May 31, 2018

Free Talk: Namaikizakari [Chapter 81-82]

[To look at the pictures/Chinese scans for chapter 82, go here. OnH will come out after this either tomorrow or Saturday.]

So in Chapter 81, Shou and Fuuka know that Suwa confessed. Wow, so cheeky of Suwa. The look on their faces are quite priceless. And after some hesitation, evasion and awkwardness, Fuuka spill the beans to wishy-washy Yuki about the confession. For a while there, I thought the mangaka is going for the long friendship quarrel but Fuuka is really such a great friend/person.

She quickly put that aside and she couldn’t hate Yuki since Yuki is Yuki. Then, Yuki did a bit of reflection. So after they made up, Yuki said that they will BOTH tell THEIR feelings to THEM since they’re serious.  <- this is the Chinese’s translation. On to Chapter 82, Yuki is quite baffled at how quickly Fuuka recovers from being gloomy and depressed. 


Fuuka is wondering out loud about a strategy to deal with a handsome guy whom one cannot know what he is thinking. They are different in their tactics. Fuuka wants it ‘smooth’ wherein she’ll send Suwa a message after club activity for them to talk then say, I have a bit of problem, can you hear me out a bit. Yuki wants to do it directly like, I have something important to tell you. I’ve psychologically prepared myself, please contact me.

Fuuka couldn’t do it even if she said that she can because she’s too scared.  This made Yuki reflect on things about Shou. She realizes that she is the reason why Shou think that way before. She wondered how to clarify things but isn’t incline to do it through phone or message. Then, she spots him in class. She blushes over sleeping Shou.

Then, he holds her wrist when she is about to touch him. She exclaims that he’s awake. He asks what’s up, is there something she wants to tell him. Before, she can tell him, he beats her to it by saying that it is about being confessed to by Suwa.  Shou says that he heard it from Suwa himself and Fuuka probably heard it too.

Yuki starts to tell him that she should have told him and she isn’t hiding it. Shou asks if it is because nothing much happened so she didn’t tell him and actually, he also doesn’t doubt her at all. He understands so there’s no problem. Yuki is surprised for that’s wrong, it isn’t that. Amamiya and Abe appears to show off their t-shirts then they start to tease the two for doing some secret lovey-dovey. Kiss! Kiss! Yuki quickly retreated. She wonders why when she obviously can tell him.


At the gym, Shou still couldn’t shoot in his balls during the club practice. And, during the 10 minute break, Shizuka takes the opportunity to kick Shou’s behind and give him a scolding. That perked Shou up and soon they are in another lovers’ quarrel usual bickering. Lol, even the observers think that it isn’t a quarrel but rather it is because their relationship is quite good so they’re like that =P

Before anyone can stop the two, the captain pulls the two apart and orders them to do 10 laps around the track field since they’re so lively. And while the two are blaming each other while running, Suwa calls out to the two and says that is enough, they can go back. The captain is actually amused that they’re so serious that they really did run. He tells the two to apologize to the others.

After Shizuka left, Suwa apologizes to Shou and says that it is because of what he said yesterday that Shou became like that. Suwa asks really, what’s wrong with him that he’ll do such a childish thing to provoke him. Shou says who knows. Before leaving, Suwa says that it is probably because he is very envious of Shou. This stuns and stupefied Shou. 


At the club room, Fuuka wrote to Yuki that she’ll meet with Suwa at 7pm and did she properly confess to Shou. Yuki gloomily thinks that after she laundered the clothes, Shou is gone. While she wonders if Shou went home a bit early or he is early just for today when she obviously has a lot of things to say, she notices an open locker. She thinks that the lock must be broken.

She picks up the towel she made for Shou.  Then, she sees a group picture of them during high school. She wonders why she couldn’t open Shou’s heart during the normal times when she obviously could say what she wants when he is in basketball. She thinks that greedy guy obviously shouldn’t be easily satisfied.


And, to the fun part. In a room, Suwa is taping the window because of a crack. Fuuka arrives. After he explains to her what he’s doing, he mentions that the teacher asked a girl to fix it but he substitute for her in doing it. Fuuka tells him that (along with that face) and helping girls doing that kind of thing, how many girls start to have expectation.

Suwa says really, even if he thinks that Yuki is totally indifferent to it. “She is really quite baffling. For a second, I felt that no matter how useless I am, how cunning or how puny I am, if it is Machida-san, it is possible that she’ll calmly accept--” To Suwa’s surprise, Fuuka exclaims, “Isn’t that a ‘mother’!” And, Suwa recalls Yuki telling him that this isn’t love.

He recalls his younger self peeking out of the door to see his mother leaving with a bag and a luggage.  This made Suwa apologize to Fuuka and says that in the end, they cannot talk for today. Fuuka asks what is it. He tells her that it is nothing. Fuuka looks determined. She asks why he always won’t show his real side. 


Stretching out the tape between them, Suwa says that perhaps she knows what love is but he probably won’t know it throughout his life. Pointing to the tape between them, Suwa says that he is on this side and she is at that side, and that’s all there is to it.  “I myself don’t know the real me.”  

Suwa turns to leave. Fuuka wonders if he is angry. He isn’t his usual self. That always smiling, using sweet words and actions, teasing a girl’s heart, cold detached attitude. Suwa is surprised when Fuuka screams and crumples the tape. She goes to him, grabs his collar and kisses him. She thinks that she always wanted to see this Suwa.

She tells him, “…since it is like that, then, I’ll help you search. No matter how much time is spend, I’ll definitely find the real Suwa-san. And afterwards, I’ll tell you without hesitation that I like you no matter what you are.” She turns to leave. Suwa starts blushing over that and mutters that girl is really not cute.  Narration: “Wait for me.” Yuki is rushing off somewhere. She had messaged Shou and asked where he is right now. “This is a bit ridiculous, simple yet real thoughts. I’ll immediately tell you.”

Comment: And, that pretty much wrap up the Suwa problem. The next chapter will most likely focus on Yuki-Shou resolution. Then, yes, we might finally go back and concentrate on basketball. Anyway, since Suwa apologized to Shou and stuff like that, I think their relationship would be less restraint. Again, I really think that the mangaka isn’t interested in making this series too heavy on the drama.

My impression of Fuuka really improved in these two chapters. Very spontaneous, and passionate. Haha, perhaps, that is because she doesn’t think too much like Yuki. In a way, she leveled up from just falling for Suwa’s appearance and ‘nice behavior’. She managed to get a glimpse of the Suwa without the fakery.

And, I guess Suwa ought to realize that Fuuka has also seen him through. He does have mother issues. Apparently, his mother left him. From that scene, I would suspect that she didn’t bid him goodbye. So, he must have thought that because he isn’t good, nice, etc that she left him. And, that is most likely why, he has a false front wanting others to love him yet he fears of getting hurt…again.

Lucky for Shou to have a ‘friend’ like Shizuka who’ll help snap him out of it with that kind of method. Haha. As usual, I’m thinking, wasn’t that in Slam Dunk? Anyway, Shou’s issue with that will be totally solved after Yuki is finished with him. Hehe, since Fuuka will be with Suwa, I have hopes again that the ex-gf will come out for...Shizuka =P Haha, wishful thinking on my part.

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  1. What is onh? N thanks for the summary. No offence but i think at some places you've switched the name of the speakers i think like "Suwa asks what is it. He tells him that it is nothing. "

    1. Minamata, it's Ookami-heika no Hanayome.

      Thanks for reading. ^-^

      Opps. Sorry about that and thanks for informing me. I've corrected it. ^^

    2. Thanks for your summary n u don't have to thank me for some minor things. You've already done a big deal for us by translating the mangas.

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  2. will you translate chapter 81?

