April 2, 2018

Kasane [Chapter 116 - Conclusion]

Takemi says, “She is reading out a ‘script’! It is AN ALL OUT ACTING that can sufficiently shake a person’s inner being!” Sitting on the floor in front of the dilapidated theater’s stage, limp Kingo hears someone stepping on a broken glass. He looks up to see Kasane looking at him.

Kingo asks, “Did you come to ridicule me? *Kasane didn’t answer* ...I really don’t know anything...” Flashback: Kingo asked, “Acting?” Takemi said, yes. Tense and surprised Kingo asked, “Why? What is she acting?” Takemi didn’t answer him. She told him, “---after almost an hour had passed, Izana came out.”

Flashback 2: Sitting up from her chair, Takemi asked if Izana is done. Izana said yes. Takemi said, “But, you really give me a shock...it turns out...that you are also an actress.”

Breathing hard Izana tightly held on a script. She looked away and said, “I came here to ask for your help regarding some other thing. But, upon seeing the theater, I cannot stop myself from wanting to go up and give it a try...”
Takemi tensely asked, some other thing? Looking at her, Izana exclaimed, “I...I beg of you! Let FUCHI SUGEYO and...‘Kasane’ hide here [with you]!!” End flashback 1. Kingo looked shocked. End flashback 2.

Kasane says, “...afterwards, on the day when she is prepared to meet up with the two, Takemi-san saw the news on the television regarding Fuchi Sugeyo’s death. ...from then on, there is totally no message from Izana. *takes out a script from her bag*

...Takemi found this in the luggage that mother left before leaving the theater. *holds the script to Kingo* What mother is acting all by herself is your ‘Ake no Hime’.”
Kingo’s eyes widen upon seeing his script. He quickly grabs the script and tosses it to the side causing the papers to fly all over the place. Kingo angrily shouts, “Know...knowing this much about the situation...in the end, what kind of feelings do you have as you read the lines of my play!?”

Kasane replies, “I want to know mother’s feelings at that time. She was here, in this place where no one can see her, acting alone with the feelings of one known as ‘Izana’.” Covering his eyes with his hands, Kingo says, “That sounds nice...in the end, she and you didn’t give up on acting!!”
Kasane says, that is because... Kingo interrupts by saying, “You are right. I don’t know anything. *disbelief* [she] didn’t tell me anything. But, I arrogantly thought that compared to anyone else, I know that person’s feelings [/intention]...

...I was proud since I thought she entrusted me with her final wish. *scene of young Kingo talking with Izana* Not only that, the person I loved whom I gave all of my life... *looks at hands* With my own hands, I...!! Hey, kill me, Kasane!! I’m the man who killed your mother. *despair* I ought to die by your hands.”
Teary-eyed Kasane scowls. She walks forward and picks up a page of the script. She says, “If you sincerely want to know of mother’s feelings... *kneels down in front of Kingo and holds a page of the script to his face* Then, look at this closely!!

...*Kingo’s eyes widen* An actress would use a pen to line [/highlight] the role that one is going to play. In this ‘Ake no Hime’, the role that Izana wanted to act is--”
The highlighted role is ‘Yoi’. Kingo recalls crying Izana saying, “This story...I should be acting in it.” Holding the paper, Kingo asks, “She wanted to play ‘Yoi’?”

Kasane says yes. “It wasn’t the beautiful miko ‘Ake’, rather mother wants to act as the ugly witch ‘Yoi’. At the same time, I... *Kingo looks at her* Right now...like my mother, I also have the same... wish.”
Comment: Kingo has found out of the truth. He had indeed killed his beloved. Even if Kasane has every reason for revenge, she is giving Kingo hope. That is how to fulfill Izana’s last wish. After all, Izana wanted Kasane to be on stage.

Contrary to what Kingo thought, it is for Kasane to be herself as Izana would want to be herself while acting. It makes me think that play has indeed affected Izana and it had possibly brought about the planned escape. So, if Kasane will act as ‘Yoi’, will Iku play as ‘Ake’?

