November 5, 2015

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 74]

While listening to Mush & Co’s music at his bed, Shibaken is searching about ‘Mush’ on his cellphone. On Twitter, someone wrote how come Mush came to Kagawa’s Crude Play LIVE!!? Another one wrote that she heard that Mush came midway and always stayed behind [the hall] to watch. Shibaken clicks his tongue and mutters that Mush rejected an important colleague gathering and just to see Crude Play, she ran all the way to Kagawa huh. Then, he notices a picture in Twitter. Someone wrote that she found Mush! “At the side, is a person whom I cannot say (?)♡♡” And, there is an attached picture of Aki and Mush talking and walking together. Shibaken recalls Aki smiling and how they were together during the TV show program. Shibaken says that is Crude Play’s Aki. He recalls seeing them holding hand and how teary-eyed Mush was upon reading her cellphone. Shibaken mutters that it also means that the two of them are going steady, right. “Could it be that she really likes..him..?”
Then, someone shouts for Shibaken to quickly go take a bath. Shibaken shouts back that he’ll go in a while. After looking at his cellphone, he lies down on his bed thinking. Then, he quickly sits up to call Yutaka. And, the CP bus stops in front of a huge building. Senzaki pulls aside the curtains to call out to Shun. Shun gestures for him to be quiet for he’ll wake up everyone. Shun quietly goes out of his sleeping cubicle and prepares to go down. To his surprise, Aki, Soichiro, Kaoru and Teppei came out from their sleeping cubicles. Aki smiles and says that they are awake early on. Shun looks slightly moved. Riko is sound asleep. Shinya still lies down on his bed but he is wide awake. [with his glasses on ^^;] Aki tells Shun that it might be a bit troublesome but can they go with him. Shun is loss for words. Just then, Riko comes out and asks if they are already in Tokyo. She becomes wide awake upon seeing Aki and everyone else. She looks puzzled.
Shun says yes, but this is the hospital. He explains that his father fell ill the day before yesterday and right now, he is in this hospital so everyone is very worried. “After the performance has ended, they say that they’re quickly going back to Tokyo with me. So, right now, everyone is currently ready to go pay him a visit together.” Aki and everyone smile over this. To Aki’s surprise, Riko exclaims that she must wake him up! Riko pulls the curtains and says, “Shinya, quickly get up. Everyone in Crude Play is going to visit Shun’s father together!” After looking surprised, Shinya looks a bit flustered. While the others look somewhat uneasy, Riko asks if he isn’t feeling well and can he get up. “Are you alright?” Shinya reluctantly sits up and looks at puzzled Riko. Shinya sighs and pats her head. This really puzzles Riko. Shinya looks at Shun and asks they’re going, right? Shun thanks him. After everyone headed down the bus and walked towards door, Shinya is looking at his cellphone. Kaoru grabs Shinya’s arm and asks, “..could it be..that like this, you’ll really..”
Shinya looks somewhat flustered and slightly scowling. Afterwards, Kaoru let go of him. Kaoru just looks flustered. Shun’s mother is inside the family waiting room. She sighs and covers her face. The door opens and she calls out to Shun. She asks if he was really tired on the road and did he get proper sleep. Shun is shaken to see how haggard and thin his mother looks. He holds her shoulder and exclaims that he should be asking her, did she properly rest. She assures him that she is fine. This made Shun really flustered. He apologizes to her for not being at her side during this very difficult time. Everyone looks glum about it. Someone says, “If you really think that way, then you should immediately end that nonsense play [/entertainment].” The uncle, together with two frowning relatives, says that upon receiving notice that his father is critically ill yet he didn’t come back. “Is there a successor who is like that!?” Aki bows and tells them that he was the one who stopped him. “Shun obviously wanted to immediately go back. I’m sorry. It is because of my willfulness.” Shun tries to say that it isn’t like that..
The uncle says about that kind of thing, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. “It seems that you people do not know. Shun isn’t the same with you all. Inevitably there will be a day when he’ll become the president of Sakaguchi Candy. But, what are you doing in this critical moment when your father collapsed? You didn’t agree nor refuse to succeed the company. Do you think that this kind of successor, who cannot define the situation, can continue this on until whenever [he wants]? It is also okay for you to continue playing in the band but if you do not have thoughts of succeeding the company, then give up the position of being the next president.” This made Shun flustered and quiet. While the relatives keep on scolding Shun, Aki thinks that always until now he didn’t ask Shun as to how he regards the company. “I always believe that he wants to do the band. Because if I asked, then I would know *flustered over flustered Shun* that Shun actually really treasures both and he couldn’t give up both. It is always utterly painful.”
At the ICU, wearing a gown and mask, Shun follows the nurse. The nurse pulls open the curtain and tells Yamaguchi-san that his son came to visit him. The nurse says that he is sleeping so would Shun want to come back later on. Shun says no, he’ll stay here for a while. While he looks at the machines and apparatus attached to his father, Shun clenches his fist. He says, “Papa.. I..” Then, his father wakes up and looks at him. He asks, “..what is it, look dejected” This made Shun look to the side and says, what, it turns out that he’s fine. After looking surprised, his father closed his eyes and says that just now, he had a dream. “I dreamt of going to see your concert. You are very lively on the stage. You look very happy while singing. Looking at you like that, I thought that it is really great that I was able to support you during your debut. Didn’t I tell you? I can still at least maintain 30 years.” This made Shun cry. Narration: “Two weeks after that, news spread about suspending [/halting] Crude Play’s activities.” 
Comment: Well, this is one possible major reason why CP would have to stop performing. Shinya can, more or less, be replaced by Aki but Shun cannot be replaced by just anyone. Until now, Shun was able to have both. Reserve the successor position while playing in his band. Because of his father’s illness, it is time to prioritize which one he really wants. In a way, I would think that Shun is now going to payback his father for giving him a chance to play in a band for some years. And, again, it is really too bad that it is only at the ‘final’ performance, he get to play with Aki when that was what he wanted from the very start. Hm..I guess it is better than not at all. I don’t recall how many years CP has been together since the debut, but let’s say 10 years..then probably the other 20 would be Shun’s father teaching him the ropes and he’ll probably go to college if he isn’t already doing some sort of home study/study outside of college for showbiz people. And, apparently, Aki walking out with Riko and got their picture taken is bad news. In this high tech age wherein everyone can be a ‘reporter’, it is now easy to know what famous people are doing if one isn’t careful. Now, what is Shibaken going to tell Yutaka? After realizing that Riko and Aki are indeed a couple, would he give up or do something? Scans by红莲&wink炖蘑菇

