November 10, 2018

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 103]

At Yuulin’s home, teary-eyed Yuulin shouts to Seishin, “My simple and crude home! My cute little brother!! *hugs Seishin really tight* I’m back-!!” Seishin tells her that she’s hugging him too tight. “Calm down a bit!!”

Yuulin continues to shout, “My little brother, you’re also quite cute today- It seems like we haven’t seen each other for such a long time-!!” Sweatdropping, Seishin says, indeed, they pretty much haven’t seen each other for a long time...

Narration: “I’m Tei Yuulin. It seems that I have lost a lot of my important memories. But in short, my little brother is so cute!!” Looking surprised, Yuulin says, “-ah, strange? Seishin, did you grow tall!?”
Already at the same height as Yuulin, Seishin says of course, he grew tall. “It’s because I’m in my growth stage.” This has stupefied Yuulin. She starts looking around and asks where their father is. Seishin says that right now, it just so happened that he’s home. “I’ll quickly call him--”

Coming out of the house, Gankei calls out to Yuulin. “How come you’re here?” Irked Yuulin says geez, how come he’ll say such cruel words to his own daughter. Surprised Gankei says, “Eh, it’s because, weren’t you--...”
He sees Reishou standing beside Yuulin. And, he suddenly freaks out. Everyone is puzzled when Gankei backs away and quickly starts to run out the gate. He shouts, “Your father has forgot something at Chi’s [guesswork from ] house-!!!”

Holding out her hand for him to stop, Yuulin exclaims, What!? Holding out v-signs, Gankei nervously says goodbye, and they go take their time. Aghast Yuulin shouts, “Father!? Fa-ther!!? Greet the guest first- *puzzled* What is father doing...”
Reishou smiles and says compared to that, she should at least explain things first to her younger brother. Blushing Yuulin says, ah yes. Later on, Seishin says, ah, lost her memory huh... Reishou says that it is only some years when she was working at the palace, that’s all. “So, right now, she returned home and I’m thinking whether or not it can psychologically calm her down...”

Seishin apologizes to Reishou and says that his sister must have baffled him. Reishou says no, he should be the one who should apologize because she is obviously at his side [and this happened]. Yuulin looks bewildered over their conversation.

Seishin says so, they can only watch and see how the situation goes. “...I understand. Please relax as you stay here. Even if I cannot properly entertain [/receive] you two. Ah, sister, I’ll go tidy up your room since it has been turned into a storage room.”
Stunned Yuulin exclaims, storage room!? Seishin says yes, their father told him that it is okay. Yuulin cannot believe that their father would do that. Smiling Seishin tells her to leave dinner up to him so just wait for a while. “When you’re not around, my cooking has improved. Ah, it’s because I seriously learned it.”

Puzzled and confused Yuulin feels that Seishin had become quite reliable. “He had become mature already. It feels so strange. -did I really lose my memory...” Someone calls out, “I’ll be intruding.” Surprised Yuulin exclaims that voice...!
Scratching his head, Gaku says, “Eh? Yuulin, how come you’re here?” Yuulin is aghast because that is the same reaction with her father!! Gaku asks if she was abandoned by that man again. Yuulin stiffens over that. Reishou smiles and greets Gaku. “It has been a long time. We came back together.”

Gaku says, “Ha. Still the same as before, quite a scoundrel. ...just in time, there’s something that I want to talk with you so come over for a while.” Quickly standing in front of Reishou, Yuulin exclaims, “What!? What are you going to do!? Do you want a quarrel!? You better stop it!”
Gaku says, “I’m not, idiot. We simply do not want to bother you two siblings. I’m just casually inviting him out for a drink.” Reishou smiles and asks Yuulin if he can go with him. “Relax. When I came here before, my relationship with him had become quite good. So can I?”

Gaku complains ah, when did that happen? Yuulin is a bit apprehensive. She grabs Reishou’s sleeve and says of course, he can... “Better be careful, okay?” Reishou says yes. “You too. The spy is always nearby. *scene of chibi Dai* If something’s up, just shout out.” Blushing Yuulin says, oo...okay... Reishou says, good kid.
While Reishou follows him, Gaku comments over what’s up with that. “It is only this once after a long time since she came back but she’s totally absent-minded.”

Reishou tells him that a few days ago, she fell down and hit her head so some of her memories are messed up. Surprised Gaku says is that so. Reishou says that she remembers everything about them but forgot about him. He slightly smiles and says, “I’m a bit at a loss over what to do.”

At the palace, Jun holds his head and says that he cannot understand what His Majesty is thinking. “During this kind of situation, what’s the purpose of accompanying the princess consort back home...!?” Kouren quietly listens and seems to have thought of something.
Back in the capital city, Reishou muses out loud that it seems that starting now, she will go back to the city and will have an ordinary marriage. “Even if I’m not at her side, she can attain happiness from this ordinariness [/common place]. *scene of smiling Yuulin* --I already cannot let go of her hand.”

Gaku clicks his tongue and says, arrogant bastard. “Obviously totally weak.” Reishou laughs and says that he’s saying the truth. “It is quite bad compared to what I imagined.”

Scratching his head, Gaku says, “, do you think that girl is strong?” Puzzled Reishou says the he thinks that she is a very strong kid. Gaku tells him that when she was young, she is that kind of persistent but not that stubborn.
“When she’s with her mother, she would always grab her mother’s leg tightly. Just like a protective god, she would always follow close to me. That girl would always sob behind me.”

