May 4, 2018

Free Talk: Namaikizakari [Chapter 79]

Thanks to Anonymous who found these chapters. ^^ To look at the pictures/Chinese scans, go here. I’ll work on chapter 80 next.

It is almost 730pm when Suwa leaned close to Yuki after he admitted that Yuki is the only one who noticed that he is keeping a distance from others in order to protect himself. Manager comes in the room to invite them to eat some dorayaki that Nami brought.

Then, he freaks out over what the two are doing. How come they are eating the dorayaki first. The two are holding a dorayaki each which they got from a box from Nami. They apologize for eating already. Nom nom. The manager complains that he was always enduring so that they can eat it together.

Yuki is in deep thought because for a second there, she thought something is going to happen. Flashback: Surprised Yuki called out his name. Suwa patted her forehead and said that there is some dust on her head. She apologized and said that she’ll clean during the break. Suwa laughed over this. End Flashback

Yuki is bewildered because after that they are all eating as if nothing happened. Watching Suwa teasing the manager, Yuki thinks that Suwa is still the same cheerful guy. It made her wonder if what he told her earlier about why he’ll distance himself from others is a joke or a part of it is true.

Suwa glances at her and looks glum. Yuki wonders why she impulsively got involved with his private matters. [So, no kiss happened. Suwa was able to fool Yuki with his ‘fake happy mood’. I think it is part of his instinct to catch himself from opening his heart too much = symptom of distancing from others]

In school, Usami-san introduces herself to Yuki as Usami Fuuka*, a woman who doesn’t waver. [*guesswork from 風香; She finally has a name]. Yuki asks her what’s up and did she got provoked that she become like that. Fuuka tells Yuki, no, she just thought that she actually just likes Suwa’s face and his inner heart is totally a riddle. She thinks that she is too silly that she would waver over this little thing.

She immediately goes to her phone when it beeped causing Yuki to think that it is Suwa. Suwa wrote if Fuuka came to see his practice and he thought that she was waving at the other teammates. This made Fuuka blush and declare to Yuki that Suwa was indeed waving at her. Yuki sees Fuuka looking so happy and relieved.

Yuki thinks that obviously Fuuka was so depressed yesterday. While Fuuka wonders how to answer Suwa, Yuki wonders if it is because she saw Fuuka like that yesterday, it caused her to be so serious that she bluntly told Suwa what’s on her mind about him pretending to be a bad guy and being distance from others.

[Ya, that can be a reason why she acted that way with Suwa. Somewhat like wanting to help out Fuuka by knowing what’s really up with Suwa or kind of ‘scold’ him. Of course, she didn’t expect that Suwa will react like that towards her. ^^; Perhaps, it is easier for Yuki to know/ handle things if she’s observing a situation rather than being involved in a situation]

In class, Abe goes to invite Shou to eat out. Shou asks if he doesn’t have friends in his class. This irked Abe for how can he talk like that to his best friend. Abe says that he isn’t going with him to get girls, but rather, he’ll listen to Shou’s rants about the club activity.

Shou asks what’s to complain when it is just the third day today. Then, Abe looks down below and says that it is Yuki. Below, Suwa is asking Yuki why she is carrying all sorts of materials as if she is moving house. Yuki says that she was asked to return these things to the prep room.

Abe comments that third year in the basketball division reminds him of someone before. “Even if they totally don’t look the same, but that ‘all smiles’ expression, isn’t it a bit the same with KIDO-SENPAI?” That made Shou all gloomy and dark. He asks who.

This made Abe start saying that he is the type of senpai who’ll first appear in the first volume of a manga and someone like Yuki would fall for him. That made Shou grab his head. Abe screams that it hurts and why he is doing that. Shou says that it is simply ‘older/senpai’ that’s all there is to it. Basically not a bit... Then, he sees Suwa helping Yuki carry the things. Shou mutters, not a bit the same.
[Jealousy is in the air. It doesn’t help that Abe is unintentionally rubbing things in. After all, of all the guys linked to Yuki, Kido was the one whom she did fell in love with...first. It doesn’t help that Yuki isn’t at all refusing Suwa’s help but then, she probably doesn’t think there’s anything wrong when someone wants to help her out.]

