May 10, 2020

Free Talk: Kono Oto Tomare 91

Hehe, for now, between the two, I guess there is only one person who is aware of her feelings. In the train, Satowa is very obvious but I guess it helps that Chika is totally clueless. She has gotten curious about his family background but then, I don’t think that will be tackled anytime soon.

The pressed flower is another big hint. Chika knows that it is special but then, he doesn’t know its real meaning. The mother knows. I’m thinking that is one reason why she mentioned about that story. Haha, I thought it is a piece for Meiryou because of the romantic backstory between the members and the mention of that story. Then, I realized who are Eidai’s members.

So, does it mean that when Reiji played that part of the piece again, he put in some feelings into it which made her realize many things... Was it a confession? Or, simply something about feelings conveyed in music?

Hm...I guess it’s good that somehow Chika didn’t notice much that Satowa is desperately avoiding being alone with him or else, that might be another misunderstanding.

About what Chiharu mentioned regarding the ‘space between words’, isn’t that somehow what they were already doing in their performance before? I guess this is a very abstract idea. Like, in listening classical music, for an ordinary listener, can one really ‘know’ what is being conveyed or is it like a subconscious thing like what happened during the prelims?

Somehow, in the end, I think they still have to think of a theme with ‘I’. What they feel as a whole about it and what they plan to convey to the audience/target listener. Rather than what each separately think what the piece’s theme and message. is this the answer to what ‘charm’ is which Suzuka said that they need?

As for the last part, can I say that is Satowa’s way of cheering Chika to do his best without revealing any of her romantic feelings? Something like ‘it is the same as before’ without Chika noticing that for her, it’s inner meaning is different from before. No longer a challenge but somehow, cheering and make him do his best.


  1. its nice of her to cheer him on and not showing her feelings but genuily cheering him on.

  2. thanks for summary,

    I actually liked the space between words analogy because there are times when music pauses then re-starts and it creates a dramatic effect and I never once before thought about the dramatic effect of the absence of sound (and rather focused on the moment the sound returned) and for someone like me who isn't much interested in music i understood the situation better when she talked about word spacing and how you basically think before you speak because you want a specific message to come across. I think for either party (chika satawo or hiro takezou) chances of development will be small before the national in august, specially if chika's family background will be made relevant (i would really like to know why his dad didn't like him and where his mom is in the picture)so I am ok with no fast development and it is really nice to see how the club grow in terms of cheering for each other , for I i think it is nice if each one for their solo had his own motives but yet to be able to fit it into an overall theme and that's why it seems to be quite difficult to achieve anyway 2 more months to go to nationals quite excited for the developments


  3. I see, so not only you're kinda forced to buy from them, you still need to go there and pay again? Reminds me of how the how the "mail system" works here. You end up paying about three times the product.
    I see a lot of landlords using that excuse everywhere. Seems to be an universal truth ^^'
    Here, some states finally admitted and passed the lockdown, but some others still are only in "quarantine", threatening to go full lock if the social distancing and self isolation aren't implemented more rigorously. Most states broke already and my own are about to, but the dictator, I mean, "governor", extended once more the period, threats the lockdown but takes no other action but to tell people to stay home. Meanwhile, there're more than 10 million that lost their jobs and ways to support themselves, small and big companies broke, prices for all products are sky rocketing and the govt "comfort" money ends next month.

    We're going to hell and break.
    At least this senator is acting the part, right? Only virtual conferences and stuff, we don't see people from doing anything that says we're in crisis. At all, the most is appearing with a mask and that's it.
    I see your point, the thing that made me really like the chapter was the "sound of silence". That was cool and really well put. Wandering how they'll manage from now on, the music part, as for the others, I don't expect much though I want to, lol. I just wouldn't say back to square one because now Sato has self aware and is aware of how Chika sees her; now we have to wait for him to get pass his own self-deprecating for his past mistakes/family issues to the point he's confident enough to face her as an equal partner, then we go to the romantic part.

