Then, I still believe that no one can defeat/kill Haku given these characters in this situation. And, Haku is in tip-top condition + a lot of worry about Yona + anger against Suwon + Suwon bringing in Wind with him...I think that they are in a bad situation ^^;;

      Since they already know the truth, I think they won't stop him. If they ever, it will because of Yona. Green might change his mind..not sure..he didn't really know Suwon before. White will most definitely help Haku because of his attachment to Yona. I'm not sure about Blue since he is usually 'just there'. idea. But it is likely, the latter two will act if only Yona says so.

      I actually don't know. Yona might indeed try to justify it like the country needs someone like Suwon. She'll most probably only do something about Suwon if he is bad for the 'people' but isn't exactly bad for 'Haku, herself, any individual person'. That's how it is so far.

      Not to sure..I think it is more likely, bring them back to Wind then deal with Shin country. At least, it will complete the 'around the world' thing.


      Yup..though Water has Lili so she might tell his father what's the 'real story'. Unless, Water is 'brainwashed' into thinking that it is Yona and others fault for dragging Lili into this mess. ^^; I'm mentioning, Suwon already his brains etc, at least give Yona an adviser so that it is more or less even. =P

      Possible..but it depends on how far he is from the stronghold. If Yona and others are still away from the stronghold, it is possible that Suwon would meet up with them. If Haku and others continue to stay in the stronghold, it is likely that they'll meet up with one/more generals. So, in case, Jeha finds Yona and Lili...would he bring them back to the Sei stronghold? If this is a gag, Yona would have asked him to do so because she wants her hairpin back.

      Lol...very likely especially the 'indeed a great king and he was gonna destroy the forts that abuse people, etc.'

    19. Yup ^^

      Ya..little serious is really that bad...what is really serious then.

      Hm..I guess that also depends if Mera stays around. By the way, it seems that she cannot exactly 'pull out' the spirit once it is revived or else, she would have already done so with Elaine. Date...hehe, depends if they don't have a sense of urgency...maybe later on?

      True..but then, he'll 'die' regardless of running away or not. It might be better if he faced it..and rather than afraid to die..maybe it is afraid of the pain before dying.

      Ya..but it is possible, right? Someone just blurting that out. Unless, Mera actually figured it out.


    20. True.. I just think that it somewhat makes it 'understandable' as to why Saena would treat Kyouko that way compared to the other scenarios like because of her job, unwanted pregnancy, etc. Of course, it isn't right to do that to Kyouko since it isn't her fault.

      Hm..wasn't that suppose to be raping his step sister? But yes, it isn't that dark but it might go there. I recall in TCP, it is mostly happy and 'light'..but there was a mention of rape..what happened to the bodyguard's girlfriend..I forgot how she got killed though. Anyway, just saying that the mangaka can pull it off so I'm not removing that possibility just because SB isn't that dark. And, that's the only really 'worst case' scenario that I can think of that can affect Kyouko. And, Kyouko kept on hinting about it being really bad that she is even hesitant to ask about it.

      Yup..everything ruined by the idiot son ^^;

    21. It isn’t even « should » it’s she will survive ,she will be successful she will achieve all what she intend to do .Even if ,in reality she has no real goal ,the one who get the job done are her harem and she only take the credits by glaring at other people and trying to act cool .
      On the other hand with chang like I said even her survival isn’t assured let alone stuff like romance or her achieving her goals which is very realistic and let’s not forget that chang has all kind of skills and knowledge and she has very sharp wits and her personality is also amazing yet it’s more than possible that she will fail and even die .It maybe tragic but it’s also very realistic because she maybe very capable and has amazing allies she is still one girl against many powerful foes her former side tang/han the turcs which are also divided the uyghurs…etc so her failing will be very realistic outcome .
      But in AnY not only does no one chase after her and the enemies are jokes /plain idiots .She survive and win when she shouldn’t so it’ really hard to swallow especially when you see all the fanobyism in the story .Even chang who is amazing doesn’t get that much fanboyism .
      I know that he won’t die ,she may treat him like crap but the author won’t dare kill her most popular character .But I believe we will /should see hak in the future being in a near death situation .I would hope that would be enough for yona to change her ways but I know it won’t so when /if it happens I will be really pissed off .
      Yes ,considering Hak’s strength and skills .The author gotta be careful about how he will be « taken down » so as no to make it lame and stupid .Just look at this chapter the way he picked up the guy ,his strength is insane .
      That would really cool if he told hak that ,though his answer would probably be something lame like my life belong to her but i would really love it .I mean the dragons would follow yona since it’s their fate/blood but hak he could go away and live his life ,he is under no obligation to go through all of that just for a girl who takes him from granted .

      Speaking of words of wisdom .I would’ve also wanted someone like the priest ,zeno or even mundok to bring yona big attitude down « i’ve travelled and seen misery ,i know hunger and blah blah blah I will protect the country blah blah blah » because she has lived all of her life in luxury and after a few months out she behave like she understand and knows everything seriously ?
      I recall she even told the bandits in fire arc something about showing them how to live their lives ,if this isn’t arrogance i don’t know what it is
      I remember in rave master when the hero was saying stuff like my feelings for the world and i will protect it blah blah blah and then a character told him « how can you talk so big when you only have seen the world for sometimes ,you know what I cared for this world 50+years and I never fought for it’s sake but just for the sake of the one I loved » something along the lines ,I hope you get my point ^^
      Now I just thought of something yona does in fact fight for the sake of one man and that’s SW ,silly me forget what I said ^-^

    22. Scenario 1 :true hak is a force of nature he isn’t one to fall down because of poison or being stabbed/shot
      Scenario 2 :I also believe this is the most likely scenario .
      Scenario3 : I know but what would be lamer is if yona and the dragons side with SW if he injures hak or if the dragons after what happened tried to stop him from breaking SW’s skull .It would be really cool if he attacks SW and each of the dragons take on ,one general to back him up that would be a thumbs up for me ^^
      Yup ,in term of skills no one can beat hak ,the only way to beat him would be with something really dirty or unexpected .
      Yup ,she will justify it like I said if she tried to justify him killing her own dad after seeing the act with her own eyes .She would justify everything he does ,that’s just how things are .
      Even if Lili were to tell her dad about it ,he won’t do anything since he is very cautious and doesn’t like conflict .Fire earth and sky won’t care so her only ally is wind .
      Well ,I don’t know but I feel like we will get a Déjà vu scene .Lol that’s hilarious and we know that she is likely to say it or at least go look for it when all is said and done .I know I’m gonna puke if suwon does indeed find the hairpin and give it back to yona we are in for some really corny scenes and it would kill me if hak saw such a scene from a far because even then yona won’t feel guilty or sorry about it .
      Or if somehow hak gets to the fort where she was and he go fetch for her after some brutal fight with the generals or sei or whatever and he give it back to her while he is bloody and yet even there she won’t think of throwing that damn hairpin away …sigh

    23. Yup so escanor being stronger than meliodas or at least as strong as he isn’t too far fetched .
      I think she will make a run for it since she isn’t dumb enough to challenge escanor .I think you are right about the soul . Yup later on ,I wonder how he will react to her outfit ^^
      Maybe he was so scared he couldn’t help it
      Since Mera is smart i think it would make more sense if she figure it out instead of someone just saying it ,it would be really stupid .

    24. I agree it would be understandable but still not forgivable .
      I don’t recall ,i didn’t read the manga you told me about it ^^
      Yes ,I agree that the author could pull it off and SB would go to the dark side and that would be a really heavy blow for kyouko no matter how strong she is .Finding out you are the product of rape ,who wouldn’t be shocked/hurt by something like that ?
      If it is indeed that just how will kyouko get over it ?

    25. Well, that is a given in this kind of series. Those stuff can happen in other series so I really think that there's a big problem if there's no 'main protagonist' and how can I take the series seriously when the 'villains' are a joke recently. Fire general seems to be a real threat and that slave trader that Yona did off with but the rest, they seem to be easy to deal with.


