June 7, 2018

Kasane Novel 'Rippled Thread' Spoilers

[Free Talk: This are spoilers from the novel that was posted on baidu. I’m not sure if it is complete but it has been a month since the last update so I’ve assume that it more or less finished <- no continuation. It isn’t in chronological order but I’ll translate it based on how it was written in baidu.]
After being driven away by Atae from the house, Izana felt guilty because she always sees Atae as Nagi. She always loves Nagi and Atae is Kasane’s father. When Nagi died, her heart also died. She wanted to fill the emptiness in her heart so she looked for Atae. But, she realized that this won’t do at all.

After being driven away, she worked as a textile worker. Takemi was the one who offered her this job. The boss of that textile factor is a fan of Sugeyo.

After learning that Izana knows Sugeyo before she became famous, the boss would ask her about Sugeyo’s everyday life. This gave Izana complex feelings. As a textile worker, she is always being pointed at and ordered around by others. 


The name Nogiku [literally field chrysanthemum] is chosen by Izana. She wished for Nogiku to become free. Because in Akeiwa, this kind of white chrysanthemum grows everywhere.

When she arrived at the city and met Sugeyo for the first time, she also saw this chrysanthemum growing by the road. Izana felt that even if this flower isn’t very gorgeous but it has vitality and tenacity. Furthermore, it also freely grows at any place.


At that time, while Izana is playing with in Macbeth, the actor’s surname is also Uno. Uno Juukichi [guesswork from 重吉]. It is unknown whether or not he is Uno Nobuhiko’s father.


From the start, Izana left Kasane with Mineyo as she herself go to acting. [This is Izana as Sugeyo] Mineyo maltreats Kasane so her body is always black and blue. She lied to Izana by saying that Kasane is naughty that she’ll fall down.

Afterwards, Mineyo had a relationship with a rich business proprietor. She immediately left Kasane at gate of Atae’s house. And, Kasane waited for Izana for such a long time at the gate.

Izana’s feelings towards Kasane is quite complicated. She pities her. She abhors her. But, she couldn’t love her. So, Izana always avoid Kasane. She doesn’t want to see her. She even have dreams of ‘killing Kasane’.


So, after working as a textile worker, Izana really wants to act and she even dreamt about it. At that time, she wanted to make use of Atae. She used the pretext of ‘wanting to see Sugeyo’. The boss of the textile shop would help her convey that message to Atae.

Izana is very intelligent since she wanted Atae to look for her rather than for her to take the initiative to look for Atae. The boss told Atae that there is a woman called Izana working for him who caused a lot of trouble and he wanted compensation.

But she said that she doesn’t have any money nor relatives to pay the money. She only has Atae’s contact details. So, like that, Atae found Izana again. And, afterwards, Izana saw Sugeyo at the basement.

She felt that Sugeyo is very pitiful but she doesn’t blame Sugeyo for betraying her. At that moment, Sugeyo is already 6 months pregnant. Izana asked Sugeyo what to do with the child. Sugeyo says that no matter what, she wants it to live because the child is innocent.

Sugeyo also says that Izana can continue on using her face and it is enough for her to simply take care of this child. And, besides, the one whom Atae is always looking for is her. Izana says that the person he is looking for isn’t her. 


After finishing the face switch, Atae tightly hugged her and says that he can see her again. This made Izana angry that she asks him, what he intends to do with Sugeyo. Atae says that she is Sugeyo and that woman in the basement is just her ‘material’, that’s all.

Izana was furious that she wanted to slap him. But, Atae grabbed her hand and says that it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t love him but he is filled with love in welcoming her back. So, throw away the feelings of that ugly Izana. Izana shouts for him to let her go.

Atae tells her not to use that tone when talking with him since she wanted to go up on the stage once again so she came back, right. They can mutually benefit from each other. And if she dares to let that woman out of the basement and leave him, he’ll make sure that she won’t be able to act again.

He tells her that for Kasane’s sake, she ought to accept his condition. Izana agreed with the request that they live separately. Izana already wanted to free Sugeyo from the basement so that she can take care of Kasane and Nogiku. But, Atae won’t agree to it.


Izana lost herself in acting. She started to not want to see Kasane. She doesn’t want to think about Sugeyo. Afterwards, she is going to act in Macbeth. During the rehearsal for Macbeth, she saw Namino and Chigusa’s apparitions.

