September 23, 2019

Free Talk: Skip Beat [Chapter 274 raws + mini summary]

This rough summary is based on the script in baidu. The translator’s skill is a bit limited and I might have understood some things wrong so this is just some overview about what happened in this chapter.
Kyouko is thinking about not knowing the inside story of whatever deep scars Ren had that no one can cure. She assumes that he is already free from the hell of self-blame because he has a woman who is important to him.

Kyouko is currently doing a shoot as Bou the chicken. Then, Bou took pictures with a girl. While walking, Bou is thinking about how dried flowers were made into pendant/jewelry in the program. Then, she unconsciously recalls how she dried up the flowers and maybe she can make them all pretty.

Then, she is stunned to see Ren. Bou tried to run away but Ren caught her. She starts to imagine Ren reprimanding her for running away yesterday. Ren says that Bou is also looking down on him because of the report. He asked her not to run away as if rejecting him even if he can imagine what she is thinking.

He says that if it is like that, she ought to tell him bluntly. If it is her, she’ll say something first. Then, he seems to be comparing himself to some garbage floating in the universe for hundreds of years. This causes Bou to wonder if he is alright.

Bou start saying that she is disappointed but she isn’t looking down on him. She was just mistaken about him. He’s that type of guy who is quite eloquent. I think the bystanders are talking about how Bou is bad talking Ren which made her aghast and Ren wide-eyed.

Then, a scene of Yashiro running out. A woman asks if the meeting is over. He says yes, and he is going to catch up to Ren. In the car, he thinks about seizing the moment and he cannot abandon Ren by himself during this time.

Flashback: Ren learned that Yashiro has a meeting tomorrow. He assured Yashiro that he’ll be fine alone and it’s just in the morning. Yashiro is worried about the huge pressure today so tell him the truth about the report.

Ren just said that he’s relaxed since he is protected by Yashiro’s wall. But, he’ll do his best to smile gorgeously to keep everyone speechless/silent. End flashback. Yahiro thought that he’ll be depressed because Kyouko ran away. It seems that Ren is clearly an adult. If it is like that then it’s great that Ren has a heart of steel.

At some storage area, Bou looks glum as Ren looks depressed. Bou asks what’s to be depressed about when a Japanese man chose to marry his ideal wife. Ren asks marriage, is there a report like that. [<- there’s no scan here which I can base on so I’m guessing who says who ^^;]

Bou starts to talk about how well-suited they are. A handsome guy and a beauty. And, how the people will support them. And even ants can see through that. He says it’s chicken. Then, Bou apologizes and says it isn’t an ant.

And he says that a chicken will forget everything after walking 3 steps. Bou says if he wants to. Ren says that it is actually quite shameful as a man and he plans to bring it to the grave. Bou says that since he said that, then it must be a very embarrassing thing that has never happened until now.

He affirms it. He says that as a reject of an excellent romantic drama and was used by a woman, won’t he be labeled as a good-for-nothing man. Bou asks who. Ren says him. So, he is saying that in order to probe out [/test] the person she likes Kana took advantage of him as a romantic interest. Kyouko goes !!!???

Comment: Well, apparently, the author indeed wants Ren to tell the story to Kyouko herself. The reason why Ren won’t tell anyone about it is because his pride got hurt. it something like being used and discard as tissue? ^^; Nevertheless, thankfully, things aren’t going to drag on between the two. ^^

Still, why is the title ‘disaster’? Could it be disaster in a good way like it isn’t what they/Kyouko want to happen? Say, someone’s feelings would become obvious to the other? Well, as usual, Bou is the only one whom Ren can lower his guard and show his weakness ^^


  1. Thank you, it has been driving me crazy waiting for a translation. Even if its just a rough one. At least I now have some clue about what is in this chapter.

  2. Thank you Kat!!!!!!
    Bueno, me parecio algo fuera de lo normal que Ren no diga nada, apesar que su orgullo fue herido me parece que la escritoras esta buscando excusas para alargar el drama .(-.-). y que convenientemente justo le explique a BOU, que es Kyoko disfrazada le saca un poco de emoción a las cosas, parece del punto de vista de niños. Claro, entiendo que el mangaka también no quiere que la historia se vuelva muy seria, pero más tarde o temprano van a tener que poner las cosas en perspectiva (con el trauma que Ren tiene). Gracias por postar el resumen y opinar tambien Kat! hace que el manga (cuando sale en magarock) sea mejor y lo disfrute más (y también me ayuda a entender o acordarme de cosas que ya me olvide, lo que le da sentido a la historia ahaha)
    Gracias Kat!
    Perdón por el español, estoy un poco cansada para escribir en Ingles! pero siempre sigo tu blog :)

    1. You're welcome, Darlika ^-^

      Haha...true. In a way, it seems like Bou is the 'third party' who fixes issues between the two. Like, through Bou, Kyouko learns more about Ren. ^^

      Thanks for the support ^^

    2. Yeah!! a third party! ahahaha oh well.. lets see what this will lead in the future

      Keep the good work! thanks again Kat!

    3. Yup, and hopefully, it leads to progress ^^