July 10, 2020

Free Talk: Kono Oto Tomare 93

Things are going well for the Doujima family as they are rebuilding their own group and becoming more like a family again. Well, grandma is still a bit stubborn but like what Akira mentioned, deep inside, surely, grandma is happy over this outcome. Both siblings will be teaching and perhaps, Keishi will play again in the near future.

Regarding Michi’s problem in playing louder, it seems that issue is resolved with a more practice after Keishi demonstrated how it is done. Atsumu is still proactive in telling Natsu what’s going on in the club. I cannot quite say if Natsu feels like he is bothering Atsumu for doing that for him or it is indeed a bit bothersome that Atsumu is doing that. Maybe both?

Well, I guess Natsu somewhat commends Atsumu for his effort that he’ll even write what others tell him about his playing. Natsu is opening up a bit that he seems interested in the music that Atsumu likes. Of course, such interaction is a big deal for Atsumu. 


Still, they are not that close enough for Natsu to frankly tell Atsumu the issue regarding his playing. Well, Natsu doesn’t want to hurt Atsumu’s feelings which might affect the group’s playing. From Natsu’s observation, it seems that Atsumu and Kouta are too mindful of other things/not their performance that they aren’t playing well.

And thanks to Chika’s query that something else seems to be the problem, the main issue had come out. Atsumu’s timbre is the problem and from the previous chapters, timbre is one of the strong points of Tokize.

Though, I’m not sure if the cause is because he is playing a different koto. I mean, wouldn’t Suzuka mention it rather than have them practice all this time for it to be problematic later on? Anyway, it seems that this would be the next issue to be resolved.


  1. Hi,
    I really liked the interaction of akira's family its good to know that grandma is probably just mad that keichi stopped and keichi's personality is quite fun specially when he invited her to teach the kids too lol and he sure loves his sister a lot but knowing how they lost their parents together i'm glad akira is being nice to him again.

    I think in the end michi just needed a demonstration to understand what the problem is now the questions is how to repeat that and master it

    I quite understand natsu because i'm also the type that is comfortable being a lone or with minimum social interaction ( or keep the social interactions to the necessory ones, in natsu's case the club hours for example) so having a detailed report about what happened when natsu wasn't there is quite unnecessary to someone like natsu (or like me) since nothing important happened I guess a quick summary of some highlights would be tolerated but re-counting the whole thing is a bit burdensome and i guess he can't just tell atsumu this since he is quite fragile mentally and also natsu have already experience being shut down by other people nand now that things improved a bit i doubt he would want to go back to that time but then again controlling his facial expressions is quite a challenge too since a boring story is boring, but i also understand atsumu since he had no friends before and his understanding of social cues is quite non- exsistant so we come back to the problem of the playing itself which at this point i think atsumu thinks by abandoning it, it will be like abandoning his grandpa's teaching , but then again if they switched to a koto with thin strings and he kept on playing with power then they will go back to the problem of sakura sakura of day 1 , this will be quite difficult to resolve but i'm glad at least he wanted to know what the problem is , it will be hard to predict how this will develop in the next chapter and i think a lot of people noticed the problem coming from atsumu (akira for example) but i guess they also noticed his fragility so they didn't say a thing or said something in an indirect way so maybe this is a good opportunity for him to grown up a bit


    1. Yup, emmahoshi. And since Keichi is kind of a 'genius', surely, he can easily catch up ^^

      Indeed...some more practice and he can do it.

      Yes and in a way, their personalities are in contrast. Something like a cat - somewhat aloof and a dog - eager to please?

      Yup, it's good that he is willing to know what the problem is. Perhaps, from Michi's situation earlier, he knows that whatever Natsu says isn't an 'attack' against the person/him but on the issue.

      Indeed. Let's see how it goes. Ah, it makes me wonder if this issue will also somewhat partly help them regarding the issue earlier as to what they want to convey with this piece to the audience. Hehe, since it is implied that it is a difficult problem and time is ticking...

  2. Thanks again for the good work, Kat, really appreciate it.

    Things seem to be going well enough for them, judging just for the summary. Interesting enough, the timbre in music is like a digital print so I'm guessing that's why Suzuka didn't say anything, instead put them all to figure things out while not losing their own music/style?
    Yea, I mean, if it's a disaster already than I agree, axe the thing and move on, but I don't know. There's also the public reception, right? I still don't think I'd rush my story for any reason outside the publisher decided to end it sooner, tho.
    Uhm, I don't know if that's a theory tho. Over here, that's exactly what's happening, borrowing a lot of money, using all 'public money' for private things and getting rich over the disgrace and misery of the people. That's not a theory as we've already seen, since march, how much they spent on unusable respiratory equipment instead of infrastructure that'd actually help to save lives.
    It's actually two months, but it took a bit more than one to get the results, so it ends up being only one. If the results were fast, then it'd be properly two.

