January 23, 2020

Kore wa ai de koi janai [Chapter 2]

Narration: “When a car is about to hit imouto-chan, I unconsciously stretched out my hand wanting to pull her back. *two girls are lying unconscious on the street while people are calling out if they are alright and call an ambulance* After I woke up, I had become imouto-chan.”

Ren looks at her face in the mirror then screams in shock. She thinks, “Wh..what the hell!?” Yusei worriedly asks, “Are you alright, Manami? Are you hurt somewhere?” Aghast Ren wonders if this is real?? Holding her hair like ponytails, Ren shouts, “No, no, I’m not Manami. I’m Ren! Yaotome Ren!!!”
Starts shaking Ren, Yusei says, “Wha...what are you saying. Please wake up, Manami!!” Ren shouts that she already told him that she isn’t Manami!! She wonders what’s up with her body!?

At the doctor’s clinic, while looking at CT scans of the brain, the doctor says that it is possible that due to the shock from the accident, it caused a memory block... “I don’t find any abnormality...”

Yusei exclaims if it can be cured. The doctor says that he thinks it ought to be just temporary. Holding out her hand, Ren says no... “I’ve said it already... This isn’t memory...”
The doctor says that she can be discharged tomorrow. Frustrated Ren wonders how come no one believes her. While walking at the hallway, she thinks that until now, it is okay for her to do as she pleases so she’ll make Yusei know that she isn’t his imouto!!

Then, she sees her own body coming out of another room. She rushes to it and shouts, “My body-!!?” And, she promptly falls down after bumping into her body. At the counter, Yusei is wondering where Manami run off too. ‘Ren’ sees him and mutters, ‘Brother-- ah.”

Ren looks at her and thinks that she just said brother... Pointing at her, Ren asks, “Im...imouto-chan...?” Manami points back at her and says, “Ya...yaotome...senpai?” Pause.
Soon, at the toilet, Ren says so that is saying that their souls exchanged? “Wh...why would our souls exchanged, how can it be... In the end, is it because of the accident!?”

Manami says that she doesn’t know because at that time, she thought that she’ll die just like that. “The moment you stretched out your hand to pull me, it suddenly become all white... I’m truly sorry. Obviously, senpai already saved me and yet this kind of thing happened...”

Ren says why are you apologizing, it isn’t her fault. “It’s mine. Then, regarding this thing, let’s tell Hidaka. Let’s discuss it with everyone, okay!? That way, perhaps we can find a way to recover!”
Manami says but just now, no one believed what she told them. Ren says ah, that’s true... Manami says, “Before we find a way to solve this, we just have to pretend first by living as the other--...”

Just then, they hear someone calling out to Ren and asks where she went. Ren says that it’s her mother. Manami says then, she’ll go ahead. Ren wonders if it is for real, temporarily maintaining things as it is...

The next day, Yusei goes out of the hospital with glum Ren. Ren is surprised when Yusei suddenly pulls her to him and says, “Don’t wobble about, come over here.”
Pulling away from him, Ren hugs herself and shouts what is he doing, don’t just casually grab her shoulder!! Yusei asks what is it. “That side of the traffic lane where you’re walking is very dangerous.” Ren realizes that’s right, she’s currently his imouto. “Isn’t it better for me to pretend to be imouto...”

While emitting a dark aura, Ren forcefully smiles and says ah, really nice, thanks, bro der... bother...♥ Yusei suddenly grabs her arms and asks if she is still feeling unwell. Ren’s smile froze as she thinks, no good.

“Temporarily pretending to be imouto like this, I couldn’t do it... Better give it up. And besides, these imouto’s clothes, I always feel so ashamed since I won’t wear this kind of clothes.”
She sees a door with Manami name of it. She thinks, “Ah, this is imouto-chan’s room. *goes in* Ah, it’s so cute!! *looks at closet* Ah, the clothes are also so cute. Doesn’t she have any clothes that isn’t so light and fluffy... *finds one* Ah, I’ll wear this.”

After changing, she passes by the rooms. “This is the toilet. This side is the bathroom. *peeks in a room* Ah, is this Hidaka’s room? *goes in and looks at the books* Ah- it’s all reference books~ How boring...”

She is surprised when Yusei suddenly holds her from behind and asks what is she doing in his room. Ren backs away and shouts, “Wait, don’t stick so close to me!!?
Yusei apologizes and asks if she changed her clothes. Ren says eh, ya, isn’t it quite good and compared to others, this one is quite okay. Yusei says that it isn’t a bit okay. “Because of the accident, it’s possible that you totally forgot that your body is very weak. You easily get sick. Don’t wear something too revealing.”

Irked Ren wonders why he is ordering her around. She says, “Don’t wanna!!” To his shock, Ren turns to leave. Yusei holds a dress and tells her that these clothes are very cute.

He forbids her from going to the convenient store because she has to relax. “If you want anything then let brother buy it for you. *holding DVDs* This is the new DVD that you like. Let’s watch it together, okay? Be good.”
In the room, Ren punches a pillow and angrily thinks that he’s annoying to death. There is a ‘forbidden to enter’ note on the door. Pouting Ren hugs the pillow and thinks that he’s overprotective. “He also sticks too close! Could it be that siblings get along like this!?”

She is an only child. Then, she smells something so delicious. She peeks out to see Yusei cooking. Ren thinks eh, so strong, Hidaka can cook!!? “And he even wore an apron-!!”
Yusei says that she finally came out of the room. “Today, I’m cooking Manami’s favorite omurice.” Ren wonders how come Yusei can cook. “Does their mother go to work...?” Ren offers to help him out.

Holding Ren’s hand, Yusei says that there’s no need. “It is okay for you to just sit on the chair and wait like the usual.” Ren pulls away her hand and shouts, “—Geez, enough already. Don’t order me around! Really annoying-- *bumps into a bowl with two eggs in it. The bowl falls on the floor.* Ah... sorr...I... I’ll buy eggs and come back.”

Yusei calls out to her but she already left. In the convenient store, Ren buys some eggs. She wonders what she’s doing. “This kind of life, how can I possibly keep this up... My body always feels so heavy... Is it a tired feeling?”
Just then, a couple of guys call out to her and asks if she’s alone. “You’re not with your brother who always accompanies you? *Ren turns to look and wonder who they are* Ah, how come it feels that you’re not quite the same today. I’m always nearby looking at you. Always want to greet you but your brother is a very scary person, right”

Holding her throat, Ren wonders what’s going on. “Really don’t feel quite well...” Feeling dizzy, she turns to leave but the guy tells her to wait, don’t ignore him. Breathing hard, Ren tells him not to touch her. The guy is turned on by that. Grabbing her arm, he asks if she isn’t feeling well so how about he bring her home.
Trying to pull away, Ren says that he’s so annoying, let go. She couldn’t muster enough strength to pull away. “In the end, is it because of the illness...? This is bad, what to do...” Yusei suddenly pulls her to him and darkly tells the guy, “You found my cute imouoto. What can I do for you?”

The two guys freak out and quickly ran away. Ren asks wh..why... She thinks that just now, she obviously said some mean words. Taking off his coat, Yusei apologizes for being such an annoying person. Ren nervously says ab...about that...

Putting the coat on her, he says that after hearing she got in a car accident, his heart really almost stopped... “I don’t want to experience that feeling again... You are my important imouto. Even if I’m an annoying person, I also won’t let you be-- *holds her head to him* No matter what happened, I’ll protect you.”
Ren blushes and thinks that he is really worried about her. “I’ll try a little bit again...being the imouto.” Looking away, Ren says, “...sorry... and also thank you for saving me. ...brother.”

Yusei smiles and says that she finally calls him brother again. Ren wonders why her heartbeat is so fast. Yusei glances at her and asks why her face is so red. “In the end, you’re still not feeling okay...”

Ren shouts that he’s so talkative. “Right now, you’re not allowed to look at this side!!” Narration: “That is a smile shown to the imouto. Don’t be mistaken and get a hold of yourself, Yaotome Ren!!”
Comment: Well, no one believes her that they’ve switch bodies. Manami is seems quite calm about all this. Obviously, Ren isn’t used to the affection and touching. Yusei still believes that she just probably hit her head too hard that she’s acting strange.

Yup, Ren better be careful with Yusei who is being extra nice to her. I think that’s the first time she even saw him smile. I would think that Yusei is hurt when his beloved imouto wasn’t being obedient and cute like before. ^^; Yet he keeps it up. He is indeed a good overprotective brother. Scans by 正宮汉化组 

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  1. Waaah thank you again for this. It kind of makes me think theyre not blood related haha it feels like yusei is inlove w/ manami. Its not the typical siscon feel you get or is just me? ��

    1. Thank you for reading ^-^

      I also think that they aren't blood related. Hehe, though that is just because of hair color. ^^;

      It is bordering there but how he 'babies' her like what to wear, etc...it seems to be siscon.