    1. Hello, it's already online since May 27

    2. Nope, like sakuratoru mentioned, it is already out in English scanlation.

      You can also check it here:

  3. I want them to reconcile already, I don't want to see Shou losing himself. Yuki must do something

    1. Yup. Most likely in the next chapter.

  4. Thanks Kat. I didn't expect it to be out since I already saw Russian raws hehe... Now I'm just looking at pics and guessing what they are saying since I'm so impatient. So this whole chapter was more about Usami and Suwa. I'm waiting for next to see how will Yuki deal with Shou.

    1. You're welcome, sakuratoru ^-^

      Not really. Only the latter part is dedicated to them. The first half is more on the two still in 'cold war' + basketball.

      Haha, it makes me wonder if we'll see a new expression from Shou due to whatever Yuki is going to say. =P

    2. Haha, I thought so too, "about shou's expression" ; and I want to see it ':

    3. Yepp, Shou's expression, I thought of that too guys, lol.

    4. Haha, yep, she made him cry, smile, blush ... what next! ..and the same for her too.. they're so cute :>

  5. If anyone comes across chpt 83 raws pllllzzz do give me the links. I am dying to know what will happen nxt

    1. Anonymous, ch 83 isn't out yet, it'll release in June 5 in Japan. Ch 82 is the latest chapter released (in Japan)

    2. Hawww , now i gotta wait for a whole week or so . Ahhhhhhh i realllly desperately wanna know what happens nxt. What am i gonna do for a whole week , even the manga for kono oto hasn't come out yet , i am feeling stranded :(

      Mate, thank you for informing me.i really appreciate your kindness.

    3. Yup, it isn't out yet.

    4. Why don't you have pictures anymore

    5. It is because pictures take time to do = 'get the summary up really fast' since the English scanlation had pretty much caught up.

  6. actually I'm impressed by Shou, in how he face it/saying " I didn't doubt you at all.." that's nice.. especially how much provoking and hurtful it was the way he learned about it. And since he was/he's already in a hardship, That's impressive.I think we should See them together again already, next chapter!

    Thank you so much.

    (Sorry for the delete, it kept bring the old name!)

    1. Yup ^^

      You're welcome and no problem ^-^

  7. I don't think it's matter "who will be the one concede, based on gender (she's girl, he's guy) and on who's the faulty one, I mean that doesn't matter in that kind of relationship..a real relationship, when you know they're worthy and the one, also in that kind of situation if one of them is having a hard time, so it'll be mean if one will thick their Head, what matter here is that you shouldn't leave them alone at that time.. so bcuz of that the author made Yuki going to him.. especially since Shou never treated her based on pride..or wrong.. actually that's nice from them .. and it's a sign of true love.
    And I think they're acting based on their age, sometimes mature, sometimes no, That's natural, i don't understand why we would be so strict or criticize them.. they're learning and growing up with time like any normal human/like us.

    thank you.

  8. Suwa-san is an a$$* tho. That girl deserves better.
    Sorry* and thank you.

    1. Haha, I'm sure she knows it too but alas, she loves him.

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  9. Thank you for this! I can't find a translated Chapter 82 anywhere and this somehow calmed my heart. LOL! I can't wait to see Yuki and Shou in good terms again <3

  10. Oh, Thank you!

    It's just me or! well, basically they're having a couple fight but the fight is so cute, imo, lol

    Actually, I'm impressed by them, I mean if it's some other Manga couple they would have already broke up..I saw many broke up for less trivial cases than that. And it was always the guy who would Broke up with the girl and he's the wrongly one.. Agh.

    And, I have noticed that before and I kind of confirm it now, Shou and Yuki are the only couple who develop ..I mean, Shou and Yuki in high school aren't the same now..also in high school than the first period (I mean as couple) ...I really can feel that.

    1. Ah, also I can't wait to see Shou & Yuki as fine as always...

    2. You're welcome, loly ^-^

      Haha, it can be viewed that way ^^

      True. As they say, a couple has to make it work together if they want to be together for a long time.

      I'm sure it will happen in the next chapter. ^^

    3. Yep, and these two are great at it. They just love each other endlessly, haha

  11. Waa, so undoubtedly we will have a hot chapter next (hopefully) .. a hot chapter for their make up that what fans are saying, haha. nah, but I really missed them ..I can't believe we didn't see their lovey-dovey in all those chapters.. sorry for that talk but I can't handle. Lol
    Actually I just want to see Shou and Yuki as good again.. enough!!

    Thank you so much.

    1. Most likely, Milly ^^

      You're welcome ^-^

  12. if a guy forced a kiss on a girl like that he'd be accused of a$$ault.

    1. Haha, true. But then, in shoujo, characters can get away with such things and well, at times, it can be considered 'romantic'. =P

      You're welcome ^-^

  13. Thank you very muchh. ^^

    about ch 81, usami-san proves more that she doesn't deserve someone like suwa, she handle the situation so maturely ..who would be that understandable and keep their emotions at a situation like that!.. she's so nice WHILE he acted so childishly and keeps doing an embarrassing thing after another +_+
    One might think of her as ..em, 'carless' (don't find the right word) bcuz of her lively appearance but she's actually wise and mature unlike suwa-san .. (it's somehow like Shou-Yuki's case)

    And thank you cuz you cleared that 'im serious'.. as 'they'll confess to the 2 guys bcuz they're both serious' ..I somehow didn't understand it's a little mysterious/so resumed (English Scans are like that sometimes) ... also when Yuki said 'its the first time I have found someone 'i've really liked' .. she means 'usami-san' right? .. I thought so, or is it Shou? .. again, mysterious (Also bcuz there's no names)

    And I think bcuz of that some are misunderstanding, I read some comments Such "when Yuki said if that's how love is, then bring it on.. is she's about Naruse or suwa! If suwa then I'm going to stop reading the Manga.." haha, I can't believe they're doubting/Yuki .. you know there was a misunderstandings before too, I don't think she did something/s would make them think so..!! Idk, hehe

    1. About ch 82, haha, so Yuki didn't know that Shou knows about the confession, OMG! So usami-sun didn't tell her.

      Haha, Shou and shizuka really made me laugh so hard, well, it's help me a little out of those glumy chapters. And the funny part when that captain stopped them that way, lol.

      Shou's face after suwa-sun said that is priceless, haha. And bcuz he got surprised that much, so he's really thinks of himself as..emm.. nothing/doubting himself ... well, that's a way.

      So usami-sun did her part of the promise, she quickly solve it wow. but Yuki +_+ .. well, it's Yuki.. well, I understand her bcuz I'm like her, haha.

      Oh, I found it so beautiful that Shou still hiding and using the twole she made for him >3 ..
      And the whole Scene, when she checked his locker is so emotional, hehe.
      And so Shou was the one who took the broken one, aw, haha

      Oh, true, I kind of thought so, Yuki is more frank towards him when it's about basketball, well, that's bcuz she's shy about love/stuff not works.. she treating that as work.

      I don't want to comment on suwa, but the Mangaka always remind us that he's ..emm, teasing girls heart, like usami-san mentioned here, I mean that not a joke.. they might really got hurt.. so he's hurting other ppl and dare complaining...O.o agh!

      emm.. I have been feeling that a while ago, emm, I feel like Shou changed after "chapter 71" ..I mean, I can't feel the cheeky vibes on him, .. haha. Em, I don't want that, I want him to still the same..; well, he makes me get rid of that felling after in some chapters, but still, idk, hehe

      I tried so hard to write my comment, I'm so busy I'm taking my exam ><

    2. You're welcome, mary scent ^-^

      Yup. In a way, they are 'opposites'. He seems mature but actually, childish and vice-versa with her.

      Indeed...I also got confused there when I read the English.

