May 1, 2018

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 99]

Some officials call out to Reishou, “Your Highness! His Majesty is quite delighted to see your lively excellent form in the battlefield! From today on, please show you skill and make the rebel army see the royal family’s notability. His Majesty also ordered us to bring consolation gifts--...”

Later on, inside a building, Reishou is drinking with Dai. Reishou sighs and says that before, assassins are sent from time to time. “‘Brother the king’ really change quite fast.” Dai says that lately, a lot of people would address him as ‘High Highness the Wolf’. “He ought to have found out that the current you, is really worth making use of [/exploiting].”
Reishou says from how he looks at it, in the king’s heart, he is looking forward for him [Reishou] to die early in the battlefield. Dai laughs and says that it is quite possible. Some men are carrying some boxes.

They call out, “Your Highness! Where should be leave the things that the royal capital’s envoy had brought over.” Reishou tells them to first leave them to Jun. Reishou muses out loud that it wasn’t only brother the king who had changed quite quickly.

Narration: “According to adoptive father’s last will, I’ve used the name of ‘the royal younger brother’, and led the frontier army to suppress the revolt. After that, the distance between me and the others become farther and farther away.”
There is a scene of everyone are doing a gong shou at him. “Even if I said that the ‘royal younger brother’ status-something is just a convenient tool but they still weren’t able to treat me like how they used to. *scene of how everyone is laughing along with young Reishou*...

...After overthrowing and taking care of all the regional armed rebellion, brother the king is still solely preoccupied with the pleasures of life. *scene of the king drinking with some consorts*...

...Like that, the king is still in a drunken stupor and I’m at the battlefield with the name of ‘wolf’ solitarily forging ahead. Like that, some days of temporary peace is maintained with the rebel army. Then, the situation changed.”
Holding his sword, Reishou is called out by Kouren. “...Your servant has something to report.” Puzzled Reishou asks Kouren what is it. “Your complexion looks gloomier than normal. Is there some change over that side?”

Dark Kouren says, “According to the secret envoy, His Majesty the king has fallen ill at the royal capital. The situation is very grave. It is reported that until now, he had been attacked by disease so many times already that it is feared that his life is at its limit--...”

After a pause, Reishou says what happens afterwards. “Currently, the successor to the throne is definitely--” Kouren says that the ranked[?] princess [<- Ruka?] still young. “The imperial court would want to immediately support Eifuu, the royal younger brother whose mother came from a prestigious house. Although, that one is still not yet 10 years old...”
Scowling Reishou says those people are planning again to train an obedient puppet king. ...this country is already hopeless.  The internal affairs will continue to be in a chaotic mess. We have to pay attention and not let the frontier get swept away again--”

Kouren says, “Please, you must go to the royal capital as soon as possible and meet with the king.” Bewildered Reishou says, “Eh? It will only shorten brother the king’s life if I go. If I’m not careful, it is possible that I’ll be considered as a conspirator against the state...”

Reishou is surprised when Kouren says, “WE WILL USE A TIMELY [sensible] PROCEDURE TO MAKE THE KING ABDICATE. Then, we will call you king.” Reishou says, “...Kouren, what are you saying--”
Kouren continues, “If the king refuses...and treated His Highness as an enemy, the royal capital’s main army will join our side and together, we will support High Highness Reishou, as we have agreed.” Reishou angrily shouts, “Who permitted you to do that on your own initiative, Kouren!!”

Kouren says, “It is as Your Highness said, our country’s situation has been hopeless for so many years. Nowadays, it is impossible to rely on an internal self-remedy. If we let the corruption continue to worsen, all of the country’s people will fall into disaster...

...You should be able to able to understand...we cannot miss this kind of opportunity.” Reishou recalls Kankou telling him, “You know it right? You were always the most intelligent among us. If you were to become king...”
In disbelief, Reishou asks, “...since when did you start to think of this, Kouren? (‘increase your comrades’) Since when were you planning and preparing for this? Did you stay at my side at the frontier for this? (‘consolidate your foothold’)”

Kouren says, “Our country needs a strong king now. --...even though it really isn’t what you wanted...but, from what I know, there is no one else who is more suitable than you for this position.”

