March 29, 2018

Free Talk: Skip Beat [Chapter 257]

Apparently, Kijima is already aware of Ren’s feelings for Kyouko even if Ren tries to act clueless about it. Kijima is quite good in putting things together to form a more or less correct conclusion. The way he pesters Ren about that exclusive bar, it makes me think that he is actually subtly blackmailing him.

Lol, though perhaps, this is the rare opportunity that he gets to annoy Ren while he’s in a ‘weak state’ =P Or, he is hoping that with some sake, Ren will loosen up and tell him of his inner thoughts. Anyway, since Kijima wants to be on Ren’s good side, can we consider him an ally for Ren x Kyouko? ^^


Kyouko’s spider chibi demon sense is up. Where are those demons when she needs them? Yashiro’s sense is also up. Ah, did he just hold his cellphone without protection? So, there won’t be an opportunity to call Ren?

Apparently, after seeing how good Kyouko is with the action scenes, Kimiko and manager aren’t going to take any chances so they drugged Kyouko to partly immobilize her. So, they are going to toss Kyouko off the balcony. How are they going to pass that as an accident?

It is very unlikely for someone who just got the audition to want to hurt herself/commit suicide by jumping off. Would they say that it is because Kanae didn’t get the role? Still, there should be traces of being drugged in her system.

Ah, where are they again? Are they still in the studio canteen-type of place or at a nearby restaurant? I’m thinking that they’re quite daring to do it in a public place. I always get the impression that when it happened with Erika, it was dark and she’s all alone in the street. It would be hard to conclude what they are doing as an ‘accident’.

So, who do you think will help her out? Somehow, I’m betting on either Yashiro or Kanae. Though it is also possible that it is one of Erika’s bodyguards. I’m not too sure if Erika can walk to do any saving but I’m guessing/hoping that she’ll use her cellphone to video the incident and blackmail Kimiko with it. Or expose her true nature to the guy she likes?

Kyouko and others might be too ‘nice’ for it based on previous female antagonists. So it would have to be Erika who’ll destroy Kimiko’s career. But what about the manager? Be blacklisted? Oh wait, is it possible that Kimiko would escape responsibility by saying that it is all her manager’s plan and she is just an ‘accomplice’?

Anyway, I think Kyouko and her demons would also want a piece of Kimiko, too. Kimiko isn’t in the drama anymore so how will the payback be accomplished? Team up with Erika and others? Will Ren still meet up with Kyouko later that night? We’ll just have to usual.


  1. Yes, this particular scheme seems pretty hair-brained-- they have to waylay her downstairs, lug her up to the roof, and then throw her over, all without being observed-- if either one of them is ID'd the game is over. I can't say I believe that there's anything that would motivate the manager to play along with this-- it requires a combinations of stupid, evil and crazy that I'd believe in one character, but not two.

    It doesn't help that we have no sense-of-place here at all: what building is this? Are they all still on the lot? That's a gigantic complex outside of town, if I remember right...

    So on the rescuer's list, Ren is out, Kanae might be out if she's gone home already, that leaves Yashiro or (most likely, I think) Erika and the jeweled-trio, who were already watching Kimiko, waiting for her to make a move.

    It won't be necessary to bring in any police to deal with Kimiko, my sense is that she's already on thin-ice: the Morizumi clan must already have their suspicions of her (my sense is the reason her uncle wasn't helping her much is he'd rather not have anything to do with her). After this move, she has a private asylum in her future, and her manager is going to be lucky if she's only blacklisted.

    It is an interesting thought that someone like Ren might decide the manager needs to disappear. Actually, here's a quick resolution: Kyoko snaps out of it and struggles, and the manager goes over the edge-- then the jewel-trio cavalry arrive. It'd be a bit awkward for Kyoko to have to turn in a self-defense plea, though, and covering up a death would be a bit much.

    1. Was it downstairs, doomvox? I assumed that they are in the upper floor. The restaurant is at the upper floor. So, they just brought her out to the balcony to toss her over. ^^;

      Yup. Maybe it is already late at night so they thought they can pull that...even if Yashiro is nearby. Indeed...perhaps, it is a case of it can be pulled/one will dare pull it off due to having an accomplice/partner-in-crime?

      I assume that they are still in the same place. I think Kimiko and manager ate somewhere first while waiting for the audition to finish then head back to get rid of Kyouko.


