May 19, 2018

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 69 - A Majestic Flower]

It was announced that Satowa’s performance is about to start. Chika glances at his anticipating club members, and also at the other audience. Then, Kazusa notices that Chika changes his sitting position to the formal seiza-sitting position.

Chika finds it baffling that he is nervous when obviously this isn’t a tournament. “This mood. I cannot say that it is gloomy, should I say that it is very heavy? It even makes it hard to breathe...”

Then, he hears someone whispering, “SHE EVEN HAD THE FACE TO COME BACK. Doesn’t she feel embarrassed at all?” Chika’s eyes widen as he looks at the two women in front of him.
The other woman says, “Before, she belittled Houdzuki Group and consequently, she was shown out the door but right now, she even came back...” 

“It is really nice to be the school owner’s daughter. She can recklessly do things as she pleases.” 

“And, she doesn’t even have to work hard to become the successor. It really makes me feel envious of her.” 

“But, speaking of that, there are really only few people who came here today to sincerely wish her well.”
Takezou, Hiro and Kazusa overhear that, too. To the two women and the others’ surprise, Chika asks, “Then, why did you come here for?” Kazusa quickly apologizes to them. “This person hasn’t seen this kind of occasion before so he is so rude!”

The women just glare at Chika. Chika angrily asks Kazusa why she is apologizing when those people are saying that Satowa... Kazusa whispers, “Shut up!! Today is Satowa-chan’s important day, do you want to mess it up!?”

Chika looks surprised at her. Then he sees that the other people are looking at them. Takezou mutters Chika’s name. Chika apologizes.
Looking a bit flustered, Kazusa says that she understands his feelings. “But, this kind of situation is no longer surprising. Satowa-chan always lived in this kind of world. The more large-scale the organization is and the longer its history is, the more it would likely hesitate and hold back...

...An outstanding talent, an unusual behavior will alienate and cause a setback [/attack to the group] so Satowa-chan had already left this place once. Throwing everything away...

...Even if it is like that, in the end, she came back here after she became stronger than before. *smiles at Chika* Isn’t this because you guys are at her side?” Chika looks surprised. Then, Atsumu blushes and says, wa.
Chika and Kazusa look in front to see Satowa making her entrance. Looking dignified, she pulls up her kimono and sits down in front of the koto. She looks up and smiles. Then, she starts to play. Everyone looks amazed. Chika thinks, this piece—

He recalls the time when he first heard Satowa’s play the koto. As he watches her play, Chika recalls Kazusa telling him that Satowa lived in this kind of world. He thinks, “Is that so— I’m usually so close to the extent that I totally didn’t notice. It turns out that the space that divides us is so far.”
There are juxtaposed scenes of the two. Young Satowa is shun by the others. Young Chika is drinking [most probably] strawberry milk alone. Their parents ignored them. She cried. He closed his heart. She decided to play that piece. He vented his anger at some teasing gang members. End flashback

Chika looked flustered upon recalling ‘It is okay as long as I overtake you’. Kazusa noticed this. Chika recalls how he declared that he’ll absolutely overtake Satowa before the nationals. “What am I arrogantly saying--”

Then, he recalls Satowa smiling when s/he said [he can] ‘absolutely’ [do it.]. This made Chika calm down. He sits up straight and watch the performance. Kazusa glances at him and recalls Satowa telling her and Fumi that she like it there.
Narration: “—Ever since the start, every time I see Satowa-chan, she is all by herself. She also always has this powerful look in her eyes that can see everything. Then, I’m at the side thinking that she’s so cool and afterwards, I look forward to seeing her.”

Flashback: Kazusa’s mother suggested to her that since she likes Satowa so much, how about trying to play a piece together with her. Kazusa exclaimed that she still couldn’t because the current her still couldn’t match up to Satowa. “I have to practice harder to be able to match up to her!” End flashback.
Narration: “---while I was still saying those words, Satowa-chan had already disappeared. The thing that Satowa-chan always needed isn’t level [of playing], and it isn’t some fixed framework [of regulations and restrictions]. It is already okay as long as there is someone who can strive hard with her...

...*smiles upon recalling how Chika defended Satowa and Chika staying with her on the train* It is really great-- *smiles* that this person is staying at Satowa’s side.” Satowa has finished playing. The gossiping women look bewildered while the others are applauding.
Chiharu thanks Satowa for playing the piece ‘In the Deep Brown Wind’ for everyone. “This piece made one remember of the galloping distant past. Recollecting yet at the same time, having mixed [sad, sentimental] emotions...

–afterwards, the next piece is ‘Kashinfuu’ [Spring wind telling the tidings of flowers]. Kashinfuu is a warm spring wind that can make flourishing blossoms to bloom. It is really suitable for today’s repertoire. *looks at smiling Satowa*...

...Today, I and my daughter, Satowa will play a duet for everyone.” Hiro looks happy for Satowa. The mother and daughter sit in front of their respective kotos and play. Scenes of Satowa’s childhood with her mother, the falling out and the reunion. This made Chika smile.
While Chika and others are walking at the hallway, someone says that it is a really amazing performance. Takezou says that he’s thinking whether or not Satowa is practicing today’s piece after she practiced with them [at school]. Aghast Hiro tells him not to think about it.

While Chika thinks that Atsumu is standing too close to him, Atsumu sees Natsu. He calls out to him and says that the performance is really moving. Natsu says yes, and he learned a lot.

Atsumu says that right now, he feels enthusiastic. Natsu tells him that’s good. Takezou wonders if the two first years are properly getting along... Then, Hiro sees Satowa at the gate with her mother.
She tells the others that it is Satowa but it seems that she is seeing the guests off. Takezou says that it isn’t easy and they’ll trouble her if they go and greet her right now. While Chika looks at Satowa, Hiro says that it feels that she doesn’t recognize today’s Satowa...

Satowa looks at the side and sees them [/Chika]. Satowa blushes and smiles. She quickly excuses herself and runs toward them. Teary-eyed Hiro holds out her arms to Satowa and says that it is dangerous to run like that. “By the way, you look quite nice like this-!! The performance is also quite praise-worthy--” Satowa thanks her. 

Holding a small package, Hiro says that this is for her. “It’s a small gift that cannot even be considered a tribute!” Satowa says that she even brought a gift! She apologizes for troubling her... 
Hiro exclaims what is she saying, and by the way, this is a nail box-- [<- literally, it meant that. Maybe it is a small manicure kit?/ koto picks' box?] Satowa exclaims that it’s so cute. She thanks Hiro.