During the club activity, the first years who didn’t get a recommendation are now allowed to play as a team. Shou is glaring at Suwa. Red team senpai vs White team kouhai. Yuki watches the game beside Shizuka. Yuki anticipates Shou’s first game in college. The game starts with Shou focusing on stealing the ball from Suwa.

After Shou got the ball, he passes it to a teammate which ends up being stolen by Suwa. Shizuka wonders what’s up with that pass. Yuki thinks that it is totally different from high school and it is unknown if Shou can keep up. Suwa gets a three point shot. Someone praises Suwa since the first year didn’t even block it. Shizuka wonders what Shou is feeling anxious about.

Shou recalls what Suwa told him that he might be the lead in high school but it won’t work here so if he wants to be the cool boyfriend, it is better for him not to come here. With that, Suwa steals the ball from Shou. Red team wins. White team got zero points.

Yuki looks at Shou and thinks that it is ‘from the start’ again or it should be ‘from today on’. It is still a long way for Shou and he’ll definitely become strong. He definitely can. For that, she’s here to do the things that she can do. [Jealousy and ‘psywar’ had taken an effect on Shou’s performance. Because of that, he is somewhat fulfilling what Suwa told him.]

Later on, Yuki is getting ready to go home since she has work in the morning and homework to do. She sees Shou practicing at the gym. She says that he didn’t leave yet. He says no, he just wanted to hold the ball. Recalling telling someone that Shou’s team got zero points, she tells Shou that it is alright.

Do not be anxious. She is a bit startled today because it turns out that the high school and college is totally different. Even the atmosphere is totally different. Those who are seriously strong have gathered here but the future is still long for him and the other first years—

This hit a nerve that Shou darkly asks if she is treating him as someone younger/kouhai. This puzzles Yuki. He asks if she thinks that he’ll immediately feel better if she just comfort him by saying ‘you’re good’. Surprised Yuki protests that isn’t what she meant...

Pinning her to the wall, Shou says that he isn’t cool and cute like what she imagined. Yuki asks what. He starts giving her a French kiss and biting her lips. Yuki is confused. She pushes him away and says that it hurts. She is surprised since his hands are already inside her shirt.

She says He says, Yuki...Yuki... Flustered Yuki hits his head and asks what’s up with him. She asks why he is pissed off all by himself. He asks who made him pissed off, in the is good as long as it is someone like Kido.


Puzzled Yuki asks why he is suddenly mentioning Kido. Shou says that in college, it became ‘Suwa-senpai’ and no matter how he sees it, he is an expert in younger girls. Yuki protests that Suwa isn’t like that. She is startled when he says, see, she is defending Suwa. “You, panther*”

[* Haha, okay, it is like a ‘senpai/older guy complex’ but it sounds wrong. Basically, Shou is saying that Yuki has a thing for older guys.] That irks Yuki. Then, Shou left. Yuki wonders what he is saying and why did it turn out that way. She isn’t consoling him. She only wanted to tell him, ‘let’s do our best together’.

She only thought of supporting him. What’s up with throwing the basketball like that, it feels, it is possibly true...a bit tired already...and perhaps—She is startled when someone calls out to her. She turns around to see Kido asking if she is okay.

She is puzzled why he is here. She slaps herself and thinks no, don’t be stupid, get a grip. She stares again and it is Suwa asking if she is really okay. Yuki thinks that this is bad, she got such a huge blow that her brain had become abnormal. She blames that idiot for suddenly mentioning Kido that she had a misconception.

She tells herself that she is okay and she should put away the ball first. She is surprised when Suwa suddenly hugs her from behind. He tells her that whether what he told her yesterday or what he’ll tell her afterwards, it is all true. “Properly listen. I’m starting to want to steal you away, Machida-san.” Yuki thinks that there is definitely something a bit abnormal with her right now.

[Yup, she cannot believe that Suwa had just ‘confessed’ to her. Har har. The timing of Shou’s rivals. They quarrel. She becomes sad and confused. And, some other guy comes and would wish/want for her to be his instead. In both cases, back hug from the rivals.

Anyway, Shou is obviously consumed by his inferiority complex and jealousy. It doesn’t helped that she stepped on his land mine due to how she phrase what she wanted to say and made him think of Suwa = jealous. And, Shou assumed what she’s going to say that he interrupted her before she can finish.]