      True. Lol, I just thought of something. Since Kyouko still believe that Ren likes Kimiko, would she try to warn him about Kimiko? Conflicted on whether to tell him or not? Basically, I'm hoping for a positive outcome for romantic progress ^^

      Haha, is that so. Not too sure...maybe Lory can.

      I'm not sure if Kyouko can snap out of it. I believe she was drugged...there was a handkerchief on her face when Kimiko grabbed her and Kyouko felt limp so she couldn't barely walk. The manager is the one carrying her.

      In that kind of position/situation with two people tossing one over [one on the waist and the other on ones legs] and one is slightly drugged, I'm not optimistic that one can realistically save oneself. (--)|||

      If it is pushing the manager over, maybe during the rescue...someone struggles to save Kyouko and manager goes over instead. Ah yes, I don't think the mangaka will pull that - having anyone tossed over. The series might become more complicated with police and media, etc. Yup.

      So, destroying their careers is most likely the way to go. For Kimiko, perhaps, failing to accomplish her goal as to why she is so desperate to get in that drama.

    2. "Was it downstairs, doomvox? I assumed that they are in the upper floor. The restaurant is at the upper floor. So, they just brought her out to the balcony to toss her over."

      I think you're right about that. I don't see any visual queues as to what floor the restaurant is on-- as I've seen someone else remark, the background art is skimpy here-- but there are some indications they waylaid her just inside the balcony doors.

      "Maybe it is already late at night so they thought they can pull that ..."

      Right, but even so I can't say I believe this. An opportunistic attack when there's only one person involved, I'd believe, with two they're bound to waste time talking. (I often have this problem with the schemes of fictional bad guys-- they often seem incredibly lucky and worse they *rely* on being lucky, they seem to expect it. And they somehow find henchmen who are fanatically dedicated ...)

      "Since Kyouko still believe that Ren likes Kimiko, would she try to warn him about Kimiko?"

      That's actually a really good angle. Kyoko tries to delicately break the news to Ren that his girlfriend is an evil psycho. (Even more so than Ren.)

      "Basically, I'm hoping for a positive outcome for romantic progress"

      Well, I'm sure it won't take much more than another ten years.

      "I'm not sure if Kyouko can snap out of it. I believe she was drugged...there was a handkerchief on her face when Kimiko grabbed her and Kyouko felt limp so she couldn't barely walk."

      Right, the body language on the attack matches the cinema cliche for "chloroform!" (I hate to quibble, but why would a working actress have a bottle of something like chloroform or ether around, and wouldn't someone else in the Cafeteria be wondering about the smell... but anyway.) Still, it's very clear that Kyoko is groggy but not unconscious, she's got her hands on the railing and she knows what's going on-- it would take some work for even two attackers to heave someone over the edge under those circumstances. One good kick could take out one of them.

      Though actually, it occurs to me Yashiro took a phone call a few chapters back where it wasn't entirely clear what it was about, but my interpretation was that it was Lorry giving him a heads-up that Kimiko might have assaulted Erika. It could be the idea is because Yashiro is on the alert he intervenes in time, beating the jewel trio rev-harem-- it'd be nice to see Yashiro get to do something useful for once.

    3. Indeed. I even have to recheck if it was the same restaurant Kimiko and manager were when Erika and bodyguard are spying on seems to be a different place. So, I'm assuming that Kimiko and manager went out of the place. Then, secretly went in again to do the deed. <- she won't be a suspect. If so, did someone tell them that Kyouko is eating dinner inside? Or, Kimiko and manager just guessed it since it is already dinner time.

      - - -

      True. There was a slip up here between Kimiko and manager so Kyouko was able to guess who is behind it. I'm wondering if that means, the payback will happen later on like what happened with Chiori rather than for it to immediately happen here.

      Happening later on seems unlikely because Kimiko is no longer in the drama. A possible scenario would be Kimiko and manager thought that they 'won'. But actually, Kyouko was rescued by someone/some people below. Then, when Kimiko is going to 'get the role', Kyouko exposes her and her manager.

      Hehe, indeed.

      - - -

      Hopefully not...maybe just 5 years lol. Kidding aside, maybe this year, there will be a substantial progress since Ren knew about the kiss and she thinks that Kimiko is the girl. Even Kijima is 'helping out'.

      - - -

      Good question...where can one actually buy that stuff? Drug store? Chemist? Is it possible that it is a different drug? I always thought that chloroform causes fainting but it seems that Kyouko is only numb/cannot quite move but her mental function is still quite alert.

