July 11, 2018

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 101]

Narration: “It felt as if I having an exceptionally endless dream. I’m Tei Yuulin. At Hakuyou’s downtown area, I live together with my cute and intelligent younger brother, and disorderly and unreliable father. Everyday, I frantically go about doing household work and doing part-time work!...

...*Yuulin is working as a waitress* In short, right now, I’m working hard to earn money to prepare for the tuition fees of my younger brother who wants to take the [civil service] exam! I don’t have enough time. Ah...geez, isn’t there a job where I can earn more money?”
Then, Yuulin opens her eyes. She sits up and rubs her eyes. She thinks, “Ah, it’s already morning. I have to quickly make breakfast, wash the clothes, clean the room and afterwards, I still have to go to work. But then, somehow, I feel that I have been sleeping for a long time... ...huh?”

She looks bewildered as she looks around the spacious room. Aghast, Yuulin exclaims in surprise since this isn’t her house. She winces in pain. Holding her head, she thinks her head hurts and what is this... Her thoughts are interrupted when she hears someone dropping a tray of glasses.
She looks up to see two teary-eyed court ladies. They call out, “Lady princess consort!! You are finally awake! You lost consciousness after you fell down from the stairs... You were sleeping for three days already. Quickly inform His Majesty. Li Jun-sama has just passed by...”

Yuulin is puzzled over what’s going on. “What is this about.” While Yuulin looks tense and puzzled, Jun asks, “Memory loss?” Holding his chin, Gen nods. “It looks like a part of her memories are messed up. ...she forgot all her memories from that time she entered the palace. The root cause is because she fell down the stairs and viciously hit her head.”
Looking aghast, Jun shakes Gen by the shoulders and shouts, “Can it be recovered!?” Gen says that it is hard to say. “It’s possible that it will naturally be restored. It is also possible that it won’t be recovered throughout her life.”

Jun exclaims in disbelief, “How can that be...!! That is so troublesome! Do you know how much time I spent in teaching the princess consort!?” Gen says that even if he says that... Yuulin wonders who are these people.
The door suddenly opens. Reishou calls out, “Yuulin!” Surprised Yuulin thinks, ah this time...a good looking person arrived-- Reishou quickly hugs her and exclaims that it’s great...!! Going !?, Yuulin blushes. Gen goes ah and aghast Jun is holding out his hand ‘to stop’.

Reishou tells her that he is like the dead when she didn’t wake up. “Yuulin, let me see your face...” Yuulin is blushing and confused. To everyone’s shock, she fainted. This made Reishou aghast that he calls out her name. Yuulin wonders what’s going on-!!!
Trying to recall, Yuulin holds her head and says, “This is the harem. I..I..I..I’m the princess consort. Af...afterwards, you are...” Reishou looks at her and calmly says, “...your husband.” This made Yuulin blush and become confused. She apologizes because she cannot remember at all...

She wonders if this person is the king, the Wolf King? “Husband? *trembling and flustered* Married couple!?” Wide-eyed Reishou looks at her then jumps away from her. This surprises Yuulin since Reishou is now standing far away from her. She asks, about that...?
With a sad smile, Reishou tells her, “...I won’t do anything that will cause you trouble. Don’t be afraid.” This moves her. Still puzzled, Yuulin says that she really doesn’t understand why an ordinary commoner like her had become the princess consort.

Recalling the past when Yuulin is decisive to become the professional part-time consort, Reishou says, “Ah... I can only say that there are all sorts of reasons. ...Yes, I can definitely say that it has something to do with me falling in love with you.”

Reishou sees Yuulin going (@Д@). Turning to leave, Reishou tells her, “...in short, I heard teacher [Gen]’s suggestion that you need some quiet recuperation so don’t force yourself and properly rest.”
Soon, wide-eyed Yuulin is lying down on the bed. She wonders if this is a dream. “This bed is so soft and so comfortable. A spacious room decorated with flowers. [<- flower in a vase at the side table], a long, long corridor without an end in sight,...

...a beautiful courtyard scene from the window, kind women who diligently and earnestly take care of me, and also an incomparable good looking husband... *smoke emitting from head* It is definitely because I’m so tired of doing household chores and work—

...No good, no good, pull yourself together a bit, Yuulin! It’s alright! When I wake up, things will definitely return to how it was. *closes her eyes* Goodbye, short strange dream. When I wake up, it will be simply be like the usual downtown life---...”
And, the next day, grumpy Yuulin goes, oh...hm while drinking tea at the gazebo. Then, she goes oh...hm while eating snacks as the court lady happily serves her. She goes oh...hm while walking at the long corridor. She goes oh...hm while looking at a bird flying at the courtyard.

Later on, Jun darkly asks, “Want to go back? Back where? Suddenly saying that after looking for me.” Aghast Yuulin says go back to her family...at the downtown area... Yuulin wonders why she feels so scared [of Jun].

Jun tells her to please don’t say some silly words and of course, she can’t. “Do you even understand? Even if you don’t remember, you are still the princess consort and besides, you are still an injured person.”
Yuulin tells him that it is just some swelling, that’s all. “But I’m...really worried about my younger brother...and the situation at home.” She laments that she couldn’t wake up from this dream.