Quote of the day:
Jealousy only eats up your beauty, have more faith in yourself, you got something that other people don't. ~ Author Unknown


  1. Thanks for the summary, Kat.. I knew it, Suwa is going to develop a liking to Yuki sooner but I wonder how serious is he considering his personality. This will create some trouble/misunderstanding with Usami.Depending how she will react if she finds it out, it could make or break their friendship. And there's Shuzika too! How would he react?

    Oh, Shou just get over your jealousy/insecurities already and keep watch on Yuki. Knowing her, she might overthink things.. Can't wait for the next chapter. Thanks again.

    1. i feel that yuki makes it clear to suwa that she doesn't think of him that way and rather is ready to help him as a friend

    2. Shizuka!?!!!?? What's his business in that!?! Is he her bf or what!?! He has nothing to do with her/ surprised bcuz you mention him.. aw!!
      And Shou is not feeling 'jealous' He's feeling like he's not a good man enough for her. You don't understand that?! Get over that same story of jealousy about shou already, OMG!! Its definitely not the case here nor before. Argh!

    3. Watch over Yuki?? By this point Yuki should have been developed enough as a character to watch over herself, set her own boundaries and not borderline emotionally cheat on her boyfriend. Unfortunate by this and the future raws that is not the case.

      There's nothing about about this manga that feels enjoyable anymore to me. There's nothing romantic anymore, only filler drama to keep the manga selling. The scene where Shou forces himself on Yuki felt kinda rapey. I'm glad she hit him. This manga is so messy now it makes me question why I even liked it in the first place. And yes, I know it all is gonna end well XD

    4. The 3th anonymous, you know, I'm sorry but your comment is so annoying. You could have pointed your opinion more nicely/properly, if you're feeding up with it and regretting liking it, then stop it already.. why would you read the summary! U could have stopped it after you saw the raw. I can swear that you'll continue it, that's why I say ur comment is unnecessary. I will respect you if you will stop it,..
      Plus, what you said about Yuki and Naruse in ur last part is such a shame, you're saying such a big things you know!
      'Cheat on Shou' !?! From the next chapter Yuki will reject him immediately. Unless you saw a different raw than us. Well.. because of that you're commenting as anonymous. I don't want to fight with you, bcuz of that you can write ur comments more properly here.

    5. Thanks for reading, Mi Ciel ^-^


      Haha...ya, she usually overthinks.

    6. Mi Ciel, kat, overthink!?! Yep, she overthinked but about "sawa" not Shou at all, that night. Maybe she'll do if she finds time. Since the next day will be "overthink about usami"...

      Thank you Kat.

    7. Haha...true. Though she did think of Shou for a while there at school in the next chapter after he taunted her.

      So ya, she can only overthink one thing at a time. Someone confessed, overthink that. He taunts, overthink that. Fuuka problem arises, overthink that. ^^

      You're welcome ^-^

  2. good job and thank you for your hardwork . u'll be uploading 80th chpt summary on 5/05/18?

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      It's uploaded today. Something came up yesterday so I couldn't finish it.

  3. Hi thank you for your work Kat. would you have a link to read chapter 80 raw please ?

    1. Hey, here is chapter 80, but it's in Russian (I think...!):

    2. Also, thanks Kat!!!

    3. Thanks for reading, Anonymous ^-^

      It's here: Chinese.

  4. Aaarrggghhh stop defending yuki as just a naive girl. Like I said, she's so stupid. How many times Naruse has to tell her to be more conscious of what is happening around them. At this point, I want naruse's ex or any other more suitable girl to appear and them to break up so that she realises her loss. How can you not be aware of small things like that and not considering your bf's feeling for so long. I really feel sorry for naruse for having fallen in love with her

    1. Dude yuki considers naruse's feeling a LOT just that she isn't able to express it well or rather she is not used to showing those expressions , it takes time for ppl to open up n she is in a stage of improvement. 2nd thing she ain't stupid buddy , nobody can guess what's going on around you apart from the ppl around you.Yes, Shou kinda warned him but what her thoughts are legit. When she discovers that suwa has build up a wall around himself she relates to that and tries to help him out with good intentions in the hope that he may find someone worthy to whom he can open up. It's not her fault nor suwa that they sympathize n he develops feelings. She defends suwa on the basis of what she felt was common between them .Who would want a frnd to be accused on baseless notion and also when you know what he is n the other person does not. She is in dark abt suwa's feelings until he expresses them at the end and to clear it out she just wanna be friends she rejects his offer of stealing her in nxt chpt.

