October 10, 2019

KILL the ROSE [Chapter 7 - In the Name of Revenge]

[Notice: This chapter has mature content that might not be appropriate for very young readers.]

Eyde and Louis are shocked when Oliva says that it is a physical relationship between her and Louis. Eyde quickly looks at Louis. Nervous Louis waves his hand and says that the so-called physical relationship doesn’t mean that kind... “She ought to have said that it is a far distant or perhaps, it means closely-related and it is also, a blood relationship.”

Olivia stops him from saying anything further by saying that because Louis still has to settle his account with her, she asked him to compensate her using his body. “Because of his family clan’s decline, he has to shoulder the debt.”

Surprised Eyde and Louis look at smiling Olivia. Eyde exclaims, “Using one’s body in order to settle a debt? Unexpectedly doing such a shameful thing in my country?”
Olivia says yes, “After all, I’m a merchant who only recognize money. I don’t know shame.” Eyde scowls at Olivia. Sitting again, Eyde says, “Don’t know shame...forget it. It doesn’t matter. It seems that my lover isn’t useless at all. Am I right, Louis?” Louis nervously laughs.

To Olivia and Louis surprise, Eyde says what’s important right now, is that this man currently belongs to her. “You shouldn’t have any desire to covet what belongs to the ruler, right, Olivia?”

Olivia smiles and says, “Of course not, Your Majesty. That is because I’m simply a merchant who’ll only take in new products.” Eyde glares at smiling Olivia. Waving her hand, Eyde says forget it, this insignificant topic will end here. Louis is shocked by that.
Eyde says that her goal for coming here isn’t to buy new clothes or perhaps engage in a jealous rivalry. “Your wish appears to be the same as mine.” Olivia says that looking at it from her position, she doesn’t have any clue as to what Her Majesty’s wish is...

Eyde says that it is to eradicate the three monsters that is bleeding the country dry. “Oberto, Chrysler and Tequila. You have already notice these situations, right?” Clenching her fist, Olivia says that she doesn’t quite know what she’s saying...

Olivia is surprised when Eyde shouts, “Set aside that business strategy, Merchant! This country’s ruler is suggesting an alliance proposal. Please also respond seriously!” Olivia admits that indeed, she hates Tequila, that bastard snake.
There’s a scene of a burning ship and Olivia is struggling in the water as she is practically drowning. Olivia admits that she hates Tequila to the bone that she won’t die contently if she didn’t personally kill him.

“But, this young ruler who had just recently ascended to the throne doesn’t have any special ability. In the end, what do you plan on leaning on to help me with my revenge?”

Eyde answers that it is because of this that they must work together. “What I solely possess is position and you possess only financial resources.” Olivia asks if she means to say that she’ll lean on Eyde’s title to go and accomplish her revenge?
“...if it is like that, then I’ll be troubling you. Is it okay for me, a lowly merchant, to know for myself of Your Majesty’s resolution? Right now, even if I cannot explain it clearly but I do have a plan to weaken Tequila. *smiles* Can you promise me that you’ll totally help me?”

Eyde asks if she’s saying that even if she doesn’t know a thing about this plot, she’ll merely comply with what Olivia says? Olivia didn’t reply. Clenching her fists, Eyde quickly stands up and says, “I understand.” She turns to leave.

Oliva is shock by this. She exclaims, “What? You plan on helping me, this malicious and lowly commoner of unknown position [/origin]!?” Eyde stops walking and says that from the start, Olivia keeps on emphasizing one after another about her lowly position.
“Right now, I don’t need someone of high importance. Rather, a driven congenial person. *Olivia looks surprised* My side is always surrounded by people who are known to be ‘respectable’. But, from their bodies, they would only emit the smell of corruption.”

Olivia bows and thanks Eyde for her permission. “Then, please lend Louis for me to use for a while.” Eyde tells her to do as she pleases. Olivia watches as Louis runs after Eyde who leaves the shop. At the street, Louis calls out to Eyde. Eyde stops and removes her hat.

