June 1, 2018

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 100]

Top 10 results of the character poll. 1. Yuulin 2. Reishou 3. Li Jun 4. Kou Dai 5. Han Kouju 6. Ryu Houen 7. Chou Gen. 8. Han Suigetsu 9. Shuu Kouren and at a tie for 10, Iryou (Dark Merchant) and Ki Gaku.
Narration: “It isn’t the usual at the Hakuyou’s government hall today. It is filled with the breath of the turbulent wind that precedes the mountain storm.” The officials look aghast as they see gloomy and furious Yuulin being followed by Kouren.

Narration: “The source of that kind of tense feeling is the princess consort who is angrily taking large strides forward and she is being followed behind by the prime minister as if he is a departed spirit.” Trembling Kikyou says, “This, this this...this is a major event...!!

...The angry and scary youkai consort and the prime minister who talks ominous prophecies are going towards where the famous cold-hearted Wolf King is... A premonition of tragedy... It can be said that I will witness it becoming [part of] history...!?”
He nervously and secretly follows the two. To his surprise, someone grabs his collar from behind and calls out, “Kai Kikyou, get back to work.” Kikyou looks up and calls out to Houen. “No, but look, it seems that something big is going to happen at that side...”

Smiling Suigetsu says that since the princess consort is involved in it, then, nothing big is going to happen there.” Lost in thought, Kikyou thinks that is truly such a strong trust and confidence in... Houen angrily tells him not to stare blankly and get back to work. Kikyou says, yes!
Knock. The door opens. Yuulin says, “Your Majesty.” Somewhat amused Reishou says, “What is it, beloved consort. Your expression is so serious. And you even brought the prime minister over, is something up?”

Yuulin replies, “Yesterday, I listen to you talking about the causes and effects of your estrangement with him. I know that it isn’t a problem that can be easily resolved. But in the end, I still think that the two of you should properly talk once again.”

Reishou says, “It isn’t necessary, right? *Yuulin looks miffed* The prime minister ought to be also quite perplexed. Meddling in other people’s business is your bad habit.”
Scowling Yuulin says, “---...Your Majesty, I feel quite happy that you always treasure me. *Reishou looks surprised* Always gently cherishing me, *blushes* To be treated like a treasure like this, even if it is embarrassing but about that...”

Looking embarrassed, puzzled Reishou asks, “What is it? Suddenly coming here to make a love confession?” Kouren asks, “Isn’t it better that I withdraw for a while?” Yuulin exclaims, “No, you stay put!! *towards Reishou* Everyday, I’m quite happy –but, I cannot replace your father and friends. *teary-eyed*...

...(That is) The ‘emptiness’ in His Majesty’s heart which cannot be filled up by just depending on me. (your valuable thing.) I can only be myself. You cannot be confused [mixed up] like this, okay!?”
Reishou looks surprised. Yuulin continues, “Thus, the two of you talk about the things between the two of you! *heads toward the door* Please properly and thoroughly collide to come out with a conclusion.” Yuulin slams the door.

Reishou comments, “...today, my princess consort is also quite full of vigor and cuteness!” Kouren says that is really extremely fortunate...” Reishoussays, ‘collide to come out with a conclusion’...then want to have a round of fight [/duel]?

Kouren says that with just one stroke from Reishou, he would say goodbye to this life... Reishou glumly agrees for Kouren’s complexion never had been better.
Kouren says, but, this is a rare opportunity that Yuulin specially gave [them]. “Would you please allow me to say some sentences in connection to the issue in the past...?” Reishou sighs and says that it is inevitable, then, he’ll allow him.

Kouren bows to him and says, “...Even though, I really wish you can be called ‘king’ but Kankou-sama said, could it be that you [Reishou] cannot really continue on being like this, running away from everything? I told him, it isn’t possible...

...No matter where you are, you’ll be searched out and push towards the stage. (Always) That person [-sama] didn’t betray your intention at all. (Always. Always) No matter what, please believe this point. (They simply wanted a ‘king’).”
Reishou says, “That is simply a lie to lighten up my psychological burden, perhaps, it is the truth. It is no longer important. At that time, I believe that what I got is simply an illusion, and I lost everything that won’t come back [anymore]...

...Right now, it is this accursed royal blood at one side and on the another side, the day until it is no longer necessary to act well this ‘Wolf King’ role. That is what I thought before--... But she appeared...

...Obviously, she was swindled to come over and was forced to act as the princess consort. *scene of Yuulin screaming that she’ll repay her debt and Reishou cheering her on* But, she is always so spirited, so proactive in improving herself.”
“Opening the door that I myself wasn’t able to break open. *recalls Yuulin telling him that it is not good to be confused* ...Shuu Kouren, I’m really angry that you guys betrayed my wish. (Important) Arranging this on your own and pushing me into this path. (until now, still important)...

