November 9, 2015

Namaikizakari [Chapter 35]

While reading a basketball magazine, Shizuka asks to watch a practice competition, who against who? His friend says that it is Ryohoku vs Atsumori [guesswork from 厚森] and it is also Saturday so their senpai-s are also going. Shizuka asks where the venue is. His friend says at Ryohoku. Shizuka immediately refuses. His friend teases him by laughing that it is because he is too scared of coed school though yesterday at the station, a female high schooler groped his butt. There is a scene of a couple of fangirls squealing that it is Shizu-chan, then, one of them touched his butt. Aghast Shizuka tells him to absolutely do not tell that to their captain. His friend says okay, okay. [I think] he also says that the Winter Cup qualifiers is also coming soon and it is part of practice to check out the situation at the enemy’s camp, right? At Ryuhoku, Himiko’s cheering squad is all fired up that they ask her to listen to the new cheering style they plan to use for tomorrow’s competition. “One- Two- Ah-thanks for waiting for such a long time, our brothers. *bang bang bang bang* Two-colored hair shoot three points. *bang bang bang bang* In- In- Amamiya”
Inside the gym, Amamiya angrily shouts if it is him [they’re referring to], quickly shut up for he’ll get them for that. Yuki tells them not to arrange things on their own and please do it in accordance to what she asked them and also, it is fine for them to wear their PE uniform [and not oendan-type uniforms]. Narration: “School’s second term has started and it is already mid-September.. Tomorrow, it is their practice competition after a long time.” While Yuki is hanging up the laundry, she thinks that Atsumori High..based on strength, it is hard to tell who is superior between them although she can relax a bit since it isn’t an official competition. She tells herself not to lower her guard because it is a practice game and she should concentrate.. And, Shou appears in front of her and asks for a kiss. Yuki refuses. Shou urges her to come on, come on, anyway, the club activity is already over. She asks him if he cannot see that there are still people around and can’t he hear that there are still conversation voices. The others are greeting each other ‘otsukaresama’[/good work] and ‘see you tomorrow’/ Shou calls Yuki stingy when obviously a short while ago, she would take the initiative to close her eyes. Yuki darkly thinks that she knew he’ll say that and this stinky brat isn’t satisfied with small gains [/give him an inch and he’ll want a mile].. Yuki says okay..okay, quickly go back and rest and even if it is a practice game, tomorrow he[/they] must guarantee winning.. Shou says okay.
From behind the hanged towel, Shou kisses her. He licks his lips and says that this can already make him win and it’s more than enough. As he goes back to the others, someone tells Shou that they eat together. Shou asks if it is his treat-? Blushing and sweating Yuki starts muttering, ‘one∙ten∙hundred∙thousand∙ten thousand∙100 million∙trillion..’ <- currently doing her best to maintain her usual mindset. Yuki thinks that thinking about it, it is because she feared that Shou would be taken away by someone that she was excessively impulsive so in the end, she had thoroughly forgotten the original worrisome problem..‘limits’. While scribbling on her desk at home, Yuki thinks that club is club, study is study and love is love, as things are now, she cannot relax on either one. She blushes a bit upon recalling Shou saying that he already no longer wants to see that kind on impression on her. She thinks that she’ll definitely do her best. Then, she notices that it is already 12 midnight. So, she has to quickly sleep for tomorrow’s competition.. Later on, She hears some running footsteps. The door opens and her twin sisters come in while holding a packaged gift. They happily calls out, “Sis, happy birthday--♡♡” Yuki is aghast as she is about to lie down on her bed. She asks,
Her sisters ask what’s up with the ‘eh’ and it is already 12 midnight so happy 18th birthday--!! They happily tell her to quickly open the gift to look at it and actually they already ate up the cake just now. Yuki thinks, turns out that.. When it is 630am, walking to school, Yuki thinks that it is because she is wholeheartedly balancing all sorts of things that in the end, she unexpectedly forgot her own birthday. And speaking of this kind of situation, should she tell Shou that today is her birthday.. “But, but he also didn’t ask me. On his birthday, I also didn’t give him anything. The most important thing is, the competition is coming up so basically, this isn’t the time to tell him. –okay, I’ll keep it from him.” In front of the gym, Amamiya and Shouji exclaim what’s up with this!!! There are many students in front with some fangirls asking where Shou is. Tonomura says that it seems that they came to see today’s competition and after they joined the Kanto Tournament, Shou unexpectedly started to get a lot of attention. Someone tells Miyoshi-sensei to trouble himself into clearing a way for everyone. Miyoshi complains what’s up with this, how troublesome.. Then, Nishiyama notices someone. He suddenly screams out loud at Shizuka.
