November 24, 2018

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 74 - I Don't Want]

At an outdoor onsen, Isaki exclaims, “Ha-- This is quite amazing-♡♡ It’s such a luxury to soak in an outdoor onsen early in the morning~” Hiro and Satowa came to join them. Hiro calls out to Isaki that she’s quite early.

Isaki happily urges them to quickly come over since it is almost all reserved [/taken?] now! After the two girls joins Isaki, Hiro exclaims that it is her first time to soak in an outdoor bath in the morning! Satowa says that it’s so comfortable... Isaki says this is a wonderful place at this onsen hotel.
Looking at the side, Hiro asks about Akira who is soaking and sulking at the corner. Isaki laughs and exclaims that a while ago, she rubbed Akira’s chest so she is on her guard now! Aghast Satowa exclaims, rub chest...!?

Hiro comments that she’ so far. Patting Akira’s head, Isaki apologizes and says that she won’t do it again so don’t be angry, don’t be angry. Pouting Akira is covering her chest. Hiro laments that the training ends today~

Satowa comments that time flies really fast. Hiro says that she totally didn’t accomplish her goal--... Satowa asks her if her goal is to stabilize her sound control [/pressing the notes?]. Hiro says yes, and also about everyone’s common goal which is ‘to have charming koto sound’.
Isaki exclaims, Charm!? She couldn’t believe that as high school students, they set their goal quite high. Embarrassed Hiro exclaims that it isn’t, it is Suzuka.

Stowa says that actually before when they were playing ‘Haru no Umi’... Isaki goes oh. And Satowa went on to explain it to her. Later on, Isaki says, “So, it turns out to be like that. But, is ‘having a charming koto sound’ necessary right now?”

The two girls are puzzled. Isaki continues, “Ah, but during the ‘Haru no Umi’, it is possible that it would be good to have it but is it also needed for ‘Ai’?” Satowa says that they weren’t told anything but in order to increase the performance’s tension...
Sitting on the edge of the onsen, Isaki says it is correct to say that but it isn’t good if you are all so vague about wanting to play out this ‘koto sound that has charm’, right?

“‘Where is it played’, ‘Why is it played’, ‘For what is it played’ Whether or not that koto sound is necessary. Shouldn’t one think about these things first?” As the three look in awe at her, Satowa says that is true...

Akira asks her if she also played koto. Isaki exclaims, no! “It is simply because of my father that I came in contact with that for a little bit. Ah ha, ha, sorry for saying such big words. Father simply always says that koto sound can bring about resonance to one’s inner heart.”
“At that time, I just thought that he is saying some beautiful words but after I listened to everyone’s performance, it seems that I have understood those words. *jumps down the onsen and hugs the others* So, everyone, you only have to work hard and temper yourself to bring out your charisma. It’s definitely no problem at all.”

Akira says temper oneself... “On contrary, compared to ordinary practice, it is still difficult.” Satowa says isn’t that what Suzuka always say, ‘must absorb all sorts of things’... Hiro mutters, “...being in also okay, right...”

Sparkling Isaki grabs Hiro’s hand and exclaims, “Ah, what, what, Hiro-chan, do you have someone you like!!?” Blushing Hiro denies it. “I don’t mean it that way. I’m simply making up an analogy.”
With a smile, Isaki just says, oh really? Hiro didn’t reply back. Isaki says, “But, isn’t it really amazing to level up one’s charismatic love [/romance]? Even if one couldn’t level it up but one can still unconditionally see the person one likes everyday, and inevitably stay together with the other party. This is actually such a rare thing so properly treasure it.”

The two girls blush and look as if they were thinking of something. Isaki asks Akira if there is something that she wants to say. Surprised Akira says no, nothing at all--...
Inside the hotel, Sane, Michi and Kouta exclaims, “-Eh!!! Are you for real!!!” Suzuka says that it’s true and what do they plan to do. Michi exclaims as if there’s a need to ask, they definitely want to go and listen! Sane exclaims that they won’t have this kind of opportunity again!