There is a scene of the silver dragon is moving around. It seems to say, “Do you think that you can escape the muttering of [your] blood’s chain?” Soon everyone including Jun and Kokuu except for Dai are going a ‘gong shou’ to Reishou.
Narration: “When it was announced that I’ll be going to the royal capital, all of my comrades greeted me with full courtesy [as subjects]. Afterwards, I’ve already understood. They also wish me to become king. Bed-ridden brother the king didn’t resisted at all as he handed over the title of king...

...Even though if Kouren said that it is a ‘sensible succession’ but for the people at the imperial court, it is simply a case of the royal younger brother seizing the throne...

...Afterwards, with the title of new king, the armed rebellion has been suppressed, the internal affairs of the central government had been purged but in a very short time, I’ll being called as ‘Cold-hearted Wolf King’.”
At the royal court, Kouren calls out to Reishou, “Your Majesty.” Reishou says, “, it’s prime minster.” Kouren says, yes. Reishou says that he said that they need a strong king, right. Kouren says yes.

Reishou replies, “Then, I’ll give that to you. You can serve the country as much as you like and give your all-out effort to be a good official. *dark* But, you are absolutely not allowed to overstep your bounds and conceal from me any [/your] interference regarding my personal matters. It really irks me.”

There is a scene of Kankou and others happily smiling in the snow. Narration: ‘For the king, for the country’, family and friends have already disappeared from my hand.” End flashback.
With a somewhat mused expression, Reishou tells stunned Yuulin, “-Ya, that is more or less what happened between me and the prime minister. Is that considered a quarrel? I don’t quite know. Right now, our relationship isn’t bad. He is a good prime minister...

...For the country, for the people, he’s honest and upright. He won’t hesitate to sacrifice his life that it can be said that he is an official’s role model. ...even if he likes to work a bit too much thus he’ll always tell me to work and work, and that is really annoying. ...but, you also have to be a bit on guard towards him...

...*slightly worried smile* After all, if ‘it is for the country’, who knows when you’ll be taken advantage of. In order for me to steadily sit on this throne, it is possible that he’ll take the initiative to make you a part of [my] shackles [to keep me here]. I was a bit careless that I got sold off. ...a bit careless. Fail Fail”
With a sad expression Yuulin says, “...Reishou.” Upon seeing her reaction, Reishou smiles and touches her face. He says, “It’s alright. Don’t have that kind of expression.” Yuulin replies, “...but, aren’t you sad? Reishou, you...”

Reishous says, “(Actually--...) Right now, even if I’m not sad nor do I feel is simply from time to time, thinking that I lost everything, it felt that my stomach is very empty. *scene of Reishou sitting on Kankou’s shoulders as everyone surround them* It is like a cavity [/stomach] that is suddenly split open. *holds crying Yuulin’s face* That kind of feeling.”
Later on, while carrying some documents, Kouren walks through the cloister. Yuulin calls out to him and asks if he can lend some of his time to her. Kouren says, you ordered. While they are walking, Yuulin tells him that His Majesty had told her about their past issue.

After a pause, Kouren asks what did His Majesty say. Scowling Yuulin says, “...Prime minister Kouren wanted a ‘strong king’ so you brought His Majesty back. ...afterwards, this and that had become unanimously a formidable king and prime minister. ...generally, it’s like that?”

Kouren says that it is roughly correct. Scowling Yuulin asks, “Really? From how I look at it, Prime Minister Shuu sincerely supports His Majesty. Is it really okay for it to be like what His Majesty said, being ‘taken advantage’ of? Is there really no misunderstanding--..?”
Kouren says, “Lady princess consort, always until now, His Majesty wanted to leave this place. Compared to anyone, he wanted to live freely. *scene of young Reishou* But, for this servant’s wish, I had cut off his way out. It is meaningless to justify it regardless of what reason is used...

...In order to attain a ‘king’ who is worthy of being served, I have betrayed my trusted friend and lost him forever. *scene of happy young Reishou* Because of this, only you, the you whom His Majesty wholeheartedly yearn for, is only you, this servant will eliminate everything that obstructs. Only wishing that you can always accompany His Majesty’s side. This is this servant’s selfish wish.”

