May 6, 2020

Kore wa ai de koi janai [Chapter 8]

Behind the other carriage, Yusei tensely sees Kou leaning close to Ren. Flustered, he looks away and wonders out loud what’s up with that person [/not sure if it is Ren or Kou]...

At the other carriage, Kou tells Ren not to move. Holding out his finger, he happily says, “Okay, I already got it! I’ve took out the fallen eyelash.” Ren thanks him and says that no wonder her eye was hurting a while ago. She is surprised when Kou holds her shoulder that she asks, “...Kou?”
Kou says that just now, he is very happy that she helped him out like that in front of her brother. “...I feel that... *blushing* if I have a dynamic romance with Manami, it is good if the other party is Manami...”

Blushing Ren says huh...!!? “What...what are you saying, junior high brat. *waving arms around* I already have someone I like...” Kou nervously tells her that she is also a junior high student. “Don’t recklessly move around. It’s very dangerous--”
He loses his balance and accidentally kisses Ren’s forehead. Backing away, Kou blushes and quickly apologizes. Ren is stunned. She thinks that her forehead has been kissed and it is her first!!

“But, it isn’t from the person I like... shouldn’t be like this. *gets off the Ferris Wheel with Kou* No... *holds face* It is just an accident!! It’s not counted. Not counted...”

She is surprised when someone suddenly grabs her wrist. It is Yusei who says that they’re going home. He drags her away as Ren can only say, eh!? “Wai...wait up!”
Watching that, Kou says ah, is that for real, dragged [her] away like that... Pointing at them, Kou asks Manami, “ that really okay?” Manami darkly asks how can it possibly be okay. Kou nervously agrees with her.

Crumpling the amusement park’s map, Manami mutters, “ is obviously mine...---” At the apartment’s hallway, while walking behind Yusei, Ren thinks that it feels that he is really angry again. Yusei asks if she likes that guy.
Ren asks if the guy he is referring to Kou. “I’ve already said that he’s a friend.” Yusei says, “Then, would you kiss a friend?” Taken aback, Ren asks if he saw it.

Yusei says ya, so earlier, she was telling him not to judge someone based on one’s appearance. “This is what one had personally seen with one’s own eyes. No matter who, anyone can do that kind of thing, right? Whether it is him or even you, I hate that kind of frivolous people [like you], the most.”
He is surprised to see tears forming on Ren’s eyes. Yusei nervously says, “Ha...wha...what is it again...” Ren says, “...because I myself was also startled by it. *wipes tears* Because it is only touching of the lips...

...Even if I’m really sorry for imouto [‘s body]... You also... there’s no need to say it that way... (This is really bad... I obviously don’t want to cry at all. But I absolutely do not want to be seen as that kind of very frivolous person by Hidaka...)”

Somewhat flustered Hidaka tensely says, “—Yaotome...” They were interrupted by someone asking, “What are you two doing here.” Ren turns to see a beautiful well-dressed woman.
Opening the door of the apartment, the woman asks if they aren’t going to school? “Ah- that’s right. It is summer vacation right now!” Looking at Yusei, Ren asks ah...that is... She wonders if she is Yusei’s mother...?

Yusei calls out to the woman, “How come you are here?” Ren is puzzled by Yusei’s response. The woman says, “How come I’m here? That’s really cold of you, Yusei. Saying that to your mother who rarely comes home.”
Ren thinks that her tone is a bit strange... Ren says, “That...that is right. Obviously, it isn’t easy for mama to come home. Then, welcome back. (I have to act like imouto-...) is definitely very busy, right?”

Opening the refrigerator, the mother asks, “Work? What are you talking about? Manami, you are already a junior high student. You should know it already, right. I’m living together with my boyfriend at a different apartment. It is because of a quarrel that I’m in a bad mood so I came here.”
Ren is surprised. “Eh..!? So, what Hidaka said before...” She recalled Yusei telling her that their mother doesn’t come home much because of work. The mother notices the popcorn tumbler around Ren’s neck. She asks, “What is this, you guys already went to the amusement park?”

Puzzled Ren says, huh... Putting the cola can on the counter, the mother shouts, “You obviously just got into an accident recently. Yusei! What the heck are you doing? *points at Ren*...

...What if by any chance Manami’s body cannot handle it or she faints again!? Do you even think of how much more trouble it brings me, every time this happens since I’ve been called out? Didn’t I tell you to properly take care of Manami!”
Stunned Ren wonders what she is talking about. Yusei goes in front of Ren and says that there’s no need for her [the mother] to say that, he also knows that. Thinking that this kinds of attitude is strange, Ren shouts, “Auntie [/obasan]!!”

The mother is surprised that ‘Manami’ called her ‘auntie’. Ren continues, “Hidaka is doing it properly! Every day, instead of you, he cooks and makes bento for me. In the morning and after school dismissal, even if he complains, he still waits for me...

*points at the mother* He already went over the top in protecting and taking care of imouto...!! You don’t know anything. You basically don’t have any right to say that Hidaka didn’t do well...!!”
The mother tensely asks what, the two of them are... “...Hmph, forget it, forget it. I’ll go somewhere else. I’m--leaving.” And, she left. Sitting on the sofa, Yusei sighs and says, “You...keep on talking and talking that you forgot that you are Manami, right.”

