January 28, 2020

KILL the ROSE [Chapter 8 - Remove the Mask]

[Notice: This chapter has mature content that might not be appropriate for very young readers.]

Some men are talking with Countess Contre.
“Have you heard about the situation in the Pariza region?”
“It was reported that that pirate Romeo has started to cause a ruckus again.”
“Taxes, diseases, [insect] pests, and there’s even a troublesome pirate.”
“Everyone in the business chamber of commerce also feel quite problematic about these.”

Countess Contre yawns and excuses herself since she’ll go for some wind. She walks to the side of the ship where no one is around. As she looks out the sea, Louis takes a glass of wine and approaches her. He calls out, “You’re very bored, right?” Countess Contre turns to him. They smile at each other.

While taking a drink, Louis says but the gossip from the newspapers are unexpectedly quite amazing in that long arrogant tirade... “Since I’ve come to a banquet, I might as well be drunk to my heart’s content. *throws the glass into the sea* and dance as much as I want. Right?”
Countess Contre asks who he is. Louis casually says that he is a drunk guest of this banquet. Countess Contre asks if he knows who she is. Louis says he doesn’t but then, is it okay if he doesn’t know.

Countess Contre laughs. “This banquet is hosted by Count Contre. But you don’t know who I am? Besides, you’ll even come and strike a conversation with me? Stop talking foolish things.”

Louis replies, “Then how come one would still particularly wear a mask? The advantage of a covered face is it lets one become open in facing one’s own feelings [/intention].
While Louis touches her face, Countess Contre asks, “Since it is like that, then please tell me frankly, why did you strike a conversation with me?” Louis says that in a party, a man’s goal is but one. “He hopes to have dance with a beautiful lady.”

Countess Contre hmphs and steps on Louis’ foot. She tells him that she doesn’t want to hear that kind of amusement for kids, rather, his real motive. “Do you want to get into my family clan? Interested in the merchandise of my chamber of commerce? Or, you want money? Say it. It’s possible that I can also help you in realizing it.”

Louis shrugs and says he understands. “Then, let me honestly make myself clear. I want to sleep with you.” This surprises her. She asks that he would unexpectedly say that kind of thing to a woman whom he met the first time. “Using that kind of words to invite [me]. You’re utterly vulgar.”
Louis apologizes. While loosening his collar, he says, “But...I hope that you’ll understand. *holds his neck* I feel nervous to progress the discussion in this kind of way.”

The countess looks at him. She looks away and says that he’s lying. She starts to walk away then she suddenly stops. Without turning, she throws something to Louis. Louis catches it and sees that it’s a key.

Countess Contre tells him to go to the innermost passenger cabin on the second floor after 15 minutes. “I’ll reciprocate accordingly, you spontaneous man.” Holding the key tight, Louis smiles.

Later on, Louis swings the key on his finger as he walks through the hallway. He is startled when Lennon appeared behind him and asks what he is planning to do. Louis says that it turns out that he followed him.
Feeling nauseous, Lennon says that he told him not to do anything immoral. “Everything is just troublesome, barf...” Louis says that he is still seasick. “Don’t cause any trouble. Even if right now, I look very indecent but I’m also currently fulfilling orders.” With that, Louis continues to walk.

Pointing up ahead to a door, Lennon tells him that there are a lot of soldiers there. “The smell of danger is emitting out from there.” Louis asks if he’ll protect him at the key moment. Lennon says that there is also no problem for him to kill everyone. Louis smiles and says so that’s how it is. “Then, it is okay like this.” Lennon is puzzled as Louis continues to walk away.

In the room, while Louis is undressing her, Countess Contre says that everyone would rush to go near her for her money and position. “You are the same, right?” Louis says no. “Whether it is your money or position-type of things, it doesn’t matter to me. I only want to get in bed with you.”
Fully naked Countess Contre holds his neck and says, “Even if you have seen this aging body, you will continue to say that kind of lie? A mask can be used to conceal the face but the body cannot be concealed. Isn’t it the same as your aunties who are of the same age?”

Louis asks what lie is she referring to. Holding her chest, he says that it is obviously beautiful. “This is the proof that that you have passed through a passionate era.”

She holds his head as he sinks his face into her bosom. “Your skill is unexpectedly quite good and you are also quite eloquent. *lying on top of Louis* It looks like you have lots of experience with women.” Louis says that if he were to say that this is his first time then that is clearly a lie.
He holds her arm and goes on top of her. “But, you are the first woman who made me this excited.” He licks her lower part and she groans in ecstasy. Countess Contre says that she really has taken a fancy on him...

