May 26, 2018

Kasane [Chapter 120 - Struggle]

On her knees, Izana says, “Since I cannot attain your love, then I also don’t have a reason to continue on living. And besides that, I even killed the woman you loved. *looks at Nagi* I do not live in [/belong to?] this, I don’t have the right to be born in this world. Let me meet my end here at Akeiwa.”

Nagi follows Izana to a rundown house. She tells him, “In order to let me live, my mother threw herself into the fire in order to make people think that she committed suicide along with me. I had been brought up by Chigusa Hirasaka who live in this place.”

Izana goes in the house. Izana takes a matchbox from the altar. Nagi asks if she wants to set it on fire to burn herself to death as atonement for her crime?
She says, “I don’t think that this can atone my crime. *takes a matchstick and lights it up* I only think that this lowly life should end and be buried in a sea of fire.”

Izana drops the matchstick on the floor. The floor starts to smoke. Nagi watches her. Then, standing by the door with Nagi, Izana says, “Nagi, I’m sorry about the things before. ...farewell.” They look at each other then she closes the door.

While Nagi looks sad outside, teary-eyed Izana leans on the door. Nagi says, “...I’m truly quite happy during the time when I probe the secret of the ‘Hi Beni’ with you through the exchange of letters at Akeiwa. The reason why I believe Kingo’s supernatural words that ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’ is your incarnation is because...”
“...of that happy feeling when I met Izana (you), and when I chat with Izana (you). It is really the same feeling when I exchanged letters with you. *Izana cries over this as her face reverts back to her original face* the end, what is this feeling? *sitting down*...

...I obviously know your sin, obviously know your true identity, but I still cannot bring myself to hate you to the bone. Even to the extent that I’m gradually falling in love with you. This feeling isn’t due to feelings [/thoughts] for Namino.”

Izana looks surprised by that. She wonders, “Are these words due to pity towards someone who is going to die?” Nagi continues, “...Namino will be angry, right. I would unexpectedly say these words to someone who killed her. After I die, I’ll definitely go down to hell afterwards.”
Izana tells him not to say that... Nagi says, “So, would...I still see you again? At the depths of hell.” Sitting Izana cries and says, “Yes [we will].” This made Nagi smile sadly.

Narration: “...Nagi, no matter what kind of pain or even death, I won’t be afraid as long as I have you to accompany me in this hell. *lots of smoke inside* I am obviously---already released in this way...” While lying on the floor, Izana sees a figure calling out to her. Izana asks, “...Chigusa...?”

The figure says, “You will abandon...this land... You” Outside, Nagi looks at the side and calls out, “Izana...?” He is surprised when Kingo calls out to him. Upon seeing the burning house, Kingo asks if Izana is inside. Nagi tells him that this is Izana’s wish.
Kingo shouts for Nagi to move because Izana will die!! Nagi asks him to please understand. After looking surprised by that, Kingo rushes towards Nagi and shouts for him to quit talking nonsense, move away!!

Narration: “Afterwards, I wrestled with him [Nagi] but based on my strength at that time, I’m basically not an opponent against an adult.” Nagi easily tossed Kingo at the side. Nagi asks, “...Kingo, in the end, what kind of existence is she in your heart?”

As Nagi puts his glasses on, a debris from the roof is about to fall down. Kingo calls out to Nagi. Nagi looks up to see a fiery debris falling down on him. After looking surprised, he looks at it head on. Thud. Kingo is shocked.
As Nagi lays dead on the ground with a huge debris on him, Kingo closes his eyes then rushes off. Narration: “Without any hesitation, I dashed towards Izana-san’s side.” Later on, Izana wakes up. The rain is falling down on her. She looks at the side then looks surprised.

She sits up and sees Nagi’s dead body. Trembling Izana goes to Nagi and calls out his name repeatedly. “Nagi. Nagi. Nagi!!” Teary-eyed Kingo watches her. Then, she looks back at him. Narration: “Afterwards, for countless times, she implored me to kill her but I cannot do it...

...She said that even if she wanted to commit suicide, ‘Chigusa will come to stop [her]’ –Thus, I decided to become her slave throughout my life. She cannot possibly forgive me.”
“Despite this, I still won’t leave her, I served her loyally and faithfully. *scene of Kingo following ‘Sugeyo’* Then, from time to time, I’ll receive a reward--- a kiss as my sole sustenance. *‘Sugeyo’ kisses Kingo and quickly leave him looking dejected*...

