November 6, 2018

Promise Cinderella [Chapter 4 - Own Path]

Standing beside Issei, Hayame says, “You say good come I only have a bad premonition...” Holding a piece of paper, Issei tells her that the leading role here is that woman just now, called Megumi. “You’ll be helping me out. Help me in passing a message to her and you’ll pass this one.”

Wary Hayame says, passing a message...? Issei says, that’s right. “It’s really easy, right? *holds out the dice* Afterwards, there is one more requirement. 1. [you] are whore, 2. [you] are an ugly woman, 3. [you] are fat matron, 4. [you] are an idiot, 5 [you] are scum and 6. [you] are an auntie.”
Hayame looks at him with wide eyes. Issei continues, “You’ll say the word in accordance to the number shown from the tossed dice and I’ll give you 200,000. *Hayame exclaims in disbelief* Isn’t it very easy? It’s quite a welfare [/dole out].”

Hayame says how can she possibly say that kind of word and furthermore, she is basically being targeted already... Issei asks her that it’s no big deal because basically, they have no friendly relations. Hayame sighs and says that isn’t the problem here. “Anyway, I cannot do it.” 
Issei tells her that she simply has to say that word and she’ll have 200,000. Hayame hesitates and thinks for a while. In the end, she holds out her hand and tells him, the dice, she’ll toss it.

Giving her the dice, Issei tells her to do what was tossed. Hayame tells him that she’ll pass it to the person exactly like what he wanted it! “What words do you want to pass?” Issei sly smiles.
Later on, Megumi is clinging on to Issei’s arm as she caresses it. She coons, “Let me say, Issei, what’s your answer~~? Why won’t you say a word? Is there something about me that you’re a bit dissatisfied? *Issei lets out a small laugh* Geez- what are you laughing at. You’re really arrogant.” 

A waiter puts a cake on the table and says, “It’s your birthday cake.” Megumi perks up and exclaims so amazing-! “Issei, quickly look at it” Scowling Hayame curses as she wonders when should she say it. Issei says, “Quickly say it--”
Surprised Hayame says, hey, don’t say it so loud... Quickly looking at the two, Megumi asks what, what are you two talking about-? Issei whistles. In tears [ala waterfall; imaginary], irked Hayame thinks that it is all his fault. “At least let me do it on my own pace.”

Pointing at Hayame, Issei says, “It seems that someone asked her to say something to you.” Hayame thinks that this is thoroughly bad. Megumi casually asks, “Going to say something huh. Who said it?” Looking really tense as she clasps both hands, Hayame thinks that she’s no good anymore.

She starts to say, “No, about that... how can I possibly go steady with a stinky whore like you, stupid... Like that...” Smiling Megumi suddenly looks surprised and says, “...Ha? Who said that...” Then, she notices Issei letting out a little laugh as he tries to suppress his laughter.
Megumi takes a glass of champagne and splashes its contents on surprised Hayame. Issei is surprised that it was tossed on that side. Standing up to face Issei, Megumi says, “Issei...what do you mean by that. Are you treating me like an idiot!?”

Issei says, “Let it be- Let it be- Your expression, don’t look so intimidated. Isn’t today your birthday? You should be a bit happy.” As Yoshitora gives Hayame a handkerchief to dry her face, Megumi says, “You are so mean like this... Issei... *teary-eyed* I had really summoned up a huge courage to confess to you!!”
Issei says, how come he don’t see it like that. “A person who answers one guy and then, switches to another guy should pretend less. *Megumi insists that she likes only him.* Quit lying. You’re a frivolous woman who slept with a different guy every night. *Yoshitora looks at Megumi* There is nothing that I don’t hear about.”

Bending down to the floor, Megumi covers her face and sadly says that it isn’t like that. “Issei... believe me...” Issei looks at Megumi and asks, “Let me ask you, what do you like about me? We only recently know each other some time ago. Anyway, you are also rushing towards [me for] my money, right? Women do love money the most.”
Hayame looks surprised at Issei’s taunting remarks. Sobbing Megumi says, “I...I sincerely like a person like you, Issei...!” Issei asks, “What am I like?” She looks at him and says, “You, you are... the son of the president of an ancient historic hotel.”

Issei says yes. Megumi continues, “Your prospect looks bright. *Issei says yes* You look quite handsome and you have money...” Issei says, yes, yes, and what else? Megumi says, and also... But she couldn’t add anything more.

Issei laughs and says, enough, enough, don’t say anymore. “I’m still really quite pitiful. In the end, didn’t you still fall in love with the rich son, Kataoka Issei?” Hayame continues to look surprise over this conversation. Megumi exclaims that it isn’t so.
Issei darkly says, “Then, what if I say that I’m going to give up on all of my family property. And, I’ll be together with you with nothing at all, would you accept me? Actually, it doesn’t matter to me. It’s the same whether I want that kind of family or not.”

After looking surprised, Megumi tensely says, “Eh...but, like that you won’t be able to live like this current carefree and worry free life...?” Issei says that didn’t he say that these things don’t matter to him at all. Megumi is speechless.
She tensely says, “Of... *stands up and looks at Issei* ...of course I’ll accept! Because I like a person like you, Issei! But, you are simply joking around, right...?” Issei looks at her. Hayame still looks surprised. Issei says this is no fun at all.