Ren looks aghast. Holding her hands together, she apologizes. “So...sorry!! I’ve driven auntie away...!!” Slightly smiling Yusei says that she is really an idiot... Ren looks sad that Yusei tells her not to show that kind of expression. “I don’t need sympathy. Anyway, she’ll come back again very soon--”
Yusei is surprised when Ren suddenly hugs him. She exclaims, “Hidaka, you obviously did your best... yet you were still treated with that kind of attitude. No wonder your character had become so ill-mannered!!!”

Yusei protests, “Hey. Who are you saying to have an ill-mannered character?” Ren continues, “Even if you aren’t a bit frank and even if you’re very awful but you also have a very nice side... For imouto, you really did your best... I really know this part...!”

After looking surprised, Yusei’s expression soften. He holds her shoulder and says, “ short, you...--” Then, Yusei sees slightly blushing Ren’s real face. He holds her face and leans close to her. This made Ren blush and become nervous. She mutters, “...Hida...Hidaka...”
They were startled when her cellphone rings. Sitting down on the floor, Ren thinks that startled her to death. “What was that situation just now... what just happened!?”

Standing up, Yusei says, “I’m sorry... what I said on the way back is over the top. ...also, thank you...” Blushing Ren says ah, ya. Looking at her cellphone, she says ah, it’s Kou who just called now. This made Yusei angry.

Yusei grabs her phone and says, “Give that to me. I have something to tell him.” Ren shouts, ah, what is he doing to say. Yusei says how can he consider it nothing when she was forcefully kissed without any reason.
Ren protests that it was an accident. “It is his lips on my forehead. It is simply a very, very light touch, that’s all. That isn’t considered as a forced kissed.” Surprised Yusei says ha, forehead?

Puzzled Ren says yes, didn’t he see it? Yusei is speechless because he thought that they kissed on the lips based on the two’s position. Ren asks, “So, where did you think I was kissed? Ah, you thought that I was kissed on the lips? So, you’re so angry?” He says that she’s so annoying-

Yusei grabs her arm and starts to viciously wipe her forehead with his other arm. Ren shouts ouch...ouch, ouch, ouch, that hurts. Holding her reddish forehead, Ren tells him to stop, what is he doing— Yusei scolds her not to let anyone easily kiss her, understand, stupid.
Ren is moved by that. She looks away and apologizes. “Sorry, for letting your important imouto’s forehead get stained by someone!! Even if it is like that, you also treated me quite rough!! I am a girl, okay. Can’t you be a bit nicer~ It is also okay to give me a ‘let me come and cover it up [with a]’ kiss~~”

Aghast Yusei says, “Ha? What kind of daydream are you having!? Is your brain really still being sweet and stupid?” Holding the doorknob to go inside, Ren says, “Ya, ya, everything is stupid. It’s sweet and stupid, right--”
Yusei suddenly grabs her shoulder. Ren turns around and asks, what is it... Yusei then kisses her on the forehead. Surprised and puzzled Ren blushes as she looks at Yusei.

Slightly blushing, Yusei says, “’re the one who said that you want that, right? So, don’t be embarrassed.” In shock, Ren thinks, “..wha ha~~!? Wait a minute...

*Yusei walks through the door. He nervously glances at her and slightly blushes.* Right now... *blushing and holds her forehead* he isn’t giving it... to imouto, right...!?”
Comment: That’s much ado about an accidental kiss + misunderstanding. But being the ‘other guy’, Kou did a good job in making Yusei jealous even if it isn’t deliberate.

For Kou, that kiss is bad luck because he was in the midst of confessing. Ah, wait, maybe it is good luck or else, he would have been rejected outright. One thing is for sure, Manami isn’t happy that her date got interrupted like that. It doesn’t help that she is losing her hold on her brother.

Yusei was really mean to jump into conclusion about Ren. She is becoming more confused with his negative reactions towards her because she assumes that she is ‘hurting’ Manami’s body. Haha, but then Yusei’s kiss would confuse her more.

Well, for now, because of what happened with the mother, their relationship had become somewhat closer. From the mother incident, we learn why Yusei had become overly protective of Manami.

The mother has passed on her duty to him and he’ll get a scolding if anything happens since she’ll be called out to deal with it. I guess because of Yusei’s overprotectiveness, Manami thought that it is the romantic kind.

Hm...with that kind of mother, I’m not too sure that she’ll change as the story goes. Like, she’ll suddenly be caring and everything. She doesn’t seem to care much since she doesn’t seem that concerned with Manami after the accident. Anyway, with the progress of the two’s relation, it is likely that Manami would want to do something to stop it. Scans by 正宮汉化组 

Quote of the day:
It's dreadful what little things lead people to misunderstand each other. ~ L.M. Montgomery, Emily's Quest


  1. I wonder where their father is.anyway the mother is no comment, Manami is like her in a way both don't care of other peopple or surround only the boyfriend.
    I like see Yusei getting jealous and i like the part when he hug back Ren(even if a little)
    After what Ren said to Yusei i wonder if her feeling are exposed now.
    Kou speak frank but he is also cute and smart he will understand something is off between Yusei,Ren and Manami

    1. Hm...good question. Since Yusei said that their mother is a single parent, I guess we can just assume the possibilities in that premise = dead, separated/divorced, etc.


      Hehe, cannot say actually...Yusei seems to be a bit dense. I'm not sure he is even aware that he is jealous.


  2. Maybe yusei is already inlove with ren prior to the accident but he isnt aware of it himself thats why he keeps seeing ren's true face. Like mother like daughter i guess.