    I think it'd be good if it went like that, it'd mean we still have a long way to the finish line, but I'm down for it ^^

    1. Hehe, not really forced but the government really favors everything China. It is very obvious. Not really pay again...let's just say with that expensive price, shipping/delivery isn't even included. Iirc, they sent military ships to pick the items up.

      - - -

      Haha, not really. There are ones that really just didn't know, I guess. My cousin had that predicament. They didn't check what's going in the townhouse. He was living in the other townhouse nearby. They were pretty much traumatized by the incident especially how the police harassed them, reports on TV, etc. You have to keep in mind that most police here are corrupt. Each evidence to be processed involves money. Hence, they decided to give up on the country and all migrate to Canada.

      - - -

      Those were the threats we got before. Some places did go on full lockdown for a couple of days. I'm not sure if those are effective though and if they did some tests at those places. Ah, the reason for that though is the high number of cases.

      I see. Here, comfort money is pretty much gone I guess that they are now approving 50% working operation for almost all businesses. I mean, even flower shops, perfume shops, toy stores, etc. But no public transpo. As I mentioned, they are now prepared for the consequences of opening because they got no more comfort money.

      The announcement is frustrating actually. At first, it was suppose to be Monday night. It is past 12 when the spokesman say that it will be on 8am. On 8am, it is just a cabinet meeting wherein the president is ranting about killing communist rebels and nothing about the status of the lockdown. Then, he says, the spokesman will talk about the lockdown later on. And, we waited for 12 noon to know what's the real story. Lol. It is only now they are saying which ones can open though we heard that some stores are starting to open now.

      - - -

      Yup. Mostly talk but really lacking in action. If it is the, talking nonsense like a drunkard.

      - - -


    2. I see. We have to basically pay again because the delivery + taxes, most of the times, cost the double of the product. If is an electronic, then it can be even more, sadly.
      Ah, sure, it happens, but if we'd put into numbers/percentage, it'd be really low, I think. I mean, if I were one, I wouldn't be trying to peek into anyone's life. Just have some outlines to be followed and that'd be it, but most... Well, there are really bad people out there. Fortunately there's still some good left, so that's that I guess.
      Here in my city is always a dumb matter to touch because they say this, do that, but never actually try to solve any real issue. There's a really famous drug city - yea, it's called cracolandia = crackland for an obvious reason - and nobody does a thing about it. Yet, they say the cases are going up so we gotta lock everything and everyone but not the drug users and much less the dealers.

      Public transpo is the way to go over here because they passed some stupid law stopping a lot of cars, so these people will be forced to take bus and metros now. Great way to stop crowding people, uh?

      Hopefully things go better over there with the reopening, but I gotta be honest, I don't think it will. There's this second wave coming up, maybe even a third. I fear for what's going to happen here, but there's really nothing I can do about anything. I do try talking to people as much as I can, but you know, I'm just a crazy sick old man to most, lol.

      Did it happen in this meantime or nah?
      That man should be put away, for real. That's really too crazy, but I guess in my state we also do have crazy blokes trying to bankrupt the biggest city in Latin/South America.

    3. Ah, I get it. Hehe, we weren't given a cost on that so perhaps, you are right, it would have probably doubled.

      - - -

      Ya. I guess the landowners have to be aware like strange smell and stuff. I recall drug labs has a distinct smell. It really doesn't help if like it is a house and lot-type and one doesn't live nearby. Do landlords really go and check their tenants especially if they are paid post dated checks for the whole year's rental?

      Sometimes, some landlords would be racist like if it is mainland Chinese, they'll decline. Though, it is hard to resist since they have the money to pay higher rent than the locals.

      - - -

      We also have some drug cases here. Some people are wondering where they are getting the drugs when everything is suppose to be under 'lockdown'. Oh speaking of that, a higher up policeman was caught having a birthday party which is against the rules of the lockdown = alcohol, no social distancing, it is a social gathering etc. The govt is calling for leniency = forgiveness but the people are saying unfair because if it is a common person, he'll be in jail/punished.