    And there's a lot of lining ups, I was about to say almost but in truth, everywhere I saw had it. All places, stores, supermarkets, drugstores, banks, doctors and so on. The only place I haven't seen doing a line up is actual big hospitals.
    It's not supposed to be long at all. Even with everything going on, some packages arrived only after a week of confirming. I guess I was bamboozled, as they say.

    1. Thanks for reading, Fê ^-^

      Possible. Since I'm not in depth with music, is it really problematic if one of the group has a different timbre than the others? It is a sound quality, right? Not something that can be taught, am I right?

      - - -

      I see. I'm just thinking that there are authors who would do that...after all, there are writers who'll just drop the whole thing without an ending.

      - -

      Ah, I see. So, it takes a longer time to process now because of the situation or it's the same as before?

      Ah, is that so. Here, I'm not sure if there's a line for big hospitals but they are publishing notices that they are currently full and won't be accepting Ncov patients anymore so go elsewhere.

      - - -

      Ah, too bad.

      - - -

      So, for some 'amusing' news here, a reported got arrested for not wearing a mask because he took it off to drink water. Then, being sarcastic, some people post a video of a police officer wetting himself for trying to drink water with his cloth mask on.

      These days, it seems that they are going to copy China in 'hunting' for ncov patients with mild symptoms and asymptomatic from their houses and drag them to quarantine facilities. So, how will they know? The joke is they'll depend on the place's gossip monger since they aren't into mass testing.

      Things aren't looking good lately... Hehe, I want to be hopeful but then, with this government, it won't improve rather...it might get worse.

    2. Not really problematic because like I said, it's like your digital print, you alone have it. The issue I see rising here is that he might be out of tune - too loud, too low or plucking the strings in the 'wrong' way - with the others and needs to adjust. It's you're by yourself, there's not really a wrong way to pluck nor a too loud/low, but on an assemble, there is and you need to fit there.

      If that's the case, it can be taught and while it might take a bit of time - you need to let go your habits and that's the hardest part - anyone can do it in a fairly easy manner.
      Yea, and outside the possibilities we talked, as health or axed, I don't know what to really think about that. I mean, you just had enough of your own work and decides to simply stop/rush because you're bored?

      It's too much for me to consider, as an amateur writer, teacher and lover of such art, haha.
      No, I wish it was like that, but it isn't. Even when everything was 'fine', it'd take too long, in some instances I had to wait even longer than this time around. Public services here is very bad, and that's one of the biggest understatement I might have ever used.

      Big hospitals are sending people away? Really? Are they private or public? The only ones doing that over here are, you guessed, public.
      That's crazy, but the whole world just decided to go full batshit, no reservations. Everywhere it's like that, no common sense, no good sense, no sense at all, just pure insanity.

      See, that's what I said, how in the world one knows a person is asymptomatic? It's not even insanity or stupidity anymore, is criminal.

    3. Ah, something like 'not blending with the group' but it is okay if it is a solo performance.

      Thanks for the explanation.

      - - -

      Perhaps, got lazy on how to pull through everything? I notice that in some manga I've read that has really very beautiful and detailed art, those tend to get dropped or have a rush ending.

      - -

      Both private and public. Actually, more on private.

      - -

      Yup. Right now, there are new issues and it's really depressing = feeling frustrated because everyone is helpless against those in power. The TV station I'm telling you about was finally shut down. Lots of people are now jobless. Now, they are trying to 'legally' take over it. There are rumors that the Chinese wants it...aside from an influential religious group/cult.

      The anti-terrorism bill is now a law so if you criticize the govt = you can be charged for being a terrorist = jail without a warrant, hold your assets, etc. They are saying no need to worry, we won't abuse it but based on their track record, you're stupid if you actually believe that.

      Now, there is a new 'scandal'. Unlike in your place, here, they aren't into releasing prisoners so there are news of many had the virus in jail. Now, it was found out that some high profile criminals have suddenly died of the virus, and cremated without an autopsy immediately. Of course, people believe that they do a lil switcheroo and the real criminal is now somewhere out there.

      Someone even pulled out an article wherein if you want to be 'declared dead', there is an underground business here in our country for that. It might be because of insurance, being a criminal to have a new start or want to live with the second family. They'll make your death certificate, autopsy, witness report and even fake a funeral...of course, with a body.