Kingo went to see her. Izana thought that this person is also very pitiful since he let his hands be stained with blood because of her. Afterwards, Izana agreed to act in Kingo’s play. The condition is to let her see the script.

The frequency of seeing the apparitions grew more and more. At the start, Atae is very worried but later on, his tone started to become impatient. From Kingo’s back, Izana can see Nagi’s apparition, coldly looking at her.

Seeing that things aren’t quite okay with her, Kingo went to see Atae. Afterwards, Atae hugged Izana and said those lines, ‘Even if it is hell, I’ll also go and accompany you.’ Afterwards, Izana realized that her current situation is hell and she only has one path that she can go.

When Kasane is 5 years old, she wanted to go to the beach. Izana think that this would be the last time she’ll act the role of being a mother. She wanted to kill Kasane there. Kasane saw a seashell. She wanted to pick it up and give it to Izana.

But she was almost fell into the sea. At the start, Izana wanted to choke Kasane to death but when she saw Kasane falling into the sea, she quickly dashed to pull Kasane up.

She hugged Kasane and started to cry. It turns out that the reason why she doesn’t want to see Kasane is because Kasane is her previous self. Kasane is a fragment of herself.


  1. Did anyone come across new namaiki raws ?

  2. Thanks for the summary It helps fill in the backstory for the two girls ,their mothers and father and Kingo Interesting that Izana can Nagi behind Kingo We already knew that Izana saw the girls she killed and Kasane saw the girls whose deaths she had a part in Hard to sympathize with Izana or Kingo. The only one who is innocent is Sugeyo After all she was put through she still let Izana use her face and saved Kasane from drowing at the cost of her own life

    1. Thanks for reading, landofthekwt ^-^


  3. Thanks for the translation Kat!

    Is that the real Sugeyo on the cover with Izana? I watched a highres version of that picture and even though those clouds look like flowers I think it is a refference to the little mermaid namely the daughters ot the air after the mermaid dies she becomes one of them! Though with the release of chapter 121 (here the link: http://rawlh.com/read-kasane-matsuura-daruma-raw-chapter-121.html) my theory of Sugeyo giving Kasane the lipstick could be dashed I still think she got her at least interested in costume designing remember the simpler stardrop outfit? Kinda sad that the novel is still from Izana's perspective and not also from Sugeyo's though!

    1. Thanks for reading, Jack ^-^

      I assumed that it is...but the novel is all about Izana so, maybe it is 'Sugeyo'?

      Hm...I would think that Kasane met Sugeyo for the first and last time at that river scene since she doesn't know her at all. It's possible that she might have that idea after being in theater for some time.

      Somehow, I think it might be because Sugeyo is 'bland'/boring as a character since she is just the typical nice protagonist who doesn't hold any grudge and is content with simple things in life.

      Won't it be like a novel about Cinderella before meeting the fairy godmother?

  4. Thank's for the reply Kat!

    No I think I'm positive that is the real Sugeyo her face is also seen on the cover for Volume 13 (and look at the messier hair) that's where we find out that she switched places with her (chapter 114) though now I think it's the afterlife where Izana ends up shortly after dying and Sugeyo pulls her to herself and both of them surrounded by white Nogiku's T.T

    Nice that the novel explains how Izana named Kasane's halfsister and as I expected Nogiku definetly shares her personality. So that's the flower she's been holding we see the black variant in this chapter http://kissmanga.com/Manga/Kasane/Chapter-089?id=406264 while Kingo talks to Nogiku he remember Izana and at the end of that chapter we have a picture with all the major characters (minus Iku and Mineyo) and we see to the right a seemingly grieving Izana holding flowers being comforted by Sugeyo.

    There are several things missing from that novel (Fujihara talking to Izana, Kingo training under Fujihara as a director, how the powder got turned into the lipstick, Izana finding Nagi's diary which Nogiku would later find her writing letters to Nagi and Kasane) heck even the scene where she found out Sugeyo betrayed Izana for Atae isn't mentioned? Well that leads me to conclude that there will be another novel that deals with the failed escape and aftermath So that's why I don't think they both (Kasane and Sugeyo) met just at the river for the first time! And why do I see Sugeyo's kindness in Kasane?

