May 3, 2018

Kasane [Chapter 118 - Twinkling in the Darkness]

Kasane walks upstairs to the upper floor of a building. She looks at the door then rings the doorbell. Ding Dong. Narration: “It has been three months since then when Habuta-san sent me a text.” Kingo wrote, “There’s something I want to tell you, come over. The address is written below.”

The doorbell intercom crackles, “The door isn’t locked. Come in.” Kasane opens the door and sees Kingo in a dark room. He is sitting in front of a desk. A lot of paper are scattered on the floor. Looking quite haggard, Kingo says, “It has been a long time. Even if room is a bit messy, please come in and sit.”
Kasane goes in and looks at the crumpled papers and scripts all over the floor. Kasane asks, “...these are...manuscripts of ‘Ake no Hime’. Are you revising it?” After a pause, Kingo tells her not to ask too much. “Sit down first.”

Kasane sits down on the sofa and sees letters scattered on the table. They are addressed to Kaido Nagi. Kingo says, “If you also read these letters that Izana-san left, you definitely would want to know what kind of person this ‘Kaido Nagi’ is, right? I’ll tell you... *glances at Kasane*...

...the story about the receiver of the letter and the woman (Izana) who loved this well as the spineless coward [/good-for-nothing] me. It was when I arrived at Akeiwa, a summer after I met Izana-san, the year when I was 11 years old.”
Flashback: Walking in the field with a fishing pole, young Kingo saw someone. He thought, “It’s Kaido-san...” Holding his hat, Nagi approaches Kingo and says, “You are Susano’s ah, called...” Kingo told him that he’s called Kingo. And, they happily talk with each other.

Narration: “As an archaeologist, he happened to come to Akeiwa to do research-- His research includes the search for the legendary ancient vermillion pigment that has not yet been discovered – ‘Hi Beni’ [Japanese cinnabar]. The young me really trust this approachable and intelligent city person...

...I carelessly slipped up and said, ‘Aside from you, Nagi-san, I have a friend who is also investigating the object of this land that is being passed on.’ *scene of Izana reading books* That ‘friend’ is Izana-san although I didn’t mention to him Izana-san’s name and her place of residence.”  
Holding some of his notes, Nagi told Kingo, “Give this to her. Perhaps, she’ll be interested, right?” Narration: “What Nagi-san handed over to me are three pages of notebook paper wherein he wrote about ‘Hi Beni’...

...From then on, Izana-san who is investigating about Akeiwa’s repulsive tradition and Kaido Nagi-san who is searching for the ‘Hi Beni’, an ancient fantasy cinnabar that is lying undiscovered in the land of Akeiwa started to communicate through bits and piece of letters. And I’m their messenger...
–through the course of their mutual exchange of information about ‘Hi Beni’, Izana-san finally found the object [that was searched for]. *scene of naked Izana holding some red powder from a broken pottery* This outcome...probably also originated from the feelings she had towards the receiver of the letter...

...It is unknown when she had fallen in love with Kaidou Nagi. *Izana followed Nagi to the back of a building and is shocked to see him kissing a woman.* But, this fire of love had changed into a kind of fire that burnt Akeiwa down to practically nothing. *A tear formed on Izana’s eye as the lover happily smile.*” End flashback.
Kasane asks if that woman is the first person whose appearance her mother had stolen. Kingo says yes. “Her name is Tsuki Namino. She and Izana are born on the same year and from the same family. Ugly Izana who is deprived of value [/meaning of existence] is the opposite of beautiful Namino who grew up as an adult with everyone revolving around her...

...The two are just like the real life portrayal of legend’s miko and witch. ...yes, she is the witch. She has to be the witch. Because she is ugly, she is immediately sentenced to death after being born. Because she is ugly, she can only grow up at some dark corner...

...Because she is ugly, she cannot dare see the man she loves in person. In the end, the man has fallen in love with the beautiful woman. Not long after, her adoptive mother had also passed away. *scene of breaking free from one’s chains* Thus, there is no longer anyone who can stop her...  
...*Izana holding an unconscious woman by a small body of water* After killing Namino, the witch snatched away her appearance. *‘Namino’ went to see Nagi and they embraced* After barely a night of ‘pledging one’s undying love’ [/oath of eternal love], she simply gave a part of the ‘lipstick’ to the man, and suddenly disappear from Akeiwa’s raging flame...

