May 23, 2018

Free Talk: Skip Beat [Chapter 258-259]

Well, Kyouko is saved thanks to Erika and her team along with Yashiro who stopped the deed. Kimiko and manager are really good in twisting things. Thankfully, Erika and her team have recorded the scene as evidence and managed to use it to end Kimiko’s career/‘no longer work in showbiz’. Hm... is that limited to Japan?

Cedric D Bennett? Could he be the one who made young Kuon’s life hell? But then, he had a D. Perhaps, connected to the one whom Chiori talks about. Haha, definitely not connected to the ones with the D in One Piece =P If it is the former, then we might see Kimiko again.

In a way, that would be good since Kyouko still has a payback she has to deliver to her for what she tried to pull off. Hehe, Yashiro isn’t used to these ‘abnormal’ girls who are ‘okay’ with tossing someone down a building from three floors. ^^;


Nevertheless, I think the two have new impressions of each other. Erika approves of Kyouko’s acting which is already something. And even if Erika seems to do things for her own benefit, she does kind of care in her own way. =P She is back to her feisty self but then, will it be shown that she’ll walk again later on?

Based on the last scene, it seems that in the end, Kanae got the role. Maybe the other girl backed out? Or, schedule conflict? If so, Kyouko would be truly happy and fangirling over her...much to Kanae’s dismay. =P


Regarding the Ren scenes, I’m not too sure if those are important later on. If that woman will appear again later on. The only possible outcome I can think of here is someone taking a picture of them together and put it on the news.

Well, V-day and White Day are mentioned so maybe that elusive White gift from Ren will happen soon? Like Ren was explaining things to Kyouko about it and that topic will be brought up? Perhaps, Kyouko will slip that she’s expecting a White Day gift?

Anyway, at least for now, we can say the auditions are finally over. So perhaps, after 1 or 2 chapter, it will be a new arc? Or, just jump to a new arc in the next chapter and just say in passing that Kanae got the role. Hopefully, focusing again on the romance part or at least, let us meet Shou’s parents already. ^^


  1. Thank you, Kat for your thoughts on these recent chapters :)

  2. Obg kat pelo o resumo vlw MEU DEUS tomara que rene kyo-chan se acerte.😁❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. =)

      Sorry, I don't quite understand google translation's. ^^; If you mean something will happen between the two, yes, hopefully soon ^^

    2. Não sei por que não pegou amo seu e os seus postes obg por postar.

    3. From google translate, you wrote, 'I do not know why he did not get his love and his obg posts for posting.'

      What's obg? If you mean why Ren isn't pursuing Kyouko yet, perhaps, he thought that he'll scary her off since he still didn't know that her feelings towards him had changed.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts Kat!! Enjoy reading them!! Appreciate you taking time to write them out. Always a pleasure. I look forward to moving to a new arc. It's probably just me but the last two arcs did not appeal to me as a reader but it did give us a little more depth to the relationships that Kyouko has. It will be interesting to see how this information will be used in future arcs. Once again thanks for taking the time to do this.

    1. Thanks for reading, yumichan3557 ^-^

      Is that so. Is it because the romance isn't the focus?

      Yup. ^^


    2. You're probably right ;-D I'll probably will kick the bucket before those two get together!!

    3. Haha...think positive ^^ Hopefully not.

      Still, I wonder if that is the 'endgame' = get together. We won't see them in a relationship.

      If ever, for that to happen, they get together then we'll get to see them in a relationship when they go to US ^^ <- wishful thinking ^^

  4. blackphoenixsuzakuMay 26, 2018 at 5:13 AM

    Thanks for your view on the latest chapters. Definitely glad things are resolve (hopefully). It's been too long since Ren and Kyoko have been together but their meeting will be tense since there's both the picture and the recent incident the blast through. Oh, and white day.

    I think Erika is starting to understand why Kanase sees Kyoko as a rival. I recall Erika disliked the fact Kanase has Kyoko on her mind more than her. I do love how her "stalking" Kanase allowed Kyoko to feel at ease about Kanase's recent rejection (also glad Kanase may have gotten the role afterall). I would both love and not love to see how filming will be like but there so much story to explore that I have a hard time thinking where the story is going next.

    Cedric D. Bennet being Kuon's bully was the also the first thing that came to my mind. I mean, readers have been wanting to know more about him for ages. Kimiko loving Ren/Kuon biggest enemy is going to be very interesting, especially when we finally get to America.

    There's so much going on with so little content. The torture.

    1. right? it's really is a torture....

    2. Thanks for reading, blackphoenixsuzaku ^-^ Indeed.

      Yup. Haha, won't it be interesting if Erika would somehow end up being part of Love Me even if it's temporary? =P

      I think it would just be bits of scenes only = filming. In her previous dramas, after Kyouko got the role, we only see a part of the filming. Though, this time, Kanae might be part of it so there might be more scenes. Of course, it would be really great if Ren somehow had a part in it.

      Yup. And, with that, lots of things to look forward to including Ren's mother ^^


  5. Thank you very much Kat! really what a good summary! I was really doubting that last scene with Kanae.
    Also i found Kyoko's reaction funny that the fall was not going to ´kill´ her, just injure her, like it was nothing (crazy talk) hahahaha.
    I am dying to see some more action REN/KYOKO but apparently we are going to wait a long time for that....... what a let down.
    As always thank you Kat!!!

    1. Thanks for reading, Beatriz ^-^

      Ya. But the possibility of Kanae getting it is high.