      It is definitely a misunderstanding...but then, when she said 'bring it on', I still thought it is about Shou. =P

    3. Yep.


      Yepp. Ya, me too i clearly thought it's about Shou. O.o

      = Sorry, I'm taking long to reply 🙏 ; I even added my com about ch 82 separated so you didn't see it 😄

    4. No problem ^^

      Opps...I must have missed it. I didn't see it before @_@; I only recall 'busy taking exam' as the last line. ^^;; Sorry.

      Nope, she didn't.

      Yup, that one is to lighten up the mood.

      True. I'm sure he'll have more priceless expressions when they get together. Haha, after all, the mangaka is on a roll on those expressions =P

      Ya. Well, it is already known that Yuki is like that.

      Yup. Haha, I forgot about that...I thought it was casually broken. ^^;

      Hm...perhaps the mangaka is toning it down a bit = being mature?

    5. Ah! no, it's totally fine ^^

      Hahaha, true. 😆

      Haha, I just remembered immediately,,


  14. I can't be the only one tired of Yuuki. People don't usually meet his wife/partnerxlife at 15 years old. Just saying.
    In my opinion, he needs to move on, that girl is too problematic.
    But... When all is said and done, it wouldn't bother me if they lived happilly ever after. I would like it.
    Regards from Buenos Aires che!

    1. Nope, there are many.

      But there are those who do. Hehe, my brother is one. =P

      I see. ^^

  15. really getting tired to this mothercon. Stop being a dramatic homewrecker. God, everytime he would explain himself he would make me disgust him more and more. He's so Boring.
    Waiting eagerly for our couple.
    Thank you!

  16. Has anyone seen the the raws of kono oto tomare ? If yes,plz do comment the link !!! Thank you.

    1. Raws for the next chapter is available here:

  17. What about chapter 83?

  18. Is chp 83 out?
    If yes thn plz send the link of raws.

    1. Yup, Dhwani.

      Link...I don't know.

    2. Ok when you wil update
      Waiting for it..

    3. I don't know either. ^^;

      My summaries are depended on the Chinese scanlation's release. They don't release it quite fast unlike before. =( And, if the English is out first, I won't bother summarizing it.

  19. Seriously though, the Mangaka didn't have to waste that chapter too for Naruse and Yuki, God! Ch 80 & 81 and that! I can barley accept the 2 firsts but ch 82!!! Noo, God!!

    1. Hehe, apparently, the mangaka is branching out to make a new couple to 'expand/prolong' the series.

  20. You know that annoying as hell! I mean japanese always like that "so perverts" they always make "one girl" and make every other guy touch her! If miyuki didn't make that suwa hug her she won't sleep at night, also the other guy. God! Can't they stop that already! Can't they just make only her bf/the one touch her!! That's so pervert and Disgusting, sorry about that, but making her get touched so easily like that is so low.

    1. Agree.

      Thank you so much for this summary.

      Plus, his hug wasn't bcuz Yuki needed it (at that time) but bcuz he was the one who need it. He was comforting himself not her.

    2. Haha...Susana, I don't know. Even before they went steady, wasn't Yuki also allowing Shou to do that? Iirc, there was even a kiss.

      Of course, right now, since she is already in a relationship, she should discourage other guys from doing that.

      Hehe, thinking about it, I think it is suppose to be 'romantic' dramas...well, perhaps, Kdramas?

    3. Thanks for reading, Anonymous ^-^

      Possible. Maybe someone ought to give him a teddy bear =P

    4. That what I'm referring to, make just "the one"/she loves to do that. Not every guy in the Manga. Plus she has a bf but they still do those stealing hugs,etc. That's so sloppy. Ah, and with Shou it's not the same, like you mentioned she allowed him to but she never does with those guys. And at least she wasn't encouple back then. No, make the girl or the boy get touched by other than their BF/GF/the one they love isn't romantic at all but just so Annoying.
      God, I was so irritated to forgot to thank you. Thank you so much for this summary.

    5. True, Susana. Though for me, it is a no-no until we are in a relationship =P Lol, I'm old fashioned.

      Yup. But I guess if it is some consolation, Yuki doesn't think anything about it, not even a blush or even think that the other guy likes her. ^^;;

      Thanks for reading ^-^

    6. I was in a long work trip to California, so I didn't find time to check, sorry.
      No, I didn't mean that subject (not Couple but hug, kiss .. well, here I think the"Love" is matter/decide) anyway, I'm talking about .. even if they go steady in the first chapter..the Mangaka would still make the girl gets hugged, kissed, touched by other's like "share one girl with everyone" ... And I find that super Annoying and.. pervert..
      I hope you understand my point, haha.

    7. Oh, that's "consolation" right! Haha
      And in a way that's the reason why she's getting touched so easily everytime like that from those 2 guys. Hope there's no such things anymore.. haha, bcuz everything possible in Japan

    8. It's okay ^^

      Ya, I know. Ideally and in real life, it should be a no-no especially if one already has a lover. To prevent misunderstanding and in order not to 'lead on' the other. Thinking about it now, are there such scenes in other shoujo manga? It feels like this is the only series I read these kind of comments. ^^;

      True. Somehow, I don't know if it does happen in Japan. I recall that Japanese aren't into PDA. That is probably what's making Yuki stop Shou's public advances. Perhaps, it is because of being 'shocked' and being 'unaware' that Yuki isn't stopping the other guys? ^^; Like, they're not a couple like she and Shou are?

      Lol, but then, it is also possible that the mangaka is just using such scenarios to kind of 'spice' things up.

    9. Ah, actually I'm talking about "japanese authors" not "Yuki" .. I mean all the shoujo Mangas have that kind of scenes, no one didn't (the mc being hugged, kissed..from guys other than her bf/male lead. Namaikizakari is the best in that, I mean the rival didn't touch Yuki that match, and he/they didn't get that much appearance. Other Mangas are in a super Annoying level.
      But, by "such scenes" you don't mean " other guys touching the mc"? Bcuz here they are all the same. You mean how "Yuki doesn't push/stop their advances?

      But I think Shou doesn't makes advances towards her in public, I believe he's considerate in that side.
      But suwa Also hugged her in public but she didn't react the same, also the 2 other hugs from the other guy were in public too..
      well, here it lead us to, Yuki didn't react the same bcuz she don't love them -> she doesn't see them as men.. while she got all worked up/feel it when it comes to Shou bcuz she loves him.. -> that's her personality, I believe that Yuki touch guys casually, she doesn't have any problem with that..I mean when she considers it as part of work or help .. she's shy just when it comes to love. Haha, I think that the right and the obvious analysis..I don't know why ppl want to think/believe otherwise.
      Haha, but I understand them .. even if you understand that.. but how she somehow always stop Shou's advances and doesn't with other guys make one really gets irritated.. you just can't help it, haha
      And Well, yeah.. she still should stop them even if she's not aware,,

      But if there's one at fault it's no one but the 2 guys, even if Yuki maybe gets a little close to other guys and help, care ..etc, they exactly know that is nothing more than work, friend-help ..they know she doesn't feel athing towards them, they know she loves Shou and she's his girlfriend .. but they still make passes on her and hit on her, that's so creepy. Yuki isn't at fault.

      And I never suspect her, I'm surprised some ppl did!
      But I would like it if she border it a little, be like Shou.. totally doesn't fond of Girls. haha, that's so peaceful to watch. And here it comes what you mentioned right.. Shou being that strict with girls make no such situations happens, hehe

      Haha, true, and I get the feeling that she wants to show/indicate that kind of personality!

    10. 'Such scenes' wherein, the other guy is touching/hugging and the girl isn't reacting adversely like Yuki does = as if it was nothing. Yup, she doesn't stop their advances or at least, prevent a second time.

      Ah, about Shou making advances/pda...are you talking about before they became lovers? Because afterwards, Shou is indeed doing pda in public though no one has seen them do it.