      Oh...and is there 'social distancing' in the public transpo? The ones on eased lockdown, the buses are one seat apart so half-full. I'm not sure how they will do it with trains. People are told to prepare 2-3 hours commute one way. For us in a tighter one, if you don't have transpo, don't go to work was the advice.

      We will know on Monday how things will go. It is always an experiment. You see before the total lockdown, they tried a tight checkpoint with neighboring province where a lot of workers are living for cheaper rental. It is just one day when people and govt saw a real chaos of so many people at a checkpoint. So, the next day, they immediately went for total lockdown that was announced late in the afternoon. So, a lot of people were stranded with little money. They would have opted to return to their provinces including students living in dorms, construction workers, etc.

      By the way, are there more cars there than public transpo? Here, they say that there are more cars since public transpo is really bad.

      Ah yes. The govt is already passing the duty to the private sector. They are telling companies to get ncov tests for their employees. Genius, right? And, if they are sick, the company has to pay for them because govt don't have anymore money. Actually, they do not want to delay the deadline of paying the taxes anymore. Where will you get the money after being closed for 2 months especially for small businesses? I think a lot of business might close. My nephew's nursery school closed down because of this.

      Did it happen in this meantime or nah? <- what do you mean here?

      Haha, I guess we ought to find some comfort that in many parts of the world, there are many of those. 😅

    4. I've seen landlords living nearby like actually neighbors while others only had the property and very rarely was even seen there. But I do think one should always check the background of the people you're renting/lending your land to. Imagine waking up to stuff like that? Or an even more violent/dangerous criminal like serial killers/terrorists was paying you to live there?
      Yea, that kind of stuff always happens, uh? Speaking of partying, I remember an early meme about it saying that since the virus is weak to alcohol and heat we all should drink booze at the beach under the sun and nobody'd be infected. ^^'

      No, I mean, they did made less bus and train run so it backfired because now they're all even more people in each one. I honestly don't know how they come up with such ideas, it really baffles me.

      Monday like, 05/18? I'm confused in our timezone differences, sorry, lol.

      Seems like bad decisions/ideas are universal, uh? Poor workers, did they manage to go back to their homes, at least?

      Yes, more cars for the exact same reason.

      Like I said, it does seem that all of the craziness, ideas and decisions were deliberate to get to this point of economic breaking, then making everyone depend on very, very small money comfort from the govt so the politicians seem like they did the right thing. Only the big companies won't shutdown over here, and obviously, they all have ties with said govt. politicians.

      It's insane, inhuman and downright criminal.

      I meant to say, due to my late reply, if what you said already happened.

    5. True. To minimize problems, one should do a bit of background check. About criminals, it's possible that they'll have 'front men' for that.

      - - - if there are people who believe that then there will be beach parties.

      Ah, I see. Here, we have a surge of bicycle sales. It is either that or walk. If not, don't go to work and starve at home.

      Depends. Some workers tried to walk. Lucky that they were televised so some donated so that they can go home or get a hitch from passing vehicles. Others who were not...they have to depend on local govt/donations for food on the site. Many want to go home already but couldn't because it is still not allowed.

      Oh, oh, I have a story. Remember in Kingdom wherein the rich and govt officials rode the boat first to leave the virus infested town and left the poor. Lol, that happened to us. Last Monday, the president left and went to his home province. According to their guidelines, that is a no-no because he should not leave the city = hotspot for the virus = still on lockdown and he is a senior citizen so he cannot leave.

      They even mentioned about testing the staff 5-7x. Because a lot of people are talking about that, he came back here again. So that is round trip via private jet funded by taxpayers because he is supposedly homesick. Nice, huh?

      And, they are also busy buying expensive military helicopters and having a fight with a major broadcast TV station = the govt forced them to close because they want them to sell to their favorite crony.

