June 12, 2018

From Five to Nine [Chapter 75 - Young Adult]

Giving Takane a letter, a monk asks if it is from the much talked about fiancée. “If you are going to run away again, it will be troublesome later on.” Takane sparkles since he realizes that this is the first time he received a letter from Junko.

As he opens the envelope, he felt that his heart is going to quickly break just thinking that she misses him. “Ah, Miss Junko, please forgive me. Your Hoshikawa Takane will definitely finish his training and return to your side. No day had passed that I didn’t think of you. No matter how this letter is brimming from strong loneliness, I must endure it... Okay, I’ll read it now...”

He opens the letter and smells something. He scowls and thinks that it slightly had Junko’s scent. “...really want to see her... Really want to quickly fly to Tokyo right now and tightly hug her!! Please definitely forgive me for not being able to protect you at your side...”
And, he reads Junko’s letter while imagining Junko is blushing and saying that she likes him the most. Junko asked him if he is doing well and she’s doing well. She mentions how surprised she was since he asked Narita to protect her so that she won’t be harassed by Amane.

She tells him that he is worrying too much. He doesn’t have to worry since she won’t lose to Amane again. She already relieved Narita from doing that. She thanks Takane for writing a lot of letters to him and she reads them everyday.

She thanks him for introducing Chie to her and it was a huge help for her. And thanks to him, things are progressing smoothly so be at ease as he does his best for the training. Glum Takane couldn’t believe that it is so dull. He tells himself that it is definitely because she doesn’t want to show her loneliness so she deliberately wrote it to be so dull.
As the priest sweatdrop after seeing him shaking his head up and down, Takane thinks that Junko is so strong and actually, it is definitely hard since she obviously wanted to see him. He wonders if perhaps, this is an excuse for work because at that time, that loathsome ‘boss’, from the time he first met him, he was exceptionally intimate towards Junko...

The other priests were startled when Takane suddenly stands up and thinks he cannot lower his guard against Amane but the one whom he should be really vigilant on should be that guy!! “I must pay more attention and write more letters!! *clenches fist*...

...Miss Junko belittles her charm too much that she’ll attract danger!! If it is like this, no matter how I train, I also cannot stop worrying. Ah, ah, Buddha-sama...please definitely... please definitely bless careless Miss Junko...”

At the dorm, Junko is sleeping. She felt so sleepy that it seems that she had fallen asleep. “And just now, there is this gentle nice smell enveloping me... But...no, this isn’t... that... that kind of incense smell...that can totally make me feel at ease to the point of feeling a bit erotic...”
She wakes up and finds herself on the bed. She sees Makoto sitting beside the bed. Makoto is surprised when Junko calls out to him. She apologizes for sleeping midway. Makoto says that it is alright and there’s no hurry, continue to sleep.

Wondering if it was his scent, she asks if he was the one who carried her here. “I’ve already caused trouble... (Was it director’s perfume... This is no good...indeed, I’m already overworked) I simply just lack a bit of sleep, that’s all...

...I’m really sorry that I haven’t taken care of my health. (It seems that there is also a bit of hormone imbalance) I’m still a bit lacking in working out [/strengthening] so I’ll pay attention to that. Obviously I came to deliver the data yet unexpectedly, I embarrassingly...”
Makoto frowns and scowls. He says that speaking of that, she is an idiot. Junko exclaims in disbelief. Makoto says that he heard from school that she is having a hard time because she is doing bridal training and social relationships at the temple-whatever and besides, she is also putting twice the effort compared to anyone else at work.

“The man who is making the woman who is already qualified do other things is probably also an idiot. Even if angry, but still stupidly and calmly accept in order to properly deal with the things one was to do, and do one’s best to strive harder... ...but, I don’t hate that kind of idiot at all. I also don’t hate a woman who is filled with confidence and would simply look forward.”

She tells him that he also doesn’t hate that kind of woman who’ll properly finish one’s work and doesn’t make noise regarding marriage. Makoto says that she can say that, yes, unexpectedly. Junko exclaims what is that ‘don’t hate that kind’.

“If I were to switch the words, doesn’t that mean ‘like’ [/love]? Geez... *notices Makoto’s hand near hers on the bed* ...was that...it means...saying that you like...” Makoto says yes, it can be considered that.” This made Junko frown and become tense as she moves her hand away from his.
Back at the temple, scowling Takane continues to read the letter from Junko. Junko mentioned that lately, more or less, things are like that, she is really okay. Takane thinks that she is emphasizing ‘she is alright’ too much. 

Then, he reads, “Please you also have to definitely take care of yourself. And, that’s it. Ah, one more last thing. At the end of the month, I’ll be the assistant of the director so I’ll accompany him in going to New York for a business trip. It’s a very short business trip. It is only for two nights so don’t worry. Junko.”

Takane explodes as he wonders if this is some kind of joke!! “Spending two nights with that man!? What is that. I also won’t permit it. *gloomy* I must stop her!! But, try to request the head priest to let me call home since I must stop...” Then, he notices something else falling from the envelope.

It is a picture of Junko holding up her pinkie finger. She wrote, “It’s a promise. I’ll wait for you. Concentrate on training! [At the back of the picture] This is the first time I gave a selfie to someone! Normally, I absolutely won’t do a selfie!! Junko.”

Takane holds the picture as it had calmed him down. Just then, a monk calls out to Takane and says that the head priest is calling for him. Takane asks what, he is currently preoccupied. The monk tells him that the head priest called for him to come before he goes to sleep.
Takane continues to ask what is it about. The monk tells him that he doesn’t know so quickly go. The other monks complain over how noisy they are when they wanted to sleep. Sitting in front of the head priest’s room, Takane calls out that he is there.

He mentally curses and thinks that even if Junko used such a cute trick to deceive him to pass through him but he also absolutely won’t agree to that business trip... The head priest tells him to come in. After Takane enters, he says that he had called for him.

The head priest says that it will soon be a month and a half since he came here. His family also said that his younger brother cannot possibly become Hitotsubashi’s successor. “There’s no need for you to work so hard for the training...

...*Takane tries to protest, wait, I--* It won’t matter even if you return to Tokyo tomorrow. If you were to persevere and finish this training, then you’ll have enough qualifications to become the next abbot. The power to choose and decide is on you.”
Comment: Hehe, the way Takane acts here seems like some high schooler who is in love. ^^; Ah, the problem if you seem to love the other more than the other loves you. Actually, I think Takane’s reaction would be more intense if it is a really lovey-dovey letter from Junko. =P

He is almost swayed by that selfie. And now, the head priest is giving him a chance to go home to do what he wanted. That is to stop Junko from leaving on that 3 days 2 nights business trip. Hm...actually, it is shorter than I thought. So, they’ll be in NY for just one day? Tokyo to NY is 12 hours.

Lucky for Junko, she is going to waking up to a confession rather than some unexpected surprise like what happened with Amane. ^^; Actually, it is quite awkward that they’ll be going on a business trip together after this. Can they keep it professional afterwards?

On a side note, I got a bit confused there about Amane. If that is correct then, does Amane knew that he was never in the running? I would think that he knew and he just want to teach his brother a lesson a bit. In a way, I wonder if the head priest is just testing Takane. After all, this seems to be the qualifying training to become an abbot. Scans by 5→9

Quote of the day:
Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes. ~ Buddha


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