      That is how I view it, too. Aside from that, aside from not seeing them as men, it seems like she is not aware that there are guys who'll like her. So, there is that denial stage after the hug or confession like huh, this guy likes I dreaming or, perhaps, they know I have a bf and yet...

      Yup, so I'm wonder if it is because she was caught off guard. With Shou, she seems on guard that he might try to pull something. Perhaps, there is also that uneasiness with pda with one's bf as compared to some random hug, etc. ^^;;

      True. In a way, it is a bit difficult. Say, even if that is how it should be, one cannot exactly control how the others act so at best, prevent or stop it. Like, perhaps, she should start putting a distance...avoid instances when they're all alone. It's troublesome but it will be good in the long run. The extreme of that would be find another parttime job, and quit being the manager. Problem solved = but no more story. What do you think?

      Hm...but he did let the fangirls cling on him as he told Yuki that he'll go to the party with Amamiya. Are fangirls okay since they are just fans?


    11. Haha, so she's the only one! (or one of a few) ,yep, she really is like that :+

      IDK, but I didn't get the thought he does.. or at least he would make some sure that no one watching, or leads her to a less open place. But why are we talking about 'public'! .. she's stopping him everywhere, lol, in her house, in his house, haha

      Haha, so in Yuki law, if that guy/guys don't like her or she's not aware he/they can do whatever they want, hug/touch..or maybe even kiss, haha. it's permissible/allowable as long as there's no love, XD!

      Oh, ur point is beautiful; Oh, true, But I still think they're the faultive. Aww!! That's too much, haha.. but I don't think that will help bcuz the problem is in her somehow.. I mean if she will quit and find another part-time job she'll meet up with other guys and the same thing may happen again and she'll still deal with it the same.. haha. And ofc I'm not with her 'quit' bcuz she's not completely the faultive one.

      Haha, idk.. but ofc he rarely gets in a (serious) situations like that!

      Anyway, reading chapter 83 make me realise that I'll spend this holiday in happiness, xd. It's so much good and shows how much they develops..,

    12. Yup.

      Haha, true. In his house, it is understandable since his family might suddenly come in...well, his sister did. They should just learn to lock the door. =P

      Most likely. I'm not sure about the kiss though but the hug is definitely okay.

      Ah...a part-time job wherein they are all girls? How's that. =P Well, it depends. In high school, no one else in their club fell for Yuki. Currently, the guys who are into her are those who really appreciate her basketball manager skills and who are good in playing that they are kind of jealous why Shou has her.

      I wonder if we eliminate that = make her do things not basketball related and not be with really good basketball players, things will be more or less okay. In a way, that will also ease Shou's insecurity. Ah, we're talking about trouble-shooting. Of course in the end, that is good since they'll grow by overcoming this issue.


    13. I believe that Shou is talented and better than them. Well, he has her bcuz he loves her like nobody do. And he do appreciate and cherish her skills/support more than anyone .. page 21 of chapter 83 clearly showed that. Those guys are actually jealous of him/personally
      Plus, one see her like a mom. And the's more like an admiration.. bcuz of her work.

      But shou want to challenge not run. And I like it for them to don't change and accept and love each other regardless..and that's what they're doing. They're relationship goals. Haha. Plus, I don't think Shou has any problem with her. He faced hardships would happen with anyone. It's not bcuz Yuki are like that. And, ya .. he's ok with her the way she is.

      I believe that until now, no one loved Yuki other than Shou. haha.

    14. Yup, he is talented. Their edge is they got more experience and practice since they were playing seriously longer than he does. In a way, yes, because right now, she is supporting them too since they are part of the team.

      True. And even so, there are times when they falter but they still pick themselves up and fix things. Hehe, Yup, he has no problem with her. It makes me wonder how he'll react though if he knew they were hugging/touching her when they're alone. in real true romantic love?

  21. I'm so happy cuz they didn't make suwa kiss Yuki. Bcuz honestly I don't want anyone to kiss Yuki other than Naruse.

  22. I always thought so, shizuka seems to notice and care about Shou more than yuki, love him more than Yuki. lol, just joking. Thank youu!

    1. More than Yuki does* ��

    2. that good? I'm sure neither of the two guys would like that. =P

      You're welcome ^-^

    3. Haha, your reply make me laugh so hard .. but I don't think they wouldn't like it tho, haha

  23. Those chapters from 71-75 where they deal only with their own problems together but neither too dramatic or light but just simply real situation. That what make me love about Namaikizakari. And that what make Namaikizakari special. (Naruki always in a good term) .... ~it's...peaceful~ Hoping it will continue just like that.

    1. Hm...naun, in a way, it is still like that...just ignore the thing about the other couple ^^ I mean, that falling for Yuki is most likely just a way to make Suwa interested in Fuuka.

    2. Hehe, and perhaps, a bit of drama is needed to liven things up a bit = annoy some readers?

  24. Aww chapter 83 is so good and Soo hot!! Huhu Naruse is the best �� Naruse and Yuki are the best couple in the universe.. ���� I'm crying.. God

    1. Do you have the link of chap 83 if so then please drop it here ☺

    2. You Just drop the bomb and dissapear.... huhuhu.. is..they take bath together ?

    3. Aw, im sorry guys for the late reply! well, I can't drop the link bcuz actually i bought the magazine. And anonymous, yes.

    4. Oh. I hope you will post it on imgur or instagram

    5. Yep, I thought of that too. But when they delivered it to me they warn us firmly to not share it online �� but even so I tried to post it in Tumblr-blog but everytime it goes blocked afterwards, huhu.. and honestly I'm not enough expert on those things :(
      It's BCUZ Japan is so strict on copy rights/free sites lately, God!! ...bcuz of that the Chinese Scans are having a problem of release (as fast as they were)

      Chapter 82 English is out so I hope they'll translate chap 83 soon too.

      I'll keep trying, if it succeed. I will post my Tumblr or Instagram link here. But, not sure. Sorry.

    6. I can understand. Thank you. I think you can post it in Namaiki's secret group on fb, too.

    7. Ah, is that so, Anonymous [1] ^^ So, that's problem solved huh ^^

  25. When is chapter 83 coming out?

    1. It is out in Japan. Summary will depend on the Chinese scanlation.

  26. o mgod... 83 raw reallyyyy hoootttttsss... i will wait your summariesssssss..

    1. can u give the link please?

    2. Do you have links of ch83?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. QuoMoe, summaries will depend on the Chinese scanlations.

    5. The English scanlation is already out so I won't be summarizing it anymore.

  27. Japanese summaries of ch 84 are out too. Mostly centered on Usami/Suwa. Usami’s going to be joining the college basketball team’s summer camp as a temporary manager.

    1. Oh...I see, Ayumi.

      So the mangaka is indeed going to focus on two couples for this series.

    2. Oh, I start to really feel boring with that couple, haha.. They're not interesting. I want more Naruse-Yuki. i want it to still like it was.
      But there's Naruse-Yuki and Naruse in ch 84 tho.
      But why spoilers, huhu ..we still don't even read 83 summary or something, huhu

    3. Kat, Why I feel that it'll be more couples, haha ?

    4. More than two...mary? ^^ Haha, aside from Kido and his gf =P

  28. This is link in Russia chapter 83

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    2. Oops, you already post it.Well, this is raw, it's japanese not Russian, ^^

    3. its forbidden to take it out from sigh

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    Now we just need kat summery

    1. Unfortunately, I cannot read Japanese. I'm still waiting for the Chinese scanlation. Maybe the English will come out first...