      Near death..I think it already happened and nothing had changed...the falling down the cliff. She might change her ways if Haku actually leave her. Usually, that is enough to make the other start chasing after the one who has always been chasing. And, I recall that is what you had been hoping way, way before..but it never happen. Regarding the scenario earlier, what if Mundok and others got killed off instead, would Haku go back to becoming Wind General and quit playing bodyguard with Yona?

      True..but then, he loves her so... wherever you go, I'll go ^^;

      Priest..not likely since he can only do prophesy and not lecture. Zeno..obviously not happening since he is having fun with the 'kids' and letting them be - live their lives according to what they want. Mundok..seems unlikely too. Before, it was because he kind of 'pities' her and he is like a loving grandpa. Not sure he can tell that to Yona. Actually, that doesn't seem to be the mangaka's intention since it isn't happening after all this time.

      Actually, that isn't the problem. Let's just assume that Yona is the type who sees little and seemingly 'knows everything' in a short period of time but the thing is, is she doing anything about it? It reminded me of this politician's advertisement saying, I'm also poor, I know how is it to be hungry, how is it to be working but cannot make ends meet, vote me for senator. I thought, okay, you got empathy and know what it is like but you're not telling me what are you going to do about the problems you cited.

      Hehe..when you mentioned 'fight for the sake of one man', it made me think that Yona is unconsciously/unintentionally actually helping out Suwon's rule to succeed under the guise of it's for the country to made amends for what daddy did.

      You know, once upon a time, I did hope dragons vs generals. Problem: Yona is not interested in fighting against Suwon or the generals unless they are doing something 'bad' from her point of view. After everything, I would think that dragons vs generals..dragons win hands down. This is based on physical battle and no strategies stuff. Since Suwon doesn't know about the dragons there = no strategies against them => generals lose. So, in short, the story is over if Yona wanted to fight against Suwon and become queen just because she has the dragons + Haku.

      Even if Water is like that, I'm betting that he'll 'change his view' just for his daughter and we know how Lili can make that happen.

      Ah...I'll probably react the same if that were to happen 'again'.

    26. True, Mera has brains so she should know when to retreat.

      Hehe..that will be interesting.

      Ya, most likely. It is like instinct to run away from danger.

    27. It was a side story, I think but very effective/important later on. They are yakuzas, right. He failed to save his girlfriend who was raped and killed. Iirc, she was also pregnant at that time. He was devastated so the boss helped him out by asking him to be the 'papa' of his son since he is busy with work and cannot exactly be 'father-like' to his son. The mother had already passed away. Later on, the mangaka killed off the bodyguard. So, when he is dying, the scene of 'failing to save his girlfriend' played out again but this time, she is already an angel and took him away with her. ^^

      I'm also thinking that perhaps, there's more to Ren's story. Aside from the fact that the 'whole story' seems to be for latter part, Kyouko who already has her own 'darkness' felt that Ren's is deeper and darker. It must be very bad that it caused him to create 'dark Kuon' to cope with it. And, his parents cannot help him through it. What do you think?

      It would be a shock. I'm not sure it will be difficult for Kyouko to get over it. She had already psyched herself regarding the worst case scenario. And, is it really worst than for your own mother to treat you like you didn't exist until now? In a way, it still stands that Kyouko is grateful that she gave birth to her. It seems to be the same that she is 'unwanted'.

    28. Yeah no villain and no plot and it’s like what’s the point of this story ? A glare ,a hairpin ,a childlish love ,a harem this is all the story is made up of .
      You are right ,I just thought that maybe now that her feelings for hak are supposed to be more important than they were ,this will make her change her ways but I know that it won’t happen after 100+chapters honestly I’ve almost zero hope .
      If something happens to wind and he leaves that would be amazing but I don’t see him becoming general again what about sw and his lackeys .It’s a shame because so many possible interesting outcomes could come out of this .
      But I know this will end as usual yona :look at me i’m so badass everyone else :oh wow she is so badass and that’s it and of course we will have some corny and forced moment with sw and the freaking hairpin and of course try to make it seem as if it’s some tragic epic love .
      Sadly hak and everyone else has no mind of his own same goes for SW party .

      I know but I had hoped for someone to guide her and help her get rid of her arrogant attitude like how the priestess and old man Qin helped chang .But again I’m expecting too much .
      True ,like in Kai when she said « it the weak who are getting crushed in wars » you would think she would try to see things from her dad’s perspective and what SW is doing isn’t all that great but no it was mentioned once and that’s it so yeah you are right .
      Yes she is fighting for him and she even said it that what she does with her journey depend on what he will do is it lame ? yes it is but that’s how yona is .
      I know that but if they do something to hak i do hope they will tell yona screw what you want we will help our buddy when he is in danger.
      But then again i could see them stop him for yona’s sake….. oh whatever happens happen .
      That would be nice if one more general get on yona’ s side but I highly doubt it ^^
      Well brace yourself ,I’ve a feeling that some dramatic corny scene involving that hairpin will happen in the future …..puke
      Yes ,either way I’m looking forward to next chapter since it’s called master of the sun maybe escanor will do something really crazy .
      I don’t recall it but it seems nice ^^
      Yes ,I believe there might be more to his story .For him to create dark kuon it’s gotta be really bad and believe that he has no right to be happy .
      I know that but did she consider the rape option ? Though I guess in kyouko’s mind there is nothing that could hurt more than my own mother denying my very existence .Yet again it’s SB so it will turn out to be really good ^^

    29. Yup..and it helps that many readers are hooked on the 'lead guy' among other things ^^

      I'm thinking that he would want Wind tribe to be 'free' from Kouka and be some independent country/state so he won't have anything to do with SW or be his lackey.

      Ya...oh well.

      True..her world still revolves around SW.

      Unfortunately...and yes, for the dragons, Yona is a priority and not their 'buddy'.


      I'm thinking, how come we are thinking that Sei soldiers will tire out Haku then make him easy target? Aside from Sei soldiers being lame and everything, how come it isn't Haku and others just watch Sei soldiers fight it out with Suwon and generals? Haku and others can just pretend to be bystanders = slaves and let Suwon do the hard work because after all, he'll be the one taking credit for it whether Haku and others helped or not. Then, perhaps, Suwon/generals are too tired to mess with Haku and others. Of course, the cringe worthy scenario is for Haku and group + Suwon and group are helping each other to defeat Sei soldiers and destroy the stronghold. It will be messy if it is a three-way fight and this isn't shounen. What do you think?

      Yup ^^ is still possible..I mean, that's what we can think of as the worst possible reason why Saena would treat her like that. She is most definitely unwanted..won't that cross Kyouko's mind? Yup ^^

    30. True ^^

      Nope ,It would be great if that were the case but as I said before I do like hak but let's be real here just like with the rest of the harem he doesn't seem to think on his own and have his own vision of what the country should be stuff like that they just follow yona and whatever vision of the kingdom she has and I'm pretty sure making the wind tribe independent isn't part of her plan since she said it that the country need someone strong like sw to unite it so it won't get any weaker but it would be fantastic if he had his own agenda the story could be much more interesting if hak rebelled and let the wind tribe away from kouka but that's far from being the case ....sadly :(

      Yes when push come to shove even if it doesn't make sense or is unfair they will all choose yona over hak just like I believe yona would choose SW over them .I mean when they faced kai and the fire tribe during the mini war she didn't hesitate to put them in danger to save SW so I have no reason to believe otherwise when I see how the dynamics between the character work in AnY I can't help but think how pathetic ...

      Nope ,you know they won't be bystanders but it would nice/smart to let suwon do the dirty job for once .I know that it's dumb to have a three way but I wouldn't be able to bear seeing SW and his lackeys fight alongside hak and the dragons it's too much come on after all what happened they are gona team up like nothing happened .Honeslty when yona did that in water tribe arc or when green stopped hak it left a very bad taste in my mouth so if they actually team up with hak then I would proabably rage/rant more than I usually do .

      I do no expect anything from this series but I do hope the author won't pull something like that it would be too much even for AnY ,

      True ,when you put two and two together the rape option isn't too far fetched .I don't think it did cross her mind but once again it's kyouko/SB so I've absolute faith ^^

    31. Hm..good point. Forgot about that. I was thinking of it totally outside of being a Yona's 'fanboy'/bodyguard, etc.


      Ya but I guess, with those two examples, it is very likely that will happen again..if the mangaka is being 'consistent'.