      Lol, she probably thinks that it is like when she fell down the stairs courtesy of Chiori ^^;

      You'll never know. Since the audition has ended, antagonist is out of the way. I think it is quite possible for something to happen between the two in the next chapter. *cross fingers*


  6. A nice job of covering all of the points I think, and you got to
    one thought I haven't seen anywhere else: if Kimiko is "banned
    from showbiz" is that really going to be an *international* ban?
    She had some sort of (still unspecified) gig going on outside of
    Japan... Myself, I was wondering if there is or if there's going
    to be a Koo connection brought in here.

    One point I saw someone else suggest (over at the reddit group):
    it could be that Kanae is being offered a *different* role in the
    production. That might actually be one of the factors behind
    turning her down for the Chidori role. I like that idea quite a
    bit, particularly if it's a tough-and-nasty role rather than the
    lovey-dovey one Lorry was insisting she try for.

    It'd be nice to see that meeting with Sho's parents, all right.
    I gather that just going by the announced date of the visit it
    should've happened already--

    In Ch 259 I thought it was good to see some dialog between Erika
    and Kyoko, the bit I particularly liked was Erika's realization
    that Kyoko's version of Momiji is a good example of the kind of
    thing Kanae was talking about (back around the Colonel Sanders
    incident): Erika's own background is a little too upper-class to
    really appreciate what it would be like to be Momiji.

    1. Thanks, doomvox ^^

      I think there is a connection especially since Kyouko didn't get to do a 'payback' on Kimiko personally.

      That is also possible. So that bow is sorry for rejecting you, that is because I have some other role I want you to be in.

      Ya...if it already happened, it might just be put in a side story.

      I see. But then, won't that be the same with Chiori...won't Erika be more suitable to be Chiori since she is from upper class?

  7. > Erika be more suitable to be Chiori since she is from upper class

    Yes, that would make sense. I would guess she was aiming for
    Momiji just because it was more of a stretch.

    You might imagine that Erika would want to compete with Kanae for
    whatever role she was going after, but for whatever reason that
    doesn't seem to have been an issue.

    I'm more than a little confused about how the auditions have been
    scheduled-- it doesn't make any sense to me at all for the
    Chidori role to still be open. We know about the delay with
    Momiji, but they haven't explained what the hangup might've been
    with Chidori.

    1. True. Perhaps a test of her acting ability. this about the past? Iirc, Erika was hindering Kanae from getting nice roles. Right now, no, she isn't competing with her. It seems that Kanae still doesn't know that Erika used to be part of his production.

      True. It might be like this: Chidori is done first but the chosen ones are limited to a certain number. Then, they do the Momiji wherein she'll be definitely chosen first before Chidori. Then, from the chosen Momiji, she will be partnered with the Chidori candidates to know who'll be the best of them all. So, it is like the Chidori role will be done first but chosen last.

      Haha, of course, I'm not sure if auditions are actually done that way. And, there was no delays mentioned caused by the Chidori audition.

  8. Good points, Kat!

    I like how Erika is forced to see Kyoko's true acting abilities. Back then for the commerical, when she stole Kyoko's idea, we never seen her thoughts on how Kyoko came up with another idea in a few seconds. Seeing that Erika still underestimated Kyoko I was thinking how she would be in for a rude awakening. It looks like Erika tends to focus on the beauty of her roles instead of protraying the improtant aspect of the character. From what was said, Erika was able to silence her footsteps running up to the judges, but she didn't run like a ninja or Niko would have known what Erika did even without seeing it herself. It's great to find that niche, but Erika may be focusing on trying to make herself look good too much. I understood from her expression back then that she realized Kyoko's Momiji surpassed hers and it came as a shock. Now she can learn from this experience and work harder.

    As for Kanae, I don't think she got the role unless Asahina pulled out because she got offered a better role or something but I doubt it. I think that Kanae got a different part that Kuresaki may thought she would be good for, whether it's in the Lotus in the Mire or not is the question, but I'm mostly leaning towards that theory. Nakamura-sensei, being as unpredicable as she is, could turn around and smack us like she did with the shared kisses between Kyoko and Kuon/Corn. (We get a small light peck on the lips before a full on kiss in the next chapter.) I feel like those situations are similar to what's happening here. 

    Then there's Ren situation that is definitely... well, I can't tell what direction that is going to take at all. Either the woman would misunderstand and thinks he's interested, someone caught it on camera, rumors spread on the Internet because she pulled that stunt in front of someone else, etc. I know for sure that Ren is just being his usual polite self but some fans are in a frenzy thinking he'd go home with her and I highly doubt it. I'm conflicted about it being on the news because I don't think Ren would go somewhere where there is paparazzi and the kiss was too quick for someone to get a photo as they are passing by. I think and am hoping that Kyoko calls Ren while he's waiting for this woman's car to pick her up. That way if she does have hope that he's interested, she can see he's into someone else.

    I really don't think Kyoko is all that calm. A lot of things are going on so I feel she's focusing on that. In the beginning, she was acting like she was in maid mode or when she acted like a different person and called Shou "Fuwa-chii". It wasn't till she was interacting with Erika she started to act like herself but still a bit hyper/positive. I may be overthinking it, but this isn't like her other situations where she get up and walk away so she's not breaking down or anything because she's with other people and Kyoko only really cries in front of Corn about serious things that really affect her. 

    I don't know, we'll see in a couple of weeks.

    1. Indeed, Brittany.

      It's possible. And in a way, luckily, Kanae is still there for Yuki to go and talk to her afterwards. Or perhaps, she was made to stay?

      I'm thinking that it might be used as comparison with the Shou kiss. It is highly possible that Ren and that woman will be photographed. Then, Kyouko would find out. Anyhow, I think that it will lead for them to be jealous and after talking, someone might slip about who they actually like =P

      Perhaps, not. There is still that White Day gift that has been bothering Kyouko throughout the audition. Perhaps, that will be finally be tackled in the next chapters and the mangaka would want to progress their relationship to the next level.