    Bland and boring? Well was Iku really that innocent, flawless and perfect as Kasane believed? Nope she wasn't and she isn't afraid to lie, intimidate and betray if it means she can safe Kasane from herself! Nobody is really that good even if they look like this and I totally disagree with landofthekwt on the innocent part! Izana never even bothered finding out what an abusive evil hag her older sister let alone what her parents were! (She beat her blue and black that early? Yeah no wonder why Kasane tried to kill herself!) Fuchi stand's for ignorance the idea of naivity but it also stand's for Incurability and the Abyss... So with this ask yourself why did she offered to exchange face's with Izana why did she want to escape from reality? Was her family and her environment that messed up? Why couldn't she really say no? And why do I have the feeling she never loved Atae in the first place? What pain does she hide behind her face? Why did Kasane choose her personality? Why did she choose to play a character in a story where the girl doesn't get the "prince"? Subtext wise it's not even a boy!

    Could be interesting Kasane saw the lipstick ghost before she applied it and kissed Ichika so was Sukeyo her first?^^ And let's be honest she found a prince (Iku^^) who still wanted her in her life even after she found out what she did! So why the hell not?!?^^

    1. Ah, possible ^^ I wonder about the gold bracelet...is there a symbolism for it?

      Interesting interpretation.

      Yup, I'm also thinking of that...it's possible that there will be another novel. Ah...I see. Good point though. In a way, it does seem that Kasane got Sugeyo's demeanor.

      Hehe, I meant as a character to be the lead in a novel in this kind of setting/genre. Like, which one would you like to read about, Sugeyo or Izana's story? Of course, perhaps, in another novel, the author can delve more on Sugeyo like what she did with Iku here.

      It is possible that she is in that theater due to her love for costume design. Just like how Nagi left his estate to pursue archaeology. And I would assume their families don't approve of that kind of career.

      Regarding switching of the face, it was to escape from acting and to focus on costume design. Later on, I would think she did find herself in a predicament. Perhaps, she isn't too naive to realize that Atae won't let her go with her own face so it is somewhat of a bargain/deal...hopes of a win-win situation.. to let them use her face in exchange of taking care of Nogiku.

      It's possible especially since she didn't seem to have a lot of interaction with Atae. After all, Izana is the one using her face to interact with Atae. In that bed scene with Atae in chapter 80, Sugeyo doesn't seem to be that willing...more like forced. So, I'm somewhat doubtful about Kingo's story that Sugeyo planned for them to be caught. Perhaps, he assumed that it is so since Sugeyo got pregnant later on.

      Choose personality? Is that something that can be chosen? I would think it is inherit since she is ugly and bullied. One would become more submissive in some way because rebelling would result in more injuries. Of course, it can lead to want of revenge and 'exploding' like in chapter 1. Currently, it seems that she reverted back to her original state but a bit stronger than before.

      Maybe...but why not, Izana? Though, I wonder how it works if it is child and adult...I mean, the size of the head. Hehe, I guess you're going for GL ^^ But it's possible ^^

    2. Maybe were gonna find out about the bracelet!

      Well I had the Stardrop story by Fujihara in mind say what you want about the guy he was propably dead on without even realizing it heck even the double play!

      Well I still would like for the author to delve into her both in the manga and in the next novel if possible.

      But even then for 4 years? Sorry but the offer Sugeyo made to Izana sounded to good to be true there must have been other reasons but Izana didn't dig into them.

      He definetly raped (while also using shaming language) and blackmailed her she was just there to get Izana.

      Look how her mother treated her during the formative years Kasane never saw her real face and she was a smart kid even back then she started to notice the change in "mommy's" behaviour! What did Sukeyo do after she met Kasane did she see some ugly child? Nope she saw cute little Izana!^^ She poured love into her helped her (how did the parents found out about Mineyo's infidelity?)and thus Kasane choose this character who was bad at acting as her mother as her role model! The "grandparents" the "stepaunt" and what Sugeyo left behind for Kasane instructions in clothes designing filled the blanks. Same goes for Nogiku Izana kept her alive she barely even met her real mother and after her death Izana poured the love she should have given Sugeyo into her and Atae and the evironment she grew up in did the rest.