Pointing at Shizuka, Amamiya says that he is Mizusu’s.. Hugging Amamiya, Nishiyama shouts, “Stalker!!” Sweatdropping Shizuka denies it. They ask then how come he is hiding in this place! Shizuka tries to explain that it is because there are too many females so he went to hide.. The two ask if Shizuka came to look for Yuki.. Shou arrives and says, “Stalker. Who is stalking who?” While Shizuka freezes, the others call out to Shou. Amamiya and Nishiyama inform Shou that before, this guy always pestered them to death to ask about Yuki’s house address.. Shou asks, house? The two says that right now, he is acting suspicious and hiding in a dark place.. Just then, someone calls out to Amamiya and Nishiyama that the coach is calling for them. As the two go and thought of telling the coach about this but he has zero fighting power and even if they tell Miyoshi, he cannot do anything of help [?; text too small so I’m not too sure on this part] Shou asks why he went to Yuki’s house. Shizuka says that it isn’t anything urgent and by the way, since Shou ‘no longer likes her’ then it has nothing to do with him, right. This made Shou look dark. He suddenly grabs Shizuka’s bag handle. Shizuka exclaims what he is doing, quickly let go.
Shou says that it turns out that he was the one with Yuki during that matsuri so what is he doing. Shizuka angrily asks, ha!? Then, Shizuka recalls hugging Yuki and saying, ‘I don’t want to let go..” This made Shizuka blush and stammers that it is nothing at all. Shou says that he is also really lousy in telling lies that his voice even changed tone. Trying to free his bag from Shou’s hold, Shizuka says that he’s noisy to death and let him go. Shou says that if he didn’t do anything then how come his nose bled. Shizuka exclaims, Nosebleed!? Shou asks if it didn’t bleed. Shizuka angrily shouts for him to quit joking around. Just then, Yuki calls out to Shou and asks what he is doing at this kind of place for it is almost time to prepare.. Then, she asks what they are doing. On the ground, the two are kicking each other while Shou continues to grab Shizuka’s bag. Shou tells Yuki that they’re chatting. Shizuka says that no, they’re not. While Shizuka looks away, Yuki asks if he came to watch the competition.. Shizuka mutters, Then, Yuki recalls him asking if it is no good if it isn’t Shou. Then, Yuki suddenly become quiet. Shou asks what’s up for them to suddenly act awkward like that on their own. He grabs Yuki’s hand and says that they’re going. Shizuka watches the two leave while holding hands.
Thinking that this is bad and just before the competition, Yuki tries to call out to Shou. Shou asks if Shizuka really went to her house. Yuki says that even if it is true but he came over to talk about the club activity so don’t get all stirred up and nothing really happened so in short, right now.. Shou says, concentrate his energy for the competition, right, he knows that. “That idiot is watching so how can I lose.” Yuki thinks that even if it is hard to understand but he seems to be very angry. <- referring to a popped vein on Shou’s face. She thinks that honestly speaking, for her to say that NOTHING happened between her and Shizuka is a lie but no matter what is Shizuka’s real thoughts and no matter how she tried to understand it, but in the end, why would she feel so relaxed in his embrace-- <- that she called out, ‘grandmother..’ and she herself doesn’t understand it thoroughly. At the competition, Shou shoots the ball in the basket. Fangirls squeal. While Abe and others cheer for Shou, the coach says that the situation is very good. Yuki is relieved for she is still worried whether or not he’ll rage but in the end, he is very calm. She must also switch mode[?/ be serious and not thinking about romance stuff]. Ryohoku has 57 points while Atsumori has 43 points.
The coach tells Hatori and Noda to get ready to play. Yuki asks if they are going to replace players. Coach says yes, just now, he talked with the third year official members that from today on, they’ll let the first and second year become the main force and to properly do their best. Yuki thinks is that so.. In the game, Noda catches the ball and wonders what to do. <- first time in a competition. He thinks that he must quickly break through the menacing opponents. Shou calls out to him so he immediately throws the ball to him. The opponents say that it is number 11, stop him. Yuki thinks that Ryohoku cannot always stop, next—it is Shou and the others’ turn. Soon, Ryohoku won 75 against Atsumori’s 62. Everyone thanks each other for the game. Noda says that he is really so nervous. Shou looks at their final score. While preparing to leave, some girls are talking about how cool Shou is and it’s great that Ryuhoku won. Kira tells Shizuka that his friend’s popularity is very high. Shizuka says that Shou isn’t his friend. Just then, she overhears someone calling out to Yuki. It is Yuki’s friends.