      By the way, AoT is out. We got armor vs Eren right. Eren is doing well. I wonder how Levi vs Ape is going to turn out. I guess what's happening there would be nice if it also happens in AoT. Even if some are itching to do something, they are made to wait as the others with brains are forming strategies. Sigh..I wouldn't mind much if Yona is a weakling if she has a bit of Armin/Chang, etc 's brains. Unfortunately, I guess that isn't what the mangaka had in mind for AnY. Anyway, I guess colossal titan will be for Erwin? And, Mikasa and others are Eren's back up? The scout turn out to be some random titan.

    32. That would be nice but we have no room for an independent Hak whenever we discuss his character it's always related to yona just like yona 's character is always related to SW .

      Well ,at this point I do have on wish and that's for things not to get any worse/lamer than they already are .

      Yeah I may hate him but eren did well in this chapter .I think he could win against reiner ,Levi vs ape is a nice match up but it would've been better if it were him and mikasa and double team up .I mean Mikasa is too good to take care of random titans .

      I know ,I feel the same it's something I told you in the past about how I would prefer for a character to be smart and have a nice personality rather than being just strong .Like for example I always hated sakura even when she became strong to me she was an unbearable character till the very end .Even in part two when she became strong and capable ,her personality did grow at all that's why I hated her .Same thing for naruto even when he gained strength his personality and intelligence were so bad that I could never love him .

      Now about yona ,you know How I feel always focused on becoming stronger and not even doing a good job at it .And above all she never tried to learn more about politcs or strategy so she could do a better job and have lasting results and of course there is her personality and again you know my thoughts no need to go on ,on another rant ^^

      So yeah if yona was smart like armin or chang I wouldn't complain .Since what I like about chang isn't her fighting skills but her wits and her personality .Of course the fact that she can fight is another thumbs up for her character which is already fantastic .

      Yeah but what can erwin do with one arm unless he plan to outsmart him .Yeah and here I thought another big reveal

    33. True..and from that, it sounds like a love triangle ^^; Which in some ways, I have a feeling that is what the mangaka is slightly aiming for. ^^;;

      True..hopefully so.

      Ya..but who knows, maybe Mikasa will help out later on. It depends, I guess on the situation. Dealing and finishing off random titans can help in decreasing the enemies while the 'big boss' isn't doing anything. And, wasn't Levi dealing with random titans too for the meantime to protect the horses?

      For Naruto, I would expect it to be so since it is 'typical' shounen.Even Bleach...they powered up but the personality is still more or less the same. I don't know if I should expect more from a shoujo..but I guess I did with AnY. ^^;

      True...and that makes the series less 'epic-ish' and 'grand'. Huhu...failed expectations after reading chapter 1.


      Well, regarding Erwin, they still have one extra serum...wait, is it possible that Levi got that so Erwin said that Levi would take care of the ape? We have to assume that they do not have any plans regarding ape since they don't know of his existence until then. Or, maybe Erwin do plan to take on colossal titan since it is kind of 'okay' that they still don't know where he is. Hehe..I'll guess we'll have to wait and see later on. This final 'battle' should be intense..than the battles in Bleach =P

    34. Yup and just like most of the story this is a huge failure .

      It's true that killing random titans can be a huge help but I would have loved to see someone of her skills fight someone really tough .I know that he did that but this is the last battle so I would love for the op guys to get op villains ^^

      I know but you do get my point about yona and about any character in general .The most important thing is personality +wits not strength .For example in SB I wouldn't mind if kyouko didn't have talent at all since her personality is amazing again I believe you get my point ,it's like in real world do you prefer dating a guy who is hot but a jerk or a guy who is plain or ugly but on the inside he is an amazing person .

      True ,after chapter one I was expecting some epic stuff even when yona cut her hair but since then the plot and the character growth has been going around in circles .

      True ,Forgot about the serum and levi taking it to defeat ape titan isn't too far fetched since like you said he is unkown unlike reiner and annie +the other guy they just know that he is dangerous

      But erwin was never said to be strong and he has one arm so he seems like he is more in need of it than erwin

      either way this is AoT so we can expect something unexpected and exciting ^^

      True ,AoT has always been epic so if this is the final battle we can expect amazing and intense fights and reveal ^^

    35. Ya.

      Well, it should be op guys vs op villains or else..I don't know..disappointing if it wasn't after all the build up.

      Yup, I get your point. And if it is like SB, that would be like after everything, Kyouko is still into Shou = want to understand why Shou did that. For me, definitely not the jerk. But then, that doesn't exactly suit comparing with Yona. ^^; I think an interesting comparison is, would you go for the one whom you love but treats you badly or the one who treats you great but you don't love that person?

      True...but Erwin definitely has a trump card.

      Indeed ^^ I'm thinking Annie is totally going to sit this one out and be forever crystallized?

    36. Yes and it's boring seeing someone weak get beaten up by someone op and have a last minute powerup and defeat the villain

      Now since isn't that strong but is very smart it would be interesting to see him fight someone op because it will be wits vs strength .

      Well the comparaison I gave was related to yona 's sole focus on strength and complete neglect of strategy and politcs so to me in real life it would be someone who is focused on look rather than personality but the example you gave would indeed suit her relationship with both hak and SW .

      Yes ,I think so like I said above he may be average fighter but his brain isn't so I look forward to it .

      It seems like it unless she release herself on her own or some hidden ally help her but it would be too much to handle if annie joins the battle .

    37. True.

      Ah, I see.

      Well, this is the last fight so it has to be some tension. With this current set-up, somehow, I feel that they can pull it off but then, maybe that is how it should be since they are no longer 'hopeless/totally clueless' like before.


      Well, Mera got overconfident and what happened to her is what some MS readers theorized before with Ban = indigestion and byebye. So, there's 8 commandments left.

      Why do you think Escanor left them for a while?

      Well, King got to see his sis. And, Diane...^^; For a while there, I thought the dancing is part of some fighting moves ^^;;

    38. True compared to the start of the series humanity has made alot of progress and know much more about titans .

      Honeslty I thought escanor was freaking epic then hilarious at the end .How mera got taken out and escanor's cool attitude was so nice .

      But it's a shame that those two got taken out so early in the story but maybe it means that we have seen the full extent of their power .Garan is power based and mera uses spell to summon the dead and other lower demons like she did in order to collect souls .

      I'm thinking Mera exploded or melted ??? but Garan is still there so maybe it 's because merlin 's body is still in stone and they need him in the future to "merlin" what do you think ? I hope it isn't something like it has to be the demon king who does it ,for it to work because it would mean merlin would stay out of the fights till later on and I hate that .

      Either way I think it's safe to assume that escanor is stronger that some of the demons and probably equal witht the strongest demon .Again it was so badass how mera just died after eating his soul since it was too much power to handle just like ban couldn't handle garan's strength she wouldn't take escanor's power .

      So now we have confirmation i guess that the demons can't eat the soul of someone who is more powerful than them .

      No idea my only guess was that he went away to release his power since it was still daytime in order not to hurt ban and co .

      Yup and he barely escaped being called pathetic even though he is in some aspect

      The last part with diane was random in my opinion and I hate the usual diane so I'm not too pleased with the current her who is even more naive and idiotic than she already is .I thought the same that his dancing was some fighting moves .

    39. 'Indeed' on all three statements ^^

      I think she kind of melted or something like that...then turn to ash. He is the sun = heat/burn. She had some burnt marks. But you are right, the soul has the power since he can still use his power while in soul mode.

      About Garan..I'm not sure. Is becoming stone permanent = death? If not, how can it be undone. A magic that will counter the 'truth' when somehow, I think that it is 'absolute'. If it is death, then Merlin should be back to normal. Ah, was it ever mention how to undo it? If Garan 'dies', she'll be back to normal. If so, why didn't Meliodas finish him off before when he made a surprise visit. We'll know for sure later on when the others appear.

      Yup. Hehe..I thought he used his magic power on her but yes, it is too much for her. Talk about 'last delicious meal'. =P

      True..though I don't think the other demons would resort to eating our protagonists again ^^; But then, only Mera has that power, right? For the others, they have to kill then get the soul.

