May 6, 2018

Free Talk: Namaikizakari [Chapter 80]

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Lying on her bed, trembling Fuuka goes to the contacts of her cellphone and finds someone’s name. The other phone rings. Back at the gym, Suwa’s phone is ringing. Yuki tells Suwa about his phone. Suwa hugs her tighter. Yuki wonders what’s going on.

Recalling Suwa saying, ‘I’m starting to want to steal you away’, Yuki nervously wonders, steal her away from whom...Shou? No, it’s possible that she heard it wrong. It is definitely because she is tired right now. Suwa says that being with her makes him feel tranquil.

Letting her go, he says that until now, he cannot frankly deal with anyone and he firmly believed that he cannot love [someone] but when he is with her, he felt that it had changed. They were interrupted by a girl telling Suwa that a teacher is looking for him.

Suwa says that he’ll be going. Then, he tells Yuki that is how it is. Yuki asks what ‘that is how is it’. Before leaving, Suwa says that just now, it is considered a confession. After he left, Yuki blushes in bewilderment. Confession!?

[And it seems that Yuki is in shock but at least, thankfully, Suwa bluntly told her what it is or else, she would think that she was just mistaken. ^^; Hm...perhaps, it never really occurred to Yuki that other guys would fall in love with her. So, unless being told, she would not realize that such actions/speech would mean ‘intention of wanting her/likes her’.] 


While taking a bath, she wonders if that was a confession so that means, Suwa likes her. That’s wrong, but...! Thinking of him saying, ‘feeling things had changed when he is with her’, was that really a confession? Honestly speaking, when Shou confessed, there is that uneasy feeling.

Flashback: Shou said he had fallen for her and Yuki wondered what is this guy saying. End flashback. Yuki wonders why she... At the bench with Yuki, Fuuka asks what was Suwa doing after the club activity ended. Yuki looks really tense. Fuuka says that she was very curious so she called on the phone but in the end, he didn’t answer.

As expected, she spent the whole night searching through all kinds of fortunetelling website so she’s giving on becoming a ‘unwavering woman’. Isn’t that too fast?  Yuki asks phone? Fuuka says yes, she called yesterday at dusk but he didn’t answer. Could it be that he is with someone else?

Yuki realizes that it was Fuuka calling when Suwa’s phone was ringing then. She wonders what to do. She couldn’t say it. She really supports Fuuka and even if she supports her, she couldn’t say it. Then, they see Shou passing by with some classmates.


Shou stares at her. Yuki wonders, what, in the end, he is basically... Shou whispers, ‘panther’. This totally irks Yuki. She wonders how come she even likes that a bit. Even if he is a new student right now, but this isn’t something that can be resolved with a smile. And about yesterday, didn’t it start from his baffling ‘lost of temper’...

Blushing a bit, she recalls Shou asking if he can be console by ‘you’re good’ and he isn’t that cool and cute as she imagined. Yuki thinks that even if he didn’t specifically tell her that he isn’t a prince nor a hero, she also knows that...

...She also know that even if there are times he goes beyond what is proper *Shou wanting to borrow money from her, [I think] since he used up the money on his card and he left his wallet in college* and he got all tied up by lust *In bed, he wants to do it one more time, she refuses. He says they do it two more times that she shouts why he is increasing it*.

--But, *recalling Shou’s shooting figure* even if it is like that, she still—[Fuuka is right about her hunch but she won’t ever suspect that Yuki is the one with Suwa. I guess as a friend, it is hard and awkward to tell one’s friend that the one the guy likes is her.

But then, sooner or later, Fuuka will find out and it will still cause trouble or rather a bit of falling out at the start. Fuuka will feel that she has been betrayed/disappointed since Yuki kept that from her. That is regardless of Yuki’s nonromantic feelings towards Suwa.]


At the streets, Kido calls out to Shou. Kido says that it seems that Shou still has a stinky face and isn’t he going to Osaki. He heard about it from Amamiya. Shou mutters, speaking of the devil... Kido asks what, by the way, isn’t he with his girlfriend today.

Shou says that he’s noisy to death. Kido tells him not to be embarrassed. But in the end, it is Yuki~~ It’s so cool that he announced their relationship after getting into interhigh. Shou says that is nothing. And, anyway, they immediately lost and perhaps, it was just by chance that they got in the Nationals.

Looking surprised, Kido says that Shou has changed. Shou asks ha? Kido says that before, he is more optimistic and give one a ‘I’m a genius’ kind of feeling. And it felt that Shou had become a bit mature. Shou says what is that.

Kido asks what. Shou asks what’s up with that ‘become mature’, doesn’t it have a porn meaning. Kido says that even if he doesn’t quite understand [haha, neither do I ^^;] but isn’t ‘feeling distressed’ and continuously pondering about is by itself, maturing? Shou looks surprised.

Kido continues to say that the past Shou, would basically not ask that kind of question. He will only just read porn with Abe—stuff like that. Kido is shocked when Shou gives Kido a headbutt on the side. Kido asks what’s up with him.

Shou says that he really infuriates him. Kido is puzzled. Shou mutters, “In the end...I feel that I cannot win against you throughout this lifetime.” [It’s kind of amusing that the one whom Shou considers as his biggest rival is actually clueless that Yuki likes him/Kido.

In a way, seeing Kido all smiles here, it makes me think that for Kido that is being a sincerely cheerful guy. Whereas for Suwa, it is more on using those smiles to cover up things. Perhaps, to make people like him even if he is acting horribly. Something like he charms them with his smiles.]


