September 30, 2019

Free Talk: Niji, Amaete yo. [Chapter 1-14]

This is Kotomi Aoki’s new series. Honestly, I’m not keen on reading this since I haven’t read Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru’s ending yet. That seemed like an abrupt ending = I’m not inclined to read a new series of something that has ended abruptly, and this series looked like a love triangle based on the picture I saw.

Then, a group has been scanlating this. My curiosity got the best of me. So, I checked out the latest chapter at that time which is chapter 9. So, guy and girl is kissing. Guy confesses. Girl is crying. isn’t mutual, I thought.

Then, guy meets up with friend at his home. Friend asks what happened. Guy asked to be punched since he kissed the girl. It turns out that friend is the boyfriend of the said girl. Friend agreed to punch him but he has to close his eyes first.

Obedient boy did as he was told. Friend grabbed his collar and their lips are close to each other. Oh...kay, friend is most likely gay and is in love with the guy. Then, friend gives him a light punch and warns him not to do it again. Then, friend goes on a guilt trip over it.

Then, I start to get curious why the girl is all bandaged up. The teacher seems to be on to something with the girl. Texting her and offering to drive her home. polygon? But from the comments, the readers are having adverse reaction over the teacher...why?

So, I ended up reading it from the start. So, the series is indeed a love triangle with a twist. The other guy is gay and is in love with the male lead. Due to circumstances, the friend, Hiyori went steady with the girl, Niji.

Up to chapter 17, the male lead, Gaku has been confessing to the girl. But the problem is, he is somewhat wishy-washy. He confesses then pulls back saying that it is a joke, No, it is ‘forbidden’ because she is taken. If it weren’t for that, he misunderstands her reactions.

Niji also seems to be confused with her feelings for Gaku. Before, it was the typical. Niji can beat everyone in judo but then for some reason, she can beat Niji. Things change a bit with Niji when she was sexually assaulted. Hence, the reason for the bandages.

The mangaka is tackling this issue as part of the story. The PTSD Niji experiences due to the incident. Even if she is good in judo, somehow her body isn’t reacting how she wanted it to. She starts to get paranoid with people like say in the crowded train, is this guy deliberately poking his phone on my chest? Is my skirt deliberately being lifted up?

Then, there is dealing with others’ reaction to it. They would say she was asking for it because of how she was dressed. Even with all that, is her non-negative feeling to Gaku’s advances means she likes him? Things perhaps start to change when Gaku insist on being her ‘bodyguard’ when she goes home.
Then, there is a female classmate causing a bit of trouble for Niji because she likes Gaku who obviously likes Niji. I find this classmate slightly interesting with her dialogue of wanting to get a really good boyfriend during high school while boys are still immature/not experience with love because later on, they won’t pick someone ugly/not beautiful like her.

Lastly, there is a manipulative intelligent teacher who seems quite bored that he wants to fool/play around with high schoolers. At first, it is apparent that he was the one who assaulted Niji. Niji reacts to his laugh which is similar to the one who assaulted her.

And, the teacher’s hand is injured...and she did bite the assaulter’s hand. Was it him? Then, the teacher acts really nice to her and as if he knows what she’s feeling. He is an actor who does and says thing expecting how the student would react. And, he keeps pushing it as long as he gets away with it.

Hiyori is on to the teacher but unfortunately, the teacher is one step ahead of him. He knows Hiyori is gay and he likes Gaku. He uses that to blackmail Hiyori and makes advances on him in the form of stolen kisses. Apparently, he was supposed to go to Tokyo University but his recommendation was hidden that he couldn’t get in. He ended up becoming a teacher.

By chapter 14, it is more or less, mutual like between Niji and Gaku. But based on the circumstances before, they cannot be together. The teacher is offering to help Hiyori get rid of Niji. Hiyori isn’t biting into it yet. But who knows later on. 


Overall, I can ‘see’ the personalities of Kanojo characters in this series. The characters here aren’t that likeable being flawed and everything but because of the narration/thoughts, one can somehow understand them and what drives them to do things.

What keeps me reading is wanting to know what will happen next. It is likely that the two will end up together but there will be obstacles. Will Hiyori take the bait? Until when can the teacher get away with things? I do hope that the judo here can be used on that teacher or perhaps, they can beat him on his own game.

From how things are, I cannot imagine how it can be done. The teacher is really good. Pretty scary actually on how he can psyche, manipulate and twist things to his favor. Until chapter 14, no one can go against him. Ah wait, does Gaku stopping Niji from being driven away count? ^^;

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