October 2, 2019

Free Talk: Otona ni natte mo [Chapters 1-6]

This series is by Takako Shimura. I never read her series. I only got interested by the title. In English, it is ‘Even if becoming adults’. It is josei and I assumed with two females in the cover meant that it is about their love life and stuff in life.

Well, in the first chapter, it is apparently with woman 1 going to a bar then later on ended up kissing woman 2 that this is a yuri series. ^^; I felt mislead by the title. Well, the catch is woman 1, Ayano, a teacher is already married.

Of course, woman 2, Akari is confused. Is Ayano fooling with her? She was already heartbroken when another girl, Yukako whom she had a relationship which ended up with Yukako dumping her when she got married. Yukako reappeared in her life again and she seems to be happily married and she has a kid.


To complicate matters, Ayano being sort of ‘not normal’ in a way, bluntly told her husband, Wataru about Akari. Now, Wataru is confused and in disbelief. For some reason, when Akari got invited to Yukako’s party. Akari also invited Ayano and her husband.

And for some reason, probably curiosity, Wataru wanted to go. When Akari and Ayano talked with each other, Wataru knew that the other party was Akari. After the introductions, Wataru ended up blurting that Akari is in the mind of his wife so is this like extramarital affair. This ends up making Akari confused and shocked.

Both Akari and Wataru wonder why does Ayano have to tell them/the other about it because usually, it is kept a secret. So, basically, in this story, Ayano seems to be leading these two on but she has this air of innocence wherein she doesn’t seem to realize the outcome of what she does/say until things happen.


Things go a bit weird when Wataru’s mother enter the scene...rather doing something that will affect their lives. Wataru is inclined for a divorce but his mother isn’t quite in favor. After learning that it was another woman, she confronted Ayano if she likes that woman. Ayano says she isn’t sure.

So, the mother asked up to degree did they go. It was only kissing. I’m not sure but it seems they were relieved that it was only up to that like, as if it isn’t that serious. Then, the mother suggests moving into their place since the father is ill and was hospitalized.

The mother thinks that this fling isn’t worth a divorce and they just resolve this matter later on. It doesn’t exactly help Wataru that they don’t have kids. And, at the end of chapter 6, Ayano is walking and thinking about the possibility of moving, and ends up at Akari’s place/bar.


I’m not exactly sure what to make of this series but I do find myself wanting to read more of it. Usually, an extramarital affair will result to divorce but what if it is the same gender and the spouse is somewhat unsure of her feelings.

Haha, I do wonder if the mother-in-law’s reaction is typical. ^^; Like does it make it less bad since the other party is of the same gender? Wataru is also confused as to how to properly react to this. I think anyone would be. In a way, I feel that she’ll choose Akari in the end.

But then, if the author goes for reality, there will be other factors to consider like how others would view the relationship, how it affects the family, reputation etc. Is that where the story will go?

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