...*scene of ‘Namino’ giving a bottle of red powder to Nagi*.” End flashback. Kasane asks if she disappeared without a trace because she killed Namino. Kingo says it ought to be. “One can use the appearance of the dead for around five days...

...So, at that time, the me, who had feelings for her, thought, she’ll definitely search for a new ‘appearance’, [I] swear [she’ll] definitely use a beauty’s appearance again and appear in front of Kaido Nagi--”
Flashback: High schooler Kingo is researching in the library. He thought, “Izana-san, right now you are my world. If only I can see you once again, I...” At a house with a post box written ‘Kaido Nagi’, the door opened. Flustered Kingo stammers as he greeted Nagi, it has been a long time!

Looking surprised, Nagi said, ...Kingo...? Kingo thought, “I also won’t hesitate even if I have to make use of your beloved person...!!!” Narration: “At that time, Kaido Nagi is laden with grief all day. His beloved Namino has been buried in Akeiwa, and his research regarding the ‘lipstick’ is slowly losing approval--”

Inside the house, Nagi said that he didn’t think that Kingo would come look for him. Kingo said, “Ah...ya, about that, actually...there is something that I must tell you. It is about the woman whom you exchange letters with before...”
Depressed Nagi is puzzled. He asked wasn’t the writer of the letter, Namino? “THE DAY BEFORE THAT INCIDENT, SHE personally told me ABOUT IT THAT NIGHT.” Kingo exclaims that it isn’t!

He said, “Namino at that time as well as the writer of the letter... I’m afraid that someone else had Namino’s appearance and pretend to be Namino.” This puzzles Nagi. Narration: “Early on, I’ve guessed that it is impossible for him to immediately believe me. I narrated to him the story regarding this woman, ‘Izana’...

...After she was born, according to the 43rd year of the sexagenary cycle rule, as an ugly girl, she must be immediately put to death. Luckily, she lived thanks to someone’s help. She had been secretly brought up. I told him that woman is the one whom she exchanged letters with and...”
Kingo told Nagi, “Even if I don’t know what method she used... but on that day of the Akeiwa incident, IZANA HAD CHANGED INTO NAMINO!!” After a pause, Nagi said that what Kingo is saying is really absurd! “How can that kind of thing possibly...”

Kingo interrupts by saying, “Izana-san will definitely appear in front of you again. No...perhaps, right now, she had already used someone’s appearance and had somewhat gotten in touch with you! *Nagi looked surprised* Nagi-san, do you have that kind of woman around you?”

Nagi replied, “None. *looking tense with intertwined fingers* Can you please...leave for today...” Narration: “The young me didn’t notice that Nagi-san was lying at that time---”
Comment: It seems that after reading the letters, Kingo had a change of heart. I guess Ake no Hime play will push through but the story will be revised. Perhaps, a happy ending? I wonder if he will put in a male lead to the story because Nagi is being talked about.

I kind of wonder if there is a male lead, it will be Nobuhiko. And he’ll somehow find out that his ‘lover’ is still alive. But of course, it is another story if he’ll accept her appearance.

From the past story, it is like a tragic four corner love polygon. In a way, I guess Kingo did ruin Izana’s plans regarding Nagi since he revealed her secrets to him. Nagi won’t be able to accept Izana. I’m not sure of the appearance but he definitely couldn’t because she killed Namino.

It makes me wonder if Nagi tried to do something to Izana when he realized she’s the murderer. And, that ends with Kingo somehow interfering causing Nagi’s death and for him to become Izana’s ‘slave’.

I’m not too sure how this recollection of the past affected Kingo positively that he is re-writing the play to the point that he isn’t that suicidal anymore. Perhaps, when we know more later on. And, when was these letters written? Was it before the attempted escape from Atae? Scans by 网易汉化

Quote of the day:
There are three kinds of love; unselfish, mutual, and selfish.
The unselfish love is of the highest kind; The lover only minds the welfare of the beloved and does not care for his own sufferings.
In mutual love the lover not only wants the happiness of his beloved; but has an eye towards his own happiness also. It is middling.
The selfish love is the lowest. It only looks towards its own happiness, no matter whether the beloved suffers weal or woe. ~ Ramakrishna


  1. Thank you for the translation!
    Finally we'll know what happaned to Nagi!

  2. Thanks for the translation!

    Unselfish: real Sukeyo Fuchi the little Mermaid
    Mutual: Izana
    Selfish: Atae

    if you want a little bit more about Izana's backstory read this
    there are seven chapters but only three have been so far translated

    In my honest opinion I do want Nobuhiko (along with Kasane's bully from highschool) to make an appearance in the audience not the play but when he sees the play he accepts his loss and finally finds it in himself to move on! Kasane just repeats what Izana did with Atae if you ask me she must let him go their love was sadly not real! She used him just to forget what she did to Nina if she would have been honest and showed her real appearance fist just like with Iku and he got to know her then it would be something else! And no I don't want him to be Atae!