They say that Yuki will have to clean up afterwards, and it wasn’t easy for them to bring her birthday gift over but if she’s busy, then they’ll just give it to her the day after tomorrow even if it will be late for two days-- Shizuka nervously thinks that it is Yuki’s birthday today!? Kira calls out to Shizuka that if he is staring off in this kind of place, his butt will get groped again. Shizuka turns around and apologizes. He tells them to please go on ahead. Narration: “—already, can no longer hide--” While Yuki is walking behind the building, Shizuka calls out to her. Narration: “-this person is very special.” Surprised Yuki asks what is it..ah..thank you for watching the competition today. Shizuka says about that..please forget that thing before. “Actually, I didn’t at all plan to do that thing to you. [<- hugging her] I shouldn’t meddle between you and Shou’s affairs.” He recalls Yuki’s hope that he can always be Shou’s opponent. He thinks, so, he’ll do that for this person, only this.. Shizuka says then, they’ll see each other again during the Winter Cup’s qualifiers. She says yes. Shizuka says, “Also, I heard someone say.. *bows* I wish you a happy birthday. Goodbye.” As he turns to leave, Yuki mutters her thanks. She wonders who said it and to whom. Serious Shizuka mentally tells Yuki that he already cannot defeat them again. [<-?  probably referring to how Shou won despite of what happened earlier so the two has a deep relationship?]
Yuki is wondering what does ‘forget about it’ refer to and is it about her considering what he did to her didn’t happened at all but then, at least there’s no need to make Shou do some wild guess.. As she passes the corner of the building, sitting Shou asks what is that birthday all about? Yuki freezes and wonders since when is he.. Shou asks if it is his her birthday today. She says,..probably. Shou asks how come it is ‘probably’, how come she’ll hide it and how come she won’t look at him. Yuki thinks that it is an unprecedented fierce ‘how come’ attack. While she wonders what to do, Shou greets her a happy birthday. He mutters that obviously, he wanted to be the first to greet her. And, he starts to stare at some stick. Blushing and nervous, Yuki feels her chest has a piercing pain and how come she is in such a difficult situation. While fiddling the stick on the ground, Shou asks how come unexpectedly, that pervert Shizuka got to be first, how baffling-- Yuki thinks that she obviously decided that she cannot relax in either club, love and studies. Yuki says that she isn’t hiding it at all..she is only thinking that it will distract him from the competition and it is very difficult for her to take the initiative to say it out.. “~~during your birthday, I also didn’t give you anything..” She is startled when he says that he already doesn’t need it. He looks at her and says, “It is because I already got Yuki-senpai so I don’t need a gift.” This made Yuki blush and think that even if she doesn’t want to make him angry, even if she thought that..
Shou says by the way, they shouldn’t be talking about him right now and is there something that she wants.. He is surprised that Yuki is already sitting beside him. Blushing, she tells him that she also doesn’t need anything.. Shou looks surprised. He holds her hand tightly. He kisses her hand, bites her ear and kisses her. She thinks that in order to go steady with him, in order to mutually depend on each other.. Shou greets Yuki again a happy 18 birthday. “By the way, what number is Shizuka who greeted you [happy birthday]?” Yuki thinks that he can astonishingly pester someone endlessly. After counting it, Yuki says that Shizuka is the 7th. Drawing a cat and a dog on the ground with his stick, Shou asks how come it is that many people. Shizuka says that there are her siblings and mother. He tells her that she’s lying. She says that she isn’t. Narration: “In order to stay closer to him, I must do my best. ..definitely on my 18..” Shou says that by the way, she is 18 so they can do those all sort of R18 prohibited things, right?” Yuki immediately interrupts and says, driving car-type [of things]. Then, she moves away from him. He asks how come she is going far away. Yuki says that it’s unconscious, and by the way, the meeting is going to start soon. He asks how come she won’t look at him. She says that it is unconscious. Narration: “will become a busy and dazzling time that has never happened before.”
Comment: And, I wonder if that kind of sexual harassment made Shizuka fear girls ^^;; Apparently, in this series, birthday presents are no big deal when you finally get ‘yes’ of the one whom you are after for such a long time =P So far, Yuki is improving as she works hard in balancing everything. It is funny how the others thought that Shizuka is some sort of stalker. I guess that is one ‘payback’ at Shou for saying ‘that’ in public. Much to his chagrin, Shou cannot deny it either. Well, for Shizuka, because of pestering the two for Yuki's address, they thought he is a stalker. ^^; And, it is amusing how these two ‘fight’ since they are like kids/little boys ^^;; It seems that Shizuka isn’t going to actively pursue Yuki and he is just going to fulfill her wish regarding what he has to do for her. Shou has grown up a bit in keeping his emotions in check during the competition and he can just ‘have a tantrum/acting spoiled’ afterwards =P What he said can indeed make someone feel really guilty. So, we got our lovey-dovey though from Yuki’s reaction, any R18 type stuff won’t be happening soon. Hm..I wonder if that will keep Yuki ‘overthinking’ in the next chapters ^^; Scans by 红莲汉

