May 10, 2018

Kasane [Chapter 119 - Even More Turbulent after the Unveiling]

Kasane asks, “‘Lie’...that means, at that time, Izana had already gotten in touch with Kaido Nagi?” Kingo says that’s right. “Before that, you should have already found out about it from the ‘letter’. After Nagi-san had passed away, she wrote about it... Those are words of remorse.”

Kasane picks up an envelope and reads it. Izana wrote, “—Kaido Nagi-san, where did you go? I’m quite bewildered, at a loss, as if I’ve arrived at some very far place. The things before me had undergone a rapid substantial change, and afterwards, how many springs and autumns had already passed? Now, I’m writing this letter to you...

...It is because I believe that writing can pass through the distance between life and death, hoping my words will be passed on to you. *crying as tears fall on the letter* Our relationship also cannot surpass the borders of an ordinary interaction...

...*holds her pen and remembers* I have just attained ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’s appearance. With that, I had a more urgent longing to meet you once again. At one side, I’m an actress at a small theater. On the other side, I searched for your whereabouts. Finally—it seems like a coincidental chance, we— ‘meet’.”
Flashback: Nagi was eating pasta at a restaurant when ‘Sugeyo’ approached him. She said, “Hello... *Nagi looked surprised at her* There are no more seats in the restaurant, can I sit beside you? I always see you sitting here during the day.” End flashback.

Narration: “In front of you who had parted forever with your lover, I took the initiative to strike a conversation. Patiently and attentively listening. At first, our conversation is limited to just during the daytime. Afterwards, the time grew longer and longer. Our distance had become closer. But...”

Flashback: In a living room, ‘Sugeyo’ had kissed Nagi who had blank eyes. She told him that he always isn’t willing to do the things beyond kissing. “Even if I’m currently staying at your house.” Looking away, Nagi apologized and said, “Honestly speaking, I still haven’t sorted out my feelings.”
‘Sugeyo’ asked if it is about his deceased lover. “...wanting to forget a deceased person...that kind of thing is definitely very difficult, right?” Nagi told her that he obviously understands her feelings but he is really an insincere man. ‘Sugeyo’ said, “No. You are... too honest already...”

Narration: “Even if Namino is already dead, all the more she entangled him. Even if it is like that, I still believed that Nagi (you) will definitely fall in love with Fuchi Sugeyo (me). For this reason, I’m willing to wait until the end of time...

...*waved goodbye to Nagi who dropped her off. Then he suspiciously looked back at her while in the car* I was too naïve about everything. When was it that you started to become suspicious? The look in your eyes is too gentle to the extent that I wasn’t able to sense it-- that you have already witnessed with your own eyes the moment of that ‘face switch’.”
There is a scene of tense Nagi who saw Sugeyo and Izana change faces on top of the outdoor stairs. End flashback. Kingo says that the notebook that Nagi had left seems to be writing about witnessing the process of the face switch. “I’m afraid that he had seen them kissing at the back of the stage as they prolonged the length of time of the switch.”

Kasane says, so he is saying that even if her mother used ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’s identity and was reunited again with Kaido Nagi... “But, because you gave him too many information about ‘Izana’, it caused Kaido Nagi to have doubts regarding ‘Sugeyo’, and it led him to start investigating her real appearance...”

Kingo sadly says that’s right. “Things had progressed up to that point but then, I facilitated it because I was searching for Izana. Even if it is quite stupid, in any case, it is the situation that I want. But, the young and inexperienced me had never thought that afterwards, IT IS POSSIBLE THAT SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN.”
Flashback: Kingo called Nagi on the phone. He asked Nagi if it is convenient, he hopes that he can talk with him again and please, definitely...” To Kingo’s surprise, Nagi told him that he believes what he said. “...but, afterwards, by all means, do not mention to anyone about ‘Hi Beni’ [/Japanese cinnabar] and ‘Izana’. I’ll also stop my research.”