Yuki peeks in the storage room. She is surprised that no one is there. She thought he’ll be there since the door is open. She is startled when Suwa appears behind her and asks if she is looking for him. He asks how did she know that he’ll go there.

Yuki says that it is because there is no club activity nor work so he should be practicing by himself. He tells her that he’s free. He corners her to the wall and asks if she came to give him her answer from yesterday. Yuki says yes, she’s really sorry!!!

This surprises Suwa. He laughs. Yuki asks what is it. He says that compared to what he imagined, it is a 100 times blunt rejection and he probably also likes that very much. Yuki says that she feels that it isn’t like that. His feeling of ‘wanting to steal her away’ and love isn’t the same.

Even if she isn’t quite sure...the feeling he had for her, it can be said that it is his heart seeking after, some kind of turning point. Then, Yuki says no, what is she saying. Suwa asks her why she is going steady with Shou.

This puzzles Yuki for why it became like that. Sitting down, Suwa says that even if it is a bit weird to say this but for Yuki, Shou seems to be too serious and they obviously always quarrel so why still go steady with him. Yuki says that she also doesn’t really know.

“There are times when he is very repulsive, and there are times he’ll do some baffling actions. And in the end, perhaps we are actually not compatible. ...but, he only has to give his all in playing basketball, I can proudly say, ‘I really like [him]’. In order to support him, no matter what happens, I’ll be at his side.”

With that, Yuki left. Suwa recalls the time when it was raining. Flashback: Young Suwa looked at a boy whose mother came to fetch him. The boy asked the mother if he saw his 3-point shot going in. The mother said that she saw it and it’s so amazing. The boy said after all, he practiced with her for a long time. End flashback. 


Suwa recalled Yuki saying she’ll support Shou and be at his side no matter what. [And, Suwa got served by a rejection. Yuki did more than that. She even guessed that it isn’t love that Suwa felt from her but some sort of yearning. It’s amusing that she can ‘read though’ Suwa because Fuuka couldn’t.

I guess it is a bit difficult to think properly if one is emotionally related to someone. In times like this, it helps to have friends. Of course, it would be really good if Yuki tells her observations to Fuuka like how Fuuka advised her what to do before with Shou.

And, from the looks of it, there is no ex-girlfriend. Suwa has some mommy issues. ^^; So, in a shoujo manga, Suwa is the guy with some issues with his mother then becomes a ‘bad boy’ who is kind of waiting for the girl/heroine to reform him/to fall in love with =P

Going with what Yuki guessed, Suwa probably wants to be pampered and paid attention to in regards with his basketball. Perhaps Suwa is confusing Yuki’s excellent work as a manager to care/attention for him which he yearned  from his mother.

It is plus points [to fall for her] since Yuki figured out that he has been distancing himself from others. Well, that is what caught Shizuka’s attention, too. It is like they’re jealous that as a basketball player, Shou gets all that attention and care even if Shou isn’t as amazing as they are now. <- well, currently, they are better players.

And yes, it is natural to think why would Yuki stay with that kind of guy who doesn’t seem to appreciate the things she did for him as a basketball player and would always give her a hard time. <- one sided since they always see Yuki looking sad/troubled because of Shou’s actions. Basically, why him and not me.]


It is raining hard. A couple of women comments that the weather isn’t good lately. At the train station, Fuuka looks at her cellphone. It is already 22:56. She’s back so late after a passionate chat with her mother at home. She is sad that in the end, Suwa didn’t contact her. She wonders what’s going on.

If it is the usual, he’ll definitely still reply to her like ‘sorry, is anything up!?’ She always felt that it isn’t quite good to call him over that kind of thing. She sees some women asking if that guy is alright and should they lend him an umbrella...

She is shock to see dripping wet semi-unconscious Suwa slumped at the side. She quickly goes to him and shakes him. She asks what he is doing in this kind of place. Suwa just groans and says that it is so cold. Fuuka realizes that he is drunk.

She wonders how come he drank so much that he became like this when she obviously heard that he can hold his alcohol. She calls out to him and says that this is the station. She asks if he’ll take the train or she’ll call a taxi.

Fuuka thinks that even if she says that, he is dripping wet and he doesn’t have an umbrella.  If she lets him go home like this, he’ll definitely catch a cold. After thinking for a while, she tells Suwa that her apartment is nearby. He grabs her sleeve and says that he’ll go.


This made Fuuka wonder if that means she can do whatever she pleases. She manages to bring him to her apartment. After sitting him on the sofa, she thinks that he’s so tall and heavy even if this isn’t the time to think about that.

She asks him if he is alright. She asks him to take off his clothes and she’ll go get some water and towel. Turning to leave, she thinks that it seems that her younger brother’s old fashioned t-shirt is still in her house and he cannot change his clothes like that...

She is surprised when Suwa hugs her waist. Blushing, she calls out his name and says that he’s really drunk. Suwa mutters, “Why...why won’t you look at me...?” And, he slips down on her lap. While blushing Fuuka thinks that this is so wonderful, Suwa mutters that he is infuriated to death and he simply wants to go back to Hakata. Fuuka is surprised that he is using Hakata-ben [local dialect of Hakata in Fukuoka]

Fuuka tensely asks him what had happened. Suwa says, “...I like you so much. How come you don’t understand that...” Fuuka thinks that even if she cannot understand what he is saying but he just said ‘like’ and that is... Suwa continues to say, “I also want to always stay at your side... Machida-san... Ah—ya..ya” Fuuka’s eyes widen in surprise, And Yuki sneezes somewhere.