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    Oh, I was wondering too. Kat, are you going to translate that one Namaikizakari chapter with them acting as a.... host club? I wonder what Abe said at the end, I guess that was his fantasy.

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    Sho kept his act together, that's good to see, and Yuki went after him by her own will, that's good too. I just get all this stingness when I see her over think everything, like how she said/thought she only agreed to go 'steady' with Sho out of fear of losing him... and now she even starts to consider lil' Shizu-chan... Tsc, better embrace myself for some drama plot soon. T___T

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    2. Yea, I know it's for gags, but couldn't help it, it did seem like a stalker to me. I guess I just need to relax more, or the author wasn't so good with this joke, though it was obvious it was meant to be taken like one.

      No, I can tell it's not good, but for a young girl like Yuki, feeling comfortable with another man's embrace than her boyfriend is bad. Not want to be sexist here, is just that Yuki is too much of an overthinking everything, Sho is too much of a kid when it comes to her being with anyone else but him, and the fact Yuki acknowledges Sho's jellousness towards Shizuka and tries to come with and excuse to say it didn't meant anything, besides thinking about that hug every now and then... I can guarantee is bad, lol. So, I really didn't wanna this path for this manga, too much afraid of good mangas turning bad with crap love triangles/polygons etc.

      But it's good so far, the author seems to know what she's doing and did a good job with kisstealer, if she's done with her, so I can hope for a better job with Shizuka. You know, I'm too afraid of these things in my fav series, lol.

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      For now, I don't yet see the usual love triangle/polygon here since the mangaka didn't drag it when she could have. Somehow, I feel that Shizuka would help give her some closure regarding her grandmother or her past being the only one who understand her or something. Of course, that isn't good since it isn't the boyfriend. And, a boyfriend will definitely have a fit if a girlfriend is close with some other guy over something else that the boyfriend 'cannot give'? It seems to be a friend-type..that's the vibe I'm having. Maybe, it is just a set-up for the Winter Cup = rivalry between the two guys.

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      it's just that I'm really tired of this trope/'resource' in romances, have seen pretty good ones turning to bad to even worse when love rivals appeared and gained focus just cause popularity and/or demand to 'enlarge' the plot.

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