...Looking on helplessly as she chased after Nagi-san’s shadow, and got attracted to Kaidou Atae because of it-- *Kingo watches ‘Sugeyo’ talk with Atae*” End Flashback. Kingo says, “...right now, you should know clearly, the receiver of these letters--- ‘Kaidou Nagi’ is Izana-san’s beloved person...

...And I-- am the fool who still happily live on this world after burying the two in Akeiwa...!! ...but!!” Kasane puts down the letter she is holding and looks at Kingo.
In the letter, Izana wrote, “Nagi, not only did I disrupt your fate, I have also disrupted Kingo’s. The reason for your death is absolutely not just Kingo. On contrary, it should be me. It is my sin for bringing you to Akeiwa which caused this tragedy...

...But, ever since that day, my relationship with Kingo had also changed-- But, as long as one still lives on this world, people will keep on moving forward. Kingo had written this ‘Ake no Hime’ play. Through this role ‘Yoi’, I felt that I can look back on everything in the past...

...*Kingo looks surprised upon seeing a smiling Izana* I can respond to Kingo’s gaze, I can look back to the Akeiwa that is reflected on his eyes--” Kasane reaches out her arms and gives crying Kingo a hug.

She says, “After Kaidou Nagi died, you always watch attentively at mother’s (Izana)’s figure that doesn’t exist in anyone’s eyes, always until the moment of her last breath.”
Comment: This is such a sad chapter, pretty much like how a tragic play would be. From here, it seems that Izana keeps making one mistake after another. She is also capable of wanting to atone for her misdeed to the point of killing herself. So, it is no longer a surprise that she planned to run away with Sugeyo before.

I would think that Nagi is conflicted there. Like, he somehow fell in love with her but knew that she had to be punished. He did feel guilty that he couldn’t bring himself to hate her. Somehow, I felt that he plan to commit suicide afterwards. I do hope that promise to meet in hell is somewhat fulfilled so that it is kind of like a ‘happy ending’ for the two.  

Well, Izana can see the ‘ghost of the dead’ so that ‘seeing ghosts’ is definitely a side effect of the lipstick. I do wonder if it is for the lipstick’s ‘self-preservation’ for its ‘victim’ to keep on using it or it is some sort of warning like following what the ghost wants will somehow lead to tragedy. I would think that is why Kasane decided to call it quits on acting after one last time.

Apparently, Nagi died because of an accident. Kingo and Izana were kind of hard on themselves to blame themselves for it. So, the one and only person Kingo killed in this series is Izana. In a way, he did fulfill her wish before about him killing her.

I somehow think that in Izana’s semi-conscious state when he carried her to Akeiwa, she knew that Kingo was the one carrying her. I do wonder though if she plotted it to be that way. I mean for him to kill her rather than Atae or it was just coincidental since Kingo did assume that Atae doesn’t want to dirty his hands.

Interestingly, she felt guilty over disrupting Nagi and Kingo’s fate...but what about Sugeyo? Well, I guess she did try to make it up to Sugeyo by being a mother to Nogiku and even portrayed herself as some evil witch who deliberately took everything from them for her own benefit.

As I thought, that Ake no Hime play was important to Izana as it enabled her to look back at what she doesn’t want to look at – her past and Akeiwa. It also probably made her decide to pull of that risky escape. It is the same with Kasane who have also faced her ‘ugly past self’.

I guess what Izana wrote is also a ‘hope’ which will make Kingo have second thoughts about killing himself. He had somehow helped Izana come in terms with her past. And now, he might be more willing in fulfilling Kasane’s desire to play Yoi. Scans by 网易汉化

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  1. Thanks for the summary! I wish we could see more real Sugeyo, or what she thought about the escape and so on.

  2. Thank you for the translation Kat!!!

    I really like how this flashback mirror's the encounter between Iku and Amagasaki (which is no surprise since Kasane's name translated means "Once again"^^) notice how Izana just like her daughter betray's herself (heck Kasane even makes sure to bring Iku to a planetarium where she recognizes the constellations^^) and then Kingo (just like Amagasaki) comes in and speeds the conclusions Nagi made about her up!

