September 19, 2019

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 83 - Valuable Thing]

In the Japanese room, Michi and Natsu quietly practice. There is an awkward silence between them. Michi looks a bit tense. Back in the club, Satowa asks if it is alright to let Michi and Natsu be alone together.

After glancing at her, Chika says that it ought to be alright. “They’re no longer kids.” Satowa says even if he says that but that incident a few days ago. Chika says that they are going to resolve that incident before, and that’s good, right.

Satowa looks surprised. Then, he tells her by the way, why don’t she concentrate on practicing. While Takezou and Akira are watching them, surprised Satowa exclaims that she knows that. Chika taunts her that if she doesn’t, then he’ll surpass her soon. Satowa angrily shouts, ha!?
At the broadcast prep room, Hiro notices that Atsumu seems to be uneasy. Atsumu recalls Natsu asking before as to who isn’t seeing properly. He also recalls his reaction earlier wherein Natsu smiles and says, that’s really great.

And, during club practice’s meeting, Natsu would suddenly ask if he can practice in the Japanese room. Atsumu suddenly apologizes to Hiro and says he--...

Back at the Japanese room, Michi recalls how he shouted at Natsu as to how come he has to say those kind of words...! Then, they both simultaneously says, ‘This’. Michi looks surprises then he looks at Natsu who is silent. Michi apologizes to Natsu regarding a few days ago. “At that time, I was totally just venting my anger, that’s all.”
Natsu says, no...he also used a really bad way of talking. “...I’m really sorry. It has been decided not to change the musical score because the other senpais are helping out, right. It’s really great to be able to resolve it smoothly.”

Michi looks surprised then he looks down. He says that he is truly...really happy when everyone said that they’ll help him out. “I wanted to say that I already relied on them. ...but, my younger sister. *Natsu says ha...? * I have a younger sister who is a 9th grader. She said...”

Flashback: An apologized to Michi. “Before, I always didn’t know of your current situation. Starting tomorrow, regarding the household chores, I’ll go and do all of them! Leave it up to me!”
Mihci exclaimed in disbelief and asked what is she saying. An said regarding everyone’s proposal, she is really thankful. “I thought, ‘this is man’s friendship!’ but... for me, this is still my own family problem...

...In order to take place of our injured mother, making brother’s friends to take turns in coming over to pick up and drop off one’s younger sister and help in making meals...

...During this kind of time, for me to go to cram school and study... I couldn’t do it. Unlike you, my exam is still a long way off! Before mom recovers, leave the household work to me!” End flashback. Michi looks flustered.
Michi says that she is like him, couldn’t catch the trick [knack] of doing things. “In short, in doing things, compared to other people, [we] have to put in a lot more effort. So, it was already a long time ago when she started working hard to prepare for the exam... *trembling*...

...Ah, for my younger sister to say it like that, what am I still being stubborn about... *Natsu looks somewhat surprised* I cannot do that kind of thing...  –ha ha, sorry... *wipes nose*...

...Saying these things would make you very perplexed. I cannot give everyone anymore trouble. ...even if I’m very frustrated but it is like you said, I shouldn’t be stubborn about changing the musical score into something a bit easier--”
Natsu interrupts, “Senpai, didn’t you say during the training camp that your goal is ‘playing out one’s own unique timbre?” This surprised Michi that he goes huh.

Natsu continues, “It has nothing to do with the musical score’s difficulty. I think that senpai will be able to do it. ...even if senpai, you said that only you were not able to give your all-out effort but from how I look at this kind of situation, senpai, you were already giving it your all-out and even more than that...

...You have already surpassed the level of load that you’re capable of. If you aren’t willing to give it up some part [of it], you’ll have no way of hanging on there. ...if only you’ll let the musical score be simplified a bit.”
There is a scene of Michi saying that this is the timbre that belongs to him and he wants to be able to play it up to that level [wherein his timbre will be important for the piece]. Natsu continues, “...Sen senpai, you don’t have to give up on your goal...that’s what I was thinking...”

Michi becomes teary-eyed. He recalled the time at the bus when Natsu asked him about his goal and he proudly told Natsu about it. Michi says, “--...that...that kind of thing was obviously simply just an idle chat on the bus, that’s all...”

Flashback: Michi told Natsu that he doesn’t want to be told that his koto music doesn’t matter if it’s there or not. “This is the timbre that belongs to him and I want to be able to play it up to that level.” Natsu said that it is really amazing. Michi asked if Natsu doesn’t think that he’s very stupid. Natsu replied, not at all. End flashback.
Tears start to fall from Michi’s eyes. He thinks, “—Everyday, I carry that piece of paper. Day after day, I look at it over and over but still I unwittingly lost direction. *cries while holding the paper to his face* I forgot the most important thing.”

Sobbing, he says, “ always remembered it... Momoya... remembered it...” There’s a scene of Atsumu sitting outside the room. After overhearing that, he bends down his head into his arms.