      And, there was a ruckus about mass testing. After being given lots of money for the fight against the virus and they even loan money, they say no mass testing program. Just depend on the private sector for it. People were furious especially about where did the money went so they are now changing their statement. 😅

      Want to see our govt spokesman's funny picture wherein strawberries are looking at him + him looking like walnut from plants and zombies? Can you take this guy seriously? ^^

      By the way, he was re-hired after quitting when he tried to become a senator. People joke that he is like a beaten wife going back to the husband because he had a feud with the president about quitting and the president didn't back him up. Now, he went back to the president...after dancing Tiktok. Believe it or not. ^^

      Ah yes. About big companies, that is one reason they say why malls are open now and no more tight lockdown even if the cases are still increasing.

    6. Uhm, bicycle is a good way out, so people are using it? I used to go to school/work myself, when there were showers that I could use.

      So the comfort money is over, already? Over here, it'll be in june, according to what they say.

      Oh, that's sad.
      Someone just lock that mofo away. He can't be a public figure. It really baffles me that I have to laugh otherwise I'd go insane, lol.

      After dancing tiktok... I can't, lol.

      So, are protests happening out there, too?

    7. Yes, if they can afford it and knows how to use it. From what was said in the news, the most ordinary one costs a week's salary of a minimum wage worker.

      Haha, they claim it is used up but from their reports of how much is given, a lot of money is missing. They are distracting us with other issues and stupidity so most likely, they'll get away with it.

      - -

      Hehe...if that's your reaction, he's effective ^^

      Yup. It has become a joke that if you dance tiktok, you might land a job in government.

      No protests since they'll be arrested. I mean, they even close down soup kitchens = mass gathering, they say. These days, any negative comment about the president in social media can get you a warrant-less arrest. But if you are part of the government, police and military, you can get away with it.

    8. Yea, I remember. Mine was pretty expensive but since I was an athlete back in the day and was my most used transport, it didn't feel that way to me. Tho a week's salary of minimum wage is like pretty good, considering how things cost here.

      Those really boil my blood. In the middle of this crazy, crazy times, people going insane and dying, these mofos still use it for personal profit... *Exhales*
      Yea, I've seen a lot of those tiktok doctors too, while saying they can't go home due to how busy and crowded the hospitals are, they find time to dance in a empty hospital for tiktok...

      Holy... It's bad already? You can't even say anything? Remember what I spoke about the new hitlers/stalins always emerging from/within crisis like this? I didn't want to be right.

    9. I see. I'm thinking that nowadays, after 2 months of no salary, then have to buy a bike that costs a week's salary...oh well, it is indeed needed or as the govt says, don't go to work.


      - -

      Haha...we dont' exactly have them doctors doing that. I recall that there were dept of health officials doing it. The comments guys even have time to do that in this crisis. So no more of that. And yes, a couple of ncov spokespeople including the one I told you about.

      I think it depends. The ones arrested seems to be a trial balloon = warning. Actually, things here are mostly a trial balloon on how much they can get away with it. If the people protests online really bad, they tend to backtrack. If not much noise, it is considered okay and they'll try to cross the next line.

    10. Yea, I just meant that even back in the day it was expensive, imagine now?
      Especially when you see all the news saying how understaffed and overburdened the system health are, having no time to go home to their families, you'd think they wouldn't have the time for that. Or to always appear giving interviews in empty hospitals...

      I see. I don't know how it is over here. Like I said before, I'm trying to stop checking everything, it was really making me angry.

      And the political mess here is crazy, alongside with the number of cases.

    11. Yup.

      - - -

      Indeed though in our case, there are no interviews in empty hospitals. Only govt health related officials are talking. Lol, it doesn't help that what the head is all sorts of nonsense. Earlier, he claims that we are in 2nd wave. After a lot of people refuted him, he backtracks and says, ya, it's still the first wave then he makes all sorts of excuses for it.