Noticing the bag that Chika is holding, Takezou asks if he is going to give that to Satowa. Chika says ah, yes... Chika and Satowa look tense as they look at each other. 

Satowa says that his outfit... Chika angrily asks, wha? Satowa says that she hasn’t said anything yet. Takezou explains that a mere mention of his outfit will make Chika angry. Chika angrily says that he’s going to beat him up. Chika looks at puzzled and tense Satowa. 
Recalling the women saying that only a few are sincerely wishing Satowa well, he takes out a flower from the bag and holds it up to her. While Satowa looks surprised, Chika says, “Here. *looks away from her* For you.”

Satowa holds the flower. Chika nervously looks at her reaction. He is surprised to see her smiling so happily. Then, Satowa snaps out of it. She holds up the flower to cover her blushing face and thanks him. Takezou and the others look surprised by this. [Well, Natsu looks thoughtful.]

Then, Sane and others came shouting that they weren’t able to catch up in time-!! Kouta tearfully says that they obviously ran as if their lives depended on it. Sane curses. Carrying his younger siblings, Michi is breathing hard.
Satowa asks how come everybody... Sane says that they thought of immediately rushing over after the concert to catch up and perhaps, hear a bit of the performance... Kouta says that it turns out that place is quite far. 

Someone calls out to Michi who sheepishly tells them that he was strolling this way and... Satowa is moved by this. Her mother says that they are really good comrades.

While they are all smiling, the trio say that Satowa is quite beautiful in the kimono. “Even if we weren’t able to catch up to the performance, but we really want to congratulate you! From today on, we will also continue to cheer you on!” Satowa smiles and thanks them.
Chiharu says that it wasn’t easy for everyone to come over so would they want to come in for some tea. Sane and others agree. Natsu excuses himself because he still has work. Sane comments that he doesn’t change in any situation. 

Michi then calls out to Chika over what he is wearing. “Ah ha ha ha, you really took the pains to think about it.” Kouta exclaims, picture, picture! Akira tells Satowa that it is a beautiful flower. “It’s a Persian Buttercup.” Satowa thinks, Persian buttercup...?

Akira says, “This elegant gentle pink color really suits you.” Then, Satowa looks at Chika. Puzzled Sane asks Chika what’s up, he’s always in a daze. Chika says that it’s nothing. He recalls that when Satowa smiled after holding the flower, he wanted to pull her to him. Chika thinks, “Almost...”
Side story: On the phone, Akira asks, coaching is suspended this week? At the teacher’s room, Suzuka apologizes because the piece isn’t finished yet so he made the others practice the basics so he’ll start troubling her next week. And in any case, he’ll finish composing it.

Akira says is that so. She asks if there is anything she can help her with. Suzuka tells her not to trouble herself. “It’s alright. I’m sorry for worrying you.” Akira glumly says is that so. Probably noticing that, Suzuka says, that’s right, after finishing the piece, he’ll probably trouble her a lot more than before.

“I’ll first apologize for that ahead of time. But no matter how difficult the piece is, as long as you’ll come to coach, I’ll put me quite at ease. So, I can write the piece like how I wanted it. *Akira looks surprised* From today on, I’ll leave it to you.” Akira smiles and says, okay.
Comment: With how Chika conducted himself during this performance, at the train before and others, he had won Kazusa’s approval. It made her realize why Satowa wanted to be with this group even if they aren’t at her performing level. I think that is one of Kazusa’s regret. She was too focused on catching up when Satowa needed someone to be with her.

For a while there, Chika almost succumb to self-inferiority but thankfully, recalling Satowa’s reaction from before, he had pulled himself together. Based on the flashback, they have some similarities. I’m sure Satowa’s solo performance impressed those two women. The mother-daughter duet is quite nice since they are finally reunited again.

Ah, Satowa is quite pleasantly surprised by the flower. I wonder if her reaction exposed what her true feelings for Chika is. For now, I would think that Natsu knew. The mangaka deliberately put the trio in the latter part in order not to witness that. Hehe, they might indeed put two and two together. =P

Still, it was quite nice of them to try to catch up. It is the thought that counts. Hehe, Michi was even carrying two of his siblings. Apparently, Chika had the urge to pull Satowa after seeing that reaction. Ah yes, we can also only say...almost but, it’s still a bit of something. =) Scans by 二次元秘店

Quote of the day:
Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul. ~ Luther Burbank


  1. first of all thank you very much for the summary even though you weren't feeling so well in the past few days (or that's what i understood from the blog chat box) ,

    there are always annoying people who love to gossip i'm glad her talent shut them up and it's mature of chika to compare his life and her life and how he went down the wrong path while she just lived in isolation for a while but then came back stronger i think i n a way chika not only needs to catch up to her music wise but strength wise too and i think the fact that he is thinking about all of this is what basically makes him no longer the chika he used to be in middle school which is great because it was first his grandpa then takaoka and takezou then the rest of the koto club who made him who he is today and i'm glad this performance showed him why he should never go back to that phase. it really is nice of the trio to come even though they were busy and chika's flower is such a nice bonus , i wonder if chika's family will ever be mentioned in the future or not also natsu's whose father seems out of the picture , what i lik about this chapter is how multiple people (chika kasuza (is that her name?) rally did some soul digging on themselves and evaluated their actions/life objectively in order to change and /or move to a better direction, when i was teen i've never done that which is why i'm impressed because the more you look at yourself and your behavior the more you come to understand who you are and grow stronger as a person , akira suzuka is a nice paring i wonder what akira's brother will have to say about this lol

    thank you

    1. Yes. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Yup ^^

      Maybe, the father thing would be something that will connect Chika and Natsu...not too sure though if it will be the same with Chika and Atsumu = grandfather.

      Yup. It's quite nice that Kasuza saw Chika and the others' influence on Satowa.

      Hehe, it would be quite amusing.


  2. Yea, major breakthrough and a step in the right direction. Chika's thick head was always gonna be a problem when it came to moving their relationship forward but thankfully even he is starting to get it in terms of his own feelings. Thanks so much for this and all the hard work Kat, as always very much appreciated :D

    And I am both... happy and conflicted about the unexpected short between Suzukua and Akira. Happy it was there and we got another moment between those two. Conflicted in that it doesn't look like their particular pairing will be getting a major chapter focus anytime soon. Ah well, will be happy with what I can get which was well worth it for this chapter alone :)

    1. Indeed, KrimzonStriker ^-^ Ya...though I wonder if he knew why or it is just an instinct thing. Thanks for reading ^-^

      True. Just hope for the best ^^

  3. I swoon over this chapter! 😍😍😍

    Thanks for making my (very hard) day, Kat!!!