Hiro and Satowa arrives. Hiro greets them a good morning and asks what’s up. Holding a piece of paper, Takezou tells them to look at this. Hiro says that it is about Nagano music festival. Takezou tells them that the high school that is in first place for 5 consecutive years in the Nationals is going to perform there.

This surprises the two girls. Hiro asks which high school is consecutively in first place... He tells them that it is Ichiei, a famous elite music school. This surprises Hiro while Satowa looks thoughtful.
Hiro asks if an elite school will perform in that kind of place. Takezou says that there is no problem in regards with the rules. “Since five years ago when Ichiei’s JAPANESE TRADITIONAL MUSIC DEPARTMENT debuted, their students always dominate first place.”

Aghast Hiro says aren’t they excessively too strong... Takezou agrees with her. “So, if today’s practice is cancelled, we’ll go to Nagano and hear them play.” Sane and the other two shout, “Woo— We'll go and check out the enemy-”

Hiro sweatdrops and says so it became THAT. “But, I also in favor. If we can listen to them, then I also want to go and listen!” Satowa says that she also feels that they should go and listen. Takezou agrees with them. He asks if Atsumu and Natsu also agree. The two agrees. “Then, the one who is left is--...”
Looking around, Satowa asks Takezou where Chika is. Takezou says he— Sane says that guy totally won’t wake up so they just left him there! While Isaki listens to them, Satowa says that’s quite rare...

Pouting Kouta says that it seems that Chika has once again secretly gone to practice. “I want to beat him to it!! Geez.” Atsumu asks, ...again? Kouta quickly says that it is nothing...

Satowa thinks that Chika is being reckless again. Hiro says but morning practice is going to start soon so isn’t it better to go and wake Chika up. Takezou says yes, then-- Isaki interrupts by saying, “Satowa-chan, sorry to bother you but can you go and wake Chika up?”
Satowa is surprised. Isaki asks, “Didn’t he treat you as a rival? He’s an idiot who doesn’t know how to assess himself. [<- how can he compare himself to Satowa] If you were to go and call him, it is possible that he’ll wake up.”

Sane muses, ah, is that so. Michi says that if he goes, it is possible that he’ll get beaten up. Kouta says no wonder Isaki really knows Chika. Isaki laughs. Pushing protesting Satowa out, Isaki says that if Chika won’t wake up, it will do if you give him a kick or perhaps, take away his pillow. I’ll leave it up to you.”

And, Isaki promptly closes the door as Satowa says, wait... Satowa recalls Isaki saying that Chika treats her as a rival. “Yes, that’s right. I know.” She turns around and heads to the guys’ room. Then, she also recalls what Isaki said earlier about how rare it is to be able to see the person one likes unconditionally and be with that person. “Like this is already enough.”
Satowa puts aside her shoes and knocks on the door. “Kudou? Are you awake? ...Kudou-? it okay that I open the door?” She slides the door open and sees Chika sound asleep.

After going towards him, Satowa says that he’s really dead asleep. Her expression softens when she sees him up close. She holds out her hand to touch him but she stops upon recalling that he considers her a rival.

She calls out, “...Kudou! Moring practice is already going to start! Get up already! Kudou!!” She becomes aghast upon recalling Isaki saying that if she wakes him up, it is possible that he’ll wake up. She wonders if it is like waking up a ghost [/demon; idiom/literal?]
She grabs his pillow and shouts, “Kudou, wake up. Morning practice is going to start!! Let go of the pillow! How do you normally wake up!? *Chika scowls and groans* While you are sleeping, I’ll go through a huge amount of practice and go to a place where you cannot reach no matter how you run [after me]! Doesn’t that matter to you!?”

To her surprise, Chika suddenly grabs her wrist and says, “I don’t want.” And, he pulls her to him and hugs her [as replacement for his pillow? =P] Satowa is stunned. Then, she blushes really red while going !!?

Trying to pull herself from him, she says, “Wa...wait, Ku...Kudou, are you still sleeping!? Let me say, wait...” And, he hugs her tighter causing her to blush even redder. She mutters, “Kudou...”
And, Chika wakes up. His eyes widen upon seeing blushing helpless Satowa whom he is hugging tightly. Chika blushes really red. He lets go of her and quickly backs away to the wall. Bang.