      It isn't easy to protest because of the pandemic and the new law. So, they are using this health issue to get away with a lots of things. Oh ya, they are now talking about changing the constitution...probably wanting to extend their terms...though they say that it is for the economy.

      Interestingly, if you look at Twitter to see what's trending, it is mostly Kpop. So, it's a lost cause? We are doomed and drowning in debt? 😔

    4. Yea, something like that, going with just what I got from the summary. No problem ^^
      Really? Could you name one? I myself don't really remember such specifics, but have seen a lot of rushed/axed and maybe dropped mangas. Especially recently.
      For real? That sure is 'strange' to say the least.
      Wow, that's really, really depressing. Really sorry and sad to hear. Is there a way to get out of the country?

      And track record, there was a dictator there not too long ago, wasn't there?

      Here they release criminals, but incarcerate normal citizens, especially those that dare to speak the truth about the law system.

      Not too long ago there was mentions of these practice over here, too. Play dead was the name, irc. I say not too long ago, but I was a kid a the time, so it wasn't that recently.

      curious, how changing the constitution'd be for the sake of the economy?

      Yea, I noticed that. It's always trump stuff and kpop. What'd the deal with kpop, tho? Why is suddenly so popular world wise?

    5. One that I was summarizing, Kill the Rose. It is about a playboy forced to woo the newly crowned queen and they kind of team up with other women to throw down the three ministers who are currently in control of the kingdom. In the story, only one minister was dealt with and it ended with...it is 'we'll do the rest, let's go.' and it is up to the readers to know what happened. It is like he ran out of ideas on how to outwit the other villains or just gave up.

      As for the rush and suddenly new series, it is with a shoujo series. The older series was a harem and the ending was just elope and drop the career, the end. Actually, I'm wary of authors who do 2 or more series at the same time. 😅

      - - -

      Why strange?

      - - -

      Currently, nope. We are an archipelago so it is either by plane or ship. Because of the pandemic, a lot are currently not in operational if it is about transporting people. Right now, there are a lot of people staying in piers and airports in the capital as they want to go back to the provinces. They are waiting for the ships/plane...when there is a go signal.

      Yes. The current one idolizes that dictator and they are currently doing it as he did though a bit crudely = it's so obvious.

      What do they charge those normal citizens? Here, it is libel, cyberlibel, and a lot more if those people are protesting. I heard that they are usually using vague terms for the arrest and it is more on your part to prove your innocence.

      I see.

      It is more on allowing foreigners to own 100% of the company and such. Currently, it is around 30, I think...it's limited. Then, they can invest in transport, communication and power. Hm...actually there is already an investment in power/electricity that it sparked fears that if China wanted to pull the plug, they can do so. Basically, get more foreign investment in order to improve the economy. The fear of course is foreigners, especially China would do a 'take over' of almost everything. It doesn't help that the president would sometimes say that we are the province of China.

      Right now, it is believed that there is a certain crony is backed up by China. He is practically never heard among the super rich until the current president won. The guy paid for his campaign. He is buying a lot of companies left and right that you'll wonder where did he get the money. He plans to go into telecoms partnered with China telecom. It got hampered since it turns out that there is something wrong with his papers and they want to force the other telecoms to let them use their towers.

      Oh yes, the government is also a guarantor to his debts so if he goes down, we will pay for it.

      - - -

      Hm...lots of fans? I'm not sure if it is because of the pretty faces, music, dances, fashion or everything above? The culture is somewhat interesting though on how protective and supportive the fans are of their idols. Is it popular there?

      About Trump, is this about the rally wherein kpop fans bought/reserved tickets but didn't attend? Actually, I read about an issue wherein some Asian countries...well, China and Japan thinking that kpop and kdrama are influencing their people that they are kind of limiting them...at times, banning them.

      I guess there is a universal appeal to it like how kdrama are very popular worldwide. I haven't listen to kpop though I know some that are popular like Wonder girls' Nobody since the neighbors used to keep on playing it on repeat. Lol I listened to a bit BTS, though quite my type. Though, I've seen a bit of their MTVs and those look cool-flashy.

      - - -

      So, for today's wth did he say, the president just told the people that if they want to disinfect their masks, dip it in gasoline or diesel to kill the virus. Hopefully, no one actually believed that.