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  5. That was quite the beautiful and feels good chapter. Thanks Kat, I thought it'd be ready much longer by what you said, but here it is, the very next time I see it.

    Liked everything and I could see myself in Chika's skin when those old women were badmouthing Satowa, the difference is no amount of Kasuza'd make me stop to say some truths, lol.

    Do you think the author did again with the tittle? I mean, that's a really beautiful and magnificent blooming flower between Chika x Satowa. I loved. Thank you again!
    Unfortunately, it's quite common here to use those fallacies and ad hominems when people notice and question some things they try to slip under our noses.
    Lost brothers, indeed. Now, believe or not, the gas here is at almost 5 box, in Paraguay, the same gas is being sold at 2.5, the same from here. Taxes here are insane.
    Yep, like I said, back in the day, people'd that very often to me.
    Yea, HxH author's, Togashi is actually married to Sailor Moon's author, and word is they almost divorced 'cause he was too much into Dragon Quest or any other game like that, so instead of taking care of his health, while the Berserk author has it's breaks 'cause Idolmasters, lol. Anyways, that's the word on the interwebs, lol.
    That's one hella bothering pain, uh? I have a dentist to go to, my molar tooth is getting too sensitive sometimes, and also hurts. Hope you're better, Kat. Take Care.

    1. Yup and thanks for reading, Fê ^-^


      Haha...don't make a scene, Fê on your girl's important day! =P

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      Same here.

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      Yup. Ya...not only that, prices of commodities are going up. The transportation group will be asking for a price hike soon. And, the government insists that it shouldn't be that bad. Those who are up for election start to suggest about suspending the tax. Lol, and they were the ones who approved it without considering the possibility that gas prices might go up anytime. ^^;;

      And, this coming June, part two of the tax reform is going to hit. And, taxes would be okay if they actually deliver but no...recently, there are so many scandals about money going in million and billions without any concrete outcome. If caught, they are just fired or moved to different department. No cases are filed at all.

      Oh, and I just read the guy in Venezuela won again. ^^;

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      Haha...too much gaming huh. Well, I guess they still earn money from any franchise or volumes that are still being bought.

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    2. Hahaha, yea, that's probably why I'm not too fond of this special occasions. I just can't help my mouth, lol.

      Thought sou too, her solo pages were so beautiful that I had to hunt down the raws so I could get a better look, not that it helped much being on the lq side, but well, I'm set on having those as wallpapers now.
      Things going to hell there too, uh? Is it elections year? And wow, even when found out, they're not prosecuted? That's some next level thuggery, alright.

      Honestly, whenever you mention Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela you should use "won" again. Meanwhile, the north and northeast of Brazil is being invaded by venezuelans trying to escape their country, that should speak a bunch of how the man managed "win" again.
      It's what they say. I guess it all started all after some twitter comment or drawing they did, and you know funny guys of the interwebs don't ever rest, so...But yes, they do. Speaking only for HxH, whenever a volume is released, it sells almost like One Piece, sometimes more, but just by being able to compare the both of them you know how much it actually sells, a lot.
      Yea, if you can endure without too much of a sacrifice, I'd say stay out of the strong meds. I don't know if they work as they should on you, but in my case, it's like I didn't take anything so I need a yet stronger dose and not eat for at least 6h to notice any effect, besides the side ones, which is always worse. So ya, if you're able to, skip the strong ones.

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      Not yet, next year but it is just midyear. Almost all infamous popular characters want to be senators. And no, most of the senators don't make laws here, they just love to grandstand and vote according to their own interests + allies. Yup, currently, they can keep the money they stole.

      The last admin managed to jail a lot of them but the current admin freed almost all of them. ^^;

      Haha, reminded me of how many Americans wanted to move to Canada after Trump won.

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      Indeed. But that is in Japan, right? I wonder if HxH sells well overseas.

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      Have you seen this article,

      [The most ignorant countries in the world, mapped]

      We're mentioned in one sentence again ^^

      'Results showed that people in nearly all of the 38 nations which took part in the study were ignorant of the aforementioned topics but some were worse than others.

      The compiled data showed that Scandinavians had the best idea of what was happening at home and abroad as Denmark, Norway and Sweden were all found to be the most accurate, with the Swedes coming out on top.

      At the other end of the spectrum, the bottom three in descending order were The Philippines, Brazil and South Africa.'

      Congrats to us ^^ Hahaha

    4. Jesus, at least here they pretend to arrest when it's too obvious. And how come the admin can free people like that? It's not up to the judges?

      And most of them are still there, now eating their own words, lol.
      I know here it's pretty popular among people that likes manga, don't know if they buy, though.
      No, it means if I eat anything, it won't have any effect exactly 'cause I ate. It's like, my stomach has to be empty so my body can assimilate/process better the meds chemichas.

      Yea, it's pretty crazy. Sometimes it hurts, than it stops and after sometime start to hurt again. I'll see a dentist next month.
      And I don't know if it the international media gave any news about how the situation here is, but it's not only pure chaos, it's pure thuggery. Now the govern will lower one thing, and obviously will raise another. Such robbery in broad daylight, we're paying for their bribes.

      People here don't even know what's going on with their own country, or don't want to know, ofc they won't know a thing about the outside world. Truly a shame, but like I said, unfortunately I gave up.

    5. They pull of technicalities like it is taking too much time to deliberate, no jurisdiction, and pull strings to allow bail for an non-bailable offense. That's for the previous ones.

      For the current ones, there are no arrests, no attempt to return to money and the government are even acting like their lawyers by giving them alibis. If they helped the president get elected/are important to keep things hush-hush, they assigned to new positions.

      - - -

      I see. Here, Naruto is the one that is most famous. Did you know, they changed the meaning of 'hokage' here as slang? At first, I was confused until I googled it to make sure that it is what I think they use that term for.

      Hokage here is: perverted man who tries & does everything to get a woman. And, we have a lot of that in government right now starting with the president. Lol Like stolen kisses, touching, etc.

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      Nope. Nothing since that time about Lola cannot get out of jail. It was even mentioned that he helped a lot of people get out of poverty. If I just read the article, I would indeed get an impression that he was a 'good leader' but the opposition tried to discredit him.

      Well, it is also being done here. Unfortunately, we can only helplessly watch it since they control almost everything and those who protest are immediately harassed and threatened.