[I’m said somewhere since I’m not sure if Yuki is in her apartment. If Yuki is in her apartment, hehe, I would expect Fuuka to start knocking loudly on her door and demand what’s going on here. And, Yuki does have a lot of explaining to do.

Lol, that is I’m expecting Fuuka isn’t that type of desperate girl who’ll take advantage of Suwa while he is at that state. ^^;; Anyway, I’m not quite sure if it will make a dent on their friendship. It would depend more on how Fuuka takes it. And it isn’t like Yuki also likes Suwa. From Suwa’s ramblings and being drunk, it is obvious that Yuki had rejected him and he is taking it badly.

Still, it really, pardon the word, sucks that your crush would say all those things. And, when you think it is you, he calls someone else’s name. And not just someone, it’s your good friend. Again, the situation can help Fuuka if she can show to Suwa that the she can be the one who’s there for him.

Ah, that is, if Suwa is okay with someone who isn’t related to basketball. Suwa’s attachment to Yuki is related to how he seems to be envious of the other boy whose mother help him practice and praises him. Haha, if Fuuka knows that, would she have to ask her younger brother to help her out with basketball stuff?

It is interesting thought that he mentioned Hakata. So, not only does he yearns for his mother’s attention. He seems to be missing his hometown. I would think that he uses his charm/smiles to blend in but because of his past issues, he cannot bring himself to close in fear of getting hurt.

And of all the possible people to ‘fall in love’ and realize/feels that ‘she is the one’ that girl is already taken. Anyway, I would guess that the mangaka would want to make Suwa and Fuuka a couple so later on, it will be how they’ll become a couple given this kind of situation.]

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  1. Aaahh thank you so much Kat. It clearly wipes off the previous misunderstanding since yuki clearly rejected him. I want her to always be expedidive like that so others understand she's already taken. Naruse and her are so cute and I love them to stay together till the end. Can't wait for next episodes. Have a nice Sunday Kat.

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    2. You're welcome ^-^

      Is that so...It didn't occur to me that there will be a misunderstanding ^^;

      Yup. Same to you ^^

    3. Anonymous, yep I did (but only chapter 81, ch 82 released just recently so there's no raw yet, I just see a few pics of it)

      You can find the raw just in outakumole, but the registrations stopped, I also don't have account there, but who have will take it and post it in Namaikizakari's group in FB, but it's a secret Group, you should join first but it won't open until July unfortunately (since the admin has entrance exam, she used to open it every month)
      Well, there's a Russian community of Namaikizakari in vk, who would also take and post it, but you should register too (it's like fb)

      Here the link

    4. Omg !!! I love you !!!!! Bless u dear !!!!! Man was sooo coool n now i am totallly impatient n looking forward to kat's to figure out what is actually going on in it. I think suwa told Shou that he confessed .. Man !!!! Thank youuuu

    5. Hehe, welcome ^^ ..I'm happy bcuz you succeed in seeing it ^^
      Yep, me too. But I don't think we should discuss that since it's spoiler, but bcuz you mentioned it,i can't resist, hehe, well, Yep, he told him. But my problem is: Why? Why at that time? ... Just when Shou found himself and try to fight again and don't fall for his depression ...sawa got annoyed/jealous bcuz he saw the sincere in Shou.. he wanted to put him down again by telling him...Im really getting mad at him ..that's not a move men/mature/good person do ..all what he's doing ..tbh

    6. This guy suwa knows how ro get on the nerves of ppl.He knows that Machida won't waver so he is trying to break them by weakening n making Shou feel inferior n anxious. All of this just cuz he craves attention which he was deprived of at young age . Huh ,Seriously i don't like him as he is now. Moreover Usami heard him , like cmonnnnnnn stop hurting herrrr she is toooo innocent for his game. I just hope yuki n fuuka's frndship is not affected by him.

    7. Wow it's really amazing to see how we help each other :-). Some found chinese raws for chap 79-80 and now mary scent, you brighten my day by giving me link for chap 81 yessssss. Suwa is such a jerk. Hope Naruse and Yuki will go through all of this. They are so cute.

    8. Anonymous 1, I'm 💯 agree with your comment.

    9. Anonymous 2, yep and happy to help ^^
      They'll, don't worry ^^ Yepp, they're the cutest!

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    1. The Chinese scanlation isn't out yet. Summary will come out after a few days from the time when the Chinese scanlation is out.

      Sorry, I cannot read Japanese.

    2. , is this jpn ? Just asking.

    3. God dammit the art, and at the end he wanted to hug swako , kawaiiiii !

    4. Yes, it is Japanese.

      The Chinese scanlations have this pink '二次元秘店' watermark on it.

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  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH !! Chapters 79 and 80.... After all this time.... You're a goddess !! To be honest, I am so surprised to see how Shou is acting. The way he handles things is the best way to lose Yuki. She has made so much efforts recently to show him her affection.... I hope he'll react soon

    1. You're welcome, Lassa ^-^


      Ya, and I think he ought to make a move soon.

  4. Suwa is such a tasteless and bland character, and it's so awkward how relevant he has become, that this "love triangle" seems super forced.
    the whole Suwa drama has played out in the wrong way, and this arc is annoying because Suwa is a forced and awkwardly written character.

    Thank you for that.

