June 5, 2018

From Five to Nine [Chapter 74 - Working Girl]

Narration: “Madame Komura Chie is the president of Tokyo region sect parishioner wives’ association. In Hitotsubashi, except for the abbot, she is the one and only person who can directly call out to madam-sama’s name, Hoshikawa Hibari. (And in simple words, she is an old acquaintance.)”

While having tea with Junko, Tokiko says is that so, it was Takane. “That is truly amazing and if you can ask that person to teach you, then, even if it is mother, she also cannot nitpick on any fault. If it is like that, then from today on, you can finally officially start the bride training. *Junko blushes* Junko-san, you truly worked really hard. ...thanks.”

Junko says no, actually, this time, it was really by chance. “It is thanks to Madame Koumura’s grandson...from today on, I’ll strive hard.” Pushing up her glasses, Tokiko says but, talking about that time, how mother was...thinking about it...really...she isn’t at all like this, carelessly...”

Flashback: Chie told Hibari that if she doesn’t want to teach then she’ll [Hibari] will teach her. “Is it okay? Anyway, you also don’t want to teach.” Hibari said that she didn’t say that she didn’t want to teach. “I definitely... ...forget it, it doesn’t matter. You properly do your best...” End flashback.

Narration: “Be that as it may, the things I have to do are still piled up like a mountain. Before Hoshikawa-san come back, it would be better that I don’t lose to him who is striving hard in training. First of all, I should strive harder from today on.”
At Chie’s place, Junko introduces Ondai and Yuki to each other. She tells them that Ondai lent this place to them for the first week of class. Ondai looks surprised over gloomy Yuki. Junko tells them about the four primary skills that is the core of speech, ‘read’, ‘listen’, ‘write’ and ‘talk’ which they have to practice.

Ondai gestures to Yuki if they won’t tell Junko that they know each other. With ‘her’ pointed finger on ‘her’ mouth, Yuki tells him not to do more than what is necessary and just don’t say it. Junko thanks Yuki for specially coming over and obviously, it was so sudden yet ‘she’ agreed to a ‘two persons’ class.

“It is truly a great help to me. I heard from Zexy that you also didn’t go on a leave so I’m really quite happy” Blushing Yuki apologizes for always skipping class. “But, Junko-sensei, it is really alright? I heard that you’re very busy and I’m very worried...”

Yuki thinks, “But!! Unexpectedly, why with this guy!? Is it by chance!? But in confusion, this is also very hard to explain...” Ondai is surprised when Junko suddenly hugs blushing Yuki and exclaims that ‘she’s so nice!! “It’s alright! Thank you. You’re really so cute. Do your best to improve your grade. I’ll help you!”

Ondai glumly watches the lovey-dovey. Later on, Junko is teaching in ELA. Momoe worriedly looks at her. Arthur comments that Junko’s complexion doesn’t look quite well. “Isn’t she already overworked? She’s in school for class from 5 to 9. At the head office, she also receives strict orders from Makoto, right?”
Momoe informs him that added to that, she had returned to the temple so she wakes up at 6 to start cleaning. “It seems that she is even studying an entire set of etiquette... Zexy and I are very worried.” Looking aghast, Arthur thinks that is bloody hell...

He says that Makoto is even pressuring Junko more than usual and it is possible that he wanted her to cry and beg him for forgiveness. Momoe says it can’t be, with that kind of asceticism, Makoto won’t do that kind of ploy towards someone who has a fiancé...

Arthur gives her a look ‘this person is so slow-witted’. He tells her that they don’t talk about that first, she must hurriedly prepare to move back to the dorm. Momoe exclaims that is so sudden and the topic had changed. “I’m saying that because Director Kiyomiya is a gentleman so I trust him.”

Some women are calling out to Arthur and say that they have a question. Arthur says that it seems that there are people calling him so he’ll go there first. “And also, Momoe-sensei, do you want me tell you something? ...actually, a gentleman doesn’t at all exist in this world.”

