July 25, 2020

Kore wa ai de koi janai [Chapter 11]

Holding the candle, Ren mutters, “like you...” She becomes flustered and tense while Yusei looks somewhat surprised. Ren couldn’t believe that she carelessly blurted out what’s in her heart.

Standing up, Ren exclaims, “It...it isn’t like that!!! That ‘like’ doesn’t have any romantic meaning to it! *points at the candle* This... you’re really nice for giving this to me! You’re a fairy! I really like your behavior!! That...that is what I meant...!!”

While Yusei looks bewildered, Ren quickly retreats to her room and bids him a good night. Yusei just looks at the closed door.
Inside, Ren hugs her pillow and thinks that Yusei definitely thinks that she’s really weird~!!! “The longer I stay with him, the deeper this love in my heart grows... I already cannot bear not to say out that I like him.”

Meanwhile, Yusei looks at the candle and mutters, “...it’s liking my behavior huh...” Soon, it is September. At school, some girls greet Ren while others are whispering.

Puzzled Ren thinks that it feels that they are all looking at her. Just when she is going to open her shoe locker, she is surprised when she overhears someone saying, “Have you heard!? Hidaka-senpai has a girlfriend. It’s really shocking~~”
Ren’s eyes widen that she corners the girl and exclaims, “Really!!? Tell me about it in detail!” The girl exclaims in surprise and asks who?! After calming down, the girl says that it seems that someone saw Yusei while he’s on a date during summer vacation.

Pony tails girl says yes, yes, and it’s a girl called Yaotome from the high school department! Ren is shock because it is her!!?

Meanwhile, Yusei has arrived in his classroom. His classmates got excited and calls out that the boyfriend has arrived. Yusei is puzzled. Classmate 1 asks Yusei what’s up, didn’t he say that he isn’t interested in romance.
Yusei asks what he is talking about. Classmate 2 says that it is about him going steady with Ren and they heard about it from Ren herself. Yusei quickly to look at Manami.

Grabbing Manami’s wrist, Yusei pulls her out of the classroom and tells her to come with him. Ren’s ponytail friend says that they are really together and when did Ren get together with Yusei? “Quite unexpected~” While playing with her phone, Shouri thinks that didn’t Ren say that he isn’t her type...

Flustered Ren is running towards the high school department. She wonders how can this be? “I didn’t think that it will spread like this... I don’t know whether or not, imouto-chan and Hidaka had totally deceived me...!?”
When she reached stairs, she overheard two people talking. A guy says, “What’s up with the talk that I’m going steady with Yaotome?” Ren recognizes Yusei’s voice. She looks up and sees the siblings on top of the stairs talking.

Sorrowful Manami says that everyone thinks that they were on a date at that time when they went out during the summer vacation... “I couldn’t deceive them...” Yusei asks, “So, you simply told them that we are going steady?”

Manami apologizes. “But, with the current situation being like this, I think the time we’ll be together will increase. If we say that we are going steady, then even if we are together, they won’t be suspicious...”
Yusei says that made sense... Ren gloomily thinks ha? “What do you mean ‘that makes sense’-!! Wake up, we are made to go steady-!!!”

Walking at the hallway, a couple of girls look at Manami as she passes by. The girl whispers to the other, “It is that person... Hidaka-kun’s girlfriend.”
“Ah, for real!?”
Manami happily smiles over this.

Later on, irked Yusei arrives home and calls out, “Hey, Yaotome! How come you went home on your own.” Ren says, “Brother, everyone is enthusiastically talking about that issue~ *Yusei goes huh* I heard that you are going steady with Yaotome Ren-san. *looking gloomy while holding her hand like a microphone at him* Can I ask if it’s true??”
Removing his necktie, Yusei comments that rumor has already spread to the junior high department... “How troublesome. It would be okay in a while so you don’t have to mind it too much--” Ren throws a pillow at him and exclaims, “Of course I’ll mind...”

While Yusei tensely looks at her, Ren hugs a pillow tightly. She thinks, “Nothing? It’s a rumor that’s all but right now, the main character in this rumor is me who isn’t me...”

Flustered Yusei apologizes to Ren. “Sorry that you are in a scandal-whatever together with me. ...perhaps, you also have some person you like. *pats Ren’s head* It is just a rumor, and it will soon disappear.”
After he left, Ren is on the verge of tears. She whimpers and thinks that it isn’t like that. “The person I like is you... I really want to quickly go back to my original body...”

At school, a girl tells the class that from the lottery results for the sports festival, their class will be in red team. Red team are classes 1-1, 2-3 [Ren’s class] and 3-3 from jr high and classes 1-3, 2-1 [Yusei’s class] and 3-2 from high school.

Ren is delightfully surprised upon learning that Yusei’s class is also in red team. The girl tells the class that they are now going to decide who’ll be the contestants and who will be in the preparation team. “So, who wants to be in the preparation team?”
Ren wants to be in the cheering squad but she cannot do it with her current body. “But, of course, since it is a school activity, I should go and enjoy it to the fullest!” She holds up her hand and volunteers to do it. “I’ll be responsible for the display board!!” The girl says okay, who else wants to be in the preparation team.

Later on, at the outdoor hallway, Ren sees Yusei. At first, she thought he is alone but upon seeing his friends, she calls out, brother! She informs him that she has joined the preparation team so she has to do some work and will be a bit late in going home.

She thinks that he’ll lecture her again if she didn’t give him a heads up. Yusei says okay. Yusei’s friend asks her if she knew that in this sports festival, Yusei joined the cheering squad.
Ren is surprised to hear that and she really wants to watch it. His friend says that it is because his girlfriend wants to do it together with him. Yusei complains that he’s annoying and don’t talk about that topic again.