      Facebook is currently on a spree shutting down the opposition pages. Like this popular opposition blogger, FB claims she isn't a real person since another bogus account claim it is the real opposition blogger. They got trolls to mass report on the real account. FB is free data here with the cellphone load.

      Talking about robbery in broad daylight, we have this labor undersecretary who stole an opposition congressman's iphone in broad daylight. It is the oldest trick in the book. I place my phone on yours then I get both cellphones after distracting you with chit-chat. It is suspected that he wanted to get its contents but perhaps failed so he put the phone in another room.

      It is caught on cctv and people are making all sorts of jokes about it. Like he tried to shake hands with the opposition senator. The senator refused. People are saying that's good because he might steal the senator's ring while he's at it.

      Are Brazilians good in poking fun of the politicians there to relieve the stress and frustration?

      I see. People here are more interested on what's on TV programs/showbiz. If you just look at what's trending on social media.

      - -

      By the way, are shopping malls there have security guards? Like say, check bags for bomb and guns? to fight against terrorism and robbers? Here, we do. You know one time long before, there are robbers who'll buy hammer at a hardware store and steal from a jewelry store at the same mall.

      Guess what's the police response? 1...2...3... Well, they banned the sale of hammers inside the mall. You'll have to pick up your purchase outside the mall.

    6. Here, that's all up to the judges/ministers, so ofc, some are pro someone's and all their votes shows that. So it's not a stretch to think one asked for them to vote like that, but mostly, is all up to the court.

      It is just a difference in how the laws are, or just pure banditry?
      Wow, that's a real slang. Most fit to Ero-sensei that was never hokage, but wow. Why's that? Irrc, doesn't hokage mean fire shadow?
      Oh, that's no good. Gotta take these supplements, specially if you tend to get sick. I know it myself since my body doesn't produce calcium nor collagen like a normal. But then again, even taking'em doesn't really prevent me from getting sick, lol.

      I honestly don't know what it is, but soon as I can save a bit, I'm going to have it checked out, too strange.
      That's one hell of a fake news they passed over there. He actually helped to take people out of the poor scenery, just to increase the miserable. In other words, there're less poor and more miserable people, think they forgot to mention that.

      It happens the same here, protest for the right thing, get threatened. Protest for w/e, get showered with compliments. What a world.

      I think facebook is doing that globally, especially if the opposition is from the right wing.

      the undersecretary that? lol. Jesus, and no one arrested him?

      That's the only thing people here are good at, making jokes. They don't even know what's happening, but they sure do know how to make memes about everything.
      They have, but not like that. The only time it's allowed to check bags is when the person is suspected of shoplifting.

      We have nothing to fight terrorism here.

      It's like, we're at the mercy of fate, no one's coming to do their jobs of protecting their citizens and enforcing the law, right?

    7. True. Actually, it is easy to 'connect the dots' as to whom they are allied with/being paid based on how they vote on issues, the things they say especially 'defending the obviously bad/against the law' and at times, complete with evidence, etc.

      It's more on double standard. So, currently, aside from sorry if you're poor, you don't get justice = drug addicts/pushers bang bang you're dead and known drug lords are free and alive, critics and oppositions are harassed and if unlucky, jailed for minor reasons.

      - - -

      I think it is more on hokage = chief of a ninja clan so, someone who is boss in quick moves to get the girl. I first heard about it in the news regarding an FB group called Pastor Hokage. It turned out to be a group where they exchange illicit pictures including child porn and revenge porn. Lol, at first I thought it is about Naruto. ^^;

      - - -

      Ya. Hehe, is that so. Those are for the bones, right?

      - - - is that? Less poor and more miserable?


      I see, so it's globally.

      Not yet. For now, I only heard of a case being filed. They didn't even arrest the guy. But if he's poor, he'll immediately be in jail.

      Haha, true. Well, those who knows what's happening also makes jokes...that you don't know if you'll cry or laugh.

      Like this satire:
      According to Dr. Maghirap Kayo [you people suffer in english], "I am gravely concerned. We designed our policies to crush the poor, really oppress them - but they're still there, whining."

      He said: "We economic planners lose sleep thinking up ways to really blight the lives of the poor. We've increased VAT, fuel and food prices, devalued the peso, made transportation inefficient and unaffordable, put reasonable housing beyond the reach of the majority, denied contractual laborers regular jobs.

      "We've even sold our territory to China and incurred usurious loans from Beijing that will surely bury the poor and their families to the next seven generations in miserable ground scraping debt."

      Dr Kayo exclaimed, "This is no joke! God knows we're trying, and yet at the end of the day I have to ask myself, are we really hurting those people? The pests are still out there, bitching and complaining."

      Asked to comment on the country's inequality, which sees one percent of the population controlling 50 percent of the wealth, Dr Kayo replied: "And whose fault is that? If the poor only worked harder, they wouldn't be poor, those silly smelly people. Let them eat cake, the cry babies."

      He said the poor had to pay so that the country could develop. "After all this, we'll have great infrastructure that the poor can look at admiringly!"

      According to the technocrat, "for our country to develop, the people have to experience some pain."

      "Except me, of course, I'm a government official."

    8. - -

      That is adding more spice to what a budget secretary just mentioned during a speech. ^^;

      I see. So, no security guards in malls? Some malls already invested in a metal detector. They also look at bags. In parking, they check the trunk and have a mirror to check under the car. Actually, there were cases of murder in malls by spurned lover.

      It is the same with airports. So, unlike other airports, outsiders/people who aren't traveling cannot go inside the airport. You have to show your ticket and passport before you can enter. Haha, unless you are a 'big shot' perhaps wherein they'll say, 'Don't you know who I am?' and to avoid trouble, they are let to do as they please.


      - - -

      Oh, I also want to ask, what happens when someone suddenly comes out at the street and the car hits that person. Would the driver be put in jail for hitting the person even if it is an 'accident'? My bro-in-law said yes, such is the laws here. He even gave an example like this:

      Say, you are driving. Then, this motorcycle driver hits an obstacle and was send flying towards your car. He hits your car = dead. You'll be jailed for 'hitting' the motorcycle driver.

      Though at times, after being jailed if caught, I think it is resolved with just talking with the relatives that it is an accident and monetary compensation for burial will do. If the person is alive, they might try to keep on asking money from you.