    1. Hehe, is that so.

      You're welcome ^^

  5. Thank you so much, Kat, for translating two chapters in a row. You are the best!

    I really enjoy reading your opinion on certain stuff that happen in the manga. Also, I loooooooove the "Word of the day" that you put at the end of each chapter. I always look forward to reading what you write in there.

    Once again, thank you so much for everything. Keep up the good work! <3

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      Glad to hear that ^^


  6. I thought this from the beginning, but does anyone else think that her younger brother is the hyper tall high schooler back at Yuki's high school?! They look and act alike.

    1. And Thanks!!!!

    2. Her? Fuuka? Yes, most likely since they share the same surname. The guy who kept on pestering Kuon.

    3. Yes & I find it very amusing that he's kind of in love with the super shy basketball manager.

  7. Thank you Kat for the hard work^^

    So, when I saw it before without understand I thought that Yuki told him to "let go" but it was "ur phone is ringing"..seriously! Haha, so she didn't push him, until he let go himself, and she didn't even told him off! Is that even possible! So Yuki don't know that a hug from other guys than her bf is wrong! .. and I should see it as normal! ..I'm sorry I can't, why I'm the only one getting botherd by that!? .. :(
    But it's not just yuki, japanese authors always make their reactions like that.. and Idk what they want deliver by that but I know that this is wrong/msg. And what with the blushing..!!
    Anyway, it's not just about "Shou" it's about herself, where's her respect to herself! .. for me I see I like that.. how can she let him disrespect her like that and do as he please! ..he should apologize to her yet he comes all flirty with her again (whisper close to her ear & corner her to the wall) ..who thinks himself!! &_& ... and I was waiting for her to say/do something after that nose on nose, ha .. while now is a hug! ..I'm sorry kat but you know I really didn't expect that.. not at that point.
    So yuki won't do anything whatever other guys do to her!..yes, I should get used to that.

    About him like I thought his feelings for her are not completely pure/true .. but based/reflect on many things. Every word from him prove that this is not exactly 'love'

    But I don't get it, how could he asked her that! He's so full of himself and immature. "Always quarling"... !???!? Who?? When!?? he just see that once and judge from it.. that's so immature.
    We all know how Shou Cherish/love/and treat yuki nicely.
    Did he even knows Shou? Did he even knows Yuki? .. he don't even know himself. He should go fix his messed up life first instead of going and through it on ppl.
    So he's coming by that I will ressurce you from your bad bf-thing ... who? Shou? Seriously? And someone like you!?!..argh +-+ he's really pisses me off Kat.

    And I felt like he was expecting something, hakamada told her "I don't need reply" .. bcuz he knows and didn't plan to break their relationship. But that, he was waiting, for what? Other reply than "no" ..who think himself? And who think Yuki is? And what he even know about their relationship??
    When he got annoyed bcuz she rejected him he went and told her that about Shou, his last desperate move. &-&

    He's really planning to steal her, how can he have the confidence to do that! Just bcuz he has some beauty outside! but rotten inside. He's not feeling embarrassing? He's so shameless. If yuki said yes, he'll do it, what about the other part? He'll get hurt just like his ex do to him? ..he's so annoying..'-'

    But Shou don't make her sad always and he really appreciate her doings for him :( .. that's one of the reasons why he fell for her. Shou know her the most even before those guys appear .. :(
    And the 2 being better than him now in bb, it's bcuz Shou is the main character so we are seeing/living up (slowly) every step of him, I mean the other 2 might went through that hard time too (that's obviously) but we don't/didn't see it bcuz they're side characters.
    And "why him and not me/them" .. bcuz shou do the impossible for her, if the 2 died and back to life they'll never be able to do a little bit of what shou did for her. If she's helping him now and haka before it's bcuz/thankfully to Shou. +_+

    1. And the thing about him didn't get me at all "excuses" ..I expected that tho. So I know the author will make him & usami couple BUT I will never ship her with him bcuz he don't deserve her. I could be a little easy on that, but no, bcuz you see all what he's doing, did he even remember or considering her (feelings) even a little? Despite he knows that she like him. He is hurting casually and want from other ppl to don't to him. One should look at himself first before blaming everyone likes he's doing. And that might effect Yuki-usami friendship, did he even considering that even a bit? No, bcuz he just think only in himself like a child.

      And I really felt somehow that it wasn't about his ex/a girl. Bcuz of that we found that girl is old somehow, hehe.

      For Shou i think he's not feeling exactly jealous, he's feeling down bcuz of basketball/worry of he's a good man enough for Yuki/deserve her; but he presented it in a wrong way (bcuz he himself don't know that's not jealousy or at least not just jealousy) .. at least not "romantic jealousy" ..I mean he's not doubting her love for him but he's doubting himself/capabilities ..ofc I'm not saying what he did/do is not wrong.

      Yuki has nothing to do with his frustration and he knows that.
      If he just come and tell her his mind nothing of that would happen but he just couldn't;; .. (bcuz of his personality, like her).. Yuki should tell him "Why are you acting like we're strangers even though you're my bf" ; hehe, yep, like what he told her, it's pointful here, right Kat? hehe.

      I thought of that before, it's really amusing me how Shou is totally fine with kido unlike the 2 other guys despite he's the one that Yuki was having a crush on while the other 2 has nothing towards them, haha
      <- anyway I'm really happy for Shou bcuz he talked to him since he's so secretive about his pain/worries .. he's rarely the only one Shou somehow complain to.