    6. Wow, for what you're saying, it does look like the author just said, aight, I'm done, haha. Was this other shojo the one with the monk? I don't want to consider skip beat, I mean, I don't think it has ended. I started reading sometime ago but I was SO annoyed by the forced drama and all the polygon love that I dropped, Namaiki really did a number on me. T_T

      Yea, I was reading freezing and another manga/manhwa by the same author, and he dropped both, or went on hiatus, then I recently saw an artist with the same style, checked and it was also the same author. I gave up, never reading anything else from him unless marked as properly finished, haha.
      Strange because normally the private ones have all the needed things, exactly because very few can pay for it, so when they turn away people sounds strange.
      Ooh, I see, that's a shame. Over here it was supposed to be closed, too, but some ministers went abroad to EU for their vacation... I didn't even try to figure how.

      I feared that, for what you were telling me about this administration I had that feeling. Over it's not THAT bad, but pretty bad, too. And the people are divided and under a spell, so to speak.

      They arrest for not using mask now, a while ago was for going out. There's also people being arrested for hate speech, despite not actually doing it so like their accusers. Such hypocrisy that I honestly haven't seen in all of my years.

      I see, so the help of economy lies in basically selling everything to foreigners/china? Almost like here, and there was also huge scandals like this 'benefactor' paying campaigns and whatnot, and we having to pay their debts.
      It has been pretty popular for about 10y, but now seems to be worldwide, just like you mentioned, every time you pop twitter, kpop is trending and I have never heard any of them, haha.

      Ah, no. I mean Trump is always trending because he feeds and is fed by this media, so it's a given.

      I had some friends that used to dance and would occasionally show me videos and music of their idols, me being a musician and all, but I don't remember any of them, tho there was this girl band with very cute girls in it singing capela like that I remember thinking it was good.
      Not even washing with bleach anymore, uh? Hopefully people just look at him and think to themselves how could they vote for such clown...

    7. Ah, nope. It is her series before the monk one. It is called Honey Hunt which is kind of like Snow White complete with stepmother who's jealous of her. Ah, yes, Skip Beat hasn't ended yet.

      Hehe, I'll do that, too. It is like a 'red flag'.

      - - -

      Ah, I see. I guess things are bad if the private hospitals are the ones that go full first. They were actually the first ones to announce. Like, don't bother bringing covid patients here, we are full, go elsewhere. Actually, we are currently averaging 1500+ virus confirmed every day.

      - -

      Wow...but then, don't they have to be quarantined when they go there? Since you asked how...does that mean, there should be no flights out of the country?

      Yup, that's right.

      Haha, indeed. Actually, about using the mask, there are some high profile/rich people including a police chief not wearing a mask...and having parties of more than 10 which is forbidden yet they were never punished for it. Even the president is covering for that police chief = cannot fire/punish him.

      Yup. Ah, indeed the same.

      - - -

      Haha, is that so. I only know some by name especially BTS, Momoland, Black Pink because they are in the news often. I heard of some others through their promotions and news about their concerts here on TV news and newspapers.

      Oh. Trump doesn't trend here. If it isn't Kpop, it is sometimes a popular Kdrama, Kcelebrities or local shows/series and local celebrities. Very minimal politics...so basically, entertainment based. Is that the same in your country?

      - - -

      Hehe. Right now, they are saying that he was joking. The opposition though are sarcastically telling the people who love him to do as he says and have a smoke while they are at it. Now, it makes me wonder if it is a distraction to say such things.

    8. I see, I see. I meant to read the monk, actually read a couple of chapters but I got scared to keep it up and get too invested like in Namaiki so I dropped early, lol.

      A very big red flag. Now I just found out he started another one and put hiatus on the previous. It's like he's joking and having the time of his life with them hiatus. It's not even to prevent burnout or any other sickness, he just stops one series, start another, rinse and repeat.
      And is that the peak or no clue? Here, thankfully, the cases are slowing and decreasing, but we're on winter in some parts so gotta be really careful, which most people aren't and don't care.
      There're should be no flights in or out, but he went anyways so I don't even want to know why nor how, I'm sure I'd be very, very mad, haha.

      Wow, even the police chief? And why can't he be fired? Over here there's been huge late night parties with loud music and the things we know happens in those parties; No one cares if it happens in poorer places. It is forbidden here, too.
      So k-pop is huge in the mainstream through out asia, then?

      No, I mean, entertainment is always trending but also politics, the fight between left and right is pretty huge over this side.

      Have a smoke, uh? I know most politicians are degenerates but they're not even trying to fake anymore. We've been seeing this over here, too. Not even trying to feign anything.

    9. Haha, is that so. I actually summarize the series but never saw the ending because the Chinese scanlators seems to have dropped it = no update for such a long time. I don't think the English group is still working on it.

      Hm...does he still have readers or he is really good at making an interesting premise just doesn't know how to end them. Hehe, maybe sell those to other media like anime or live action and they'll just properly end it. =P

      - - -

      We haven't reached the peak yet since it isn't decreasing. It is 2k per day for three days now. And, we are about to go to rainy season which is also dengue season here. Yup.