    2. Minamata, You're really defending that homewrecker?! He's not blamed for develops feelings BUT HE CAN'T MAKE PASSES ON HER. (Don't say it's to comfort her here) bcuz it's definitely not, he's just a touchy jerk who don't even care who to touch or why. And if he wants to comfort there's 'talk" not "hug" + Yuki don't even need His ugly hug, Which wasn't even a bit comfort but a merely selfishness, childishness and arrogance from him in a whole Stupid level. And which will just hurt her more.
      He's not a good person, yes, you really get convinced by those same predicable pathetic excuses!?! And he proved more how bad he is by that stealing-thing. He could just like and confessed but not really planning to steal someone else love ..omg! So that's become normal! Bcuz his gf cheated on him or his mother left him! That's so ridiculous! You'll see what he'll do in ch 81 to Naruse, he's so bad person and childish.
      And he don't even like her, don't rush, you'll see that in chapter 82, do you really think his confession and all the thing about Yuki from him is "love"? It's clear that he's confused and phrase it as love , but it's definitely not. you mentioned "she can't express her feelings well to Naruse, but that has nothing to do with what anonymous pointed, she/he pointed of the wrong way (somehow) she's dealing by with other guys. And now that I think of it, she is so open up and so aware like "any normal person" with other guys.
      and you call it "offer" !?!?!?!!!!! .. OMG..that's sooooooo ridiculous. Why most the comments here are so immature!

    3. Minamata, I hate to tell you this, but you are wasting your time trying to have a reasonable conversation online. It's hard to do, and is rarely done. But, even if it is pointless, do it anyways! Also, I completely agree with you, you have great points. Thank you for going beyond the basics, thank you for seeing both sides, and thank you for trying to internalize others' behaviors and thoughts rather than externalize others' behaviors and thoughts. Keep it up! It's rare and it will allow you to have a meaningful life!

      Plus, thanks Kat! I was so happy to see this summary!

    4. anonymous 2 thank you for your sweet supportive msg .
      And anonymous 1 ,u knw wht there r 2 kinds of ppl one who really don't understand a thing and 2nd who DELIBERATELY DON'T WANNA understand. No offence just calm down try to reread this manga if you may n try to really grasp the personalities of each characters, you remind of ppl who simply cram or copy a cheatsheet without understanding. Suwa was shown as a playboy not a home wreaker,when did he wreak a home ? ,if you r building his image based on what happened with the slapping girl , i kindly remind you that she was cheating on him as well as her bf or if you wanna talk abt his playboy attitude yuki is well aware abt it n keeps a distance. What if he is a playboy it is his wish or rather he chose that path after going thru some kinda situatn . Criticising n creating an false image based on rumor isn't good. Yeah I agree that with you now that he is playing but later on he will realize what he did n is doing is no good.
      Yuki will reject his offer so how does it make her at fault if he is forcing himself on her ? It's like ppl telling girls not to wear short clothes bcuz it invites disaster . Come on !
      If she is now "normal " as per your statement shldn't naruse be normal too ? Rather than brushing her off or being rash with her should he not tell her what's in his mind ?
      For me the basic fault between yuki n naruse is lack of conversation /interaction . Yeah the plot is stretching with addition of rivals but it is for the development of characters.Things like a girl should come in etc would only take this plot further away from basketball too.

    5. Thanks for reading, Anonymous [2] ^-^

    6. Minatama, in how he's planning to steal Yuki <- break their relationship. that's why I'm saying a homewrecker (a person blamed for the break-up of a marriage or RELATIONSHIP)
      if his feelings for her are true/pure he will never say/has even that idea in his mind. The way and the time he confessed are so creepy, it's reflect on how much messed up he is inside. He's feeling pain and confused (bcuz of his past) bcuz of that he's mixing things <- but that's not love.
      His gf cheated on him so he wants/plans to cheat with a girl who has a BF (same)!? Argh..

      And yes, I think the same, that he'll later on understand that he's wrong, BCUZ he's wrong. I felt like you tried to excuse him completely bcuz he has a pain past and that's wrong, bcuz of that I said that. Yes, I'm not judging him, no one has the right to judge others bcuz we're not perfect, but no one can claim that he's not WRONG.