    9. Fê FvckBringeRJune 5, 2018 at 8:37 AM
      I see, think double standards applies to everywhere, though. I was thinking if it was a matter of how laws are written or something.
      Yea, that's definitely goes for Ero-Sennin, but wow. Don't know how come they got that impression, though, 'cause in Naruto, no hokages were like that, lol.
      Yea, calcium for the bones, collagen more for skin issues.
      It's like this, there're less poor because those who were poor, now are miserable, not like the poor are now living comfortably. Those researches UN does to measure the index of how many are poor, rich and etc leave out this 'small' details.

      Like the same happens when is told that in his govern, people now have where to live 'cause they built houses, but leave out the part where those houses are barely homes. Most don't have electricity, some don't have even water, not to mention the lack of any hygiene in it's basic sanitation. They also don't have jobs to pay the bills, so...
      If that really happened, I sincerely don't know what would I do. Most likely have an urge to kill some people, then reflect on the issue and realize killin'em wouldn't solve anything, then ask myself what to do, indeed. Yea, I think that's what I'd do, I mean, it is what I actually do with how things are around here, so...Jesus help us all, lol.
      There're security guards, but they don't check your bag or purse, unless you're suspected of shoplifting. But they are there, especially because there are banks there, so it's necessary. But the airports over here aren't like that, I'm sure you could spend all day long there without so much of an warning, but too much staring/glaring would definitely bring attention so better to stay low. I know it 'cause when I traveled, I went to all the gates while waiting for my flight, just looking around and seeing if anyone'd say anything just in case. I spent a lot of time in the cafeteria too, so yea, you could even sleep there, pretending you missed your flight and don't have conditions to pay taxi nor hotels, though you'd probably need some proof... But yea, like I said, it's pretty different from there.
      Yes, here the driver is always the culprit, and if the car in front of you suddenly brake and you can't stop and crash, that's on you too, and in the case you mentioned, that's on the driver and most likely they go to jail, or at least on probation after a fine. The family of the dead/injured can only hope for the process to proceed, but that takes a very long time.

    10. Nope. Actually, it was always said that we have a lot of nice laws but have a major problem in implementing them.

      - - -

      True. Maybe the one who originally made the 'group' was a Naruto fan.

      - - -

      Skin issues? Due to the spine problem? Or it is a different problem?

      - - -

      Ah, basically, it is the term they used like saying it is like that but actually, it isn't. Here, the gauge is are you suffering from hunger/do you feel poor? If it goes up, the admin takes credit. If not, blame the previous admin. Of course, the joke now is, there are fewer poor since they are killing a lot of poor drug addicts/pushers.

      Hm...UN doesn't seem to measure that for us though. Well, I don't hear about it in the news. Most of the time, it is just some local survey groups. That is of course open for manipulation depending on who, as they say, commissioned for the survey.

      - - -

      Ah indeed.

      - - -

      I see. So, it is more lenient there.

      - - -

      Is that so. I only heard that in some countries, if you cross when the traffic light is on, car hits you, then that's your fault for crossing.

      - - -

      Out of curiosity, what do you think of this situation which is the 'talk of the town' here lately? There is a gathering of overseas local workers in a foreign country for the president. The president will give two copies of a book against the Catholic church to the audience.

      A lot of people raise their hands and he chose two women. One women was given a peck on the cheek and given the book. But for the other one, he wanted a kiss on the lips. The woman is a fangirl but she is married with two kids. The president even asked if her husband is here. She said no.

      So, the audience goad the woman on and soon, they do a quick kiss on the lips and that's that. The president then quickly assured everyone that this is just for entertainment and there's no malice to it.

      So, question, if you're that woman's husband? Is that okay? After all, she is just kissing her idol/just for fun. Both have 'consent'. Even if it is in public and currently, all over the internet/social media.

      Currently, there are those who say that it is okay. Most are grossed out and etc that it is a no-no especially since the guy is the president. Of course, for me, it is a no-no but then, I don't think I have ever been that of a fangirl to want to kiss an idol/crush on the lips. ^^;;

      So, they are saying that he is doing some amazing hokage moves. =P Actually, this isn't the first time. There are many instances when he has been kissing women left and right, holding their hands without consent, etc. They call it 'playful'.

    11. If the laws are nice/fair, then it's definitely the people. Though I don't think forcing you to vote is nice, but yea, here there're a bunch of laws that downright are against people and it's civil rights, but non one really cares. The ones who care are so few that they can't get enough people to get a voice and change things.
      Most likely yes, I don't think hokage was even a word before Naruto, lol.
      Different, I heal fast enough, but I don't cicatrize fast enough. I mean, normally, even after my injuries are fine, the scar it's still there, even if should've healed a long time ago and they weren't even that type of injury to leave a scar in the first place.
      Like always, right? It's the same thing here, they take advantage of those fake surveys and say it w/e.
      Yea, I think in Holland/Netherlands is like that, but I don't know any other country.
      To me, it's a very big hell no. The woman has a husband and kids, that only diminishes her, and I'd say the same if it was the husband with kids doing it. And that's not being playful, that's just being a harasser, and people let him get free pass, so he takes advantage of it. It kinda scares me to think about that really happened.

    12. True. Perhaps, it also depends on the intention. Hmm...what was the intention for the compulsory voting? For the politicians' side, I would think that it is to legitimize their rule than say, only a small percent of the population voted. Still, won't it be favorable for them if people just don't vote?

      Well, a lot of people were apathetic especially if it doesn't concern them like say, those killings of poor drug suspects, etc. But now, with higher taxes, there are more grumblings since the pocket and stomach is affected. I'm not sure if it will translate to anything though.

      Mid-term elections are coming up, as I mentioned before. It had become a popularity contest especially those running for senators.

      - - -

      Oh. I see.

      - - -

      True. If the survey is for them, they'll say see, the survey said so. If it is against them, it is fake, don't believe it.

      - - -

      Is that so? I thought it was like that in Taiwan and US. Hehe, I was told that when I visited those places. ^^;;

      - - -

      Yup, it happened. They are still defending it though like, 'there is consent since the woman agreed to it', 'it is our culture', 'it is like kissing grandkids', 'it is biology', and then, 'it is my style even during campaigning to kiss beautiful women so go find your own style'. =P

    13. Man, I lost all the replies I had done, so sorry, I'm too tired to try and remember all of them, so I'll ask the most important I think I still have in mind.

      What's this mid-term elections? Is it for lower running positions, not for gov nor president?
      And this president really comes off as an abuser and opportunist, to say the least. What'd the kids and husband think about their mom and wife kissing another man in the mouth?

      That's not 'our cultures is like that', it can't be used as an excuse for bad behavior like this.