      - - -

      Hm...maybe go across border where there is a flight or private jet?

      The president is protecting his men especially if police or military no matter what illegal deed they do. Actually, there are those who even get promoted. It is presumed that he needs them to protect him and allies from people who are getting angry. Well, for the military, it is to stop them from holding a coup. Lots of money are exchanging hands.

      Ah, is that so. Here, if it happens in the poor area, there will be arrests. One time there was a club bar for the rich that was caught. They got bailed out the next day. Then, a certain notorious Hilter-lover pro-admin lawyer posted on Twitter partying with more than 10 people...nothing happened to them. Power/connections and money can do 'miracles' here if one gets into trouble.

      - - -

      Yes. Actually, even Kdrama. Some actors hold fan meetings here and the fans can fill up a huge stadium. Apparently, the language barrier is no issue at all...well, for Kpop.

      Ah...here, it is more on the pro-admin and critics. Like now, the previous pro-admin are now the critics of the current one. And, the cycle continues because after throwing out the dictator and the successor manages to make her 'heir' win. The ones who win next are the opposite of the current one.

      After the 'heir' [military/cunning] wins, the next one is the opposite [actor/stupid/popular with the poor.] After he got booted out due to the cunning of the vice, vice becomes president. She is cunning from rich, father is a former president. And, she's really corrupt, bribe congress so that she won't be impeached and the one who started to sell the country to China. After her, her opposite won. Looks kind of stupid but has an impression of being honest, improve economy, etc but lacks mass appeal, insensitive and can be slow in action in some areas. So now, the current one has great mass appeal, suppose to be 'I can do everything or I'll resign in 3 months.', discipline, stop drugs by killing them all, etc. A lot of people bought that and here we are now.

      That's right. They no longer hide it. They are even 'proud' of it...and unfortunately, get away with it.

    10. Oh, I thought the monk hasn't ended yet, I saw some of your summaries, too, used to have a peak every now and then to see if it'd be worth to read it, but never had the courage to do so, haha. And now that you mentioned, I haven't seen an update on it for a very long time in any language. Sometimes the english groups abandon the project, but others continue, mostly spanish and portuguese groups. I'm actually reading a shoujo/josei -esque series in spanish for this exact reason.

      I saw few commentaries on the last chapter of this new series and the people were afraid that he'd go to another hiatus, so he def has a lot of readers yet. While I can't say that for all his works, it is true for at least a couple of them. Freezing and Mayans were good at first, so-so in the mid, and the latest chapters were getting interesting as it seemed they were nearing the end. But he does have a degenerate tendency of too much ecchi/lewd scenes and some goes to a very niche aspect of hentai, so seeing how I was put off in this two series and heard he did that in the others, I didn't even try to see if they were any good.
      Oh boy, may God help us all.
      I don't think he has a private jet/plane capable of going to other continents, I sure hope he or anyone else's can't afford it like that.

      Oh, I see, that's the reason, then. Covering for his goons.

      Ah, it def happens here, too. I mentioned as in the actual slums or not important parts of the city. But if anyone dares to go to a famous beach, and they're poor, they're locked up, no questions asked. If they're rich/famous, they just pay the bail and act like nothing ever happened.
      Wow, didn't know it was such a big thing there. But I'm guessing it'd be here, too, with the exception that it isn't show in the mainstream media.

      I see. I can definitely say it happens over here too, but it is very polarized between left and right wings, tho like I've always said, they are both the same, two wings of only one bird, so to speak. They might say different things and even appeal to different people, but they actually take the exact same actions, regardless of the political parties.

      Biggest example of this is the current president, who was so vocal against china and how the previous admn were all selling off the country to them, and now he's not only doing the same, but he's even deepening their connections and you'd think that the one who actually gives order here is the chinese ambassador. I regret so much to have went against my own instincts that I feel really embarrassed.

    11. I see. Hehe, it's good to know different languages ^^

      Ah...well, there are some habits that authors cannot let go of.




      Maybe go to some other nearby country then ride a plane from there. Ah, are there any other nearby countries there that doesn't have a high number of cases?

      Speaking of that, here, leisure trips are suppose to be prohibited yet some rich people including celebrities manage to do it and even post it on their social media. Flaunting or stupid or both? And, they get angry if they are called out for it. As mentioned, they don't get punished for it.


      - - -

      Haha, kind of like our political parties...claiming to be different, appeal to certain groups of people but they're more or less the same. Well, let's say varying degrees like choose between 'evil' vs 'lesser evil'.