    2. Dont worry i will wait for you 😊

  30. NARUSE IS SO CUTE! MACHIDA IS CUTE AS WELL! ♥ Literally, they are my current fav couple 😍 pls don't end the Manga any soon tho 😂 :( but I'm happy as well at the same time, 'cause there's no problems for them anymore

    1. That's a comment about chapter 83. I'm commenting here bcuz I didn't find a pole for it 😮
      Brittany odely

    2. An I don't know why my name/account ain't showing up but instead it is 'unknown' 😕

    3. I don't think it will end soon. There's basketball and probably winning the Nationals, introduction of Shou's father and possibly, Shou's ex-gf.

      Hm...a glitch?

    4. That's a relief �� .. actually I know those and I have more in my mind ����
      It's oki now ��

    5. Like what?

      I see. What did you do? Or, it got fixed on its own?

    6. No, not on its own. You should create a Google+ blogger profile to comment, at the first time it didn't give me that option and just published the comment directly, it's until I go out of chrome do I could fix it fix it, I didn't comment on a blog before so I missed it up 😅

    7. Ah, I see.

      And what are the ' I have more in my mind'? What are issues/scenarios aside from what I mentioned?

  31. Kat did you see chapter 83 😍 it's very cute 😆

    1. Just saw it, mary. I think it's okay. ^^

    2. Oh, I see. I thought you would like it,,

    3. Hehe. I guess I just thought that it is the same resolution as before. They talk, reassurance and everything is okay again + lovey-dovey in the end. Perhaps, I'm expecting something a bit different?

      Shou's behavior at the start of the chapter doesn't sit well with me. ^^;

    4. Oh, I understand.. bcuz I kind of feel the same somehow. If it's ok can I ask you what kind of different you think? It would be done there?

      What behavior?'s how he talked to those guys? .. oh, I see. But I think guys all speak like that.. hakamada and Shou always do. ..Maybe bcuz they were older!
      And I got the feeling that he wanted to talk with Yuki,,

    5. Something like more than an love assurance. I mean, that was already done before but this issue seem to keep on resurfacing due to Yuki's perceived closeness to those other guys. And, Shou is already like this...he didn't even know about those hugs yet. ^^;; Something like leveling up their relationship...haha, aside from physical intimacy - now in bath together. =P

      Yup. Not exactly with Shizuka. But with those other guys...even if they are annoying. Oh well, I'll just understand that he was like that because he is in a bad mood.

    6. I understand. you're right. I agree with you. ...something like "i promise I'll try to not get that close to guys, I'll try to be more aware. Or maybe Naruse felt that way bcuz I get too close to guys.." .. that will never happen, hahaha.
      Oh, yep.. i'm feeling more bad for him now that he doesn't knows 😖 .. and I will feel bad for him as well if he knows 😖

      But hakamada said the same word somehow when he kicked Shou ..and it was in front of everyone, upperclassmen, the captain..and even Yuki. Anyway as you say,,

      Anyway, actually I really loved the chap, and it made me so happy..><❤ one of my fav. Their lovey-dovey moments ..and every word they said to each other.. it was sooo sweet and Soo beautiful ..<3

      Well, let's go back to our subject, hehe. I'm thinking.. isn't that keep on resurfacing bcuz the author isn't fixing the main problem Which is "Yuki" ? .. she just never hints or want to make that (yuki's closeness to other guys) as a/the problem ..I have never felt that she did, or I'm wrong? .. She would always took it on shou..
      And in relate to that, the problem in shou too, I mean.. in the end he would always puts the blame on himself and never prevents her from doing so. ..I feel like his anger moments never directly were bcuz of that ..I mean maybe bcuz of..but in the end he would realize that he's wrong and was angry bcuz of something in him.. Also I got the feeling that he seems that he's not even aware of that issue.., how about all that? What do you think? .. ofc it's the author making him/it that way so she could continue her annoying concept which Yuki being hugged/touched.. from OTHER GUYS. 😒

      = I'm feeling like maybe bcuz he loves her just the way she is .. that he's not even aware. Or he doesn't want to force things on her. Or meddle on her life/personality.. what do you think?

      Ah, Kat, Miyuki-teacher hold an autograph session, in June 30. I just wanted to tell you, hehe,,

      But Kat so if you won't summarise the chap you won't post ur comment? ..I really understood that you would do 😄 .. I really want ur comment about that chapter :(


    7. Ya. It would be nice if they slightly resolve that issue because if not, it will happen again. Perhaps, if not with these two guys, it's possible with other guys. Ah...that is thinking beyond what will happen in the story though...

      He said 'f*ck' before? In the Chinese, what Shizuka said is pretty tame. Actually, it's not just with these guys, Shou's the same with the guys in high school so personally, I don't like it. Haha, maybe I'm taking it a bit seriously...and it should be like funny? ^^;

      Haha, I see ^-^

      Ya. It made me start to think if there are other female shoujo leads who are like that. ^^; Somehow, it makes me assume that the mangaka isn't resolving it to keep up with the harem-ism/love triangle issue of the story. I mean, if that is resolved, there will be no future potential problems/cliffhangers for the story.

      Or, maybe it is like in real life, things like that don't get easily resolved until the hit the big one and finally decide to 'fix the problem' so that it won't keep on happening. Somehow, I still think it is the former so that the story can be prolonged even if it can be a bit repetitive.

      I think it is the latter 'Or he doesn't want to force things on her. Or meddle on her life/personality'. If you think about his jealousy and insecurity, it is understandable that he doesn't want to impose too much since he might push her away...yet, he manifests his displeasure with 'tantrums'.

      Still, he does love...rather accept her the way that she is. He knew what he is going into and even if he knows that she won't cheat or anything, he cannot help but feel uneasy, insecure, etc. saw a picture of her?

      Haha...maybe if I can write something long about the chapter. For this one, I really don't have much to say. ^^; It was the same with Skip Beat...I don't write comments if I don't have much to say ^^;;

    8. Yeppp.

      Yep, he did. And continued with the bad words toward Shou. And he always says bad words to Shou. (Also with his friends) Did Shou did that in high school!!'s not funny, I hate when guys say that. I don't even say that word.

      Mm.. sorry, what do you mean by "other female shoujo" ? Other mcs with like yuki's density?
      You know that I hate that... I just loath harem/Rivals concepts &-& (especially hakamada type)'s soooo Annoying. For me it's not cliffhanger or anything it's just Annoying and not necessary especially in Namaikizakari. Focus on naruki's peaceful relationship and sweet moment is the total cliffhanger for me >3
      There's a lot of other stuff could be done here (as potential..) but they just like that cliche unrealistic childish concept. +_+

      Yep, in real life it's so hard for one to change their personalty/or fix something in them. Yep.

      But her density is Annoying and unbearable sometime tbh.
      .. ofc if it's Shou is the one like Yuki I won't bear it .. and I would hate the Manga and everything. I always hated when male leads involve a lot with girls order to help them Annoying-thing.. i was like "just don't, you're not the one supposed to do that" .. and "that won't make u nice/good",.. Always hurting the mc by that. flirt with their ex in front of the mc/his gf.. but, oh, wait, he doesn't know that might hurt the girl.. agh. And now I found Shou like the type I like.. but yuki's is taking the role, haha.

      But Kat how can that prob solved if Yuki doesn't even aware of, or at least see it as somehow wrong thing, ?, why Shou won't tell her directly? ..

      Now that I'm thinking of it, at first I didn't understand, but now Shou is right, I mean these guys when Yuki just helped them..etc, they really did take advantage of her..they kept hitting on her, flirt with her, keep touching..and hugging her. Make problems for her and doesn't care at all about that/about her feelings being hurt if she fight with Shou. Shou is doing great tbh.. how comes these guys who don't even know or love Yuki seriously can't hold it and keep shamelessly hitting and touching her and can Shou keeps his cool seeing his GF being hitting on and flirt on!! Agh. I hate when you can't friend guys, they would Always turn it to romance.. they're so shallow.. and selfish.

