February 4, 2020

Kore wa ai de koi janai [Chapter 3]

Narration: “Because we encountered an accident, I, Yaotome Ren (17) and Hidaka’s younger sister, Manami (14) had fallen in a situation wherein our souls got switched.” It is 6am. Ren (in Manami’s body) quietly goes out of the house’ door.

Narration: “Even if we agreed that we’ll always pass each other’s usual lives until we find a way to get back each other’s bodies... But I basically don’t know anything about imouto-chan. I’ll start going to school today.”
Yusei yawns and sees a note on the dining table. It wrote, ‘I went ahead to go to school. Manami’ Yusei scratches his head and wonders if Manami’s handwriting is like this.

Narration: “In the end, I’m still worried about my body...!!” Later on, Ren stands in front of the Yaotome residence’s gate. Getting ready to press the doorbell, Ren thinks that it is obviously her own house so it feels strange that she has to ring the doorbell.

Just then, a woman calls out and asks if she is Ren’s friend. Seeing the woman holding a packed lunch, Ren blurts out, mama...! Her mother goes huh. Ren quickly says no...no...aun..tie!! “Imou...is Ren-chan at home!!?”
Her mother tells her to wait a while. She calls out, “Ren- A friend is looking for you-” Ren laments that she is the real Ren. Manami comes out and asks, “...Ren-senpai...? What is it? It’s so early.”

Ren shouts, “Heavens, who are you!!!? *pointing at Manami* Do you plan on going to school wearing that!? Where’s the loose socks!? Blouse and vest, I never wore that according to the school’s specified appearance.”

Flustered Manami says that she couldn’t do it. “Wearing lo...loose socks something... My nature and Ren-senpai’s nature is basically... totally different...”
Ren thinks that is right, and even if it is her, it is very difficult to totally pretend as imouto-chan...” She asks Manami if she can help her get her loose socks from the room since she wants to wear them to school.

“In the end, I want to maintain the style that I like! *points to herself* Even if I’m a bit sorry for imouto-chan... *Manami looks at her* Imouto-chan, here, your cellphone. Exchange with mine!”

“If there’s any clue on the method of recovery... If anything happens today then let’s report each other, okay. It will be bad after the recovery if the story isn’t the same!”
After looking somewhat surprised, Manami lamely says yes, that’s right--... Taking her phone and socks, Ren bids her goodbye. At school, students in section 2-3, Manami’s classmates are somewhat surprised to see her with loose socks.

Ren happily greets them a good morning. Her classmates are puzzled as they hesitantly greet her back. Ren is puzzled by their reaction. While sitting by herself while the others are interacting, Ren thinks that it feels like Manami is isolated by the others.

“It’s the first time I’ve felt this kind of atmosphere. If it’s the normal me, I have friends in the classroom. *scene of Ren happily greeting her friends a good morning* It always feel like it’s another world...”
Someone exclaims that it is Hidaka-senpai♥ “Isn’t it hard that he came over to the middle school department?” Yusei asks a girl to help him call out Minami. Ren is shock over why he is at the middle school department.

Then, she sees Yusei gesturing for her to come over. Ren quickly stands up and pushes him out. She thinks that it is really bad if he finds out that his imouto has been isolated. Ren says, “Wha...what is it~ Brother~ Let’s talk over this side.”

Nervous Yusei calls out to her and asks why she is dressed up like that. Then, he gives her a cloth-wrapped bento. Ren is puzzled. He tells her that she didn’t get her bento. Ren asks him if he personally made it.
Puzzled Yusei says yes, he did. Ren asks why he is always making the meals. “Mama, what is she doing? *Yusei looks surprised* Ah, about that! *scratches head* It is because my memory after the accident, how can I say this...”

Yusei says ah, is that so. “It’s because we belong to a single parent family. ...mother, she is very busy at work so she doesn’t come home much. *Ren looks somewhat sad and says, ah...* No need to worry about that.” He said that while patting her head.
In the toilet, Ren thinks that it turns out that it is a single parent family so whether it is about his imouoto or the house stuff, in both sides, he is... “What, he is really a very good brother--”

Her thoughts were interrupted when she overheard girl 1 say, “Hey- Have you seen that girl today? Hidaka Manami.” Girl 2 laugh with girl 3 and says, “I know~ What, she’ll even wear loose socks. Who does she think she is, Yaotome-senpai? Ah ha ha.”

Girl 1 says that just now, Yusei also came yet she specially pushed him outside to walk with him~ “It’s for her to monopolize him! Guys would go crazy over her and run after her because she’s sickly. So annoying to death-”
They go out of the toilet. Irked Ren forcefully slams open the toilet door. She darkly asks, “Is that all what you girls want to say? *the three girls look shock* If you want to have a good relationship with my brother then go tell him directly.”

She points at girl 1 and says, “If there is anything that you want to say then, it’s okay for you to say what you want!! Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror and see that ugly face sneering at other people! *corners girl 1 into the wall* Really such an appalling appearance.”
Ren is puzzled when her vision starts to double and she becomes dizzy. Girl 1 is shock when Manami suddenly collapses. She calls out, “Wa...what...what’s going on!?” The other girl shouts, “Someone, help-”

Ren thinks that she doesn’t care what others say about her but, imouto-chan... “Does she always patiently endure these negative emotions---?” She wakes up to see Yusei’s worriedly asking if she’s a bit okay. She thinks, seems to know-- She suddenly sits up and shouts, “Who am I? Where am I!?”
Yusei says that she is in the infirmary. “You are Hidaka Manami.” Ren says ah, is that so. Yusei asks if she had a quarrel with her friend? Looking away, Ren says that it is nothing.