      Both their kids are dead person impersonators/living legacy's of their adoptive mothers (yup like Cloud is for Zack) that is a "permament switch" that can't be undone and it happened by accident. And both searched for people who could fill the void in their hearts after their "mothers" died...
      I mean look how much time and actions Kasane neeeded to leave such an impact on Iku?
      Neena's had the same goal with Ugo. And Sugeyo and Izana achieved this by not even trying.

      Well how did Izana "show" her how the lipstick works?

    3. Hehe, true.

      Why not? Sugeyo seems to be easily content just to be able to do the things she want to do no matter what the exchange is. Hehe...in a way, like the little mermaid. Giving up her voice just to have legs. In the end, she doesn't regret it at all even if the prince loves someone else.

      Ya. So, for her to end up in his mansion...did he kidnap her?

      I still can't say that is definite since I get the impression that Sugeyo is naturally nice and from what was portrayed, doesn't get angry at all. I'm also referring to the first time she met Izana. She quickly took her in. I would think that it is her nature that made her be nice to Kasane...aside from anger at Atae who can push a child down from a bridge without hesitation.

      Perhaps, a bit of projection of Kasane = Nogiku. Hm...it made me wonder if Sugeyo ever saw Nogiku. Anyway, somehow, I think she also wanted to fulfill the agreement because things won't come out well if Kasane died. Like how can she face Izana?

      Regarding Nogiku and Izana, it is most likely so. I think Izana was practically the one who raised Nogiku up. And, in a way, an atonement for what happened hence she wanted Nogiku to hate and blame 'Izana' for everything.

      In a way, yes.

      Ah, based on chapter 1, Izana told her how, right?

    4. Look no one is without their dark sides! Heck Namino as we find out is the half sister of Izana and if a flashback of Kingo's in chapter 89 is any indication she was a victim of rape (that messy hair looking just like that of Izana). That is the mistake Izana didn't learn from she hated Namino and Sugeyo without ever understanding them Nogiku did the same thing with Kasane if it weren't for Kingo Amagasaki and Iku she would have done the same mistake. As for the prince part well her prince didn't love that someone in the first place he was just a replacement for someone she lost.

      He called her over because of Izana Sugeyo wanted Izana back but got raped instead and got Nogiku yay Kingo despises someone who is kinda like himself oh the irony.^^

      Well if you are kept locked in a cell abused and raped for more then five years can never see your own child and the friend that you care about is also seen as nothing more than a thing for an illusion you create and that inhuman monster wants to kill his own innocent child yeah when will you not snap? And look what wonderfull treatment he gave to his other daughter... yeah she lasted long before losing it...

      Well Nogiku got to see her at least. As for her saving Kasane think little Mermaid Sugeyo sees Izana in Kasane if she let's her die it's like she would kill Izana herself and she couldn't do that.

      Speaking of atonement even before I knew more about Sugeyo after she was raped I had more the feeling she wanted to punish herself for what she had done to Izana (just like Kasane choose to kill her own identity because of what she has done to Neena)

      Yeah but remember chapter 56 when Kasane applied the lipstick on Nogiku's lips she barely could see the lipstick ghost and when Nogiku applied it to her lips again very much later she could see ghost clearly now! So Izana did give her the instructions but by the looks of it "someone" tried the lipstick out with her way before she kissed Ichika.

    5. Haha, true. Yup, her hatred towards Namino and Nogiku's toward Kasane is more on jealousy like 'life is unfair; how come you are better off while I'm suffering all this time.'


      Haha, true, that contributes to it too. Still, she was willing to 'give up' her freedom to save Kasane after getting angry. I'm not sure she really snapped. I get the impression that Sugeyo tend to easily accept her fate whatever it is.

      In a way, yes.

      'Done to Izana'...exposed their secret to Atae?

      Oh...I see. It was kind of blurry in the Chinese scans. ^^;

      Hm...do you think the ghosts will manifest themselves again at the climax near the ending?

    6. Well keep also in mind they were literary forced by others and society into hating them for no real reason.

      As for Sugeyo well she would have bashed Atae's head in at this point (she is Nogiku's mom for a reason) if it weren't for Kasane. My impression is she suffers from a similar flaw as Iku she tries to please everyone she doesn't want to be hated but sadly reality doesn't work this way and by the time she grows up it's too late.