He goes !!? Wha, ha!!?? Trembling red all over Satowa stands up and says, “Ab...ab...about that, I th...think...right, that’s right, mor...morn...morning practice...!! Mor...morn...morning practice is already going to start. I I I only came to tell you that.” Chika goes ah.

Satowa quickly turns to leave as she shouts, “See you later!!!” Chika calls out for her to wait but she already left. While his heart is beating loudly, Chika is still shocked and confused. He holds his head and thinks, “Wait, wait...ah, Wait, wait wait...Ha!!? What was that just now!!? What kind of situation was it!!??”
“This is bad. I totally don’t know!!! Even if I totally don’t know, but it seems that I did something very serious. *walks around nervously* Wha wha what should I do. I’m so dead. What should I do. Could it be that I finally crossed the line and committed a crime? *quickly sits down and grabs his phone* That’s right, I’ll go and ask Tetsuki.”

The phone says, “The number you dialed is currently not available [/no batteries] or it is outside the coverage area so [he] cannot answer your call-” Irked Chika throws his phone on the wall and shouts, “Go to hell!! Useless thing!!” There is a chibi of Tetsuki angry saying ha?

Outside, Satowa is wobbly running to the right then to the left before she finally falls down on the ground. Her heart is beating fast too. She mutters that hurts. She is still blushing and perspiring profusely as she recalls the hug. She exclaims, "Ahhhhh, heavens— you totally don’t understand my feelings...”
Soon, everyone is getting ready to board the bus. Takezou tells Suzuka that the luggage is ready [/all inside]. Suzuka says okay. Turning to Taishin, Suzuka apologizes for leaving in such a hurry and thanks you for his hospitality [/care].

Taishin says, “You’re welcome!! [/it’s alright!!] I’m stimulated. Basically, I still thought of waiting for my current work here to settle down and then, I’ll go back composing. But seeing the musical score of ‘Ai’, I already start to get all excited!! I will definitely continue on composing. When the time comes, I’ll still ask you to properly listen to it!”

Suzuka says okay, and it will be his honor. “I’ll anticipate it.” He gets in the bus. The driver informs him that he’ll be closing the door. Waving to the others, Taishin calls out, “Everyone, take care on your way-!!”

Sane and others wave call out to him and thanks him for his hospitality-!!! Taishin calls out, “I’ll go to the Nationals and help cheer for you guys-!! Do your best-!!!” Sane and others shout, “Thank you-!!!” Taishin smiles as he sees them off.
As the bus passes through the highway, Chika thinks that the mood is super awkward. He wonders why is the one sitting beside him is... It is none other than Satowa.

Nervous Chika thinks, “This is quite disastrous. When this problem came up before, I spend a lot of time before I was forgiven. This time, it is possible that we won’t be in good terms throughout our lifetime... Bu...but, still, I must first apologize... Wah, I totally won’t dare face Houzuki.”

He freaks out when Satowa says about that thing this morning. Stiff Chika says ah...ya... Looking away, Satowa says yes, about that. “You were sleepy and thought that I’m a pillow.” Chika that...
Blushing really red, Satowa shouts, “...I, I think that it isn’t strange for that kind of thing happened!! about that...actually, there’s no need to mind it. It is okay [for us] to be like how it usually is [between us]!”

Chika notices that she is trembling as she clenches her fists. He says, “Ya, but ...making you have some unpleasant memory. Honestly...I’m sorry.” Satowa is surprised by that. Chika is gloomy because he got careless. He made Satowa apologize first...

Satowa says that it is nothing. “Actually, I’m just quite startled, that’s all. Because we are staying together the whole day and for such a long time already, how can I still hate or be afraid of you right now.”
Surprised Chika asks if that is for real. Satowa exclaims that it is true! He asks if she is serious. She scolds him for being annoying. Chika happily smiles and says, “That’s great...”

