July 20, 2018

Free Talk: Raws for Skip Beat [Chapter 261]

For those who want to have a peek, it's out in baidu.

Semi-spoiler....based on the pics...
Kyouko is all perked up again thanks to the text.

Yashiro fetches Kyouko. Look, *beep* is with him.

They ride the car. Talk. Think. Talk. And, that's it?


  1. You know Kat I have come to the conclusion that Kyouko has sort of stopped growing as a character Allow me to explain on one hand she says acting is something she found and she wants to do for herself and not for others like she usually does (study for her mother ,come to Tokyo for Shou etc) yet she said that she will be famous to get her mother approval and mesmerize Ren ...and when I see this I can't help but facepalm because Kanae wants to become an actor for herself ,for Ren acting is something he needs and wants to do for himself Yet that doesn't seem to be the case for Kyouko I mean yes she loves acting but when you look deep into it ,she is still using acting to be accepted and get approval from them .Which is why when she learned that Kimiko was doing it for a guy and she got really angry ,I was like "kyouko I love you but please don't be a hypocrite " since you too despite your passion for acting you are doing it for someone else .

    Other things that didn't make me happy is when you have Kyouko being all excited for the role yet when she thought that Saena wouldn't be pleased because it's villain and because she would be Kanae's enemy she lost her motivation and that I didn't like because I thought it was solved with Kuu ,she can't be picky about her roles .I mean if her enemy was Ren she would refuse the role no matter how amazing it was and that for does show that she somehow didn't grow as much as I thought she did .

    Last but not least ,I'm not really happy with how much her feelings for Ren are showing in the most obvious way (don't get me wrong I'm happy that she isn't denying them ) but the way everything shows in her face is not good not good at all .

    For example ,Koga knew with one glance she loved Ren now imagine if it was someone horrible like Kimiko he could start rumors about them and I'm pretty sure this would end Kyouko's carrer .I don't think that ren's army of fangirls would be happy with him dating a "nobody " like kyouko someone who is still a newbie and someone who is seen as plain she would get so much hate and who knows this could hurt ren as well .
    Because as we have seen the Showbiz is a pretty tough world so Kyouko need to watch out for herself because things can get ugly fast .
    She said it that by loving Ren she fear she would become an even bigger idiot than when she loved Shou and I think that's happening .So I've come to the conclusion that no matter how much I would love for the two to get together I think I can wait until Kyouko become mature enough because I feel like if they got together she would spend her time day dreaming thinking about her wedding and children and she would lose herself and neglect her work and That I would hate because it's like we would trade Kyouk's growth for her to be with Ren and that's no for me .

    I mean she thought that kanae or Ren would be disappointed if they knew she loved him not knowing that the real disapointement would come from her thinking of something else during a job and almost getting fired because of that since both of them are very serious about acting .

    1. Good point. Though, in a way, I assumed that aside from for her, it was also for them/approval.

      Ya. Though I guess that is natural, I mean, wanting to do something and it is somewhat contrary to one's expectation...one can feel a bit depressed. And, this is an auditioned role. Still, we can credit her to pulling herself together and do it in the end. ^^ But I understand what you mean...she hasn't leveled up to the point of being 'greedy' for/ chasing after amazing roles even if they aren't what she likes to elevate her skills and popularity.

      Ah, but isn't that kind of a subconscious way of being in love? I assumed that it is because the mangaka is showing 'one cannot control love even if one would want to hide it'. With Koga, she let her guard down. In a way, she was lucky to win that role while being distracted over romance stuff. It started with not receiving a White day gift.

      Haha, I don't think she'll go in that direction 'she would spend her time day dreaming thinking about her wedding and children' ^^; Well, hopefully not.

      Ah, wasn't that connected? They are disappointed because it isn't work > romance/knowing that she loves him. Anyway, perhaps, the mangaka will show later on how Kyouko will become more professional and not let her private life hinder her work. Ah...aside from how this jealousy thing managed to be useful to her for this role.

  2. Kat, thanks for this post. I can’t believe the chapter is only 20 pages when this is a monthly release. I’m beginning to think that this manga will end up having a lot more volumes than I anticipated at the rate the story is developing.

    1. You're welcome, Taylor_E ^-^

      Ya...it has become shorter instead of the full 30 pages lately.

      Ya...and those volumes would either be thinner or they add more chapters per volume.

  3. Hi Kat-Sempai! Hope you're doing fine...

    I had my laptop in ICU (x D) for a while and then it was hard for me to find your blog... You have no idea of how happy I was when after several blind attempts on Google I finally got to see your cover pic on top of the blog (Like yeah!! I found her), jejeje. I love your summaries, and I truly enjoy your comments about each chapter of this wonderful story. I truly thank you for taking the time to do this month after month.

    Yes, the manga is getting shorter in pages, although there are lots of things still to be developped. First, to Ren, that Bou is Kyouko. Second, to Kyouko, That Ren and Koun are the same person (and his dark past, at some point still foggy). Third, Her stupid oath to Shotaro-baka regarding getting back to Kyoto and being her slave. Four... I would like to see The Heels and Reino again 3:) , just to spice thing up.

    I'm thrilled about knowing what's gonna happen in that improvised picnic between Yashiro, Kyouko and Ren. Hope to see any advancement about our favorte couple and that Kyouko get all her wrong ideas about ren and Kimiko out of her head once and for all. I long to chapter 262 to come out in English (or Spanish) and for Nakamura to get things hotter between them again.

    Now, well, I must say there is something I miss here... If you published something about it in the past and I did not read it, then my apologies in advance if it is so. I refer to the poem at the end of the summaries, somehow always fitting with each chapter. Won't there be poems anymore? = _(

    Have a great day, and again, thanks for your efforts in bringing us a corner to talk about the mangas we love ;)


    1. Yes, thanks, Luisamaria ^-^

      Thank you for reading them ^-^


      Hopefully so ^^

      For free talks, there are no quotes. Only for the ones I summarized.

      Have a great day too ^^