Flashback: With another boy, Gaku held a stick and shouted, “Let’s go for an adventure.” Yuulin is sobbing behind him and asked, “Where are you going, Gaku. *ran after him* Gaku.

Then, there is a scene of defiant looking Yuulin while young Seishin held her hand. Gaku explains that Yuulin had become what she is right now when her mother died from an epidemic disease. End flashback.
Reishou looked surprised. Gaku continues “It just so happen that I went with my family outside the royal capital to procure some things... And on the way, the carriage got into an accident which led to this left eye injury...

...*scene of young Gaku all bandaged up* After returning, because of being entangled with some things, I wasn’t able to attend to so many things at the same time. I don’t know when it started but she became someone who must pull herself together by protecting her younger brother...

...*Yuulin quickly hugging Seishin in a protective hug from others* No matter what she won’t depend on others anymore. *scene of Yuulin hmphs and said that she won’t lose*. Gradually going towards the direction of being not cute...”
“Tsk. –but, there is that one time she said that she dreamt of her deceased mother appearing at their house. *While Seishin is asleep, Yuulin is wide awake and headed out the door calling for her mother.*...

...She couldn’t find her motherin the house. So she even went to find her mother at my house. *There is a scene of Yuulin asking Gaku where is her mother then she starts to sob loudly.* ...

...From then on, I haven’t seen her sob like that anymore. *scene of angry Yuulin protecting Seishin from Gaku whom she called a loan shark while he angrily called her not cute brat* Besides, I also don’t want to see it again.”
“, in that kind of situation and that kind of emotions affecting one’s decisions, that girl had become stronger. Yuulin, she isn’t at all strong and won’t depend on others. She simply forgot her own weakness, that’s all...

...But you must accept her being like that, all of it because that is something I cannot do for my younger sister.” [<- Gaku treats Yuulin as his younger sister]

Soon, it is night. In the house, Seishin says that Reishou hasn’t come back yet. “Sister, your complexion looks really bad. Are you tired? Isn’t it better for you to go and rest?”
Yuulin smiles and thanks him. She says, then, she’ll go rest. Soon, she is lying on the bed surrounded by boxes. She sweatdrops and thinks that her room was really turned into a storage room.

“So strange. I obviously came back home but I totally feel that it isn’t my home... Little brother seems to have become an adult. Had become dependable. *scene of Seishin smiling with their father*...

...It feels that my family didn’t get into a dire situation [/it wasn’t poverty-striken]. Really strange. this reality? Or in the end, it is still a beautiful dream? It seems that I don’t have the energy to concentrate.”
She closes her eyes. “-Ah ah, a happy dream is really quite scary. *scene of young Yuulin happily hugging her smiling mother* If after I wake up, it is really a world where you don’t exist, what am I to do? If I’m really ‘the Wolf King’s consort’... If this isn’t a dream...”

While drinking with Gaku, Reishou laments that since they’re talking about that, it was obviously such a low flight of stairs but how come she can hit her head like that. “It’s really a mystery...”

Gaku tells him that there was a situation before when that girl is walking on air. With closed eyes, Yuulin thinks, “I really want to quickly see that person. It seems that I have forgotten something very important.”
Flashback: At the palace’s cloister, Yuulin wobbled while walking that her court lady asked what’s wrong with her. Yuulin sheepishly smiled and said that she is like that starting this morning but she’s fine.

Slightly covering her mouth, puzzled Yuulin thought that she felt so is different from the usual. “It seems to be a kind of premonition.” Then, she lost her footing on the stairs. As she fell down, she thought, “This isn’t good. I... *quickly covered her belly* must protect [it] well.” End flashback.

Yuulin wakes up in a start. She quickly sits up and recalls about forgetting something very important. “Ah ah! *in tears while looking quite flustered* So I felt strange and hit my head... *looks around* -ah, eh?

...House... My house. In the city. My... *recalls when she thought before ‘When I wake up, it will definitely go back to its original form’ ‘It will be like my usual city life...’* That person. *smiling Reishou* What if all of it is a dream, what am I to do?”
Comment: So, apparently, Yuulin is pregnant. Instead of protecting herself, she quickly protected her baby. Hehe, perhaps being always tired lately is a symptom. And apparently, going back home did help jog her memories. ^^

Based on Gankei’s reaction towards Reishou, he probably knows who he is. ^^ For Gaku, I think he knows who Reishou is in Yuulin’s life. ^^ Apparently, the ‘brother’ approves of the brother-in-law. ^^ I do wonder if Seishin had also figured it out. After all, why would it be okay to turn her room into a storage place.

In a way, it must be a love-hate thing with Gaku since he wasn’t there when Yuulin needed him the most. That is why their relationship turned out to be like that. Perhaps, because of the eye patch, Gaku looked like a bad guy who’ll be a bad influence to Shishin.
Anyway, it turned out that the couple is already doing it behind the scenes. As noted by the scanlator, that scene in chapter 87 was a sneak peek. It wasn’t a dream or anything. Hehe, actually, I thought that the way she holds out her hands to him during the moon festival, it seems like they had been doing it. ^^; Scans by 水月梅漢化

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