      I see. It was like that here, too though the new ambassador isn't as obvious as the previous one wherein he was pretty much in all the meetings and important occasions of the president.

      The president just had his yearly SONA. Begging China for the vaccine once it is out = solution for the pandemic and admitted that he is incompetent against China taking over our territories. His 'fans' are praising him for being 'honest'. Now, he plans to take over some telecoms to favor his favorite crony's telecom, the one with China.

      So today, the stocks of those telecoms went down and the crony's went up. It always happens with the companies whom the president threatens. Some people are asking, isn't that economic sabotage? Other companies were forced to sell at a low price. Others made a deal with the cronies to sell part of their shares. Basically, it is what he admitted = he is making his friends rich. Haha, is it good that at least he declares it out in the open?

    12. Around here, I guess only Uruguay, all others are in the same condition and were even more locked.

      Both, but they also don't care. It almost amuses me that they get angry, but seeing how they ARE stupid...
      Instead of lesser evil, I'd say the one that stinks less due to camouflage? haha

      That man is a clown, but I can't say anything because the representatives people choose over here isn't any better, just a tiny bit different, due to camouflage again. He might not bother to hide but it doesn't make any less repulsive and wrong. As far as economic sabotage goes, I don't know the laws over there, but I don't think it'd be considered a crime here, despite not being "ethical".

    13. I see.

      True. They even declare death threats to those who exposed them.

      Haha, true.

      Indeed. Hehe, even if they can sue, it won't prosper since he and his allies hold pretty much everything. Like, in the constitution, we can demand to know the president's state of health...actually, s/he is compelled to reveal it to the public.

      We have that clause because the dictator before hid the fact that he was very sick. It is a popular rumor that a few years before the fall, it was his wife and allies who are ruling the country.

      Now, the current president looks very sick that his face is already colored grayish black. It is assumed that he is drugged when he talks nonsense during speeches. The thought processes isn't continuous. And, he is a night person so he starts the day in the afternoon. There are times when he goes missing. Most of his speeches lately are taped and well, edited.

      So, after filing it at the Supreme court, they sided with the government that people cannot compel the president to reveal his state of health. Tiktok spokesman even declare that he is 88% healthy. When asked for proof, well, just believe it, they say.

    14. That's a good clause, as someone who's not only public but has the ultimate public position - at least it should be due to it's importance - the president should always be upfront with their condition.

      Funny you mention this because over here we had some similar case, the 'supreme' court demanded his exam/test result a while ago to see if he was infected. After saying no, he complied and it tested negative. Then, a month later he came up with another test saying it was positive, a week later it was negative due to his treatment, which all the media is against for some reason. The case being that this 'supreme' court demanded, and they are the most stupid thing this country has, and the most dictatorial too.

      I laugh when you say tiktok spokesman, haha.

    15. Oh, I thought he did it voluntary. I heard he was positive twice before becoming negative. Then, something about bitten by an emu bird. Here, so far, except for the president, they would announce if they are positive. What irks people is the number of times they are having themselves tested including the people in their houses. Whereas, they keep telling the people that they won't do mass testing = speculated that there are limited test kits.

      Speaking of that, I got new stories of the weird. Remember the president's tip of disinfecting mask with gasoline and tiktok spokesman says that it is a joke. Well, the joke is on him because this Monday, the president said that he isn't joking. For real, gasoline can be used to disinfect the mask if you don't have alcohol.

      Then, chemists and other experts are warning people to please do not do that. Jokers are sarcastically saying, what do they know, they are just chemists, we should listen to the president. After all, the people didn't vote for them. Hehe. Others are saying, how about leading by example.

      And, during his speech, he is playing with this auto alcohol dispenser. He puts his hands on it and wipe his hands together. Then, he takes the dispenser and puts it in his mouth. Hehe He just got his mouth disinfected.

      So, we have the highest active number of cases in ASEAN. On Sunday, we are no longer number 1. Why? We suddenly have a huge amount of recoveries. How did that happen? They reclassified all the asymptomatic and mild cases = recovered. And, claims that those who have that are technically cured after 2 weeks, no need for re-test. They say that is how it is for the rest of the world. Is it like that there?

      Haha, see, it's never boring here. There is always something bizarre to talk about every week to keep us distracted...and as they say, just bear with it until Dec, there will be a vaccine from China and the poor will get it first. Skeptics would say, what year in Dec, and are we guinea pigs?

    16. No, it was only once. Are they testing themselves multiple times?

      I'm saying, this man is a clown. I can't even picture the man putting that stuff in his mouth, is he actually an alcoholic or something? That's pure insanity.