      And when in my entire comment did I blamed Yuki!? For you to go and make/write all that drama! .. yuki is not at fault, she helped him <- he didn't appreciate it, but instead he took advantage of her, and molested her from behind like that.

      !?!?! I said she act like a normal person (not dense) with other guys/ppl not with Naruse.

    7. About Naruse, yes, he won't tell Yuki about what it's in his mind, you know why? Bcuz that's his personality. It's not easy the way you viewed/wrote it (with anyone tho, ESPECIALLY with Naruse).
      U told me that I don't understand the characters personality and to re-read it, well, I'm telling you the same thing too bcuz u truely don't understand Naruse's personality. You used from him to be so open up/expressive with yuki so you thought That's it. well, no. 1/ he's like that only with Yuki (+ that's not easy to him) 2/ Naruse's personality is the same as Yuki (tsundere, so reluctant in demanding and accepting help, always acts cool and don't show his pain to anyone, zero facial expressions <- we got to see his smile/s just after so many chapters and other expressions too "just when he met Yuki" ; don't let anyone or Yuki to see his weak side..) didn't u notice Everytime he would go through something he would try to don't show it to her/act cool and somehow distance himself from her (like in chapter 10-11) <- and Yuki knows that and she always mention "he won't let me see his weak side" .. if that his personality (he see it as "weakness" if he show them & it's so hard for him) then it can't be helped, just how u/we always excuse Yuki by her personality and Naruse accept/love it it the way she's and never show any bothering (Though yuki is doing that too) the problem is just you "ppl" AND she always tries to help him without him noticing that's she is doing bcuz she knows him.)
      I'm not saying what he did/do is right .. he/both will develop/learn how to share everything between each other without embarrassing "the happy and the sad things" ...that's just natural..

      But u just attacked/criticize Naruse and didn't make excuses for him like u did with the dude. Just bcuz it's "Naruse" ... don't belittle his pain just bcuz you find it unconvinced. Naruse is really being hurt and having a hard time now. More than sawa,more than anyone. He needs help the most (everyone in the Manga has who to complain to only Naruse. Yuki to Naruse. Hakamada to his captain. Sawa to Yuki now and usami) only Naruse keep everything in his heart, put a cool face and bear the two guys hurtful words. He's the most one who got hurt in that Manga (his relationship with Yuki, how he were lose and come back, being the captain..) ...ya, he wants to Franck to Yuki but he just can't/it's hard for him.

      And yes I agree, Naruse and Yuki need more conversation. But that BCUZ of the two personality and they'll progress, like I said.

      Oh, so you respond just cuz you were afraid "of a female rival" .. that anonymous mentioned. Ha! .. well, ya, I know if a female appears no one will excuse her or be understandable like u do with sawa now or the other guy too,l just bcuz they're "GUYS" ..if a female everyone's will call her bit** .. just like arisa (no one feel her pain and said "I feel bad for, she didn't got the one she loves ..she might be so hurt..") .. actually one can't even compare arisa with the 2 guys <- bcuz she really love/d Naruse bcuz she really know him, for too long.

      And the whole thing about sawa is not to hepl develops Naruse and Yuki characters/relationship romantically but to develop the friendship of the two girls. (And ya, for Naruse too but in "basketball")

      And yes, I also don't like how the author distance the Manga from basketball.. but I think she'll return to it .. honestly sawa character is testless and boring and he brings with it a boring and unnecessary/uninteresting drama. The conflicts always were solves in the Court like men do but he's not.

      I don't have any problem with Naruse and Yuki .. they have the great personality ever.

      I think I wrote a lot, idk if u'll even read it. Sorry if I was offensive. Thank you. Bye.

    8. Can someone give me the Japanese raw link where I can read chap 81 and 82?

    9. Well Mr/Ms anonymous I call for a truce. We both have a different outlook to this manga n when brought together contradicts each other. And I really appreciate your dedication for this manga. Lastly i just wanted to say i gave your comment worth its time. Peace.

      PS - Rajesh Das i commend you for your bravery (hehe) . Links have already been provided.

  5. Shou and Yuki are so precious. But they always have impolite and pathetic ppl around them who don't know their limits. I really feel bad for them, I feel like they have no choice just to handle those ppl' craziness and childishness.