Actually with Kasane acting as ‘Yoi’, I wonder if the permanent switch can still be pulled off. I’m not too sure though if Kasane is still interested in it. And we are not sure if it can really be pulled off as simply as Kingo had theorized it using the notes. Anyway, from the looks of things, it will be a happy ending. Scans by 网易汉化

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  1. Thank you for the translation!
    It makes sense for Izana to ask help to the old lady, Sugeyo had been locked up for years she surely couldn't run far away given her health, fame and Atae's obsession.
    As you said, it's likely that Iku will play Ake since she is the embodiment of the pure miko.
    Are we finally going to see Kasane act in front of everybody with her own face? A tear is falling from my eye.

    1. Thanks for reading, Sua ^-^

      True. Though, I wonder if Atae won't think of searching for her there. Like, he would wonder to whom she can go to especially since he had locked her up ever since then.

      True. So, it makes me wonder if the permanent switch would still happen or not.

      Most likely yes. The first time was in chapter 1. So, it is kind of fitting.

  2. Thank you a lot!

  3. It would be interesting if Kasane used her lipstick as a prop while playing Yoi. She could actually 'steal' Ake's face and the audience and other actors would think it was the work of special effects or makeup.

    I can't wait to see what will happen when Kasane acts on the stage with her own face.

    1. Yup, it would be interesting ^^

      Indeed...and aside from that, would something happen there.

  4. With these recent bombshell a lot of questions have swirled in my mind, but the most important one is did sukeyo really try to expose izana to atae or what, since her concern for kasane would imply that she did not have any resentment towards izana, at least not enough to abandon her child and actually risk her own life to save her, so then what actually hapened? why did she decide to stay and have a child with atae? what was going on between her and him during izana's absence when she got kicked out ? so much mind****ery

    1. also on another note did izana fake being ill or was it legitimate after getting locked in that house i mean she was healthy and wasn't locked in a basement since Sukeyo had already passsed away and we know that she was allowed to stay in a room so is this some next level acting where she pretends to be sick and frail to the point where she actually becomes so in the end?

    2. True, Hame. I would think that the two women had decided to cooperate and free themselves from that Atae. Sugeyo has always been nice since she did help out Izana when they first met. That is one thing and perhaps, she won't be able to face Izana if Kasane died.

      I think it is as what happened. The two women had a falling out when Sugeyo did expose Izana's true appearance. Sugeyo just didn't expect that Atae is kind of crazy and obsessed with the her appearance + Izana's talent. Sugeyo did love Atae and Atae probably wanted to have a 'beautiful child' so both had a child.

      That part, I have no theory. I'm wondering how come Atae moved 'Sugeyo' from the basement to the bedroom. Is it to take care of Nogiku? But later on, it does seem that Izana got sick yet won't die from what I theorize as an infection. Somehow, I wonder if Atae knew of the switch or not...that Izana is left with him.

    3. Your speculations about the women's relationship does seem very plausible and most likely correct, how they had a falling out and later reconciled with each other after realizing that atae is in love with neither of them but instead the amalgamation of sukeyo's beauty and izana's grace. Maybe after realizing this and being put in such a state of unwantedness sukeyo finally was able to see a glimpse of the world which rejected izana the same way how iku was able to fully understand kasane's world after a session of walking around her face. That would explain why she apologized to kasane and resigned herself to being used by her(well that or the fact the got got chained didn't really give her a choice) but i believe she became a willing hostage and maybe saw her imprisonment as punishment for betraying izana who considered her as a friend. That would also explain why she was almost demonlike when atae threatened to drown kasane in the river since his actions maybe reminded her of her own past wickedness and she was not gonna allow the world to reject kasane the same way it did izana.

    4. Indeed. I would think that they also realized that they have no future with him. They would probably have done it earlier on if they knew what Atae is capable of in regards to their daughters. One can be easily 'killed off' and the other one violated for his own lust and obsession. But then, perhaps, it is also mother's instinct that they should leave?

      Possible. I have a different view about it though. I assumed that Sugeyo became demonlike upon realizing how evil Atae is since he can casually 'throw away' anyone, even a child, who doesn't suit his plan. Perhaps, how he 'threw her away' just because she isn't 'the actress Sugeyo'.

  5. Merci pour ton travail de traduction ! Tu es la seule que je connaisse à traduire le manga, bénis sois-tu ! >-<

    Thank you for your translation work! You are the only one I know to translate the manga, bless you are! >-<