      No, as far as it is divulged, sick people get tested after recovering and then put in the statistics, but there isn't really a way to be be sure. Again, there were people who died at a traffic accident, but were put into c19 deaths.

      Yea, I ain't taking no vaccine, sorry. I've been reading far too much and these new stuff they're doing creeps the hell out of me, I ain't doing it, from china or w/e, not putting into myself. Here, the pres says they partnered up with oxford/gates for one, the 'funny' part is that they won't be taking themselves first, why's that?

    17. Yes. Like when the president went to his home province. His staff and household help got tested 5x in order to be sure that they don't have it. The senate president also got himself tested like 3x when covid is still new. According to protocol at that time, you can only be tested if you have symptoms. Almost all the senators availed it.

      Nope. Most likely sick, drugged and perhaps, loose screws?

      Ah, I see. It is the opposite here. People who died of covid but not tested for it, they'll say it is pneumonia.

      Haha, is that so.

      Well, it hasn't been a week yet and new things are going on here. This weekend, the health workers are already 'crying' over overworked etc that they want a time out so please, go on a lockdown. As I told you, hospitals are becoming full...rather the allotted space for covid are full that some are already in tents in the hospital's parking lot.

      A lot of dead in coming from other hospitals. Apparently, the other hospital has a long line of processing the dead so the relatives move the dead to another hospital hoping that the processing is faster. Hospital staff are getting sick. Apparently, PPE are limited that they are told not to remove it during their shift if possible. So, they don't eat and go to the toilet...according to the stories.

      And, what's worse is they is no hazard pay and the covid tests will have to come out from their own wallets. Apparently, there are those who resigned. Now, the president is irked that they are complaining. He agreed to a one degree stricter lockdown but still no plan except wait for the vaccine.

      He rants about the health workers wanting a revolution since they are demeaning the govt for criticizing it. If we get the vaccine, go to the police station for it. Hehe, because the police will handle the vaccination. Start comparing the soldiers and doctors because the former just do what they are told without complaints. Oh ya, these days, there are new cases from 3k to 5k now so we have reached 100k cases.

      Now, there are people getting angry at the health workers for complaining. One female senator who belongs to the richest family in the country told them to work better. It irked the health workers. This woman tend to get into trouble with whatever she says. Before she belittles nurses...no need for a degree, they are just room nurse [like babysitter] who take care of the sick. Why spend a lot of money on research regarding agriculture...just buy seeds, fertilizer, etc. Guess what's their infamous 'help' to the poor during this time? It is a couple of boiled bananas and 3 hard boiled egg for the poor with their family members' name on it.

      So, we are back to no public transpo and only limited business are open. Recreational stuff are closed again. Amusingly, they are planning to open gyms and computer shops just this Saturday. A lot of people are pessimistic because the police and military are out again for the lockdown but not really a plan to stop the spread of the virus like mass testing and contact tracing among others. The money borrowed is missing and they have no money to aid the poor.

      Things might become a bit messy...not sure or perhaps the president is getting paranoid that he is talking about revolution when no one is openly declaring it...okay, there are those who want him to resign already. Well, the bare minimum is for the health secretary to resign but as he said, it isn't their fault, it is covid's fault that we are in this mess.

      Haha, am I repeating myself? Anyway, that's what is happening over this side of the world.

    18. I understand and accept people being tested before a public event, but what you said was only private matters. I still understand being tested once for that, but 5x? That's absurd. This senate was tested just for fun?

      Sick, drugged and crazy, then? I think being alcoholic'd be less bad? T___T'
      There's that here, too. But we can't be sure, it's said that deaths due to severe respiratory issues spiked a bit, but most wasn't 'credited' to c19. We simply can't be sure, because heart diseases/failure also increased considerably but who's to say it wasn't because of respiratory complications? They never explain.
      Things are really, really chaotic there, uh? It breaks my heart to see/hear such things and even worse, the people who were supposed to help doing everything in their power to worsen the situation. That woman should be fired, I mean, shouldn't even be there in the first place. The president... sighs... I guess I'll resign myself instead, I have no more words to this clown.

      And why in this blue greenish world would anyone go only once to the gym? What is that going to accomplish? Man, I got angry! I hope these people repent and find their to Jesus, otherwise their place is very much secured somewhere I bet they won't like.

      This world is done for, I fear. I don't see a point of return anymore, sadly.

    19. Yup...hehe, for them to be sure that they are covid free. They test 3-5x. Tiktok spokesman admitted yesterday that he is tested every two weeks and rapid antibodies test every time he sees the president. Hehe, let's just say they are paranoid?