After looking serious, Yusei stands up and says that he’ll go ahead. “After school, do you want to go on a walk? It just so happens that there’s a matsuri [festival] nearby.” Ren shouts, that she wants to go!! Yusei says then, let’s see each other after school.

Ren decides to inform Manami about this. She texts Manami on the phone that she’ll go to the matsuri today after school with Yusei. Manami texts back that she also wants to go.
In a place filled with food stalls, Ren excitedly says that it feels like summer has arrived! “I really want to eat a candy apple.” Yusei grumbles why Ren [Manami] is here. Ren says isn’t it good because it’s more fun if there’s more people around.

She quickly runs off to a stall and shouts, “Uncle- Give me one [candy apple]--” Yusei looks at Manami and says by the way, it seems that he hasn’t properly thanked her. “Regarding saving Manami before, thank you.”

Flustered Manami says ah..eh...that is... Yusei is puzzled by her reaction. Then, they overheard someone shouting, ah, annoying, please let me through... Yusei sees Ren trying to push her way out of the crowd. He mutters, geez, what is she doing...
He grabs Ren’s hand and pulls her. “How about calming down a bit. Don’t squeeze through again.” Ren goes ah...ya... Yusei says that it looks like she’s lively again.

He smiles and says that it is really good that he brought her out. “Quickly reconcile with your friends.” Ren looks surprised. She thinks that he has noticed that she is somewhat depressed...? “What, this guy, Hidaka... *blushes* Don’t do things that make me feel happy...”

She calls out, “Bro...brother, you worry too much about your imouto!! Brother, don’t you have any stall that you want to go to!? Let me treat you so that you’ll also properly enjoy the matsuri!!”
Yusei looks surprised then he smiles to say, “What are you talking about. Manami-chan wants me to be happy? *holds her hand* Fine, but don’t recklessly run around.” Ren says ah, don’t hold my hand. Am I a kid?!”

Manami looks at the two then she tightly clenches her fist. She suddenly grabs Ren’s arm and says that she’ll hold imouto’s...!! “So so, Hidaka-kun, there’s no need to hold her...”

While Ren looks surprised over Manami’s outburst, Yusei says, “Ha? What’s wrong with you? ‘Hidaka-kun’ feels really disgusting.” Manami goes into shock. Ren shouts wa...what did he say!!! She thinks that even if indeed, she never used –kun, to call him.
Yusei says, “...besides, today’s Yaotome is a bit strange. Even if you are always very strange. Very honest. And also, dressed up very ordinary...” Nervous Ren suddenly screams, ah~~~ “Brother, quickly look over there~~~ *points at a jewelry stall* It’s so cute. I really want that~~!!!”

Looking at the jewelry display, Yusei says, ah, that--...ah. Ren asks what is it? Yusei says look, ah, doesn’t she remember it? “I recall that I bought you a similar bracelet like this. That is probably when we are in elementary, when we went to a matsuri together...”

He laughs and continues to say, “...You were standing in front of the store and couldn’t decide at all [which one to buy]. *Young Yusei looked at Manami who was staring at the bracelets* I really cannot say no to you. I’ll smash the piggy bank and buy it for you.”
A piggy bank got destroyed. Young Yusei held the bracelet to Manami and says, here. Wearing the bracelet, Manami happily thanked him and said that she’ll really treasure it...!! End flashback.

Ren thinks that he is a good brother who really thinks of his imouto ever since before. Yusei asks where is it now. Thinking that she doesn’t know anything about that incident before, Ren says uh, ya... The lady seller asks Yusei which one he choose. Yusei says that one, the blue one.

Ren exclaims if he’ll buy it!? Puzzled Yusei asks doesn’t she want it? Holding the bracelet, Yusei says, “Here, hold your hand out.” Ren holds out her hand. Manami bites her lips and mutter, nn... Then she suddenly grabs Yusei’s arm and says, No... This surprises Ren and Yusei.
Comment: Yusei is still puzzled over the new amnesia Ren. Whereas Ren gets to know more about him. Amusingly, even if there are people find it strange that Ren and Manami aren’t acting themselves even their personal dressing style, they just dismiss it as no big deal.

From this chapter, the two girls are opposites of each other in both style and attitude. I like how Ren confronted those girls. And thanks to fainting, she gets to go to the matsuri. From what Yusei is saying, it seems that he doesn’t know the girls are bullying Manami.

But then, he has this adversity against ‘indirect’ ways to get to him/his attention so I wonder if it is his own belief or he slightly has an idea over what’s happening with Manami. Seems to be the former since he is quite worried about Manami quarreling with her friends.

From how Manami is acting, it does seem that she’s jealous of how Yusei is treating Ren/Manami. Is it romantic-related? Ren really tries hard to break the ice/stop Yusei from being overly suspicious. Haha, but Manami always ruins it by her reactions. In a way, it’s like she’s the third wheel ^^; Scans by 正宮汉化组   

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