      Ah..most probably.

      By the way, do you think Escanor will leave them for a while since he still has a delivery to make? Unless King will help him deliver it asap with his doggie.

      Hehe, I thought you will be fine with it since that is how Diane is. ^^;; Is that so ^^

    40. Yeah that's seems to be the case but You know I feel like we may see her again .I mean we saw her melt and fall down but we didn't see her at the end so I'm thinking that maybe it's a sign that she will appear again and I'm not a fan of characters being revived granted I wanted to see more of Garan and Mera but them coming back will be really lame .

      But Garan I have a feeling he will comeback for merlin's sake .

      Well merlin turned to stone and she isn't dead so I don't think he is ,I think he either has to die ,Meliodas comes in there and destroy his stone body or it's the demon king who can lift the spell since Garan is out but why would the demon king do that or Merlin is back to normal already or like you said we will find out in the future .

      About Meliodas I don't think we have to look too much into it .The dude makes very bad choices and he isn't an idiot but he does make very stupid moves and above all why would he care since it isn't elizabeth who got turned into stone ???

      Yup her last meal was a little bit too hot for her ^^

      Nope ,the first one to eat soul was taking it from the ass demon girl (i wish we learned her name so I can stop calling her that T_T) and she didn't kill the guy just like Mera she pulled the soul out of his body by touching the human .

      I think it's just that mera has the space that she controls and thus it make it easier to eat a person's soul .

      I think it would be dumb to do that but I could see king and co go with him so they can get back to business real quick

      I guess not it's like the diane we have had so far was more grown up and mature and I hated her so you think I would be okay with a more naive ,annoying and idiotic version of her .....sigh

    41. I also have that thought when I first saw it..I even thought that maybe Escanor checked out if she really turned into dust or something when he left them. ^^; For now, I would assume that it is all over for them so that others can do combo, etc fights rather than one vs one since the demons are portrayed to be very OP. Even if it is 1 vs 1, that is 10 vs 7 so perhaps, the mangaka needs to trim the demons down a bit? sounds to be a very bad choice when Merlin is more useful than Elizabeth. =P

      I see...

      True, Mera's power is convenient but then, don't you think that because Mera has that space, it means that she is physically weak that she has to resort to that to get one's soul?

      Well, Escanor said that he doesn't break his promise, I get a feeling that he'll deliver it..and that might perhaps, lead to something else...perhaps, someone's missing weapon?

      Hm..she didn't seem to have changed much since then ^^; I actually meant, you'll be fine with her since she is in her 'element/ideal surrounding' rather than be in a place that she is 'forced into' then doing this and that which will irritate you. Here, she'll be doing what she wants...ah..happily dancing around and oblivious of the war/danger 'outside'? Basically, off the battlefield given her mindset regarding fighting.

    42. I don't think he went to check on her because she fell down and he went up in the sky as if he was going away from the place where the fight went down but I don't know maybe you are right .

      Yeah maybe he did so the sins will have a fair fight against the demons .

      Yup ,and instead of looking for diane ,king ,escanor and ban and of course make up with both ban and king he is being elizabeth watch dog when her death would be an amazing thing .No seriously she is useless unlike the other sins yet she is his top priority .

      Yup ,I think she is the opposit of Garan who is power based ? like I said mera uses spell instead of hand to hand combat which shows her lack of physical strength

      Oh if they happen to find ban's weapon then that's fine but if it's just for comedy purposes then no ,they are face a huge crisis so it isn't the time for comedy .I mean it was annoying to see meliodas clean up his bar instead of thinking of a plan so seeing escanor and co go and deliver booze for the sake of delivering booze no that's just no .

      I agree but she seems to be a little bit more willing to fight than she was in the past but she is still very lame /emo/naive/stupid .I don't mind if she goes off and becoming a dancer but I'm not too thrilled seeing chapters about that when alot of interesting stuff is going on .

    43. Is that so..strange, I thought he jumped down...^^;; Suddenly confused..anyway..not sure if it matters since no one asked him about it afterwards. you think that they'll look for Diane next?

      We'll just have to see how they'll react when King tells them what's going on. If they still continue doing their own thing when the demons are eating humans to least, in their country. ^^; would make this a different manga if it focuses on that. ^^;

    44. Look like we view the pannel differently but yeah it maybe something pointless so let's not look too deep into it ^^

      Maybe or welcome customers into the bars work a day or two then look for her what's the rush humanity is being wiped out might as well serve them some good booze before they get eaten .



    45. Kat it’s been quite sometimes since I wanted to discuss what happened in Chang ge xing in the last chapters .So if you aren’t up to date with it SPOILERS ALERT
      I ‘ve read all the chapters that were translated so far ,there are 48 chapters and this person has translated until chapter 50 which is the last one that was released in china
      Anyway alot of things happened and I would love to hear your opinion on it .First of all sun reached Khitan and he is indeed one of them in fact he is the son of the former leader and the nephew of the current one .His family ‘s story is kind of sad look like his dad was worse than him at the beginning of the story ,he did think before acting and had to give up his son as a hostage to the turks and died soon after leaving his wife in psychotic state .The scene where he sees his dead mother was very sad Look like even someone like sun can get emotional
      The reunion with his uncle was also very sad yet quite realistic .Sad because they are blood relatives yet they can’t stay together because the Khitan are vassals of the turks and are said to be quite poor so if they were to rebel for Sun’s sake and their own sake they would get destroyed since they simply don’t have the means to fight them .What make it even sadder is the fact that sun may have some position within the turks but they are just using him as some attack dogs while in Khitan they would treat him better but they can’t .I find it sad on so many aspects yet also realistic because they don’t know sun ,he maybe one of them but they don’t know him and compared to the survival of their clan he is of no importance so when he parted away with his uncle and cousin .I felt like his uncle was saying « you maybe my nephew and I know that you are alive but that’s it don’t expect any family thing for me » .I felt bad for sun but I’m glad he got his answers and we know more about his backstory .Now before he left he told his uncle something along the lines of « I will protect what you hold dear » so I’m thinking will sun revolt against the turks and destroy them from the inside ? Or will he stay with the turks so he can watch over Khitans .
      It sad to see how many people like sun’s uncle and the governor chang worked for all had to throw away something precious in order to protect something more important because they simply can’t handle the turks .
      Now moving on to chang ,first of all I find it hilarious that she seems to be so popular with women the part where the daughter of that tribe got a crush on her and started to cry when she learned that chang was a girl was funny in my opinion .I wonder how many view her when she is in women’s clothes ?
      Anyway this isn’t the most important part of chang’s story ,we get to meet her family her grandma and her uncle and look like chang isn’t only a princess of tang but she is also a princess of uyghurs and Yeah before that it seems like chang ‘s aim is to create an alliance between uyghur and the tribe where she was before that (the one where the girl who got a crush on her was) in order to fight off the turks .
      Anyway we get to have a glimpse at chang’s family who are royalty of the uyghur .Let’s start with the grandma she seems like a nice old lady and I believe when who chang ge identity is revealed she will be happy about it ,or maybe not she may say something along the lines in my mind my daughter died years ago so let’s keep it that way .Now the problem is with her uncle ,seeing how short and bad

    46. tempered he is .I don’t think chang will just go and say « hello I’m your long lost relative in fact I’m your niece » because he will probably slit her throat and think she is a liar since he almost did that because of a mole and chang can’t reveal it herself either because even if he were to believe and ask about his sis ,when she knows that someone killed her or she poisned herself he is more than capable of marching on tang and we know that chang doesn’t want that .So the only possible way that their connection will be revealed ,will be through the hairpin .We have seen chang ‘s hairpin since chapter 1 and it belonged to her mom ,now we have seen her uncle have the same hairpin and I’m guessing maybe the two are a pair and it’s unique ,the only one who has the other half is his sis and he will put two and two together but still even if he were to be sure that she is his niece I don’t see any happy family time between them and poor chang she really need some family love
      P.s for once we have a hairpin that hold real meaning and isn’t there to make us feel disgusted .
      And last but no least it’s seems like the great khan has ordered sun to attack the uyghur .Now I’ve been waiting for a reunion between the two but not while he is attacking the place where she is staying don’t get me wrong her uncle seems very capable but I’ve a bad feeling about this though I’m also quite excited for how this will play out .Because I don’t think sun can harm chang but unlike in AnY each of the characters have their own path so him attacking even though he knows she is there isn’t far fetched either .