After hearing that, Yuulin trembles and mutters, “Really-- why is it always... Always like this--...” Kouren is puzzled. Teary-eyed yet furious, Yuulin shouts, “I’m going to see His Majesty right now. *turns around* Prime minister Shuu, you’re also coming!!”

Kouren says, “Yes...? No, but this servant has already finished...” Turning towards him, Yuulin angrily shouts, “Quit talking so much nonsense, just follow me!!” Sweatdropping Kouren says, “As you ordered!”
Comment: I guess that is kind of a betrayal. Forcing Reishou to something he doesn’t want to do just for one’s own ‘selfish’ desire for the country. It does seem that Kouren plotted it way from the start so he got close to him. Because of this, he kind of ‘lost’ his friends since they can no longer treat him as equals.

Apparently, his brother was dying at that time and they forced him to give Reishou the throne. I guess in a way, Reishou became king thanks to the military and others who love their country since they don’t want the current rotten situation to continue.

Reishou had unwittingly showed everyone how capable he is when he was suppressing the rebellions. Of course for the people in court who always got to do what they want, Reishou is the ‘meanie’ who seized the throne from his dying brother.

From what Kouren told Yuulin, it seems that he really cares for Reishou so even if Reishou is forced in a place which he doesn’t like, Kouren is going to try to make him happy through Yuulin. So, it isn’t exactly as another shackle to keep him there.

Perhaps, Yuulin realizes this so she wants him to go with her to see Reishou. And, even if Yuulin is timid at most times, the others cannot help but obey her when she’s furious =P Scans by 水月梅漢化

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  1. What if the friend lost was reishou’s father figure hmm? I hav my read the past chapters in a while So I’m not sure if that’s a possibility

    1. Zoopy, I actually thought he is referring to Reishou. Because of what he did, forcing Reishou to becoming king, he had lost Reishou as a friend. And things aren't the same with them anymore.

  2. Thank you Kat! very much!

    Me encanta, este era un tópico que ya venía hace tiempo arrastrandose, es bueno que de una vez la historia sea contada y todo tenga más sentido. Dentro de todo, la forma en que Reishou tomo el trono fue bastante pacifica y justificada (yo esperaba algo peor) y que Reishou quiera dejar el trono al hermana "legitimo" también es muy bueno. Gracias por tu comentarios, ojala que el scan continue funcionando para poder ver el final de esta historia

    1. You're welcome, María ^-^

      Yup, things are getting clearer and ya, though even if it is like that, they still view him as an 'usurper'.

      Yup, hopefully they will ^^

  3. Prime minister Kouran definitely had it coming, tricking people never ends well even if the country was saved, people prospered.
    The main thing we can glean from this is that the commoner prince-based of the dancer mother origins- was to be superseded by the younger prince, An Ryuukou for his noble background mother, and malleable age to mould the presumed majesty like the older brother and useless father (in his later days).
    Thank you for clearing up the story. It was quite a joy to read.

    1. Indeed, Yira.


      Thanks for reading ^-^

  4. When will you give the next chapter?

    1. Maybe end of the month? Definitely within this month.

  5. Thank you so much kat! :)

  6. Yay! Thanks, Kat, for the updated chapter. Worth the wait.

    I think the betrayal was definitely Kouran gaining support for Reishou within the capital - Kouran says that the capital's army will join with the frontier army if Reishou goes and asks to become king. Kouran has obviously laid the groundwork in advance, which is something that Reishou never thought of doing. He never wanted to become king, just use his title of 'HRH' for the greater good of getting the land under control. But, Reishou, and Kouran, didn't want the young Eifuu to become another puppet for the government/bureaucrats to create even more problems for the country, that Reishou would no doubt have to set to rights (i.e., the rebellions). Reishou says that it's a betrayal, and that he can't trust Kouran to overstep the line again, but Kouran saw what he lost, and would never do it again (except to ensure Yuulin stayed by Reishou's side).

    Thanks for the translation! :)

    1. Thanks for reading, Nelle ^-^

      True, Reishou was forced to be king. In a way, it seems like 'getting tricked'/'pulled a fast one on him'.

      Thanks for reading ^-^