Pointing at Megumi, Issei says, “I don’t want to talk with this woman anymore.” Yoshitora nods. The two burly men quickly grabs Megumi by the arms. She shouts, “Wait... Let me go! Why, Issei? What are you unsatisfied about me!?”
Issei says, “...Let me tell you- How come you have so much self-confidence towards yourself? Do you think that as long as you sell your body, men will flock all over you? You think too much of yourself [/believe you are infallible], so please, also have some limit, okay. It’s really disgusting. I couldn’t even bring up a bit of sexual interest towards you.”

Megumi looks aghast, surprise and tense. Then, she suddenly became angry. “You’re going too far. Basically, there’s nothing amazing about someone like you...! You’re not good at all if it weren’t for your family background [/situation]. You basically cannot do anything.”
Issei perks up and says, haha, oh- oh- Megumi continues, “What is there for you to be conceited about. Actually, I got close to you in order to keep in touch with your brother...” That seems to hit a chord on Issei as Yoshitora looks very serious.

Hayame looks surprised as Issei takes a bottle of champagne. With a slight smile, he pours its contents on Megumi’s head and says, “I wish you a happy birthday.” Megumi is on the verge of tears. To Issei’s surprise, Hayame puts her hand on his head and pushes his face down on the birthday cake. The other customers are startled and speechless.
Patting her hands, Hayame says, “You went over the top. *putting her hands on her waist* The things you say are really offensive. You should also think and consider about other people’s feelings.” Pulling up his face from the cake, Issei mutters, “ bastard... I’m going to kill you!!”

After looking surprised by that, Megumi starts to laugh. “Ah ha ha ha ha, unexpectedly being schooled by this attractive middle-aged woman. You’re really pitiful, Issei. If you were as talented as your brother, you’ll be able to lecture someone...

...All of the good things are taken away by someone else! *Issei wipes off the icing from his face as Yoshitora gives him a hankerchief* I heard that your family had already abandoned you.”
Issei looks sad-serious as he cleans his face. Megumi continues, “Is it true that you are crying everyday at home? With that kind of awful character, you’ll pass the days all alone by yourself! *Issei notices Hayame passing by while carrying the ruined cake* Ah ha ha ha ha ha”

And, Hayame slams the cake on Megumi’s face. The others look stunned that some even dropped their glasses. After the cake fell off her face, Megumi says, “ old woman!! What are you thinking! Did you even know!? That as a model, I depend on my face to eat...”
With folded arms, Hayame looks down on Megumi and coldly says, “You’re noisy to death, ugly woman.” Megumi is stunned that she can only say, huh...? Hayame continues, “All of what you are thinking in your heart is already shown on your face...

...How can you compare one person to another? People who are totally the same do not exist. It is very normal that there are things that are different. *Issei looks surprised at Hayame* Even if I don’t know what kind of person he is and I also do not want to go understand him but...

...*points at Issei* He is who he is. Neither you or I have the right to decide on how this person will live on from today on. It won’t be by your orders [/it’s not up to you to criticize him]! *scowls and closely look at Megumi*

...I remember that you said that you’re 22 years old...right? Even if I also didn’t learn [/studied] much to be able to come and tell you this... But, do you really have a brain? How can you just grow old and not grow a brain!”
Megumi still looks surprised and speechless. Hayame turns to Issei and says, “Let’s go.” Surprised Issei suddenly stands up and tells her to wait. The other customers just stare at Hayame as she went out the club. The rest of the customers stare at stupefied Megumi.

In the car, Hayame exclaims that she’s tired to death. Issei angrily calls her bastard for unexpectedly daring to shove his face into the cake. Hayame pouts and says that it is his fault! “By the way, give me 300000*! I followed the agreement.” [*For some reason, the translation here became 300k instead of 200k ^^; I don’t know if it is the mangaka’s fault or the translators.]

Issei says that he knows already so she still owes 2.7 million. Hayame says 2.7 million, the path ahead is quite long. “As a precaution that you won’t forget, I propose that you make a record.”
Scowling Hayame says that it’s annoying to death so he’ll make Yoshitora to go and record it. Yoshitora says okay. Hayame sighs and says that she relaxed for a while and now, she feels that she has a slight headache.

She thinks, “I’m exhausted. But, it has been such a long time since I said everything that I was thinking of. It felt that I have gone back to my original self. *recalls laughing with Masahiro, then she smiles* It’s possible that I am also already mentally strained.”

Issei glances at sleeping Hayame. He turns to look out the window and blushes a bit as he recalls what Hayame said, “How can you compare one person to another? He is who he is.”
Comment: And that is one birthday party that Megumi won’t ever forget. There’s splashing and pouring of champagne. And, cake on the face with laugh, tears and hopefully, growing up later on.

So, apparently Issei is using Hayame as his start/intro of rejecting Megumi. Megumi is quite an actress. Was she really crying and hurt when Issei confronted her with what he knew about her? Perhaps, there is a part that is real about it.

Perhaps, after Issei told her about what he really feels for her and knowing it is a lost cause, she showed her true intention towards him. Because of Issei’s reactions here, it does seem that he has a huge issue with his brother. There ought to be some truth in what Megumi said about Issei and his family.

Thanks to Hayame, she put a stop to this ‘bullying’ of each other’ aka ‘washing of dirty linen in public’ and lectured the two. Anyway, it seems that this episode might slightly change Issei’s perception of Hayame ^^ Scans by 离境

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