Kingo tensely asked if ‘Izana’ had appeared!? Looking serious, Nagi told him that in order not to let that frightening monster (thing) fall into other people’s hand, I WILL PUT IT BACK IN ITS ORIGINAL LOCATION. So, you also forget about this, understand?”

Kingo called out to him but Nagi had already hanged up the phone. ‘Sugeyo’ knocked and opened the door. She apologized and asked if he is talking on the phone. Nagi said no, he already finished talking. “Let’s go.” ‘Sugeyo’ asked where they are going. Nagi said they’ll go to Namino’s burial place— ‘Akeiwa’.” ‘Sugeyo’ is stunned.
Kingo rushed to Nagi’s house. He thought that the car is gone so Nagi must have quickly left after hanging up the phone. He cursed as he quickly ran off. In the car, Nagi apologized to ‘Sugeyo’ for bring her along to such a very faraway place. Tense ‘Sugeyo’ said that it is alright.

Narration: “It is the first time I saw you showing such an ice-cold look in your eyes. *glanced at serious Nagi* With a restless premonition, I accompanied you to Akeiwa, that ominous place that I vowed never ever to return to again--”

Standing at the wide grassy plain, Nagi said that it is so remarkable that traces of the burned farmland are now fully covered by weeds. “It is simply like a historical remain.” Carrying a bouquet, Nagi said that it is obviously...less than three years... ‘Sugeyo’ just quietly followed him.
They arrived in front of stairs lined up with stone lanterns. Nagi said that this used to be a shrine. As they walk up, Nagi told her that after passing through this gigantic torii, they’ll go along the road for worship until they arrive at the main shrine.

“The shrine’s temple seems to be constructed on 1819...actually, it is a decade older than the tori. Afterwards, at the side, there is a huge kagura-den [/hall where the miko dances]. *looking at the remains of the burned down kagura-den*...

...That’s right...I had seen Namino practice about to practice the kagura for the New Year performance. Her dance posture and movement...make one think think that the legend’s miko had descended.”
“That fairy-like appearance, it is as if she is a goddess... *looked at ‘Sugeyo’ with a tear on his eye* Can you dance for me? *‘Sugeyo’ looked surprised and tense* You can dance...Akeiwa’s kagura, right? I heard it from Kingo. *‘Sugeyo’ is shocked* This is an offering for Namino...please.”

Stunned ‘Sugeyo’ bowed her head and agreed to do it. While barefooted, with a tear on her eye, Sugeyo started to dance which surprised Nagi. Narration: “I know that there is no longer a need to once again deceive you and pretend. It is also no longer necessary to do any meaningless cover up again.”

Nagi started to cry and called out, “Ah... Namino...! *covers mouth* It is simply just like Namino...” Surprised ‘Sugeyo’ look sad. She looked on with fallen shoulders. Narration: “No matter how I’ll struggle again, the Namino in your heart will not disappear, you also won’t fall in love with me.”
Comment: So, is telling Nagi about her, Kingo’s only ‘sin’? Or there is more to it? From what Nagi told Kingo, I suspect that he planned to kill Izana. I’m not sure if he realized that Izana killed his Namino. If not, at most, he might just be planning to get rid of the lipstick/Hi Beni.

The possible scenario after that is, there must be some sort of struggle that ended up with Nagi being dead. So, who ‘accidentally’ killed him? Izana for perhaps, self-defense? Or, Kingo who wanted to protect Izana?

For Izana to keep those letters for so long and even wishing to be forgiven by Nagi, it seems like he is her one and only true love. And yes, unfortunately, it is unrequited. It seems that Izana had come to realize that she can never be in Nagi’s heart whether or not Kingo told him about her.

Apparently, Akeiwa is indeed an accursed place for Izana. And even if she doesn’t want to return here...fate still brought her back. Here, when Nagi confronted her about knowing who she really is. And in the end, she was also brought back there to die. Scans by 网易汉化.

Quote of the day:
The biggest curse in life is not losing your love, but not being loved by someone you love. ~ Kiran Joshi


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