April 24, 2018

Kasane [Chapter 117 - Born in the Abyss]

Kingo tells Kasane, “—You want to stand on the stage with that kind of ugly appearance? ...Don’t be stupid!! ...have you also gone crazy? Indeed, I have promised Izana-san that I’ll bring you under the spotlight...

...but, at the same time, she also left behind the ‘lipstick’ to you. It is because whether it is you or her, if it wasn’t a seized beautiful appearance... this current appearance cannot possibly stand on stage...

...Even if she really wanted to act out ‘Yoi’ like that, yet she didn’t let anyone see it. *scene of Izana acting out Yoi* That is proof that she doesn’t want to show that appearance in front of people.”
Kasane protests, “...but, this is... *sadly looks at the papers around her* mother’s wish. I can already understand her now. The more I read this script, the more I felt in my heart that I’m not in resonance with the role of ‘Aoi’ but rather, it is ‘Yoi’...

...After seeing Igarashi Iku’s acting of that ‘Yoi’, ‘Yoi’s existence had already became very strong that I can no longer ignore it. ...this is definitely because the one describing the image of this witch is you who always watch Izana closely.”
After a pause, Kingo stands up and says, “—if you use your original appearance to appear below the spotlight, that isn’t acting, rather it is ‘humiliation’ [/making a fool of oneself]!! The audience’s attention will be on that ugly face, and they’ll ignore the story’s theme and the character’s frame of mind...

...the most important thing is, your face...it is really too similar with Izana-san. I won’t want...to let that face to be revealed in broad daylight!!” Looking sad, Kasane says that she understands. After a pause, Kasane gives Kingo a bag.

She says that these are the things that her mother left to Takemi-san. “It seems that she first left her important things to Takemi-san. Regarding the things inside, I think it ought to make you understand more...so take it.” Kingo takes the bag.

With clenched fists, Kasane left. Kingo just watches her. Narration: “There is already no meaning to stage the play. Like a mirage, the lead ‘Saki’ has disappeared with a trace. There is no choice but to cancel the ‘Ake no Hime’ play.”
At some countryside, Nogiku gets off a bus. She looks at the note she is holding. On it, the names of Shiraito Daijirou and Tomoko are written along with their address.

Flashback: While pressing her bleeding wound with a handkerchief, Kasane handed the note to Nogiku. She told Nogiku that the people in this address knew about her mother’s past. “Regarding the news about Sugeyo and Izana, it is possible that it is hard to believe with simply my one-sided statement...

...So, you go find out clues about your mother by yourself. And also...” End flashback. Nogiku snaps out of it when a woman calls out, “Ah, young lady, did you come here for sightseeing? *points at the side* It is very easy to get lost here. If you want to see the waterfall, it is over there...”
Turning to the woman, Nogiku says, “...ah... Can I ask! Is there someone nearby who is related to someone surnamed Shiraito...” The woman is shocked to see her. She trembled. With a tear in her eye, the woman says, "...Su...Sugeyo!?”

At Shiraito guesthouse, the woman [Tomoko] serves some drink to Sugeyo who is sitting on the living room with Daijirou and some cats. Tomoko exclaims that she is really startled since they really look so alike!

Daijiro says, “You’re Nogiku, right? In this kind of countryside, it’s really difficult yet you were still able to find it.” Nervously looking at the cats that are staring at her, Nogiku says ah...yes. Daijirou says that her mother is their theatrical troupe’s star performer before.
Tomoko happily says that but at that time, she is still not popular but in the end, she was scouted out by another theatrical troupe. “Right now, this person had inherited a family business so there’s no way he can manage the theatrical troupe anymore.”

Nogiku wonders how come these people knew that Fuchi Sugeyo had her as a daughter. She tensely asks, “Can I ask...how did you know about me?” Tomoko says, “17 years ago, your mother’s friend called ‘Izana’ had called us on the phone...