      Oh, no. They just post a pic of her side in interview with Shou's seiyuu. Idk why she don't want to be seen.

      Hehe, I see.

    9. Is that so...iirc he didn't say it in the Chinese version. At most, it is just 'stupid', etc. The English scanlator sometimes put in cuss for more emphasis I guess. Like in Skip Beat, they used the word b*tch when it wasn't used in the Chinese.

      - - -

      In a way yes. Like a female shoujo mc who is okay being hugged/touched by the other guy even if she has a bf. I'm just thinking that I don't seem to have encountered these kind of comments before like we have for Yuki. Haha, or I don't recall anymore ^^;

      Ya but then, I guess that kind of scenario sells. Perhaps, spice things up or else, 'peaceful relationship/sweet moments' can be boring if it is always like that. Actually, if there are a lot of that, it means the series is ending.


      Ah yes. It is like that. Those are indeed annoying. The types that I really don't like is when the female mc is already good with the other guy = everything is going smoothly but female mc immediately dumps him once the crush/male mc had finally let go of his crush/ex-gf.

      That is the question. Since she isn't aware, it would help if Shou tells her about it. I'm sure she'll understand...hopefully, she won't dismiss it as silly jealousy and stuff. I recall that Yuki is the type who'll only realize it after being told about it like before...when Yuuka tells her things and then, she'll start acting...the time when she was reminded that she is the gf so Yuki came rushing to Shou's place. Actually, it's the same in this arc, because of their talk, Yuki is taking the initiative to talk things with Shou.

      Haha...well, there are guys who are like that. Perhaps, they are 'in love' that they lose control of their emotions. And ya, it doesn't help if the other party isn't exactly protesting or telling them to stop that.

      Though, somehow, I feel that it is for the story. I did hope that Shizuka will let it go after his confession. Or as you mentioned, just be a friend. But from how things are going, it seems that the mangaka is somehow keeping the 'love triangle'.

      Maybe for privacy reasons?

    10. Not that, he called him A$* after. He always call Shou like that. But I feel like u make it look like shou is the only one who said that word 😄 while I always read bad words in mangas, even Yuki says A$* a lot 😄 .. anyway it's oki,,
      And sorry but actually I didn't read skip beat 😄

      My god, haha, so it's oki with her! .. well, yeah, it seems so, right!
      Ohh, I really was going to ask u that many times but I forgot. "if there's such comments bout other mc?', no!! .. but why that hypocrity? .. when other mc females humiliating themselves running after the guy is ok!! .. but yuki get bashing!! ..when the male-lead be a dumbass harem is Oki!! ..when he treats the girl like a dog or a fan girl.. letting her run after him.. ignoring her..and doesn't puts any effort to get her, is ok!!..that's so frustrating tbh.
      I'm sure most of them are mad bcuz Yuki isn't the one running after Shou but Shou does. I recall u told me that they think "she should run after him so she deserves him" ..I didn't exactly get it that time, till I saw comments like "it's her turn to run after him, till now he kept running after her like an idiot" when he run after her, he's an "idiot" But when she does "that's love" ..they should stop lying on themselves. They clearly know that is wrong in all ways but they keep lying on themselves. I'm shoked how can "a girl" ask/demand something like that ..agh 💔

      I would never get boring and enough of naruki :(
      Now that I think of it, Namaiki always have naruki peaceful sweet relationship/moments .. but not in the's high level, haha. & True, other Mangas.. when the girl run after the guy for 50 chaps..he would decide to sympathy her..they would date for 5/6 chaps ..and end. Idk how to explain that to you but that's just "without level".

      Yepppp. Actually even if there's no other guy I would hate it, bcuz there's no convince solution to me.

      True, like u mentioned,.. that time when Shou told her, he presented it to look like "jealousy" she understood it like "jealousy" that I'm thinking of it, she does know that is wrong..I mean, she always try to hide them from Shou, like in ch 34 when he asked her she got scared & nervous and didn't tell him. Also in ch 61. ..I don't get it anymore, haha 😄

      = But Kat, in that arc I feel like Shou became aware/got it that he has probs in showing his weak side/talk bout himself he'll put it in mind/try to fix it ..Something I didn't feel in the previous time. ..I'm sure if something up with him again.. he'll come to Yuki to comfort him, show her his weakness & share it with her. We solved a brob, haha. What do you think? .. even Yuki said "he finally showed me All of himself" ...,,

      There's no excuses for their actions though, +_+

      :( I really thought so..
      I'll admit to you, those things really make me frustrating and sad.. I know.. I'm weak and weird.

      Maybe. ^^

      In Soo other subject, haha. I love when Yuki wear dresses..I wish she'll do more. In chapter 44 she was so pretty in that dress, especially when she left the coat, hehe. I love when she wear short skirts and shorts. hehe❤ .. but I don't like when she wear long skirts 😄

    11. Actually, in Chinese, it is indeed mostly 'stupid'/'jerk'. Lol, I don't know if it is so in Japanese...or I just tend to tone it down. ^^; Say, instead of sh*t, etc, I use 'darn'. Yes, only in this chapter, Shou mentioned f*ck which is the same in the Chinese. So you are right, I did make it look like he was the only one who said it since this is the first time I actually read him cuss. 😅

      By the way, are you using your cellphone to type this? I'm curious how you are able to use smiley...I have to copy and paste it from another site.

      True. Actually, it goes both ways for me like say, if it is a guy who kept on running after the girl after being dumped/rejected, not fond of girl treated like dog/spare tire, etc.

      Ah, true. I'm thinking that it is something like how things should be fair. He chases after her. She also chases after him. They both love each other a sense. If one keeps on giving, the other should also give.

      Perhaps, that's the point of the series? To get the guy...the end. It isn't about what happens afterwards. That is...aside from the editor wanting it to terminate the series or low sales.

      Indeed. I guess that can be considered a bit of progress. Perhaps, Yuki would be 'nicer to him' if she knows more what he's thinking, etc. compared to just assuming what he is thinking based on his actions which iirc tend to be the reason for their misunderstandings.

      After all, Shou's edge is he can easily understand her and he has seen her vulnerable sides but not Yuki. It doesn't help that Shou wanted to act cool and perfect in fear that Yuki might not like him because of having any weakness. I guess things will become better later on as they become more open and honest with communication as well as getting to know each other more.


      Haha, actually, I think those long skirts are her preferred outfit. She gives me an impression of being 'old fashioned' even if...yes, dresses, short skirts suit her more. 44, she did look younger in that outfit and hairstyle.

    12. Hehe, yeah, when you said so I tried to recall him saying it before but I didn't find 😅 .. yeah, I don't use those words either..

      So the Chinese updated 83, I didn't know bcuz I use (dmzj) and they didn't post it in there.

      Oh, yep, I use my cellphone.. honestly I really dislike to use PC/Laptop.. my PC is off for months, I just use it to save my pics/vds or study 😅, hehe.

      Yeah, but I find it more improper for the girl to take that role 😅🙇

      Yeah, I understand, but they're wanting just Yuki to run after him and not him ..and considering it as the right way.. 😑 as you said there weren't such cmnts towards girls and males who are in reverse of this situation.

      Yeah, let's say that's not my type of series,,


      True, and that is another reason for him to be more open with her.
      Mm, it's more than "acting cool in fear of yuki might not like him.." .. actually he's like that with's his personality. ..yep, as you said and I said before they have a little problem in talking/communicate due to their kind of personality..when they overcome that they would be a double perfect couple, haha.