Louis asks if it has been a long time since the count send her a greeting. Countess Contre scowls and tells him not to mention that man to her. While having sex, Louis says actually, he doesn’t know when he wholeheartedly wishes that he can fill her up. “Although at first, I originally want to learn your skill as a merchant. But your craving for love appears to...”

Countess Contre laughs and says, “I’m no longer a young girl. Easily falling in love will pay such a high price.” Louis says about that kind of thing...who can say for sure. “You no longer have anything to lose. Whether it is family clan, money or even love, do they really belong to you?”
This irks Countess Contre that she pulls the rope from the bed side lamp. A bell rings in the soldiers’ room. Some soldiers rush to the room. Countess Contre says that he got careless that he blurted out a stupid mistake. “Haven’t you heard about the rumor about me? I would kill all the men who had slept with me.”

Louis says but then...it is just a rumor, right. The countess says that it is all true. “You’ll be dead quite soon like a pitiful moth who got attracted to the flame of a kerosene light.”
Louis looks nervous. The soldiers are at the door when they were suddenly beheaded. Splat. Blood spills through the floor in the room from the door. Lennon opens the door and points his sword at the countess.

Looking at the nervous countess, Lennon says that she is really an unlucky woman. Lennon swings his sword but Louis uses his hand to block it. Louis smiles at Lennon. Then, Louis runs out of the room with Countess Contre.

Louis shouts that someone is attacking. “It’s a pirate! There’s a pirate who sneaked into the ship’s cabin!” Lennon is shocked. Soldiers pass their guns around.
“What!? There’s a pirate!?”
“A pirate has appeared in the ship’s cabin!!”
As soldiers prepare to shoot him, Lennon quickly breaks the window with his sword and jumps into the water. He thinks, “That bastard... unexpectedly taking advantage of me-!?”

At the side, Louis takes off his shirt and tells Countess Contre that they’re safe here. “Are you okay?” As Louis puts his shirt on her, she worriedly exclaims about his wound [on the arm]. Louis tells her that he is fine. He smiles and says this wound is nothing compared to losing her.

Countess Contre’s expression soften. Just then, Count Contre arrives and shouts what the clamor is all about. A soldier salutes him and says, “Someone has burst into the ship’s cabin. Four guarding soldiers are dead. Madam was currently...”
The count looks at his somewhat nervous wife. Then, he looks away which made his wife bite her lips in anger. Count Contre orders the soldier to disembark and chase after that fellow! “Definitely capture him and investigate his identity!”

Countess Contre asks if that is all what he wanted to say. Her husband asks, what? She asks if he doesn’t have anything to tell her. “Your wife is naked with a younger man, fooling around to the point of almost being killed. You unexpectedly don’t feel ashamed or perhaps angry?”

He looks at her and says, “...it’s great that you are safe and sound. *Countess Contre looks somewhat stunned.* Right now, I must go see Tequila, so I’ll go ahead.” Countess Contre says, “Really...what have you offered up to Tequila again? “Wheat? Gold? Or, is it the farm in Baldur? He is coveting all of my property!”
Without turning, Count Contre says, “And now, those things are mine.” He orders his men to quickly search! “Today’s ship has an honored guest! It’s possible that the assassin will go and rush toward the VIP! Search everywhere and all of the corners!”

Louis looks at stunned Countess Contre and says that man doesn’t deserve her. Covering her face, she thanks him. “But, he is my husband. He is the commander-in-chief of the Contre family. *tightly clenches the shirt* He has snatched it away whether it is the family clan or property, or even my heart. And now, he won’t even turn his head to look at me again. “I already... don’t have anything at all.”

To her surprise, Louis says, “Then, it’s okay to just take it back again. Whether it is the family clan, property or perhaps, love. You possess that right, Marianne H. Contre. *removes her mask* Take back everything including your name[/surname].” Surprised Marianne looks at him with a tear in her eye.
Comment: A cassanova really knows how to say things and amusingly, unlike before, he is empowering women of power and privilege. It wasn’t quite evident with Eyde and Olivia but here, it is. He is practically telling Marianne to dump her husband and take everything back. Do not be the ‘poor victim’.

Still, it is thanks to Lennon that Louis get to live through that after Marianne rang the bell. After all, can Louis pull it off without him? As for the count, ya, he is a jerk. I won’t be even be surprised if it turned out that he just got close to her to get everything then throw her aside after he got everything. Scans by 鴿子漢化

Quote of the day:
Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy. ~ Robert Tew

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