Ren glumly thinks that means that he totally couldn’t refute the girlfriend... Seeing Manami from the window, Yusei’s friend exclaims isn’t that ‘Ren’!? Hey—

Not wanting to see Manami’s face right now, Ren quickly says that she’ll go ahead. Yusei quietly watches her run off. At section 2-3, Ren tells a girl painting a signboard that she’ll [Ren] quickly finish this side so she can help her out. The girl says okay, she’s a great help.
Later on, Ren comes with some more paint that she got from the teacher. The girl thanks her. And, Ren is happily painting and praises herself for her work.

Soon, some girls tell Ren that it turns out that she’s very easy to get along with. Long haired girl says that before, it feels that it is hard to start a conversation with her and she had that aura of not wanting to be close with anyone...

Curly haired girl says but lately, she is super sunny that she wants to talk a lot with her. Flashing a v-sign, Ren happily says, sure, let’s go.
Manami goes to the vending machine section and asks if Yusei has bought the drinks since it is almost time that they continue to practice. She notices Yusei holding a bottled drink while absent-minded looking at the side.

She is flustered since he is looking at Ren who is happily laughing with her friends. She grabs Yusei’s arm and shouts that they’ll start practicing!! Yusei says okay. And, they start practicing their cheering dance. Some girls squeal that he looks so cool!!

Yusei’s friend says that practice is up to here for today. Seeing Yusei looking around, he asks who Yusei is looking for. Yusei says that it is nothing.
Ren’s new friends comment about how cool the dance was and they wished that Ren came to watch it. Yusei goes to them and asks where ‘Manami’/Ren is. Long-haired friend says that Ren is helping the executive committee.

Upon seeing that, Manami quickly calls Yusei to help teach her the arrangement of the dance movements since she couldn’t master it... Yusei apologizes and asks her to go ask someone else. As he left, surprised Manami mutters, that it is about Ren...
At the student council room, Ren is busy making paper flowers. She sighs and thinks that she really wants to see Yusei practicing but upon seeing Yusei together with Manami, her heart feels walled up with discomfort... “I also don’t know what I’m getting jealous about...”

She is surprised when the door suddenly opens. It is Yusei who calls out, yo. Puzzled Ren asks, yo...? Yusei asks her why she is making so many flowers when that isn’t her job.

Ren says that it is nothing, she doesn’t mind. “Anyway, I have no way of joining the competitions on that day so I want to do as many things as possible in order to properly feel the sports festival mood.” 
Yusei’s expression softens and he says, “...that part about you, I still really li[ke]...” He snaps out of it and wonders what he is saying. Ren asks, ‘li-’? Yusei says that it is nothing, forget about it.

Ren pesters him by asking what he wanted to say just now!! “Finish what you’re saying. ‘Li’ ‘li’ what?” Yusei says that she’s really annoying. He takes the paper flower she’s holding.

While blushing, he says, “‘That part about you, I really like your behavior’ ...that’s what it is!” He puts the flower on puzzled blushing Ren’s head. Glancing at her, Yusei mutters that she is really sweet and stupid brained.
Ren thinks, “It’s over, I’m finished!! The destructive power of ‘like’...!! For him to merely like my behavior is enough to make me totally happy... *holds the paper flower* ...I already couldn’t suppress it anymore. I want to go back to my own body and have a romantic relationship with Hidaka.” Yusei tells her that they’re going home.

It is finally sports festival day. In section 2-3 [Ren’s classroom], Manami takes the bracelet that is in the pocket of Ren’s bag. Manami mutters, “...if this thing is gone, then there’s no way to go back to our original bodies--...”
Comment: Ren and Yusei are obviously developing feelings for each other that they are delaying a confession by saying that they ‘like’ each other’s behavior. Well, Ren is conscious about it but Yusei seems to be still in the subconscious state.

Manami knows that it is only a matter of time before the inevitable happens so she is making her move. She took advantage of someone seeing the two during the summer vacation, and made Yusei agree to be in a relationship with her. Having some acting skill also helps. Well, I guess given the situation, Yusei couldn’t disagree to her proposal.

Of course, this is making Ren jealous and frustrated. Nevertheless, it is nice that she is making the best of the situation. Rather than moping, she is doing her best to participate in the sports festival in her own way. She even gains some new friends.

Well, from the last part, it seems that Manami knows how they can change back. Or rather, she knows that the bracelet has something to do with it. I do wonder how it works because for Manami, it seems to work even if it is a one-sided love wish. Maybe it is more powerful if the love is mutual? Scans by 正宮汉化组 

Quote of the day:
The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope. ~ Barack Obama


  1. Thank you so much for this! The wait is so worth it especially that part when yusei unconsciously says he likes her �� cant wait for the next chapter. I hope they exchange bodies soon i feel sorry for ren.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^


      Ya...though I think things would still be troublesome if Manami would use her poor health to keep Yusei busy with her.

    2. yes, but yusei seem to understand when she is faking it and he not get along with her selfishness.
      i wonder what if the other guy (kou?) will be join the festival and what he will do

    3. maika-sama

      Even so, he would most likely attend to her first especially if they are in public.

      Hm...I think it is compulsory to join in some way. Now that I think about it, can a student like 'not participate' at all?

    4. I think everyone needs to participate? Except if they have health conditions. Are they even on the same team? I mean kou? I forgot if theyre classmates. Manami should just confess and be rejected so she can move on and accept theyre not meant to be.

    5. I don't think they're on the same team. Nope, they're not classmates.

      I don't think she would want to do that because her brother obviously doesn't have any romantic feelings for her. I think it is like confessing to a best friend? Like, things might not be the same as before after the confession.

      In Manami's case, it seems that she is going for 'keep Yusei single forever' by trying to stop any situations that can make the two become a couple.