Momoe mutters that he is deceiving her again when obviously he is from a country of gentlemen. “Really such a waste and besides, he is even handsome.” Later on, she sees Junko on the computer. Junko just got a message from Agnes asking if Junko already gave her the project document yesterday. “I was always waiting but today, I still didn’t receive it when I came to work. Can you confirm it?” It seems to be about the attendance for the fellowship party.
Junko groans and says that’s right, this data!! “This is bad, I forgot about it. Ah- I messed up... Tomorrow...no, that’s no good. About this...do I have to personally give it...it is inevitable... I’ll pass over the dorm on the way home...”

Momoe asks isn’t it a computer data, then indeed bring it to him [Makoto]. “But, Junko-sensei, aren’t you overworked? I’m really worried about you. Your complexion doesn’t look quite well.” Junko tells her that she’s thinking too much.

“It’s alright. *winks* Sorry for making you worried but I’m already more or less used to this kind of pace already. It’s fine. It’s fine~ I’m going ahead and yoroshiku, Momoe-sensei.”

Narration: “Because I want to be more enthusiastic in order to respond to the anticipation of that person who is currently undergoing training. At that time, thanks to that letter’s suggestion, I can finally see a ray of hope...

...I’m quite happy just thinking that even if that person is under training, he is concerned about me. In front of the person himself, I find it a bit difficult to talk about it, but really...I ALREADY QUITE LIKE HIM!!”

At the dorm, Makoto holds the folder and says that this is the data that should have been emailed to him yesterday. He tells her that he waited the whole day today for it. Junko bows and apologizes. She tells him that it is her fault that it wasn’t sent to him so she brought it here today. Makoto says that didn’t he told her before that he doesn’t like to work during personal time.
Makoto recalls asking Masako about Junko’s health and Masako told him that Junko is hard at work with the bride training and she is doing her best for her fiancé. Makoto says that she is neglecting her work due to her bride training so shouldn’t he look for someone else to go to New York for the business trip. Junko exclaims, no.

Jealous that she is doing her best for her fiancé, Makoto apologizes and says that he overestimated her. Junko asks him to please wait. “This time is indeed my fault but I believe that my other finished works are quite well done! I truly cannot accept that you’ll look for someone else!”

Makoto says, okay, forget it, it is better for her to just concentrate on her bride training. “This is a piece of the boss’ gentle caring heart.” Junko says that just like this...lately...sexual...harassment... Makoto is surprised to see Junko suddenly falling down.

He quickly holds out his arm to catch her. He worriedly calls out to her and asks if she is alright. “Where are you feeling uncomfortable? I’ll quickly call someone. Hey! Is someone there! Lance! Tobey!” Looking ill, Junko says that she is alright and she is truly sorry since it is possible that she is a bit anemic. “I’ll quickly stand up. I’m really sorry...”

Makoto apologizes for pressuring her too much and just now is just a joke, and he admits that she did quite well. Junko says but of course...and she simply lacks a bit of sleep and if he can let her sleep for a while, she’ll immediately recover. “I’m alright... Please don’t mind me... I’m really alright...”

Makoto worriedly holds her head. He kisses her head and says, “I ought to be a lot more relaxed if you are really alright. ...cruel woman.”
Comment: So, that’s one problem solved regarding the flower arrangement lessons. Hibari has met her match. I’m not sure if there is any importance that Yuki and Ondai kept it from Junko that they know each other. But, I wonder if Ondai would realize that Yuki actually likes Junko.

Momoe is perhaps quite naïve about the existence of a gentleman but then, it isn’t surprising since she doesn’t have much social interaction with men and reads a lot of manga. But then, I think Arthur should be aware that Momoe seems to have a more favorable view of Makoto than him. ^^;

As everyone had warned, Junko ought to be more careful with her health. But then, given her situation, it is inevitable. She is a ‘greedy’ woman that she wants both career and marriage. In this case, Makoto is already giving her a way out regarding the business trip.

I guess she cannot let this pass after putting a lot of effort to get to go to her dream country even if it isn’t exactly appropriate for her to go with a boss who likes her. Would Takane approve? After all, he is already her fiancé.

And, her pride for her work in being good at this and being profession would be hurt if she just gives up on it just because Makoto said so. And, honestly, she did let herself vulnerable since she passed out like that in a room alone with him. Scans by 5→9

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