      I feel like Shou and Yuki need more conversation.. bcuz the two are secretive/conservative about their feelings especially the weak and the hard side/time. Well, they'll develops.
      But seriously the two are so wilful, hehe. Now I understand how hard it be to have the same personality, hehe (in a way)

      But Kat what happened to basketball, I really was expecting to be about basketball but she hits us by that boring romance-concept .. :( a lot are saying that too.

      and I'm thinking, why won't the Mangaka create a friend (guy) or something to Shou, who he'll get all worked up about, instead of making "just yuki" in his life. It'll be so beautiful.. He also don't have a good (any) communication/ intrection with ppl. It's always about Yuki .. that's not done well.
      It's like when Yuki say hurt full words to him or act childish over nothing.. but no other girl would find him and hug him ...

      And as I really expected the next chapter to be about usami-yuki since it ended like that, and ya..^^


    2. Thanks for reading, mary ^-^

      Haha, nope. This is Yuki after all...Yuki who doesn't think of such hugs = romantic intention. As I mentioned before, that can be good because ya, whoever is hugging doesn't cause any reaction to her at all. Or maybe she's too shocked and numb to think so. I actually thought that if he didn't clearly specify that it was a confession. Lol, she thought that she's too tired that she's hearing thing.

      Hehe, yup. Anyway, it's possible that it is for 'dramatic effect'? I know that corner on the wall is. They even have a japanese term for it, 'kabedon'.

      True. Well, they are quarreling/have disagreements. Of course, as a rival, he'll only see the 'bad part' like why she is crying/sad. If I'm the one, I won't ever make you cry/sad. Haha, I think there are songs about that.

      Well, he has to be like that/have that kind of attitude to even want to attempt to 'steal someone's girlfriend', right?

      Nope. Since he did that, I would suspect that he is aiming to break them up. Then, if he cannot have her, at least, they both won't?

      Well, I think in the end, the main reason would be 'love' don't you think, rather than a comparison of who did more good to her? Or even who is compatible to her. The others may do exactly what Shou did or even more but if Yuki doesn't love them/no romantic interest towards them then, they won't be 'the one'.

      Yup. Though in shoujo, I don't think there was any case of the guy considering the girl feelings when he falls in love with the girl's friend. ^^; guys consider it? It is always up to the girls to sort the problem out.

      Haha, I see. I thought she was an older girlfriend. isn't a romantic jealous. It is envy perhaps that they can play better. And, perhaps, she isn't originally her type.

      Ya. Well, it also doesn't help that he kept saying that 'panther' to her. ^^; Anyway, maybe some time is needed for her to know what to say since how she used to say it was misunderstood. Perhaps, timing, too...Shou didn't even let her finish what she's saying.

      Indeed. Well, it is because Kido has zero romantic interest towards Yuki. Kido isn't exactly a better player than Shou, right = not a threat. Yup. Shou seems to have realized something there.

      I agree. Well, I think that is one of their 'weakness' as a couple so this is how are they going to cope with it. And it doesn't help that there are rivals at the side who can/will cause trouble.

      The basketball will happen when I think Shou had overcome his inferiority complex/frustration that he isn't good at it as he wanted to be. He can then perhaps, use all that energy to focus on basketball and improve his game. Haha, then, perhaps, the next issue would be how to play as a team with two love rivals.

      Ah, I think Shou isn't really into that. Abe was suppose to be that person but Shou usually kind of brush him off. The same with Shizuka <- when they were young but Shou cares in his own way. I get a feeling of Shou 'belittling' Shizuka who really looks up to him at that time. If ever, Shizuka gets past being 'in love with Yuki', I think he is the one who has the highest possibility of becoming Shou's close friend.

      I see. So, she's at her apartment, huh.

    3. I know that, but even if she doesn't know or that haven't a romantic intention she should not allow this. Yes, and that would be the worst kind of scenario.

      That's just Annoying to me +_+

      Aw, no, you'll make her cry enough, and when you would have a quarreling you'll go to one of the girls you used to play with +_+

      You're so right, and I'm honestly shocked of him. I feel like it's different .."the adult world" ... scared, hehe

      Bcuz he knows he has zero chance, if no, he'll do it. How "both won't have her" ? .. since Shou won't leave her (over something like that)

      No, I don't think so and they can't do the same. I will tell you why in a different comment below since I already wrote a lot, hehe. I actually was gonna to talk about that tbh. hehe.

      You're right +_+
      You know, in real life if usami go steady with someone like him, she'll get hurt over and over and it'll not succeed/break up.. it's not easy for some one who used to play with girls like that to get rid of it or don't do it again. But they'll will make it succeed here, hehe.

      = Well, usami has a big chance though, since his feelings are confused and aren't stable yet. even, though I don't ship that concept. hehe.

      And, you see when Yuki rejected him, he didn't get that bother, he even manage to smile. It's when she told him "I can proudly say I like him, and I will stay with him no matter what" .. he was like "why there's no one like that for me" .. especially the 2nd phrase (since he remembered just it and even repeated such it > so he just wants "his mother to stay with him" .. he's actually feeling/searching for "peace" not "love" .. prove that "I feel tranquil when I'm with u"
      well, about the "love" maybe bcuz you didn't deserve that (?) .. maybe he wasn't good/caring enough with his ex.. & maybe his mother had her excuses.. the two couldn't help it.. like how he's now hurting usami (Shou..and Yuki) ..and can't help ya, ..