...She had mentioned you to us. She said that she wanted us to help. Help her and Sugeyo, as well as their respective daughters ‘to hide together in this land’... –but, that kind of accident happened so it didn’t push through.”
Nogiku looks aghast and tense. Tomoko continues, “Mentioning about Izana-san really makes one feel nostalgic. Although, she simply worked as a cleaner for around a year. The feeling between those two before is really so good.”

Daijirou agrees. “The two mutually depended on each other...I should say, it looks like they are interdependent. *scene of Izana and Sugeyo talking while walking* They are like sisters.” Surprised Nogiku says, “Is...that so?”

Daijirou is puzzled over her reaction. Tomoko exclaims, “Ah! That’s right. I’ll go get the old photos and the costume designs that Sugeyo made!” While Nogiku is still in shock, Daijirou says that’s a good idea.
Later on, Nogiku is sitting by the window. She saw the photographs and costume designs. There is a scene of Izana telling Sugeyo something about her costume design. Nogiku recalls Daijirou saying ‘The two mutually depend on each other...I should say, it looks like they are interdependent’.

She closes her eyes. “...Even if mama and Izana’s past is really that way--” Flashback: Kasane said, “...And also, Nogiku, there is something that I want to ask of you. Even if you no longer wanted to kill me, but in order to end everything...” End flashback. Nogiku looks up while in deep thought.

Kingo is moping at some room. Narration: “‘Izana’s bag’ contains ‘Ake no Hime’s first draft and a watch given to her by her adoptive mother. And also, a pile of letters...each of the letters are all addressed to –‘Kaido Nagi’.”
Kingo covers his face. “After everything...making me see these letters...it has no meaning to see these ‘day and night longing’ she had for Nagi-san!!” Kingo takes one of the letter and reads it. Narration: “Writing to a deceased person who’ll forever won’t be able to receive this letter—

...And, the person who wrote it had also passed away. A useless letter and a sinking heart... *looks surprised and tears start to fall* ...in order to bring in a faint light to the living people’s path ahead.” Still holding the letter, Kingo sobs.
Comment: I wonder if reading the letter would make Kingo agree to Kasane’s proposal that she act out as Yoi. Though, Kingo’s opposition is also true. The audience might be too distracted by Kasane’s face that they won’t pay attention to the play. Hm...how about put a veil of some sort until the climax is revealed?

Apparently, Izana and Sugeyo’s relationship weren’t that bad that they were even thought of as sisters. In a way, I guess both knew they need each other. And perhaps, there was a bond until that ‘betrayal’. Still, in the end, they both plotted to run away with their daughters. It is probably initiated by Izana who started contacting people whom they knew before.

Nogiku would have indeed let go of her plans for revenge. What could be Kasane’s request? Is it to destroy the lipstick? Still kill her to end everything? I find the cats staring at her amusing though. It makes me think of the ‘children’ of the original cat recognizes its owner’s daughter. =P

It does seem that Izana’s one and only love is Nagi. I wonder if Atae being Nagi’s brother is one of the reasons why she married Atae. We still don’t know what happened that night... What did Kingo do to make him Izana’s slave? Did he accidentally kill Nagi?

In a way, I guess if Nagi did love Izana, they are now both together...somewhere. That scene of them together makes me think they have reunited. Scans by 网易汉化

Quote of the day:
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  1. Thank you for your translation! ❤

  2. Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you for the translation!
    It seems like Nogiku is attracted to cats, her face is so adorable.
    It's sad to know that Izana was planning for their escape but we all know how it went, but there is something strange: Izana asked to the people who knew both her and Sugeyo to hide "them"and so: why, when Sugeyo escaped, Izana didn't come along? Was she planning to come later? Was she planning to remain detained in a way to atone for her sins? Did she renounce to the plan because Sugeyo died?
    I think she told to Sugeyo that she would reach them at some later point given Sugeyo last words to Kasane to "always look up to Izana", but at the same time how could she have escaped with Atae inside the house?