      No not the exposing (and even that is still questionable) but simply not saying "No" when she should have!

      try this one's http://kissmanga.com/Manga/Kasane/Chapter-056?id=405931 much cleaner^^

      That would be intersting still hoping for the real Sugeyo ghost and that Mineyo see's it.^^

    7. Forced by others? Iirc, it is basically their own jealousy and feeling of 'things aren't fair' upon seeing what the other has and one doesn't have. But then, later on, for Nogiku, it became for 'revenge' and 'justice'.

      Hm...interesting. And if she did, I'm sure Kingo would have helped her. But then, based on her character, I don't think she'll risk that and put Kasane in danger. I'm thinking she could have let Kasane be and kill Atae. Then, just get Nogiku back. Actually, it's possible that Izana might be okay with it. Losing Kasane = her punishment for everything but at least, they'll be free from Atae. Hehe, ya, a selfish way of thinking.

      Oh, I see.

      Thanks. Iirc, the one Kasane sees is beautiful Izana/'Sugeyo', right? So, Nogiku is seeing her future haunting ghost? I'm actually wondering if there is actually more to the kissing scene of the mothers that Nogiku saw in the basement and was the permanent switch a fake? Or it can really happen?

      Hehe...to haunt her?

    8. Yeah but this jealousy comes in Izana's case from being not allowed to be born and being branded a she-witch and subsequently hunted by villagers forced to live in isolation which isn't a good thing for the mind. And in Nogiku's case forced to hate the very same person that insured her survival and being in the clutches of some depraved rapist and of course isolation she just like Izana with Namino vents her frustration and hatred on someone who hasn't done her a thing.

      Well Kingo didn't learn from his mistakes with Namino and Nagi and didn't even bother meeting Sugeyo himself and just like Atae didn't bother to understand the relationship between the two which resulted in the death of them and later Neena and let's not forget Nogiku's miserable life! And yup he totally deserves what Amagasaki and Kasane did to him he needed to fall hard!

      I'm sticking with the little mermaid story in Sugeyo's case she couldn't bring herself to let Kasane die for her she is Izana! And let's face it Izana did receive the worst punishment ever after Sugeyo died! I think the little Mermaid story started to play in her head and she realized she has been the "prince" all this time! This is why I scoffed at the "together in hell" speech of Atae the thing is he was half-right but it's sad she didn't figured it out during MacBeth so something must have helped her instead but what?

      With Nogiku it's clear that it's the ghost of Izana. With Kasane it's a little bit questionable.... in order to reclaw her discarded identity she must find out about real Sugeyo that's why she doesn't make an apperance yet Kasane blocked her from her mind perhaps...

      My theory is that Nagi figured out how to make the powder/lipstick and Atae wanted his research so he could continue the cycle with his daughters and the mothers wanted none of it!

      Well as I said Mineyo just like Atae had to needs to be confronted (not necessary killed) both mothers didn't do that and bend under them so...

    9. Ah, I see.

      True but then, it is understandable since his world revolved around Izana. He couldn't even treat Izana's own daughter who looked like her well...ah, aside from blaming her for Izana's death.

      Actually, I thought that Izana recall her conversation with Nagi when Atae mentioned that 'together in hell'. She might have thought, why am I in this hell when I should be in that other hell with Nagi. Then, perhaps, recalling how she tried to correct what she did to Namino, she is now going to do it here.

      Possible. I also kind of think that it is possible that it is from the lipstick itself. It wanted to be kept on being used so it is manipulating them by using the mothers. After all, there should be something supernatural about it since it is made with blood and perhaps, made by a witch based on the legend.

      Ah, that's possible.

      I see.

    10. Yeah the stupidity that is infatuation is running rampant in that series!^^ I hope Kingo starts aproaching Izana's world from a different angle instead of thinking that Sugeyo is just some useless face and nothing else but we have to see how he does it.

      What I meant however was that she doesn't get that she has never been alone in this hell from the very beginning she always was together with Sugeyo so the only thing she should've done in the first place is convincing her to get away with her from Atae but of course it took her a lot of time.... A LOT OF IT.....

      Well the lipstick ghost wasn't incorrect with it's message's Kasane just didn't really get what they meant perhaps.

    11. Haha, true.