Tightly clenching her hat, Eyde says that was really such an arrogant woman. Aghast Louis thinks that in the end, it was still a failure. “It’s all over.” Eyde says that not only would Olivia probe her out, she’ll even propose such a willful request and deliberately say things that would make one hate her.
Louis apologizes. Eyde says, “But then, because of this, I really admire her.” Louis is surprised. Then he says, about that issue regarding him sleeping with Olivia. Eyde looks at him and says whoever he sleeps with, what does it have to do with her?

She climbs up the carriage and says that anyway, they are simply fake lovers, that’s all. Looking at Eyde in the carriage, Louis thinks, fake...yes, fake...

At a dining hall, some guests are looking uncomfortable and uneasy. There is someone sobbing. The kneeling man has knives and forks stabbed into his thighs. It seems that his hands are bound behind him. The man says, “Master Tequila, please... I beg you...”

Sitting beside the man, Tequila asks, beg me of what? The man says, please, help him, he is innocent... Then, he screams in pain when Tequila kicks down the knife stabbing his thigh.
Wiping his mouth with a napkin, Tequila says, “What you said is wrong, Ron. *slicing his steak* Please reconsider again before talking once again. Think over what you should say.”

Teary-eyed Ron says that everything is his fault. “Embezzling the required money to be transferred [to the authorities/Tequila] for the progress of [his] imperial trade in private... If you were to forgive me, then no matter what it is, I’ll...”

Tequila eats a piece of steak and says, wrong. “The correct answer is, ‘Don’t say anything’. I want to savor the food and you’re such a hindrance.” Tequila rings a bell. Ron cries and begs Tequila to spare his life. A man gags him with a cloth.

A couple of men brings a huge barrel in. They uncover it. Ron sees that it is filled with red wine. And, they shove him inside the barrel. Tequila stands up and takes a bottle of wine. He pours it down terrified Ron who can only gurgle in the wine. Tequila then orders the men to cover the lid. 
There is a muffled cry from Ron as the men did as ordered. Addressing his other guests, Tequila says that since the smell of wine is all over, then everyone should share it together. “Come, come, everyone is waiting. Let’s have a toast.” The other guests look aghast.

Sitting again, Tequila holds his glass and tells everyone that they must not forget as to who to thank that they were able to engage in business in this country. A man says, but of course, master Tequila. He is Count Contre, the head of the Contre Chamber of Commerce. Contre claps his hands.

A man opens the door. Two young women and one young man enter. They are all naked, gagged and their hands are bounded. As Tequila looks at them, Contre says that he brought slaves from another country. “I have personally picked them out for you. *the three looks tense and scared* I know that dealing with garbage had affected your good mood. Please, use them to relieve your stress.”
Tequila smiles and says that in the end, Contre is the only one who understands him the most. The other guests look uneasy but they kept quiet. At the hallway, a man is rolling the huge barrel of wine. Corey sees this. He calls out the man who greets him back.

Corey asks what’s inside this barrel. The man says that is isn’t much, just garbage, that’s all. Corey says is that so. He asks if he has seen his father. “I heard that the dinner gathering is already over but I don’t see him anywhere.”

The man tensely says that it is because...his father went to a meeting with the other guests. *scene of Tequila removes his clothes while looking at the scared three slaves.* Staying here will cause trouble to your father. *pats Corey’s head* Because this is related to an important national work.” Then, there’s a scene of Tequila raping one of the slaves.
Tapping away the man’s hand, Corey says that he is already an adult and soon, he’ll study whatever work together with his father. The man quietly smiles. He starts to lead Corey away and say, okay, okay, please go upstairs! “Isn’t it the most interesting part of the party already!”

Holding a mask, Corey says that he isn’t a bit interested in a masquerade ball. He goes to the deck where the party is being held and pass by Olivia. Behind her, Louis calls out for her to wait for him when they should be together.