    1. Thanks for reading, Sua ^-^

      Ya...though I thought it is because those cats are the kittens of Sugeyo's cat. =P

      The plan is probably to get Kasane to safety first -> to Takemi. Then, Sugeyo will come back for Izana and Nogiku, or Izana will figure out a way to escape then, they'll all hide with this couple in the countryside.

      Maybe...I wonder if Atae did something so she can no longer walk = no longer necessary to chain her in the basement. Atae wouldn't want 'Sugeyo' to escape and call the cops, right?

      Indeed. It must be something risky since Izana is also kind of preparing for the possibility for it to fail = left her things with Takemi and told her last wish to Kingo.

      Hopefully, the mangaka will reveal it, too and not leave it all to our imagination. ^^;

  4. thanks for the translation I have a theory regarding the lipstick original use and I think
    This Technique used in Naruto and described here http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Izanami kinda helps this somehow especially after reading your translation of chapter 111 notice that at the chapter's end Iku notices the lipscar it's reflected in her eyes meaning she sees past the illusion sure she needed a little bit help from the lipstick but when was the last time she saw Kasane under Saki's face? In Chapter 89 with some help of Amaga'saki' (an ironic name isn't it?) she stare's directly at Kasane and notice's her real lips! So what is that crimson red material's real purpose to teach you a lesson and bring you back to reason just like that Izanami Jutsu? Sure! But what if it's meant to find you a lifepartner? That thing works on men too! What I like about the Manga is that it's a reimagining of classic tales like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast it even has something of Christopher Nolan's Prestige in it. Somehow it doesn't surprise me that Sugeyo and Izana were close and interdependent of each other keep in mind it was Sugeyo who suggested that Izana uses her face (partners in crime eh) with this in mind I wonder who Izana's chosen lifepartner was? Not Atae that much is certain! Nagi? Or at the end Sugeyo? I know it's crazy but that's a theory ^-^! But there is catch to the lipstick you cannot use it forever because it's cursed! Perhaps Izana slowly died from something akin to Mercury Poisoning? Remember the word Cinnabar?

    1. Thanks for reading, Jack ^-^

      Interesting. I just dismissed those as 'imaginations' rather than something that Iku has really seen. ^^;

      Yup, it has those influences. And, Kasane's first play is Cinderella. ^^

      I don't quite understand how it helps find one's life partner. Do you mean, the lipstick somehow leads the user to her destined partner?

      It's possible. Or perhaps, a supernatural curse? Hm...based on the 'ghosts' that they saw, I wonder if it is more on something bad will happen if you quit using the lipstick.

    2. Thank you for replying Kat!^.^

      Yeah I might even add that the reason why Iku became so good at playing Kasane is because she started playing Kasane offstage after the later decided to cut all ties with her it took a few steps for her ("Neena's" Salome, Fujihara's question during the double cast, Amagasaki, Kasane's Voice and lastly playing Kasane via lipstick) to finally realize who she played this whole time! I still like to know what her "selfish reasons" are though but we have to see how the artist will pull it off. But one of my theories is that she plays a certain theatric piece in which the "Prince" searches for her beautiful "Monster" but then what?!^^

      The Irony is that Kasane is a darker take on Cinderella (heck she has even as stepaunt that maltreat's her). And even though she propably loathes to admit it she still wants the "right Prince" to find her.

      Maybe Yes, Maybe No! Keep in mind the possibilities you can perform with that magic trick that is the lipstick are limitless! Look at what Kasane could do with it! Look at her relationsships with Ugo and Udo she never met them as Kasane playing "Kasane"
      but as "Neena" (Neena met Ugo as "Kasane" though). But it's Iku who met her outside of her guise's and recognized her "Voice" and "Mannerisms" (with some help). Ask yourself what Izana meant with "Kiss what you Desire!" was she reffering to taking advantage of other people's face's or finding the "partner"? She wanted Kingo to help her on getting on the stage but he perhaps missinterpreted how to do so!

