December 4, 2018

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 104]

Yuulin goes out the house. Narration: “After waking up, you’re not at my side. *scene of Yuulin with Reishou, Jun, Dai and Gen* if it is a dream wherein I’m simply ‘downtown capital’s Yuulin’. *scene of Yuulin working as a waitress* That is quite normal. That is inevitable...

...*scene of Yuulin happily looking at Reishou* This kind of life wherein I haven’t met you. *flustered* Werenn’t able to meet you.” Meanwhile, Reishou is walking in the streets. He muses that it is totally dark now.

There is a scene of Gaku pouring a drink for Reishou. Gaku angrily exclaimed, “Don’t be stingy, go drink a mouthful!” Reishou commented that Gaku is really strong [/can hold his alcohol]. End flashback.
Reishou thinks, “Even if he talked on and on [/criticized me nonstop] but what can I say, childhood friend-kun would even encourage me... Really a good person... I already cannot let go. ...cannot lose [her]...

...Even if it is like this, as long as she is still alive and can smile at me. It is also quite okay even if it is simply like this. This is what you gave me.”

He is surprised when Yuulin suddenly dashed out the gate. He calls out, “Yuulin.” Surprised Yuulin looks at him. Reishou runs to her and asks what is it. “How come you are still awake at this time? What had happened?”
Reishou is shocked when Yuulin starts to cry. Reishou says, “Ah, wait...” While sobbing, Yuulin says, “How mean. come you’re not around!?” Going !?, Reishou says, “Huh, didn’t I say that I’m going out?” Yuulin scolds him, who knows about that, stupid.

Reishou is stunned by that. He is surprised when Yuulin starts to bawls out loud. “Running off and leaving me behind without a care, how mean! You scared me to death! Don’t be like that!! *Reishou tries to calm her down* Your Majesty, you big idiot!”
Narration: “It won’t do if I don’t strive hard. It won’t do if I don’t pull myself together. If I don’t protect my little brother, I’ll simply cry and be useless. *young Yuulin cried that she’s so sad, so lonely and she wants her mother [back]* Unable to express because I’m only having a dream.”

Crying Yuulin says, “I want you to be here. Don’t leave me all alone by myself...” Reishou quickly hugs her tight. He apologizes to her. “Sorry, I made a mistake. I actually thought that you are the world’s unrivalled strong person.”
Yuulin asks can that be possible!? Reishou says yes, sorry. Reishou recalls how he told Gaku that it seems that even without him at her side, Yuulin can still live a happy life like she used to.

Gaku had told him that Yuulin isn’t strong rather she just forgot her own weakness. End flashback. Reishou continues to say, “Really, I’m quite stupid. Yuulin, I’ll always be at your side. *kisses her head* I absolutely won’t leave [you]...

...I won’t just leave you without a care. I’ll take you along wherever I go. *wolf mode* –if there is someone who wants to take you away from my side, no matter who it is... I’ll definitely make him meet a tragic end [/die without a burial site].”
Yuulin looks at him and says, that last part, it’s so ‘Wolf king’. “So terrifying, Your Majesty.” Reishou laughs and says that is because he is the Wolf king. She laughs and says that is quite true. Reishou smiles back at her.

Then, he says, “--...Yuulin, *looks at her right and left* Have you regained your memories?” Yuulin stares at him as she thinks, regained...memories... She goes into shock.

Pointing at him, she shouts, “That’s right, I remembered! About that!! Your Majesty, you mentioned the important point!! Let me tell you, okay? Even if it is still not definite but... *gestures to her belly* (if it is not a dream, I have to bring everything back, my treasure...)”
The next day, at the kitchen, Gankei peeks in the kitchen and softly calls out to Yuulin. Yuulin asks him what is it. Looking around nervously, Gankei asks if that [-> Reishou] isn’t around? Puzzled Yuulin says that if it is Reishou-sama, he is preparing for the return trip so he’s outside...

Going into the kitchen, Gankei says is that so, then, they can have a bit of talk. “Ah yes, I didn’t think that I can still see you again, Yuulin. Papa is quite startled. And you are even getting along quite well with him. It looks like you’re also quite lively. Very good, very good!”
Yuulin tells him to wait. “Father, could it be that you know THAT MATTER about me...!? That way of talking doesn’t seem right.” Gankei whispers, about that, he can only tell her about it here. “You definitely...have to keep it a secret from everyone especially from that one, okay...? *sheepish look*...