      Or maybe sun will rebel against the great khan ?
      I would love to hear your thoughts on this and ask a favor as well here is the last chapter the person who made a summary didn’t translate the conversation between chang and her uncle and so can you please do it if you have time
      it starts on page 11 and ends in page 17
      I also wanted to add something about chang’s mom since this is her family .I read some comments on mangafox and someone made an excellent point .About how she was a horrible mother which I agree with and how she sent kids to their death for the sake of Li shimin even though they weren’t even together and haven’t see each other in over 10years and if I may end they maybe star crossed lovers but still she knew him when she was a child and she still couldn’t let go ?
      That person said that the reason why she married his bro instead of him it was to help him live on and achieve his dream .That person explained about how her husband was the crown prince and thus next in line for the throne and the hate between and his bro was obvious so by marrying him she could somehow watch out for shimin if her husband tried to harm him which he did and as a result she warned shimin and he could avoid getting killed and achieve his dream of having a kingdom .
      And another person added that the reason why she never looked at chang was because she knew that deep down she didn’t have the right to look at her that she wasn’t a worthy mother and probably knew that one day she will throw her own daughter in the depth of despair .

    47. I can’t believe that someone like that got a daughter as amazing as chang .I may dislike the mother but I wish we got more flashbacks and not just her looking away cause that’s annoying ,maybe some hidden memory that she has forgotten

      Also I wonder why didn't anyone in uyghur comment on chang's green eyes like sun did before ? Maybe that will help them understand that she is half uyghur and maybe that will make her grandma or uncle think "mole like our dead sis/child +green eyes just maybe she is her daughter" ....

    48. Thanks for the link ^-^ I am updated with the series..well, I just browse the Chinese and just get the general idea. ^^; Hehe, Chang isn't exactly AnY that is easy to understand so I always mention that the target readers aren't the same =P

      What do you mean 'think before acting' <- Sun's father? From what I understand from the uncle's story, he has been aggressive with the Turks and caused his son to be hostage..and in the end, got killed by Turks.

      That is indeed sad..and how she looked. In a way, the impact is bigger since there was a flashback about Sun and friend talking about his mother is definitely more beautiful then, he sees her for the first and last that.

      True and after everything, they cannot 'change' things like Sun living with them. Even if he did, I think the others would still doubt him being raised as a Turk. Khitan definitely cannot rebel. I'm not sure if it will be any different if Sun is well treated in the tribe for he will still be treated badly as a vassal of the Turks. It might also be bad for Sun since he might be like his father if he were the leader. But from your question, I think it will be better if he stayed with the Turks to watch over the Khitans. Even if he joined the Khitans and did some revolt, I'm not sure if he can pull it off with the Khitans. Obviously, they are weak and not really for fighting which is believable since the Turks probably wanted them to be like that since they are vassals. I'm not sure if Sun and his men can win against his own father and others unless there is an opportunity and proper strategy. So for the meantime, I think he has to go back to the Turks and just think of what to do later on..while playing along to what the others' wishes.

      For the uncle, I guess it is better that way. I'm not sure of his intention but it would be better for Sun to continue to treat them as a vassal to protect him as a Turk. Being emotional and stuff won't help them at all. It might be fatal later on if the Khan knew.

      True..sad but admirable since they are willing to sacrifice for others. Of course, that might be considered stupid depending on one's viewpoint.

      That is indeed amusing ^^ Hehe, not too sure. It is easy to win a girl's heart..being nice and everything. To get a man's heart..usually starts with physical looks and Chang isn't exactly a 'beauty'...yet =P

      Yup, that seems to be the goal. I do sometimes get lost with the terms and names ^^;

      Yup, I agree with the grandma. Hm..iirc, they aren't sure that she is dead since the uncle still hopes the bring her back. But as the mother, I guess grandma think so. As for the uncle, I don't think Chang will mention it. I'm not sure as you mentioned, it will be good to mention it. Even if they charge against Tang, I'm not sure they'll win.

      Hehe, I didn't notice the hairpin ^^; It is possible if that is the way for them to know each other. Unlike Sun's parents, I think we already know what happened to Chang's mother based on the side story. Somehow, I think only Chang will know and that's it. Maybe the grandma is just 'nice' and have a bit of feeling towards Chang. If they know, I don't think they will let her go away or help the Tangs after what happened to her mother.

    49. Yes ,I said that about sun’s father and sun himself at the start of the series for example when he helped the old man from Khitan and didn’t think of the big mess that would follow .And his dad as well who unlike his brother challenged the turks without thinking of the effects it will have on his tribe .The uncle is willing to swallow his pride since he knows they simply don’t stand a chance against the turks .I think he even told his wife if it’s to protect you guys I will do my best even as a dog which is very noble of him and that’s how a leader should think .
      True ,I felt bad for sun after that flashback and then current sun looking at his mother’s face for the first time 
      Yeah it’s too late SW is 19 or 20 years old after all this time ,what can they do ? The uncle accepted what happened and moved on ,there is no need to revive painful memories and there is the turks They simply lack the power to challenge them ,even if SW were to join Khitan ,there is also the trust problem you mentioned .His uncle can’t take the risk to bring him into the tribe since it may create conflict within their clan because he is a turk .
      You said Sun maybe like his dad ,I don’t think so I believe he has changed quite a bit since the start of the story .So yeah the best option is to return to the turks and play along their wishes so he can make sure nothing happens to the Khitans .
      About the khitans ,I think not only are they poor but They aren’t as strong as the turks who are always in battles but yeah the turks probably made sure it stays that way so they won’t rebel .
      True ,for both of their sakes they should put their feelings aside and think objectively .
      The way it was portrayed it was admirable ,sun’s uncle to me is pretty good man .I mean he swallowed his pride and dignity .He ignored his nephew ,banished an amazing man from his tribe …etc all for the sake of protecting his tribe that’s very cool .I like how this was painted the guys don’t have the strength to fight back so they go along with it even if it’s really hard all for the sake of protecting what’s important .
      I think she looks beautiful and I thought that sun was thinking the same when he saw her in girl’s clothes for the first time ,even her grandma thought she was pretty or do you mean she isn’t a beauty yet as in she has no curves ??? and doesn’t a woman’s body yet .
      I feel the same it’s rather complicated to follow sometimes ,because of the names and since there are various groups but one thing for sure for all of these groups (tang ,khitan ,uyghur ,and the girl who liked chang’s tribe) the enemy are the turks .
      It seems like it’s mainly the uncle who feels that way and I guess he feels guilty because she decided to go instead of him as a hostage to the turks .Yup Chang won’t mention it and she told Qin even if those were indeed her relatives it doesn’t change her goal ,so I don’t see any reason why she would tell them and chang will probably think along the lines of « they wont even believe me » so I think it will be like you said she will know the truth and keep it in her heart so as not to start a war with tang and protect both uyghurs and han and what’s the point after all this time ?
      Or like I said the hairpin will play it’s role and her uncle or grandma will discover the truth by themselves .Either way I don’t see any rainbows and sunshine in the horizon even if the truth would

    50. come out and both uncle and grandma would know she is their niece/grand child .No matter how you stretch things aren’t gonna turn well .
      Like you said except for the grandma getting a bit attached to chang ,I don’t see anything good come out of this and seeing that the uncle is sort of nuts .He probably won’t let her leave .About helping Tang if she is smart she could still manage to have an alliance between tang and uyghurs and Shimin may get nostalgic and accept ^^

    51. It is indeed exciting. I'm not sure if they'll really fight. Somehow, I think Chang will show her expertise here then perhaps deal with this in some way. I'm not sure how they will fight each other and we aren't sure if the uncle will listen to Chang. I'm not sure Sun will rebel..iirc, he mentioned that he won't do that since he still kind of owe the Khan his life and what he is currently.