      - - -

      Hehe, I see. Here, we have to check or else, we'll be caught off guard over what's going on like sudden change of rules...currently, it is about the lockdown if it is lifted or not, store guidelines, etc. It is okay if it is only that but they say infuriating things along with the announcements.

      Haha, wasn't it already crazy before? Or, it is getting crazier by the day?

    12. This second wave is alarming, but gotta wait to see how it unfolds. Can't let the fear stop people to live their lives. Problem is, people aren't normally aware of anything. If the lockdown is lift, I bet no one'd ever even think of taking care not to get sick, and that's when the 2nd wave hit.

      Yea, I know. I just needed to step back from most source of info - that seems not capable of saying anything other than infuriating lines, too. Like the measures those clowns are taking against the disease, it's like, they purpose is to make even worse.

      Getting crazier by the day, I regret to say.

    13. Well, in our case, we are not in the second wave since we haven't flattened the curve. It isn't is increasing with a backlog of 6,000 tests. Anyway, they don't care anymore because the economy is dying, people need the money and govt isn't going to give any more money to the people but they are making a lot of money from overpriced test kits, PPE, loans, etc. Hehe, it helps when the president tells them to find money even if they steal it.

      And yes, from the looks of things, they are going to somewhat lift the lockdown but social/large gatherings among other things are still banned. People are calling it 'survival of the fittest' and as the president advises, 'just stay alive until there is a vaccine.'

      Remember the 'go back to province' program they initiated? Well, some provinces are so pissed that some of those people had ncov and they had zero cases before. The ones in charge broke the protocol of quarantine and test first before sending the people back.

      It is the opposite for some overseas workers. They are tested negative and quarantined for 1 month but they cannot go home because they still don't have a certificate. People jokes about how about buying a printer. Anyway, they started to pay attention to it when one of those workers committed suicide.

      Haha, I agree. They are limiting the time in going out so of course, during that time span, there will be more people in groceries, wet markets, etc. Now, they have to say, this place is allowed on this and that day. So, you better know what time and when you can go out with a pass or else, you'll be arrested. Ah, each family has 1-2 passes/id to go out to buy food, etc while the rest of the family are stuck at home.

      I see. If only we can laugh over this 'comedy of the crazies'.

    14. Every single time you tell me what that man says/does my mind goes: this one can't be called a president and he belongs to, at the very least, a mental institution. I know I'm not one to talk because my country has had some of the crappiest beings as "leaders" but still... T__T'

      It'd be a fine program if they had tested the people going back. I guess it was too much to ask/hope for, right? Same happened here, too.

      I see people freaking out due to this lockdown, my own brother is one that nearly went totally insane. Thankfully we could get his doc back to prescribe his meds agains, otherwise, I shudder even thinking about.

      For now, there's no passes/id over here, at least in my town/state, which is the biggest and has the most cases/deaths. And check this, they shut everything down when the cases and deaths were minimal, but now that the number of both are increasing, even reaching +1k for consecutive days, the gov and mayor say they'd carefully lift the lockdown in june...

      Isn't a jail/prison case?
      In other news, Life so Happy, the sequel to Love so Life, is being updated again. I had forlorn all hope, lol. It's pretty meh, btw, I thought they'd go straight to marriage, but we're seeing some unnecessary fake drama just to buy time...

      I might have turned into an even grumpier old man, it seems, haha.

    15. Hehe, actually, he was diagnosed with 'antisocial narcissistic personality disorder' for his marriage annulment. He didn't marry again though but has a mistress and lovers.

      Yup. It's good on paper but when it is time for application, everything is out the window.

      Hope your brother is doing well now. Here, we have reports of increase calls on the mental health hotline. Until now, most clinics are closed.

      Lol, that's what's happening here. In the past two days, there is a huge increase and they are lifting it in June...that's Monday already. They claim that those positive cases are from the backlog so don't worry. There was a ruckus since they are changing how they classify the data. So, good luck to those who'll go out.