      There is something really interesting to japanese mythology eh? Look at the name of Kasane's mother it's Izana and of course you would immdiatly think IzanaMI but were dealing with theatre here so she could easily play IzanaGI! I have to go back to Naruto once again to the eye technique that is Izanagi here's some info on this http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Izanagi it's a technique that the Uchiha became dependent upon because it allowed them to "escape fate" that's why Izanami was invented so that you could "accept fate". For all of Izana's talk how she know's it all best she was the naive one of the two, no not Sukeyo! She already got what she wanted a friend a partner who really could help her she only needed to build from there as "Izana". We really need to know more about her "partner in crime" Sukeyo. Also speaking of Zunda (the cat mother) notice her relationsship to Izana.^^

    3. =)

      Sorry, I'm kind of lost. ^^; 'Selfish reasons' regarding? Why she helped out Kasane?

      'Right Prince' would be someone 'saving her/helping her' get out of this situation? Currently, it seems Kasane/Cinderella had resigned to her fate of being like that forever.

      I see. Well, it can also have a symbolic meaning like 'go after what you want'. Hm...perhaps, the 'partner' would be someone who is willing to lend their face to her? If that is how it is, I think Nogiku is that person. I tend to think that Kingo had indeed misunderstood her. Perhaps, reading the letters made him realize it.

      Naive regarding? Not accepting her fate? I think things were going well until Atae found out what Izana/'Sugeyo' really looks like and Sugeyo fell in love with Atae.

    4. Sorry if I sound a little bit confusing see Iku is a stab (a critique if you will) at Shoujo heroes. What are her motives in regard to Kasane why does she want to help her despite the brutal reality around her? What's in it for her? What is her role as Ophelia in this manga? Who is her Hamlet?^^

      Yup that is the question. As for her fate it's doesn't have to be the same fate as that of her mothers!

      The catch is using the lipstick right for one certain purpose and not overuse and become dependent on it. That is what I think.

      Izana grew up sheltered and saw not many positive things she lacked proper human interactions she ignored her own flaws not only those of Sugeyo! As for what Kingo says take it also with a grain of salt just because he asummes Sugeyo was at fault doesn't mean it is how he thinks it is. Remember Izana didn't let many people into her heart this was also a mistake on her part!

    5. Ah, I see. For me, from the first time she was introduced, she is the nice senpai who wanted to help another girl who had also experienced being bullied. They do have a connection then. In a way, it is like having a 'friend' but of course, Kasane cannot stand her due to being 'perfect' in looks and in deeds.

      I always hoped that Iku would save her...during that arc when she was introduced. Hehe, and well, it happened ^^ Perhaps, she helped Kasane because she knew what kind of person she is from deep down inside. She always 'sees' Kasane as some lonely girl.

      True. Currently, there is no more antagonist so there is a high chance of a happy ending.

      But up to 'how long' is 'overuse'? Maybe use it only if one has a play to do for the rehearsal and the performance?

      Ah, true. Though from the flashback, Izana was indeed furious when she saw Sugeyo pregnant and Sugeyo was quite apologetic. Indeed but then, in a way, it is understandable especially since she has secrets to keep.

  5. Not really the right place to ask, but I didn't know nay other place to contact you. Will you be translating the new Maid sama chapter? Also, do you any site where I can view the completed raws of the same?

    1. Most likely not, Vinita.

      Maika-sama posted it on the cbox...go here:

  6. I really appreciate your diligent translations of this manga, since I haven't been able to find them anywhere else!

    But man, I'll say one thing. Izana's character is confusing as all hell. She has more conflicting backstory and history than all other characters put together. Its like we get a new revelation each time she's on-panel.

    Also gosh, being Kasane and Kingo is complete suffering.

    1. Thanks for reading them ^-^

      Indeed. A very complicated character...perhaps, a bit more so since we only heard one [Kingo's] side before but now, it turns out that there is more to her.


  7. Hi Kat, thank you very much for the splendid work. I have tried so hard to find the eng translation for vol.14 but no luck so far, and I was so so happy to finally complete the story of Kasane. Once again, really appreciate for your great work.