      As I told you, I have a problem with the terms so here goes: He tried rubbing the mole and she told him that the mole is there since she was in the womb. Then, he asks from where Yinan[?] got her from[?] She says that Si Jin Xun [probably the tribe with the daughter who fell in love with her] didn't searched for them but they were the one who searched for them. She mentions that from her uncle told her about Chao Tang[?] purging the merchant's roads so they can no longer go to the central plains. They have gambled a third of their home to climb up here/move up their merchant status in Shaboli [?; sorry, it seems to be terms] I think he asks if they are Shaboli's top guest.

      They are originally peddlers from the Western Regions and they were urged to prolong their stay with Si Jin thanks to his great hospitality. And, her uncle/Qin did stay. Her uncle asks why. Chang says that she finds it strange for she still wants to see the Western Regions. And, when she asked, he [Qin] would tell her but then, she doesn't understand it. Uncle says that of course, she won't understand because compared to going to Shaboli to drink soup, it is more worthwhile to eat one's meat and that old geezer's lively plan. Chang says is that so.

      She asks why didn't invite Shaboli when his caravan is bigger than theirs. Uncle didn't answer. He just tells her to tell for her uncle so that someone will be sent to them to talk about some return gift. Then something about accompanying her uncle. [<- sorry, there are some terms again mentioned here ^^;] She didn't left and asks why her mole makes him angry. He claims that he isn't angry and he just thought of someone [old friend/deceased]. She asks if that person also has a mole. He says that aside from the mole, they don't have a little bit of similarity.

      That's it. Sorry if I didn't get the merchant stuff right ^^; Basically, Chang is pretending to be dumb and just following what her uncle says.

    52. About the other children..I assume that they are males..and it is possible that the mother sent them to their deaths since that will happen no matter what being the supposed 'rightful heirs' of the crown prince. They would presumably want to avenge their father like Chang and grab the throne. Perhaps, the mother warned, iirc, Chang because she would probably be 'safe' since she is a girl = cannot be queen.

      In this world, women aren't exactly equal with men, right? I don't think the mother has any choice if she was made to marry the crown prince. I also suspect that she was raped.

      About the reason why she doesn't look at Chang..that's a possibility.

      Hehe, you know, in real life...there are people who are 'bad' but have amazing children and vice-versa. How about..having the same mole..reminds the mother of herself..being some powerless woman who can only live in a life dictated by others in this kind of world. So, she couldn't bear to look at Chang = probably be married off to someone due to alliances/appease the enemies. Then, when she learned about the plot, she thought that this is a way to 'free' Chang from this miserable [her opinion] life. How's that?

      I'm not sure if they will think that given the 'story' that Chang and Qin are telling them. So far, the uncle is also vague about the mole. I think it will indeed be harder to say that she is the daughter without proof or else, they will indeed be thought of as people with some hidden agenda to admit that they were lying about what they said earlier. The trust would have been broken. Unlike Sun, they knew he is a Turk from the start.

    53. Well I agree that the uncle won’t probably listen to her since she is supposed to be a sweet and innocent young lady so I’m thinking she will do something behind his back in order to try and mange the conflict .
      Yes after some thoughts I do believe he won’t rebel and sun as well as chang made it clear that they don’t consider themselves as enemies but if they met in battle it’s another story .
      So it’s very exciting to see how this will turn out .Because I don’t think chang will sit doing nothing if she knows sun is gonna attack them .
      No problem ,I know what those names refer to .Well the girl who had a crush on chang .Her dad is the boss of their tribe and sent chang and co so they propose an alliance to her uncle in order to fight against the turks .This shaboli dude is a merchant who is known for being shady ,I think that’s why her uncle didn’t invite him to uyghurs .Also about merchants being closed it was mentioned when chang was in the temple ,so this make a very good excuse for chang and co as to why they left tang .
      I get that Chang was acting a dumb young lady ,to make sure the uncle won’t be too suspicous in the future and he seems to buy the act .
      P.s I just love it when chang play the dumb and naive card ^^
      You do make a point but it’s still terrible .
      I know that back in the day women ,especially in nobility didn’t have any say and were just asked to look pretty and were given as a mean to strike political alliances .And family wasn’t that important at all but from what we have seen she is a woman capable of love as shown with Shimin and in the prologue we got a glimpse of how her life was in uyghurs and she was quite loved (even though she was later given away) and even now it’s very obvious that her brother and mom are still very attached to her even though years have passed yet she threw away her children for the sake of a man whom she didn’t see for a decade + and wasn’t even married to ? It reminds me of aoi’s mother but at least that one apologized and knew she did wrong .
      I also know that chang’s dad was a bastard ,that she didn’t love him and that there is a high chance he forced himself on her and forced her into marriage but still that’s not an excuse .
      True ,that was wrong on my part ^^
      Well that maybe another reason ,chang is like a younger version of herself but then again she was just a pretty doll .Chang even when she was in the castle she was noted to be intelligent and capable she is far from her useless mother .
      What I believe is that in chang’s mother did care about her (in that flashback where she was singing to her) but as chang grew up she became cold ,neglected her completely to the point where she didn’t even look at her .Whether because it reminded her of her younger self and she couldn’t bear it or because she knew that she was worthless mother and like I said one day she will throw her into the depth of despair .I don’t know maybe if the maid is questioned later on or some hidden memory from chang will help understand her better but I think this is what happened chang’s mom had two choices either to save Li shimin and his dream or send her husband and his other brothers +all of their children to their death and it’s obvious what her choice was .

    54. I mean for 10+years after marrying chang’s dad she never did a damn thing .Neglected her kids and just looked away ????At least sun’s mom had a mental breakdown and lost her mind when both her child and husband died .The grandma as well cried her eyes out when her daughter « died » yet we have chang’s mother who became indifferent to everything even her own flesh and blood after her relationship with shimin was over .That’s horrible really horrible ….
      You know what make it worse is that chang (just like kyouko) always tried her best to please her mother and even without knowing the reason got the cold shoulder .

      That’s true if she doesn’t have any proof she shouldn’t utter a word because she will be digging her own grave .I mean her uncle almost slit her throat because of a mole so if it’s something like that he will kill them on the spot .I believe the best option is for chang to keep the truth for herself ,maybe when she leaves uyghurs she could leave the hairpin behind for the old lady and she would understand something like that

    55. True. And you know what can be more brutally realistic, leaders doing that but the people don't appreciate it because they are the 'underdog/doormat'.

      Hehe, you confused me there for suddenly mentioning SW ^^;;

      I mentioned that because yes, Sun had changed a bit but based on recent events, he seems to be still the same. For example, he went ahead to help the two boys out. They only do damage control later on. Then, he stopped the Turk envoy from bullying..again damage control later on. The scenario I'm thinking is if the turks are bullying Khitan, Sun might not contain himself even more if he got close to them like with the old man from Khitan. So, it is better to kind of stay unattached so that he'll be less reckless.

      Indeed ^^

      Yes, no curves and every man would 'lust' after her => her mother. I'm referring to solely looks. Sun might be a special case since he already knows her/him.

      What do you mean here, 'uncle feels guilty because she decided to go instead of him as hostage to the turks'? I thought the mother just so happen to be in a certain tribe and Tang came to destroy it and take her as...wait, do they know she is a princess? I thought it is the usual..hey, this woman is good looking..a waste to kill...

      Maybe, know more about her mother and her 'history'? Like where she come from. Something like being adopted..there is that curiosity about wanting to know one's real parents even if one will say that it really doesn't changes the current situation.


      Alliance between tang and uyghurs...vs Turks?