      And finally, why'd they sell/give out books against the church, especially in your country that seems to be or have a very strong catholic "scene" there?

    14. Oh...that's too bad. Internet lag?

      Yup. It's for mayors and local officials, senators and congressmen. There were a lot of political butterflies [changing political parties to the president's party] with the hopes that his popularity would rub on them and they'll win. Or perhaps, a help with the machinery...perhaps, grease money to win?

      - - -

      What the woman's husband and children thought are unknown. The guy is a Korean. I don't think he would approve of it. I'm not sure how it will be taken though like I told you, it is all over the internet. I do know that here, the kids of the parents who are in a scandal tend to be bullied at school.

      As for the president, well, his children are kinda like that too so... ^^; The latest news is that the daughter of the president who is also a mayor of the city where he came from is planning to be the 'official babysitter' to stop his father from go amok kissing women.

      Lol, I don't know if we should laugh or cry because our taxes are going to pay for her trip. Though, we suspect that she is just trying to make herself popular to the people since she is also planning to run for senator.

      The president is currently at odds with the church because of the killings. But then, he claimed that a priest had sexually harassed him before. He cursed the pope before who visited here because he got stuck in traffic.

      Anyway, he tends to hold a grudge against the church for that, hates women so most of his 'enemies' are women aside from looking down on them, sexist remarks, etc and he also hates US. Currently, EU and any other countries criticizing him. About the US, hehe, can you guess why he hates it ever since before?

      Well, it is because his US visa application got denied when he wanted to go to the US to visit his girlfriend. Ironically, his common-law-wife/official mistress went to the US to give birth there so that their daughter is a US citizen.

      - - -

      By the way, is there something like 'Brazilian Pride' there? Here, there is. It is being proud of a certain person who has Filipino blood regardless of citizenship. So, if there is like an American Idol who has 1/4 Filipino blood, people would root and love that person.

      And, if a certain famous person has a Filipino worker say chef or maid, the people would boast about it to kind of rub off the persons' popularity on the people.

      But the other side to it is, being overly sensitive if something bad is attached to it. Say, this actress filmed here and said that the country is filled with cockroaches and flies...well, she filed in the squatter so I'm not sure what she should expect. So, they put her on persona non-grata list.

      Alec Baldwin when he joked about availing a "Filipino or Russian mail-order bride"

      People got angry over biscuits called Filipinos.

    15. I don't know what happened, the one time I didn't save the text.

      Ah, I see. Unfortunately, you can count on the the grease money and that's quite a thing there, uh? Rub off popularity? I'd ask if they're not ashamed, but I already know the answer, lol.
      Then I'm pretty sure her kids are being called or sort of names, or should say, their mom is being called all sort of names and her kids now have to listen.

      A president that needs babysitting? How did he win in the first place? I shouldn't ask this 'cause here people voted for Lula and his minions for more than 20y and there're still those who'd defend him, but even so...

      He really sounds like a maniac, this president of yours. Hating the church just for that? Looking down on women and then goes around 'kissing beautiful' ones while his daughter is mayor and maybe his new assistant... Tbh, he sounds like a criminal, and wow, have a mistress, a lover and what about a wife? His kids? How many? Jesus...
      There is, unfortunately, only related to competitive sports. No one cares about the things happening in the senate, neglecting all type of crimes and implementing a lot of bad sanctions, but everybody is all fired up to the World Cup. A truly shameful thing.

      So much that there was this girl I was with that almost hit me for real 'cause I wouldn't cheer for Brazil.

      Didn't quite understand this about Alec Baldwin, but people here get angry over these things, too.
      Did you read Shingeki? First time I really liked a chapter in a while, though my heart really, really got wretched in one scene, you can imagine which. Now, Eren reminded me of Annie in the Lost Girls spin, tying his hair up and looking at the mirror, saying he must fight.

      I wonder if the team, Mikasa, Armin and Eren is really going to be apart now.

    16. Yup ^^ Shame is no longer part of their vocabulary.

      - - -

      He promised people that he'll get rid of drugs and corruption in 3-6 months. If not, he'll resign. He said that he'll ride a jet ski and plant the flag in the islands being claimed by China. That actually made me realize that this guy is a joke since he said this in a debate on what to do with China.

      Apparently, a lot of people believed it. ^^;; They love his tough talk and crude sexist jokes. There are actually 5 candidates. One had a citizenship problem with almost zero experience. The other is a known corrupt. Third is a 'weak' elitist who is slow in action. Fourth is a tough talking woman known for being intelligent but had cancer and had connections with the corrupt.

      Lol, there is this guy who is in the running but he died. They didn't remove his name on the ballot. Haha, I voted for him since my vote is 'none of the above'. =P Anyway, as I mentioned he had charisma and pretty much say the things that the people wanted to hear. They didn't realize that he was lying about the good things he said and was saying the truth about the bad things he'll do like kill the drug addicts/pushers...apparently, only the poor.

      Ironically, most of the poor were the ones who voted for him. And, for the well off ones who voted for him, they are reaping the rewards courtesy of our taxes. Anyway, good luck to all of us. ^^;

      - - -

      Yup. The guy is very petty and sensitive to criticisms. He had a wife. She got their marriage annulled. They had three children. This was the psyche report.

      Duterte was suffering from "Antisocial Narcissistic Personality Disorder,” a condition characterized by "gross indifference, insensitivity and self-centeredness," "grandiose sense of self-entitlement and manipulative behaviors" and "pervasive tendency to demean, humiliate others and violate their rights and feelings."

      Criminal...he admitted to killing people like throw them off helicopter, shooting at someone in college, etc. There are people who are okay with it and even call him 'father'. Right now, people are becoming more 'awake' since people are becoming poorer and our currency rate is plunging fast and low - 12 year low. His followers are even proud that the inflation is higher than the last admin's.

      - - -

      Wow. The girl doesn't like 'kill joy' ^^; Ya, Brazil has high ranking in WC, right? Perhaps, it is like 'drugs' to give people a 'high' = winning. Temporarily forget the bad things.

      Alec Baldwin joked about getting a Filipino or Russian mail order bride. The people are angry for insinuating that Filipino women are 'mail order brides'...even if there are indeed women who do that.

      - - -

      I'll get back to you about AoT since I haven't read it yet. Have to wake up early tomorrow for a cousin's wedding.

      Have a nice weekend ^^

    17. Ah...the part where she is really dead?

      That last scene seems to allude to a tragedy in the end. Most likely yes.