      Ya...I'm also thinking of a kick of some sort but I'm not sure if she can properly grip the handrail to do it. From that scene, it is only one hand so maybe in the next scene, she'll quickly use her other hand to grab the railing and somehow muster enough strength to kick. Though...I think Kimiko already got both legs in the air. Is it still possible to do it?

      It's possible. It also depends if the restaurant is near that balcony or how far was the toilet from the restaurant. Say, Yashiro did get a heads-up, he'll immediately go to the toilet. Would he realize that Kimiko and manager would attempt a 'balcony-tossing'? it safe to assume that the drug even caused Kyouko unable to talk or scream for help? If Yashiro didn't help here, maybe at the payback.

  2. As always Kat-san, I love reading your thoughts on every manga you read.

    For me the people who can help out Kyouko this time can be either or both
    Yashiro and Erika's bodyguard.
    Yashiro, that is if he really did sense that something cause Kyouko to take awhile for their meetup. He's not a super manager for nothing.. I believe he always prioritize and take every little details into consideration esp if it involves those people he manages.
    Erika's bodyguards.. well I don't expect Erika to help Kyouko directly/physically given her current condition but she ordered them already and she's been keeping an eye of that Kimiko so I expect that they're just around.

    As much as I am hoping that Kyouko would do the same stunt during Box R when she was pushed and had a little damage on her part and was able to know the culprit, I don't expect that much on her part well she already has an idea that it is Kimiko given the voice but how about the graveness of damage?? This time it's different because all her senses is under the influence of chloroform.

    If Kanae is around that is if she decided to go back then she can help.

    And I believe that they're still within the audition vicinity so someone we don't actually expect who's busy/loves lurking around in such places may help Kyouko out. Can be Koga, Yuki, Asahina, etc.

    And just like you I wonder what would be the ending of these two(Kimiko and her manager).. Given the previous antagonists there was not much of a punishment and for some like Chiori's everything went well and Kyouko just let it go which is ok(cause she's still lovable in the end :P) Now it was Erika who's involve. At first I believe not much of evidence was provided to support her but now I believe they may even get ready a shot involving Kyouko's upcoming "tragedy".. I wonder how those two will escape this case. And you maybe right that Kyouko may want a piece of her but what if she dismiss it and just keep the grudges in considering Ren's feeling TT^TT

    And I wonder how everybody would react if they knew what happened. Will everyone just pop out out of nowhere.

    - C

    1. Thanks for reading, C ^-^

      Yup. I'm not discounting Kanae yet if she is within the premises. Like girl + manager vs Love ME girls. =P

      Yup. They are already in the middle of lifting her up. I do wonder if the payback will happen immediately or later on. If it is later on, I think Kyouko would be more than willing to help Erika and others in dealing with Kimiko.



      It is possible. Though she might sway the other way with the help of her demons = won't let Kimiko get away with it. =P And since she likes Ren, maybe she can rationalize that Kimiko is no good for him? But most likely, there will be a payback to teach Kimiko a lesson.

      Somehow I don't think this incident will will be just the ones involved dealing with the usual since the story might get too complicated.

  3. Um, I hope you been doing well! I hope nothing but good fortune for you but I was wondering when would you do a ohnh translation? If not thats ohk. Lol Happy easter and Happy April Fools day:)

    1. Thank you, same to you ^-^

      I'm still waiting for chapter 99. The Chinese forum is down and they are busy. The scanlator says that she will put it up somewhere...chapter 100 is out in public though. ^^; I plan to work on both chapters once 99 is out.

      Happy Easter ^-^

  4. The fact they think the murder attempt is something they can get away from its shocking for me lol

    1. Indeed, Ale. Quite brazen especially since a 'good reputation/background' is very important in their professions.

    2. It just occurs to me that maybe it's her second one : Erika is in a weelchair, but if it's by a hit and run, maybe she was lucky enough to avoid death...
      And Erika is rich, her family must have ask the police to find the culprit. It's a matter of time : don't you think it's highly suspicious that both of the selected antagonists for the drama have deathly accidents ?

    3. She is indeed lucky, usernameless. I recall that the driver didn't know s/he caught Erika after dragging Erika for some distance.

      I was wondering about that. I would think that Erika preferred to keep it hush-hush. Perhaps, because she lied about her true identity during the audition? Would want to resolve it 'her way' later on?

      Yup. So, I guess Kimiko doesn't care about that as long as she gets the role/get in that drama.