Olivia scowls and tells him to quickly catch up. Louis asks didn’t he already compensated for her. Olivia asks him if he thinks that the matter is over just because he apologized for bringing the queen over without prior notice.

Louis says that didn’t she hate Tequila. “Her Majesty also hates him. Won’t you two mutually benefit from helping each other?” Olivia shouts that she doesn’t want to work together with a noble! “You know that, right?”
Louis asks that Her Majesty is royalty. Olivia shouts enough, he’s so annoying. She thinks, “But, in the end, Her Majesty is a royalty who doesn’t despise a commoner. That is quite unexpected.”

Louis asks Olivia what she plans on making him do. Olivia asks him if he knows who is the host of this party. Louis asks if it is Count Contre. Olivia says that’s right.

“His family controls Contre Chamber of Commerce which is this country’s biggest chamber of commerce. Tequila exploits his position of being the foreign affairs minister to distribute the power of doing trade between merchants and other countries. In this country, all of it as to who can only be counted as a group of chamber of commerce is in that man’s control.”
There is a scene of Contre and others bringing offerings to Tequila. Louis says so, one can only start out [business/trade] through Tequila. Olivia says that Tequila’s biggest source of funds is Contre Chamber of Commerce. “You ought to know what you should do, right?”

Surprised Louis asks, “Could it be that you...want me to seduce Count Contre’s wife...!?” Olivia happily claps her hands and says, “Correct answer! Count Contre is famous for being a henpecked man. After all, he is a son-in-law who lives in his wife’s family [/marry into the wife’s family]. Not only the family, even the chamber of commerce’s real authority is in his wife’s hand...

...It goes to say that as long as you go seduce the countess, it will cause the end of business with Tequila which will cause a fatal blow to him. In case, Contre starts to move his other subordinates, the other merchants will also move accordingly.”
Louis says, but will those merchants intentionally rebel against the foreign affairs minister? Olivia says since a long time ago, the merchants are fed up and had become resentful towards Tequila.

“Right now, what we need to do is simply put in the final straw to cause the fire. Even if it cannot achieve the goal but then, it is enough if we can get rid of Contre. The problem is... Countess Contre who is known for being a ‘mantis’. This woman is very hard to please. She is a tyrant of the Contre family.”

Louis nervously ask, ‘mantis’?  Holding her fan to her face, Olivia says that all of the men who slept with her are killed. “The Count apparently won’t go to bed with his wife. Thus, the countess herself would have extra marital affairs. But then, she hasn’t ever left any evidence.”

Louis nervously asks if she is telling him, ‘to go die’...? Olivia holds his shoulder and looks at the side where a black curly haired woman is surrounded by men. While Louis looks tense, she says, “It’s a cassanova’s main skill to bring out a woman’s gentleness from within, right?”
Comment: Olivia is very cheeky to say those things to Eyde. It makes one think that a lot of people belittle Eyde since she has no power at all. In a way, Olivia got away with her snide remarks. Still, Eyde manages to get her to help out.

Apparently, it is a big thing for Olivia that Eyde doesn’t despise her for being a commoner. Eyde would trust her with the plan even if she doesn’t know anything about it. Louis seems quite uneasy about Eyde knowing of his previous sexual life but then, he seems disappointed that Eyde doesn’t seem to care at all about it.

Based on flashback, it is easy to assume that Tequila brought down one of trading ships that has Olivia in it. I would actually think that Olivia came from a family or merchants. Perhaps, her family met the same tragic fate of Ron since they didn’t do what Tequila wanted.

I wonder if Corey really doesn’t know about the evil things his father does. Perhaps, he has suspicions that he would go snooping around. He is obvious the opposite of his father. Interestingly, his father seems to be okay with him being like that. Scans by 鴿子漢化

Quote of the day:
He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. ~ Martin Luther King Jr.


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