      = And I feel like he's putting "conditions" in the girl he will like, and I honestly don't like that. + What about yourself? .. well,..

      Ah, when Yuki told him "I like/love Shou' ..I really didn't expect it (surprised) haha..she didn't feel shy? it's Yuki, haha ..
      Well, you know he deserves that (that rejection) ..the Mangaka did it that way but with shizuka no, bcuz he wasn't "villain" like him. So, ya, you got what you deserve, haha

      Haha, I see.


    4. Haha, well, since you mentioned it, maybe it's weird from me to ask, but what dose he mean by it? I really don't understand. O.o
      I felt like it wasn't exactly "misunderstood" more than he felt/understood it like "sympathy"
      In the end, it was bcuz he was just angry.
      = Well, I understand how his personality is "don't like to show her his weak side" and I understand how hard it's to be shown like that in front of your GF, but he should learn how to share his hard time with her rather than distant himself from her everytime like that. Also, he should learn how to control himself when he's angry and don't vent it out on her.
      Well, I think if Yuki works a little on it and knows how to..emm somehow 'deceive him' .. he'll frank to her..l like in chapter 59 was beautiful and cute how he showed her his weak side and was honest with her..^^ hehe.

      hehe, Yep. Yas, it seems..

      True. Exactly.

      You're right. Well, maybe it'll help too if he will get some help from someone, "shizuka" for example.
      I myself see it as "so hard,awkward and so annoying, what about Shou! +-+
      Shizuka ..emm, im accepting him a little but sawa +_+ ... he's so full of himself +-+

      Yep bcuz he's not into it that she should make/fix it/him. Haha, Yep. Well, actually I'm surprised of how kind he treats him somehow hehe. Yep, he realllly "care in his own way" hehe. emm.. maybe.
      Well, perhaps. I just want it, it'll be beautiful. ^'

      Ya, where you want her to be then! haha. Well, You mentioned "somewhere" in your comment though.. I was surprised bcuz I didn't think at all that she wasn't in her apartment, hehe
      Well, I said/thought so bcuz he said yuki's name in the end.

      = Oh, I'm happy bcuz the Mangaka made usami know about it immediately, rather than drag it farther or don't even make her know.


    5. Here my comment about that,

      Well, when Shou saw them from the window, he tried to be understandable, but when he see her expression and how she kindly treated him and let him help her .. that bring something in his head, Which is : if it was him, she would be screaming at him and maybe refusing his he felt like he's missing something/s/he's not that great person/man .. bcuz of that she's acting that way with him .. and what prove that more his saying "sawa is might be expert with younger girls" ... so he's like blaming himself for not being like that so she can acts that way with him. But here where he's mistaking, Yuki acts only with him by her "TRUE SELF"
      (though he knows that, but maybe bcuz he's feeling down, he's mixing things)

      And here, I have been thinking of that for awhile now, some ppl would say "she acts kindly with other guys but harshly with her bf" ; right? but that actually a good thing/the heart of this manga .. bcuz Yuki acts with Shou by her true/natural self .. while the others treat them kindly/formal like strangers > they couldn't make her/feel comfortable enough to the point of showing them her true self/personality, that prove that no kido, shizuka, or sawa would fits her. Plus, she met kido first and liked him but she never scream or something in front of him, but she was "pretending" .. like with anyone. (with Shou, she did and in the first chapter/s ..when the two wasn't even that close/knowing each other enough yet)
      Kido didn't even know/like her. Shizuka need 62 chapter to somehow figured her true self. Sawa is seeing her like "his mother replacement" somehow.

      If they/ppl would see how she behaves with Shou they'll get shocked, haha (and they did though, if she would scream or something)
      When i thought of her behavior with others and with Shou..I was 'oh' ..then I reached that. ex/ When her siblings/others were bothering her she was like "it's oki" but she admitted "I wanted to scream and hits them" just when she's with Shou she'll reveals that "mask" ...and that good for her than always "pretend" .. (<that would tired her.)
      It's like she has two personalities : one with everyone and one with Shou. Haha
      It's just what I feel and it might be wrong. ^^

      And now that I think of it, it's the same with Shou too. hehe.

      I really feel so embarrassing for writing so long like that.. i look like a crazy person.. I'm tiring you, I know .. I'll try to write shorter .. sorry.


    6. Ideally yes. It will just makes those guys take advantage of it.

      Jerk, right?

      Why would he mention it to Shou? Isn't that an attempt to make Shou angry...perhaps, give up on Yuki? Like what you mentioned at the top, hey, I confessed to your gf and she even let me hug her. Perhaps, hoping that Shou will vent his jealousy on Yuki? <- I'm just assuming what he was thinking/reason why he would tell it to Shou. Of course, the outcome will depend on Shou's reaction.

      Yup. In other shoujo series, Suwa is the guy whom the lead girl will 'change' because of love, right?

      About his ex, wasn't she two-timing him with her boyfriend? That might reinforce his 'don't want to stay close'. With Usami...I think that it is a bit complicated. He is 'flirting' with her and she's biting even if she knows that he is bad news. With people like Suwa = having issues, it is really likely they'll hurt themselves and others who get involve with them.


      Yup. You noticed, too? I'm wondering if Suwa is 'created' to be the 'rival' who'll do those kind of things that the mangaka couldn't make Shizuka do.

      That actually takes how it takes time for Yuki to be more affectionate and act more like a gf. As I mentioned before, the series is about how they make their romance work with those 'weakness/habits' that can cause friction/trouble in a relationship.

      Well, being full of himself might be a 'side effect' of being ignore by his mother. Don't you think? It is also most likely that he's an only child. With no one to depend on and being 'abandoned', I think he has to instinctively think of himself and who cares about the others since no one will care about him. Something like that.

      I cannot say. Does he want to 'fix it'? I'm not that into 'fix him' since girl wanted to especially if the guy doesn't want to/isn't interested to do so. Like say, Shou isn't exactly 'fixing Yuki' to stop the things she does like being too close with other guys.

      It looks like a library/study room. I thought her house is smaller that it cannot fit a bookshelf.


      Yup. Yuki is also overly polite with elders and Shou might be confusing that as 'care' of some sort. It seems to be also some sort of frustration that he is younger...too many don't do this and that. In a way, as if he's not on the same level as her.

      Yup. It is something like that. Of course, hopefully, she knows how to draw the line like, if it is more than a hug...better 'get wild'. =P

      Ya. And, Shou feels all sorts of emotions that he usually don' what Kido mentioned. I mean, he won't feel so pressured to 'look good/be cool' if it weren't for Yuki.

      Haha, it's okay. ^^

    7. exactly.


      Oh, yep .. that really was/could be the reason. Plus It's when Shou got his confidence again .. it seemed sawa didn't like it.. so he played his last card. I got the feeling that he was like "Shou already snapped out and gave up.. so he won't stand up again, or I already get over him.." ..but it was like what Yuki said ..; and I felt like he wanted to break him down in basketball since he understood from Yuki words that "she loves seeing shou play basketball the most"..
      And when he did Shou really felt down again and it really got him, to the point of missing the balls/shoots in ...


      Ya. ah, true. Oh, you're so right.

      I already felt that, and its increased when you mentioned it in your comment, like " if she can shows him she's the one, she's not related to basketball.."'s like, he's searching/putting conditions (should be better than my mother, she should support me enough in basketball.." ... Shou didn't think so when he fell for yuki (even though the situations aren't the same) ... but still like not a "true love" ..(?)..

      Oh, yep, most likely is. Haha, but she can just let Shou take a break, I'm remembering a comment that really made me laugh, it was " lmao Shizuka isn't even completely outta the picture yet but a new rival comes in! now that's a first... serieconcept? stop stop stop shoving rivals everywhere pls" ... lol

      Yep, that's true, I thought so too. True.

      Yep, that's possible/true.

      I understand your point, you're right ^^

      Hana, I see.

      Oh, that's true. Yep, there's that too. Oh, yep.

      Yas, but tbh I'm starting to lose hope completely.. bcuz it doesn't seems like she's even aware that she's wrong/something wrong .. like she never sat and think "oh, he hugged me!! ..I should be more careful!! .." something like that. it makes me feel like the Mangaka don't even see that as wrong/or she'll make her work on it..

      Yepp. That's true ..^^


    8. Yup, it is kind of a psychological thing. 'Attacking one's weakness' and hopefully, you'll take the bait and make a blunder.

      Yup. Hm...thinking about it, I wonder if the mangaka would give him a good resolution. I mean, in other shoujo, they'll just let that rival be...and just make him give up and 'disappear' after the climax of the story.

      Haha, true.

      From the looks of it, she doesn't think it's wrong. ^^; And nobody seem to be saying it's wrong...well, in their world. But then, somehow, discussing about this, I recall that kind of scene is a 'aww romantic' type of scene in Korean dramas. Like, caught by surprise by a sudden hug. The girls don't seem to react like 'don't hug me and stuff like that'. ^^; Haha, though I'm not sure if the girl has a bf. =P

      In another series, this problem was resolved with the bf telling/demonstrating to the gf about it so ever since then, the gf is more aware and on the defense if the rival/other guy tries to touch her.


    9. Yaa..

      Oh, I don't think so, bcuz it's so clear that she'll make him a pair with usami-San.

      Ya. Hehe, yep, but as you said if the girl has a bf would be not nice at all.

      Ya, true, 'but with Yuki no' haha, I recall Shou said some things similar, like "don't let anyone touch you.." .. but it seemed Yuki didn't even get it, haha.


    10. Yup.


      Lol...well, he'll just have to trust Yuki on it since she doesn't get it at all. =P

    11. hehe, yep.

      It seems the english Scans will release chapter 80 and 81 tomorrow .. aww, then a little later chapter 82 ..>_<
      Like that they'll catch with the japanese updates.

      But you know, the Mangaka took a break for a month after chapter 80 and that's normal since it supposed to, after 5 or 6 chapters. But she just took a break again after chapter 82 .. after just 2 Chapter, oh my :(
      actually ch 82 released in Mai 2, exception. So chapter 83 will be in June 5.
      It's just too hard to wait for me.


    12. That's good.

      I see. Maybe she has things to do.

  8. Can somebody give me Japanese raw link so that I can read chapter 81 and 82?

    1. there's a Russian community of Namaikizakari in vk, who post raw from outakumole but you should register first (it's like fb)
      But just chapter 81

      Here the link

  9. It's always the same.. a guy appears > think he likes Yuki > start touching her and make passes on her > Yuki don't react at all > bcuz she don't know they might like her (so if not it's ok, annoying kat, right?) > Then even when she finds out ...she still act the same with them + get so close to them + and let them touch her "don't react harshly/like it should be" ...��

    All that matters is that Yuki and Naruse are together and won't split for the completion of this manga. I'm satisfied.