    Poor Kingo he meant well wanted his beloved to be happy but in the end his poorly thought out decisions as well as Izana's immaturity, inexpirience and stubbornes lead her to make many more mistakes which resulted in him killing her though there is one person that made sure she forgave him at the end! T.T

    now back to the comment from our previous talk

    " what character? I would think that story for the three is like: Mermaid-Prince-Sea Witch/other princess who stole the prince." YES that is the correct order! You almost got it! The Red Powder/Lipstick can technically act as the seawitch (since it's made with the blood of another person supposedly)! Nagi is another reason why Izana was so blind! I believe there is a well guarded secret The little Mermaid (seriously study the subtext you'll be surprised but there are hints) couldn't spit out to her Fire Horse Woman because she feared she would leave her! One more thing I believe Izana gave the lipstick to Sukeyo not to Kasane who in turn gave it to her the story with Nagi is another hint!

    "Is that so. Sorry, what do they have in common?" Easy! The Hair! Kasane reenact's with Ichika what her father did to Sukeyo! Iku putting on the wig before Giovanni counts as foreshadowing that she knows her mothers switched places! And Uno wears clothing similar to Sukeyo's on the day she died! Don't just look at the faces look at the environment around the characters notice all those fences and Iron bars and especially in case of Iku and Kasane the staircase? Notice how the author focuses on shoes too! See what Kasane does with her feet in Iku's presence for example? My favorite is the picture in chapter 84 where Kingo's notes that her eyes are focused on the spotlight! Yeah right!^^

    1. Thanks for reading, Jack ^-^

      Hehe, true.

      'though there is one person that made sure she forgave him at the end' - you mean, Kasane? Since she showed the letters to him.

      Sorry, I'm lost with this 'couldn't spit out to her Fire Horse Woman because she feared she would leave her!' <- What is Fire Horse? did Sugeyo gave the lipstick to Kasane?

      Oh. I see.

    2. Thanks for the reply

      Well as I mentioned there's one person that Kingo hasn't really met and just heard about and she acts through Kasane who shares many similarities with her but he will have no choice but to see her!

      Izana was born in the year of the Fire Horse (1966) that was confirmed in the Izana novel! Read about the chinese Zodiac Curse and the year 1966 in japan with low birthrate's for women!

      Again I implore you read the subtext of the little mermaid story by Hans Christian Andersen I don't think the author choose it for no reason for Sugeyo! She found the lipstick in the drawer where she told her it would be!

      I really like the painting in chapter 84 behind her it says so much about kasane's state of mind at this point! And the staircase^^ and the fact that Iku was in the audience during salome! I wonder at what point she became intersted in theater who was the person that ignited her interest if Kasane managed to bring her down as Giovanni and pick her up as Neena playing Salome? Or was she there all along since the beginning before Kasane got to know her sitting somewhere in the audience watching Cinderella?^^ And of course Amagasaki's story in becoming a teacher!

    3. Hehe...who?


      Well, most of the plays the mangaka chose has a relation to the characters ^^ I see.

      Hehe, quite observant. ^^ Didn't a friend gave her a ticket to Salome? I'm not sure about Cinderella since that would mean she knew Kasane before but they don't seem to during jr high.

      Hm...I don't quite recall it but I got the impression that he became a teacher to get back at 'students' who belittled him? Was I mistaken?

    4. Ohhh you'll see!^^ No more spoilers for ya! She's gonna return like Iku with a vegeance!!^^

      Yup those women were reported to be stubborn headstrong too independent and could bring men to an early grave pffft^^!!!

      Well reimagining!! (just as Guts from Berserk is a reimagined MacDuff from the MacBeth play)

      Iku was a nobody back then she only became more popular in middle school and then high school! She did not know it was Kasane! And the arts festival could be a joint effort between many schools and she happened to be in one of them! But that's a theory!^^

      Yeah that too! But there must have been other reasons I had the impression he wanted to change 'his students' view of 'ugly looking' people but didn't have much success! But was there a moment where he did succumb to the pain and someone helped him? If so could he help Kasane as well?

      One more thing about the Kaidou brothers both Atae and Nagi seem to have a dare I say it strange way with words and in convincing someone even though it might be a lie! I wonder if the same applies somewhat to the daughters of Atae?