Jun tells her that her father and younger brother are alright, and they are living with vigor. “Under your name, we have sent them subsidy for school expenses and living expenses.” Yuulin asks if his younger brother and the others know that she is the princess consort.

Pushing up his glasses, Jun says no, about that aspect, it is because she doesn’t want to get the others involved and trouble them [about it] so it has been kept a secret. “You have told them that you are continuing on doing odd jobs at the royal palace--...” Yuulin mutters, odd jobs...I see...
Jun sighs and says that explaining it to her in detail will only just confuse her more. “In short, you should properly rest and strive to return back to your original self soon.” Yuulin tensely thinks that in the end, he’s so scary.

Looking sad, Jun continues, “---...for His Majesty, I really beg of you.” This surprises Yuulin. In her room, at a loss Yuulin thinks that even if he said that but she also doesn’t know what to do. She is surprised when someone shouts, “Ah—no wonder it is princess consort-chan!”

From the window, Dai says that this time, she lost her memory, right? “I really don’t know what to make of this.” Slitting her eyes, Yuulin asks, suddenly climbing out of the window, you are...
Dai exclaims that she’s so cold! “I’m a spy! It’s Kou Dai! Your bodyguard. You really forgot. This is quite fun.” Yuulin says that he’s quite noisy for a spy...

Looking confused, she asks, “A friend?” He loudly exclaims, “I don’t think so! Because I’m simply His Majesty’s stage prop [/tool]! But, I don’t know what you think of me. If you already remembered, I’ll tell you. Afterwards, anything goes so quickly remember His Majesty because he is really quite pitiful.”

Popping out the window, Gen snorts and exclaims, “Whether you remember or not, it’s the same. The princess consort is the princess consort! Engrave that in your heart!!” That creeps Yuulin out.
While Gen is puffing out ‘hu hu hu’, Dai calls him out and says that he is frightening the princess consort so let’s go back. “Bye bye, [sorry for] bothering you--”

That night, Yuulin glumly sits on her bed. She thinks that it seems that she really has forgotten something very important. “...it doesn’t seem like they’re deceiving me...

...But I cannot remember one single bit. *holding her forehead* Of course, talking about the king, that is the ‘Wolf King’, right? *image of a plump king holding a sword while the bowing officials shake in fear in his presence* At downtown, he is always said to be very scary.”
“Every day the people in the royal palace would be so scared to death-type...but then, I don’t pay too much attention to that kind of gossips regarding the royal palace... It’s so far away... *recalls Reishou’s surprised glum expression*...

...That person? Just seeing me very distressed, his expression stiffened. Since I have forgotten because hit my head, what if I were to hit it again, would I be able to remember? *walking towards the door* Wall...it won’t be good if I cause a dent on it...

...is there something else that I can bump into. I think the pillar at the walking corridor is sturdy enough... *opens the door* The problem is upon doing so, can my head handle it... In the end, it is still better not to do it... A bump swelling [on the head] is also very painful.”
Outside, she is surprised to see Reishou calling out to her. As the court ladies hold up their hands to bow to Reishou, Yuulin exclaims, “Your...Your Majesty!?” Waving to dismiss the court ladies, Reishou apologizes since he came again to check on her situation.

“...it’s already quite late, where are you going? Have you remembered something?” Blushing Yuulin says that no, she just wants to enjoy the evening breeze a bit. She couldn’t tell him that she is looking for a place to hit her head.
After looking at her, he gently smiles and touches her face. He says, “I can’t accompany you, right?” Blushing Yuulin goes ah eh? Reishou sadly smiles and apologizes. “Be good and return to the room or you’ll catch a cold. Good night.”

Yuulin blushes as she looks at him. Narration: “I find myself at the narrow crack of [this] dreamland. Even for a little bit, unable to remember him.”
Comment: I’m not too happy that the final arc involves amnesia. -_-||| Oh well, I guess it will be used as a way to involve Yuulin’s family and friends. That is, for them to know that she is married and perhaps, for them to know more about Reishou.

Still, this ought to be quite hard for Reishou. After everything, the love of his life totally forgot about him. He seems quite careful not to trouble her even if his feelings and thoughts about this shows on his face. I wonder if Yuulin can feel it.

Still, things aren’t that serious since there are jokes sprinkled around. It is amusing that Jun is more worried about her forgetting all that consort lessons. Dai is somewhat amused though he cannot totally be happy because he feels sorry for Reishou.

I’m sure Gen is irritated that it is back to square one for Yuulin x Reishou. And yes, I’m sure the mangaka is joking about the cliché stuff about amnesia since Yuulin plans to hit her head again to remember things. =P Scans by 水月梅漢化

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  5. Thanks for your summaries of the Wolf King's Bride. After reading translations of Chapter 104,the speculation is rampant that the important thing she forgot was that she was pregnant and that is why she covered her stomach instead of her head. We will see in the last chapter. I was more surprised when it was revealed how she came to be at the palace in the first place.

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