    56. Yup and so far the realism in the story is really there sometimes I even wish things were a little bit more fluffy for chang and sun ^^ But still this is what I like about the story because it makes things hard to predict and thus it’s very exciting .
      Oops I mean to say sun not SW ^^
      You are right about that he still retain his reckless and brutal attitude but if he were like before .After saving the two kids ,he wouldn’t come up with the plan of telling the leader’s kid (his cousin) to go and make it seem like his was hunting for the turks and he got into other people territories because of that .He would just go ahead and have them killed and risk a bigger conflict .
      What I also noticed about sun is that he may realize that the turks way is wrong .That they ask too much of their vassals who live in poverty just for the sake of not making them attack and all the food they are eating is considered luxury for others .So I’m thinking that he will indeed go back to the turks but maybe his attitude will greatly change .
      You are right that in this case it’s better if he didn’t get attached or emotional because if he acts on his feelings in the future he may put the Khitan in harms way .
      Yes ,I was gonna mention the mother ,she didn’t seem to have any curves but was a beauty and every guy was after her .So maybe it will be the same for chang .The way I see her looks is that she has a beautiful face and she is very skinny and delicate ,I mean she was cross dressing as a boy and no one figured her true gender .If she has a chest and other curves it would be different ,I would love to see a grown beautiful chang by the end of the story ^^
      Nope the mother was the daughter of the former uyghur leader and it seems like her little brother was gonna be sent as a hostage to the turks but she decide to go instead so he could remain in uyghur . Then on the road they were attacked by turks and Shimin saved her since she was pretty she was taken in by the han and that’s it .
      Here the uncle has a flashback about it
      Why are you talking about adoption ? I think that chang toward her mother side of the family will only have curiousity and she won’t take the risk of getting herself killed or her dream crushed just for the sake of people she just met even though they are family .
      Tang and uyghur vs turks or uyghur +the girl who fell for chang vs turks either way like I said the enemy for all these tribes are the turks so alliances between them are a possiblity .

    57. About the question if they know that the mother is a princess .I don't think they do ,They don't even know her name .I remember in the prologue when Shimin gave her name and they were talking she was saying about how you didn't even ask me for my name .It's like she was taken and raised as a han ,I mean even shimin said it you are one of us .

      And again about the romance .It's true that it got this tragic feeling to it ,like star crossed lovers but I noticed something when the mother met shimin was probably 13 or 14 because the hair style she got is how the han grils under the age of 15 style their hair and it's only when they reach 15 they can let their hair down .Thus she probably died at 29 30 years old anyway you are telling me because of a guy she met a 13 or 14 she did all of that ???? I explained enough above ^^

    58. True, it will be interesting. And, I'm curious how it will turn out.

      Yup, I recall the roads being closed. Somewhat forgot about Shaboli ^^; Anyway, thanks for the recap ^^

      Yup, Chang has some acting skills..or it is really easy to act that way ^^;

      Let's just say that she is too engrossed with herself to give proper care towards her children. Maybe, she is going, oh poor me, not only was I taken away to this foreign place but also made to marry someone I don't love and perhaps, how can I love these children who remind me of that man. Chang didn't inherit her hair, right? Speaking of that, was she the first wife? There is a thing called a harem at that time. Was she still the 'flavor of the month' at that time? It is also a factor that she isn't from their lineage. I'm just thinking of some other series wherein the woman was made to become part of the harem and she was the favorite even if she doesn't love the king, the other women and the queen made her life miserable. And, she wasn't able to properly take care of her son. So, I'm not sure if it was the similar for Chang's mother. And, I think for some parent, if they hate their husband/wife, they tend to also extent it towards the children. Maybe that is what she is like? Yup, it isn't an excuse..but that might be her reason.

      Well, I'm thinking more on status as a female in that kind of world rather than for them having similar personality ^^; Aside from the mole..or perhaps, eyes..

      Is that so..maybe something did happen. Yup, that's her choice.

      About that, refer to what I mentioned above regarding hating one's husband/wife extending to the children.

      True..that really hurts and for the child, it will usually make them thing that they are hated.

      Ya..or maybe something indirect like she saw the funeral or someone told her about it.

    59. Hehe, I agree.

      That is a possibility but to change how Turks run things, he might have to be in a higher position. So, he'll probably have more conflicts with his father and brother.

      True...hope she survives the series ^^

      I see. So, Uyghur/uncle believes that she is still with the Turks?

      Hehe, you lost me. I'm talking about adoption as comparison like an adopted child who doesn't know his/her past would be curious about his/her real parents. For Chang, her mother is a foreigner so she would probably have the same curiosity of wanting to know about her mother's side of the family. Perhaps, know more about her mother before she was taken to China? Something like, finding one's roots/history.

      Hm..not sure. They are still family...but then, they aren't exactly antagonistic against the Han or a vassal, like Sun's situation. So, maybe Chang will try to help both sides?

      I see.'s first and only love. As I always mention, emotional/very much in love is not equal to logic.

    60. Yes and So far things have been amazing in this story .The events that happened have been exciting and above all they make sense and the plot is moving on nicely though it’s hard to predict which is fantastic ^^
      This dude who is talking with Qin is Shaboli .He is greedy and shady merchant .
      I believe if it was in modern times she would be a famous actress she would put kyouko to shame ^^ I think it take wits and guts to act the way she does ,because if for example she was find out in the beginning by sun he would’ve killed her .But she acted her part well until she earned his trust and now it’s okay that he knows .
      Here as well with her uncle ,for her own sake and for the sake of her plan the best option is to play dumb in order not to make him become suspicous of them .
      In short ,pretending and acting is a very good move on chang’s part because it allows her to reach her goals and get through dangerous situations without having to fight .Unlike a certain red headed heorine who doesn’t have even a tiny bit of chang ‘s intelligence and fighting skills yet goes around glaring and bossing around .If She existed in chang ge xing she would’ve died ages ago .
      I believe you are right and If I may end she probably also thought something along the lines of « Shimin was the one who saved me and treated me well in this foreign land so I should spend my life looking through a window while neglecting my kids and sending them to their deaths all for Shimin’s sake »
      You know this isn’t the same with saena who obviously never loved kyouko ,I think chang’s mother did care at some point
      Look at this
      If I could give these two pages a name it would be motherly love .That’s the feeling I get so I’m really starting to think that in addition the hateful husband .The reason why she was cold /neglected chang is because like you said she was afraid to look at her and see her lead the same life as she did .She looked very sad/worried when in a flashback chang being sent to the turks was mentioned .I also believe that she stopped looking at her because she felt guilty ,knowing that a day will come where she will take away everything from her and of course the fact that she wasn’t shimin’s kid was probably yet another reason .
      I believe that at this stage of the story the only one who could tell us more about this ,is the maid that was kicked out so I hope we will see her .Because we got proper background about sun’s family ,while things about chang’s parents mainly her mother are still very vague .
      My opinion about chang’s mother is someone who is pathetic and very weak .It’s like she was just a beautiful doll .Yeah she did go through alot of hardship but instead of fighting and moving on .She did nothing ,she stopped lived and was stuck in the past and if it isn’t pathetic I don’t know what it is When I see this and see how chang is I ‘ve even more respect for her .I mean she grew up while her parents didn’t care about her ,her family was

    61. slaughtered she was forced to run away .Yet she overcame all the hardships made peace with her past found herself a new goal ( I feel the same about kyouko ^^ )
      I don’t think anyone made her life miserable she did that to herself .Maybe he had other wives i don’t think she cared though .
      I think that fate has been cruel with chang’s mother can’t deny it but ultimately her life being so miserable was her own choice .

      Ah okay they were indeed had the same status ,still chang is a fighter she challenged fate while her mother was a weakling who just accepted what happened to her and even made her situation worse
      You are right about husband hate most of the time =hate for the kids even though they are also yours it’s sad but it’s also true .
      Yup and the problem is that chang’s mom never bothered to explain anything to her at least saena is doing that now .Because it’s like you said ,it will make the child think that he is hated and that there is something wrong with him and that’s so no true .It is never a child’s fault ,kids are just victims .