    5. Haha...okay. widow-types?

      Ah, I only watched a bit of Berserk...and got all confused...apparently, there was a prologue. ^^;;

      I see. Though, arts festival, from all I have read, there are no joint effort. At most, it is just invitation/if other schools buy tickets to get in. Still, Kasane appeared there as herself so if Iku saw her, I'm sure she would recognize her in jr/high school.

      Oh. a way, Nogiku helped him 'change', right? One cannot say...perhaps, he could.

      What to do you mean? 'Dare' as in a bet?

    6. Well it's about time she return's!

      Yup superstition in japan!

      First comes what he does after the prologue then comes the prologue and then story continues... and then comes a prologue before he meets the band of the hawk and explains Guts behaviour to Puck in the beginning!!! Good Lord it's messed up! But my favourite moment is Guts last moment with Jill definetly worth it!

      I see! Well our minds have a way with memories (Cloud & Tifa from FFVII^^) she might not remember her until she visits the school again I suppose... and Nogiku I think will remember a certain scene in chapter 28 in a differnt light... finger's crossed^^

      Yeah but I'm talking about people he met before in his life!

      Well I can't get rid of my suspicions with Nagi faking it and trying to convice Izana into suicide especially when he asked Kingo: "...Kingo, in the end, what kind of existence is she in your heart?" but I like the ambiguity in this. As for Atae he probably lied to Izana about Sugeyo in order to get her back and/or believed what Sugeyo told him!

    7. Ah...I see. I only saw the part wherein he is with this fairy then got on a ride with an old man and a girl in a carriage. Having some weird dream over a girl. Then, the old man and girl were killed by monsters. And, the second episode seems to be about some knights after him.

      Haha, I don't get it. It is a bit too gory, too and I don't quite like the animation. Unfortunately, didn't have time to continue on. I'm not inclined to since I heard that the mangaka is in long breaks in between chapters.

      Haha, true. We'll just wait and see.

      Oh. I think he had a bad impression towards EVERYBODY prior to meeting Nogiku.

      He didn't seem to be convincing her to do it. I think she wanted to do it since he won't love her and for her sin. But of course, he isn't going to stop it. I assumed that being the kind of clueless guy he is, he didn't realize what Kingo feels for Izana. ^^;;

      Lied to her about what? Haha, now that I think of it, how did he convince her to come back after how he treated her upon knowing her real appearance?

    8. Well it actually starts with a homage to Conan the Barbarian with a arnold schwarzenegger then comes the snake baron and then old man and the girl then comes the count and then the proper introduction begins with Guts (MacDuff's) birth

      Watch the 1997 animation much better though they leave a few things out! Even with all the hiatus the manga is still worth it!

      If Kasane is Iku's Hamlet then yeah!^^

      Yes but something must have kept him going in all this he had no lipstick to escape!

      Keep in mind we only see Kingo's side of the story combined with Izana's letter's! Nagi already investigated her Nogiku read his diary Kingo's poor choice of words made him come to this sort of conclusion! And Nagi's own fault is that he didn't ask Kingo who Izana really is!

      That we must find out! Well his mind did go into fiction land watched to much theater!^^ He wanted his fix like a drug addict! And didn't Izana have a child?

    9. Okay. Conan was only a vague memory now. ^^;;

      Haha, I see. I tend to be wary of hiatus/long breaks since at times, the mangaka just gave up on it = no ending. And, I tend to give up on manga that have long breaks. ^^;;

      Hm...well, isn't wanting to bully others for revenge = goal to keep on going?

      I see.

      Yes. He drove Izana and Kasane away after learning about the secret. Then, replaced her with Sugeyo.

      By the way, do you think that mean aunt of Kasane will still make an appearance? Somehow, I'm hoping that the daughters can still get the money/inheritance.

    10. There are many more references like Evil Dead & Lady Hawk , Artwork reminiscent of M. C. Escher^^

      Chapters are being realeased right now however!

      That alone I believe wasn't the only reason he became a teacher but his student's made him remember his painful past and the people who kept him going (his family or friends) either left or are long gone...

      One of the main themes of Kasane is that people judge too fast too quick and end up paying for it! They tend to think in absolutes and this is bad in the long run!

      Her aunt will make an appearance she definetly is a villain that must be confronted. I wanna see how her actions or inactions were instrumental in the death of both her sister and Izana. As for the money well Kasane now knows that it was meant for her and her little sister so yeah she has a lot of work to do!

    11. Haha, I see.

      Oh...more continuous now?

      I see.