Upon seeing that, Satowa immediately backs away. Thug. She hits her head on the koto. Aghast Chika asks if she is alright and he heard that thug sound. Holding her head, she says it is alright and don’t mind it.

After a pause, Chika asks, “ the way, why are we on the bus... I totally don’t remember what happened earlier... *Satowa goes ha?* Isn’t it too early for us to go back now?” Satowa is speechless.
At the courtyard of the place where the Nagano music festival is going to be held, a guy is singing. Then, a bird lands on his finger. He exclaims, “Wa! You’re quite pretty! [Your] clear sound is already quite beautiful.”

Someone calls out to him, Lucas*. “It’s our turn to rehearse.” [*in Japanese, it is read as Ryuka which seems like a girl’s name. After googling, in a game, Ryuka is translated as Lucas so I’ll use that. And, it is said that in French, it is a silent ‘s’ for Lucas. =P]

Lucas exclaims, Tougo! Lucas stands up and asks if it is already that time. Tougo asks what’s up with those birds, did he gave them some bait. Lucas says that he sang some lines and they would come over to him. Tougo asks if he is a princess of some kingdom... Lucas laughs.
They hear someone singing. Lucas says that singing is... Tougo says that it is Miran [/Milan]. “Still playing like that.” Lucas chuckles and says that her tonality [/temperament] is more intense than before and her melody is also quite beautiful.

He comments, “Every time I listen to Miran’s tonality, I always get all stirred up. It really makes me feel excited.” Tougo says that he doesn’t feel his hair is standing on the end [/creepy]. Lucas laugh and says that Tougo is really interesting.

The wind blows. As they go in the building, Lucas says that ah, such a comfortable wind. “I feel that I’ll also hear a good tonality today!” Tougo says that he always felt that Lucas makes one’s hair stand on the end. Lucas asks why. Tougo didn’t answer.
Back in the bus, Chika exclaims in disbelief that they are going to listen to the performance of the high school which ranked first place in the Nationals!!? “Hey, glasses, why you!! How come you didn’t tell me about such an important thing!!”

Aghast Takezou says that he has always been telling him since this morning!!? Chika exclaims if that is for real, sorry!!! He asks Satowa what kind of school is that Ichiei! Satowa says that it is an elite music school. “It got numerous awards in music. If you didn’t get a recommendation from a famous teacher, you won’t be able to study there.”

Chika says no wonder it is her, she really knows it in detail. Satowa says yes, she knows a bit of it because it is a school where she was about to go to before. There is a scene of her mother telling her that she’ll be going to Ichiei to study. Chika and everyone are shocked by this revelation.
Comment: Hehe, in a certain Chinese site, they ask if I’m 18 above before I can read this chapter. Yup, those covered up nude scenes must have triggered the censorship. Hm...I wonder if it will be drawn out in the volume.

It’s nice to have a ‘nice adult’ who’ll give you tips about playing and love life. ^^ Isaki is quite a contrast to Suzuka. In a way, that talk will likely have an effect on the romance part as shown in Satowa’s. ^^ It helps that Isaki also gave her a push. ^^

That hug scene is really nice and cute. Chika’s reaction is priceless and comedic. Thanks to that, Chika won’t fear Satowa being easily offended by what he does since she isn’t scared or hates him. A little progress ^^ But it will be a long way for Chika who is totally clueless.

At least with Takezou, he has some suspicions. =P Apart from not having the self-confidence to actually think that Hiro likes him, it is probably because for the guys, their first impression of the girls had stuck so it would be a leap of faith for them to think that those girls had fallen for them.

This trip revealed that even if he isn’t in the school music scene, Taishin will continue composing later on. Most likely, as a hobby. Since he is going to cheer for them, I think Hakuto and Himesaka koto clubs will also be there at the nationals.

Apparently, their rival is really the club to beat. It made me think that their members are at the same level as Satowa. And, it seems that they are into singing. Do they sing while playing the koto?

It might be a repeat of Satowa vs Akira before. They would have to beat a group that is really good in playing, etc which might include singing, with their emotions [/heart] and hopefully, charm to win the Nationals. Scans by 二次元秘店
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