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  1. Kat, thank you very much! I am soo sad that CP is going to break apart. I hope it gives Mush & Co a chance to become the next new hit band. I hope that in the next chapter we will see more of Aki & Shun and Mush & Shinya.

    Thank´s Kat :) :) Daisy here.. always reading your blog :)

    1. You're welcome, Daisy and thanks for the support ^-^

      Perhaps..I think Mush & Co has a different problem..they all want Mush and not the Co. ^^;;


  2. Thank you so much for the new chapter! You made me smile today. Can i make a request? Can you please add Switch Girl? I really love it. I sleep at 2 am last night looking for the raws of chapter 58 but unfortunately i can't find it. It's okay if it will start on chapter 58. Thanks a bunch!

    1. Thanks for reading and glad to hear that, jade0128 ^-^

      Hm..I actually do not read that series. I tried browsing it but I really don't like the art.

      If you're okay with Chinese scanlations, you can check them out here:

      And, it seems that it was 'discontinued' for there were no updates in Chinese since last year.

  3. I will always support you, even if I´m in a differnt country. (Austria) ;)
    About Mush and Co.. I think you are right. The new lady wants only Mush. But I think that Mush is loyal to her friends and she will ask Aki for advice. We will see :) Thank you! Daisy :)

    1. Thanks for the support, Daisy ^-^

      True, Mush is loyal to her friends but to ask sure what advice he would give her. He might tell her to do what he did..for music's sake, someone has to 'let go'. In the end, I think it will ultimately have to depend on Mush. Does she want a real professional music career or just 'play around with friends'? So yup, we'll see.

      You're welcome ^^

  4. no se ni que dice pero entiendo el sentimiento
    y me duele no se porque
    apoyo al padre