    Thank you Kat ^•^

  6. Thank you kat ^^

    But Kat, you, didn't said anything bad about Shou and Yuki, and You explained it/your opinion in a true and nice way..why those ppl commenting bad things about both of them!? Didn't they know that might hurt others/us! :(
    Everything is clear, why they are creating things! ..if it were me I will get read of them ..ya, I don't care.. :(

    About sawa, I'm trying to be understandable.. but what's he's doing is not nice at all..

    Oh, though you would post 80's summary yesterday. Well, thank you so much, if it's not you idk what will we do ^^

    1. You're welcome, mary scent ^-^

      I guess they feel quite strongly for the characters/situation. As I mentioned before, perhaps, there is a certain expectation to how the character should act.

      Indeed...I think it is explained more in the next chapter.

      Haha, I planned to but some issue/problem came up here so I couldn't finish it in time yesterday.


    2. Yepp.


      Oh, it's ok dear, take your time ^^


    3. And Kat, Naruse isn't just playing against sawa (here) by his less capabilities than him, he's so nervous/has a lot of things on his mind ... he's like afraid of sawa ..
      You know when sawa stole the ball from him, that looks on his face.. really felt bad for him ..:(. Hehe

      Also, so even hakamada felt something wrong is going with shou but Yuki no, .. hehe
      Despite the fact that she's so aware when it comes to other guys/ppl..

      Also when he told her "I'm not cool and cute like you thought" ..hehe, I really felt bad for him..

      Also, when Yuki told him "sawa-san is not like that" ...i myself got irked. She would say that at time like that! At least don't say anything, wait another time when he's/it's calm and tell him ...


    4. Afraid? Hm...about stealing Yuki? I was tempted to joke about ball = Yuki. =P

      Indeed. I guess Yuki just assumed that his skills aren't yet at college level rather than something is bothering make those mistakes.

      Ya, he's being attacked by the 'lack of self-confidence' bug but then, that's natural yet frustrating.

      True...I would think it is more on, she is about to tell him that the guy had some issues but he quickly assumed that she is defending him.

    5. No, not about stealing Yuki. he's seeing him better than him in basketball (so as man somehow) .. so its effects his doing in the club..all that brings his psychology completely down, So he's like afraid (of him) .. I can't explain it like it's in my mind, hehe.
      Sorry, I didn't understand what you mean by that "I was tempted to joke about ball = Yuki. =P" 😅

      Yep. Her guessing when it comes to Shou always wrong, hehe. But even so, his skills aren't at that miserable point like he never play basketball before, one can easily notice.
      Well, we'll see^^

      Exactly. True.

      Yep, I'm saying the time was wrong. + She didn't have to get all worked up/reacting about him/it like that.

      And you see when she said "first years.." it was like add salt on the wound, haha

    6. Also, yep, she was defending him, no? If she was about to tell him he has issues, then that defending, no Kat?
      I just remember it now, sorry, hehe.

    7. Ah, I see. I get it.

      Haha, that is my joke for love triangles. The ball is the girl/the one being chased after. The two teams will be the rivals. So like Team Shou got the ball/Yuki but Team Suwa stole the ball/hug her what will Team Shou do next. Of course, that analogy works well for pure love triangle story wherein we do not know whom the girl/boy will end up with.

      True. Yuki assumed that the other players are better. Shizuka noticed that Shou isn't playing well/is anxious about scoring perhaps and makes mistakes.

      Yup, it was like belittling when well, even if Yuki is stating a fact...that fact about 'first year' didn't apply to Shizuka.

      In a way, I guess she is. I think, it is something like, do not quickly judge Suwa for being like that because the guy has issues which I'm going to tell you now.

    8. Haha, omg! You're really something. That was a beautiful thought ❤^^

      Yep. True.

      Yep, ya..

      Yep. ^^

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I feel sorry for Naruse :( he has a lot of rivals lingering around his gf and in basketball.
      I just love Naruse and Yuki so much :+
      I don't want any rivals nor from Yuki side nor Naruse side..I'm so tired 😥

      Thank you kat dear!

    2. True.

      Is that so.

      You're welcome, Iowa ^-^

  8. Hey,can somebody tell me when will come out the next chapter?(80)

    1. It is already out here: