May 16, 2018

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 47 - Tyrst with the Devil!?]

Thinking that she felt like she’ll swoon, Yu says that she must... Haruto holds her hair and says that compared to the usual, it feels quite nice, and it feels comfortable [/smooth] to touch. Blushing Yu’s eyes widen and thinks that he is being affectionate, right!?

Yu thinks that luckily, she had properly blow-dried her hair! “This is a good opportunity! I’ll also touch him as much as I want!!” She tells him, “’re going to touch as if nothing had happened...” She is surprised when he leans to kiss her cheek. She froze and blushed.

Touching her cheek, she asks what was that just now. He asks, what. Yu says that he’ll even ask. “Didn’t you kiss me...  Usually, you’ll kiss me using that ‘want to teach me’...kind of mischievous reason.”

Haruto tells her that’s enough, don’t talk about it anymore. “You’re always asking a reason for this and that, it’s annoying to death, how come you’re so wordy [/troublesome].”
Surprised Yu thinks that he’s really unreasonable. “Could it be that working hard to upgrade my femininity already had an effect!?” Deciding to take off her coat, Yu calls out to him, Kuro... Ting Ting Tong.

From the PA [public announcement system], “Cough. Cough. This is Kaji- Currently, broadcasting news! Good evening fellow dormers, the school dorm head-sensei had agreed to extend the opening hours of the theater [/audio and movie room]”

Mina says through the PA, “Everyone, how about we ALL watch a movie together?” Yusuke squeals, “Okay, school dormers, let us all gather together!” Aghast Yu thinks that it is so obvious, it is to make Haruto go over there. Turning towards the door, Haruto says that these people really causes trouble.

Yu calls out to him where he is going!? Holding his card key, Haruto says that they’re too noisy. Yu tells him to wait... At the PA, Mina says that she also wants to chat more with Haruto. Haruto says that he’ll go stop that girl.
Yu suddenly recalls Mina telling her that she won’t give up. Yu suddenly grabs Haruto’s wrist. This surprises him that he dropped his card key. Haruto is stunned as Yu corners him to the stairs and holds his face.

While Mina is saying that she’s waiting for Haruto, blushing Yu says, “ is enough that you properly look at me who’s in front of you. My head is filled with thoughts of you... *Haruto looks surprised and blushes a bit* In any case, also treat me like a girl...take a look. As...aside from my hair, I still have a lot of things that aren’t the same as usual, so...”

Haruto smiles and replies, “Then, strive hard to make me only look at you.” Blushing Yu tensely says how can that be done... She thinks, “...ah? This expression...he suddenly gone into Black Devil mode!? Where did that affectionate person a while ago go!?” Haruto whistles.

Holding up her hands, flustered Yu wonders what should she do. “...Hug him!? Or, like that kind of kiss he did a while ago...kiss him!? I basically don’t have any love [/courting] skill.” Haruto asks if she plans to always stupidly stand there?
Then, Mina on the PA says that she is currently waiting for Haruto-- Yu suddenly recalls the time at the theater when he held her leg with a hickey and told her to make them properly look at this. Haruto is surprised when Yu suddenly pulls down his coat a bit.

While Yu thinks that she cannot be the one who’ll forever be moved by him, Haruto asks, and then? She bends down to his neck and bites him continuously. Nom Nom Haruto winces. Yu thinks that she’ll also make him get a taste of being rattled. Holding her, flustered Haruto asks, “...Hey...Akabane, what the heck are you doing...”

Pulling away from him, flustered Akabane says, “ is like this, you should also more or less have a bit of self-awareness that you are my boyfriend. *sees a bite mark on Haruto’s neck* Strange...bite mark!? I obviously wanted to make a hickey!! How come I made a mistake!”
Looking surprised, Haruto asks, “...hickey? –Ah, you are showing a desire to possess me.” Haruto starts laughing which embarrassed Yu. She thinks that he obviously didn’t go dokidoki [deer in headlights] but on contrary, she made him laugh too happily!!

Haruto tells her to do it again. Yu tells him that no matter how many times she does it, she cannot successfully make a hickey. Ting Ting Tong. On the PA, Yusuke shouts where is Haruto! Takumi says that he’s noisy to death. Yusuke says that Shiro-chan had also come so Haruto quickly...

Irked Takumi tells him that he didn’t come for this gathering. Haruto is surprised when Yu stands up and says that since Takumi also went there, then it would be better for Haruto to also go show his face.

Yu thinks that she has to practice more before doing that again. That remark made Haruto dark. He asks how come her reaction is so great upon hearing Takumi’s voice. He holds the railing to stop her from leaving.
Yu says that it isn’t, she is just afraid that if only the two of them aren’t there, it will make others suspicious. He tells her not to leave yet. Flustered Yu exclaims that now isn’t the time to be mischievous [/stubborn] and she isn’t good at concealing things...

He tells her, “...I still haven’t finished saying what I want to say. I’ve been worried about your matters throughout the whole day. Tsk.” Yu asks, what? “Kurosaki-kun, you were worried [about me]?” Haruto’s eyes light up and he hits his head to hers.

As she says ouch, he tells her that it isn’t because of her at all. Then, he looks at her. He calls out her name. She asks what is it. He says that her body’s smell today is too sweet that it stinks. This made her aghast since this fragrance had an opposite effect.  

She tells him that if he finds it stinky then move away from her a bit. He tells her that compared to the usual, she isn’t the same today so let him verify it.
Haruto puts his hand under her night dress. Yu thinks that he’s holding her belly and that’s too straightforward!! He tells her that directly touching her skin and stroking it feels quite comfortable. Yu tensely thinks that she’s no good anymore.

Then, she stiffens when he pinches her love handle and says that she had grown fat. She shouts that she’ll go back to the room first! Trying to open the door, Yu thinks that her heart almost stopped...strange, why won’t it open again.

Standing behind her, Haruto says that this door will only open using his room key. Teary-eyed Yu tells him to quickly open the door. This startles Haruto. Beep. The door opens and, Yu quickly left. Haruto wonders out loud what is there to cry about when he still hasn’t touched her enough.

In her 401 room, Yu hugs her octopus stuffed toy. She thinks that in the end, today is still the same, she’s the only one who was let around in circles by him. She was so nervous that tears came out!
“And besides, he even said that I stink, and I had grown fat!! It’s too embarrassing. But then, there is still a gain! *shakes the octopus* Even if he dislikes the overly sweet scent on my body, but he felt that FEELING AND TOUCHING ME IS VERY NICE! In short, it can be considered as a progress...”

Rrriingg. Haruto is calling on her cellphone. Thinking that he wants to call her back, she answers the phone and tells him that is enough for the day... Haruto says that he forgot to tell her not to leave a message on his notebook next time since it is too careless.

Surprised Yu says that she has no way of contacting him... He tells her, “Its fine to just call.” Yu blushes and thinks that it is fine to call if they want to see each other. Haruto passes by Hino’s two buddies. Beard guy greets Haruto a good evening. Haruto says ya. Beard guy is surprised because Haruto unexpectedly greeted him back.
Glasses guy says that just now, he smelled a scent on Haruto and it is exactly the same one that Mina has on her. Beard guy says scent, could it be that he’s mistaken. Glasses guy exclaims that he isn’t mistaken since that girl is his type.

They look at Haruto. They wonder if those two secretly have a tryst just now and they should mention this to Hino. Ting Dong. The school bell rang. While carrying some books, Yu wonders if she’ll call Haruto tonight. She also tells herself to maintain her smile.

Then, she hears some girls making a ruckus over a guy, the new prince of the first year. “He isn’t the same type as Black Prince and the others-- It feels that he has affinity. I also heard that he is also a school dormer-- I'm really jealous of dorm students--”

Yu looks surprised upon seeing Hino. She thinks isn’t that Haruto’s kouhai and he also got in Harumi High! As the girls are bidding goodbye to Hino, Yu is secretly following him.
She thinks that unexpectedly, he is living in the school dorm and what should she do, why did she tell him that she is going steady with Haruto! Noticing her, Hino asks Yu if she is following him and didn’t he tell her before that she is Haruto’s girlfriend...

While the others are looking at them, aghast Yu says that she is just talking drivel. “Actually, at that time...I’m simply helping him MOVE THINGS!! Right now, we simply have a relationship of strangers...” Hino says thinking of it, indeed since Haruto is more suitable on being a ‘lone operator’[/unsociable].

Puzzled Yu asks what he meant. He asks her what is her class this afternoon. Walking at the hall, in their PE uniforms, Yusuke is telling Takumi about Tarako but Takumi says that it doesn’t have anything to do with him. Looking at the side, Takumi looks surprised to see Yu talking with Hino.

He asks who is that guy beside Yu. Yusuke shouts that Yu is WITH A GUY!! “A LOVE RIVAL HAD APPEARED!? This is bad, Shiro-chan, aren’t you going to obstruct them...” Quickly walking away, Takumi sighs and wonders why he is in the same class as Yusuke.
Back at the balcony, Yu tells Hino that it is PE class so what about it. Hino says that it is nothing. “Since you have to go to the gym for class, you better move on quickly.” Yu recalls Hino telling her before that it’s a lie that she’s Haruto’s boyfriend, since they aren’t a bit compatible.

Later on, it is already raining. Walking back to the dorm, Yu thinks that she always feels somewhat bothered about Hino. Yu is surprised to see Mina waiting by the dorm door. With sparkling eyes, Yu thinks on this side, she needs to pay more attention to this person. “Was she waiting here for Kurosaki-kun!?”

Yu asks what she is doing. Mina says that she cannot find her dorm card key so she’s waiting for the guys to come back. Yu tells her that the guy’s card key cannot be used to enter the girls’ floor. Mina says that she wants to get their card key to get to the guys’ floor and then, she’ll report this to Haruto as the dorm head.
Aghast Yu grabs Mina’s hand and exclaims that isn’t good, and she should first properly look for it first! “You have definitely dropped it in school! Let’s go look for it!” While trying to pull herself from Yu, smiling Mina says there’s no need to make her worry about her. “Didn’t I tell you ‘DO NOT HINDER ME AGAIN’?”

Stopping Mina from freeing herself, smiling Yu says that she didn’t remember agreeing to that. Mina tells her that guys don’t like a girl who is too unyielding. Flustered Yu says that she knows that. Mina says didn’t Yu changed a lot right now compared to the time when she’s in junior high.

Yu’s umbrella fell down so she picked it up. Yu says that it is BECAUSE SHE WANTED TO HAVE A BIG TRANSFORMATION! “Besides, it is also quite inconvenient that your room card is gone. *shares the umbrella with Mina* I’ll help you find it. Let’s go back to school together.” Mina asks if she’s stupid because if they go together, they’ll get wet. “I’ll go to your room first and rest there.”
Aghast Yu exclaims, “What!? My room!?” Holding her cellphone, Mina says that she asked their male classmate to help her find her room key so that problem is resolved. Yu thinks that she never encountered Mina, this kind of girl, before...

At the girls’ floor, aghast Yu exclaims if Mina DELIBERATELY lose her room card!? Mina says that she won’t do that kind of runabout way of thing. “I’ll directly just put it in Kurosaki-kun’s school bag.” Blushing Yu wonders if she should also do that once.

Then, they see an open door. Mina says that it is her room. Peeking in with Mina, Yu asks if someone delivered her room key over. “It’s possible that dorm head-sensei...” Then, they notice something on the floor. A room key has been cut into three pieces.
Comment: And, we have a bit of lovey-dovey. It seems that when Yu is being proactive, it turns him on...on to Devil mode. ^^; Since Yu isn’t experience with courting, she can only copy others or use other people’s ideas. Like copying Haruto’s hickey, using Mina’s shower gel and Mina’s suggestion of putting the card key in Haruto’s bag.

It is amusing how their jealous of Mina and Takumi cause them to be more ‘truthful’. =P I wonder how Yu plans to practice making a hickey. Even if she failed to make him react as she wanted to, but I think it is something that she made him laugh like that. And well, she made him admit that he’s thinking of her the whole day.

I guess she won’t be using that shower gel again. Still, I guess its purpose is to throw Hino’s guys lead to stalk and probably harass Mina. It helps that Yu somehow managed to lie convincing to get Hino off her case. I would think that he asked Yu’s schedule since she is classmates with Mina.

So, we’ll just see if Mina would still go after Haruto once Hino and others start to target her. Hino is a difficult enemy to deal with because apparently, neither Haruto or Takumi knew about him. The guy is some kind of stalker who wants Haruto to be in a certain ‘ideal’ which is kind of a lone wolf.

Well, since that is his ideal, I guess it is safe to say that Hino won’t be teaming up with Mina. Mina ought to already notice that Yu also likes Haruto since she is always hindering her plans. Since Yu doesn’t remember her, maybe she also had a makeover. Scans by 腾讯动漫

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