      Hehe, ya She somehow give that impression but she still wear good somehow. True. ..actually Yuki is Soo pretty 😍

      I'm happy bcuz miyuki didn't make them break up temporary..a lot are saying that too.
      And also there's a lot who were/are so sure they won't apart, haha, why? ..u know what I think, it's bcuz of Shou.. I mean i'm sure he won't let go of her no matter what..I mean some other male leads I can imagine they will do .. but Shou.. no.
      You too i recall you sounded so sure and told me "I can't think anything can break those two" .. you helped me a lot at that time, thank you, hehe❤

      By the way, did u see! they adjusted it in ch 82, we knew there was something wrong, hehe.
      But Kat, I think they mistook again, when Shou said "it's the 1st time I have ever felt glad I was born before you" .. it Should be "after you" .. right? .. also I feel like it should be "I didn't feel glad.." ..he feels happy being younger than her? ..I somehow can't understand this part well..

      Ahh, and you see! Yuki used a bathing powder so Shou can't see her body well, haha..tbh I didn't get it until a fan explained it in her IG's story, haha

      And "I wanna see u wash ur hair" ..haha, that's so sweet..I like it,,

      Ah Also, I want to ask you, Yuki was going to hug his back but then she hugged his hair/head, right? ...I loved it so much when she hugged/patted his hair like that ...❤😍 Hehe.

      when Shou told hair in chap 82.. "why's ur face so formal all the time.. is it bcuz ur bangs are so neat and tidy" ... hahaha, he really made me laugh so hard

      Look at how much I wrote, I just was going to ask you about the ch in one comment..but then.. I'm crazy ..I'm sorry 🙏🙏

    13. Yup, after a few days, they got 83 up.

      I see.'s good that you can type a long one on the cellphone. I prefer using a keyboard =P

      Hehe, I see. it because it's easier to gang up on the girl? Easier to forgive/go easy on a good looking male lead?

      I don't get that feeling - how he acts towards others. He seems more aloof/don't care what others think than 'acting cool'.

      Hm...there are actually people who thought they are going to break up? Break up for what? It seemed to be just a lovers' quarrel to me = not very serious that they'll break up over that. I think it is for both. They both love each other, there are no rivals that can waver them from each other and they aren't too stubborn/clueless for a long long time since either one will try to patch things up.

      Haha, I don't understand that either. Checking the is, "For the first time, I thought that it would be good if I was born earlier than you." Something like wishful thinking so that he won't feel so insecure and impulsive/act reckless to catch up. that means, they're doing it in the dark? Or, after everything, she's still shy about it?

      Ah, thankfully, that wasn't seen as 'treating him like a kid'.

      Haha, it's okay ^^

    14. Oh! God! You actually answered me! know! I didn't get ur comment.. I was waiting, then I said maybe she is busy ..I checked my inbox many times but I didn't find, agh!.. and you answered me yesterday too, agh.. I'm sorry.
      Actually I entered to ur blog now and was going to tell you about that "translation mistake" ..I said it's good that you didn't answered me yet, then.. hehe.
      Well, they adjusted it, hehe. Look,
      = I'm really feeling bad for him,
      And actually he knows that he is the "senpai maniac" not Yuki. Hehe.

      Oh, I see. After you told me I searched and found one.

      Oh, really! ..I thought it's normal, hehe. Anyway, thank you 😳

      Yepp, that's it. Actually even if he's not good looking they would be easy on him merely bcuz he's "guy"

      Hehe, well I think he does. Like when they would lose (to mizusu) ..he won't let anyone see his frustration. I recall one time the guys said "oh, right, he's a sensitive guy but he doesn't show it up" ..etc.

      Yepp, you see!! I think the same too. it's nothing big, Agh.
      Yepp, you're sooo right. I love Those words, hehe❤

      I troubled you to check for me.. thank you^^ ...yep.
      It's pretty clear that he also doesn't feel confident in himself going out with Yuki.. he see her like a person he can never reach..,

      In the dark?'s about the water in the tub, it was white bcuz Yuki add a bathing powder.. ah, Actually Im confused, idk why she did that.. hehe

      Oh, from who?..From Shou? ..if yes, i don't think so. he was just angry so he said so, ..and actually,I think he loves it, hehe.
      The Mangaka made Yuki do it purposely for that line, hehe.

      Oh, im thinking of yuki's necklace, she didn't wear it any time again, Haha. actually I don't like that thing of (you should always wear it or something.. like in some Mangas and drama, agh).. but I would like to see her wear it once again or at least the Mangaka mention it 😅

      By the way Kat, did you see the second cover picture of volume 13? It's "Yuki".. she's so pretty and sexy there 😍 .. Hehe.
      You can see it here,

      ..In the next chapters I would like to see.. Shou go to Yuki's house again, and also Yuki to his house. Them celebrating a Christmas Eve together. Them going to the beach alone. One of them (prepare/surprise) celebrating the other birthday.. haha. I'm crazy 😅

      Oh, you know it seems there will be an extra chapter on July,25.. in Shou's BD, hehe. (With namaiki cover).. I hope the Chinese will Translate it so you can summarise it for us 🙏


    15. I'm sorry about the link I gave to see yuki's pic, It won't bring you directly to the photo so don't use it. I tried so much but I couldn't send it to you. (The accounts in IG are private. And I couldn't from FB).. You can see it here, in Twitter but it's not clear, it on the book :(
      If there's an option here I would send it to you from my gallery, haha.
      There's Also the pic miyuki teacher used it for her autograph session (the one Shou holding the pillow, with Yuki)'s so pretty too,,

    16. Ah, I see. Maybe there are a lot of people mentioning it.


      I think that bath powder is a bath bomb which colors the water. I'm just wondering why she is shy about him seeing her naked in the tub when he should have already seen everything when they're doing it. So, could it be that when they're doing is dark?

      Haha, I see.

      About the necklace - You don't? Why? But then, perhaps, if the person isn't into lovey-dovey or jewelry? Like say, there are people who don't wear their wedding rings since they aren't used to it.

      Is the picture the one on the lower left? Where she is sitting? It is sweet-sexy.

      I'm not too fond of him going to her house due to the annoying fangirl sisters. ^^;'re a bit too far ahead for Christmas. Beach...possible...perhaps, after basketball training camp?

      Do you think that the mangaka is deliberately making a not so romantic holiday occasions so that when the manga progresses, it become more romantic as they become more of a couple? Also, if a really romantic Vday is already done before...the mangaka might be also hard-pressed to top it in the next/future Vdays.

      Oh, there is. We'll just have to wait and see. Ah, where is the side story published?

      Pillow? The one with an envelope? Looks like a scarf to me. ^^;; Thanks for sharing. :)

    17. Yeah.

      Oh, I understand now, ya, maybe, hehe. And yes, I'm thinking the same too, haha.. I thought I don't know a lot about those things so I won't say anything. Although, I think, ya, it's a bit more embarrassing bathing together than doing it in bed, haha. Idk, lol

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      Yep, it is that one. Yasss, 😍

      Haha, true. Me too tho, but I want him to meet and talk to her father again. Haha, yep, I know.. it's just I want it since they didn't spend it together before. Yaa, I really hope for it.

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      Also, you see? it's like I told you, "conditions" ..based on the comment above usami is going to be a temporary manager, but why! Why she's changing her self for him! Why she will do something she doesn't like and know nothing about! .. I recall kido-senpai's GF Rina, she is not into basketball but he didn't force her to or anything, yet, suwa-San who thinks himself, seriously! He's acting so immaturely.. and now he's the one avoiding her too! I understand his State.. I would like it if she's helping him like a friend but since there's romance in it.. it'll be humiliating and hurtful ..and I don't like that kind of stories. Also she already confessed to him, enough! But, no, she'll be always running after him, it's like those Mangas the girl Would be always running after the guy even after they becom a couple and him keeps hurting/ignoring her. I really want to like Usami-Suwa couple but I just can't, things started between them and how IT IS GOING is wrong in so many ways.