      Yup ,maybe he will fight to obtain the position of the great khan ,he never did in the past so maybe now he will try to .If he really has a new opinion on the turks and the world in general and he want for his ideals to spread ,he will do that .Or maybe he will just try to look out for the Khitan without changing anything .
      I hope so but I’ve doubts 
      I don’t know if he think she is with turks but he is pretty sure she is still alive and he isn’t wrong since she died a year ago instead of 16 years ago .
      Ooops look like I got it wrong ^^ Ya chang is like an adopted child she knows nothing of her mother not even her real name so yeah I also think she will be quite curious about her mother’s roots .
      I don’t think they have anything against the han but I’ve a bad feeling about chang’s uncle .I think that if he discovers that she is his niece ,he would want her there to say with his mom or if he think she is pretending to be his niece /related (like with the mole) that chang should watch out for her neck. You said it yourself that it will make them look terrible if their whole cover gets blown up .The dude almost killed for a mole which wasn’t even fake so if he learn they are lying things will get ugly
      At the end I do believe that the truth should only be known by chang ,it’s sad but it’s safer that way her uncle is way too unpredictable and dangerous .But I’m still looking forward to their interractions in the future .It’s funny seeing chang play the innocent and foolish young lady when she is the furthest thing from it ^^
      I know and it despite all what I’ve said ,it really did give me a tragic love feeling /star crossed lovers but it’s still pathetic and lame in some aspect .Because she was like 13 or 14 and she ruined her whole life because of that .Sadly it’s the same in every manga and in real life as well .Chang on the

    62. other hand does care about sun and so does he but she doesn’t lose her mind and her brain still function .As I’ve told you above both made it clear to each others that they didn’t want to be enemies but if they meet in battle it will be another story .I really like that it’s like I may like you but it doesn’t change that I’ve my own goals and I won’ t give them up just for you it’s nice and refershing .
      Anyway I ‘m looking forward to how chang will mange the upcoming conflict since she can’t meddle with her uncle considering she is a dumb little girl and she wouldn’t risk exposing herself
      I’m also looking forward to chang’s relationships with her relatives and the possible reveal of their connection .I really feel that the hairpin will play a part .
      And of course I’m looking forward to what Sun will do ^^
      P.s I really hope we will see the servant since she seems to be the only one who knows the truth .

    63. Thanks for the reminder ^^ Well, he is greedy and shady..but they need him for business.

      Perhaps..but given her brains, maybe a lawyer or diplomat ^^ It would be a waste to put her into air-head/submissive type roles just because she can do it. =P

      Indeed..lie low for a while to get hold of what's going on without attracting attention. So, when we read what Yona and Lili are doing...they are like Bartho and his crew who managed to survive New World due to luck. Hehe..and you mentioned her, too ^^;

      Ya, it is most probably that. Still..why only her? I recall that you mentioned of the possibility that she is Shimin's daughter. Could her husband found out about it and blackmailed her into something so she cannot afford to be too close to Chang? Was it confirmed that she isn't Shimin's daughter? ^^;;; I mean, Shimin didn't know and somehow, they had a rendezvous of some sort?

      True and of course, it isn't surprising because there are many women like that during that time. Chang is actually the 'rare type'.

      Well, I meant the other wives causing trouble if she's the favorite. But it wasn't mentioned so..let's assume that it didn't mattered.

      Indeed..and well, for Saena, it is because Kyouko went to ask her. Do we have flashbacks of Chang when she is older with her mother? I can only recall the ones when she was young. She did warn her about what's going to happen and send her away to safety, right?

      Maybe for the meantime, look out for the Khitans..becoming the great Khan will take a longer time.

      Indeed. He is very sensitive about issues regarding his sister so Chang has to trend carefully on that subject..that is if she knew more about what' he is 'excited' about.


      True..but then, I would prefer some balance..if it is all 'my goals', then what's the point of the romance stuff? I mean, if it is a couple, if one insists on doing things 'my way' without regard of the other, things can be also problematic. But I do get your point. It is not about the world goes around because of a certain person and that is all that matters. Hehe, but there are readers who love that. ^^

      Yup ^^

    64. Yup and it isn't like Qin or Chang are dumb or naive so it's okay .Somehow now I think of yona if a shady dude like that was in AnY she would glare at him and act bossy .She would never think of using him to achieve a more important goal I guess that' s what you get when you have a heroine who is very realistic and another one who plays hero of justice .

      Good point with her caliber she would a big shot in the political sphere .

      Yup and she does that while having sharp wits ,lots of knowledge and good combat skills .While yona and Lili have none of these .I guess unlike the two ,chang has to do this because there is actual threat on her life ,and unlike the two who are naive she knows that no matter how skilled she is ,she can defeat a power like the turks just like that.She mentioned the whole thing about saving one man and not being able to save his tribe ,ending a problem and not being able to end the era of chaos , I think that the problem is that chang think of the long term future and is pretty logical and realistic in how she faces those issues .Yona on the other hand she just think of the present day and that's why she never comes up with lasting solutions .At the end of the day the difference between these two is so great that it's hard to even compare them . Lol they are indeed alike and at least barto is strong .^^

      I think it's the possiblity as to why she let chang escape .You said yourself that she sent the boys to die and not chang because the boys would be a threat to shimin for the throne .But chang was noted to be way better than her brothers so she is a bigger threat .She could've made an alliance with the turks to invade tang ,she is more than capable of doing that yet she let her go .So I'm thinking maybe she is his child and they met once in the past and chang is the result ???? Again I believe the maid will provide us with answer and I hope we see her soon .

      Yes ,even though I find her pathetic I'm not that shocked because during that time women like that were the norm .

      Ah okay ,since it wasn't mentioned I don't think so but it seems like there was gossip about her and shimin .

      Nope ,we don't unless it will be shown later all of chang's flashbacks are of her mother looking away .

      Yes ;I know it will take time and alot of struggle .

      Yup ,she is walking on a landmine .I really believe that the truth should only be known to her .For her safety and her goal .

      Of course if you are in a relationship and you do what you want without giving a damn about the other person then what's the point of being a couple ? But in chang's case or in her mom's case they were exactly with their love interest ,both had feelings for their love interest but weren't together .So my point is since it's a love kept in your heart why give up everything for that person like her mother did ????

      Now if they confessed their love for each other and were in a relationship even if it was something offical things should be different .But it's true that no matter what balance is important kyouko is the best example ,with shou she was all about him and gave up even on her future for him which was sickening with ren on the other hand she is his number one supporter ,he has a huge place in her heart and mind ,she will always help him out yet she has her own goal and her own dream which she loves as much as she does him and that's fantastic .

    65. Regarding the issue of the raw/translation . I was afraid that the recent arrest in Japan would affect all the other raw provider whether they are chinese or japanese and thus the english translation but look like it did . I can't blame these guys because they are just looking out for themselves .But still I feel bad because it feel like the time where we won't even get shounen jump is getting near :(

      About Redfaces so what 's their plan ,they will release SB and AnY chapters a week after it's out in japan ? Or their scans won't ever be made public again ? I hope it's option number :(

      SB is my favorite shoujo and I need my usual AnY ranting + I'm curious about it despite all what I usually say about it ^^

      So what will you do ? If they release the chapter a week after it's been published and there is no english scan in the mean time you will do it ,but if there is you won't is that's it ?

      I really hope this issue will get fixed and we still get manga for free .Please do tell if there is any news ^^

    66. True. And, if it is in real life, we might say Yona is reading too many shounen manga like Naruto =P


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      Ya..the maid might be the key.

      I think it is already known that they love each other. I mean s/he is being loved by the other based on their 'farewell' scene. It doesn't seem to be a one-sided one. Something like even if we are apart, my everything still belongs to you. Neglecting the children is a puzzle. And, a mother usually won't let send her children to death. It did make me think that it is possible that she didn't raise her children herself. Surely, there are attendants and servants, etc. If she fall out of favor from her husband, the children can also be used against her. Anyway, that's purely speculation. Too many things are unknown to form a more proper theory. In a way, Chang's mother had a be with/protect Shimin. Of course, maybe, like what you mentioned, she was poisoned so.. Anyway, we'll probably learn more about it later on.

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      I found an AnY translation and scans. I'll post it in an entry together with my comments ^^ Rant on.

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      I see..that is possible.

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      (since everybody will gossip about them and maybe even harm her for what she did ) and I do hope there is a guilt in sending children to their death because like I said the husband might be a husband but the kids did nothing wrong and if she sent kids to their death and felt nothing no remorse or guilt than that woman was even worse than scum .

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      Though, if Yona or others really want to protect Haku..I think they should make him leave the group/Yona set him free because Yona and others are always 'looking for trouble'. There is actually no danger at all..even from Suwon who isn't even actively chasing after Yona or Haku or both. And, Haku is currently in exile from

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