    18. Sorry for the very late reply, I was, in lack of better terms, broken these past few days and I need to get it together 'cuz I'll have another sick leave exam/check up very soon, and was feeling totally unmotivated.
      The poor are always the dumbest and the unluckiest, such is life it seems. Here's the same, and they don't even know that's happening, like I said before. Right now, there's another petition so Lula can get out of jail, the supreme court denied the right of impressed in paper vote, Lula is commenting the WC in TV and there're a lot of others scandals, but right now, there's only WC on tv and on people's mind, so w/e, really. The downside is that I get screwed by default 'cuz I can't move out and have nowhere else to go or be.
      And how in the world can people brag about inflation being higher? I'll never understand. Yes, this president seems like a criminal and a psychotic buffoon.
      She's just crazy, everyone agrees, lol. And ya, Brazil normally places high in WC, but if it doesn't go up to the finals, it's a bad position - which I agree, a country that spends so much with football and stuff MUST bring some results to at least try to justify it. BTW, most expenses with football are also bribes, but there's an unwillingness to investigate it properly, wonder why.

      Oh, I see. So they like to make jokes, but can't take some of them, right? Typical. And I always found these mail order brides dangerous as all hell to every side involved.
      Yea, that unnecessary picture of her almost made me shed some diamond tears, lol.

      Which'd be the tragedy, and I have no idea of how the story'll go if the three take a separate way, which is good 'cuz it's kinda boring when you know where the story's going and what's going to happen, or at least have a strong feeling that some shit is bound to happen and it does, like we did with these last few chapters, despite being completely lost with the storytelling.
      Anyway, how was the wedding? hope is was nice and you had a good time.

    19. Ah, it's okay. Take your time ^^

      - - -

      Indeed. And, it doesn't help that the higher ups prefer that the poor be like that. I see, 'WC is life' right now there.

      - - -

      Well, it is because it is higher than the previous admin. Higher = good, whatever it is. ^^; Dollar rate is going high against the local currency that's plunging down. That's good, too for them.

      Of course, there are people who are 'waking up' since the prices of almost everything went up. It becomes evident that 'we are sold to China' since they aren't protesting the bullying of local fishermen whose best fish are 'taken' by the Chinese coast guards.

      Indeed. To his credit, he frankly told the people that he isn't good in economics and will only focus on the drug problem by killing them all. Yesterday, he is blaming the voters for voting for him when he is just doing what he said. Haha, but he lied about ending the drug problem and corruption in 3-6 months or else, he'll resign.

      There is a theory that the people wanted instant gratification. Always looking for a 'Messiah' who'll immediately free them from poverty, corruption, etc. Immediately become impatient if things aren't delivered in 1-2 years. People here tend to vote using their emotions rather than their brains.

      Regarding that, it was believed that the people likes basketball more than soccer because basketball scores fast while soccer takes a long time. Even if it was always mentioned that the people's built is suitable for soccer.

      - - -

      So you mean to say that the government give funds to soccer? Here, sports are very low in the government's priority so most of the time, athletes are on their own or if they have a sponsor. There is also politics in the sports commission = you get more funds if you have connections.

      What do you mean by 'most expenses with football are also bribes'? Bribing who?


      - - -

      Maybe it is a 'confirmation' that she is dead because you saw the body. I mean, in other manga, if there's no body, it is possible that character will resurface again.

      Indeed. Somehow I feel that Eren has changed due to knowing more than he is telling the others. Like about that royal blood thing. Somehow, I get the impression that Eren is on some sort of one-man show wherein he controls everything like making them do what he wanted them to do, telling them things of what's beneficial at that point, etc.

      - - -

      It was good. I don't know if it is the same there but both the church wedding and reception are fashionably usual. For example, it is written that it will start at 10:30am. It actually started at 11am. The reception is suppose to start at 7:30pm. It started at around 8:30pm.

      Before, cutting of the cake and couple dance are at the end of the wedding. But, people would leave already by that time since it is already late at night. The new practice is we have to watch the cutting of the cake, dance, exchange of wine, and then, they'll serve the food. Lol, captive audience.

    20. Thanks Kat, I've been having a really hard time to work up the will to get up and keep with physiotherapy, the exercises, the stretches, and all the medications and lately I've just been under the weather and unable to do anything due to my "disheartenedness", and seeing how things are in this country just leaves me all the more unwilling and thinking of giving up 'cause, who cares? But I'm better now and with a nice new, got another sick leave so I have two more months to try and get even better and to book another check up to get ready and get the surgery done already, ofc it won't be in two months, but if I could at least have some check up booked it'll be good. Though, so far, no luck yet.
      Yes, like I said above, it really makes me think about giving up for real.
      That kind of mentality... It'd be funny if wasn't so dangerously serious, so people gave up, too? Even the fishermen?

      Wow, that's worse than a candidate here, at least, this one here said something of the lines: people say that I don't understand how the economy works, but the same people brought the country to this state of calamity, so I think I'm better off not knowing it if will only bring the country down even more.

      I'm pretty sure this theory is real, at for countries like the ones we live in and some other "3rd worlds", don't know about the sports, though, lol.
      Yes, but mostly soccer. And only for the big known ones. The bribes are exactly for these big known teams and the national league and national team, ofc. To see which team has more time on TV, most games transmitted in national broadcast, which have more funds and so on. The national team, aka, Brazil soccer team, also has people who works behind the walls bribing people to have more sponsors, funds to "travels", medical care and so on.

      Ah, the reason Brazil almost never plays in national territory is 'cuz of sponsors. Sometimes they have to play against teams of the middle west only for money and things like that.
      Yea, but that broke my heart, lol. I know about this theory, when Claymore was still on going, we used to say it, if there's no body and if wasn't beheaded, then they were alive, and normally that proved to be true.

      I don't really know about that, you might right though. He does things his own way and the others just follow him, so he might know somethings, alright. But I kinda like this Eren better than the old one, lol.

    21. I think it's pretty much the same here, though nowadays people are starting to change a bit. My cousin had her wedding almost like yours, the difference we had snacks while waiting for the cutting of the cake. My other cousin, her brother, had an immense party/barbecue in which I worked as waiter, camera man, cook and bartender. It was crazy, but hella fun, though they're divorced and now he's married to another one and had only the papers signed and a very mild party, if we were to compare to the first one, lol.