  5. I wonder what would happened if Kyoko was on the verge of death. Like as a result of being pushed down, Kyoko went into critical condition. How would Ren react towards it.....Would her mother be changed and regret her treatments towards Kyoko....

    1. Yes, that would be a few chapters focusing on the other caracters (Ren, Saena, Sho, etc.), but it would also mean that the ending is near : it would accelerate all relationships towards Kyoko (her in hospital for something big would be on the press for all to know). Like Sho and Ren waking up and going for the happy end with all they got.

    2. Ah, that would be a soap opera-ish scenario/ending scene of a tv drama. They all go to her bed side at the hospital and 'confess'/'turn for the good' then, the end = happy ending.

  6. Hi,

    good thinking over there ;) For my part, I'm guessing Kanae or the trio for the rescue (Kanae seems to be in the same kind of building, and brooding takes time...). I kinf of want Kyoko to be a little hurt, like trown over the railing to be stopped at another lower balconny, so that Ren
    1/ realise that she can die anytime and stop being so slow, and
    2/understand that all is not lost for him as long as she's alive and kicking...
    and 3/ if she falls in front of Kanae's windows, then she'll at least have one person who will know where to look to rescue her

    I kind of want Yashiro to phone Ren for help, but what could he say within 10 seconds ? Pretty sure he would not be able to tell him where they are (at least he kwnows that Ren is not orking and available now).
    Ren rescuing Kyoko would involve "flying", in this situation... Ok, just whishfull thinking.

    on another part, I also wish another time Ren/Bo about Kimiko : too much resemblance points with Kyoko there :
    - at the Lotus in the mire audition for the Momiji part
    - initials are MK for both girls
    - use Ren for personnal purpose (I remember Sho and Ren in the parking lot, where we can guess that baka had told Ren about Kyoko's reason for "sampaiing" the top actor)
    - becoming a bitch because they want attention from a guy
    I can already see Ren saying that "she's a sweet girl when she's not in *his* influence"
    ... well, I feel like a sadist here ! poor Kyoko ;)

    Finally, aren't you curious about the big event Ren seems to program a month from the "now" in the manga ?

    1. It's possible, usernameless to have that kind of scenario. I'm not sure though if one can get away with a 'little hurt' being thrown 1-2 stories down a building. Thinking of it, any 'hurt/injury' is bad for Kyouko.

      The drama is already delayed. They will most likely want to start shooting asap. If their Momoji is injured again especially after an audition, they will most likely get the 'substitute' = whether it is Kimiko if she doesn't get caught, or one of those who auditioned. Perhaps, even Erika if she can walk again.

      Momoji role is action intensive so the actress has to be in tip-top shape. I don't think Kyouko can get away with a bit of injury like what happened in Box'R.

      For now, I think what will cause for any romantic progress will be the two's jealousy towards the ones whom they assumed to be whom the other one likes. The mangaka is building on it. Ren is jealous of Shou because of that kiss. Kyouko is jealous of Kimiko because of that ring.

      Based on previous situations, I tend to think that Ren won't 'save' Kyouko or anything. Kyouko and others would most likely deal with it themselves if it is a female antagonist. So, for Yashiro, this can be a test of his manager skills. How to protect your talent against 'enemies'. What do you think? Somehow, because it is a talent + manager thing, I would assume that this might be a Kimiko + manager vs Kyouko + manager thing =P

      Hehe, true.

      Hm...there was? ^^; Currently, I'm only thinking, 1, bothered about the kiss, 2 highly possible conversation with Kyouko about it 3 White day gift if he is going to give her one 4 reveal who Corn is. Probably after all that, whether during or after break, go to US for closure?

    2. Yes, the role is a highly physical one : it's just that one day, Kyoko HAS to loose a part, and learn something from it... Well, not likely this one, since it wouldn't be her fault and I don't see what would be her "life's lesson"...
      And I agree for Yashiro : he probably never had this kind of challenge with Ren ;)

      And for the event I mentionned, it's a guess from what we could read on his phone before he marks all messages as read. It just got me super curious because I didn't saw Ren as someone with a social life ;)

      And last reflexion : maybe this incident will maje the Beagle come back : he DID say to her that the stone could get her killed...

    3. Well, she did almost lost this one when she wasn't listening to the instructions earlier. Does that count?

      Ah, I see.

      Hm...I thought stone = related to this is a bit indirect?