    Also I would like a scene from Iku's perspective as she and Amagasaki get to know each other don't whiz them into the background mangaka tell us their backstories too! Amagasaki could also be an important key both for the play and for Kasane and Nogiku to return to a normal life! It's time that kingo and kasane meet him too!

    I don't want Kingo to suicide he should finally be what Atae never could be to his daughter's a father!

    1. Thanks for reading, Jack ^-^

      Izana can be the sea-witch. =P

      Thanks ^^ I had a bit of idea about it.

      I'm not sure. How can he accept his loss through Ake no Hime?

      Hm...I get the impression that she did love him rather than using him to forget what she did to Nina. I mean, based on the Macbeth arc. I guess that is easier said that done. Can Kasane take a rejection or rather be in a situation wherein he'll be disgusted with her just because she turned out to be ugly? Her self-confidence then is quite fragile so I don't think she'll risk it. Especially now that she learned how Atae treated her mother after the reveal.

      Nogiku has a high chance of returning to normal life. It can be with Yuuto or stay with the Shiraitos who doesn't seem to have children of their own. The problematic one is Kasane. She cannot live a normal life because of her appearance...and most likely, she'll live as a recluse or maybe death?

      To which daughter? Kasane, Nogiku or both?

    2. Sorry for the late reply

      Izana can be Izanami^^ but since it's theater why not play Izanangi!!!

      As of now I didn't find any new translations but chapter 119 is out!!

      Well Kingo has to finish the piece with Kasane's and Nogiku's help! And also I would like Izana's and Sukeyo's theater troupe friends as well as Nina's parents in the audience!

      Well in my last post I was perhaps a bit harsh on her ragarding Nina. It was Kasane's way of making up for what she did to her at least someone should have a good memory of Nina (Uno rhymes with Ugo)! And the things you mentioned apply better to Iku and while she isn't her lover she still accepted her appearance and realized that Kasane has something she doesn't realize she has that is hidden kindness!

      Nogiku still has a long way to go and I don't want her sister to leave her! The Shiraitos have a kid it's shown in the flashback my hunch is it's adachi-san (you see him in chapter 87)! Okay why did Amagasaki decide to not live as a reclusive or kill himself? Seriously look why Kasane acted so antisocial she was unintettionally responsible for Sukeyo's death and her father wanted her dead so she wanted people to stay away from her. Ichikawa was jealous of her acting skills not her beauty! Seki and the others in high school were jealous that she was with Iku Sempai!^^

      To both of course! He's better than he thinks he is but he must stop looking at the image Izana created and look at the other actors on stage even his family and he must know about the real Sukeyo too!

      There was 3 month timeskip I wonder what kasane did do return home? Get in touch with the Theater Troupe of Izana and Sukeyo? Mend her relationship with Iku and Nogiku?

      As for Nagi writing ?love letters? while having a love affair? Now that is fishy! Or does he do everything for science?^^ Remember he is Atae's brother!!

    3. Why Izagani?

      It is already out. Finished the summary two days ago:

      That will be nice ^^


      Oh. Ah...but wasn't that before they knew of her acting skills? I recall that they bullied her because of her appearance. They actually wanted to humiliate her, iirc, by acting out Cinderella. Yuuto can still face people who'll just say he's ugly but with Kasane, I think it is more different since kids would immediately call her a 'monster'. And, it doesn't help that she got a stitched mouth which is similar to the Japanese monster, 'Kuchisake-onna'/slit mouth woman that is also looking for 'beauty'.

      I see. It would be nice if he does.

      It's science. They are exchanging notes about the to what they know. From that, Izana figured out where the cinnabar is located.