...Actually, papa and Shuu-sama are old acquaintances! Do you know Shuu Kouren-sama?” Yuulin goes into shock over how can that be!? After nodding, Gankei says, “Way~ way before, we are in the same academy- And also for some time, we even worked together. But then, he became a big boss-”

Yuulin goes into shock again over this revelation. Gankei continues, “So, it is also Shuu-sama who introduced that so-called job.” Flashback: Gankei told Yuulin that even if it is introduced by an acquaintance, but the pay is quite high and it is a very worthwhile job--... End flashback.
Aghast Yuulin shouts, Ah--!! It’s that!? Trembling Yuulin thinks that she couldn’t imagine that Kouren has something to do with it since that time... “Then again, Prime minister Shuu has been told by His Majesty ‘don’t meddle in my private affairs’...”

Gankei apologizes for keeping it a secret from her too since he was instructed to keep it a secret. “But, ah, because you and your mother are very similar, I always felt that inevitably there will be a way.”

Flustered Yuulin mutters, “...what, you are always quite reckless so speak with a bit of propriety and it isn’t that simple...” He tells her that at their side, they are properly living well just like before. “There’s no need for you to worry. You also go live with great vitality as yourself.”
Yuulin asks him if doesn’t plan on using her connections to become rich? Gankei says that even if it was mentioned but he declined it. “Ah- No need~ No need~ That kind of thing is too~ trouble~ some~ It doesn’t suit my personality...

...Your father, me, just having your mother and you guys coming into my life is already my greatest wealth. *scene of Gankei, wife and young Yuulin + Seishin* Ah, but Seishin would probably go off by himself to become a government official. Until then, I’ll leave him up to you-”
Yuulin thinks that he said that so easily. “At some time unknown to me, at some place that I haven’t set foot on, they connect to my path.” There is a scene of Gankei, together with ghost wife, bidding the couple goodbye and telling them to take care on their way.

At the palace, fuming Jun welcomes the couple and asks how does it feel going home to visit her family. “Ah, lady princess consort has already recovered her memories...

...That’s really great... Like that, it is worth my every steadily deteriorating stomachache... *very low pressure aura* he he he he ha ha ha ha.” Aghast Yuulin says, that she is really very sorry.
Pushing up his glasses, Jun exclaims, “In short! From today on, lady princess consort should also properly consider your position! When you fall down, you must protect your own head well! *Yuulin is aghast and speechless* ...your answer? Normally, you would only answer with vigor.”

Yuulin says, ah, no, protecting the head well, yes, she’ll do her best. Jun is puzzled by her answer. To Yuulin’s surprise, Reishou hugs her from behind and says, “Compared to that, Yuulin, are you cold?” Blushing Yuulin says, “Eh, I’m not cold.”
Puppy Reishou asks if she’s hungry. She says she isn’t. Puppy Reishou asks if she is already tired. “Do you want me to carry you to the room?” Yuulin declines by saying that she can go back by herself.

After watching them, Jun asks Reishou what is it. “This kind of subtle sticky feeling. I know that you are very happy that lady princess consort has recovered her memories.” The two look at him in surprise. Hugging Yuulin tighter, Reishou laughs and says, “Because my bride [/wife] is indeed a surprising treasure.”
Narration: “It is like gazing at an endless dream. Stepping on the soft ground that is hard to put effort on [to keeping standing/walking]. Slowly, bit by bit, it becomes firm and solid. ‘Yuulin from downtown capital’ has entered the palace...

...Met you. *Yuulin goes to Reishou* Met everyone. *scene of everyone including overjoyed Gen* One led to another. Everything had become interconnected. Next, it linked to you whom I’m about to meet.” There is a scene of a baby’s hand holding Yuulin’s finger.
Comment: So, Yuulin finally remembered and has somehow relived how lost and sad she was at that time when her mother passed away. In a way, it shows how important Reishou was to her. It is basically the second time throughout her life when she broke down and cry like that.

So, I guess as mentioned in the previous chapter, Yuulin is really acting strong. Hehe, so she is always drawn teary-eyed =P Nevertheless, her efforts had produce great results that she pretty much made everyone approve of her even if they don’t like her ^^

I guess Yuulin had become emotional due to her condition. Nevertheless, because of it, it proved to Reishou that contrary to what he thought, she isn’t okay without him. Thus, he promised to be with her and get rid of anyone in their way. ^^

And, it turns out her father’s friend is Kouren. Apparently, Kouren doesn’t want to take credit for being the ‘matchmaker’. I wonder how will Reishou react if he knew. This also explains why Kouren immediately knew where to find Yuulin when she left the palace before.

Yuulin’s father is quite an upright man that he doesn’t want to use his connections to have a better life. I’m not sure if it is okay since they did have a hard life before. Perhaps, now, they are well-to-do thanks to the money Yuulin send back from her palace work. And, perhaps it is for the best or else, the others might be able to trace where Yuulin is from.

And, we got a time skip to show that the baby is born. Boy or girl? Please don’t spoil those who know. ^^ I’m thinking that if it is a boy, Reishou would most likely stay being king. If it is a girl, he might abdicate and pass it to Ryukou. Next chapter is the finale. Scans by 水月梅漢化

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