August 6, 2018

Kasane [Chapter 124 - Until the Curtain Call's End]

Kasane calls out to Nobuhiko, “...about...about that...” She uses her jacket to partly cover her face [/mouth]. Nobuhiko looks at her and scowls. He says that even if he doesn’t know what she wants from him but since she’ll show her face in public with that kind of pain, then he’ll suggest that she give up the profession of acting. This surprises Kasane.

Nobuhiko continues to walk away. Kasane puts down the jacket and says, “‘Nina’ and ‘Saki’ are in my body. *Nobuhiko looks surprised and turns to see the image of Saki then it became Kasane*, I myself also know *[Kasane] looks away* doing this is very reckless...

...*looks at him* No matter how this ugly body vigorously pursues, it is still not enough to reach the past ‘them’.” Nobuhiko still looked surprised before he becomes a bit tense and in deep thought.
He slightly turns and says, “ not vigorously pursue after actresses that have already disappeared. If that is the past you, all the more you should stop pursuing vigorously [after them].”

Nobuhiko turns to leave. This made Kasane call out, “Ah...can you once again watch my performance? Tomorrow...or perhaps, the day after tomorrow, it’s okay. Next time, I’ll definitely...” Nobuhiko apologizes and says, that on those two days, he happened to have work. “I... won’t come and watch again.”

With that, he left. Kasane’s knees weaken causing her to bend down on the ground. She thinks, “I wasn’t able to display my acting skills in front of that person. I simply left behind a disgraceful performance... *covers face and starts to cry*...

...Up until now, this unsightly appearance had been laughed at countless times and it is so humiliating. Despite that, this is still the first time I’ve experience this kind of frustration!!!”
Coming out with an umbrella, Kingo sees Kasane lying on the ground while crying. Then, Kasane’s eyes widen. She immediately sits up and looks determined while biting her teeth. Kingo looked shock by it. On the second day, Ake points at Yoi and shouts, “Repent and mend thy ways right now.”

Yoi answers, “...repent and mend my ways? I shouldst be the one declaring those words. *Ake is surprised when Yoi suddenly grabbed her neck* I am already the incarnated forebears’ spirit (gods) whom thee people has forgotten...!” Iku looked surprised at Kasane’s expression.

While the actors and staff are packing up, a woman tells a man that Kingo didn’t come here today. The man says that maybe he is already fed up? “Thanks to someone, it helped us have a good start at the opening of the show.”
Iku looks at Kasane who is dressing up. She thinks, “But, just now, for a moment, it felt that Kasane-chan’s acting isn’t the same as usual. Compared with yesterday, or even in the past, it’s not the same...” The door opens. Kingo comes in with the stage manager [/supervisor].

The others call out to him and asks where he went. Kingo says that there is a bit of something that he had to attend to. “Actors, assemble together for a while, I have something to say.” After everyone is assembled, Kingo says that he wants to apologize first since it is too sudden.

Holding up the script with the words ‘Ake no Hime additional script’, he tells everyone that he had decided that they act out this addition section at the end of tomorrow’s finale.
The actors look tense and start muttering. He tells them that it isn’t necessary for them to be alarmed. “The more difficult part is on the side of the backstage personnel headed by the stage manager. However, I have already mentioned it to them. Also, with the side of the theater [owner?]...

...What’s left is...Kasane, the additional last section will be played by you alone. *Kasane looks at him* Stay behind and we’ll start practice right now.” Later on, at the theater’s basement, Kasane looks at the ceiling.

Kingo says that practicing at the ‘theater’s basement*’ also has its’ own distinct approach. [*the original Jap text is 奈落/Naraku which meant theater’s basement. It also means hell/abyss.] “Did you come to this kind of place before?” Kasane says yes...she went there once. Kingo says is that so.
Kingo quietly watches glum Kasane. Noticing this, Kasane asks what is it. Kingo says that it is nothing... “It is just that, I’ve been always thinking lately, even if you and Izana-san have the same appearance but inside, you two are totally different people.”

Looking down, Kasane says that this always made him dissatisfied, right. Kingo didn’t answer. He stands up from the chair and goes to Kasane. He tells her, “Way of thinking, fashion taste [/favorite clothes], love of reading books [/favorite books?], way of talking, the two of you are totally different...