      Hehe, ya.

      - - - the marriage might be for the ending of the sequel.

      Ah, it can't be helped especially with how things are going. Is your health a bit okay now? Did they extend your sick leave? Here, most things are extended due to the lockdown.

    16. Mistress and lovers? Plural? I can see that, but I don't know the difference, really, haha.
      Thanks, he's a bit better, but we can't overlook at all.
      Like I said, then the 2nd wave hit and everybody is scared, in awe and wondering how... They waited to get worse, to everything get worse, to take an even worse action. Really, it should baffle me, but I can't anymore.
      It might, I don't know. If not the actual ending, then something leading to it.

      No, I'll have to re-schedule and hope, again. Tho the last I still don't know how it went, I'd rather have the documents in order, just in case.
      Ah, have you seen the Shingeki anime announcement?

    17. Yup. Apparently, the guy is oozing with something that there are women are throwing themselves at him. Remember I told you about the married woman who acted like a fangirl and agreed to be kissed by him in front of the audience. Actually, during the campaign, there are many women whom he smooched and touched.

      - - - it is really increasing there?

      Here, it is increasing but they are saying that those are 'old cases'. Like, we had 500 cases in a day. They say, don't worry, those 400 are old cases from the backlog. The new ones are only 100.

      I see.


      Nope. Was it delayed? A lot of anime are delayed.

    18. If that happened anywhere else he'd be trialed and most likely prosecuted for - at the very least - molestation. Maybe they were paid to act like that?
      It what the numbers they release tell, not that I believe it, but just seeing that when they're saying that things are getting worse, the weather getting colder which is when people get more easily sick and the disease has it's most active period, they decide to "reopen" things... I said to a friend of mine here, too, every and any single thing done here instead of helping contain actually spread the virus and destroyed even more the country.

      Is there any probability of this being true?

      I haven't see it myself, just saw people talking about at tweeter - and if I spend 5min on it I get overly angry so I just talk the friends and post w/e I have to real quick and go well away from it, lol. Since you said you were only thinking about the anime now, I thought you might know something, apparently, it's the last/final season.

    19. I'm not sure. Perhaps, there are those who are paid though there are just people who idolizes him.

      - - -

      I see. Here, rainy season will start so dengue and other related illness to that will be coming soon. And, you are right about that last line. They are doing it here, too. Aside from the 'back to the province' program which ended up spreading the virus to the provinces that had zero cases, they limited the public transpo.

      So, a lot of people are stranded since they want to go to work. They send military trucks, flatbed trucks, police trucks to help out...and there is no such thing as social distancing which defeated the purpose of not allowing the public tranpo due to no social distancing measures.

      They even said, hey, we said you can work but we never promised that you'll have public transpo so just go walk, bike or ask your company to provide it for you. And, when the people crowded together in those trucks/waiting for a ride, they scold them about the virus is still out there, blah, blah.

      I think there is. I cannot say for sure but according to data experts, the data from the govt is wrong...something wrong with it that it cannot be used for decision-making. There is indeed a backlog. Actually, one time they say that there's no backlog but when they release the results, they say that that is still from the backlog. ^^;

      Anyway, that's not really the priority of the govt. They are now busy trying to permanently close down a TV station, push an anti-terror law which has vague stuff in it so that it can be used against critics like arrest you among other things, and they are trying to pass a law to allow them to increase the money they are allowed to 'pay/buy off' voters during election. Haha, yup, self-serving stuff.

      Ah, I see. The only thing that I recently seen in Twitter about it was a trend about Mikasa. I thought it is a spoiler so I didn't check it out. ^^;

  4. Hi gaby here from Ecuador
    Wow this comic ,the plot is always so beautiful I look forward to it every chapter and what you write so thank you so much for it (^-^) and I love your blog too ���� everyonebe safe too bye ������

    1. Thank you for reading and same to you, gaby, stay safe and take care ^^