      By the way, the aunt is from whose side? I forgot. I always assumed that he is from Atae's side since Sugeyo doesn't seem to have a family looking for her. True but then, how would they get it? Maybe Kingo will help them with that?

    12. She is Sukeyo's older sister and her parents are dead that is why they don't look after her it's been even stated by Kasane that Sukeyo lived alone in a villa in tokyo when she moved out Kasane was living in their "grandparents" home together with her Stepaunt after Sukeyo died! Read the chapters after Kasane cuts all tie's with Iku! Well Kingo helped Kasane with Neena's parents what's stopping him from working on another script!^^

    13. Haha, I see. I'm just wondering if Sugeyo was originally rich. Hm...stepaunt so she was a stepsister? We know Atae is so can't they get their inheritance in some way?

      True, hopefully he can help them so that they can start life anew...ah, depends on what Kasane plans later on = end everything. ^^;

    14. She Sugeyo comes from a rich house that is her real sister! I just choose stepaunt because of the cinderella reference and well Kasane is adopted!^^ The money should be rightfully Kasane's when she come's of age but she's been missing since then!

      I don't think she wants to die anymore! She's through with commiting inner suicide! She wants to reunite with Iku on stage (that was her original wish back then) but as Kasane! Iku has shown her the way that's why Kasane hugs Kingo and gives Nogiku info about her real mother! Is her sky full of stars? No not yet! But there is more than just one star (Iku) and those are her sister and her fatherfigure whom she finally takes care of (communicates)! Potential ones could be Fujihara heck even Seki her bully from school who learned her lesson! And yes Neena could've been a potential one...

      As for Nobuhiko if he is a stand in for Konstantin from The Seagull then yes she must make sure he lives and moves on and Neena's parents who drifted apart because of what she and Kingo did before saying goodbye to Neena one last time!

    15. Haha, she is!? I'm basing it on looks so I thought it is like Kasane and Nogiku...perhaps, a half-sister? I maybe, they can still get it back somehow. Atae had become bankrupt since that time? In cases like that, I'm not too sure if they can still get the money stashed in banks.

      You think so? I'm thinking that she might want to 'finish her mission' for everyone to have closure then just disappear/suicide. She was okay with Nogiku killing her. She even said that even if Nogiku isn't interested in killing her anymore, but... It seems like she wants something to be done to her to 'end everything'.

      But then, it would be nice if they all make it alive and happy. ^^

      Ah, that would be nice. So, yes, most likely fix all the things she had caused trouble with because of her existence and say sayonara. That is the feel I get from her. But of course, the others might intervene.

    16. Well Kasane mentioned a villa in Tokyo and even Izana mentioned she had a good upbringing so... As for Atae who knows?

      Read chapter 95 she wants to end what her mothers couldn't! She also wants to win the trust of her Sister Iku and Kingo back that's why she undertakes this gamble! Give them a second chance so to speak and as Iku advised her communicate and help them! And at the end I think just like with Izana the story will conclude where her acting began?

      Yup we already had enough tragedies their life isn't theater that's why she must make sure that things don't turn out tragic again!

      Well one of her weaknesses as Uno noted is that she stayed in her roles that's why she must say proper goodbye to Neena. Therefore she must reappear as Kasane and sort out her feelings! One of the themes in Kasane is also Infatuation vs Love and even Replacements!

    17. I see.


      Ah, a closure with Nina?

    18. Yup closure with the Nina role and Neena role! If she wants to do the play she has to return as Kasane Fuuchi... and she will meet people looking for Neena there is no avoiding that she has to face them.

    19. Sorry, I'm a bit confused. Who is Neena? I thought Nina = Neena. ^^;;

    20. Neena is Neena Tanzawa our tragic actress... Nina is the character from Chekhov's The Seagull^^

  3. Thank you very much for this translation!

    Kasane hugging Kingo at the end of this chapter is really surprising, but very endearing. Despite the things he's said and done to her, she selflessly clinged on to him and helped him, much like he clinged on to her mother. I wonder why? Why is she driven to him? Is it because she sees the value of his art, or maybe she admires the love he felt for his mother? Kasane being able to do for Kingo what Izana failed at to people important to her is certainly the beginning of her surpassing her mother as both a person and an actress.

    1. Thanks for reading, Anon-kun ^-^

      Perhaps both.


  4. Thank you so much!