...And besides, the crucial part is, that person lives because of ‘attachment’ [/love]. ...right now, I can squarely face your existence. I no longer shift my view towards ‘Izana’s shadow. *points at Kasane* So, you also don’t have to reach ‘Saki’, ‘Nina’, as well as ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’s heights and vigorously chase after them.”
Kasane recalls Nobuhiko advising her not to vigorously chase after actresses who had already disappeared. Kasane looks at Kingo who gives her the script. He tells her, “This story belongs to you. Break away from the endless story (past), portray the life of a woman forging ahead towards an unknown end...

...*Kasane reads the script* --Use that appearance, that dark dull obsession [/persistence] and hatred, that sorrow of being helpless in the face of crisis due to fate, show it all out. Since your life is a malevolent tragic sight, a disgrace, as well as comically ridiculous that it doesn’t matter that you look so ugly! As long as... *holds her face* you are you (Fuchi Kasane), that is already enough.”

Kasane looks at him as he lets go of her. He turns around and says, “...then, let’s start. There’s no problem, right?” As a tear falls from her eye, Kasane closes her eyes and says, “...Yes!”
And, it’s the final day of the performance. It is announced that the play is about to start so the audience are asked to take their seats and patiently wait. Kasane follows the arrow at the dark stage and stands in position. Iku smiles as she glances at Kasane.

The curtain starts to open. Kasane’s eyes look clear and determined. Covering her face, Iku says, “I’m known as Ake.” Covering her face, Kasane says, “I’m known as Yoi.” The other actors look tense. Iku says, “Yoi, Yoi, thou art truly stupid. Unexpectedly, refusing my radiance.”

Seki [their schoolmate during high school] look surprised and tense. Kingo watches on. Nogiku looks tense at her hooded seatmate who quietly observes. Kasane points at the side and says, “Ake, Ake, thou art truly hateful, *looking angry* thou do not know a thing of my suffering.” Narration: “Now, I’m standing here (imaginary), but seeking to be myself (reality).”
Comment: In this chapter, it is about how the men in Kasane’s life help her to be where she is right now. Surprising, there is no violent reaction from Nobuhiko though I wonder if he knew what Kasane meant that ‘they’ are in her. From his sad expression, it seems that he’ll be a tragic character who’ll somehow...will never fall in love again.

And, it is possible that is a goodbye from him. So, perhaps, that is the cause of Kasane’s reaction since that awful performance might be the last performance he’ll ever watch. And thanks to how Kasane managed to quickly compose herself, Kingo got inspired.

Iku had already noticed the difference in Kasane’s acting the next day. And, the final push for the ‘evolution’ would be what Kingo said to her. After always comparing her to Izana/Saki, Kingo is now aware of the real Kasane. And, I guess he had incorporated this to whatever that added section is.

So, on to the final performance of this play, Iku’s smile means that Kasane is back to herself or rather, is no longer the lame awful actress in the previous performances. The other actors seem to have noticed it. Seki looks surprised, perhaps, didn’t expected to see Kasane in a play. And, there’s no negative reaction from Kingo.

The scene with Nogiku looking somewhat tense and nervous is the mystery part. Somehow, I think it can play a big role whether or not the series will end as a tragedy or a ‘happy ending’. It’s highly possible that she is Nina’s mother though I wonder why she would be wearing a hood. Any chance that it is Yuuto?

Whatever the ending will be, we ought to see a performance from Kasane that everyone ought to remember for a long, long time or even, as long as they live and it will be talked legendary perhaps, the way, Fuchi Sugeyo was then. But unlike ‘Sugeyo’, Kasane is going to be talked about by being herself. Scans by 网易汉化

Quote of the day:
Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down. ~ Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart


  1. Thank you a lot!

  2. So that means Nobuhiko doesn't know about the lipstick and face switch, etc.. I mean I don't want Kasane to have a bad end but I think Nobihiko deserves to know the truth about Nina.. And thanks for translation! It's up to author whether Nobuhiko will love again, so I hope he will find someone honest who will never lie to him and will be there for him..

    1. Yup, it seems so but I guess he had some sort of 'feeling' about it...they are all the same person.

      Thanks for reading ^-^