At the faculty room, Suzuka asks Michi if it is really okay like this. Michi says, yes, he had just told everyone about it. “They say that since it is my decision, then that’s how it is. Even Tetsuki... F section’s Takaoka--” There is a scene of Tetsuki says that he’ll go help out in the weekend. “Anyway, I’m very idle. Up to that degree, An-chan shouldn’t mind, right.”
Michi continues, “[Tetsuki] also said that., I’ll put all my effort in practicing one hour from Monday to Friday after school and also during holidays [no school days]. ...Please revise my part in ‘Ai’ to the best level, for me to be able to express [/play] within such a limited time. *bows* Please.”

Suzuka says, he understands. While clenching his fists, Michi apologies, “...sensei, I’m sorry. It’s rare... for you write such an amazing part for me... If I can play more skillfully... I’m sorry...”

Suzuka replies, “Michitaka, don’t misunderstand. Modifying the musical score, this thing isn’t a compromise nor an escape. Rather, it is for the people around you and yourself to undergo mature reflections [/careful consideration].”

Suzuka continues, “Properly choose a path... *Michi looks surprised* ...which you can proudly and decisively [continue to] walk on.” Tears start to form on Michi’s eyes. Michi closes his eyes and stands up. He smiles and says, “Yes...!” And, the sun starts to shine through the clouds.
Comment: In the end, after everything, the piece is going to be revised again. It will be easier for Michi but he’ll make it up by pulling out his own timber for his part. In a way, make his timbre necessary for the whole piece even if it isn’t as difficult as the others.

Before, I wondered why An didn’t help out more. Apparently, she didn’t know of Michi’s situation. Both siblings tend to prefer to overburden themselves than inconvenience others. But then, it might be a cultural thing.

Since it was mentioned that he is a slow-learner, this is indeed for the best rather than everyone being inconvenience just for him to play a difficult part. Chika and others are going to sacrifice their practice time to help him out with his chores.

It is also for the best for him since he is getting overly stressed and pressured. Like what Natsu mentioned, he is already going beyond what he can put his utmost best. He cannot keep on playing properly if he also lacks sleep. He might not keep it up in the long run and blame himself if he fails in the end especially after everyone had helped him out.

And, contrary to what Atsumu thought, Natsu listens. Thanks to Takezou, Natsu tried again to convey what he meant. This time around, Michi realizes that Natsu has no ill intention about it nor rubbing it into his face about how unskilled Michi is. Perhaps, Natsu is expecting Michi to realize on his own as to why he doesn’t want it simplified when his goal is having his own timbre for the piece.

From what Suzuka said, it seems that there will be something to Michi’s part that will somehow make it up to its simplicity since it isn’t a compromise nor an escape. It’s really a great help to have a composer in the team because if it is a classical piece, they cannot easily make such a revision for Michi. 

Even if after a lot of fuss, it still got modified, two important things happened that can help the 'bond' of the group and most likely, Michi's timbre. One is Michi realized what the others will do for him who is in need of help. Two, the others will realize that Natsu isn't as bad as they thought he is. Scans by 诺大王 of baidu.

Quote of the day:
Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. ~ Leo Buscaglia


  1. thank you for the translation

    I honestl don't think it was a waste of time and effort for the whole situation to come back to the same conclusion (changing the part difficulty) eventhough i wished some how magically mistsu's situation will get better and he can just do as he wanted to do but things don't go like that in real life. i also didn't understand what natsu meant to say even thought i've seen both sides before this chapter but i'm glad he did clarify what he meant, i think mitchi andhis sister are the type of people who really hate to burden others and that's why he said nothing at first and his sister didn't know that it was so difficult for him i guess she was busy studying and mitchi wasn't really someone who cares about clubs (looking at him back in middle school) so i'm sure most of his family assumed that he is doing clubs casually so why not take care of home as the eldest and the younger sister can focus on study i guess she realized how hard the situation was just then but i'm also glad to see that mitchi knows her and how this is important for her and maybe she can still attend the night school while helping out a bit at home. it is intersting to see that in theend mitchi's goal was something different than i thought and i'm glad suzuka is trying to accomidate to it, i think sometimes there are some notes that look so simple yet depending on who plays it thesound can be miles different so i'm hopeing he would achieve something like that which would be definitl impressive. i do hope atsumu also apologize i think natsu had been through enough already , i guess manga wise they are in mid may now so less than three months to the final it'll be interesting to see which development will come in these months


    1. Thanks for reading, emmahoshi ^-^


      Somehow, I think his mother knew that is why she apologized to him before.

      That would be nice. Maybe something like that. ^^ Their forte is the 'feeling' they give to the audience, right?

      Yup. I do wonder if we'll get something romantic ^^ I'm still wishing that somehow after the competition, there will be a major development between Takezou and Hiro and their feelings will somehow be incorporated in the piece ^^

  2. I`m so happy at what happened in this chapter and can`t wait for the next one
    Thank you so much for choosing this manga Kat <3

  3. Hard personal decisions had to be made, I'm sure it meant a lot to Michigan to have his own part and to feel like he was making a real contribution now, so it was a tougher pill to swallow but he made the best decision in the end given the circumstances and I'm sure whatever role he plays will still be great and meaningful for everyone else there. Thanks again for the summary, always helps with these long waits :)

    1. Yup and thanks for reading, KrimzonStriker ^-^