      Yea, best way to keep the audience captive, though I'd certainly go away if that was the case. My friend married and asked me to be the best man, ofc I accepted since he and his wife are like brother and sister to me. Since they invited a lot of people, and I mean, a LOT, it to be at some very large place, so they found asked me said alright, but I'd be in charge of taking people there - we rented a whole bus with 100 sits, fulled - and since his brother were in charger of food, I said, don't makes wait, else we'll leave.

      The day of the arrived and the food weren't coming, I went to kitchen complain, lol. They said take it to the bride, I said, I'm the bestman and I have brought 100+ people with me, now we better get some food or we'll be leaving before it starts. Can you imagine a wedding without a bestman who brought 100+ with him? They were all afraid and I told them to be cool, serving them will only do good since they'll have fun, will stay awhile and unfortunately, give you more work, but that's what you're here for, right? Then I went to get the groom and made him tell the cook this; they all agreed and the bride was late like, almost an entire hour, so after the groom and his brother came thank me 'cause I was right to feed the people or else everybody'd start complaining and etc. There was another that I myself went to the kitchen to eat 'cause I wasn't about to starve in a party, they laughed and gave me some food, lol.

    22. Is that so. We all have those days. Hehe, I'm down with illness last week, too. ^^; Consecutive 'not feeling well' can be depressing and it is raining for a couple of weeks, too. Somewhat feeling better now. Glad that you are feeling better too. And hopefully, you'll have some good news soon. ^^

      - - -

      The fishermen were invited by the govt spokesman to speak in a conference. I think they paid them to shut up. Anyway, the reporters are asking a lot of questions to the fishermen like, who do you think owes the sea now. They say, China since they control the place. The spokesman quickly said that's enough. Conference is over. Lol

      They did that with a teen whom the policemen murdered due to supposedly to drugs. Police claim that he was a drug courier. He tried to fight them with a gun and hence, the police killed him. But, in a cctv camera where they forgot to turn off [yes, they turn them off] it was shown that the police grabbed the teen and led him to an alley.

      The teen was shouting to let him go since he has an exam tomorrow. Then, while he is prostrated on the ground, they shot him in the head and chest I think. Iirc, three bullets. It was a huge issue. In the end, the parents got invited to see the president for justice. Many believe that they were bribed since everything became quiet already. Just now, we learned that the police chief of that incident got promoted.

      Then, there's a recent case. A half-naked guy is loitering around to buy something at a store at accosted by the police. Why? The president said 'no loitering'. Actually, it is a new modus to make those arrested cough out some money to be released. Anyway, after a few days, when the sister is going to bail the guy out, he ended up dead.

      At first, the police said that he was crazy and going amok so he died. Then, they revised it to, no, actually, he couldn't breath. The media showed pictures of him all black and blue especially at the chest. The police say that it is self-inflicted. And the current version is, other prisoners beat him up.

      Haha...but then, isn't it also true that if he doesn't know about the economy, he'll bring the economy in a much lower level compare to those who claim to know the economy.

      - - -

      Curious, do you guys bet on soccer games? And, is there like frequent matches? Here, there are a lot of basketball matches from professional to college so it is kind of all year round. People here don't just bet on the winner. I think they bet on the score since they bet on numbers instead of names of the team.

      Ah, so bribing the sponsors would mean, giving them a cut from what is given to the team? And, they play outside because...of gambling? Or, more reach for the sponsors in terms of advertising? Haha, those who can afford whatever the sponsor is selling?

      - - -

      Haha, I think it is so in a lot of shounen manga =P


      - - -

      I see. There are snacks like ah...peanuts or chips. If it is hotel food = food served in small portions and at times, it has a 'unique taste', we usually pig out on the bread to feel full.

      Wow...all-around guy. Bartender as in mix drinks or just pour them on glasses. Well, the first wedding is usually grand. Divorce there meant splitting of assets, right? Here, if one can afford it, it is really GRAND since it is a once in a lifetime thing. They hire photographer-videographer...they make MTV about the wedding-pre-nup, etc, wedding coordinator, emcee, event coordinator, reception design like florist and decors on the tables, etc.

      If you're up to it, here is a sample of what it is like:

      Oh. So taking people there = the relatives or non-relative guests?

      Haha, threats really work with you, huh? =P And, the bride is late because? Here, aside from the need to have the bride for her grand entrance, the people are always late. We call it 'Filipino time' wherein people are fashionably late and those who are the most late = VIP.

  6. Thank you for your translation. it's a shame it only released once a month almost like shoujo manga. i knew shounen always have the best romance. thank you, looking forward for your next translation

    1. Thanks for reading, Armando ^-^

      Ya, but it's good if the mangaka can plan things out well in a month rather than rushing it because of a deadline. ^^


  7. Thanks, Kat! The flower is perfect, isn't it? Something that is unique and really fits the "beautiful and cute" description. I was really curious about what kind it would be. :)

    In the original Japanese raws, I noticed that at the end Chika thinks "危ね" (abune) which is more like "that was close/dangerous." (I'm not very good at Japanese, but that's a common enough phrase.) I wonder why the Chinese version chose "almost" since it kind of gives a different feeling to it.

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing if things continue to develop in the romance department! :)

    1. You're welcome, squeaker ^-^ Indeed ^^

      True. It seems 'hanging' for me like there is more to what he would think. ^^;

      Yup ^^

  8. Thanks for the summary!!! Huaaa i really love it~ especially chika satowa moment :D

  9. Thank you for this summary !!! I love this serie sooo much and i love reaading your comment at the end !

    I think the nail box is used to store the koto nails ? not a manicure set ?

    1. Thanks for reading, Lilbuta ^-^

      Maybe. The Chinese term used is for 'nail' = 指甲 if it is koto's pick, it should be this one = 義甲.

      I did wonder if it meant pick but then, I entertained the idea that maybe Hiro wanted to give Satowa some 'girly' stuff. ^^; Anyway, I'll just add pick too in the summary just in case it was mistranslated by the Chinese group.

    2. I agree that Hiro giving Satowa something girly as a present is a lovely idea ^^ and i guess Satowa already has a lot of koto picks' box so it's also logical if the present is something else -> manicure set.
      I hope the author will draw them doing their nails together if it is ! It would be so cute.

    3. Oh, that would be nice indeed ^^

  10. Thank you for the hard work.
    Hugs from Brazil.

  11. So basically, according to the language of flowers, Chika told Satowa that he found her charming and attractive.
    At last, Chika starting to realize he feels more than friendship for Satowa.

  12. Gracias x .. explicar lo q va pasando en los raw . No encuentro nada en español. Y esta lento el manga traducido . Recién van x el cap 33.
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