April 5, 2018

Futsuu no Koiko-chan [Chapter 13]

Narration: “It is good if it is ‘mutual love’. *Tsurugi holding Koiko’s hand as they walk* ...hence, that kind of thinking had sprouted and at the same time, a month had also quickly passed. Today, I can be at peace in being the ordinary me.”

It is snowing. Koiko is walking through the outer school corridor with her friends. Rino exclaims that it is so cold and it’s so white. Sakura says that she would really want to have a boyfriend who’ll stick to her side to keep her warm.

Koiko says that a time has passed since she broke up with her boyfriend. Sakura says yes. “Ah- this Valentine’s day, we can peacefully just make our friendship choco!” Smiling Koiko says that’s right. Narration: “Valentine’s day... That’s right! *images of chocolates* Valentine’s day...! However...”
She sees Tsurugi and friend walking towards them. They look at each other and then, Tsurugi looks away. They walk pass each other like strangers. Someone asks what will she make, how about brownies.

Someone answers that she only has to slice the chocolate into sticks or make in batches [/cake mix] which is also very convenient.  Narration: “That-is-right- Just like before, in school, we pretend that we don’t know each other. Even if I’m really grateful that he would give consideration to me, and it is thanks to his cooperation that I was able to keep things as they are. But...

...*glances back at Tsurugi.* More or less, you can expose [/show] it a bit that there is a bit of something between us [<- we are not strangers]. Just kidding. *looks away* I’m just recklessly talking. If it was exposed, it will be very troublesome.”
Her friend says that a chocolate cup [cupcake?] is much easier to do. Someone agrees with that. Then, Tsurugi turns around to look at departing Koiko. Tsurugi’s friend says that the girls are discussing about chocolates so it is that time again. “Anyway, Tsurugi, you’ll definitely get a lot.”

Tsurugi laughs and says that it is chocolate heaven. His friend says that he’ll wait for him to get fat. Tsurugi tells him that he has a ‘cannot get fat’ physique. This irks his friend.

At home, Koiko is reading a recipe book on Valentine’s choco. She also reads on making of honmei [true feeling] choco. It was advised that she make homemade choco to capture his heart and choose 7 kinds of choco... Then, Koiko goes to shops to check on ready-made chocolates and also, ingredients for making chocolates and baked goods. Agigated Koiko is soon baking.
Narration: “In short, tentatively, I’ll give that guy giri [obligation] choco and it’s no big deal at all.” Her mother looks at her and says that it is Vday choco and is it for Tsurugi. Koiko tells her that she is making friendship choco.

Narration: “From ‘friendship choco’, it had become ‘giri choco’.” Soon, Koiko bakes some cookies. A bag consists of three cookies – overbaked cookie, silver bead decorated flower cookie and icing cookie with the word ‘sweet’.

The ribbon on Tsurugi’s package is a bit more carefully done than the others because while she was tying the ribbon, she started to get confused on how to tie it. Narration: “Yes. Even if it is like that, in the end, it is a giri choco that’s all!”

In school, Koiko is stunned to see the many chocolate packages on Tsurugi’s table. Her friends say look at that, it’s so amazing, whose table is it? After returning from the toilet, Tsurugi is surprised that there are so many and it’s so amazing. With a -_- expression, Koiko thinks that it’s yours.

The others tell Tsurugi that it is his. Tsurugi says is that so, thanks everyone. Someone asks Tsurugi to share but he refuses. With her female alert sense, Koiko scans through the packages. The one with a ribbon is suspected to be a honmei.

The one with a bird + heart is suspected to be a honmei yet pretending to be a giri. The one with polka dots is pretending to be a giri and it is suspected to be taking one’s chance. The one with a note ‘for Tsurugi, Happy Vday and hope you receive more from Mika’ is very suspicious. 

The one with a letter is quite suspicious. “Throw all of it away.” Then, she sees happy Tsurugi saying that it looks so delicious. This made Koiko sad. She thinks that she’s so dark, so black-hearted [outwardly kind but inwardly evil]! 

She notices him looking at her. She tells her friends that they should go since break time will soon be over. Koiko thinks forget it, it’s nothing, anyway, her personality is basically not that good. “But, But--!”

As Koiko sit in class with the bag of cookies at the side, she wonders what kind of feelings everyone had as they prepare those chocolates that pretend to be a giri choco. “Even if I can also, more or less, understand their feelings...

...That’s right, it is because I understand so... ‘throw all of it away’ *puts head on table* Why do I feel that because of mother’s blood that flows through my body, it had brought about this dark kind of thoughts? Is it proof that I’ve already gradually falling deeply?”
The school bell rings. Others say goodbye. Some guys are lamenting about not getting any choco. Packing her bag, Koiko thinks that in the end, she didn’t give it to Tsurugi. “That is right. After all, in school, we are merely ‘strangers’. Forget it, it is also okay to give it to him when he comes for work.”

Then a couple of girls are saying that they heard in section 7, one by one, the girls are still handing out chocolates to Tsurugi. Koiko thinks wh-at--!! In class 1-7, some girls bid Tsurugi goodbye and thanks him for staying behind. Passing by Koiko, the girls say that they were so nervous and it seems that they were the last.

Koiko peeks into the room. Upon seeing her, Tsurugi perks up and calls out to her. Pointing to the chocolates on his table and a huge box of chocolates on another table, Tsurugi laughs and asks how is he going to bring it all back home. Koiko thinks, “Throw it all away. There are now a lot more.”
Going to him, she says that it looks like a lot of people confessed to him and it’s so amazing. Tsurugi tells her that no one confessed today. Koiko says then that’s quite regretful. Tsurugi says that it isn’t. “...by the way, Natsumi-san?” Koiko nervously asks what is it. Tsurugi pouts and looks at the side.

Then, he scribbles on the fogged window. “Please give me chocolate.” Koiko goes to the window and scribbles, “None.” Tsurugi is shocked. Thinking that she’s lying and she just want to tease him a bit, Koiko tells him that he already got a lot so forget about her. Teary-eyed Tsurugi scribbles, “Stupid-!!”
Then, he draws a horse and deer = ‘baka’ = ‘stupid’. Koiko thinks that he can draw quite well that she had unconsciously become enchanted. Taking out the cookies from the bag, she says, fine, for you. “If it’s cookies, I have that.”

Tsurugi blushes. Koiko thinks that expression. Teary-eyed, he says that her so-called Valentine’s ‘chocolate’ actually doesn’t just refers to ‘chocolate’. Koiko thinks that of course she knows that. She says, fine, fine. Then, he scribbles, “Super happy”. This made her blush as he smiles at her.

Narration: “Sorry, everyone. In the end, I’m very black-hearted. Feeling superior. Special feeling. Happy feeling.” Tsurugi had also scribbled, “Happiest for receiving it.” Holding the cookie, he tells her, “Happiest.” 
Comment: And, that’s how their first Vday is celebrated. It is like celebrating it as an ‘unofficial’ couple. Her ‘choco’ is not exactly chocolate but then, giving him something, in this case, cookies is already something. ^^ The writing on the fogged window is really nice. ^^

Even if Koiko doesn’t like the feeling of being mean since she wants Tsurugi for herself = others cannot give him choco, but in the end, she cannot help but feel that way. Until when can Koiko deny her feelings for the sake of being ordinary? Scans by 正宮汉化组 

Quote of the day:
One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that someone is happy because of you. ~ Author Unknown

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