    Thank youu Kat!

    1. Haha, true. Is that good or is that bad...? Good since we can still be friends as usual even if you confessed. Bad since ah...she is treating it like 'nothing' at all.


      You're welcome ^-^

    2. Oh, exactly!

  10. Well, it's ok...I will wait for Naruse and Yuki.. I'm not angry at any of them 😊 .. but it's hard, I already missed them so much .. but it's ok I know their make up will be a Soo beautiful chapter ..❤ hehe. And it makes us more exciting/thirstry for them ..

    Thank you Kat, it's really pleasure to read and understand like that ^^

    1. Yup, lowaland ^^

      Thanks for reading ^-^

  11. I had this weird dream where Himeno-san becomes beautiful and steals Shou from Yuki. She is left all alone as Shou breaks up with her. Himeno and Shou are about to kiss and then I woke up and realised that it was actually a dream. What a nightmare!

  12. This guy sawanis REALLY pissing me off (>_<)

    Thank you Kat.

  13. stupid guy. Really dont understand why most of the third wheel guy think that breaking the mc relationship, then he can get what he wants. Imo, when these annoying third wheel guy decided to use this dirty trick to get the girl, its just show that he knows nothing about the girl and just full of himself.

    ThakT youu kat.

    1. Yup, Tani. I guess for them, they got nothing to lose and will gain something if it was successful.

      You're welcome ^-^

    2. Oh, You're righttt!
      he played with the wrong couple, hah.

  14. What date gonna release the next chapter?

    1. I have no idea, Henry. My summaries are depended on Chinese scanlations. So if no Chinese scanlations, no summary.

      Though...I think the Japanese is already at chapter 82.

    2. Thanks for your reply and for translating here! :)

    3. chpt 82 jpn raws r out though.

    4. Anonymous > Really? You have the link?

    5. Thanks for reading, Henry ^-^

  15. I think Naruse was right when he said if Machida met someone like him who would push she would let.

    Suwa backed off but had he not what would machida do... I'm looking for a scene where she firmly rejects an advancement till date i dont recall her ever doing that.

    P.s. i dont like suwa really gives me the creeps.

    Thank you.

    1. Maybe, Mily.

      If it is about one-sided hugs, most likely not.

      Is that so. In what way?

    2. In so many things, most of it, how shou now is having a really hard time WHILE he's just fooling around and take advantage of the situation... That's so creepy.

    3. Oh, I see. I would think of that as 'cunning'. ^^

    4. Oh, it's totally not 'cunning' but 'so unmanly'. Especially since he's so clueless about anything/about them. And especially since his feelings for her are totally not 'love'

    5. But isn't cunning = taking advantage of the situation to get what he wants while the opponent is weak and beat him down while he is weak. ^^; I'm sure that is kind of deliberate even if what he felt for her isn't 'love'.

    6. Oh, I totally agree with you.
      And that so unmanly.

  16. I think Machida's problem is mostly because no guy has ever expressed romantic feelings toward her before Naruse. That's why, it never crossed her mind that someone might be in love with her. That is somewhat stupid of her but that is exactly why Naruse loves her. It pains me to see Naruse going through that kind of useless trouble but that is also part of life. Machida has to help him and comfort him and more importantly, has to be more cautious with other guys ;-)

    1. Yup, Sakuratoru.

      I'm not too sure about 'help and comfort him' since she tried to do that and it rubbed him the wrong way.

  17. [It’s kind of amusing that the one whom Shou considers as his biggest rival is actually clueless that Yuki likes him/Kido.

  18. You think that yuki still likes kido?

  19. I have noticed that too, i think she mistook. She supposed to use past tense "liked" . Well, yuki didn't even liked him tho, it was merely admiration (she herself said it then)

    1. "Jose Alvarez"

    2. thx for the reply, it makes sense now. but honestly, is it just me or the story feels like dragged? adding drama every time

    3. No problem ^^

      Kind of.

  20. Do you have an idea of when the next post will come out by any chance?

    1. Sorry, no, Forever and Always...the Chinese group is no longer keeping up with the Japanese release for some reason. I heard the English group is planning to catch up.

  21. Thank you!!!!
    Anyway poor Naruse.....right now his selfconfidence is really low, meanwhile Yuki probably really is fascinated by this sempai....But to me It looks like She is too strict about the way She lives her relationship with shou.....with other people She looks more confident while It looks like with shou, She really treats him like her kouhai.... What a problem..... later Maybe Naruse Will have the chance to focus more in himself and Yuki Maybe She Will come up with a better consciousness about what It MEANS to be in a relationship........

    1. You're welcome ^-^

      Which senpai? Kido or Suwa?


    2. In my view, she isn't fascinated with him. She might be interested in him in terms of understanding him more in order to somehow help out her friend.

  22. Why would he behaves and say that! he's jealous of Shou bcuz he has a girl who loves him, but he also has usami. The one who is not appreciating is you. You're just being greedy and want something ain't yours. He should be more appreciative and thankful.

    Thank you!

    1. Hehehe...well, is easier to say than do especially since he isn't attracted to Usami. I don't think it is okay for Usami to settle for being the 'replacement' and Usami doesn't have that 'motherly-longing for' thing. Of course, he also has to realize that it isn't love what he's feeling towards is more like ah...sibling rivalry with Shou. ^^;;;

      You're welcome ^^