      Oh, yep, that's possible, like at first she made it a training camp, then with tono & ami, and now that..ya, think of it, bcuz they were still way young to meet up in holidays or travel, and a not so long-time couple like you said., I hope she'll make a real trip/holiday for them (alone) ..not with the others and then she would make them sneak and give us some lovey dovey.
      Ah, maybe, so perhaps she'll be focusing on Xmas, BDs, their anniversary, etc ..this time.

      Yepp. It is in Za Hana to Yume.

      You mean this, right?
      And ya, it is.. it's like a poster the Mangaka gave to those who signed to ^^
      It's nothing ^^ ..actually, I just troubled you, hehe.

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      I see. So, on special occasions?

      I think they'll slowly properly celebrate the occasions/holidays together later on ^^

      I think it is around July...perhaps? In high school, training camps are usually done on summer. I'm not sure about college though. If this is going to be just after they entered college, May is highly possible. it is going to that route. Even if we hate it, I guess Usami is the representation of those girls who'll do everything to get the guy even if the guy isn't really into her. Perhaps, a desire to be the one who'll change him and make him fall for her.

      Ah...thinking about it, is it the same with Yuki and Shou? Shou always took basketball for granted but because of Yuki, he played it more and came to like it? He is always pursuing her, too.

      Yup. ^^

      Oh that...I thought it was the colored one from the Twitter page...upper right picture.

    19. Haha, no, it's not like that..I would wear it..but just not that (you should always_ and if not it's something wrong)'s exaggeration. hehe.

      I will be depending on your words, haha, bcuz I'm doubting that, hehe.

      Yup. But I'm confused about studying. Anyway we'll see.

      Speaking of that, the training camp in high school was more excited.. also the basketball club. I thought I would like it with hakamada..and suwa in them ..but it turned to be a little boring to me, :+


      Sorry, but it's not the same at all. Shou got serious about basketball bcuz of Yuki (her earnestly in work) but he never planning to, for her to like him. Shou never did something for Yuki to like him, he was just being himself, and Yuki accidentally would see his beautiful sides/real self and falling for him. Besides he was playing for ages before wards.
      It's more like Yuki's situation, she joins the club bcuz of kido. (then she came to like it. That's normal, everyone would get mature bcuz of something/someone at a specific period/age. That is life.)

      Haha, I see.

      Chapter 84 and 85 will be release those days, before the 20, they said. But I doubt that, it's still just 4days. Maybe only 84.


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      Was the training only in one chapter? Boring = just training and not much interactions/progress?

      Ah, something more like inspiring him rather than forcing oneself to like something just because the guy/girl likes doing it? it possible that it can be making opportunity to spend more time with the other? Usami has to create more situations for them to be together for him to know her better. Maybe, she'll like basketball, too. Hehe, perhaps, inspired to be like Yuki who is helping her boyfriend?

      I'm just thinking that these days, girls have to be more proactive/aggressive in getting the ones they want. Haha, of course, it can go overboard wherein some will do underhanded ways to do it. And, ya it can 'look' desperate. For me, I guess if the guy isn't badly [<- subjective] treating the girl = there is some kind of hope, go and pursue = no regrets. Of course, that doesn't apply to guys who already have a gf/husband.

      I see.

    21. Yepp, That is it.

      No, it's continues (84 isn't training camp. It's start in 85), the Mangaka is returning the Manga to the 0 again and it's hakamada turn now. So as you said "that is just unprogressive and overrated step" ; TBH, I'm in awe about how she have the dare to still do something like that (especially that we just got out of those chaps/suwa)
      NVM, even without that, I think high School's training camp was better.. those chapters of TC was really so beautiful!! And exciting! Don't you think so? .. well, let's wait and see if those will be good too// Also don't you think that the club/(atmosphere) in high school was better/more excited? Or just me, hehe. Even though basketball in college doesn't exactly shown up yet.

      Yepp, Exactly.

      Yeahh. hehe, ya, maybe. Hehe, yep.

      Oh, thinking of it, it's so beautiful for you and ur partner to love the same thing/work in the same field. >3❤

      Haha, if that the case, then I will be single for the rest of my life. Hehe.

      Kat, what was Yuki going to say, she said "I still have something to tell him" ??!!?!

    22. you mean, Shizuka is like courting her again as if all those stuff didn't happen? Repeating what irks most people?

      I think it is because we know more of the characters/club members in high school...their personality and how they would interact. Here, we only know the rivals and a bit of the captain. Haha, of course exciting depends like if one is interested in a scenario of jealousy and stuff with the rivals in the camp.

      Yup. Ideally, ya? Though there are those who want to be in different fields...I think. For variation = not boring.

      Haha. Hopefully, not ^^

      Was this on chapter 83? That he is the coolest guy even if he isn't the captain/fails in something.

    23. You see!!!! .. well, it was accidentally like usual😑..em, it wasn't a big deal but it was. I already lost confident so I know the next chapter will be not good too, it'll continue and something will happen. I'm afraid.
      =I didn't tell you anything bcuz I don't know if I'm supposed to tell you spoilers.

      Yeahhh, you're right. I thought of that too as the/a reason. I'm not, hehe.

      Yup, for me I don't like being in the same field, hehe.


      Not that, She actually told him that. It's something else, she said it in her narration "I still had one more thing I wanted to say.." you didn't notice/read it?

    24. Oh. Then, we'll talk about it again when the scanlation is out ^^

      Ah...that. Haha, I assumed that in the end, it was that. Or perhaps, she forgot all about it because of what happened. =P

    25. Okay 😌

      From her words I understood that she didn't said deliberately, hehe.

      Ahh, I just read some comments on chapter 83 and they have a lot of agree!! .. "I want a new girl to appear. I want rival chan" ..I can't believe! haha. Also "they were expecting more passionate scenes" .. I'm not going to lie, I also thought that, hehe. ..I just feel like miyuki isn't giving much lovey dovey lately,, :+

    26. I see.

      Hehe, rival-chan will appear soon...ex gf =P

      Hm...more passionate scenes as in bed scenes? One chapter of bed scene? =P

    27. haha, you're very sure. For me, I'm totally not, hehe.
      But that term "rival chan" lol

      Oh, ya, and such.
      (They thought it"d be more passionate than 71) hehe.

    28. Haha...well, we got a glimpse of her like we had a glimpse of Shou's fater. I'm sure she'll appear later on. It would be amusing if she had some sort of radical makeover that Shou doesn't recognize her =P

      I see. I do wonder if it is because of the magazine where this is serialized. It is actually quite rare for it to show sex scenes...or even go past high school arc. Usually, such passionate scenes are common in shocomi or cheese magazines.

    29. Oh! Ya, let's see. Haha. I'm imagining how it'd be his reaction when first see her, lol. and how it'd be their intrection later on.

      Oh, is that so! .. actually for me, I just wanted more lovely dovey moments, not necessary bed scenes.

      "or even go past high school arc" mean the Mangas in that magazine didn't/don't usually continue after high school (college)? .. just Namaiki?

    30. Yup.

      Hehe, I see.

      Yup. And, they rarely have sex is usually 'general patronage'.

      Review for 84 is up ^^

    31. Ohh, I see.

      Really!! Thank you so much for informing me, OMG ❤❤❤

  32. Since 83 is out now are you going to post summary of 84

    1. Unfortunately no. You see, my summaries are based on the Chinese scanlation. They only recently released 83 which is about the same time when the English is out.

      They are no longer releasing it fast due to copyright reasons.

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    1. Hehe, flora. He always have that kind of look when Yuki blurts out unexpected lovey-dovey stuff.

      Don't worry, I think there are still a lot of stuff to explore like winning the Nationals, meeting Shou's father and perhaps, Shou's ex-gf...among other things...haha, more about Fuuka and Suwa? =P

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