    4. Theater? Men played both male and female roles back in the past now women do the same!

      Thanks read it!^^

      Ichika saw her practicing! Well she also told everyone she is the child of Sugeyo! To their surprise she turned out to be a skilled young actress that's why Ichikawa wanted her of the stage! And she bullied her the most! Yuuto is still made a but of jokes by his students because of his burning scar! And what people didn't learn to live with a glasgow grin? Seriously! Why so serious?^^

      I know about the science! I mean it's fishy what method's he uses! And he could just act the part of a grieving lover while secretly wanting the hibeni secret to remain secret! Did Izana really "kill" Namino and told it Kingo or is it something Kingo came up with in order to separate them?

      by the way have you read the manga Angel Densetsu by Yagi Norihiro (yes the Author/Artist of Claymore)?

    5. I see. I thought you meant their 'personality'.

      You're welcome ^-^

      But before the acting, she was already being bullied, right? I recall the mop scene at the toilet and everyone else, even in junior high, they write things on her table referring to her appearance. Nope...I think it is more than a glasgow grin. But then, this is a society that has a 'monster' with that kind of mouth.

      Ah, the letters were before the discovery of what the hibeni can do. He is looking for the hibeni. She wanted to know why ugly babies/girls are killed as a tradition. I think she really killed her...though we don't know if it is intentional or there was a struggle. Kingo most likely assumed it...since Namino with Izana's face is nowhere to be found.

      Nope, I haven't read it.

    6. I'll reply a bit late!

      Yes she was bullied but she was also withdrawn and without realizing it punished herself because she thought she deserved it because Sukeyo died that was even before she accidentaly killed Ichika! Yup "Lord of the Flies" mentality! But there are decent people in such a society that don't care about your looks (Iku, Nogiku and Sukeyo)!

      Well we have to see how it plays out between the three! What is "ugly" what is "beautiful" anyway the real meaning of these traditions has been lost a long time ago! Well we still have to see how it happened! Who was Namino only Kingo can tell because he met her (as of the Izana novel)! I also like that Kingo shows with each chapter even more similarities to Iku of all people!

      It's worth reading it's about a boy with the face of a demon but the heart of an angel!

    7. Because Sugeyo died? Nogiku's mother? She only knew that recently, right? Well, after knowing Nogiku.

      True, there are good people but I think they're a minority. Perhaps, live a life of semi-isolation like just be with people who doesn't care about her looks. a rural area? But then, she would have to indeed say goodbye to acting.

      Indeed. I guess Kingo had 'regain his senses' after realizing what Izana truly meant by her last wish?

      I see. Something like Toradora? The nice guy whom everyone thought to be a delinquent?

    8. She always knew!!! But blocked the memory her father made an appearance in chapter 2 (obscured by a bubble) when the hallucination caused by the lipstick told her that her father abondened because she was ugly! Also notice what Ichika, Iku (wearing a wig), and Uno (before he exits the stage after Iku return's) had in common with Sukeyo! I also am interested in Sukeyo past but Nogiku will tell us more! Izana shaped Nogiku! But Sukeyo shaped Kasane I wanna see how the clues to this are in her past (her older sister)!

      I already mentioned finding those people that don't care about your looks and built from there but the thing is you have to look for them instead of withdrawing patience and time is also requiered and not everybody will like that you hang out with those people because they want them (Iku) for their own!

      Well he must talk more about himself he's a stage director and he must focus on the other participant's not just the main star!

      Yup in that direction but with more deliquents!

      And as for Izana being a sea with yes she has shades of this but I think in Sukeyo's eyes she is also a different character in the little mermaid story! (remember in theater you can play both male and female^^ and she played a role while playing roles)

      Well that was enough for now see you again in chapter 120!^^

    9. Is that so. Sorry, what do they have in common?

      I see.

      Haha, oh..more delinquents. I'll check it out sometime. what character? I would think that story for the three is like: Mermaid-Prince-Sea Witch/other princess who stole the prince.


  3. Thank you so much!

  4. lol I kind of understand it now. Maybe Izana and Sukeyo really planned to lead a double live, using Sukeyo's face loving Atae and Nagi in the same time. Since Sukeyo is naive and airhead. Also Izana doesn't really love Atae but Sukeyo probably does. And Kasane is probably Izana and Nagi's child, that why Izana doesn't want to abort her. Wondering how ending turn out. It definitely vibrating happy ending.

    1. Actually, Uni, I think Nagi died before Izana met Sugeyo. He is most likely the guy who died in chapter 58. Then, afterwards, Izana got Kingo to check out Atae who wanted to propose to her.

      The reason why Izana doesn't abort her is because she doesn't want to do to her own child what others wanted to do to her = kill a child just because she's ugly.