...But, actually, like you guys, I myself also wanted a ‘king’. While angry at father and older brother for being so weak yet at the same time, I longed for a strong and upright king. So, forget it, anyway, sooner or later, I’ll also come AND ASCEND TO THIS POSITION. *Kouren looks surprised* ‘Right now, this country needs a strong king’.”
“You continue to expand the horizon that I haven’t discovered. Question me about overlooked things and present a better approach. If I somewhat fail, then lead me straight, admonish me...

...Even if I already passed away, I can also carry the responsibility of protecting the people and supporting this country. If you can do all this, then I’ll give you a king.” Recalling the time when he talked with young Reishou, Kouren starts to cry. This shocks Reishou.

He asks what he is crying for. As tears continue to fall, Kouren says, “No, it is simply you... really grew up quite well...” Stupefied Reishou mutters, “---...knowing you for so long, ha, *laughs* it is still the first time I saw you cry!”
Kouren looks surprised as he recalls that it is the same smile young Reishou had when he was young. Narration: “Even though cannot once again return to the same manifestation [/appearance] that was lost.”

At the gazebo, Yuulin asks Reishou if they reconciled. Sparkling Reishou says yes, it’s unpleasant to say but after making him cry, he [Reishou] felt a lot relaxed. Yuulin is shocked and aghast by that. Smiling Reishou says that he doesn’t know why but it felt that he finally stepped on the ground.

Puzzled Yuulin wonders if there’s no problem. She says, about that...everyone at the government hall is very worried. “Afterwards, I obstructed Li Jun as if my life depended on it.”
There is a scene of furious Jun demanding what is happening while he isn’t around. Yuulin told him that it is really necessary that they talk things clearly. End flashback. Perked up Reishou asks if they are worried that the Wolf King might possibly kill the prime minister? “I’m really not trusted.”

Scowling Yuulin says that they are also really worried about him. “Geez, of course, it is the same with that person.” -> Kankou. Reishou smiles and says, really?

Narration: “—this is Hakuyou, wherein there is a ‘cold-hearted Wolf King’.” Pouting Yuulin asks if right now, he still has this way of thinking wherein he’ll give the title of king to someone else.
Reishou says, yes...honestly speaking, it isn’t a bit easy once one started to do it. “I really want a vacation. Even if one is to say that domestically, the country has relatively stabilized but as long as there is a bit of negligence, it feels that it will collapse. That kind of half-tone situation is very dangerous. This is a long term battle.”

Yuulin says it’s a long story yet His Majesty is still serious in becoming a king... Reishou laughs and asks if that is considered complimenting him.

Narration: “On the empty throne, at one side, the stomach felt hungry and thirsty [/craving], along with the lost *scene of Kankou and others* including the part that is here now, *scene of Jun and others* bearing all the anticipation towards a ‘king’ *Kouren kneeling*”
Yuulin says, “If you are already fed up with everything and you no longer want to be king, am I still Reishou’s wife? *flustered* Even if I cannot replace someone else’s place, but my place cannot be yielded to anyone.” Reishou smiles and says, “How can there be someone in this world who can replace you.” He leans his head to teary-eyed, scowling and blushing Yuulin.

Narration: “In this path where no one is there, I once thought that I am all alone. I want to tell the me at that time, at the other side of this distant path, a person who won’t let me be lonely will eventually appear.” And, there is a scene of smiling Yuulin holding out her arms.
Comment: And, Reishou and Kouren finally had closure regarding what happened then. It is all thanks to Yuulin who forced them to talk. Hehe, it is amusing how she lowered Reishou’s guard of refusing to talk about it by giving him a love confession. =P Haha, Kouren even want to be excused.

I guess Reishou realize that he has to finally put a close to it since Yuulin told her not to be confused over it like that as he is somewhat craving for what he lost through her. Anyway, Reishou had come to the conclusion that he also sought for that king they all wanted and even if he is reluctant, he’s the only one who can do it.

So, the compromise is to make him the best king that they possibly can so that his achievements will outlast his life. And yes, perhaps, he can finally move on and look forward to this thanks to Yuulin. In a way, if he didn’t become king, he won’t be able to meet her.

As if it is some consolation, Reishou saw Kouren cry and Kouren saw that smile on Reishou’s face again. Regarding the future, it is still unsure if Reishou will give up on the throne or not since the country is still kind of in a delicate stable state.

But then, as Yuulin mentioned, he does take the role seriously. Haha, perhaps, even with all the grumbling and everything, he does his job well. And the one thing that won’t change, whether he is king or not, the one whom he chooses to accompany him in this life will still be Yuulin. ^^ Scans by 水月梅漢化

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