      Yup. According to some observers, in the last speech = purpose is to know if we are going to be in a stricter lockdown, the health secretary asks him if it is approved. He keeps on rambling about other things. The secretary has to ask the second time before he nodded and start ranting about other things.

      You know, it is only this president wherein he has a 'speech' to tell the people, and it is in a meeting-style. Like, they are talking and suggesting what should be done...kind of like acting or having a live cabinet meeting instead of just telling the people what they have decided.

      It is also always an edited version which means that a lot of stuff are cut off. Probably lots of rambling and ranting nonsense. And, they always show it in the middle of the night. Like, this recent announcement of approving the stricter lockdown...it is announced at midnight. The original starting date was suppose to be Monday. I guess they realized that a lot of people are sleeping and they cannot just surprise the people the next day. So, they moved it to Tuesday.

      Of course, there are a lot of panic buying again even if they assure people that there is plenty of supply. Those who have to cross the border have to do it on one day before the checkpoints are up again. Traffic is bad that day.

      - - -

      I see. I guess it will remain a mystery.

      - - -

      Yup. To add to that, it was just learned that a lot of money in the billions were stolen by the government health insurance company's officials. It is a huge kickback like something that costs 100k laptop or program, they charged/asked for a budget of 20+ million each. And, it is estimated that the company has no more money by next year. Well, with this government, since the head is an ally, it is unlikely we get the money back and no one gets punished.

      Ya...do you think it is a strategy to tire people out so that they would just give up with all the issues that are coming out? For another amusing news, yesterday, in some subdivision, two ostrichs have escaped from some lot. People who were there are really weird out by it. They say that it is like jumanji....seeing wild animals in the city. Then, today, there is a pig roaming in highway. And a cow running around the street in another city.

      Anyway, about the ostrich, it isn't really surprising to me since I heard that the rich tend to have wild animals in their houses like peacocks, and other exotic animals etc.

    20. I wouldn't say paranoid, seems like they're onto something but not telling any outsiders, especially in this case with the clown.

      So he just likes to run his mouth in these collectives, right? Was he this messed when he was elected or he's mask was good at first?

      I can't fault people for the buying like that anymore, after everything that's happening and such a mess of admin, if I could buy stuff, I would, too. So they moved to Tuesday morning or leave at late night, still? Sorry, I got a bit confused, now.
      There're some investigations over here regarding those over the top budget and money laundering involving big names, old and new, but I doubt anyone'd get caught, too.
      Wow, that's some crazy wildness! But yea, I think these high ups officials def know some bad stuff, like selling off the country, and are doing everything possible to tire people and get them used to the craze that's going on, while filling their pockets with everything they can. That's the only logical explanation I can arrive seeing so much incapacity and lunacy from these supposed leaders.

      Can you think of something else?

    21. Like what? The covid is really bad than what they are saying?

      He was 'tough talking guy' during the election. Paid a lot of people to exaggerate the bad parts of the previous admin and exaggerate the stuff that he did in his city like no more drug addicts, criminal-free, etc.

      By the way, the people here have a thing for leaders who can 'save everyone from crime, poverty, etc' like a messiah instead of helping themselves. Since people can be gullible, I guess they believe it when he said that the whole country will be drug free in 3-6 months or he'll resign, get rid of corruption, go and jetski to plant a flag on the islands taken by China, etc.

      He did portray himself being like the 'poor' with pictures of him eating at a small eatery with simple food of rice and dried fish, sleeping in a mosquito net, wearing slippers, ordinary clothes, etc. It was quite effective that a kid even donated her savings to help his campaign.

      It isn't exactly a mask because he curses, demean women, and did say what he mean in some things like kill a lot of people. As I said before, people like that since he is honest and not 'acting nice'. Now, I guess because of being sick + drugs, he is more messed up.

      They moved it to Tuesday midnight..August 8 midnight. Announcement is Monday midnight. So, it is just 24 hours wherein you have to do whatever you have to do before everything locks down again.

      - - -

      Well, there were also stuff like that before. Who goes to jail? The whistleblower. They find some other stuff that they can jail him with. If not, the small fry. Like there was this senator who stupidly deposited the stolen money to his account. The money is suppose to be used for some government projects. He claimed that he doesn't know why the money is there...he's underling took the fall.

      The court say, give back the money. He never did. And, during this last election, he won again. Why? To those who were interviewed, well, the women, they squealed, because he is handsome. Haha. And, what is his election ad? He is dancing a popular dance craze, that's it.

      - - -

      Haha, true.

      Think of something else...regarding what?